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Shadow and Light, Chapter 7

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 20, 2004

      On the Grass, West Roswell High, The Next Day

      It was a sunny day and the girls had some free time before their next classes. They decided to meet on the grass and spend some time together. However, being in the open and on school grounds prevented them from spending more intimate time together but at the very least it gave Liz and Isabel the opportunity to do a little digging on another matter.

      "So Maria how's things?" Isabel asked

      "Fine. Yourself? You know know." Maria asked

      "I'm doing better. I would be a mess if it weren't for Max and Michael...and now I have Alex and you two." Isabel said

      "Well if you ever need to talk or anything." Liz said

      "Thanks. I know." Isabel said

      "I still can't believe you and Alex mated already. I mean that boy has been in love with you forever." Maria asked

      "Believe me, the feeling is very mutual." Isabel said, "What about you?" she asked Maria

      "What about me?" Maria asked

      "You and Michael. I mean you give each other these looks, there's this...I don't know but the way you speak to each other..."

      "Oh and don't forget the heat." Liz said

      "Oh yeah. The heat between you two could melt iron bars." Isabel said

      "And then all of a sudden it dried up." Liz said

      "You two hardly speak anymore." Isabel said

      Maria looked down at the grass; pain could be seen slightly on her face as she tried to avoid looking to her friends.

      "Come on Maria, I'm your best friend and you've told me nothing about this. I'm getting worried about you." Liz said

      "I know." Maria whispered

      "So...what happened...did he..."

      "No." Maria said quickly, "He didn't do anything wrong...I take it you know we were together a while ago?"

      "Are you kidding, the next day we could barely tell your scents apart." Isabel said

      "Now you know what it's like for me with you two and the guys." Maria said, "Anyway...aghhhhhhh...okay, it was a spike. He had his, I was starting to have mine."

      "So you had sex." Isabel said

      "In my bed." Maria said, "We got there, practically tearing our closed off our clothes. Basically it wasn't special or anything, he... well he pounded into me and I was giving it to him just as hard. It was what we both wanted and needed so that was it."

      "So what changed...what happened? I mean our first time with Alex was what we needed but you still sleep with him." Liz said

      Maria looked away again.

      "Maria, please. I want to understand this. You're all supposed to be apart of my pride and two of you are in pain." Liz said

      "About an hour and a half into it..."

      "What?" Both girls asked with surprise, Michael never lasted even close to that with them

      "Boy's got stamina." Maria said, "Anyway, at some point we open our eyes at the same time and we just looked at each other. We stopped seemed like it lasted a long time before he started again. Only this time it was slower and he was going really deep into was great."

      "But?" Isabel asked

      "But when he came, he touched my was so gentle. Then I felt something and I know he felt it and then he practically jumped off me... hell I pushed him off at the same time. After that, I covered myself and he got dressed as quickly as possible. From then on we haven't said two words to each other."

      Liz looked at her friend and understood. It was as though her own instincts were helping her to see what happened between the two. "You got scared."

      Maria looked up at her as Isabel looked around before turning back to look at Maria.

      "You both got scared and wanted away from that as quickly as possible." Liz said

      "Scared about what? It was just sex?" Maria asked

      "Ugh, sorry babe I don't think it was. Not for you and from the way you described Michael...not for him either." Isabel said, "It sounds like you two were really into it."

      "I have to agree." Liz said

      "Yeah, well you're wrong. He screwed me; I screwed him that was that. The only thing I need from him is what's between his legs when I have a spike." Maria said

      Liz and Isabel looked at each other.

      "I'm serious." Maria said, "I don't need him."

      The other two looked at her.

      "I don't." Maria said

      "Maria, before you slept together..."

      "There was no sleeping. He was gone before that happened." Maria said

      "Okay, before that day, you were severely attracted and don't try to deny it cause I saw how you were around him." Liz said

      "Oh what was I like?" Maria asked

      "Brushing up against him, the looks, adjusting your bra strap every now and then and only when Michael was around. Do I have to go on?" Isabel asked as the bell rang.

      Everyone got up form the grass and brushed themselves off. "Saved by the bell." Liz said before they headed off to class.

      "Maria?" Isabel asked

      "Aghnnn...would you stop, Michael and I are not happening." Maria said as she headed off in a different direction, her class was elsewhere.

