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Viral Apocalypse: Chapter 13

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 11, 2003

        Command Centre, Eagle Rock, Immediately Following

        "Are you insane?" Feln asked the sheriff. "We cannot expose the Granolith like that. If the Skins get their hands on it...they could regenerate their husks and live long enough to grow new ones."

        "If their husks are that far gone, why not just wait them out?" Masters asked

        "They can still do a lot of damage before the husks are completely useless. Besides if Serena gets to it..." Jim said, "What about a replica? Can we make one up and get it to the caves?"

        "I guess but it wont take the skins long to realise that it is a fake. They'll have scanners that would detect the energy emissions from the Granolith." Feln said and then thought for a moment. "I could put together something that could simulate the same pattern but it wont last long."

        "Well if the husks are that far gone the Skins might just all come running the second they detect it." Masters said, "How long?"

        "Well I can set up a signal in 3 hours, but to create a fake Granolith...a day at least." Feln said

        "Need help?" Jim asked

        "I got it." Feln said, "But I do need a place to work." He asked the General

        "Lieutenant!" Masters called

        "Yes sir!"

        "Take Feln to the work area on level 3." Masters said before turning back to Feln, "It'll have everything you need but if there is anything else the lieutenant will handle it."

        "Thank you general." Feln said. He followed the lieutenant out of the command centre to the work area the general specified and went to work.

        "You know Sheriff, I've read your file. Very impressive!" Masters said

        "Thank you. And I apologise for my attitude before." Valenti said

        "No need. It's perfectly understandable after what you and those kids have been through. I also apologise, my people should have kept tighter reigns on Pearce. We just never thought any of the agencies involved would go rouge." Masters said, "We spent a lot of time hunting Skins and no looking for least some of our allies in other nations have been able to get things right."

        "Just how big is this thing?" Jim asked

        "Ever since the Antarians made contact, the world has been coming together...a lot more than is public. From what I understand there are eight hybrids in 75 least there was eight in this one. We still don't know what happened there."

        "Lonnie and Rath killed Zan and Ava's on the run." Jim said, drawing a look from the General. "They came to Roswell a while ago."

        "Well nice to know. At least we can update that file." Masters joked, "Come on, lets get some coffee, then I'll have someone take you home."

        "Thanks." Jim said as he looked at his watch, "I didn't realise how late it was."

        Hidden Cave, Reservoir, 22:00

        Serena and Nicholas had spent the day in each other's company. Nicholas had eventually convinced the hybrid to reveal her plans for the Granolith and immediately there was a struggle for the device. Now that Nicholas's husk was fully regenerated he was at full strength and an equal match for the blonde.

        "I wont let you do this!" Nicholas strained out as Serena held him by the throat.

        "Try and stop me." Serena spat back as she blasted him against the wall

        "I intend to!" he said as he raised his hand and sent a blast of energy toward Serena.

        Serena raised her own hand the two blasts met each other with equal force. Then energy continued to surge against each other, neither gaining any headway but the strain on the aliens to continue the assault was become overwhelming. It continued for over ten minutes before, out of sheer exhaustion, they stopped and collapsed to the floor.

        "'re going to kill my people." Nicholas panted

        "They're already dead. That virus will wipe you out, you're here to try and stop the only thing that could save them so why not do it?" Serena said

        "Because there are other ways to cure this...there has to be."

        "Wishful thinking wont save you're people. By doing this I will create a new race that will be immune...join me." Serena said


        "I will be inside the Granolith when it happens. I wont be affected, come with me. We'll be gods together. Screw the humans and the Antarians...sooner or later they'll both be gone." Serena said as she sat up against a wall and then stood up.

        Nicholas got his second wind and rushed towards Serena and grabbed her arms. Both were hot from their exertions and heat was never good for a husk, they both were sweating and Serena felt a surge of lust that magnified when Nicholas, unexpectedly to both of them, kissed her hard. They ripped their clothes off, tossing the fragments of cloth off to the sides until they were both naked.

        Nicholas pressed the blonde firmly against the wall and lifted one of her legs to his waist where he parted her and forcefully thrust up into her.

        "Urghhhhhhhhhh!" Serena moaned as the Skin entered her body

        While Nicholas's husk allowed him to feel sensations, it wasn't a lot. He could feel her tighten around him as she wrapped her other leg around him. As Nicholas continued to thrust in and out of her, the sharp rocks of the wall were shredding Serena's back. Blood started to coat her back and she loved the pain, the dual sensations coming from her pussy and back sent her into a delirium.

