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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 10

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 21, 2003

        Hanger 3, Military Facility, Somewhere in the Nevada Desert, Same Time

        "ATTENTION!" said a lieutenant as General Masters and his X.O. entered the large room.

        The 5 officers in the room stood straight up and saluted the general.

        "Take your seats." The General said as he put his briefcase on a desk. The soldiers sat back down.

        "Gentlemen, we've just received information from our friends. The Skins are on the move. Ever since we made contact with the Antarians, the mandate of this organisation is to hunt and eliminate all Skins. On that mission we have failed! It turns out that they were hold up in a small town called Copper Summit. They have now gone to ground and we're now told that their leader has teamed up with a hybrid called Serena. This hybrid is currently developing a plan to use the alien machine...the wipe all life on this planet and within a 200 light year radius."

        "Sir, do we know where this hybrid is?"

        "No! Ever since the Pierce incident they have limited the amount of information they give to us." Masters said

        "Sir, this is our planet. How can we function if we don't have adequate information."

        "We don't. The incident with the Special Unit has caused great concern. Not just with the Antarians but also our superiors, the current suggestion is that all operations of this task force and all others around the world be suspended until further notice."


        "I know." The general said

        "After all this time, we're just to pack it in?"

        "As ordered...gentlemen, I have a proposition. This is strictly voluntary; if you say no then you'll be returned to your previous posts. No judgements, no questions!" Masters said

        The officers all looked at each other and one by one they all gave a single nod.

        "Soldiers, I have been in contact with the Antarian Commander Kalen. The order to disband came from our own CO's, apparently they don't want to risk any trade with the aliens. However, Kalen is open to my proposition. I have suggested that we go underground, he will do what our predecessors have failed to do since the Roswell crash and we will dust every Skin on this rock!"

        "YES SIR!" they all said in unison

        "Each country will begin a similar move. Kalen is sending an operative to join with us, as we will follow every clue to track the Skins and Serena. He already has a shape shifter working to infiltrate the enemy, information relayed from this operative will be the basis of our movements. You will be authorised to use the weapons provided by the Antarians and lethal force is permitted but if you can take prisoners only do so when there is little risk!

        Gentlemen there is an aircraft on the runway, get suited up for HALO deployment over Arizona, we believe that was her last known location. I will proceed with Beta team to reactive Eagle's about time I introduce myself to the family of the hybrids. All of you listen up. Our targets are the Skins and one hybrid. All other hybrids and the Antarian population of Alpha 1 will not be fired upon unless they present a direct threat." Masters said

        "YES SIR!"

        Within minutes the group was ready and running out to the bomber that was getting ready on the tarmac. Thirty minutes later it was it was in the air and headed toward Arizona while the General boarded a second plane that headed out to New Mexico.

        Command Room, Alpha 1, 14:30

        "Sir, I've just heard from the U.S. team. They've deployed and the General is reactivating Eagle Rock. Other nations are ready to make similar moves."

        "Very good." Kalen said, "Contact Feln, tell him to proceed to Eagle Rock after informing Valenti. Masters will probably want to speak with him."

        "Yes sir...sir, intelligence is calling...sir the computers have reconstructed Alex Whitman's work while he was under the mind warp. They've found some sort of pattern."

        "Pattern? Specify." Kalen said

        "It looks like Whitman completed deciphering the book, finished the Omega Wave program and then encrypted it into pages of his work. You need to put all the documents out flat and in an order to see the code."

        "Well looks like our future prince is smarter than he looks. Contact Eagle Rock when the General arrives. Tell him our timetable may be moved up, if Serena find this out then we'll need to hide the Granolith from her."

        Granolith Mountain, Just Outside Roswell, Same Time

        Serena climbed the mountain and stood outside the rock that covered the entrance to the cave. She smiled as she waved her hand over the spot where the handprint would appear but nothing happened. She did it again and again and again. Nothing!

        Suddenly she became concerned and as a test of her power she blasted a nearby rock. Upon seeing it disintegrate she turned back to the concealed door and tried to destroy it but found it impossible.

        "Having a few problems?" came a voice behind her

        "Nicholas. What the hell are you doing here?" Serena asked

        "Following you. So...this is where the Granolith is hidden!" Nicholas said

        "No. This is just the Pod Chamber. I hid something in here that I need but I can't get back in."

        "That's because you don't have an Antarian mind anymore. That brain of yours is 100% human. You can't open the door anymore." Nicholas mocked her

        "Then you open it!" Serena spat

        "I'm afraid I can't. You also need to be a hybrid...or a shape shifter." Nicholas said, "I'm as locked out as you where is the Granolith?"