      "Denial." Isabel and Liz said together, then turned to look at each other and laughed

      Behind the School, Same Time

      Alex was walking around the rear of the school; he had found a note in his locker that said Isabel wanted to meet him privately. Always eager for sometime with his girlfriend, Alex headed off to meet her. As he walked around the building, he came across nine of the football team. They were standing around tossing a football back and forth.

      When Alex saw them, he thought that Isabel meant for them to meet further away from the school. So he tried to move passed the players but as he did so, one grabbed his shoulder.


      "Hey." Alex said, "Sorry but I'm meeting someone so I better get going."

      "Oh Isabel isn't coming." Another said with a smile

      "We sent that note geek boy." Another said

      Alex looked at him, "What do you want?"

      "You to dump Isabel. You see, she is 100% grade A prime ass. Isabel is for people like us, not losers like you."

      "I see." Alex said as he nodded, then he smiled, "Go to hell."

      That resulted in a punch coming in from his side that connected with his face. It sent Alex to the ground but his attacker shook his hand in pain.

      "Damn he's got hard bones." His friends were all laughing as they looked down at the ground.

      "What the hell is this?" Kyle yelled as he came around the corner.

      "Just taking care of business." His team mate said as Alex moved up onto his knees.

      Under her closed eyelids, Alex's eyes had changed into their cat appearance and as he opened them they changed back.

      "Like I said. Go to hell." Alex said

      Another of the nine approached and kicked Alex in the ribs. Alex never went down that time; he continued to stand on to his feet. Someone else came in to punch Alex in the gut but he kicked the incoming fist away. His attacker screamed in pain as people around him heard a bone crack. Another came in for a punch to his head but Alex caught the clenched fist in the palm of his hand.

      Alex used his other hand and grabbed the wrist; he ended up tossing the guy away like a rag doll. Everyone just watched as he landed a few feet away and rolling around on the ground in pain, Kyle's mouth was practically hitting the floor. However, as he stood dumbly by and watched, his team-mates all rushed in. Alex struck back at them with a series of punches and kicks that were so fast that they were a blur.

      Michael and Max were nearby when they felt something and came running round. They both looked on as Alex did his best to defend himself and thanks to his Rakas heritage, that was a lot.

      "Think we should help him?" Michael asked

      "Uh...yeah...but which one?" Max answered with a smile

      Michael and Max crossed their arms and watched. Kyle came up to them, "Since when could he do this?"

      "Piss a guy off enough he's gonna go postal." Michael said, "Oh heads up." He pulled Kyle in as one of the team's blocks fell in front of them where Kyle had been standing.

      "I think we should stop him now." Max said as he moved closer.

      He tapped Alex's shoulder and Alex turned around with his fist raised and ready to strike but he stopped. He was breathing hard with his teeth gritted.

      "Easy tiger." Max said

      Alex lowered his arm and Max put his hand on Alex's shoulder. Together they moved through the groaning players on the ground until they got back to where Michael and Kyle were. When they got there, Alex just slumped to the floor and leaned against the building in exhaustion.

      "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" The coach yelled as he came around the corner and spotted his team.

      The leader of the group stood to his feet and held his ribs, blood pouring from cuts on his face. "Coach...ughnnn..."

      "I'M WAITING."

      "He did this." He said pointing to Alex, "He came around and those two jumped us. Kyle saw everything. He can totally back us up."

      "You nine get to the nurse's office. You three...principle's office now." The coach said

      "But Coach..." Max started

      "NOW." The coach said, "Kyle, tell me everything that happened."

      Kyle didn't answer but he looked to his team-mates who looked back at him. He remembered all those speeches his coach gave him on teamwork.

      "Kyle?" this coach asked again.

      Principle's Office...

      Alex and Michael were sitting outside the office; Max was inside giving his version of events. Alex had an icepack over his eye and rubbing his gut where bruises were forming.

      "Max will take care of those later." Michael said, "He's taken care of my fair share of bruises in the past."

      "Good. Cause, this is hurting now." Alex said

      "Gotta say, you did damn good out there. Those assholes wont be bothering you for a while."

      "I didn't do good Michael, I lost control. I could have exposed us." Alex said

      "Relax, I doubt it's that bad." Michael said as Alex's parents came in

      They immediately moved to their son, "God, what happened?" Charles asked

      "Some of the team didn't like the fact that the class geek is dating Isabel." Alex said

      "Oh." Charles said

      "They attacked him so Alex...uh...kicked butt." Michael said

      Then the door opened and Max came out with the principle.