        He kept pushing against her, grinding their bodies together. Serena's entire body was aflame, she had never felt like this and in her quest to get off she had been with a lot of men!

        "OH GOD...HARD...HARDER...FASTER!" Serena screamed, her voice echoing in the cave. "OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

        Serena, for the first time since she had a body of her own, reached her climax. Nicholas eased her down on to the floor and smiled down at her as she revelled in the feelings that assaulted her body. He looked at her blood stained back and waved his hand over it, sealing the wounds before slumping against the wall.

        "I can't believe I just fucked you." Nicholas said, slightly reviled at the thought but also felt pleasure. Then again he hadn't felt anything like that since being lumbered with the husk.

        "Yeah, well you did." Serena said as she moved up beside him. "You got to love the guy that made those husks to be fully functional."

        Tess/Maria's Room, The Island, Same Time

        Michael and Kyle had decided to visit their ladies. Now that it was safe to be with them without exploding, they were eager for a little fun. The group had gotten so close that they just entered the room without knocking and as expected the girls didn't complain. They found the girls putting on a little fashion show for each other, using various types of lingerie that the Antarians had left for them.

        At that point it was Tess's turn. Maria was lying seductively on the bed and Tess was by their dressers wearing silk stockings, garter belt, lace panties and a lace corset all black. It was when she twirled to show Maria the back of her outfit that the girls spotted the guys.

        "Hi." Tess said

        "Hi." Kyle responded, looking hungrily at Tess.

        Michael looked back and forth between the two and moved over to the bed and next to Maria. "Hey you." He said

        "Hey...looks like we're in for a show." Maria said as Michael pressed himself tightly against her, running his hand up her leg and over her underwear clad body.

        The couple watched as Kyle and Tess moved closer. As they moved, Tess felt a surge of lust it wasn't hers. She didn't care about that just now. All she wanted was her lover to be inside her. Kyle wrapped his arms around her, holding her body tightly against his own. As they looked at each other, Kyle snaked his hand down to her ass but instead of caressing her as Tess thought he would he grabbed the fabric and ripped her panties off her body.

        Kyle pushed the blonde against the wall and lifted her leg to his waist. As he pressed his groin to Tess, he aimed his dick and gently eased himself inside her. As Michael danced his fingertips over Maria's flesh, they watched as Kyle slowly made love to Tess, his dick sliding in and out of Tess.

        "Hmmmm...Kyle! Please...harder." Tess begged

        But Kyle denied her. He continued his gentle pace, never looking away from Tess. However, Tess was rapidly becoming assaulted with emotions of lust and pleasure. She wanted Kyle to pound into her, so she wrapped her legs around him and used the leverage to set the pace of their loving.

        Maria turned her head to look at Michael and said, "Your cousin is hot." The she looked back to the couple as they began to rut like animals. She watched as Tess continued to forcefully push Kyle's length inside her but from her perspective it looked as though it was Kyle who was being the forceful one. "Easy with the goods Kyle. I might want to play later."

        "It's...oh god...not...damn!" Kyle eventually got out as his thrusts met Tess's

        Maria looked closer at Tess and saw it was her setting the pace. She felt something buried inside her lover, waves of lust coming from somewhere else.

        "UGHNNNNN...COME ON KYLE...PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!" Tess yelled out, her body bouncing on Kyle as she leaned back against the wall.

        "CUM FOR BABY...LET IT GO!" Kyle said as his throbbing dick swelled and shot his seed into Tess.

        "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!" Tess screamed out as Kyle held her up before slumping to the ground.

        Maria jumped up and moved to her girlfriend's side. All three in the room watched as Tess hair changed, it went from her long curls to having pink streaks like Ava's Serena's.

        "What the fu..." Kyle said

        Tess suddenly became very panicked. She realised what it was that she was feeling and for a second she saw what Serena had seen and felt very sick.

        "Oh god..." Tess said as her hair returned to normal. "I need to see Kalen."

        Kyle helped her up and all four quickly threw on some clothes, they felt that Kalen had seen them naked more than enough. Then they went.

        Hidden Cave, Roswell Reservoir, Following

        Serena opened her eyes; she jumped up and looked around.

        "She was here."

        "What?" Nicholas asked

        "Tess, she was here. She could see this cave...but I could see where she was and it wasn't Roswell."