        "Nearby, in Roswell." Serena said

        "You expect me to believe that Nasedo and his companion hid the Granolith in that pathetic town!" Nicholas said, "No, they hid it here. They've put way too much security on this place. Well it looks like we'll just have to blow the door."

        "No. 1, you're totally wrong. No. 2, I already tried blowing it, it won't work." Serena said

        "That leaves getting a hold of one of you're fellow freaks." Nicholas said with a smile

        Serena quickly grabbed his throat and pushed the Skin up against the stone cliff.

        "Call me that again boy, and I will break that little seal on your back." Serena said as her free hand reached up and took hold of a flake of skin. Slowly she pealed it from his face and smiled as it turned to dust. "My, my, my. How many layers do you have left Nikki? How long before you're dust?"

        "Not long. It's why I want the Granolith. This isn't about those fre...hybrids anymore. I want to live; I want my people on Earth to live. Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Ava can wait."

        "If I didn't know any better I'd say you cared." Serena said

        "They're soldiers, prepared to die for a cause! To breed with these... primitives - it's an obscenity. It's bad enough your kind exist."

        "And if that little virus wipes out you're race?" Serena said

        "Something in this world keeps the humans alive. Their genome is simple by comparison to ours. There is no way that they are immune because of what they are; it is something on this planet. We should bring our people here, take over this world." Nicholas said

        Serena smiled, and then looked up at the sun. "We should get you out of the desert. Its not good for you to be out here."

        "No shit. Where do you suggest I go?"

        "The reservoir. Nasedo built a little hiding place there!" Serena said, "He built an underwater cave...its cold, moist...everything a dying husk needs."

        Nicholas nodded and the two left.

        Isabel/Liz's Room, The Island, 14:45

        "You okay?" Alex asked Isabel as she sat on the bed

        "Oh sure, Michael and Kyle just watched as my boyfriend put his head between my legs." Isabel said. She felt like she was about to climb the walls, another minute and Alex would have made her cum and she needed it bad.

        "That's not what's bothering you, you're just pissed at their timing." Alex stated

        "Alex, how can you say..."

        "I can say it because it's true. Isabel I love you and I love being with you but when are you going to accept that I know you...even more since our minds aligned." Alex said

        "I hate it when you're right." Isabel said

        "I know." Alex said as sat next to her

        Isabel suddenly became aware of his proximity. She could smell him, the pheromones that Max had shared with him when her brother and lover made love may have only been intended to activate the reproductive systems but that would only happen when it was stable, when both aliens had been with Alex. However, it still had the side effect of inspiring lust.

        Alex also felt it. The scent of Isabel instantly gave him an erection and in seconds Isabel was on top of him. Alex lifted himself up, taking Isabel with him and sat her on her desk. He reached up and grabbed hold of the edges of her robe and pulled it apart and off her shoulders, exposing her firm, full breasts. Isabel smiled lustfully before pulling his head down so she could kiss him. Their tongues duelled as Alex untied the sash the sealed the lower part of the garment. It still hung from her arms as she exposed his strained dick.

        "Take me Alex. Fuck me!" Isabel begged breathlessly

        Alex wrapped his hand around his dick and aimed it at Isabel opening. With one quick thrust Alex buried himself inside Isabel, where he would have been a couple of hours ago until they were interrupted.

        "Ugh...ughh...ughnnnn!" Isabel moaned as Alex filled her

        Alex then lifted her off if the desk and promptly Isabel wrapped her legs around him as he held onto her ass. Isabel started to raise herself up and down on his cock, her breasts pressed against him and her hair falling over her face.

        Kitchen, Same Time

        "Man she's gonna be pissed at us for months!" Michael said as he sat at the table after giving his cousin and girlfriend their lunch in bed. When he arrived at the room, he found them both making out, their hands buried between each other's legs. Michael learned his lesson from Isabel and left, promptly returning to the Kitchen.

        "Maybe we should go and apologise?" Kyle suggested

        "Yeah, you should." Liz stated as she stared at her ex. "Why'd you two have to stand there and watch them? You should have turned around."

        "Ughh...are we teenage guys or what?" Kyle said, "That's what we do. And don't you dare deny that you wouldn't have watched them."

        "Come on, apology time." Michael said as he stood up.

        He and Kyle headed off towards Isabel's room; Max and Liz decided to follow. Max knew from first hand experience at how angry his sister could get.

