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Shadow and Light, Chapter 9

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 14, 2004

      Davidson Residence, 22:00

      After jumping roof to roof, Max and Liz brought Tess to Isabel's roof that they jumped off of to land in her back garden. Fortunately it was so dark that no one saw them on their approach. Inside the house, Isabel and Michael picked up on their presence and Isabel went to unlock the back door to let them in.

      "What happened?" Isabel asked

      "Nacedo tried to attack her." Max said

      "Tried to attack?" Michael asked as he approached

      "There was this...raven. I thought it was one of you." Tess said

      "No, we're cats." Max said, "As you might have guessed from our faces."

      On that, as Tess looked at both Max and Liz, their faces changed back to humans and they lost their feline features. Tess just blinked as she watched it happen before her.

      "Besides, if there were any Fliers in town, dad would know about it." Liz said, "What made you think it was one of us?"

      "You mean aside from the timing? went after Nacedo, I heard this voice in my head. It told me to run." Tess said

      "You don't think..." Isabel asked as she looked at the others

      "It could be." Max said, "More being in Roswell makes sense."

      "What?" Tess asked

      "Chimera. We found out that Isabel's parents were another Lycanthrope tribe that we knew nothing about called the Chimera." Liz said

      "Chimera?" Tess asked with recognition

      "What is it?" Max asked

      "When I got Nacedo to fill me in on what was happening to me and told me about the Rulan...that's our word for lycanthropes. He told me about a group of Rulan who had the ability to become all the animals of our world, he called them the Chi'emera." Tess said

      "That's pretty close." Isabel said

      "Another coincidence?" Michael asked Max

      "That's too many coincidences." Max said while he looked at Liz who nodded, the more they learned about Antarian Lycanthropes the more they found they were similar. Not only in their creation myth, but now also a tribe with similar names and if the statue in the basement and the information in the chronicle they discovered was any indication, then they had similar abilities with regard to their changes.

      "We need to find these people." Liz said

      "Yeah but how?" Michael asked

      Liz shrugged.

      "Well, I've got a couch if you want to spend the night." Isabel said

      "I thought you had an extra bedroom?" Tess asked

      "That's mine now." Michael said

      "No I mean..."

      "That's my parents room. No one sleeps in there." Isabel said almost biting Tess's head off

      "Easy Iz." Max said

      "Yeah...sorry." Isabel said

      "So am I." Tess said, "Couch is great...unless I can convince a someone to give up their bed?" she looked at Michael with a smile

      "Hell no, that bed is a lot more comfortable than that slab at the trailer park. I'm not giving it up now." Michael said

      "Oh I think I know of a more comfortable bed." Liz said

      "Oh yeah, where?"

      "Maria's." Liz said

      Michael rubbed the back of his neck and started to look away.

      "Maria? You mean that friend of yours that showed up with the killer hairdo at school today? I thought you two looked good together."

      "See Michael, even the new girl gets that faster than you do." Max said with a smile

      "And Maria too." Liz said

      "How is Maria?" Michael asked. He had been curious all day after only seeing her here and there around school and he had to admit there was a deep yearning in his soul to be near her.

      Liz looked into his eyes and saw the spark there, she smiled, "Well, she is in love with you...took her a while to admit it."

      "She...she is?"

      "And so are you." Liz said

      "I am?" Michael asked, everyone stared at him as he looked at each one of them in turn, "I am." He admitted

      Liz blinked, "That was easy."

      "Yeah." Max said

      "You call that easy?" Michael asked

      "Compared to what it took to get Maria to say it...yeah." Liz said

      "Aghrrrrrrr...okay, well then I'm the better person. I can admit it without fuss." Michael said with a smug look on his face

      Everyone else looked at each other. "Uh oh." They all said

      "This could get very interesting." Tess said

      "You don't know the half of it." Liz said

      After a while Michael decided to pay a visit to his mate and let Tess have his room for the night. As he slipped out, Max went to his house next door as Liz changed into her animan body and ran through the streets to her home. Isabel showed Tess to Michael's room and let her borrow some of her sleepwear, as the shorter blonde slipped into the bed she had a sense of security that she hadn't felt before.

      Tess slept soundly that night although her thoughts reached out and connected with Isabel's. They shared the same dream, they saw a room in the Antarian palace and in the silk adorned bed they watched as two women made love to each other. The closer they moved to the bed the girls saw that it was themselves. Neither felt any confusion at what they were seeing; in fact as they watched themselves in bed they felt at peace.

      Upon Michael's arrival at the Deluca household, his heart beat a thousand times faster. Maria came out of her room and felt the exact same thing as her blood pulled her toward her mate. Amy was the one who opened the door and could only stand to the side as the two teens came to each other. Amy smiled as Michael picked Maria up in his arms and started to carry her to her bedroom, kissing her as they went. That was when Amy decided to turn in herself, she remembered doing that exact same thing years ago before her mate turned to a Wild Pack.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 23:00

      Liz arrived home and changed back into her human form before she started to climb the stairs into her home. As she reached the door Liz started feeling a slight headache but it passed and Liz entered. She found her parents sitting and relaxing by the window.

      "Hey honey. How was your night?" Jeff asked

      "Well, it was interesting." Liz said

      "How so?" Nancy asked

      "Well, we think there is another Chimera in town."


      "Tess was saved tonight by a big raven that told her to run. There aren't any Fliers in town are there?" Liz asked

      "No. The only one was with the Council and she left with the others." Jeff said

      "Well then there is something around then and it's probably Chimera." Liz said as she rubbed her head

      "You okay?" Jeff asked

      "Yeah, just a headache." Liz said, "Anyway, there has to be a way to track this thing?"

      "Not by any way we know. We've always done our tracking like animals in the wild, scent, sight and hearing. But a creature that can mask its scent...if we can't smell a difference between them and normal animals then it could blend in completely. We can't see it or hear it." Jeff said

      "Mmmm...this is impossible." Liz said, "How am I supposed to lead a pride and save the world if I can't even find one person?"