        "Explain." He demanded

        "It was a bedroom...she was with Michael, Maria and Kyle. But it wasn't any of their rooms. It looked too sterile but what they were wearing, it wasn't anything of theirs."

        "Their on that damned island. Kalen must have taken them already and now they're beyond our reach."

        "Bu their in Roswell. Your people have seen them." Serena said

        "They must be Replicants." Nicholas said, "God knows when Kalen took them."

        Common Room, Immediately Following

        The four had arrived and found the room empty; they assumed they were off doing their own thing. Michael moved up to the wall and pressed the button and summoned Kalen.

        "Michael...what can I do for you?" Kalen asked

        "It's Tess. Something weird happened." Michael explained

        Kalen looked over to Tess and say Kyle and Maria attend her. He then walked over to her and knelt down on one knee, balancing out the eye level between them.

        "Tess?" Kalen asked

        "I was with Kyle and I felt something...I didn't care what it was at the time but when we finished..." Tess said

        "Her hair it was like Ava's." Kyle said

        "And I saw...I saw through her eyes." Tess said. "She had just been with Nicholas, in some sort of cave...near water I think."

        "Tess...Serena is a part of you. Even after all these months there must be a connection still between you. The body she's in, it may be Ava but it's not her body. There would be certain restrictions on her hold to that body...sexual gratification is one of them. If she was able to over come that restriction it could have spilled over into you."

        "Okay so how do I stop it?" Tess said

        "Yeah besides you said that Serena wont be a problem for Tess again?" Maria said

        "I said I could prevent Serena from re-emerging within Tess. But the two minds were one, that has to leave some underlying problems." Kalen said, "Tess, you might be able to help us. I want you to think about the images you saw...focus on them."

        "Kalen, right now the only thing I can see out of that image is Nicholas' know and that is way too much." Tess said

        "Tess. Maybe you should." Kyle said, "If it helps them catch Serena before she does something."

        Tess thought for a moment and looked at her cousin and two lovers. Each gave a reluctant nod.

        "Okay, what do I do?" Tess asked

        "Well I hate to bring up the star wars crap but...okay. Feel - don't think. Use your instincts." Kalen said, "Close your eyes and feel your way around the images. Let it come to you, don't force it, let your instincts guide you."

        Tess took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She brought about the images in her head. "It is a cave...dark but there is light. There's a pool of water but I don't see an entrance, just the water."

        "What else Tess?" Kalen asked, "What's in the cave?"

        "Just them...and their clothes. Wait...there is...some sort of glow. It's a healing stone but it's black."

        "Its been modified, with it Serena could have regenerated Nicholas's husk...what else?" "'s one of those things that Brody has. It has writing on it... Thol avac: retalie." Tess said

        "Omega Wave: Complete." Kalen said as he bent his head and closed his eyes

        "What's an Omega Wave?" Michael asked

        "It was what she had Alex working on while he was under her mind warp." Kalen said

        "Dangerous?" Kyle asked

        "Oh yeah." Was the response, "I better get going and update my people. have the love of a beautiful woman, a loving man and a cousin. If you need to block Serena's link, open your mind to them. Let them in, let them love you."

        "With all due respect, I don't think I want my cousin loving me." Tess said

        "Not like that!" Kalen said, "He cares for you, let that in. It'll block anything Serena could send your way."

        "Thanks Kalen." Tess said.

        They watched as Kalen stood up and beamed out of the room. Michael moved up behind Tess and kissed her hair.

        "He's right you know. I do care about you, anything you need - just ask!" Michael said

        "Thanks Michael." Tess said

        "Isn't he the greatest?" Maria said as she moved up to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around him.

        "Hey, I'm great too." Kyle pouted

        "Of course you are sweetie." Tess said

        "So...are you going to let us in?" Maria asked

        "Uh...yeah. But only if we all agree to it." Tess said

        "You mean, all of us let each other in?" Maria asked

        "Yeah." Tess said

        "I'm in." Kyle and Michael said at the same time

        "Absolutely...but how?" Maria asked

        "We close our eyes and let it happen." Tess said

        Each of them sat around the table and closed their eyes and opened their connections to each other. As the seconds and then minutes rolled by they felt each other creep into them. For the first time since Maria and Tess told each other how they felt about each other, they actually felt that love. The girls also felt how the guys felt about them and tears rolled down their faces. Michael and Kyle also felt how the girls felt about them and each other. It didn't take long for Tess to completely forget about what she had seen from Serena. Michael and Kyle felt something from each other but pushed it to the back of their minds.

