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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 12

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 3, 2003

        Common Room, The Island, Immediately Following

        The teenagers were still sitting in the chairs, each by their mates. After the doctor left they all just sat back and relaxed, not one of them cared about the fact that they were all still naked.

        " anyone bothered about the fact we're all naked?" Michael asked as he ran the back of his fingers along Maria's thigh

        "No." Kyle said as he felt Tess's eyes on his dick

        "Certainly does have its advantages." Tess said as she snuggled into Kyle, resisting the urge to take him into her mouth

        "Yeah it does." Alex said as he looked down at Isabel's cleavage.

        "Alex." Isabel said, smiling at his intensive stare, but got no response

        "Alex!" she said slightly louder

        Alex jumped up and diverted his gaze from her breasts. "I'm back!" he said, "What?" he asked as he looked at the smiles coming of his friends

        "Nothing." Max said as he draped his arm around Liz, her own body drawing his attention.

        "Maybe we should all go get dressed?" Liz suggested but Max trailed his finger along her shoulder and down her arm. Liz moved further into Max, their skin touched and were as close to each other as possible. "Hmm...then again..." she whispered but the others heard her loud and clear.

        "That's my girl." Maria said as he moved up and straddled Michael's lap.

        The human blonde pressed her slit against Michael's rapidly growing erection, her breasts against his chest as they began to kiss. Everybody watched as Michael's hands glided over Maria's back as she rocked her hips against him. Michael then broke the kiss.

        "Did you enjoy spending time with Isabel?" he whispered in her ear

        Maria nodded with a lust filled gaze as she remembered the feel of Isabel's body against hers.

        "Is she better than Tess?" Michael asked before capturing one of her nipples with his teeth.

        Maria thought for a moment. There was no question about which of the aliens was better in least from her perspective. She loved Tess and Tess loved her, that always made sex better. "No...but then I don't love Isabel like that." She whispered back.

        Meanwhile, Tess had given in to temptation. Watching Maria move on Michael had gotten all the guys hard and Tess, after licking her lips, descended on his cock. She wrapped her lips over her length, her tongue playing with the tip while her hand gently stroked him over and over again. Kyle moaned and groaned; his hand was on the back of his lover's head as he tried to get her closer. While he could objectively state the Michael and Max were good at oral sex, Tess was incredible!

        Out of instinct both opened their eyes and looked over to Michael and Maria who were looking back at them. It was then that they knew that within their family, the four of them were a sub family. Sex for them and between them was love. Anything that they had with the others was sex, no less pleasurable and while they cared for each other it lacked the love that they shared.

        Then they turned to the other four. Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel had their eyes glued to the actions of the other four. Isabel had moved so that she was sitting on Alex's lap, her breasts were in line with his mouth and while he flicked his tongue over a nipple his other hand cupped and fondled her other tit. Tess and Maria smiled at Liz; she had her hand wrapped around Max's dick, stroking him in time with Tess's and Maria's movements.

        The air became charged with sex, everybody looking at everybody else as they stimulated their lovers. Liz kept pumping; she kept her eyes fixed on her two female lovers and Maria. All three returned the gaze! Liz then felt Max slowly slide his hand over the top of her thigh and between her legs where he slowly started to stroke her slit. Alex made a similar move and Kyle reached down over Tess's ass where he inserted a finger into her soaked core, causing her to gasp. Maria had returned her attention to Michael and lifted herself up onto her knees. She grabbed his cock and ran it along the length of her pussy.

        "No." Liz whispered as she continued to stroke Max as he fingered her.

        Observation Room, Alpha 1, Same Time

        "That's it Liz. Come on!" Kalen said as he watched what was happening on the monitor. He was afraid that things might be progressing a little too fast on the island, so soon after the energy bonding of the mates...he had to be sure they could control the energy and the feelings of lust that had begun to rise in them after the electrical energy flowed between them after they had sex with their Seconds.

        Common Room...

        "We shouldn't be doing this...not yet!" Liz said as she looked up at Maria and saw that she was about to take Michael's length within her.