      "Only time can answer that one. Speaking of your pride..."

      "Tess. Max and I are discussing how to turn her while still making sure that this isn't some sort of elaborate plan of hers and Nacedo's. For all we know this could be to get Max to get her pregnant like she said was Nacedo's plan." Liz said

      "I thought you trusted her?" Nancy asked

      "I do...sort of. I want to but I just need to be sure." Liz said

      "In that case why not let Michael do the honours." Jeff said

      Liz looked up, "Hey." She said with a smile, "I know he wouldn't complain."

      "No doubt." Jeff said, "But I wasn't referring to Tess. She's the only other alien...but number 8?"

      "Still no idea who it is." Liz said, "I guess it could be a human. Dr. Mallory said that the life forms in Max's blood could pass it on... but only one in 500 million humans? Needle in haystack. How am I supposed to find that guy? That'll be even rarer than a Chimera."

      Liz rubbed her head again. She decided to get a glass of water and stood up to walk to the kitchen. That was when she felt dizzy and fell to the floor. Her parents jumped up and ran to their daughter, only to stop midway as they say her body. From her exposed skin, Liz's veins were glowing. It was as though her blood had become luminous and as a result her veins could easily seen from the blood red light.

      Then everything in the room started to levitate a few feet off of where they were resting. Jeff and Nancy looked around at everything as their daughter looked up. The chronicle they had levitated over and in her head Liz saw the language used by all the lycanthropic tribes. The symbols floated around in her field of vision like disjointed animations.

      "Liz?" Jeff said

      "Aghhhhhhh..." Liz cried out and then everything stopped.

      The symbols vanished, her blood stopped glowing and everything that was up in the air fell back down.

      "Liz, are you alright?"

      "Yeah." Liz said as she picked up the chronicle and opened the pages. Now, in addition to the text she was seeing smaller letters, "Wow."


      "What's a...Narada?"

      "How'd you know that word?" Jeff asked

      "Because it's written here." Liz said

      "Liz, we've been all the way through that book. The Narada isn't in it." Nancy said

      "It is now."

      Jeff and Nancy looked at the book but they couldn't see anything different. "Liz...there's nothing new there."

      "You mean you can't see it?" Liz asked

      "See what?" Jeff asked

      "This...the writing. It's literally written in between the lines of the old stuff." Liz said

      Her parents still couldn't see it.

      "So? What's Narada?" Liz asked

      "Narada is a term that hasn't been used in a long time. In fact it's as much a myth to us as we are to humanity." Nancy said

      "Basically it's tied to the creation myth. The big blue star. It goes that it chose the best of human kind and remade them as lycanthropes." Jeff said, "But the other part of that is that to a few of those who changed, their offspring were fully human and not lycanthropes. When those children reached maturity, well according to the stories they were cast out of the sanctuary. They supposedly stayed nearby as protectors to the path to the Sanctuary."

      "Oh god." Liz said


      "Genetic rejection." Liz said


      "Um...think about it like this, it's like when a person has an organ transplant. There is a chance that the body would reject the organ but in this case, from the sound of it, their bodies rejected the lycanthrope DNA." Liz said, "The more and more I hear that creation myth it sounds like we're talking about genetic manipulation. Changing human DNA so that it becomes lycanthropic."

      "The Narada is born of lycanthropes but they are human. After thousands of years..."

      "Even after thousands of years they could still carry the DNA markers from the original lycanthropes that were changed. Max, Isabel and Michael could change him the same way as Tess. It'll just be a matter of strengthening what's already there." Liz said

      "We still need to find them. Unless Tess is destined to mate with a Rakas you've yet to meet." Nancy said

      "But from the way you're describing this then..." Nancy said

      "We're not talking about gods...we're talking about aliens. Which thousands of years ago to anyone around at that time, beings with that kind of power would have seemed like gods. Just when things calm down...grrrrr." Liz said, "Okay, if he shows up he shows up. I'm not going to go all out to find these Narada but the Chimera...those guys I've got a few words for."


      Flat against the brick wall against the high window into the living room, Larallen Ho'rus was there. He was floating, there was nothing beneath his feet as he listened in and pressed his glowing hand against the brick.

      "Good Liz, good girl." He said as his hand stopped glowing. When it did, Liz's headache stopped but the new symbols in the book rippled across the pages and became visible to everyone.

      Larallen floated down to the ground and hid in the darkness as he pulled out a grass green cube. He held it in his hand and he focused on the device that then started to glow.

      "Report 341. As indicated by previous research, Liz Parker is progressing. Her new Antarian abilities as emerging thanks to the infusion of energy from Max and as expected it has activated the dormant knowledge in her mind. Without any lessons, she knows the words of her people. Out of curiosity of her status I used my abilities to access her emerging ones. I projected information onto the pages of the Chronicle that should eventually lead her the Philip Evans as well as data on the Narada."

      A noise off further down the alley caused the ancient being to look up and put the cube away. Soon he was engulfed with light and vanished.

      Alex's Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 06:50 The Next Morning

      As Alex slept soundly in his warm and toasty bed, his new kitten and companion pushed his head against the door to the bedroom and pushed it open. The little black kitten walked over to the bed and looked up.


      He got nothing so he jumped up onto the bed and felt the softness under his paws. The kitten trotted up and walked over Alex until he was at Alex's face.


      Still nothing. Alex was not planning on waking up any time soon so the kitten rolled onto his back and pressed against Alex. He purred away contently as part of him disappeared under Alex's duvet. The warmth got to the kitten that could have stayed there all day sleeping. Alex felt the kitten press against him and woke up. He looked down at the black fur ball and smiled then yawned loudly,

      "He little cat...I guess I should start thinking of names for you. Any ideas?" Alex said


      "I'm not calling you Meow. Oh I look like a Jake. Jake." Alex said


      "Okay Jake, I'm going for a shower." Alex said

      He slipped out from under the duvet and the kitten stayed there, well almost, where Alex had been laying the kitten moved over it to get the heat. Alex shook his head at the little cat. He could have sworn that the kitten was smiling as he purred away. Alex disappeared into the bathroom for his shower.

