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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 14

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 20, 2003

        Common Room, The Island, Midnight One Week Later

        For the last week the young lovers have been sleeping with their seconds. It had been discussed thoroughly and all agreed that, despite how they felt about their firsts, they need to progress and allow themselves to bond with the others physically that had been achieved on their first night together but mentally and emotionally that still had a way to go. However, while they spent increasing amounts of time with their Seconds they still spent time with their lovers. Soon it became apparent to Michael, Maria, Kyle and Tess that their little foursome trysts weren't going to be practical so they put a stop to it. They knew that sooner or later they could get back to each other and have all the fun with each other they could ever want but they needed to stop to make way for any other possibilities. Since the other four had only had sex together once there wasn't too much trouble stopping but still, Liz loved watching Isabel and Alex together. She used that image often when she was alone in the showers and got herself off.

        When Kalen was sure that all the teens were asleep or at the very least tied up with each other so that he would not be disturbed. When he beamed in he immediately moved over to the library selves and pressed his hand over a wall panel. When the stack of books moved to the side and the door was opened, Kalen walked inside the hidden chamber.

        For the first time since the teens arrived, Kalen was inside the hidden room and looked around at the Antarian symbols that lined the walls before kneeling down by the pool of pink and purple slime that he last checked on when he reactivated the facility. Kalen dipped his hand inside the ooze and pulled out a handful as his other hand reached inside his pocket and pulled out a scanner.

        As he ran the device over his hand and he smiled as he read the results on the display. Kalen empted the contents of his hand back into the pool and wiped his hand on his trousers.

        "This is Kalen." He said into his communicator, "The water we brought from Antar is at 78% of its normal condition. Another week or two and it should be ready for the ritual."

        "Copy that sir. 78%!" came a voice from the communicator.

        Kalen stood up and left the room. As he went back into the common room he sealed the door and then went back to Alpha1.

        On the Beach, The Island, 09:00 the Next Morning

        Isabel had woken up to find Maria next to her, deep asleep and out for the count. The alien smiled at how much she wore her newest lover out. Slowly she slipped out of bed, kissed Maria's cheek and went to see Max to see if they could talk. Within a few minutes they were walking on the beach, enjoying the feel of the gentle breeze on them.

        "So...pleasant surprise to actually see you wearing clothes." Max said with his hands in his pockets.

        "Yeah well I figured you've seen enough of me for a while." Isabel said with a smirk

        "Got that right, we may be comfortable with each other but I could certainly go without seeing my sister's body." Max said

        "Oh yeah right. Admit it, you like watching me with Alex...or is it more like, you like watching Alex?" Isabel said and smiled as Max got a little uncomfortable

        "So what is it you want to talk about?" Max asked quickly

        "What, can't I have a nice talk with my loving brother? It's been a while since we've done that." Isabel said

        "Yes it has. But that isn't what you want to talk about?" Max said

        "Yeah okay." Isabel said and then paused. "Max...we're a brother and sister in love with the same woman. That's gonna raise some eye brows when we get home."

        "Tell me about. Even if mom and dad are okay with us being alien... this will freak them out." Isabel said

        "I've been thinking about that. Liz's parent's won't be too happy about it either or for that matter will Valenti, the Whitman's or Ms Deluca." Max said as the siblings approached an outcropping of rocks and sat down.

        "And there is only one solution." Isabel said, "I don't like it!"

        "We have to keep our other little relationships behind closed doors." Max stated, "Nobody can know about them. As far is the world is concerned it's just Liz and myself, you and Alex, Michael and Maria, and Kyle and Tess."

        "Yeah! I don't like it. I want to be able to hold Liz's hand in public if I want to, to do all the things I get to do with and you get to do with her." Isabel said

        "But we can't. Everyone would be watching us if we let it out." Max said

        "What about the Granolith?" Isabel said

        "What about it?" Max asked

        "When Kalen brought us here he said he used the Granolith to put false memories of the eight of us going to the dance. But he also said that he could have used it to make our parents more accepting of the alien thing." Isabel explained

        "You think it could work for us?" Max asked

        "I don't see why not." Isabel said

        "I'll ask Kalen. I should probably wait until we're ready to leave; he needs everything he got to be focused on hunting down Serena and the Skins. Worrying about our families lives when we et out of here isn't going to be high on his priorities." Max said

        "I do you want to do the brother/sister thing now?" Isabel chuckled, lightening the mood.

