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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 11

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 10, 2003

        Common Room, The Island, 16:00

        The quartet walked into the room to find Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel sitting around the table talking. When they entered, the others looked up at them.

        "What?" Maria asked as she spotted looks on her friend's faces.

        "We were just talking." Liz said

        "Yeah, that we can see but what about?" Tess asked

        "Well we...perhaps we should split up first?" Isabel asked as she looked around at the people sitting at the desk.

        They all nodded. Isabel and Liz stood up and indicated for Maria and Tess to follow them. As Kyle and Michael moved to sit at the table, the four girls headed into their part of the facility.

        Isabel/Liz's Bedroom, Immediately Following

        "Okay, are you two gonna tell us what is going on?" Maria asked

        "Well Liz and I were talking with the others and we..." Isabel trailed off

        "We think it's time we moved on." Liz said

        "Moved on?" Tess asked, "Who mean..."

        "Maria being with me and Liz and you making love." Isabel said, "I don't know about you but I miss home and with Serena running around out there...I just don't trust anyone else to look after our parents."

        "It's not just about getting back home. We're all supposed to bond but since we've gotten here we've either been with the guys or...we haven't moved on. Maria, you need to be with Isabel and I need to be with you, Tess." Liz said

        "But we still all have...I guess issues. I thought we'd try to get through them first." Tess said

        "Yeah, but it's not like we spend a lot of time with each other. Besides, when we make love a part of us will be left with each other. If there's a better way to get over issues I can't think of it." Liz said, "So...what do you think?"

        "Well Tess and I talked about it and we agreed that we should be with you." Maria said and then looked at Isabel. "So...your place or mine?"

        Isabel smiled but then looked at Liz, "We actually brought this up earlier...Liz would like me to be here when she's with Tess and given how you two feel about each other we thought Maria would want to be here too." The tall blonde said

        Maria and Tess looked at each other, silently communicating about Maria watching her lover being with her best friend. Tess nodded and Maria smiled before turning back to the other couple.

        "So how do we do this?" Tess asked as she looked at Liz intensely

        Isabel looked back and forth between the two and shook her head. "Simple, I sit next to Maria while you two get in front of the bed and get started."

        Isabel stood up and took Liz's hand and pulled her up. She walked Liz over to her fellow alien and presented her lover to Tess. Tess stood up and moved closer to Liz as Isabel sat next to Maria, both blondes staring intently as their lovers inched together.

        Tess made the first move. She moved her hands forward and started caressing Liz's arms, she was pleased to see that Liz didn't pull her arms back or even flinch. Liz looked over to the other blondes and gave them a look. Both Isabel and Maria knew that she was asking permission to proceed, asking Isabel because she wanted to be sure Isabel was okay with it and asking Maria as she was Tess's girlfriend. Both girl's smiled at her and Liz turned back to Tess.

        Ever so slowly the brunette moved her face closer to Tess and she moved her face closer to Liz.

        "Are you sure?" Tess asked with a whisper, "Do you want me?"

        "Yes!" Liz answered breathlessly

        The two girls came together in a quick and soft kiss. The backed off and looked into each other's eyes before coming together in a longer kiss. As their lips pressed together, slowly they deepened it and Liz opened her mouth to accept Tess's probing tongue that was trailing along her lower lip. Tess and Liz wrapped their arms around each other, pressing their bodies tightly together as they accepted what was happening between them.

        Maria and Isabel squirmed on their seats. They were getting wetter by the second, not only from watching Liz and Tess but also from the arousal that was pouring off them through their links. Isabel pressed her legs tightly together, rubbing them against each other as she subconsciously played with one of her nipples under her shirt. Maria on the other hand was torn, she was looking back and forth between the couple in front of her and watching Isabel playing with herself...something that always got her off when she watched Tess do it!

        "Hmmm!" Liz moaned into Tess's mouth when the blonde reached up to cup her breasts.

        Liz broke the kiss, breathing hard as she looked at Tess whose hands were stoking her breasts. Slowly Liz looked down at the swell of Tess's breasts under her t-shirt and then looked quickly back up at her eyes. Tess smiled and took Liz's hands in hers and then placed them on her chest. The blonde then grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head, exposing her naked torso. Liz couldn't take her eyes off the girl's nipples, slowly she licked her lips and Tess moved closer again to kiss her cheek.

