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Shadow and Light, Chapter 8

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 1, 2004

      Same Place, Immediately Following

      As the light surrounded Philip and the visitor, he remained looking down on one knee. An aura of brilliant white light radiated from him. The godlike being moved closer, he stood before Philip before placing his hand on his shoulder and Philip looked up.

      "Arise." He said

      Philip stood up, but his head remained looking down. "Father, I am honoured by your visit."

      "You know your family are the only ones who refer to me or the others as father. The rest of your people call us Elders or Creators. The other tribes, it's always as gods. It's...nice, to be talked to so simply for a change. Even though you still look on us like gods."

      "Ho'rus..." Philip started

      "Ah...Ho'rus is my family name. My name is Larallen, and it's you of all people who know the truth."

      Philip looked in to the eagle eyes of Larallen before quickly looking down. "I don't understand."

      Larallen moved closer with a questioning look. He put his hand under Philip's chin and raised his head so that he could look into the Chimera's eyes. The being nodded, "Perhaps it has been lost over the years. Your family has been following this path for so long you've probably just forgotten."


      "Philip, your destiny has always been to care for the boy who is now your son. My people knew they would arrive on Earth and that someone needed to be there for them. Unfortunately, Michael was a too stubborn, even for our plans. I took it upon myself to select your family, as well as that of Isabel's parents, and trained them to be the best of the Chimera. Only that way would you be chosen to protect the children."

      "But why? Why not allow them to be raised by humans, from the way they've kept their secret..."

      "Because being raised by you allowed Max to open up enough to entrust his secret with Liz, and then for him to mate with her. I suppose in that respect I have been a father to your family. Now, why I have come. Philip, the Wild Pack that your son recently fought, you know they were being guided by another?"

      "Yes. We picked up signals but we were never able to determine who was backing them."

      "Well that person is one of my people."


      "Do not fear going against him Philip, never fear that. He is powerful, but he can be stopped."

      "Liz." Philip said

      "Not just her. Liz is the key but Max, Isabel, Alex...all destined to be bound to her are important to stopping him. The other, his name is Quatral Anu'bis and has manipulated the blood of the Flanagan line for centuries. When mixed with the unique blood of Liz...the result is a plague that would wipe out all those who are not Lycanthropes."

      "Flanagan has a son."

      "And his blood is just as potent as his fathers. While Max is Liz's mate, he can still make his own challenge. The full pride must be there to prevent it and that means your task. The fourth, the girl named Tess, her protector is betraying the purpose he was sent to Earth and aligned himself with your son's enemies. They will move soon enough but Tess must be protected from her guardian when he discovers that she doesn't plan on going along with his agreements."

      "I'll take care of it." Philip said

      Larallen smiled and nodded, "I told the others you were the one to trust with this. I am also to tell you, because of the discovery of your chronicle, if you need to and only if there is no other choice you can tell the Pride members that you are Chimera."

      "Okay. Thank you father." Philip said

      "Call me Larallen." He said as he started to walk off to the light, but at the last minute he stopped and turned to Philip, "Why'd you marry a human anyway?"

      "I love her." Philip answered, it may have been the only answer he could think of but it was the truth. Larallen turned back to the light and vanished inside it, "WAIT, how do I contact you?"

      "Don't worry, I'll be watching. I will be there when you need me." Larallen's voice echoed throughout the region.

      Then in seconds the light vanished and Philip found himself back in the desert where he had been taken from. He had a sudden urge to be elsewhere and then he remembered Larallen's warning concerning Tess. He finished what he started and changed into a raven and rushed into the sky, while he knew that there wasn't any immediate danger to her from Nacedo he was now as much her protector as he was Max's.

      Living Room, Harding Residence, 21:00

      Nacedo stood in his living room watching television. His hand was raised and light flowed from it to the set. On it images flowed of Max and the others. They were at school, the Crash, on the streets or in their homes. He watched their daily lives and scrutinised everything he could see. Even Tess's interaction with them was watched but nothing got his interest more than when he watched several students gang up on Alex.

      That caused him to replay the events over and over again, watching the way the human moved. He was surprised at the strength and agility displayed, while he knew it was possible for humans to accomplish what he had seen through training, he didn't think Alex was one of them. Through his 7th run though of the fight, he spotted Tess in an upper window. There was something about the image that bothered him so Nacedo zoomed in tighter and tighter until he could clearly see Tess.

      Nacedo watched over everything she did until to hit him her eyes. While she was looking down to the fight, she wasn't looking at Max, Michael or Alex; she was looking at another human that he didn't recognise. The alien tightened his fist before bringing up other images of Tess and found his ward's eyes shifting away from Max to the human more than a few times.

      He wasn't going to have any of this. He had devoted years to the Royal family only to be exiled on a primitive rock in a backwater sector of the galaxy. Nacedo wanted home and Tess was a means to an end and he was not going to let an infatuation with some human impede his return home.

      "Hey." Tess said as she came into the living room and slumped in a chair

      Nacedo made the images disappear and turned to Tess, "Enjoy yourself upstairs?"

      Tess blushed, she didn't know that Nacedo knew what she was doing in her bedroom after she rushed home when she felt Michael and Maria, "I... eh...what it see..."

      "Relax. Your part have needs and I accept that." Nacedo said, "Now, where are you with Max?"

      " Well I haven't been able to get into his head again, but that doesn't mean I can't get to him." Tess said with a sly smile


      "He was raised human right? Human guys always love a nice bod...and a free roll in the hay." Tess said

      "Then you'll move tomorrow. Start with Isabel, she's been close to Max all their lives." Nacedo said

      "Yeah a couple of those pictures you took of them together would sell like hotcakes on a porn web site." Tess said, "Okay, no problem. Isabel it is."