        As Maria descended there was a crackle of energy that sparked between her and Michael at their genitals. Similar to what they experienced before but this time they could not feel it...or the explosive potential.

        Liz jumped up and pulled Maria off of Michael and onto the floor. Her actions got the attentions of the others.

        "Liz, what the hell??" Michael said with agitation as he stood up.

        Isabel jumped off Alex and moved to Liz's side, instinctively moving to protect Liz from Michael. Max also moved over to Liz.

        "Liz what happened?" Max asked before looking to Michael, telling him to back off.

        Michael did back off; he helped Maria off of the floor and back on to the seat where he sat next to her.

        Observation Room...

        All the aliens in the room breathed a sigh of relief. Kalen, who had his hand on the button that activated the transporter system, removed it.

        "That was way to close!" one of the aides said before looking up at Kalen, "You would have done it Sir...Right?"

        "Oh yeah. I just had to be sure." Kalen said

        "I don't get it! How did a human know?" asked another aide

        "She has the seal. She is our Queen." Kalen said

        "Sir how could she have the seal? If Max passes it to anyone it can only go to Michael or his heir."

        "Not that seal. The Seal of Chol'Granal! Carried by the female heirs in the event of the termination of the male line, carried by Isabel and given to Liz." Kalen said

        "I thought the seal...well the one carried by Max could only be passed on when he died."

        "No, that's true even for this seal. However, there is another way for it to pass." Kalen said, "Love...pure, untainted love. For Isabel to pass it to Liz; she had to want it and Liz had to accept it. Even if they didn't know it was happening."

        Common Room...

        "I don't know...I just got this feeling. It's too soon for us to be together." Liz said to Max

        "I don't get it?" Michael said

        "I just got this feeling. It's too soon after the pheromones stabilised...for us to be together would be bad. Maybe explosive." Liz said

        Everybody then moved away from their mates, making sure there was at least a couple of feet between them.

        "Guys, chill. It only happens during sex." Liz said

        "Someone want to tell me why that doctor never mentioned this?" Kyle asked

        "I don't think he was allowed. This needed to be us...for us to be able to resist." Liz said

        "Well in that case we nearly failed...big time!" Maria said as a chill went down her spine. The others also felt it; all were extremely close to making love right up until Liz grabbed Maria. They didn't want to think about what would have happened if Liz didn't stop them.

        "So...what? We can't have sex?" Michael asked

        "Not for a while at least, probably 2 weeks...or until our excess energy gets released." Liz said

        Everyone perked up a little.

        "And that happens how?" Alex asked

        Observation Room...

        "Come on Liz." Kalen said, "Let it guide you. Follow your instincts."

        Common Room...

        Liz stood up and walked to the middle of the room. As she looked at Isabel, Tess and Maria, Liz extended her hand to Tess her best friends girlfriend and her latest lover. Tess stood up and moved over to Liz who put her hands on the blondes' waist. Tess ran her hands along Liz's arms and as their breasts crushed together, they kissed passionately.

        As Maria and Isabel watched the action they felt a wave of jealousy, unlike the guys who were getting hard once again. As the other girls watched, their arms crossed and Isabel tried to look away but she felt Alex put his hand on her shoulder. He could sense what she was feeling and through his connection to both Alex and Liz, so could Max. What happened before between Liz and Tess and herself and Maria was what was necessary, Isabel never thought that it would happen again. Liz would have stopped when she felt it, but she knew this needed to be done. She was bound to Tess, not as much as she was to Isabel but they had mated, they were connected and nothing could change that.

        Liz moved her hands around and began to caress the blonde aliens back. As they moved, her hands trailed light over Tess's skin that the alien absorbed. Before long Liz knelt before Tess and pulled the alien down and then pushed her on to her back. Everybody watched as Liz placed her body on top of Tess. As their skin touched the light became more pronounced, much like the initial burst of light that occurred when they first came with their conventional lovers but much more sustained.

        "Ahhmmmmmmmmm!" Tess moaned as Liz slid down and started to kiss and tease the blonde's tits.