      "Ah, Mr and Mrs Whitman. Would you please come in."

      "Principle Collins, I assume something is being done about this." Charles said as the principle led them into the office and closed the door.

      "Well?" Alex asked

      "Well, the teams holding with their story. I told them what we saw... minus the back flips."

      "I didn't do back flips." Alex said

      Max smiled

      "Oh haha, very funny." Alex said

      Just then Kyle walked in and told the secretary he needed to see the principle. Kyle was told to take a seat, so he did...with Michael and Max looking at him. The coach walked in, looked at the four and walked to the door. He knocked and then entered.

      Inside the Office...

      "Are you honestly telling me that my son, on his own took out nine players of the football team?" Alex's mother asked

      "No. The people involved are claiming that Max and Michael also were involved. Alex baited them and then they attacked." Collins said

      "These are good clean cut kids Mr Whitman...and there is a witness." The coach said as he came in, despite the fact that Kyle didn't confirm either event, "Kyle Valenti."

      "Good, then get him in here." Collins said

      In seconds Kyle came in and stood before the principle.

      "Okay Kyle, tell me what happened. Did Alex Whitman ambush those players?" Collins asked

      "Yeah, and for what reason?" Charles asked

      "No sir, he didn't." Kyle said

      "What?" the coach asked

      "Coach, I'll do everything you taught the team. I'll back them up on everything, I'll fight with them and do all the teamwork thing but I wont protect them from being stupid and being arrogant bullies." Kyle said

      "Okay Kyle what happened?" Collins asked

      "I heard a rumour. Some of the guys didn't like the fact that Alex is now dating Isabel Davidson. They see her as popular crowd dating material only. They wanted to sort out the situation." Kyle said

      "Oh yeah, coach, good clean cut kids." Charles said

      "I went looking for them to make sure they didn't do anything stupid but I got there late. I found Alex lying on the ground, when he tried to get up they kicked him in the ribs. That's when Alex went... well lets just say I'm not gonna be making him mad in the future. They asked for it coach. As much as I'd like to stitch Max up right now...he and Michael didn't come round the corner till a little later. Alex was just defending himself." Kyle said, "I hate being a good guy." He shook his head and walked out of the room.

      "So my son, on his own, dealt with them. Who spends most of his time in font of a computer...Coach...just how are you training those kids? A sofa, beer and pizza in front of a T.V?" Charles asked

      "Now wait a minute..." The Coach started

      "Coach, please go check on those kids." Collins said, and the coach left.

      "Mr Collins, if my son get punished for defending himself..." Charles said, "I freely admit he went a little overboard but right now those nine attacked my son because of a girl he's the very least I want them off the team."

      "From what Kyle said, that's the least that will be happening. But many of them...they may have broken bones. As much as I may like to, I can't let that go."

      Nurse's Office, 10 Minutes Later

      Rumours had spread through the school like wild fire and the second it came to Isabel's ears she sought out a few others then marched straight to the nurse's office. As she stepped inside she saw the nine players sitting on chairs or beds, all had black eyes, bandaged up limbs and plasters over cuts. All groaned in pain. She smiled for a second before her anger came back.

      "You idiots wanna tell me what the hell you think you were doing?" Isabel asked

      "Hey, we didn't do anything...that geek freak got his friends to beat up on us."

      "Actually no, he didn't. Alex would never do anything like that, besides Kyle didn't back you up." Isabel said, "So...why'd you attack him? Because I was dating him?"

      "Some rules shouldn't be broken. People like him don't date people like you."

      "That's my choice moron."

      "Bullshit, girls like you should stick to what you're good at, dress like sluts and drool over us. You date guys on the team when we say so."

      "Ego much. Is that what you really think?" Isabel asked, "Oh wait... what is it you said...I'm 100% grade A prime ass?"

      "Damn straight." Another said while nodding and looking over her body

      Isabel felt sick and then knocked on the door. That was her signal to the others she had found and nine other girls stepped into the room ­ the players girlfriends.

      "Oh shit."

      "You better believe it."

      "You really attacked him because of Isabel?"

      "Grade A ass? Is that how you see us?"

      "Girls, please. He's just a geek."

      "And you're just dumped." One girl said

      Isabel smiled as each girl turned their back on their now ex- boyfriend and walked out of the room.

      "You fucking bitch..." One said as he got up and moved to her. He raised his hand ready to hit her but Isabel caught his hand just as the coach stepped in.