        Max smiled and looked at his sister. "Sure! What do you want to talk about?"

        " are things between you and Kyle? Tess tells me he's great in the sack." Isabel said

        "I think it's safe to say we're all talented in that area!" Max said

        "You're avoiding the question." Isabel stated with a smile

        "Yes I am...okay...things are going good...and yes, he's great in bed." Max said, "I can't believe I just told you that."

        "Neither do I!" Isabel smirked and then decided to move on to a subject she knew that would make Max squirm. "What about Alex?"

        "Isabel!" Max warned

        "What? I'm curious, besides he is my boyfriend." Isabel said

        "Exactly, he's your boyfriend and I'm your brother. You shouldn't be asking that question." Max said

        "Well if you aren't going to tell me I'll just have to dreamwalk the both of you." Isabel teased but now that the idea was in her head, she wanted to know.

        "Isabel for god sake. All right...Alex and I...okay, we have great sex. It's incredible...Kyle's good, Alex is great." Max said

        "Any emotional connections?" Isabel asked and smiled as Max snapped his head round to look at Isabel.

        "Don't go there." Max asked

        "Why not?" Isabel asked, attempting to push any of Max's buttons that she could get to.


        "Max!" she mimicked with a similar tone

        "Okay, he's a friend...a good friend and for what it's worth we should have brought him into our group a lot sooner than we did." Max said

        "No, uh's not just that. If you thought of him as just a friend you wouldn't have put up that much resistance to my question." Isabel said and then went serious, "Max! I'm in love with Alex but I am in love with Liz as well, you girlfriend and future wife. If you think either of us is going to have problems with any feelings you and Alex have then your nuts. Okay, I'll let you mull that over for a while and then you can get back to me - end of topic."

        "End of topic!" Max said but he wanted to even the score with Isabel slightly. "So what about Maria?"

        "What about her?" Isabel asked

        "How do you feel about her? I know you love Liz but what about Maria... and Tess for that matter?" Max asked

        "" Isabel stammered but then took a breath. "Okay, I love Maria. It's nowhere near as intense as what I feel for Liz but I do care a lot for her. It's like she's a really close friend."

        "And Tess?"

        "Oh come on, she's the closest thing I have to a sister." Isabel said

        "But she's not your sister. She's Maria's girlfriend and..."

        "And a cute little sex kitten that that looks good naked." Isabel finished quickly

        "Iz...everybody on this island looks good naked. But the sex kitten thing...I don't know about that. Do you two have something you want to spill?" Max asked as he lay back on the rocks

        "No!" Isabel said, "Maria just likes to talk about her...I'll tell you this those two girls get very kinky sometimes. Maria even has this fantasy about tying Tess and Michael up and having them both at the same time...I also thing she said something about a whip." Isabel said

        "Okay, if you ever dreamwalk her I want in on it." Max stated as he felt a stirring in his shorts. "But speaking of you still have that uniform you wore when you took over for Liz at the Crashdown when her grandmother was dying?"

        "Yeah!" Isabel said slowly, "Why?"

        "Well Alex really likes the way you looked in it and has had more than a few ideas of what he'd do to you while wearing it...especially those little antenna." Max said

        "Really?" Isabel said with a smile, "He did come into the restaurant a quite a few times that night."

        "Yes he did. And he spent more time standing at the window looking at you." Max said

        "Well then, when we get back home I'm going to have to look that uniform out." Isabel teased

        "You do that and you'll make Alex the happiest man on earth." Max said as he looked at his watch, "Do you want to head in now?"

        "Yeah, sure. Before they send out a search party." Isabel said and the two got up off the rocks and headed back to the door.

        "Isabel...can I ask you a question?" Max asked

        "Oh this must be a good one if you're asking me about asking it!" Isabel said, "Okay, ask away."

        "Have you and the others used the big bedroom that Kalen unlocked?" Max asked

        "Oh...that!" Isabel said with a smile, "For! But we do use it for talking and spending time together. It's really comfortable in there. Why?"

        "Oh I was just wondering!" Max said

        "What about you guys? Have you used your room?" Isabel asked

        "'s kind of a touchy subject at the moment. The idea of all of us being together..." Max trailed off

        "Yeah." Isabel agreed

        "Oh don't get me wrong, the idea of all four of you going at it in your room gets the others...well..."