      10 Minutes Later...

      Alex came back into his bedroom to see the kitten curled up onto a ball on one of Alex's pillows with another almost pulled completely over him.


      Alex got dressed and headed out. He got to the kitchen and poured himself some cereal and then poured some milk over it. He sat down at the dinning table and started to tuck in when all of a sudden he heard Jake climbing up his chair. The next thing Alex knew was that there were a couple of paws and a head hanging over his shoulder. Alex looked to his side and the kitten looked up at him.


      The kitten turned back and looked at the bowl, he swiped his paws out to try to reach to the milk. Alex smiled and put down his spoon, he picked Jake off his shoulder and carried him through to the kitchen and rested him on the worktop. Alex rummaged through the cupboards and found a small bowl that he put in front of Jake before he took out some milk. Soon Jake was lapping away and Alex stroked his head before he went back to his own breakfast.

      It didn't take Jake long to finish the milk and as soon as he was done he started running around like a nutcase. Alex just sat back and watched him, he couldn't help but smile but as Jake got to the curtain Alex jumped up. Jake had latched his claws into the fabric and started climbing up but Alex pulled him off.

      "Oh no you don't. Trust me, mom not very forgiving of shredded curtains. If you don't tell her you were up that far I wont."

      Jake looked up at Alex and reached out a paw, scraping it on the underside of Alex's nose, "Meow."

      "Morning Alex, you're up early."

      "Mom." Alex said, suddenly startled as he turned around.

      "Scare you?"

      "Little bit. Dad up?" Alex said as he stroked Jake

      "Yeah, he's in the shower just now. So how's our little friend today?"

      "Jake's fine."

      "Jake? Nice. Have you fed him yet?"

      "Little bit of milk." Alex said

      "Alex..." his mother said

      "I know, he needs a proper breakfast." Alex said, "That's coming up. Come on Jake."

      Alex carried Jake through and picked up a small tin off kitten food that his father picked up on his way home last night. He dished out the food and left Jake to eat it as he returned to the living room.

      "So have you thought about what you're going to do with him today? You can't leave him hear alone while we're at work and you cant take him to school."

      "I was thinking about asking the Parkers. I mean technically Jake is a part of the pride and it's Mr Parker's job to look out for the pride members." Alex said with a smile

      "Alex...doesn't exactly work that way but if you ask he'll probably say yes." His mother said as Jake brushed up against her leg, "He eats really fast...reminds me of you."

      "Why thank you." Alex said

      "Go on, start the day, you've got your room to clean up before school and I've got stuff to do." She said

      Alex picked Jake up and carried the kitten into his bedroom. He proceeded to straighten up his room before he got on with the rest of the day.

      Crashdown, 1 Hour Later

      There was still some time before the café opened that day so everyone decided it was a good place to meet. They had a lot to discuss, especially Tess's induction to their little group. When Liz relayed her parents suggestion, Michael smiled and then Maria did to when she added her own suggestion of her aiding in the seduction.

      When Alex arrived, Jake was in toe. The kitten jumped off him and landed onto the table, Jake immediately loved all the attention he was getting as Liz and Maria stroked and scratched behind his ears. He rolled over and Isabel immediately scratched his belly.

      "He's so cute." Maria said

      "Where'd you find him?" Liz asked

      "Actually he found me, out in Fraser Woods." Alex said, "You know...I swear he's smiling."

      "What you think humans are the only ones that smile?" Michael asked

      "No, but then if your any indication..." Alex said, "So, what's with the meeting?"

      "This." Liz said as she focused on the pen in front of her. In seconds it was starting to rise up, floating in mid air as it started to spin around. It was slow at first, it's end simply moving horizontally around on its axis.

      Everyone watched it; eventually it started moving faster and faster. As Liz focused, she lost herself in this until the pen was a blur as it span around.

      "Liz." Max said

      "Liz." Isabel repeated.

      "LIZ." Everyone called out

      Liz snapped out of it and the pen went flying through the air until it was buried almost two inches into the wall across from them.

      "Wow." Maria said

      "No kidding." Michael said as he turned back to look at Liz who was rubbing her head, "You okay?"

      "'s gone." Liz said as she looked up

      "I guess we need to teach you control." Isabel said

      "Yeah." Liz said

      "I remember when we started to use our powers and went overboard." Max said

      "Yeah talk about strain. I don't think I could lift anything for nearly 2 hours." Michael said

      "So you can use their powers now?" Maria asked

      "Yes, and...well..." Liz stammered out

      "There might be the possibility that you and Alex could use them as well." Max said

      "Way cool." Maria said, "When?"

      "Don't know. Could be a while, could be tomorrow." Isabel said

      "I take it that means we could accidentally blow things up?" Alex asked

      "It's a possibility. That's why we're kind of thinking about setting up lessons for you if or when the powers come out to play." Isabel said

      "Oh, and would these be private lesions?" Alex asked with a smile as he leaned over the table closer to Isabel

      Isabel also leaned over, "Maybe." She said seductively

      "Uh guys. Children present." Maria said as she pointed to Jake who looked at them.

      Then Jake's tail caught his attention and started to try and catch it, he moved in circles as fast as he could until he fell down dizzy.

      "Yeah...dude, your cat's weird." Michael said

      "He's just playful." Alex said as he stroked the kitten

      "And not allowed in here." Jeff said as he entered the room

      "Sorry Mr Parker. I didn't have anywhere else to take him...uh I was actually wondering if you could watch him upstairs while we're at school."

      Jake looked up at Jeff with wide eyes, "Meow."