      The coach was ready to tear the players a new ass, he went to bat for them, believed everything they told him. Their miscalculation was Kyle. "So now your hitting girls?"

      Isabel enjoyed looking into the guys eyes and watched as they grew wide with pain as she squeezed. The coach saw it and told her to let him go. The player fell back against a chair and Isabel turned to leave.

      "You stay away from him and me. You don't want to know what happens when he's really pissed off, and next time he will have back up." She said

      Isabel then saw the player's football resting on a table by the door; she smiled, picked it up and threw it back at the players. All fell over trying to avoid being hit in the face and the sound of pain as they hit the floor was music to Isabel's ears.

      In the Halls...

      Alex was walking down the halls and everyone was looking at him. Most were looking with concern, no one should have been able to deal with nine bulky players of the football team by themselves but he did it. He continued to kick himself mentally at losing control, he knew better but it still happened but at the very least he knew there wasn't any long-term damage done to them...aside from abject humiliation.

      As everyone stared, Alex knew it was to his black eye that was hurting badly. However, they all turned back to what they were doing when Isabel came down the hall from the opposite direction.

      "Hey, you okay?" Isabel asked

      "I'm fine. What about...?"

      "They're paying for what they did." Isabel said, "So what happened with the principle?"

      "Well apparently dad give him hell about punishing me for defending myself but Collins had to do something because of the damage I did. So I got suspended."

      "What?" Isabel almost yelled

      "For tomorrow. Only." Alex said

      "One day...still too much. I mean they attacked you." Isabel said

      "Yeah, well, at least it's only the start of the term. We aren't really into any of the big stuff."

      "Second day and your already in a fight...interesting start."

      "Tops of an interesting summer." Alex said

      Isabel smiled, she knew he wasn't referring to the discovery of their Lycanthropic nature but to their bedroom antics. Isabel was about to say something when Kyle then showed up.

      "What do you want?" Isabel spat

      "To ask how Alex was." Kyle said

      "He's fine. No thanks to your buddies." Isabel said

      "Isabel it's okay." Alex said

      "No it's not. He just stood there and watched." Isabel said

      "Hey, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Hell he looked like something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the way he was moving. Have you been doing martial arts or something?"

      "Or something, definitely something." Alex said

      "Well I guess you get points for coming clean with the principle." Isabel said

      "Don't remind me." Kyle said, still hating the fact that he gave up the chance to screw over Max

      "Kyle, Liz did mean what she said when she broke up with you. Its just...things with Max happened fast." Alex said

      "Maybe. Still doesn't mean I like it. Oh by the way...that new girl Tess, she's been asking around about you, Michael and Max." Kyle said as he walked away.

      "Well I guess we should have expected that." Alex said

      "Oh I forgot to tell you, Mr Parker's going to be watching her tonight." Isabel said

      "Well, lets hope you have more luck than Michael did last night. He didn't see her doing anything...out there." Alex said

      Alex took Isabel's arm in his and they walked off to their next class. While Alex walked with a little pain, he knew Max would deal with it later and that he had tomorrow off to recuperate.

      Back Room, Crashdown, 10 Minutes After School

      Much later, Alex hobbled into backroom. His ribs had been giving him problems for the rest of the day. As he came in he slumped into the sofa and just stayed there with his eyes closed until Max and Michael came in.

      "Damn man, that is one hell of a shiner." Michael said

      "Yeah." Alex said as he held a bag of frozen peas over it

      "Here, I'll take care of it." Max said as he got to the sofa.

      He leaned over Alex and put his hand over his friend's eye. Alex felt a warm tingle spread over his face as light glowed from Max's palm. As Max moved his hand away, Alex checked his face in the nearby mirror and smiled.

      "Nice...ohhhh ouch...could you do the rest of me now?" Alex almost begged

      "Wanting to be able to deal with your girlfriend tonight?" Michael asked with a smile

      Alex looked at him, "Actually Isabel is going to be busy tonight."

      "Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Michael said, "I guess she won't be in the mood for some of your special care."

      "Oh I don't know about that." Isabel said as she came in, "Come on Max, heal away."

      "Alright." Max said as he rested his hands over Alex's belly and ribs. Soon Alex was fully healed.

      "Good, now, when I finish tonight, I expect you to be at my place. I'm sure you mom and dad wouldn't mind."