        Liz/Isabel's Room, Same Time

        The other four had gotten together. Isabel and Max had decided to give Liz a few quick lessons on how to control her new powers. Alex was never really paid attention on how the powers worked by now Isabel and his other lover had his complete focus. Eventually they all felt something stir within them, they could feel that a new level of bonding had occurred between their friends.

        "Wow." Liz said

        "Did something happen out here without our queen being informed." Isabel said

        "Isabel!" Liz warned

        "What? I said I wouldn't call you that until it was official." Isabel said before reaching over to kiss her girlfriend

        "She's right you know. You are the queen, no use in denying it." Max said

        " king." Liz said with a smile and watched Max squirm, "See, you don't like it anymore than I do."

        "I know." Max said

        "Well if our king and queen are quite done...what do you think happened out there?" Alex asked

        "I don't know. We'll ask later...anyway. Liz, lets see how your telekinesis is." Isabel said as she stood up and put a shoe on the dresser.

        "Okay Liz, you know the drill." Max said

        "Yeah, focus on the object and the space below it." Liz said as she stared at the shoe and raised her hand

        Everyone watched as the shoe trembled and then lifted up off of the dresser. Liz began to struggle but managed to cause the shoe to come to her. About half way across the room Liz couldn't hold it and the shoe fell to the floor.

        "Sorry guys. I couldn't hold it." Liz said

        "Are you kidding? That was great." Isabel said

        "Our first time, we barely lifted it." Max said, "You did great honey." Max then reached over and kissed her cheek.

        "Well that wasn't really my first time." Liz said

        "Yeah, she did blast Kyle earlier." Alex said

        "Even so, that was on instinct. This was focused." Isabel said with a smile, "Definitely deserves a little reward."

        Isabel moved closer to Liz and kissed her softly on her lips. Max and Alex watched as their women closed their eyes and gently caressed each other. The guys just sat back and crossed their arms as they watched them. Max didn't care about the fact that it was his sister that was kissing his queen; he knew how they felt about each other... even if they had yet to admit it to themselves.

        It didn't take long for the soft kiss to become more heated. Isabel probed with her tongue; Liz opened her mouth and accepted it. They pressed their bodies together, their nipples becoming erect under their tops. Max and Alex licked their lips as they saw the hard peaks point out and had to adjust themselves so that their hardening cocks were more comfortable.

        As Isabel kissed around Liz's mouth she backed away slightly. "I love you!" she whispered without thinking but everyone heard her.

        Before Isabel could come back down and kiss her again, Liz pulled away and looked into Isabel's eyes.

        "I meant...I..." Isabel said

        "You love me?" Liz asked softly

        Max and Alex looked at each other and then looked back at the couple.

        "You love me! love with me?" Liz asked with a smile

        Isabel nodded. Before she could say anything else, Liz captured the blonde's lips with a kiss that caused Isabel's toes to curl back. The couple fell backwards, their arms wrapped around each other and their legs became interlocked. Soon it stopped and they looked at each other.

        "I love you too." Liz said, then she turned to their men, "That's all right...isn't it?" she asked, addressing them both but looking at Max

        Max moved up beside her and brushed her hair aside. "Of course it is." Isabel backed up slightly and he moved in to kiss her. He then kissed his sister's forehead, "If it's what you both want?"

        Both girls nodded happily and then looked at Alex.

        "I know you love me and I know that you love Liz. As long as there's always room in your heart for both of us." Alex said

        "Always." Isabel said as she reached over and kissed him before turning her attention back to Liz. Both mouthed `I love you' to each other and kissed each other passionately

        "That was easy." Alex whispered in Max's ear, "Should we leave them?"

        "Not on your life." Max said as he watched Isabel strip Liz of her clothes and then as Liz undressed her.

        Liz rolled Isabel onto her back. Liz trailed kissed down the length of the girl's body until her head was between her legs. Liz was all too aware that Max and Alex were watching them but knew that Max was primarily focused on her and Alex with Isabel. Slowly she covered Isabel's slit with her mouth, causing the taller girl to arch her back and call out in pleasure.

        For the next half an hour, Max and Alex watched the girls make love to each other. They watched as their breasts crushed together, as their hands and legs glided over their sweat covered bodies. With each cry, the guy's felt their dicks jump and eventually they stripped off their clothes and slowly began to stroke their lengths. It didn't take long for Max to give in to temptation and bend over to take Alex's cock into his mouth.