      "Ahhhh...if he wasn't a companion. Okay, but he stays upstairs and Liz disinfects the table. The last thing we need is Health and Safety to make a visit."

      "Sure dad." Liz said

      "I'll be upstairs when you're ready to bring him up." Jeff said as he left with a clipboard with the orders he needed to make to his suppliers that day.

      "So what next?" Isabel asked

      "There is something else you guys need to see." Liz said as she stood up.

      She went over to the drink dispenser and activated the same switch her father did when he showed her this. Then she nodded to Max who pressed his hand into the back of his seat. There was a loud click and the trap door down to the Chronicle Chamber opened.

      "What the hell..." Michael said as he looked around at the chamber

      "I double that." Isabel said

      "That Chronicle we found in your basement Isabel, that was only one and that belonged to the Chimera. All of this is the Rakas history. The other tribes have similar rooms." Liz said proudly

      "So why show us this?" Michael asked

      "Because if Liz is to take us all back to Sanctuary then the answer to where it is, is in here." Max said

      "That and one day we will be at our own gathering and we'll all be written in the next Chronicle." Liz said

      "Hey Liz, is this the prophecy?" Maria asked as she looked over a stone tablet.

      "That's it." Liz said

      "It looks so...simple." Maria said

      "But its not." Someone said from behind them.

      "Grandma." Liz said happily as she turned to see Claudia

      The two moved closer and they wrapped their arms around each other in a tight hug. "So how's my beautiful granddaughter?"

      "I'm good." Liz said, "But what are you doing here?"

      "Do you really think I wouldn't show up for you knowing what you are?" Claudia asked

      "But I changed over a month ago."

      "I know, I'm sorry I didn't come then but my duties didn't let me get away until now."

      "Your duties? I thought you studied other cultures?" Alex asked

      "Oh that's just my day to speak. With the Rakas I have more of a spiritual role." Claudia said as Jake jumped out of Alex's arms and ran over to her. The elderly woman saw the kitten and smiled as she picked him up. "Well, I see you got my gift. Which of you did he seek out?"

      " But sent him?" Alex asked

      "Well he was born to my companion. I instantly knew he was meant to be here so a friend brought him to town to find where he belonged." Claudia said as she scratched behind Jake's ears before handing him back to Alex and then looked at Max

      "So this must be the Romeo I've been hearing about?" Claudia asked

      "Grandma, this is Max. Max this is my grandmother." Liz said

      "Mrs Parker." Max said

      "Max, call me Claudia...or at the very least Grandma since you are part of the family. Now I know what all the fuss is about." Claudia said as she looked at her granddaughter, Liz looked away and blushed.

      "Grandma, this is also Isabel and Michael." Liz said

      "Isabel, Michael. It's good to meet you all." Claudia said, "Now, don't you all have school or something?"

      Everyone's eyes went wide as they looked at their watches. They still had a little time but not much so they had to run. Maria said hi and bye right after each other as she kissed Claudia's cheek. The three aliens followed the girls and Alex took Jake upstairs to his kitten-sitter.

      Claudia smiled as she watched them move as fast as they could. "Teenagers." She said as she shook her head.

      As the chamber cleared out, Claudia looked around and then closed the carved doors. She moved over to the pedestal that held the prophecy tablet and turned it's base 180 degrees clockwise. The stone brickwork parted, opening up an alcove in the wall. Claudia approached the alcove and pulled out a book that she kept in there. On the cover of the book was an etching of the statue in Isabel's basement.

      "Still here." She said.

      "Of course it is." A voice whispered behind her.

      "How did you get in here?" Claudia said

      "Same way I always do."

      Claudia turned around and saw Philip right behind her. She smiled as she saw him sitting on the table. "But you know you can't be here. If Jeff came down right now..."

      "He wont." Philip said

      "So, your son and my granddaughter?" Claudia said

      "Yeah." Philip said, "And I have to admit it, they look very good together...and their destinies are equally powerful."

      "I know. So tell me, how are the others these days?" Claudia asked

      "Pissed. The kids found the first chronicle in the Davidson's basement." Philip said

      "Oh dear." Claudia said, "They must love you right now."

      "You have no idea. And they were already having issues since I married Diane."

      "Well, she is human. At least I married a Rakas." Claudia said.

      "Hell we'd both be outcasts if it wasn't for who we're connected to." Philip said

      "So I was a little vocal about coming clean with the other tribes. Is that a crime?" Claudia said

      "For us, yeah it is. Big time. Mom always did think I took after you. The others even went so far as to call you a trouble maker." Philip said

      "Yeah I know. I was her best friend after all. Does Diane know?" Claudia said

      "No. And that's the hardest part of all this. I know she'd be fine with least after the heart attack...and the screaming...and objects heading through the air to my face." Philip said

      "My husband was the only one who ever knew that I wasn't a Rakas. Not even Jeff knows."

      "I know, but you were the one who made it possible for Liz to be born. Because you are Chimera you were able to put whatever was missing back into that family and made it possible for a girl to be born."

      "Hmm...still the others would never have agreed to it, they probably think that it negates the prophecy because of my `outside' tampering. Okay, I'm yabbering on what do I owe the pleasure?" Claudia asked

      "I had an encounter yesterday. A visit from someone...well someone. I need to tell you about it."

      "Talk away." Claudia said

      Philip then proceeded to tell the woman of his encounter with Larallen.

      "Oh." She said, "The others don't know about this?"

      "No. And I don't plan on telling them. Larallen trusted me with this and I think he would trust you."

      "You're right. I would have." Larallen's voice spoke from nowhere.

      Both looked around and saw nothing. Philip smiled but Claudia had a hint of fear in her eyes.

      "I told you I would be nearby when you needed me, I always will be." Larallen said before fading away.

      "So what do we do?" Claudia asked

      "Neither of our families knows what we are. That is going to change soon...we both need to be ready. This time of darkness is coming."