      "We wont." Charles said as he and Jeff came in, "Spending time with a mate at your age is only to be expected. Now..."

      "I know, I know. I shouldn't have." Alex said

      "Alex I would never ask you not to defend yourself." Jeff said

      "But I was out of control. If Max hadn't stopped me..."

      "Well that's what Moon Peak is for. It'll teach you how to control your strength and other abilities." Jeff said

      "Well that's a good thing." Max said

      " new alien. Tess." Charles said

      "What about her?" Isabel asked

      "Well, we've been keeping an eye on her today...well, Stephan has, through Kayla's eyes."

      "Let just hope animal control doesn't hunt her." Michael said

      "She'll be okay." Jeff said

      "Did he see anything?" Isabel asked

      "Only that she was watching you all."

      "All of us?" Alex asked

      "Yeah. I'm guessing whatever she did to Max that Liz helped break sparked her attention on who her three fellow aliens are hanging out with." Charles said

      "Oh." Max said, "Maybe we should be the ones who approach her?"

      "It's something to think about. Judging by how you were before Liz, she won't know about her lycanthropic side and she wont have your heightened senses." Jeff said

      "Which mean while we can pick up her scent, she cant pick up ours." Michael said

      "At least until we change her." Alex said

      Everyone looked at him.

      "Well, she is the only other alien we know about and there are still two spots open in Liz's Pride." Alex said

      "I guess." Max said, "But I think we need to get to know her a little bit first."

      Everyone agreed, the two adults knew that they couldn't interfere with this. The only people that could deal with this was the kids, this was their Pride and their future.

      Crashdown, 18:00

      It was Isabel's first shift tonight, there was still time before the moon rose over the horizon so all three girls were on. Liz and Maria were busy showing her the ropes and off to the side Alex kept looking at Isabel.

      "I think he likes your uniform." Liz said

      Isabel smiled, "Then maybe I'll just keep this on when I get him home... aghhh...okay, I give up. How does this thing work?" she asked as she tried to get the liquid from the milkshake machine.

      "Hmm...oh here." Liz said as she turned a nozzle, "Sorry I must have turned that too tight when I used it."

      Now that they were close to each other and with Maria out of the diner floor, Liz turned to Isabel.

      "Is everything set?" the brunette asked

      "Yeah. I've set the store room door to lock the second someone goes through it."

      "And he's there?"

      "I tricked him in a few minutes ago." Isabel said

      The two girls smiled, "Then lets begin."

      Liz then turned to the counter and Isabel went further up, she waved her hand over all the ketchup bottles and changed them into mustard.

      "Hey Maria." Isabel said


      "Where do you guys keep the ketchup?" Isabel asked

      "It's right under the counter there." Maria said as she came behind and bent down to look, "Uh...oh, I guess we're all out. That is a hell of a lot of mustard."

      "Hey, if you show me where it is I'll go get more." Isabel said

      "No it's okay, I'll get it. Your boyfriend wants to say hello." Maria said with a smile as she turned and headed through the back.

      Isabel moved back down the counter as Liz moved up, the two girls gave a high five.

      "Score." They said together.

      Isabel headed out to the booth where Alex sat. "Well done." She said before kissing him

      "Anything for my beloved. I just hope this works." Alex said

      "How could it fail?" Isabel asked

      "Want me to list the ways?" Alex said

      "Maybe the ways you love me." Isabel said with a seductive smile

      Store Room, Immediately Following

      Maria opened the door and walked in only to have Michael dive up and toward her.

      "Don't let the door..." the door clicked shut, "...close."

      "What the hell is your problem?" Maria asked

      Michael tried the door handle again and again. "Great, just great."

      "What the hell is going on?" Maria asked, "This door doesn't lock."

      "Well apparently it does now." Michael countered

      " that thing you do." Maria said

      "You know I'm not good at it...besides I already tried." Michael said as he slumped back down onto the stool he was sitting on.

      "HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!" Maria called out

      "Tried that too." Michael said

      "So what, we're locked in here? Together?"

      "My, aren't you observant." Michael said sarcastically

      "Shut up." Maria said

      "Hey, being stuck in here with you of all people isn't exactly my idea of bliss either." Michael said as he tried to get comfortable.

      Maria turned to look at him with her arms crossed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

      "Figure it out Pixie." Michael said

      "Oh no, come on, say it." Maria said

      "Well let's just say that if it was Liz or Isabel in here, we could screw to pass the time. Instead I have to get you, the girls that's an inferno with everyone else and Artic with me."