        When Liz slid further down so that she was inches away from the girls core. It was then that it happened. Liz trailed the length of the slit with her fingers and then there was a flash of light that encircled the couple and then vanished. Liz backed away from Tess who was beginning to squirm under her touch and sat up on her knees.

        "There, all done!" Liz said

        Tess opened her eyes and sat up, using her elbows to support her. "What???" the blonde asked, "You can't leave me like that."

        "I'll let Maria finish you off." Liz said, "Just as soon as she and Isabel get started."

        Liz stood up and helped Tess to her feet. She then looked to Maria and Isabel and indicated for them to come forward. They both stood up, Maria looked at Tess and could see intense frustration where Tess could see that Maria was torn between lust and pain. Liz could see a similar look in Isabel but when the tall alien blonde moved to Liz, she grabbed the brunette and captured her lips with a searing kiss. As Isabel held Liz body close, she opened her eyes and looked to Tess as if to say "mine".

        When Isabel broke the kiss, she looked deep into Liz's eyes and smiled as the smaller girl looked dazed and struggled to regain her breathing. Both Max and Alex looked at each other, they knew that the girls were close but were now wondering just how close!

        "You're mine!" Isabel stated as she cupped Liz's cheeks with her hands

        "Yes." Liz responded as she looked into Isabel's eyes, "But we need to do this."

        "I know but you are mine...and Max's!" Isabel said as she turned to Maria

        As Liz and Tess sat down next to Max and Kyle, they all watched as Maria and Isabel slowly moved together. Their first time was a lust filled frenzy brought on by watching Liz and Tess go at it. Maria kissed Isabel with the same passion that Isabel had kissed Liz; she wanted Tess to feel the same jealousy that she felt. It worked! Kyle felt it and pulled his lover onto his lap so that he could wrap his arms around her and keep her from jumping up.

        It didn't take long for the kissing girls to forget about the people around them and they started to get into the kiss. As their hands glided over their skin, the light returned and streaked behind their hand movements. As Maria started to kiss Isabel's breasts and licking her nipples, their passion increased and so did the light. Isabel tipped her head back and moaned with pleasure as Maria sucked and nibbled.

        Liz liked seeing that look in Isabel's face, it aroused her and subconsciously she ran her hands over the inside of her thighs. While she felt the same jealousy as the others, Liz was able to push it down she was the one who started it after all!

        The girls were enjoying themselves; nothing mattered to them except each other. As Maria's mouth worked it's magic on Isabel's chest, Isabel felt her knees get weak and the girl fell to her knees taking Maria with her. Just as Liz had done, Maria put Isabel onto her back and lay on top of her. She could feel the soft skin of Isabel's inner thighs against her hips. Their lips fused together, their tongues duelled and Maria's hand snaked its way down Isabel's body to her core. When she reached her goal the light pulsed and disappeared as it had down with Liz and Tess.

        However, unlike Liz and Tess this pair didn't stop. Liz watched as Maria's fingers entered Isabel, causing her hips to gyrate and buck. It was then that Liz couldn't suppress her jealousy and jumped up. She moved over to the couple and put on hand and Maria's shoulder while the other hands removed Maria's from Isabel. Isabel was about to object but opened her eyes and saw Liz standing over her, looking sternly into her eyes. Liz knelt and bent her head closer to Isabel's head.

        "Mine!" Liz whispered before kissing the blonde.

        Liz helped both her lover and friend stand back onto their feet. Before Maria sat down next to Michael, she moved over to Tess who was squirming over Kyle's cock and kissed her. Isabel and Liz walked hand in hand to where Alex was and Liz sat her down and then moved to Max.

        "Max!" Liz said

        "!" he said

        "Max you better get your butt on that floor with Kyle now." Liz said

        "Liz, I'm not...I can't do this in front of you." Max said

        "Well that's the way it has to be. If you don't do this then you and Kyle will have to go without for 2 weeks!" Liz said as she heard a shuffle behind her.

        Liz turned around to see Tess lying haphazard on the couch and Kyle standing behind her, his hands covering his dick and with a smile on his face.