      Nacedo turned to leave the room, "Tess, failure on this means punishment." He said

      Tess lost her smile as he left the room; a cold shiver went down her spine as he said punishment. That shiver filled the room and could almost be felt by Philip who was in the shape of a spider on a web in the corner of the room. He felt sorry for the girl and knew that he would have to act if that punishment ever started. Slowly, Philip dropped to the floor and left the house to return home.

      Maria's Bedroom, Deluca Residence, 07:30 The Next Morning

      As the sun filtered through the crack between Maria's curtains, she began to wake up. Unfortunately for her she wanted five more minutes, always five more minutes but that wasn't going to happen. Even as she pulled her pillow over her head to shield her eyes from the light, Maria heard her mother calling her to get up.

      "Ghnnnnnnnnn..." Maria groaned and she kicked her feet under the duvet and pushed it off of her.

      Maria slipped out of bed and grabbed her robe off the back of her chair. As she put it on Maria walked to her bathroom with her eyes still practically closed. Maria stood before her mirror without looking into it as she turned on the taps to her sink. She cupped some water in her hands before splashing it into her face. That was when she felt something different and she looked up to the mirror.

      "! MOM!" she kept saying, getting louder and louder.

      Amy came running into her daughter's bathroom and stopped dead. There before her was Maria with long blonde hair reaching down to just below her shoulders. Amy couldn't help but smile.

      "Well I guess I should say congratulations." Amy said


      "Spontaneous hair growth is pretty common for the women in our family when we take a mate. Michael?" Amy said

      "He is not my mate. He's there for spikes, nothing more." Maria said

      Amy shook her head, "Honey, you need to accept this. You, at the very least, care for Michael. Besides, his scent is all over you. By the looks of it you really enjoyed yourselves." She said as she felt her daughter's hair and looked at the length of it, "Really, really enjoyed yourselves."

      "Mom." Maria complained

      "Maria, you can't keep denying what you feel for him..."

      "Yes I can. I don't like him. Great bod and good for when he's needed, beyond"

      Amy looked at her.

      "He's a pain in the butt."

      Amy then crossed her arms.

      "He makes me want to rip his head off."

      "Oh so if I was to forbid Michael from coming near you. Which, as your mother, I am allowed to do at least until Liz's Pride is fully formed." Amy said, "If I was to stop him from kissing you...touching you...what about even looking at you."

      There was a look in Maria's eyes and Amy knew exactly what it was. Each time that Amy said what she'd prevent Michael doing that look got worse. Maria couldn't deny she felt a pain in the pit of her stomach as she looked at her mother. Amy knew the pain of being separated from a mate all too well; preventing her daughter from feeling it because of her own stubbornness was the least to could do.

      "Well? Would that be a problem?" Amy asked

      "N...n...yes." Maria said

      "Okay, now say it with me...I, Maria Deluca..."

      "I, Maria Deluca..." Maria repeated

      " completely in love with Michael Guerin..."

      " lo..."

      "The word is love Maria, you can say it." Amy said

      "Am completely with Michael Guerin..."

      "He is my mate, as I am his." Amy said

      "He is my mate, as I am his." Maria repeated

      "Good girl." Amy said

      "Good girl." Maria said

      "No, you can stop repeating..."

      "No, you can stop re..." Maria smiled, "Sorry. Couldn't resist."

      Amy smiled, "Michael is going to have a very interesting time."

      "That's an understatement. the hell am I going to cover up a good 6 or 7 months of hair growth?" Maria asked


      "Not allowed in class." Maria said


      "No way. What about cutting it off and putting it the way it was... even though I look damned good like this." Maria said as she looked at her reflection

      "Won't work. It'll just grow back after an hour." Amy said

      "Extensions as an excuse?" Maria asked

      "Could work." Amy said, "Come on, have your shower. I'll have breakfast ready for you when you're done."

      "Okay." Maria said

      Amy left and closed the door behind her. Maria shrugged off her robe after switching on the shower and as the water reached the right temperature, she stepped into the spray. Her fingers ran through her newly grown long hair as it became soaked. The feel of it was actually pleasing to her and she decided to keep it. Soon she grabbed her shampoo and continued on with her shower as the warm water cascaded over every inch of her body.

      Maria relaxed under the water before she took hold of her soap. She ran the bar over her body and closed her eyes, before long she started to imagine that as her hands roamed her body they weren't her hands.

      "Hmmmm...Michael." She moaned before her eyes snapped open, "Bad girl." She chastised herself before rinsing off the soap and the shampoo from her hair.

      Quickly Maria dried herself off before putting her robe back on. She sat at her desk, switched on her hairdryer. When she was done, Maria dressed and headed out to get breakfast. She needed to speak to Liz before school started, so as soon as she was finished she was out the door.

      Bathroom, Davidson Residence, Same Time

      Michael had woken up with a raging hard-on. His dreams had been erotic but no more so than usual, images of Maria flooded his mind. The feel of her hands caressing her skin tingled through his senses and that caused him to rush to the bathroom.

      He dropped his boxers to his ankles and grabbed his dick. Michael started to jerk himself off, his hand moving fast and faster as he groaned. His head was filled with images of last night, of Maria with her legs wrapped around his body.

      "Oh you're a bad man...very bad...ughnnnnn...very bad..." he groaned over and over.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 08:00

      Max entered Liz's bedroom through the window, he moved quietly as he saw Liz still asleep. As she moved under the blankets, Max realised that she was naked just like himself and the others since they became Rakas. Max got to the side of the bed and reached out, brushing aside some of her hair.