        "I want to see you." Tess whispered in Liz's ear.

        Liz nodded and pulled off her own t-shirt, revealing her breasts to Tess for the first time. Tess smiled with heat; she was surprised that Liz hadn't been wearing a bra. Little did she know that she and Isabel rarely wore underwear anymore unless they knew that they wouldn't be having sex soon! Slowly Tess reached up and pinched Liz's right nipple, causing her to bite her lower lip and gasp.

        The two once again came together in a passion filled kiss, their breasts crushed together. The next move Liz initiated, as her hands glided over the smooth skin of Tess's back and snaked their way down. When they reached the top of Tess's shorts, Liz used her fingers to pull them out and then slipped her hands inside and cupped Tess's ass. Just as Tess was surprised about Liz's lack of underwear, Liz moved back a little and looked at Tess. The blonde smiled as she felt Liz stroke the naked globes of her butt.

        "Underwear isn't needed much these days." Tess said with a smile

        Isabel and Maria looked at each other and smiled, they both realised that nobody in the room was wearing anything under their clothes. Quickly Tess and Liz stripped off the remainder of their clothes and moved up on to the bed. The second the other two blondes saw the naked flesh of their lovers they began to strip off their own clothes. For the first time Isabel saw Maria's body and instantly wanted her...she wanted her bad! However, Tess and Liz came first. She wanted to be sure that everything progressed smoothly for them before she and Maria took their turn on the bed.

        As Liz lay on the bed, Tess moved on top of her and they started to kiss once again. Liz's hand rested on Tess's left butt cheek as her other hand held the back of her head. Tess broke the kiss and knelt up. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at her girl friend whose hand stroked the inside of her thighs. Tess then turned back to Liz who lay before her. Slowly she parted Liz's legs and looked at the brunette's slit with an overwhelming hunger. Tess moved between her legs and took Liz's right foot in her hand.

        The two girls never broke eye contact as Tess placed light kisses over her foot, working up her ankle, then her leg. When she reached the top of her thigh, Tess extended her tongue and licked her way up Liz's abdomen, up along her breasts, around her nipple and then up her throat to her mouth where they were once again pressed together and kissing.

        Tess then reached her hand down and cupped Liz's sex, causing the girl to squirm beneath her. They continued to look at each other as Tess slipped two fingers into Liz's slit and worked them in and out of her pussy.

        "Ughnnnnnnnn!" Liz moaned as she tilted her head back, "Oh god...Tess!'re so good."

        Liz's hips bucked against Tess's hand, her entire lower body undulated under the blondes touch. Tess's other hand cupped Liz's cheek, her finger sliding into Liz's mouth in time to the thrusts of her other hand. Slowly and cautiously Liz slipped her hand round from Tess's ass, caressed her thigh and slipped it between the blondes' legs and slid her own two fingers into Tess. Every time Tess pushed deep into Liz, Liz responded at the same time by thrusting deep into her.

        "Uhmmmmmmmm...god...Lizzzz!" Tess groaned as she rubbed her clit over Liz's hand

        "Te...TESSS! Please...don't stop!" Liz cried out, both girls grinding against each other.

        Watching and feeling their lovers get it on and inflamed the passions of Maria and Isabel. Through their bonds it felt to Isabel as through Tess was touching her and likewise to Maria, she felt the sensations of Liz's hands on Tess's body. They couldn't wait any more and knelt on the floor before the bed. The two blondes lusted for each other and quickly came together in a searing hot kiss, their thighs between each other. Both girls slid their pussies over their partner's legs, grinding, circling and rubbing their most sensitive areas in time with each other's movements. As the kiss broke they looked at each other before Maria bent over and captured one of Isabel's nipples between her lips and circled the nubbin with her tongue. Isabel pressed Maria's head against her bosom, loving the touch of Maria on her body. She always found pleasure in Liz's arms and now she was in the arms of her second female lover who was doing an almost equal job.