        "I don't know about you man, but 2 weeks? Way too long!" Kyle said

        Max stood up and looked into Liz's smouldering eyes as he moved over to Kyle. When he stood in front of his latest partner, he could feel Liz's eyes on him and reluctantly moved closer. Gently and hesitantly Max trailed his hands over Kyle's biceps while Kyle stoked Max's bare chest. Slowly, and much to the delight of Liz, the pair began to kiss. Max took the lead and slipped his tongue inside Kyle's mouth when he felt Liz's enjoyment and heat at watching them.

        As they touched the light became visible, streaming over their skin as they felt their dicks brush against each other. Max quickly wrapped his hand around Kyle's cock and then Kyle made a similar move. Both groaned as their dicks hardened once more and slowly started to stroke each other. That was when there was a flash of light and the men were relieved of their excess energy. However they didn't stop. Both looked at each other as they continued to jerk off each other but Liz stood and stopped them by removing Kyle's hand and replacing it with her own and squeezed. Max couldn't help but groan and looked down into Liz's eyes.

        "Sorry sweetie. You can't finish yet." Liz said as she removed Max's hand from Kyle.

        "Is this supposed to be as frustrating as hell?" Kyle asked

        "Yes." Responded the other three girls

        "Believe me yes!" Tess said as she squirmed on the couch, grinding her slit against the edge of a cushion.

        Kyle and Max backed off and moved back to their seats. Tess resisted the urge to straddle Kyle there and then but she didn't know the effect or if there was any danger.

        "Okay, Michael...Alex! You're up!" Liz said and moved back to Max.

        The last two stood up and without any hesitation or requiring any urging, they began to kiss passionately. Both Alex and Michael didn't want to wait because they didn't want to wait to be with their women. They ran their hands over each other's butts and arms. They tried to stimulate every nerve ending they could as the audience watched. It didn't take long for them to be lying on the floor, the two moved round into a 69 and as they took each other's cocks into their mouths the light flashed.

        The two kept sucking. Giving intense pleasure to each other so that neither would back off. Once again Liz knew she would have to intercede, only she could do it as personally as she stopped Max. If she did that, she knew Max would have more than an objection.

        "Guys." Liz said but nothing. Isabel and Maria just smiled.

        "Guys, come on." Liz said, "HEY!" she said loudly as her hand extended and pushed the two apart.

        Observation Room...

        "Ladies and gentlemen...our Queen!" Kalen said with pride, "Excuse me." He said and then left

        Common Room...

        Everyone jumped up and moved around Liz. Isabel and Maria checked on their lovers and carefully helped them to their feet. Both were fine but stunned and looked at Liz.

        "Liz, are you okay?" Max asked

        "Is she okay??" Michael asked but then took a breath, "Are you?"

        "Uh...yeah I an alien?" Liz asked as she looked at her hand.

        "No." Kalen said as he moved closer and got down on one knee and looked to the floor, "My Queen!"

        "Wha..." Tess said

        "Come again?" Maria asked

        Kalen stood on his feet and smiled at Liz.

        "How am I your Queen?" Liz asked, "Max and I aren't married?"

        "A small technicality." Kalen responded and then closer to Liz

        Liz became aware that she was still naked and covered herself.

        "Oh!" Kalen said, "May I?" he asked of both Max and Liz

        Max looked at Liz and silently asked the question. Both nodded and Kalen moved around behind Liz, holding her shoulder to keep her from turning. Kalen pressed his hand to her back and an emblem appeared on her chest that projected out to the wall. It was almost identical to the symbol Max say when he was in New York but it was much smaller and each of the lights had a line connecting them to a sixth light that was brighter than the others.

        "The seal of Chol'Granal!" Kalen said

        "Granolith's Light?" Liz asked as the translation popped into her head.

        "Yes. It's what's been guiding you through the last few hours." Kalen said, "It was passed to you from Isabel, although neither one of you knew anything about it but you'll learn. Right now it's magnifying the energy Max implanted in you when he healed you and then when he mated with you."

        "So Liz is now a Queen." Maria said with pride, "Totally cool!"