        Isabel and Liz were face to face at that point and looked lustfully over at them. They smiled before kissing each other, glad that Max and Alex could enjoy themselves. Soon all three came and came hard. As Isabel and Liz recovered they watched as Max continued to suck on Alex's length, cleaning it of the human boys spilt seed. When Max did come up, Liz reached out and pulled him onto the bed.

        Isabel moved out of the way and allowed Alex to take her place so that Max was in the middle of her two lovers. Alex slowly made his way down Max's body and took him into his mouth. Isabel moved up behind Alex and ran her hands over the length of his body as he sucked away on Max while Liz kissed him before moving up and sitting on his face.

        Max lapped at her cunt, her body shook with pleasure as her hands trailed over his chest. Isabel kissed her thighs, all four found pleasure in the actions of the others. Max was already nearing the brink before Liz pulled him to the bed and with everyone's movements it didn't take long to cum. Alex enjoyed taking his lover's seed into his mouth, the seed that would one day impregnate his oldest friend.

        When they were done, all four lay in the bed. Going from Isabel, Alex to Max and Liz. They just lay there in each other's arms, revelling in the sensations.

        Bathroom, Girl's Sleeping Area, 1 Hour Later

        After recovering from their sexual Olympics, Liz and Isabel were enjoying a nice bath together. Soon Tess and Maria joined them with the purpose of just grabbing a shower but Liz invited them to share in the hot soothing waters of the oversized pool. The two blondes looked at each other and stripped off their robes and slipped into the water.

        "Oh this is great." Maria said as she inhaled the vapour and then looked up at the other girls. "Cedar Oil?"

        "Yeah. We can mix in practically any oil we want for the perfect soak." Liz said

        "Totally perfect." Tess said as she dunked her hair under the water to soak it.

        "So what was that thing we felt earlier?" Isabel asked

        Maria and Tess immediately knew what Isabel was referring to and smiled and told them about the whole Serena vision thing.

        "That was when Kalen said that we could block it if I opened my mind to the others. So we all agreed to open ourselves to each other." Tess said

        "I wonder if we can do it?" Liz asked

        "I don't see why not. The connections are all there, it's just a matter of opening your minds." Tess said, "So...have you guys thought about the big room?"

        "Kinda...but that's a big step." Liz said

        "No kidding. All four of us having sex together...I mean with Maria and myself and Liz and you, that's sex but put in the fact that Liz and I are in love and so are you two..." Isabel trailed off

        Both perked up, "Wait." They said together

        "You two are..." Maria started with a smile

        "In love?" Tess finished

        Isabel and Liz looked at each other and smiled. "Yes." Liz said

        Maria swam over to Liz and hugged her tightly. "Totally congrats!"

        "Kinda makes you wonder about the guys, doesn't it?" Tess said with a wicked smile. All girls nodded with a smile.

        "But you're right. I mean when I kissed Liz, I could feel how jealous Maria got." Tess said

        "Ditto." Isabel said

        "So maybe we just need to get comfortable with each other a little more before we go in there." Liz said

        "Yeah. I mean we all know that none of us are going to try to...go past the line. But the whole green eyed monster thing did come up." Maria said

        "So how do we do that?" Isabel asked, "I mean we just can't get over something like that."

        "Wait." Tess said, "We don't get jealous when we're with the guys but we do when we're with each other...what's going on with that?"

        "We know and they know that we're only for our future spouse. None of us would even think about sleeping with another. But when it's us, there is a concern that..." Liz trailed off

        "We might go behind each others back." Maria said, "But that won't happen, I mean we all care about each other but subconsciously..."

        "I, any suggestions?" Isabel asked

        "Yes. We jump into bed and we have as much sex as we want. We know how we feel about each other so why not find out how much we care for our Seconds?" Maria said

        "You make it sound like dessert." Tess said

        "Oh believe is!" Maria said with a lust filled gaze that the other three shared in.

        "So what you're saying is..." Liz started and then paused, "...we need to keep on making love with each other, Isabel, Tess and myself and...or Isabel, Tess and you?"

        "Yes. At some point we're going to completely trust each other enough to go to that room." Maria said

        Just then there was a buzzing sound from the intercom and all the girls looked up.

        "Oh the guys must have dinner finished all ready." Tess said

        "I am feeling a little hungry." Maria said as the two girls left the bath, quickly followed by Isabel and Liz. All four dried themselves and then dressed in their robes before heading out for dinner.

        To Be Continued...

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