      Max smiled as he looked at her face and decided on how to wake his lover. Max pulled off his sweater, moved to the end of the bed and lifted up the blanket. Carefully and slowly and slipped into the bed and kissed her legs. Liz smiled in her sleep as Max moved higher and higher until he reached her thighs. Her caressed her flesh with his hands and kissed her skin with his lips.

      Although he couldn't see it, Liz smiled with his touch. Max moved and placed his hands on her inner thighs, he spread her legs and he moved between them. His head was not even an inch from her pussy as he kissed the highest point on her thigh, then the exact same spot on its opposite. He heard Liz groan and he leaned down to kiss her slit.

      In her sleep Liz groaned deeper and Max ran his tongue over the length of her opening before sending one hand up her body. He massaged her breast in the palm of his hand and then played with her nipple. Then Max felt one of her hands move over his and then her other hand moved to his head. Max used his free hand and he tossed off the blanket so that he could look up toward Liz.

      " this is a wake up." Liz said

      Max latched his mouth onto her slit.

      "Yessss...." she hissed with bliss. Max's tongue on her soft flesh felt like heaven. As the alien lapped at her slit, his hand continued to play with her breasts. He moved between the two, squeezing and teasing her taut nipples. Liz's hips rocked back and forth, she was desperately trying to press her pussy further against Max to create more pleasure. She could tell Max was trying very hard to take things slowly, but her mate was becoming caught up in her pleasure, letting Max dictate the pace.

      He didn't mind at all as her delight was his. More and more he could feel what she was feeling in his head.

      "Arghggggggg...god Max, don't stop...keep me...hard!" Liz begged

      Liz's legs wrapped around Max's head, even if he wanted to he couldn't have pulled away. Max continued to lap at the swollen folds, occasionally he dipped his tongue into the depths of her slit. Max had to admit that making Liz writhe against him like this was one of his greatest pleasures. He enjoyed it greatly.

      "Mhhhhmmmm...ughhhhhhhh...ughnnnnn...ohmygod...ughnnnnn...god Max!" Liz groaned, her entire body undulated under her mate's touch.

      It wasn't long before Max brought about her climax. Liz felt the spark and grabbed her pillow, she placed it over her face to muffle her cried but Max still heard the resounding groan as every muscle in her body trembled. Max held her through it before moving up her body. Liz let go of the pillow and wrapped her arms around Max and he did likewise.

      "That was really great." Liz said

      "Glad you liked it." Max said as he kissed her

      "I loved it." Liz reached down and cupped his manhood in his pants. "You liked it too."

      Liz looked into Max's eyes before she pushed him onto his back. The brunette ran her hands over his hard naked chest before she leaned over and kissed him. Liz then moved her hands to his pants and worked to unfasten them. In seconds she was pulling them down his legs. Max's erection sprang free.

      Max bit hard on his lip as she engulfed his cock as she quickly descended her head. He held back a groan as Liz began to move her mouth up and down his throbbing meat. Liz held his cock up by the base; she pulled it toward her and licked around the head and looked up into his eyes. Liz enjoyed feeling his length in her hand; she squeezed him and caressed him. Sometimes she wondered how he managed to take him inside her body.

      Max fought with everything he had; his face was red and strained as Liz worked on him. He was desperate not to cum just yet. Liz took him deep into her mouth; soon she was bobbing up and down. Her hand went up and down his erection in time with her mouth. Max's hips also moved in time with her movements, he was thrusting them up into her mouth. He was fucking her mouth as much as she was fucking him with her mouth.

      "Hnnnn...ughnnnnnnn...Lizzzzzz...ohhhhhhhhffffffffffffffff..." Max groaned

      Liz moaned over his flesh, the vibrations sent waves through Max's body. Her other hand cupped Max's balls; she could almost feel his seed churning in his sack. Her fingers teased the soft skin and her tongue snaked around him until he knew he was going to cum.

      "Ughnnn...ughnnnnnn...ughnnnnn...OH FU................" Max cried out

      Liz held her place as Max filled her mouth with his seed that she swallowed down eagerly. Max relaxed in Liz's bed with a smile of pure contentment as Liz kissed and licked the tip of his cock. Liz then slipped up over Max and as their faces became inches apart, they kissed. Max wrapped his arms around her before sending his hands down to her ass and squeezed.

      "Hmmmmm...that was great." Max said

      "Thank you." Liz said with a smile

      "So have you thought about coming over for dinner?" Max asked

      "Uh huh, your mom's right. We should get to know each other so...yeah dinner would be great." Liz said

      "Any day?"

      "Any day...just make sure you tell me how formal it's going to be. I don't want to show up in cut offs and a tank top when it's a dress situation."

      Max smiled. "Would that be so bad?"

      "Only if you want to get lucky that night." Liz said before kissing him again

      "That would be bad." Max said

      "Got that right." Maria said. Both lovers looked over to see her poking her head in through the window.

      "Hey Maria." Liz said happily as she looked at her friends newly grown hair.

      "What's the hair?" Max asked

      "Don't trait." Maria said as she climbed inside the bedroom

      "Yeah I is Michael?" Liz asked

      Maria looked at her, "Like you don't already know."

      "Yeah, but it's just fun hearing you say it." Liz said

      "Okay, we mated. God knows how or why but...he's my mate. We'll be having lots and lots of sex and we'll wear out my bed in a month." Maria said

      Max looked up at Liz, "Remind me why that's a bad thing."

      "It's not." Liz said, "Is it Maria?"

      "It's Michael." Maria said

      "Babe, lots and lots of need to wait for spikes."

      Maria perked up, "Hey."