        "And you?" Isabel asked


        "Max, come on. Are you saying that the image of Liz being with Maria, myself and Tess get your blood boiling?" Isabel asked

        "Okay, yes it does. I love Liz and I love watching her enjoy herself." Max said as they reached the door.

        "Well I can safely say that the feeling is mutual. And not just about Liz...or Alex for the matter but thinking about all you guys together. that's a show that should be filmed!"

        "Isabel..." Max warned again as the entered the facility and walked down the hall to the common room door.

        Just before Max opened the door, Isabel stopped him and Max turned around to face her. "Max...listen, thanks for being okay about Liz and myself. You've always been there for me when I needed you and I love you. You really are the worlds best brother." Isabel said

        Max smiled and wrapped his arms around Isabel and gave her a very brotherly hug. "Any time Iz and I already know about the best brother thing." Max said

        "Yeah right! How?" Isabel said as she pulled back from him

        "Easy...the coffee mug you bought me last Christmas had it written on it!" Max said with a grin.

        Isabel smiled back and opened the door to the common room where the others were gathered and just lazing around. The siblings walked in and joined their friends and lovers as they watched a movie.

        Command Room, Alpha1, 10:00

        "Sir...we're receiving a signal from Antar!"

        "Report." Kalen said

        "It's from Lord Larek. The Quantum Probe has entered the Triloren system and is approaching the anomaly where the virus meteors are coming from."

        "It's about damn time. They launched that thing 12 months ago." Kalen said, "Hopefully this one will be able to get to the other side and show us what's going on."

        "Sir, we're picking up a relay signal from the probe...its approaching the event horizon of the anomaly."

        "Put it on the main screen." Kalen ordered

        The soldier pressed a view buttons and the live feed from the probes was put up on the screen. Everyone in the room gathered round and watched as the pictures grew closer and closer to the swirling mass of energy and cloud until it was engulfed. For minutes nobody could see anything but swirls of light but every so often the screen filled with static. Soon the pictures cleared but then a few seconds later there was a flash of light and then nothing!

        The people in the room ran back to their stations, checking their equipment for system failure.

        "Report!" Kalen ordered

        "No failure at this end commander. The probes is no longer transmitting."

        "Replay the last 3 seconds of telemetry." Kalen said and the soldier did as ordered. He pressed several buttons and the video feed started to rewind. "There! Hold!"

        The picture froze just before the blast of light. Everyone stood and looked at the screen.

        "My god!"

        "What the hell..."

        "There must be thousands...hell, that's ten's of thousands."

        "What the hell are they doing?"

        Kalen looked at each of them. "They're getting ready to invade, they've been getting ready for thousands of years."

        There on the screen, were thousands of alien ships of different sizes. Many were small fighters, others were cruisers but some were massive, nearly 20 miles across. Behind the ones that were seen were thousands more, going on forever until they looked like nothing more than stars. Kalen could only tell the difference between those ships and the stars due to the fact that they were moving.

        "Sir, the configuration of those ships...there is nothing like them in the database."

        "What about those star patterns in the background? Is there anything you can match?" Kalen asked

        "I can pick out three patterns but there is nothing even close. Where ever they isn't in this or any of the surrounding galaxies...wait...what the..."

        "What is it?" Kalen asked

        "Sir, it looks as though their side of the rift is in a quintuple white dwarf system, similar to our side but this area, when magnified and enhanced, looks like a neighbouring system with a green star."

        "Green?" Kalen said, "That's impossible. There isn't a star in this universe that's green."

        "Sir...we're picking up a signal from Lord Larek. His people are going to analyse the data and get back to us. We are to continue to proceed as normal."

        "Normal? Oh yeah that's going to be easy..." Kalen then took a breath, "Okay, contact Feln and transmit a copy of the feed to him. Let him know what's going on...he might as well let the humans know."

        "Yes sir."

        Royal Palace, Antar, 3 Hours Later

        Carefully Kivar's personal aide walked into the throne room where is master sat on the throne.

        "My liege!" the aide said as he bowed

        "What is it Phadran?" Kivar asked

        "Lord Larek requests an audience my lord." Phadran said

        "Larek? He's here?" Kivar asked, very surprised that Larek actually would have dared to come to Antar.

        "Yes my lord." Phadran said, "He awaits your word, he claims to bring news of the virus and requires your aid."