        "So what now?" Max asked

        "Well, I initially wanted to see if you would continue to mate with your Seconds. Now I understand that you're more connected with your Firsts and your mate than the others." Kalen said

        "So where does that leave us?" Michael asked

        "Phase 3!" Kalen said, "You'll also need to build up to this. Judging by what happened in here and your...current attire, you should be more or less open to it. However, you're emotional connections..."

        "Open to what?" Liz asked

        "Well you've been with each other in the same room. Now you need to be with each other in the same bed. You need to make love with your specific gender at the same time and with each other, regardless with who it is." Kalen said

        "So, let me get this straight!" Maria said, "When we're in bed, I could be with Tess, Isabel or Liz?"

        "Pretty much." Kalen said

        "She's like my best friend!" Maria said, "How can I be with her?"

        "Basically the same way that you were with Tess and now Isabel. It'll happen...for all of you. It'll further bind you all and hopefully help you get over those little jealousy waves that were coming off of you during this. In your sleeping areas, just next to the bathrooms, there are locked doors. They are now unlocked and available to you when ever you feel you are ready." Kalen said

        Isabel, Maria, Tess and Liz suddenly remembered just how they felt when their lovers were enjoying themselves. As they looked at each other they could feel the apologies that were being transmitted though their connections. The guys could also feel it and looked to them. Slowly Liz moved to Isabel and the two embraced.

        "Isabel. I'm sorry. I should have told you what I needed to do with Tess." Liz said

        "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have kissed Maria like that." Isabel said

        "Ditto." Maria said

        "Yeah, me too." Tess said as the other blonde lovers looked at each other.

        The guys all smiled and held their girlfriends tightly. That was the point that Alex and Max knew how their women felt about each other and silently resolved to get them to admit it to each other. However they knew that the girls may have issues with it, Max and Isabel were brother and many people fall in love with both siblings. Then there was Isabel, Alex was probably the closest thing Liz had to a brother weird wouldn't cut it as an accurate term but then Maria and Tess seem to be doing okay with the cousin thing. When they all turned back they found Kalen had left them and it was then they had decided that they better get dressed.

        Locked Door, Girl's Area, 20 Minutes Later

        "Okay then...let's see what we got." Maria said

        Isabel opened the door and the girls all forgot to breath for a moment. Silently they walked into the room and looked around. The entire room was circular with a light shade of purple, carpeted walls and with a single skylight that was a dome bubble coming into the room. Inside the dome they could see that it was filled with water and had fish swimming around in it. The sunlight, as it passed through the water and glass of the dome caused a blue light to fill the room with a glow that shimmered on the walls. However, none of this was the room's most prominent feature. While the walls were lined with various cabinets and wardrobes, there was no bed. Instead the entire floor, that's centre was lower than the outside of it by 3 feet, was a mass of violet and red cushions that were made of silk. The floor was the bed!

        "Oh I so love this room." Maria said

        "Got that right." Liz said as she climbed into the soft middle of the floor. It didn't take long for her to loose her footing and fall onto the cushions. As she rolled onto her back the girls all smiled as they heard Liz begin to laugh and they all joined her on the floor.

        Locked Door, Guys Area, Same Time

        Max opened the door and the guys went inside. The room was an identical layout to the girls but it was blue. The cushions were, likewise, made of silk but were a deeper shade of blue and were mixed with green cushions. However, their skylight was not filled with water. The guys had a clear view of the sky above, but the shape of the glass dome refracted the light to form different patterns on the walls.

        "Is it just me or does this room make you hard?" Kyle asked

        "Oh no, it's not just you." Michael answered as they all moved to the centre

        They all spent time getting to know the new room that they had unrestricted access to. Max wondered what it would be like to bring his queen here. "My Queen!" he said to himself and smiled, she possessed the seal that made her queen and in all ways she was if not in the married way. He couldn't wait for that "technicality", as Kalen put it, to be out of the way. He knew that as soon as high school was over with, that would be the first thing he did!