      "Besides, you love him." Max said

      "I...okay I do." Maria said as she took notice of Max's bare chest and licked her lips.

      "Speaking of spikes." Liz said with a smile, she knew one was starting in Maria. Liz grabbed the corner of the duvet and lifted it up; exposing the naked bodies of herself and her lover, "Care to join us?"

      Maria looked at their bodies; she couldn't help but move closer to the bed. Liz bit her lower lip as she moved up onto her knees, Max slid up so that his back was resting on his girlfriend's pillows and the headboard of her bed. Maria got to the bed and got onto it, on her knees and moved to Max. With Liz's guidance she straddled Max's thighs and Liz moved behind her.

      Maria looked over her shoulder as Liz played with the blonde's hair before she leaned down to kiss her shoulder. Liz's hands, along with Max's, ran over Maria who was becoming more excited. Liz took hold of the bottom Maria's top and started sliding it up. Maria raised her hands to allow the garment to come off over her head and Liz tossed it off to the side.

      Max smiled as he looked at the blue satin bra she was wearing and saw the bumps of her nipples sticking out. He reached up to grasp her breasts as Liz unclasped the bra behind Maria. Max pulled the fabric off and watched as Maria's breasts came into view. The alien leaned up and took a tiny nipple into his mouth.

      His tongue flicked the appendage as Maria gasped and held his head to her bosom. Liz reached around Maria; pressing her body against her friend's back she turned Maria's head and kissed her. Her tongue probed into Maria's mouth as she her hand went further and joined Maria's on the back of Max's head, she pressed him even further into Maria's tits.

      Max flicked the nipple before biting down softly on it, he pulled back and let it go, letting the pliant flesh ripple as Maria moaned before he moved to it's twin. His hands moved everywhere over Maria and then around her to caress his mate's body. Then he brought his hands to Maria's legs and slid them up her legs, under her denim skirt.

      Liz broke her kiss and sent her hands down to Maria's butt. She squeezed through the stiff fabric and elicited a smile from Maria that was pure seduction itself. Liz then undid the skirt, pulling the zip down the length of the garment that allowed it to be unwrapped from Maria's waist. Max fell back onto the bed, felt across the fabric of her panties and then trailed the edge along her leg.

      He wanted to tease the blonde but Liz wasn't in the mood for that. The brunette moved her hands around and cupped Maria's breasts before running them down her belly and dived them into her panties. She cupped her friend's sex and started to finger her pussy, causing the blonde to grid her hips against Liz's hand. Then Maria looked down and saw Max's dick swelling beneath her. He hadn't lost his erection since Liz's blowjob and was more that ready to be inside one of the girls, he didn't care which.

      Max wrapped his fingers around the waistband of her panties and looked up at Maria and Liz, both looked down at him and Liz nodded. Max a strong tug and with a little help with his powers, he ripped her underwear off. He watched as Liz dipped his fingers in and out of Maria and then Maria reached out and took hold of his cock. She moved further up so that she was directly above his dick.

      Liz then moved back slightly and kissed her way down Maria's back. She leaned down so that she could see between them; Maria raised Max's cock and sank down on it. His dick slipped between her folds and disappeared inside Maria as her body lowered inch by inch.

      "Ughnhhhhnnnnnnnn..." Maria groaned deeply

      Liz smiled as she watched it happen, she kissed Max's thigh and then just above Maria's butt. Once he was fully sheathed in her wet core, Maria stopped for a moment just to revel in the feel of him inside her. Then she raised her body up, just far enough so that the head of his cock remained lodged inside her, before she came crashing down.

      Liz moved back behind her, looking over Maria's shoulder. There was no space for air to pass between the two girls and as Maria started to move up and down over Max, Liz followed her gyrations. Max caressed every inch of Maria's body as she moved, her hips circled over his. She moved up and down, around and around and when he was deep inside her, her clit brushed against his pelvis.

      " good...ughnnnnnn..." Maria moaned

      "He feels good, doesn't he?" Liz whispered in her ear before nibbling on it.

      "Uh hmmmm..." Maria agreed, never stopping her movements and nodding.

      Liz caressed Maria's tits and pinched her nipples, her body always moving in perfect time with Maria's.

      "Aghhhhhnnnnnn..." Maria gasped loudly, her hands running up the length of her body to her hair.

      Sweat started to run down Maria's spine and over her face. She started moving faster, her hips rocking back and forth and letting Max's dick slid inside her. Then Maria reached behind her and sought out the gap between Liz's legs. She found it quickly and despite the awkward angle, she managed to bury her fingers in her best friend.

      "Guhhnnnnnnn...yeah...oh yeah...ughnnnnnnn...aghhhhhnnnnnnn." The girls moaned

      Max held Maria's sides gently, she moved and he moved, thrusting up into her as she crashed onto him. The fires were being stoked and soon all three were grinding wildly against each other. Each took part in pleasuring the others but Max's cock never left Maria.






      "YEAH...OH YESSS...YESSS...Ughnnnnn..."


      Wet skin slapped against wet skin, Max watched as the two girls closed their eyes tightly. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" they cried out together and fell on top of Max.

      With two final quick and deep thrusts Max held his cock in Maria. "Ghhhhhhhnnnnnnnn..." He groaned deeply as he came for the second time. His arms wrapped around them

      All three were breathing heavily. Max lost his erection this time and it slipped out of Maria's pussy.

      "Wow." Maria said, "That was good...not as good as last night but..."