        "My aid?" Kivar chuckled, "Oh this I want to hear. Send him in."

        "Yes my lord." Phadran said. He bowed and left to bring in Larek.

        A few minutes later he returned, Larek marching in front of Phadran as the two entered.

        "My liege, I present Lord Larek." Phadran said and bowed as Kivar dismissed him

        "Well, well. Lord Larek, I didn't think I'd ever see you again in this hall." Kivar said

        "Lord Kivar!" Larek said, deliberately not addressing his fellow noble as king.

        "I AM KING LAREK!" Kivar said loudly, "Accept it."

        "Our species doesn't have a lot of life left to it Kivar. We are our last generation so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it. Zan, now Max Evans is our true king. Our culture and people will live on through the hybrids and their progeny...but that is not the reason I am here." Larek said

        "Why are you here?" Kivar asked, "My aide said you had news of this virus, judging from your words you don't have a cure."

        "No! As no doubt you are aware my people were working on a probe designed to penetrate the anomaly." Larek said

        "Yes, you launched it several months ago."

        "Correct, the probe reached the anomaly this morning and as intended it penetrated the core." Larek said

        That got Kivar's interest, ever since the virus arrived on Antar, its origins was one of the biggest mysteries and then the discovery of the anomaly from where the virus laden meteors came from and then that became the biggest.

        "Did you get any information back from the probe?" Kivar asked

        Larek removed a crystal from his pocket and moved over to a monitor on the wall. He inserted the crystal into a port and Kivar watched the information the probe sent back. Larek paused the pictures on the massive fleet that waited on the other side.

        "Larek, I want my people to go over ensure it hasn't been altered in any way." Kivar said

        "Of course." Larek said

        Kivar called his aid over and gave him the crystal. He ordered Phadran to take it to his intelligence department and have them examine every aspect of the crystal and the data on it.

        "Assuming that data is correct...what do you want from me?" Kivar asked

        "Lord Kivar, our species and every other race in this and the galaxies we've explored have been infected with the virus. These aliens sent it. It's obvious now that this is an attack, an attempt to soften us up for the primary invasion force."


        "Now where ever they come from, they either can't get here through conventional hyper-travel technology or they're really far away. For whatever reason, that anomaly is their link into this region of space. If we close that we might prevent the main the very least delay it enough for the humans to advance their technology." Larek said

        "The human? That pathetic species with eradicate themselves." Kivar said

        "The humans are the only race we've found who are immune. They are they only ones who can survive this, besides since making contact with them they have been coming together. It may be done behind the scenes and hidden from public eye but it is happening. With the D.N.A that will be introduced into their race from the hybrids they will advance a thousand years in 50." Larek said

        Kivar held himself back. He knew there was no point in arguing about the pollution of their genetics with human D.N.A, it had happened! It was up to his people on Earth to terminate the hybrids and their human counterparts. "You came to me for a reason Lord Larek? We've tried to close the anomaly in the past, it didn't work."

        "The reason your still in power, the reason that the other nobles haven't taken you out is that your military is 4 time stronger that all our other fleets combined. My people have been working on a method to close it...we believe that the anomaly is in the Triloren star system became of the spatial conditions caused by the five white dwarf stars in the system. If those stars are destroyed we believe that the explosions would seal the rift."

        "As you said, my fleet is powerful. However, not even my forces have the firepower to destroy five stars." Kivar said

        "Mine do!" Larek said

        Kivar looked at his enemy. "What?"

        "I have a small stockpile of a particular weapon. Developed just after you took control. One missile could, theoretically, cause a star to collapse and then explode." Larek said, "However, we don't have the resources to get the missiles to the targets while under attack. It is conceivable that the alien know what's happening on our side of the rift, they hay have their own probe watching what we do in that system. If that is the case then..."

        "Then they may launch an attack earlier than they plan." Kivar said

        "Yes, if they destroy my ships before they get close enough they may launch an invasion with their smaller ships and cruisers and wait for the rift to grow to a size that could handle their larger crafts. Their current plan is probably to send everything they've got in at one time."

        Kivar then smiled. An opportunity had presented itself and he was going to take it. "Well Larek, you appear to have a problem."

        Larek turned and looked at the false king with disbelief. "We have a problem! This fleet will take over everything."