        Isabel/Liz's Room

        Isabel was still grinding her hips against Alex, taking his length deeper and deeper into her. When Alex went to speak to her he failed to close the door and he pinned her against it. When she was in position, Alex withdrew his cock until he was almost out of her and then pushed quickly back up into her. Over and over again he did this, each time her elicited a gentle cry and whimper from his lover as her lower jaw trembled.

        Isabel used her weight to turn Alex and very quickly the couple were no longer in the room but they were out in the hall. Alex used his own weight to push her up against a wall and together they slid down to the floor, Alex lying squarely on top of her, thrusting deep into her.

        "OH...UGHHH...GOD...MORE!!" Isabel gasped as Alex covered her left breast with his hand.

        Just then the quartet of Michael, Kyle, Max and Liz came around the corner to see the couple mating on the floor. The three men were stunned, Max more than the others to see his first male lover plough into his sister, both having looks of absolute pleasure on their faces. Liz on the other hand crossed her arms and smiled as she watched her long time friend make love to his girlfriend. Suddenly Isabel saw the watchers but wasn't intending on stopping like last time, she was too far-gone. Alex also spotted them in the corner of his eye and began to stop.

        "Al...Alex...OH GOD...don't stop...pleeeeaaaaaseee!" Isabel begged as she looked at Liz who winked at her

        Isabel watched as Michael and Kyle put their hands on the front of their jeans, rubbing their dicks as their erection grew. Liz then took Max's hand and began to pull him away from the scene. Max then got Michael and Kyle attention and pulled them away. All four made their way back to the kitchen.

        Isabel smiled as Alex continued to move within her, her orgasm rapidly approaching. Both lovers turned their attention back to each other. Then all of a sudden Alex stopped and looked down into the eyes of Isabel. The blonde looked back up at him but closed her eyes when he started to move very slowly within her. Alex had realised that he wasn't making love to his girl but rather seeking his own pleasure from her body...he never wanted that! Their link had told Isabel what he was feeling and as much as she wanted a good, hard pounding from Alex, she always preferred it when he physically expressed his true love for her.

        "Is...Isabel!" Alex groaned as Isabel tightened her muscles around his cock


        "ISA...BELLLLLLL!" Alex strained out as he buried his cock deep within Isabel and ejaculated his seed within her as she came with him.

        For minutes they lay out in the hall, never disconnecting from each other. The both looked into their lover's eyes between gentle kisses and loving caresses. Then they both realised that they were lying on the hallway floor, both chucked as they relived their antics. Neither caring that their family and friends had watched them, Isabel accepted the fact that it happened and more than likely would happen again. She remembered that Kalen told them that on Antar it was common for family to witness the mating of lovers at one point or another.

        Quietly they both told each other that they loved their mates and Alex pulled out of Isabel and helped her to her feet. Isabel took Alex's hand and walked back into the room she shared with Liz and they both dressed.

        Common Room, Immediately Following

        When the group came back into the room they all sat down, Liz almost sitting on Max. When Michael and Kyle sat down they felt very uncomfortable and squirmed around on the chairs.

        "You guys got some problems?" Liz teased

        "Shut up!" Michael snapped. What he had seen had made him hard and desperate for sex but the last thing he wanted was to interrupt Maria. He had no doubt that the two blonde lovers were still enjoying each other in his bed.

        Slowly he looked over at Kyle and knew that his friend/lover was in difficulty of his own. Without any words they looked at each other and got up, heading toward the room Michael occupied before he was with Kyle.

        "Well would you look at that, we're all alone again." Liz said as she moved up onto Max's lap

        "Feeling a little horny my love?" Max asked as he caressed her legs

        "Well Isabel isn't just Alex's lover, she's mine!" Liz said, he mouth inches away from his. When she spoke she suddenly felt Max's cock jump, "Hmm...Max. Does thinking about two women together excite you?"

        Max nodded

        "They were beautiful together weren't they?" Liz said


        "They looked so happy!" Liz said, putting her head closer to Max's then pulling back at the last second

        "Yes." Max said huskily

        "You're not going to do the brother thing when you get alone with Alex are you?"

        "Ye...I mean no!" Max said

        Liz just looked into his eyes and then smiled. "Okay, you can do it... just don't be too rough. Isabel will want him back in one piece." When Max nodded Liz swooped back down and kissed him passionately

        Michael's Room, 15:00

        Maria and Tess had spent the entire day in bed with each other. Only after their umpteenth orgasm did they begin to wonder where their boyfriends had gotten to and so they decided to go in search of them, after dressing only in their long t-shirts. When they were passing Michael's room they suddenly heard a groan and a massive wave of pleasure that almost knocked them off their feet.