      Maria shook her head, "Asshole." Then she looked at him again, "You're spiking?"

      "Little bit, yeah." Michael said

      "Well isn't that peachy." Maria said, "I can either let you screw me or you'll keep building up until you rape me."

      "I would never do that." Michael spat back.

      "Great." Maria said as she turned her back and moved closer to the door.

      On the stool, Michael looked up Maria's legs and then up her uniform. He had to shake himself out of it and leaned on his hand that was propped up on some boxes. "It's not exactly perfect for me either."

      "Why, last time you got what you wanted." Maria said

      "Hey, so did you." Michael said, "It's not like I had to do much convincing."

      "Don't remind me." Maria said

      "Don't give me that. You loved it, nobody screams that loud unless they really, really like it." Michael said

      Maria swung around to slap Michael but he caught her hand, his eyes roamed over her face before he kissed her. Despite not wanting to, Maria melting into it as it filled with more and more passion. Their tongues slid over each other before Michael pulled back.

      As she looked at him, Maria slapped Michael with her other hand. Michael's face tingled but he couldn't help but grab her body and pull her in for another, more explosive kiss that caused their toes to curl up. Then Michael pulled away again, as Maria regained her breathing she reached up and slapped Michael again.

      "Stop hitting me." Michael said

      "Then stop kissing me." Maria said

      Michael breathed out and they both turned away from each other, he headed back to the stool and leaned on the boxes. "You're right... resist."

      Michael then turned back; he couldn't help but look over her body. Mentally he undressed her, unsnapping each button slowly and exposing the skin beneath. Michael could feel the heat coming from her body, the heat that increased each time he kissed her. Right now, the need building in him was making resistance something that wouldn't be happening.

      He moved over to Maria and reached his arms out, he touched her own arms and started running his fingers up and down her skin. Maria shrugged him off, keeping her back to him but Michael just stepped closer. His hands moved around her body and held her securely.

      Maria wanted to resist but her own need was building, and it wasn't anything to do with a spike. The way Michael's eyes looked at her pierced through to her soul so that even so she couldn't see him look she did feel it. The way his hands felt on her was just as intoxicating to her spirit. Michael reached up with his right hand to her breasts and squeezed gently through the fabric of her uniform.

      "Hmmm..." Maria moaned slightly as he started to kiss the back of her neck but she shook herself out of it. "Michael stop."

      "I need you." Michael whispered into her ear as his left hand slipped down her leg. He caressed her leg for a second before sliding his hand up under the skirt and between her legs. Maria arched back against him as he made contact with her slit through her panties, "And you need me...I can feel it."

      Maria groaned as he stroked her. As he continued to kiss her neck, the hand covering her breast reached over and started to undo the buttons holding her uniform together. He undid the first few, enough to expose her cleavage to the air and provide room for his hand to slip inside to cup the flesh itself.

      "Do you want me?" Michael asked as he kissed and caressed parts of her body.

      Maria's eyes rolled up into her head as her mouth hung open. "Uhm..."

      "Do you want me?" Michael asked again, only a lot more huskily as his finger pressed against the fabric of her underwear.

      "Huunnnn...yes." She whispered

      Michael span Maria around and held her in his arms. He kissed her but this time Maria reciprocated full force and with the same fire as her arms wrapped around him. Michael ran both his hands down her back to her ass and hiked up the fabric, exposing the back of her panties. Maria pressed her body against Michael's as he securely put his hands on her butt cheeks and neither broke the kiss.

      Maria bent her leg slightly as she pressed it against the side of Michael's. Then they pulled away from each other, each breathing hard as they gazed into each other's eyes. Michael quickly brought his hands around and grabbed the sides of her uniform where he had unbuttoned. Then he pulled them apart roughly, parting her uniform right down to the bottom and much to her surprise, not one button was broken from the material.

      "Nice." Maria said

      As Michael looked over the skin he could see, he smiled, "Very nice."

      Maria smiled as she pulled her uniform off her shoulders and let it fall to the cement floor. Michael grabbed the bottom of his black t- shirt and pulled it off over his head. Maria then focused on his belt before moving onto his jeans. Soon they were on the floor with her uniform and then he pushed off his boxers. Maria smiled as she saw his cock and moved to her knees before him.