        "Yes but by that time, we will be gone. So what's my incentive?" Kivar asked

        "What do you want Kivar?" Larek asked, regretting that he had to come here to get this thing's help.

        "Well the schematics to those weapons for one. As well as the termination of all hybrids on Earth and any human they have been in contact with." Kivar demanded

        "That's unacceptable Kivar. Those hybrids are our future, our only method of stopping the virus. Our species is the only one even remotely compatible with the humans and even that requires the Ganderium. I will not sacrifice the future of our race!"

        "Then we have nothing left to discuss. The hybrids are non negotiable." Kivar said

        Larek just gave Kivar a look of disgust and left, he would have to find some other way to protect his ships during the strike. When Kivar left he summoned his aide.

        "Yes my liege?" Phadran asked

        "Contact my generals. Put the military on high tell them to block any communication from Larek's people." Kivar ordered

        "Yes sir." Phadran said and then left.

        Phadran's Private Quarters, Antarian Royal Palace, 20 Minutes Later

        When Phadran entered his room he locked the door and moved over to the wall by his bed. Slowly he ran his hand along the wall until he found the spot he was looking for, a place where his fingers slipped into the wall as though it wasn't even there. He reached his hand inside and pulled it out when he found his hidden communicator.

        "This is 325Antar! Do not respond, repeat do not respond. I'm up linking information obtained from Larek. Kivar does not want you to know!" Phadran said into the communicator and then plugged the crystal into a port in the side.

        Captain's Quarters, Antarian Warship Kilra, Immediately Following

        General Kro, chief and most trusted of Kivar's generals was resting in his quarters when the signal arrived. It didn't take long for the information to be downloaded and for Kro to look it over. Kro, like many others, had hoped that the virus was not a deliberate action but this proved that it was. His family had a long-standing agreement with 12 others, all military by tradition. It was simple, hope for the best but work for the worst. In other words if the virus was deliberate, work to create a military group that would be willing to fight the enemy at any cost.

        Many of these families had become high-ranking officers in the armies of the nobles but by far he was the most senior. His operative that he placed in Kivar's court was to send any information on the virus to him and he never failed to do so but this was by far the best information he sent. However, Kivar using this information to get what he wants from Larek was unacceptable and he had no choice but to act on his own.

        It didn't take long for him to send a signal to all other ships loyal to him and the family that put it all together. One by one the list of ships on his screen changed colour from red to green as they confirmed readiness.

        "Command!" Kro said into the intercom

        "Yes sir."

        "I need an encrypted channel to Lord Larek's ship. Use the following specifications." Kro said as he entered a sequence of commands

        "Yes open sir."

        Kro pressed a button and Larek's face appeared on the screen.

        "You?" Larek said, "How did you get access to this channel?"

        "For those who came before." Kro said, a simple phrase that was passed down from his ancestors

        Larek looked blankly. "And those who come after!" he said, "You are one of the alliance?" he said, reciting the phrase his father taught him.

        "My Lord, my family has served this house for generations. We're not about to stop now because Kivar is in charge. Back then the house was respectable and all were loyal to the old king." Kro said

        "I'm aware of that Kro."

        "My Lord, Zan's ancestor set up this alliance and as such I hand over complete control to you." Kro said, "The alliance of 12 has grown. We have 300 commander level officers ready for this, each currently commanding either one ship or a battle group. But I need to know if its true?"

        "There is a fleet waiting on the other side of the rift...Kivar also attempted to blackmail me into terminating all hybrids on Earth." Larek said

        "Very well. Larek, you now command the bulk of Kivar's fleet. My suggestion is that you use it! I will take care of Kivar." Kro said


        "That's my concern my lord. You just deal with the anomaly." Kro said and shut off the link.

        Kro then reactivated the intercom. "Command!"


        "Launch a class 1 luminescent flare toward Antar and make sure it burns green."

        "Yes sir."

        Three minutes later the voice came back. "Sir flare is ready for launch at your command."

        "Do it!"

        Phadran's Private Quarter's, Antarian Royal Palace, 10 Minutes Later

        Phadran looked out of his window and saw a green light streak across the heavens. He knew immediately what it meant and moved over to the hidden compartment. Slowly he pulled out a gleaming blade with very sharp edges. He hid the blade in the sleeve of his uniform and jumped when the buzzer in his room went off Kivar was summoning him.

        To Be Continued...

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