      "I've tried to chart our emigration course through the years, hoping to get even close to Sanctuary but I can't. How is Liz meant to do it?" Claudia said

      "We'll find out." Philip said as they heard someone clambering around upstairs, "I better go." He changed into a housefly and promptly buzzed off.

      Claudia closed the alcove and then reopened the doors before she headed off upstairs. There was a lot she needed to catch up on with her son and daughter in-law.

      Library, West Roswell High, 09:40

      Tess walked into the library to find some books that she needed for class. She walked through the stacks of books and shelves, not paying attention to anything except the titles. As she walked, she bumped into Kyle. Almost immediately after the touching of their bodies, her body temperature went up a few degrees as did his.

      "Hey." Kyle said

      "Hey." Tess said

      Kyle couldn't help but notice her exposed cleavage from the tight green top she wore and did his best not to look, despite the fact that Tess wanted him to look. The two looked at each other, both smiled as Tess batted her eyelids at him and his hands went to his belt.

      "So how you liking school?" Kyle asked

      "It has its ups and downs." Tess said

      "Couldn't agree more but I have to say today is certainly *up* so far."

      Tess smiled seductively, moving closer to him slightly. Her eyes dipped down slightly to his pants and then back up to his eyes, "I'll bet."

      "Hey, you're in Mrs Flick's Social Studies class right? How are you finding it?"" Kyle asked

      "Yeah I am. It's hard, very, very hard." Tess said

      "Yes, yes it is." Kyle said with a smile

      At the other end of the room the school librarian saw the two and cleared her throat. The two looked to each other and then back at the librarian as they moved away from each other. The last thing she wanted was students dipping behind the stacks for some fun.

      "I better..." Kyle said as he pointed to the exit

      "Yeah." Tess said

      Kyle left, just before he passed through the doors he looked back at Tess. Tess caught his stare and felt Goosebumps over her skin. In one of the other stacks, Liz had watched the two flirt with each other and when Kyle left she came out.

      "I think he likes you. Too bad." Liz said

      "Oh, jeez...Liz you scared me. What do you mean?" Tess said

      "When it comes to sex for lycanthropes, only one of us can do...humans can't keep up." Liz said

      "Pity." Tess said but then smiled, "But I'm not a lycanthrope here."

      Liz smiled and started to walk away, as she did so her hand brushed across Tess's butt. It surprised the blonde but was as enthralled by it as much as she was by the dream she had last night.

      "What?" Tess said, "What's with the smile?"

      "Shhhhh..." the librarian said as Liz got to the door

      Before Liz left the room she winked at Tess.

      "What?" she asked with more strain but a lot more quietly but Liz never gave her an answer.

      Harding Residence, Lunch Time

      As the lunch bell rang out, everyone made their way from their classes to the school parking lot. They had arranged to meet and go and check out Tess's place, they hadn't heard anything from Nacedo and they half expected some sort of retaliation. Besides with Isabel not letting her parent's old room being used and with the other two taken, the couch was Tess's only option if she stayed there.

      They drove to the house and Max and Michael entered first while Alex and Isabel entered through the back door. The three remaining girls entered last and started searching upstairs. They covered every room but found it exactly as it had been left the other night, right down to the smashed window.

      Isabel started to pick up the larger glass fragments and then her hands started to glow. The fragments floated over to fit into the window frame and as she did so Tess waved her hand over the panel. The remaining gaps filled in and all the cracks vanished. That only left the smaller pieces, a look and a smile from Isabel to Liz told the brunette that it was the perfect opportunity to test her abilities.

      Liz focused, Maria and Alex watched on curiously. They knew the possibility existed that they could have the same power bubbling away inside them. At any rate, Liz concentrated and all the little fragments glowed on the carpet. They started to lift up off the ground and spin around.

      "Easy Liz. Keep control of it." Max said as the fragments picked up speed.

      "I got it." Liz said as her eyes changed. They were her cat eyes but there was a fiery glow to them. All of a sudden the shards caught fire and they smashed together, they melted and mixed together. Then Liz reached out and took hold of the scolding mass.

      "LIZ!" Everyone said together.

      "It's not hot." Liz said as she turned her hand and opened her palm. Everyone looked on as the red glow stopped and the glass had become a 3 inch long sculpture of a pouncing cat.

      "Typical." Michael said

      "Huh?" Maria asked

      "She's got more control in a couple of days than I got after 10 years." Michael said

      "It's not control." Liz said

      "What do you mean?" Max asked

      "I...don't know how to's more like I believed in what I was doing and not controlling what I wanted to happen." Liz said as she looked at the sculpture and then looked at Tess, "It was your window, I think this belongs here." Liz handed Tess the cat who promptly moved to put it on her mantelpiece.

      "Believe in it...well...I've tried everything else." Michaels said

      "Well, Nacedo obviously hasn't been here since last night. I guess it's safe for me to stay here." Tess said

      "I guess so. It's actually not to far from my place." Isabel said, "So if you ever need to run anywhere..."

      "I know the way." Tess smiled

      "What are the odds Nacedo will show back up?" Max asked Tess

      "Nacedo made a deal, one that he can't honour, not anymore. He never went into much detail about the enemies here except to say they were called Skins but I'd imaging they wont be to pleased with him." Tess said

      "So he'll be on the run from them?" Alex said

      "That's the most likely but he might try to buy his life again. This time using their support." Tess said

      "What do you mean?" Liz asked

      "The enemy wants the child of Zan. Back on Antar, Max, Me, Isabel and Michael...we were all lovers but Max was my mate as Isabel was Michael's. While that has changed here he could try to force us to have sex at the right time and..."

      "And take the child." Max said

      "Not going to happen." Liz said

      "Wait, I thought a person could only have a kid with their mate?" Michael asked

      "That's what we were told." Liz said

      "Yeah...normally true for us as well but slight alien quirk. Dose us both up with...well lets just say it's an alien drug that affects lycanthropes. It makes us do anything we're told to with the side effect of making us biologically open to others. I don't think they have any on Earth, they wouldn't have anticipated Liz." Tess said

      "Well that's a plus." Alex said as he looked at his watch, "Well, it's almost time."