      Eagerly Maria licked from the base of his cock and up the length before taking him into her mouth. Michael bit hard on his lip as she engulfed his cock in one swift motion of her head. He choked back a shout as she began to work her mouth up and down his throbbing tool. Holding his cock by the base, she pulled it toward her and licked around his head, looking up at him eagerly.

      The steady, almost licks against nothing but his cock-head would have had him on his tiptoes if he had been standing up. She was rolling his cock around in her hand, squeezing hard on his shaft. The head of his prick was swollen and red; she was taking so long teasing him, he knew that when he finally did come, he was going to have a massive ejaculation. But Maria didn't want him to come in her mouth.

      Maria slid the point of her tongue everywhere she could reach, tickling the ridge of the flesh. Michael was biting so hard on his lip, he was afraid he was going to draw blood. Then she opened her mouth and slid back down the length of his cock, allowing Michael a chance to breathe. It still felt good, but when she concentrated just on his tip, it felt like his entire body was about to explode.

      No longer was Maria teasing him. Now she was fucking him with her mouth and caused Michael's hips were bucking up out of the seat, and she fought hard to stay with him. Michael felt his cum boiling in his balls; he gripped the edge of the table tightly and bit down hard on the inside of his cheek.

      That was when Maria lifted off him. Michael looked at his lover with disbelief as she slowly stood up. She seductively walked slowly backward, pushing her panties down off her legs. Michael stood up, his erect dick was standing proud as he moved like a predator toward Maria and backed her up against a freezer that was used to stock ice cream.

      Michael grabbed her hips and sat her up on the lid and then eased his hands over her body. Every inch of her form was under his intense scrutiny as he sat back down and pulled the stool closer to the freezer. His hands ran over her legs, he licked his lips at the sight of her body before him, ready and willing for him to be inside her.

      He eased her legs apart and latched his mouth onto her pussy. Maria moaned gutturally, her body arching up off the lid in frenzied undulations. Her legs tightened about Michael's head, and she urged him forward with her heels until she could catch a handful of hair and force him deeper into her folds.

      Michael's tongue tried to draw out the exquisite torture, but Maria had no patience for his games. When his tongue didn't do what she wanted, she began working herself against his face, fucking herself with his chin.

      "Yeeeessss." she shrieked loudly as her muscles tensed.

      Michael wanted pull away to prolong the agony she inflicted on him, but Maria's hold on him was too strong. There was no letting go until her orgasm subsided. His tongue savaged her clit even as he thrust two fingers into her burning cunt. That set Maria off, her screams of pure pleasure seemingly were almost enough to shake the freezer. She ground herself against him as her fiery climax ravaged her, her sweet syrup filling Michael's mouth, and he devoured every last drop.

      Michael was still as hard as when Maria ended her blowjob prematurely. They kissed with the heat of a nova. He needed to be one with her and so he stood up and positioned himself between her legs, the freezer top was at the perfect height. Maria couldn't care less that there was a chill growing on her butt; she was getting hotter by the second and this only added to her pleasure. The moment she felt the tip of his cock kissing the pulsing entrance to her pussy, she bore down as he pushed up, impaling herself on his steel- hard dick. Only then did their mouths part as a sharp gasp exploded past her lips.

      "Ooooh god, Michael." Maria moaned

      He fucked into her, holding onto her tights as she lay back on the lid. She raised her hands over her head and tightly grappled onto the far edges of the freezer. She worked her hips furiously to keep in time with his rapid thrusts; both wanted his seed within her.

      "Mariaaaaaa." they were so close.

      Tentatively he moved his hands down to her breasts and squeezed, the moan she gave encouraged him further. He took each red nipple between his fingers and gently pinched ­ she arched her back, pushing her fingers through her short blond hair he moaned loud enough to wake the dead.

      Michael grabbed her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. The angle allowed him to reach her innermost depths. In and out, in and out, thrust after thrust after thrust they called out to each other.

      "Unnnngh, unnnnnnngh, OH...god baby, cum with me, cum...cum...cum."

      He let her legs fall to his sides as he focused on making her cum, his tolerance was about to be breached but in that second he could see her coming apart, sweat dripping off him and pooling between her breasts he couldn't hold out any longer and came deep in side her and at the same time her resolve also faltered and came.



      He leaned down and kissed her. He pulled out and sat back on his stool, taking Maria with him so that she was sitting on his lap, desperately fighting for breath.