        "Ugn...Ugnnn...OHHH...YESSS...GODDD....UGNNNNNNN...YEAH...UGNN!" moaned Maria

        " good...yes...Oh god yes...MORE...UGHHHHH...YESSSSSS!" Isabel screamed

        "TESSS...ARHHH...OH. MY. GODDDDDDDD!" Liz yelled

        "LIZ...THAT'S IT...OH GOD...HARDER...FASTER..OH YESSSSSSSSSS!" Tess cried out

        As all four girls touched each other a connection formed between them. For a split second they all felt as though each of the other girls had their hands on them, making love to their bodies at the same time instead of being in the pairings. As they reached their climax, Isabel and Tess emitted their pheromone chemicals from their glands. Once again it was purple in colour and the humans breathed in the vapour, mixing with the chemical already implanted in their bodies when they were first with their women lovers. Each produced an entirely unique chemical, Liz had predominantly Isabel pheromone with in her but now Tess was a part of her. With Maria, Tess was her primary source and now she had Isabel mixing inside her.

        As their breathing returned to normal, the two humans had their eyes closed. Both aliens where holding their bodies close, gently stroking them, Maria had her head resting on Isabel's shoulder.

        "Glad to see you're completely over your inhibitions Isabel!" Liz stated without looking at her.

        " too!" Isabel responded

        When the humans looked up at their new lovers and opened their eyes, both aliens back off slightly.

        "Oh god!" Isabel said

        "What the hell?" Tess said

        "What?" Maria and Liz asked in unison before looking at each other

        Both became startled and all four girls stood up and looked closely at the humans' eyes.

        "Liz, you're eyes...they're black!" Maria said

        "Yours too!" Liz said

        And they were. At some point the whites of their eyes clouded over and became completely black...completely not human! Tess quickly moved to Maria, her girl friend, and held her tightly.

        "Oh god...what did we do to you?" Tess asked, completely worried about both her lovers now. One of the things that she loved about Maria was her beautiful eyes and the way they peered into her soul.

        Isabel hugged Liz, in part to reassure her and in part to reassure herself. Quickly she moved over to the comm. button to call Kalen but just before she was about to press it Tess looked deep into Maria's eyes and watched them return to normal.

        "Isabel...wait!" Tess called out

        Isabel moved back over and looked at Maria's eyes and then moved over to Liz and spotted a similar effect.

        "Am I back?" Liz asked carefully

        Isabel nodded, "Yes. They're back to normal." She said and then kissed Liz's forehead and then hugged her tightly.

        "What the hell happened?" Maria asked

        "I'm getting really tired of weird things happen when we have sex." Tess said

        "Maybe we should call Kalen?" Liz suggested

        "Let's go talk to the guys!" Isabel suddenly suggested. The other three girls smiled, they knew that she was suggesting it to find out if something had happened to them but she also hoped that they might catch a show.

        Common Room, Same Time

        After the girls left the guys sat down and had a similar conversation. Alex and Max expressed their desire to continue with their purpose here on the island. Michael was immediately interested, more than a few times had he passed Max and Alex's door and heard Max cry out with pleasure. He was eager to find out just what Alex did to his long time friend. Kyle was also curious! While he could safely say he wasn't gay, he had to admit to himself that he was bisexual. The very fact that he was attracted to Michael had to make himself admit it. Everyone else on the island had to make similar confessions.

        They never left the common room! Instead Michael had taken Alex over to the sofa in the living area while Max and Kyle stayed at the table. Michael and Alex talked for a few minutes before doing anything. It was something that they had never really done as they were usually with Max, Kyle or their girls. As Michael began to open up to his friend he realised that Alex's hand was resting on his leg. When Alex realised it as well both men looked down at it and Alex slowly inched it forward to cupped Michael through his jeans.

        Subtly Michael began to press his hips against Alex's hand and the two moved closer together. Michael pulled off Alex's shirt and then took off his own before he kissed the human. When he pulled back he smiled, almost laughed, as he saw how dazed Alex was.

        "You okay?" Michael asked

        " kiss like Isabel!" Alex said

        "Oh thanks!"