      "Yeah we better start back now."

      All nodded and headed back out to the cars. They drove off and headed back to school, arriving just in time for the bell at the end of lunch.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 15:00

      Claudia and spent most of the day talking about the things she'd missed since she was last in town. Jeff had made them all a coffee as they sat in the chairs. Jake had also spent most of his time in Claudia's lap, sleeping away contently as she stroked his fur.

      "So young Mr Evans seems to be quite a catch." Claudia said

      "Liz does seem very happy with that choice." Nancy said

      "Do you mind if I ask...has she had any unusual symptoms because of what Max is?" Claudia asked

      "Well, apparently, she can now use his powers and last night..." Jeff trailed off

      "Last night?"

      "She had a really bad headache." Nancy said and Claudia looked up.

      "A headache?"

      "That's putting it mildly." Jeff said, "Everything in the room that wasn't nailed down started to levitate and then Liz saw symbols in the Chimera chronicle that we couldn't see. Then there is the weird thing..."


      "While their language is identical to ours, at least the written version, Liz was able to translate the entire text."

      "What's unusual about that?" Claudia asked

      "I know we were supposed to give her rudimentary lessons before she and the others got to Moon Peak but...well...we never actually got around to them. Liz is understanding a language she hasn't been taught." Jeff said

      Claudia smiled, but only to herself as she remembered things she had been taught, signs of the prophecy known only to Chimera so that they would know the true First Born Daughter and not a pretender to the title. {She will be born with the words of the tribes, sealed until the time she takes the Star King as her mate.}she thought to herself.

      Then there were the headaches that she was just told of, they always happened to Chimera in the first months after their changes began. There was more of herself in her granddaughter than she suspected but Liz was still Rakas. Her blood may be part Chimera but the cat spirit ruled over her body.

      "I see." Claudia said, "I guess it's possible that her body adapting to these powers may cause a little strain on her body. I doubt it will be anything to worry about, not with the others around to help her."

      "We know. Especially if her destiny is as the prophecy said it is." Nancy said

      "It is." Claudia said, "But Liz shouldn't be concerned with all this yet. Even if it is close, many of the signs of the prophecy will happen either when she's at or just left Moon Peak. There is time, even if it isn't as much as we'd like."

      "We know." Nancy said

      "I wonder if we'll actually get to Sanctuary? I've uncovered so many legends of it through the years. The true account of it in our earliest Chronicles seemed to indicate that our Sanctuary is only a part of a much greater home. Another claimed that it was apart of the Blue Star itself...ah well...legends. It's nice to fantasise about." Claudia said

      The three continued to talk away until the students arrived home. When Alex stepped through the door, Jake looked up before he shot off Claudia and jumped up into his arms. Everyone scratched behind the kitten's ears as they sat down. Claudia, the culture buff, wanted to get to know all the aliens and what they knew about their people, most of which was left to Tess to fill them in on since she had been raised with it. They spent hours together but eventually Liz and Max had to leave, they had another appointment that Liz dressed for.

      Dinning Room, Evans Residence, 18:00

      Max and Liz arrived at his house and he let her in. They went to the living room where Mr Evans was sitting with Diane and both stood up as their son and his girlfriend entered. Liz wore a light white summer dress, nice and respectable on the outside but Max knew that beneath it she dresses to tease him and that she was wearing white silk panties with a garter belt that held up thigh high stockings.

      "Max...Liz, glad you could make it." Philip greeted

      "I'm glad you invited me." Liz said as she smelled the air, "Saffron Chicken...smells good."

      Diane smiled, "You've got a good nose."

      "Thank you." Liz said with a smile

      "So...shall we..." Philip said as he guided them into the dinning room

      Diane went to the kitchen as Liz sat down. Max pushed her chair further against the table; Philip smiled as his son played the perfect gentlemen before he went to bring out the plates with his wife. Max sat close to Liz as his parents took their seats opposite them.

      "So Liz, it's finally nice to meet you. Max has told us...well not much to be honest." Diane said

      "Well there really isn't much to tell." Liz said, "I'm just a small town girl."

      "Oh I wouldn't say that." Philip said, "From what I've heard you're the smartest at school, even higher grades than Max here."

      "" Liz blushed

      Diane smiled, "Well, what about pets...although living above the café that would put a dampener on that."

      "Yes it does. I wanted a pet when I was younger but that never happened."

      "You seem like a cat person." Philip said earning him a look from both Max and Liz, "What I mean is you seem like the kind of person who'd choose a cat as a pet."

      "Oh." Liz said

      "Is there any other way of taking that?" Diane asked

      "Well I heard that there are people who get their kicks from dressing up as animals." Max said

      "Uh, yeah Max was actually telling me about it on the way over." Liz quickly said

      "Oh...strange but then it's a strange world." Diane said

      "I'll say." Philip said

      "So Liz, was he right? Cats? They were always my favourite animals. They seemed regal." Diane asked

      "They are and yes, cats are definitely my favourite. I always liked... lions, especially the male ones with those big furry manes. They just look so soft." Liz said eliciting a smile from Max

      "To bad you'll never find out." Diane said

      {Oh I wouldn't say that.} Liz thought, "You never know."

      "I guess not." Diane said

      Diane asked Liz question after question but then stopped, she could feel the young woman beginning to feel like she was in an interrogation and didn't want that. However, Max was making Liz feel a little better as his hand ran over her silk stocking clad thigh. His hand ran higher and higher as Liz tried to suppress her smile, she was practically begging Max in her head to stop because it was here in front of his parents but another part of her wanted him to keep going. That's what Max did; he slipped his finger into her underwear causing her to shudder.