      "Wow", the only word that could come to mind at the moment but she was equally lost for words and merely said "yeah". Their bodies adjusted to each other as they held each other and in those seconds they realised what happened between each other.

      "We..." Michael started

      "...mated." Maria finished, even though she couldn't believe it herself.

      "Oh boy." Both said together

      After catching her breath, she turned her head to meet Michael's intense eyes, both smiled. Her skin of her face and breasts still covered with a fine sheen layer of sweat and still very red.

      In the Alley...

      Tess stood in the alley by the Crashdown; she had been drawn there as she passed by the café. She felt her blood boil, it was a common occurrence since she came to Roswell but being this close to one of her fellow alien in the middle of having sex was much more potent.

      As she stood there, her hand was pressed against the brick wall that connected to the storeroom and from that she saw everything in a very intense flash. The more she watched, the more she wanted until they came, when that happened there was a loud roar in Tess's head that broke the flash and sent Tess flying back across the alley.

      "What the hell was that?" She said before cleaning herself off. She stood up and her eyes had once more changed to the appearance of a cat. It lasted for a minute before she headed away out onto the street.

      Up on the roof, Liz's father watched the alien as she ran off. "Nice eyes." Jeff said.

      He leapt over the gaps between the roofs, never stopping his observations of her until she got back home. Once she was there, he tracked her body heat to her bedroom. The second she started to strip naked Jeff decided to call it a night, he knew that what she had felt had sparked a desperate need within her that she was now taking care of by herself on her bed.

      New Mexico Desert...

      Philip had flown out to the desert after receiving a phone call from his fellow Chimera guardians. From the tone in their voices, they weren't happy one bit. As he landed, he changed into his human form and stood on the sand, looking around for the others but he couldn't see them. He couldn't sense one bit of them until a swarm of locusts flooded the area.

      From the shear number of them, Philip knew that all his Tribe was here. The locusts circled the area, their sound would have been deafening to human ears but it didn't last long as they all changed into their human forms and all stood naked under stars.

      "Guardians." Philip greeted

      "Why wasn't that room secured?"

      "Isabel's fears kept her out. Michael going to live with her was unexpected." Philip said

      "But now they have a Chronicle, they know we have watched them and they seek us out."

      "They will find nothing. Nothing in the Chronicle can lead them to us today. We all knew that the time would come when the other tribes learned of us. That was why we kept our first Chronicle in there. While their discovery of it now is unfortunate...this has just accelerated matters." Philip said

      "We have the final piece of the gift, it was never supposed to be returned to the lycanthropes until the girl has completely her journey and understands what she is. If she does succeed in finding us then it could be disastrous. By law, on the hour she meets with us, the final tablet will be given to her."

      "Even if Liz could track us, there is no reason to believe she would add the piece to the others out of turn." Philip said

      "What if you're wrong? If she does, the information would be corrupted and the wrong signal will be sent. Sanctuary, the star... they would all be destroyed and they would take this world with it. That was the warning of the Elders as set down in their edicts."

      "Then we must disperse. The further we are from each other then the less chance they have of finding us. I will remain in Roswell." Philip said

      "Agreed." All the others said at once

      "But what of the remaining members of the Pride? Two remain unknown."

      "A fourth alien has shown up in Roswell. A female. An older male travelled with her, her protector but he is no more lycanthropic than my wife. He is also corrupted, allying himself with the enemy on their home world." Philip said

      "Then who shall be the eighth?"

      "The blood of the aliens can pass the lycanthropic genes to others who are compatible. I believe the eighth is a normal human who has this compatibility." Philip said

      "Compatible? You speak of the Narada?"

      "I do. It is a possibility that cannot be ignored."

      "After all these millennia, can one be found?"

      "If prophecy holds true, one will find them." Philip said

      "Very well."

      The Chimera all circled Philip and walked by him before they changed shapes. All left the area leaving Philip alone. He turned and jumped up, but as he started to change shape into a raven a bright yellow light engulfed him. It lasted a second and then vanished, leaving no trace what so ever, not even Philip. However, inside the light Philip couldn't see anything through the deep and vibrant yellow.

      "What is this...who's there?" he called out

      "I am." A voice called out from the light.

      Philip watched as the barrier of light rippled as a figure emerged. As with the one in the Himalayan temple, his skin white pure white with black tribal markings over his skin but there was a difference; his head resembled that of a hawk. Philip's eyes widened as he dropped onto one knee and bowed his head.


      To Be Continued...

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