      "You mean when you and Michael mated?" Liz asked

      "Oh yeah." Maria said

      "Well, I'm glad you had fun. But we all have school." Max said

      The girls looked up and then to Liz's bedside clock. "Shower." The said together

      The girls jumped off the bed but before they ran into Liz's bathroom, they each grabbed Max's hand and dragged them in with them. All three shared the shower, washing each other's bodies eagerly. When they came out, Max used his powers to repair Maria's panties and all three quickly dressed. Soon they headed out to get to school as quickly as possible so they wouldn't be late. On their way out Liz grabbed a couple of slices of toast, it was all she needed after her delicious meal she obtained from Max before Maria showed up.

      Outside Tables, West Roswell High, 10:15

      At school, Isabel had a free period and was sitting reading her math book. Everything was quiet and peaceful but she missed Alex who was suspended for the day thanks to nine others. At any rate his absence did give her the chance to study schoolwork, instead of studying his body in the eraser room

      As she breathed in she caught a scent on the air and knew that Tess was coming toward her. Isabel turned her head just in time to see Tess coming around the corner of the building, Liz and Max had warned her of what they understood of her ability so Isabel was on guard but she didn't know what to expect.

      "Hey Isabel." Tess said

      "Hi. Tess right?"

      "Yeah. Can I sit here?" Tess asked

      "Sure." Isabel said as she indicated to the nearest chair

      Tess sat down and put her bag under the table before turning to Isabel, "So, nice school you got here. I hear you might be leaving it."

      "Yeah. Liz Parker got an invite from a major school up north and a few of us get to go along for the ride." Isabel said

      "I take that means Max Evans as well?"

      "You can count on that." Isabel said, "Why?"

      "Just curious. Those two seem really tight."

      "The tightest." Isabel said, "It'll probably take a nuclear blast to separate them. So, why are you in Roswell?"

      "My dad got a transfer. Usual crap when your dad work for the government, get comfy in one place before I have to move on."

      "Well I can say there are more than a few guys who are happy you showed." Isabel said

      "Really?" Tess said with a smile, "But then that's the same old same old. Guys want to get to know me so they can jump my bones...and the girls want to know if I'm gonna jump their guy's bones."

      "I bet." Isabel said

      "Got to admit, that boyfriend of yours certainly handled himself yesterday. There will probably be more than a few girls coming knocking on his door."

      "Well I can make sure they stay away. Are you one of them?" Isabel asked

      "Oh no. Not my type." Tess said

      "Good." Isabel said as she picked up two other scents on the air. She looked passed Tess to see Max and Liz standing nearby but kept away from the table. They could hear just fine from where they were.

      "So what's your interest in Max?" Isabel asked

      "Nothing beyond that he's a good looking guy. I might want to get to know him a lot better." Tess said with a smile

      Isabel looked at Max again, he looked at Liz and then both nodded. Time to put their cards on the table and see how big a threat Tess was. "Planning on playing more head games with him?" Isabel asked

      "Uh...what?" Tess asked

      "Oh I don't know what you call it but that thing you did to make Max think he was making out with you in class. I've got entering dreams down pretty good but I can't manipulate them." Isabel said

      Tess looked quickly around to make sure there wasn't anyone else in earshot, "How'd you know?"

      "We have our ways." Isabel said


      "Yes. We." Liz said as she and Max came closer and sat down.

      "What's going on here?" Tess asked

      "Liz knows all about us, problem is...we don't know too much about you." Max said, "Want to tell me what and why you did that to me?" Tess looked at each of the three. "This is your only shot Tess. Right's all your getting. Come clean with us right now." Max said

      Tess jumped up from her seat, intending to walk away but Liz grabbed her wrist. Tess looked back and saw Liz's eyes were cat and her mouth hung open. She couldn't help but sit down again.

      "God knows why, but I have this I want to trust you." Liz said. She couldn't explain it, this was the first time she felt this but this was the closest she'd ever been to the new alien. However there was still some concern, Tess had been raised by Nacedo. Only time would tell which had more influence over the alien temptress. Liz was determined, she was going to make sure she could trust her keep your friends close & your enemies closer.

      The blonde nodded, "That's called a mindwarp. Basically I can make people see what I want them to see...or not to see depending on the situation." Tess said

      "Why'd you do it?" Max asked

      "I was told to do it." Tess said

      "By that al...guy pretending to be your father?" Liz asked

      Tess looked at her, "Yeah. How'd you know he's pretending?"

      "Your scents are totally different, if you're related then it's a lot further apart than even a distant cousin." Liz said

      "Scent? What is going on here?"

      "I'm what's called a Lycan..."

      "Lycanthrope? That's impossible, humans eradicated Werewolves over a century ago."

      "You know a lot." Isabel said

      "Yeah, this thing started happening to me a month ago so Nacedo filled me in on it all." Tess said

      "A month ago. Our first change." Isabel said

      "Anyway, werewolves weren't our only lycanthropic tribe. There are others and the Wolfen did manage to survive. When Max and I had sex it woke up the lycanthrope in him. Same with Michael and Isabel." Liz said

      "So that's what I was picking up on?" Tess asked

      "Yes. Now, back to what you were told to mindwarp me?" Max asked

      "Nacedo had made a deal. Basically I was supposed to seduce you."

      "That's it? Just seduce him? You could have just asked him, he usually agrees to things like that." Isabel asked

      "Hey, we're keeping this in the family." Liz said as she looked at Isabel

      "Sorry." Isabel said

      "You guys do look way to close to cheat on each other." Tess said

      "Well not the way you're meaning it. We do have sex between all of us but..." Max said

      "But you caused a little concern when you showed up." Liz said

      "Right. Anyway, Nacedo wants be to get pregnant with Max's kid. I don't know why but he wants to hand my child off to someone else. I've got this feeling that it's some kind of big bad." Tess said

      "Well that's not going to happen now." Liz said

      "You actually sound like you'd protect me or something." Tess said

      "So long as you ditch that plan and stick with the family." Liz said

      "So I'm family?" Tess asked

      "You are one of them aren't you?" Liz asked as she indicated to Max and Isabel, "They're apart of me and as much as family as my parents are."