      Philip knew or rather could guess what Max was doing; he could see Liz's body heat hike up a little. He decided to ignore what was happening and helped his wife keep the conversation going. He was surprised that Liz managed to keep speaking like nothing was happening.

      After dinner, Max removed his hand and Liz gave him a heated look that told him what she had planned for later after their next appointment. Eventually they stood from the table and went into the living room, Philip brought out coffee and the conversations continued. Both parents took great delight in relaying stories of when Max was younger, the kind of stories that embarrassed him and that he would prefer Liz never to know about. There were times that Liz start broke out in laughter and kept apologising to Max because of it but Max went with it, he could punish her later. He was happier that his parents obviously liked Liz.

      Liz also felt more comfortable in the room and started telling her some stories of her life; of course it wasn't anything on par with the ones she was hearing. However, through his connection max knew some classic Liz moments but he chose discretion. Eventually the evening came to an end, at least for this quartet. Max and Liz and another group meeting to attend to.

      Living Room, Harding Residence, 20:30

      Tess spent some time with Isabel and Michael; they had spent most of their lives apart when they should have been together. The more time she spent with them her skin tingled and she resented Nacedo keeping her from them. At any rate they were together now. As she came home, Tess dropped her bag in the cloakroom and walked into the kitchen.

      Her first order of business was a drink, she needed some sugar and Tabasco so she poured some coke and emptied a bottle of the hot sauce into her glass before she returned to the living room. As she looked around the room she realised that all the household chores were now hers to do and she couldn't dump them off on anyone else.

      "Oh boy." She said, "At least I got the easy way to do this." She smiled as she turned to switch on the television but saw a yellow piece of paper stuck to the screen.

      Tess went to it and picked it up. She read the note that simply said, "Come for some fun at the school gym. 9pm sharp. Dress anyway you want." It was simply signed with the initial M.

      To say she was curious was an understatement, there was what she wanted to have happen but then there was the part of herself that said the others would never risk it at the school even not at night. However, biology was boiling away and she rushed upstairs. Tess stripped off all of her clothes and started to rummage through her wardrobe and drawers. Eventually she decided on what to wear, she dressed for the occasion and then headed out.

      School Gym, West Roswell High, 21:00

      Tess arrived at the doors to the gym but found them locked but that was easily taken care of with a wave of her hand. The lock clicked open and Tess pulled at the handle, she entered to find the entire gym pitch black save for a single light beaming down in the middle of the room. The blonde alien moved closer to the illuminated spot and saw landing mats spread out over it with another piece of yellow paper resting in the middle.

      It read, "Take off your clothes."

      Tess smiled as she looked around, although she couldn't see anyone she could guess that they were there watching. She couldn't even see the stands but she didn't care. She had arrived wearing a sleek black dress that was high on the hem and low at the cleavage. Her legs were clad in silk stockings and were enhanced by the high heals she wore.

      Her hands run up her body, following her own curves before her left hand moved around to her side. She decided to tease the others that were present and slowly pulled the zipper down her side. As it reached the end of the track, Tess crossed her arms and ran her hands up them to the straps on her shoulders. She eased them down off her arms, pushing the top of her dress off as well and exposing her black silk bra that didn't have straps itself. Everyone watched as Tess pushed the dress off further until it fell away from her skin and polled at her feet. She kicked it away into the darkness and stood in her underwear under the shining light.

      Everyone watched as they sat on the stands. As they saw her choice of lingerie Max smiled and leaned closer so he could whisper in Liz's ear, "Looks like you have some things in common with her." He said as his fingers locked with hers.

      Back on the mat, Tess stood in silence but all of a sudden the light shut down. Tess tried to look around but she was in pitch black. Then she felt someone's lips on her skin, gently kissing her shoulders from behind her. Tess turned to look over her shoulder but she couldn't see one inch in the night but the lips felt distinctly feminine. Then there was a hand on her, running over the skin of her belly. From the feel of it she knew it was the hand of a guy.

      Tess felt his hands run over her the areas of skin that were exposed. He caressed her gently and only traced the curve under her breasts and the waist of the garter belt. Tess shuddered but only slightly under his touch, there was need building in her body and the lips kissing her back weren't helping any. Then two hands reached round from behind her and cupped her breasts. She squeezed and traced Tess's nipples under the silk.

      "Hmmm..." Tess moaned slightly as she bit her lower lip.

      Then Tess felt a finger probe her slit through her underwear, ever so gently was her clit teased as he brushed that area. Her whole body trembled much to the delight of the four others who were watching from the sidelines. They could see Tess's body heat jump with each teasing touch. Everyone knew she was soon near the point where she would never say no.

      Both Michael and Maria were enjoying themselves. Seeing this girl's body react under their ministrations was intoxicating. Under normal circumstances they wouldn't have been able to see what they were doing but then they weren't as normal as the others who attended the school, thanks to their lycanthrope eyes light was not an issue.

      Maria reached her hands up Tess's back and found the clasp of her bra. She undid it and took the silk off the alien's body. The next thing Tess was aware of was her breast being attacked by a warm mouth. Michael's tongue ran over her nipple as his hand massaged the warm flesh of her other breast.

      "Urghnnnn..." Tess groaned out loudly, "Please don't stop."

      Maria smiled as she went to her knees; her hands ran over Tess's legs and enjoyed the feeling of silken material against silken flesh. She unclips the suspenders holding up the stockings and slipped them down Tess's legs, taking her shoes off with them. They were tossed to the side as Maria kissed her thighs. Her panties were pulled off as was the garter belt and that left Tess completely naked. All of a sudden Tess was literally swept off her feet. Michael and Maria worked with synchronous movements, Maria lifting her feet while Michael supported her upper body, to bring Tess down to her back on the mat.

      Maria parted the alien's legs and in seconds she latched her mouth onto her pussy. Tess arched her back and cried out loudly in bliss. Maria's tongue darted into her, getting her hot and ready. The more she worked, the more Tess wanted as she gripped the mats tightly.