        "No, believe me that's a compliment." Alex stated as he felt Michael's pant's begin to bulge and swell

        Michael reached over and as Alex unzipped him, he unzipped Alex. Both of them stood up and pulled off their pants and underwear. Michael smiled at the size of Alex's hard-on and before long they both wrapped their hands around each other's hard lengths.

        On the other side of the room, Kyle and Max were equally nude. They stood before each other, silently appraising each other's bodies. Kyle had always wondered if there was something more physical about Max that drove Liz to the alien but he was surprised to see that Max's dick was the same length as his own...only slightly fatter. Kyle licked his lips at the sight of Max and Max could wait to get his hands on Kyle.

        Everyone in the room could feel the raw emotion coming from the girls and knew that things were progressing nicely for them. As much as they wanted to see what was going on there, feeling it was the next best thing. Max ran his hands along Kyle's arms, trailing the lines of his muscles that his years on the football team had provided. Kyle smiled as he looked over Max's sculpted torso and arms. He learned from Michael that the alien's didn't have to work out or worry about what they ate. Everything they had, while slightly enhanced, was all natural!

        They pressed their bodies together, their hard dicks rubbing against each other as they kissed. Slowly Max inched his tongue into Kyle's mouth and they duelled for dominance as Kyle reached down and started to stroke Max's balls, teasing the alien and getting his dick even harder - something else he learned from Michael.

        Back with Michael and Alex, they were sitting back on the seat. Both were bent over slightly, their faces inches a part as they pumped each other's cocks. The pressure building in the groins was all too familiar; every so often they would close their eyes in concentration, trying to hold out.

        "Ughmmm...Michael...faster!" Alex begged during an intake of air as Michael did what he was asked.

        "Come on Alex...harder...make me...ughhhh come!" Michael begged

        Alex squeezed harder, stroking Michael's cock more firmly and caused the alien to close his eyes. He brought his free hand up and held onto Alex's shoulder, both using equal force and moving their hands at the same time.

        At the table, Kyle and Max where lying on the floor in a sixty-nine with their dicks in each other's mouths. Both sucking and slurping, wrapping their tongues around their massive lengths. Max ran his tongue over the length of Kyle's cock before flicking it back and forth along the tip. Kyle used his hand to pump Max's dick and his mouth. Their bodies were squirming against each other as they rolled over, changing positions so that Kyle was now on top of Max.

        "UHMMMMM...HMMM...ARHMMMMM!" Max mumbled over Kyle's dick. He then reached round and grabbed hold of Kyle's tight butt. Slowly he eased his fingers out and ran the tip his finger around the other guy's hole before easing it in.

        Kyle's eyes opened sharply at the penetration and for a second he stopped but then resumed working on Max. "HMMMMMMMMMM...UHMMMMMMMMM... UHNNNNNNNNNNNN!" he mumbled

        "OH GOD...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Michael and Alex said together as they shot their sperm over their bodies and furniture

        "UGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" came from the other two as they shot into each other's mouths.

        The purple mist of the pheromones filled the room, which the humans breathed in. Likewise with the girls the pheromone already in their system stabilised and became unique to the humans that now produced it. Soon the room was clear and the guys stood up. Michael cleaned himself and Alex off as well as the furniture. It was then that the aliens noticed the human's eyes. Pitch black, just like the girls!

        5 Minutes Later...

        The blackness had faded, Alex stood in front of a mirror in the room as he pealed his eyelids back looking for any sign of the anomaly. It was then that the girls entered in a hurry.

        "Damn it!" Isabel said loud enough for just the girls to here when she saw that the guys were done.

        However, like the guys, the girls hadn't realised that they were still naked. They did realise it about each other though! The men looked over their women and the women looked over their men, silently moving toward each other. When they were just a few inches from each other the respective mates felt a tingle in their bodies and there was a crackle of electricity between them.

        Observation Room, Alpha 1, Immediately Following

        "You wanted to see me?" Kalen said as he entered the room

        "Yes sir! Phase 2 has been complete. All females have mated with each other, as have the males. All couples have mated with each other with no problems...bonding complete. Phase 3 is ready to proceed."

        "Hold off on that for a day or two...lets see if they continue with the new pairings or go back to the others." Kalen said

        "Actually judging by what's happening over there I'd say they would continue with all relationships. The girls wont let any guy touch them unless it's their mate, same with the men. Everything is as it should be."