      The two girls looked into each other's eyes, Isabel looked back and forth between them as Tess smiled. She'd seen the look in Liz's eyes before; she'd given that look to herself and to Maria. Isabel always enjoyed it when Liz looked at her like that.

      "Okay. But how do I deal with Nacedo? He wants daily progress reports on the situation with Max." Tess said

      "Tell him what he wants to hear." Max said

      "Somehow I don't think that will work." Tess said, "Some things...he just knows."

      "Maybe he's been watching himself." Liz said

      Everyone started to look around subtly but no one could see anything of pick up on anything unusual through their other senses.

      "At any rate...I think there is something you need to see." Tess said as she got up from the table, "We'll be back in plenty of time for next period."

      The three nodded and agreed, all stood up and followed Tess to the parking lot. She suggested taking Max's jeep and the four of them piled in. Before long they were driving out of Roswell.

      Fraser Woods, Same Time

      Alex was missing Isabel on his forced day off so to calm his mind he went out to the woods and changed into his tiger form. He had spent most of his time running through the trees and listening to the surrounding environment. He pounced onto trees and leapt of them, enjoying himself as much as possible.

      He even practiced climbing the trees as a cat and had fallen asleep on the branches. Just being here had relaxed him but he didn't remain asleep for long, when he did wake up he immediately jumped to the ground. He found a small stream running through the forest and lapped up the refreshing water.

      Eventually Alex sat on a rock, his tail flicking behind him. All of a sudden something landed on his head and Alex nearly jumped up a mile but his nerves held as he looked up. As he did so, another set of eyes looked down and Alex saw the face of a little kitten.

      "Hello." Alex said


      Alex reached up with his left paw and picked the kitten by the scruff of its neck. He held the kitten in front of his face before he put it down on the ground. The infant cat was almost entirely black, save for a white patch on his chest that continued as a stripe along his belly and he also had four white paws.

      "Well...where'd you come from?" Alex growled

      Then the kitten saw Alex's tail flicking back and forth, Alex watched as he hunkered down with his butt in the air and shaking it back and forth. Alex had no idea what it was about to pounce on but soon found out as the kitten leapt onto his tail.

      "Hey." Alex said as he pulled his tail away

      Then the kitten pounced again and again, always digging his claws into the tail until Alex picked him up but the kitten kept clawing away, trying to reach Alex's nose. He was enjoying his little game to the point that his tongue was hanging out of his mouth.

      "Stop it." Alex said


      Alex put him down and the kitten brushed up against his leg before falling down and rolling onto his back. Alex extended a claw and started to scratch the kitten under his chin.


      "Like that huh?" Alex said, "Well, as cute as you are..."


      "No, I'm not taking you..."

      "Meow." The kitten's eyes went wide and looked up at Alex

      "God...I'm weak." Alex said as he lowered his head and shook it.

      He knew there was no way he could carry the cat in his current form so Alex changed into his animan state. The kitten watched as the tiger changed form and when it stopped, Alex picked him up.

      "Get ready for some speed junior." Alex said

      With a quiet "meow" form the kitten, Alex took off through the wood as fast as he could back to where he had hidden his clothes. When he arrived, Alex changed back to a human and dressed while the kitten sat nearby and chased after a leaf that blew by him. Alex couldn't help but smile as he picked up the kitten and put him in the car before driving off home.

      The Mountain, New Mexico Desert, 11:00

      "Pull up here." Tess said

      The jeep stopped in front of the mountain and everyone stepped out. Max looked up the length of it, as did Isabel, both felt they had seen it before but they couldn't place it.

      "Hey guys." Liz called out

      "What?" Max called back

      "You know where we are? I mean just over's the ranch...*the* ranch." Liz said

      "Where the ship crashed." Isabel said

      "What is this place?" Max asked Tess

      "You'll see." Tess said as she started up the mountain

      The three followed her up the rocky trail to a ledge. They stopped in front of the rock wall and Tess waved her hand over the rock, a silver handprint appeared that Tess pressed her hand against it. The rock separated and moved away, it opened like a door that had Isabel, Max and Liz all looking at each other.

      "This way." Tess said as she stepped inside.

      The other three looked around, seeing the panel on the floor and the four pods within the metal frame on the far wall.

      "Max...this is..." Isabel said

      "I know." Max said

      "Are know, the pods you told me about?" Liz asked

      "Yeah." Max said

      "This is incredible." Liz said

      Just as she was about to reach out to touch the pod surface, she picked up on something. There was something in the air that caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. There was a scent but it wasn't clear, as though it was behind something. It put her on edge; a sudden sense of danger filled her.

      She focused her instincts and heard a rippling sound from the rocks by the door. Liz quickly turned around. Everyone turned as well, it all appeared to be in slow motion as they saw Nacedo coming out of the rocks with his hand raised and then back to Liz. She shot her hand up out of instinct and a blast of green energy was sent out toward Nacedo as he also sent one to her. The two blasts met each other and vanished, each neutralising the other but it left Liz looking at her hand.

      "Max?" Liz asked as residual green energy crackled over her hand

      Max moved closer and put his arm around her as he put his hand behind the one she just used. Everyone looked at her, the shock was evident in their face...even Nacedo.

      "How did you...?" Max asked

      "I don't know...I just..."