        Eagle Rock Military Facility, Roswell, 18:00

        General Masters was waiting at the entrance to the facility for his liaison to the aliens to arrive. Normally he would have been waiting at is office for someone to escort the alien to him but he wanted to get down to business. He had been warned that an aircraft had been detected on rapid approach and a few minutes later a helicopter landed and two people approached him.

        "General Masters, I'm Feln. Kalen said you were expecting me. This is Sheriff Valenti of Roswell."

        "It's good to meet you Feln, Sheriff Valenti...I've read your file. Very impressive! I understand that your son is involved with the hybrids?" Masters said

        "Yes, I have to admit I was surprised that the military are involved with this." Valenti said, "Given what happened with your man Pearce..."

        "Pearce wasn't one of our guys...or at least not anymore. He was a renegade who turned against his Units mandate. Our policy has always been to stay away from the hybrids and hunt Skins." Masters said

        "Yeah, well they were all hold up in a nice little town call Copper Summit. Max and the others had to deal with them." Valenti said

        "Yes, I've been informed of that and you have my apologies." Masters said, "However, we have work to do. Feln, my men and I have gone renegade ourselves in order to keep hunting the Skins. I've been ordered to stand down the unit and so have my counterparts around the world. What is going on?" he asked as the trio started walking through the base.

        "The U.N. leaders are worried about our trade agreements. They think we might recall our scientists and cancel all joint projects if you continue to operate and risk the hybrids." Feln said, "That wont happen...unless of course more of your Units start capturing my people."

        "No, that will not happen. The other Generals all understand that we need this alliance, or by the time we get out into space we'll have enough enemies to wipe us out quickly."

        "Assuming they survive this virus." Feln said, "Our last communication from Antar suggested that hostile species are also testing humans."

        "More aliens on Earth?" Valenti asked

        "No." Feln said

        "Then how are they testing?" Masters asked

        "They've been abducting your people over the years but there was a marked increase in ship activity around Earth lately. We think they've been taking people that won't be missed...homeless, runaways and a few others here and there. Not enough to get attention." Feln said as they entered the primary command room. "Impressive!"

        "From here we can command every unit over the globe." Masters said.

        Around the room was screens filled with maps, troop positions and a ton of other information. In the middle of the room there was a large square table that showed an electronic map of the U.S., one that could access any satellite and display it on the table and show even the smallest detail of a particular area.

        "I need to see an area. 50 mile radius with Roswell in the centre." Feln said

        The technician assigned to the table pressed a few buttons and the image zoomed in and showed Roswell with the specifications Feln requested.

        "What's the situation with your operative?" Masters enquired

        "He last checked in 2 days ago. He reported that the Skin unit he was with was heading north to...about here." Feln said as he indicated the area on the map. "He said that they were going to meet up with another unit...beyond that we don't know much."

        "Well at some point they are going to want to get to Max and the others. So they'll probably want to head to Roswell." Valenti said, "They don't know that they've been relocated to the island do they?"

        "No that information is still secure." Feln said

        "And this Granolith?" Masters asked

        "For the moment. But it's only a matter of time before Serena finds a way into the chamber." Feln said

        "Good." Masters said as he turned his attention back to the map. "If the Skins are going to meet up then we need to be ready. If they separate we should have enough people ready to track the groups but if they stay together we could wipe them out with one shot."

        "Agreed. We'll need to set a enclosed area where we can control the high ground." Feln said

        "Well there are a few areas like, here and here!" Valenti said, "Box canyons mostly. There are also caves and...well...when the government tested its nukes out here they used a few caves that had been modified artificially."

        "Prefect. Their husks will protect them from the radiation in the caves but it'll make their scanners useless. Where are the caves?" Feln asked, looking at the general.

        "There are a few in the area but the deepest is this one right here." Masters said while pointing to the map. "If we get them in there we can wipe them out."

        "But the question is how do we get them there?" Feln asked

        The others looked at the map and each other. The experienced soldiers couldn't think of anything but Valenti, a small town Sheriff could.

        "The Granolith." Jim said, "We put the Granolith in the cave or make them think we did. If we can't get to them on mass then we bring them to us."

        To Be Continued...

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