        Slowly the couple opened the door so that they didn't attract the attention of their mates. When they had a clear view of the bed they saw Michael laying face down on the bed with Kyle above him, thrusting his cock in and out while their hands clasped together.

        "URGHHHHHH...ARHHHHHHHHHH!" Kyle gasped as Michael clamped down on him

        Every so often, Kyle would release Michael's hand and run his own over the alien's muscular arms. His thrusts were short and sharp but Kyle was completely within Michael as he grabbed handfuls of the sheet.

        Maria and Tess looked at each other and smiled as they sat down at the desk after turning the chairs to face the bed. Kyle and Michael still had no idea of the girl's presence and Tess decided not to let them know for dear that they might stop. She used her powers to create a mind warp that would prevent the pair from seeing Maria and herself until they were done.

        Kyle had sweat dripping from his forehead; both the men's bodies were soaked as they had sex.

        "OHH GOD...MICHAEL...YOU'RE SO TI...UGHNNNNNNNNN!" Kyle called out as his last thrust brought about his climax and he shot his load into Michael.

        When he pulled out of Michael, the alien as able to turn around. Kyle lay flat over him; Michael was holding his body close as the two kissed until they rolled over and it was Kyle's turn. He got up on all fours and Michael knelt behind him, angling his cock to penetrate his lover.

        "HMMMMMMmmmmmmm..." Kyle moaned as he felt Michael's dick fill him.

        "OHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Michael groaned as he felt Kyle around his dick

        Slowly Michael began to push and pull his hips back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of Kyle as he ran his hands over the high school jocks back. Michael was delirious with ecstasy; Kyle hung his head down as Michael sought out his pleasure.

        "UHMMM, GOD...KYLEEEEEE!" Michael strained out as he came.

        Both men collapsed down to the bed on their side, Michael still inside his lover as he kissed his shoulders while caressing his arms and chest.

        "THAT was hot!" Tess said

        Both men suddenly looked up and looked around.

        "Tess?" Kyle asked softly

        "Hi baby." Tess said as she released her mind warp and allowed the guys to see herself and Maria.

        When they did see the girls they saw their hands buried deep between their legs. They couldn't see clearly but both men were sure that their fingers were up inside their pussy's.

        "Enjoy yourself?" Maria asked her boyfriend

        "Oh yeah." Michael answered as his smouldering eyes looked deep into Maria

        Michael pulled out of Kyle, causing him to close his eyes at the sensation and then both men moved over to the women. Maria pulled her fingers from between her legs and presented them to Michael who promptly took her digits into his mouth, licking them clean.

        "Wanna go find the others?" Tess asked Kyle who nodded.

        All four marched out of the room in each other's arms and headed off to the common room.

        Hidden Cave, Roswell Reservoir, Later

        Serena and Nicholas arrived at the cave that Nasedo prepared but Serena had to drag him in to it. They had spent too much time out in the desert and the husk that Nicholas inhabited was beginning to fail at a rapid rate. When they got to the reservoir Serena jumped into the water and then pulled the Skin in before taking a deep breath and diving down 30 meters to find the entrance. Serena always loved the fact that her hybrid body allowed her to hold her breath longer than 8 minutes, more than enough time to get where she needed to go.

        When Nicholas came too, he found his husk surrounded with a yellow light and Serena by his side with a healing stone in her hand. He watched as his husk began to regenerate, the peels of skin rejoined and more layers began to form. Soon his husk was the way it was when a few years ago...Serena bought him more time!

        "What is that thing?" he asked

        "A healing stone. Nasedo modified this one with Granolith Tech. It's only a temporary stopgap and I can't use it again." Serena said

        "Why do it at all?"

        "I need you, it's as simple as that." Serena spat back as she opened a box and pulled out some Antarian food. She broke it in half and tossed one half to Nicholas as he sat up against a wall.

        "There are plenty of other Skins who could have stood in. Besides, a lot more of them are more...ruthless than I am."

        "Okay, I felt sorry for you. Nobody deserves to go out like that." Serena said

        "Well thank you, no doubt my brothers will try to kill me anyway but thanks." Nicholas said as he looked around and felt the moisture in the air, "You know you're right, this cave is perfect for my husk to recover. Private too!"

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