      Then Nacedo started to move forward, a move that was caught by Isabel and she jumped in front of Liz. Max saw her move and looked up.

      "Stay where you are." Max said

      "Why'd you attack me?" Liz asked

      "You don't belong here. Why'd you bring here?" Nacedo asked Tess

      "They're together. Where one goes, the other me it was the only way it would happen." Tess said

      "Then why'd you bring them?"

      "Because we made her. We knew she was one of us the second we saw her." Max said

      "How?" Nacedo asked

      "Not your concern." Max said as he stared down the alien

      Nacedo looked around all the people in the room, "She does not belong here."

      "Don't worry, we're leaving." Max said, "Tess, you need a ride back to school?"

      "Yeah, I'll be down in a minute." Tess said

      Liz, Max and Isabel left the chamber and headed back down to the jeep, leaving Tess and Nacedo alone.

      "What did you tell them?" he asked

      "Nothing. I swear. As far as they know I'm just in town to complete the Four." Tess said

      "Keep it that way." Nacedo said and then let Tess leave.

      Down by the Jeep...

      The three stood by the vehicle to wait for Tess, as they got there the two aliens turned to Liz.

      "Are you okay?" Max asked

      "I'm fine. Maybe a little drained." Liz said

      "Understandable." Isabel said, "'d it happen?"

      "Well, those things in your blood transferred my D.N.A. to you...maybe it was more than a one way transfer." Liz said

      "Making you like us." Tess said as she approached

      "That means..." Isabel started

      "Maria and Alex." Max finished

      "This could get interesting." Liz said with a smile

      "I guess you three have things to fill me in on?" Tess asked

      Max and Isabel looked at Liz who in turn looked at Tess as if she as looking into the girl's soul. "Do we?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah. Yeah I think we do." Liz said

      All four piled into the car and headed back to the school. On route, Liz sat in the back seat with Tess and filled her in on the lycanthropes, the prophecy and Tess's place in the pride.

      Whitman Residence, Lunch Time

      Alex arrived home, during the journey the kitten had sat in the front chair and curled up into a ball but the second he pulled up it jumped into his lap. He picked up the tiny animal that could fit into the palm of his hand and carried it into the house.


      "In the kitchen son."

      Alex walked in and his mother turned around and saw the kitten in Alex's hand trying to swipe at a fly that buzzed by.

      "Well...who's your friend?" she asked

      "He showed up while I was in the woods." Alex said

      "And just to play devil's advocate...why didn't you leave him there?"

      "He...uh...he gave me a look." Alex said meekly

      "Oh." She smiled

      Just then the kitten's eyes went wide again and gave the same look to his mother.

      "See...that look...that's the one." Alex said

      "Yes, very cute." His mother said, "Well, it looks like you have a companion."

      " mean like Kayla is to Stephen?" Alex asked

      "Some times animals are drawn to us." His mother said as she scratched the kitten behind his ears.

      "Prrrrr...prrrrrr...prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." the kitten purred over and over

      "But he needs a bath." Alex's mother said

      "You mean I've to keep him...he's not going to the animal shelter or anything?" Alex asked

      "No, he sought you out. He'll be with you for a long time Alex and you need to take care of him. Are you up to this?"

      "Yeah sure. Just never thought I'd end up with a pet."

      "Oh no Alex, not a pet...a companion. The relationship is much closer. Remember, because Stephen lost his sight, he learned to see through Kayla's. This little guy could be just as close to you. Probably wont see through his eyes though but he'll always be there for you."

      "Well...bath time." Alex said, "OUCH." He said as the kitten tightened his grip on Alex's hand.

      Alex took the kitten up to the bathroom and filled the sink with warm water, all through it the kitten held on tightly and wouldn't let go.

      "It's gonna happen...accept it." Alex said


      "Okay then." Alex said as he plunged his hand, kitten and all, into the water.

      "MEOW!" the kitten said as it dived out of the water and back into Alex's arms, shivering.

      "Shhh...its okay." He said as he stroked the cat and felt really guilty & sorry, "I wont do it again but Isabel's coming over for dinner tonight. You want to be all cute right?" Alex looked around and found a flannel cloth. He soaked it and rang it out before gently rubbing it over the kitten's fur, using that to bathe the kitten.

      Whitman Residence, 18:00

      Later that night, Isabel arrived for dinner with Alex and his parents. All wanted the opportunity to get to know each other more and as she arrived, Alex's mother doted over her son's mate. As Isabel came into the dinning room she sat down at the table.

      Alex came in a few minutes later, "Hey." He said and kissed Isabel.

      Just then the kitten arrived and brushed up against Isabel's leg. It caused them to break the kiss and Isabel looked down just as he jumped up into her lap. "Hello. Who's this?" Isabel asked

      "This...well I haven't thought of a name yet but I found him...actually scratch that, he found me. Out in the woods. He just showed up and jumped on my head...before he started to play tag with my tail." Alex said

      "He's gorgeous." Isabel said as she stroked the kitten.

      "Yeah. Mom and dad think that he's decided to become a companion to me. I guess he'll be hanging around our little pride for a while." Alex said as the kitten pounced onto his shoulder and brushed against his face, "Certainly seems to like me."

      "Well that's something common with cute little kittens like me and him." Isabel said, it elicited a smile form everyone in the room as Alex's mother brought out a pot roast and set it on the table.

      Charles then started to dish out portions of the meal onto the four plates. He also let a sliver of fat `accidentally' drop down to the floor that the kitten eager ate up.

      "You're gonna make him fat." Alex said

      Charles smiled as he sat down. "So, how did things go today Isabel?"