      "Aghnnnn...yesss...fuuuuuu...don't stop...ughnnnnnnnnn..." Tess cried out over and over

      "Don't worry, she wont." Michael said

      Through all of it she had suspected that it was Max with her and either Isabel or Liz but now she knew it wasn't. "Michael?" she asked as she looked up.

      The light above them came back on and she saw Michael by her side and Maria going down on her, both as naked as the day they were born. He was sporting an erection that brushed against her leg and Maria's hair was splayed over her groin. Tess looked up at him as her body twisted and convulsed, Maria kept working away to escalate the lust already churning in Tess. The Maria stopped and Tess looked down with pain in her eyes, she was on fire and wanted more.

      "Please...keep going...don't stop." The alien begged, her hips rolling around gently as she was desperate for more contact on her sex.

      "Do you want him? He can do you really good." Maria said as she climbed away from between the other girl's legs and crawled on all fours to line up with Tess's head. "Do you want him to touch make love to you?" she asked as her fingertips danced over Tess's belly before caressing her breasts.

      "Yes." Tess hissed, she didn't care if it wasn't Max or anyone else. She wanted this, she wanted to be apart of the family and new this moment would be special for her since she would now belong.

      Michael smiled and leaned down to kiss her. His tongue slipped into her mouth as he kissed her passionately, then he broke the kiss but his mouth was immediately replaced with Maria's. Michael positioned himself between her legs and ran his hands up and down her thighs. He took hold of his cock and positioned it at her soft folds. Tess squirmed under him, her breasts pressed hard against his chest as Michael pushed in very, very slowly.

      He knew she was a virgin, he could easily imagine that Nacedo would never allow her to spoil herself and risk anything before he could get her to Max and allow his plan to come to fruition. Maria also knew it and as her hand started running up Tess's side and leg, a soft, gentle glow trailed behind, a glow that was unseen by everyone but as Tess looked into Michael's eyes and nodded he pushed in. He tore through her maidenhood but she only felt deep warmth within her as Maria's glowing trails stopped.

      Tess opened her moth and gasped loudly. Everyone else in the room had come closer to the mats and as Michael slowly started to move inside her, she looked around to see all of them naked. The sight of the all of them nude, their bodies exposed to her made the new alien feel like they had completely accepted her.

      As Isabel watched on and gazed into Tess's face, she couldn't help be reminded of the time Max took her virginity. Isabel looked over to her first lover and smiled, knowing from the look in his eyes that he too was remembering.

      Michael glided over Tess; she wrapped her legs around his waist to hold him tightly within her so that he was never more than an inch outside of her heated body. Soon Michael reached down and grabbed her legs, he put them over his shoulders and completely buried himself inside her pussy. His thrusts got deeper and much more pleasurable to them both.

      Over and over again he pushed into Tess, her pussy spread wide to accommodate his massive length. He filled her and she could feel him touch bottom inside her. He grunted and groaned as she whimpered, both moving to the brink. Everyone could see that they were getting closer, Michael picked up the speed of his thrusts as Tess met each one with a push on her hips.

      The sight of the copulating pair enticed the senses of the others resulting in them taking to kissing each other passionately and teasing their bodies. Tess's eyes rolled into her head, her pupils wide with delight as she continued to cry out. Michael's balls slapped against her ass with each thrust but soon that sensation was added to when Maria cupped his sack. She extended a finger and kept her hand moving in time with her mate's thrusts resulting in that finger dipping into Tess's sex.

      "Ughhnnnnnn...oh yeahhhh...UYGHHHHH...OHMYG...Ughnnnnnn..."

      "Yeah...oh yeahh...sweet...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...aghnnnnn...ughnnnnn...ghnnnn."


      "So close baby..."

      "YESS...YESSS...YESSSSSSS...I'm gonna...gonna...CUMMMMMMMM!" Tess cried out as her back arched completely.

      "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!" Michael groaned as his seed poured from his cock into her.

      The alien crystal life forms joined with Tess's and started to do their work as Michael collapsed onto her. The two kissed passionately before Michael rolled off, gasping of breath like Tess.

      "Wow...if I'd know...I...I would never have let Nacedo keep from that so long." Tess said

      Michael looked over to her and laughed with a smile before looking up to his mate who walked to his side. "Ditto." He said before kissing Maria

      "That good?" Liz asked

      "You better believe it." Tess said and then looked at Michael again, "Well, your 2 for 2."

      "What do you mean?" Michael asked

      "You were the one who took my virginity on Antar. Maybe in our next lifetime you'll do it again?" Tess said

      Just then Tess felt something inside her. Something that quickly turned into a blinding pain that caused her to cry out. Everyone was by her side in an instant as they watched her eyes change. Then soft golden fur started to cover her body and her tail grew. Her breast swelled as did all her muscled until her face changed. However tonight was not the night of a full moon so the change lasted only a brief second and she changed back.

      "Now that was intense." Tess said

      "Welcome to the family." Liz said as she reached over and kissed her. Then Max kissed her, followed by Isabel. All the pride kissed her before moving closer to each other; all wrapped the girl up in themselves as they held her.

      Royal Palace, Antar, Immediately Following

      Kivar stood on the balcony of his room, the room that was once occupied by Zan, he held a drink in his hand as he looked out over the city. Even after all these years much of it was still smouldering cinders and it brought a smile to his face. In his mind far too many animals walked freely in those streets and now they were purified.

      As Kivar raised the drink to his mouth, his sleeve fell down and four scars became exposed. He had gotten them in his last fight with the Royal Four, before they fell each managed to slash his flesh just once but not with anything life threatening. However, they did leave something behind in the wounds ­ a little bit of themselves.

      All of a sudden the scars glowed bright green and the alien started to bleed. He dropped his drink and he cried out in pain before falling to the floor. He held his wounds tightly as his hand became covered in blood.

      "No...they're back." Kivar said

      To Be Continued...

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