        "Good, either way we send in the doctor." Kalen said and then left.

        Common Room, The Island, 5 Minutes Later

        None of the four couples looked at anyone else but their mate. They weren't even an inch apart but they could feel something stirring in them that was flowing out of them with each discharge of energy but was quickly replaced with what was coming from their lover.

        When it was over, they all came back to reality and looked around. They quickly spotted someone standing in the room and all the guys stood in front of the girls, concealing their nudity.

        "Hi doc!" Alex said when he realised who it was.

        "Alex, good to see you."

        "Guys, this is the doctor that slapped this scanner thing on my arm." Alex said, "What can we do for you?"

        "Well my first job is to get that thing off your arm." The doctor said, "You'll be pleased to know that my last scan picked up no further anomalies, you're perfectly healthy."

        The doctor moved over to Alex, pressed a few buttons on the scanner that was latched on his upper arm and it came away. Alex rubbed the spot, happy that he was finally free from being monitored 24/7.

        "Doc...I...we were wondering if you could answer a few things? When we... well our eyes turned black and then there was this electricity..." Alex said

        "Yes, that's another reason why I'm here. What happened with you're eyes, it normally lasts for a year but you four are all much older than when Antarians normally go through it. Effectively it's our version of puberty, the sudden invasion of our pheromones in you're system sparked it in you but as a result you are now sexually mature and capable of conception."

        "So why didn't that happen to us?" Isabel asked, referring to her fellow Antarians

        "We inputted a genetic sequence in you that would cause you're bodies to go through the change during you're time in the pods so that you could completely blend in. Without the pheromone, there would be no effect but now that it is active in you're bodies..." The doctor trailed off when he saw that the teens knew they were referring to their ability to have children in the future.

        "So what about the electricity?" Max asked, still feeling sparks as Liz trailed her finger up his back

        "You're sexually mature, you've chosen your mates and you have consummated. You're bodies are now synchronised; your hearts beat at the same time! Your bodies called out to each other and are now apart of each other...forever!" the doctor said

        Each of the teens looked at each other and smiled, gently touching each other and happy that the doctor said 'forever'.

        "There is another reason why I'm here. Now that you are able to conceive you've completed two of the three phases of your purpose here. Kalen will discuss Phase 3 at another time but on Earth you are considered too young to be parents so Kalen sent me to give you these." The doctor said as he pulled out a plastic strip that contained 8 pill shaped devices.

        Each of the teens took one and studied them, the girls staying behind the guys who were not attempting to cover their cocks. "What are these?" Liz asked

        "Birth control!" he answered. "All you have to do is place them over the pheromone glands. There will be a little heat as they penetrate the skin but that will be it...not even a scar."

        "How do they work?" Isabel asked

        "They will secrete a chemical that dampens the effect of the pheromone. It will last all you're lives."

        "Then how are we supposed to have kids?" Max asked

        "Simple, you place your thumb and forefinger together and tap down hard on the soft flesh on the inside of you're wrist where the gland is. The contact will deactivate the chemical. Only when the child that has been conceived has been born will the be chemical reactivated."

        The teens looked at each other and did as instructed, placing the devices on the skin over their glands. They all watched as they disappeared into their bodies. As they were told there was a little heat and no scar, but there was a slight itch that they were assured it would last a couple of hours. After the doctor did a quick scan to see that the implants were all functioning properly and then left!

        The couples sat on the seats, none of them even considered the fact that they were still naked as they sat around the room. Each of them took their mates hands in theirs. Max turned Liz's wrist around and ran his fingertips over her gland and implant.

        "I love you!" Max stated and Liz reciprocated.

        "Well..." Michael said, " least we won't be wasting any money on buying condoms that we will never use."

        Everyone smiled and chuckled. Maria just looked at him; "Like you would even buy them to begin with...hell my mom would probably buy them for you!"

        "Yeah right!" Michael said

        "She would! You think she'll let you get her little girl knocked up?" Maria said.

        Michael was given another reason to fear Amy Deluca. God knows what she'd do to him if she found out they're already having sex...he thanked god they were on the island.

        To Be Continued...

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