      "Great. Oh I should tell you, we...uh...confronted Tess today." Isabel said

      "Really? What happened?" Alex asked

      "She took us up to a rock in the desert...its where we were born." Isabel said, "Apparently the alien that's taking care of her wanted her to get pregnant by Max. Liz seems to be able to trust her now and he's dangerous we know that much but..."

      "But?" Alex asked

      "Up at the cave...Nacedo was going to attack Liz because she was human. Liz picked up on it and...well she used our kind of powers." Isabel said

      "Your kind? As in alien?" Charles asked

      "Yes." Isabel said

      "You think it has something to do with the genetic transference?" Alex asked

      "That's what Liz thinks. And that means..."

      "I might also be able to do it." Alex said

      "Is that safe?" his mother asked

      "Totally...I think. I guess if it does happen then it's just a matter of training." Isabel said

      "Hm, I suppose. We always knew your pride was supposed have power beyond any other but we never even guessed it could be something like this." Charles said

      "So what happens now?"

      "Good question." Alex said

      "Well, how about we finish dinner." His mother said

      "Which is very good by the way." Isabel said

      "Thank you." She answered

      The family tucked into their meal and continued to talk about the situation. While they were concerned with Tess, the fact that Liz now trusted her was all they needed to know. However, Nacedo and his allies were still a problem that added on to the ones already faced to them because of who Liz was.

      Living Room, Harding Residence, 21:00

      That night, Tess tried to stay away from her house as much as possible but she had to go home eventually. She spent the day with Liz and Max, getting fed information of the tribes and what max understood of their own lycanthropic nature on their home world. Tess was able to fill them in on what Nacedo told her about being a lycanthrope. However, that conversation only lasted half an hour. After that they started to really talk, and talk, and talk some more. The three of them were sharing themselves; letting the other two know who each of them was.

      But even that came to an end and she had to return home. Tess walked to her house and stepped inside. She would have tried to sneak to her room but she knew it would do any good, so she walked into the living room and found Nacedo sitting in his natural form. As the door to the living room opened, his body rippled and he changed shape so that he looked human.

      "Where have you been?" Nacedo asked

      "Getting to know Max. I figured it could help me get him into bed." Tess said

      "Why are you lying to me?"

      "I'm not. I was getting to know him." Tess said

      "Oh that I believe, but getting him into bed wasn't the reason." Nacedo said. Tess didn't answer. "Tell me why?" Nacedo asked

      "I was just..."

      "Just what?" Nacedo asked as he grabbed her arm, a slight connection formed and a flash reached into Nacedo's mind, "You like him...them. You're betraying me."

      "Me betraying were sent to protect us and you made a deal with those things. At least with them I'm with people who are more like me...even Liz. She's a lycanthrope. I think you called us Rulan on Antar."

      "That's impossible, they're extinct."

      "Not so much, no." Tess said, "And because of her Max, Isabel and Michael are lycanthropes as well again. You've betrayed us and you planned on me getting pregnant and handing over my baby to whoever the mirror guy is."

      "Yes, and it still will happen. I will not die on this primitive rock." Nacedo said

      "Go to hell...or whatever Antarians call it." Tess said

      Nacedo raised his hand, ready to strike Tess with the back of his fist. That was when there was a loud bird like screech that almost deafened the two aliens. Just at that, the back window shattered into a thousand pieces and blew inward, causing the pair to shield themselves. The raven flew in through the gapping hole and headed straight to Nacedo.

      With his talons, Philip attacked the alien and scratched at his eyes. As he did so, Philip turned his head sharply and gazed into Tess's eyes. {Run! run now!} Tess heard in her head

      She didn't have to think twice about it and ran out of the house. Nacedo couldn't focus his power but he could send out some energy that stunned the bird. Nacedo couldn't see anything, his vision was shot but he tried to shoot at the bird. Little did he know that Philip had changed into an ant that had scurried off into a gap between the skirting boards. Philip managed to crawl behind the wood and found an opening that lead outside.

      On the Streets, A Few Minutes Later

      Tess was running, her blood and heart pounding as her feet carried her away down the dark streets. She didn't know where she was going but rational thought wasn't an issue right now. All she could do was run. Eventually Max and Liz jumped down in front of her, both were in their animan forms. The sight of them started Tess. She wasn't expecting it and she fell backward before she realised who it was before her. Max held out his clawed hand and Tess took it, he helped her to her feet.

      "Are you okay?" Max asked

      "I am now." Tess said, "Nacedo...he...then there was this raven...and I could have sworn..."

      "It's okay. I think we better get you somewhere safe." Liz said

      "Are you ready for a ride?" Max asked the blonde


      Max picked Tess up and together he and Liz leapt up onto the rooftops, taking Tess with them as they moved fast and silently toward the Isabel's. It was the only safe place close by and Max felt that Tess would want to be near other hybrids right now.

      Living Room, Harding Residence, Immediately Following

      Nacedo felt his way to his feet and then used his hands to guide himself to the mirror, feeling the frame to ensure he was there. He held up his hand to the reflective surface and a white light was emitted, a light that was reflected back onto the alien's face. Slowly the cuts and gashes began to close up and his vision was restored but it was only a fraction of what it was.

      When he was finished, Nacedo looked around with hate in his eyes that were bloodshot. The alien knew he couldn't stay here, with Tess against him he couldn't be sure of anything and he needed to know more of these lycanthropes that Tess had tolled him about.

      "You'll pay for this girl." Nacedo said as he changed his face, height, weight and other features. Soon he looked like a completely different person but his eyesight was still impaired. He didn't need anything so he left the house quickly.

      To Be Continued...

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