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Shadow and Light, Chapter 6

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 18, 2004

      Wild Pack Camp, New Mexico Desert, Immediately Following

      The Wild Pack rushed towards the Pride, the Tribal Council stopped in their tracks. Michael was the first to spot the horde and ran toward them, his action got the attention of everyone else who was attending to Max but as soon as they saw the pack everyone joined him with their claws extended. Michael had his bat in his hand and swung away.

      "Batter's up." Michael yelled with a smile as he hit one in gut and then another in the head.

      Off to the side, he saw Maria slashing away and jumping about. Then to his other side he saw the others and all fighting. Then someone flew over him. He saw the winged council member flying over the pack. She grabbed one and carried him high into the air before letting go. Then in came the bear whose punches sent the pack members they connected with skimming across the ground. The Wolfen and Rakas members of the Council also joined in, striking with Jeff's pride against the Wilders. The reptile stood nearby. He never actually fought but stood with his mouth open, translucent green liquid sprayed out of him and over the enemy. The venom caused instant paralysis. The Oceanic couldn't fight, not in this form and out of the water in the middle of the desert and in human form it wouldn't have been strong enough.

      The fight had been won, Max was Liz's mate and that was the way it was going to stay. For Flanagan's pack to strike like this after him being defeated was a stupid move and one that the Council wasn't going to let go unpunished. However, they were still badly out numbered.

      The Wild Pack was inflicting just as much damage onto the council, Jeff's pride and the two of the three aliens. Max was still weak from his last fight. As Michael received a massive gash on his arm, he got angry, very angry. His powers flooded out and charged the metal bat and with each contact there was a flash of light as the hostile was sent flying away.

      "Wow...Home run?" Maria asked

      "Damn straight." Michael said

      They all kept fighting but off to the side Max was recovering. As he looked around to the fight, he stood up onto his feet. His eyes changed back to the deep blue of his alien animan form and his more serious wounds healed up in less than a second. Liz, who was dealing with a troublesome reptile who refused to stay down, felt Max. She felt something building in him and after kicking the reptile back to the ground; she looked at him as he marched towards them.

      "STOP!" he called out as his hands swung together in front of him in a clap. The sound echoed out loudly like a boom and a wall of rippling green light spread outward.

      It moved over the desert and as it contacted his friends nothing happened but when it made contact with the Wild pack they were sent backward with enough force to send them several feet into the air. Many landed with broken bones and most looked up at him with fear. As the wall faded, Max just looked with surprise at his hands before he fell back down to his knees. Liz ran back to him and held her lover as his strength returned.

      "I take it that was new?" Liz asked

      "Little bit, yeah." Max said as Liz helped him back up

      Everyone gathered around the couple, the Council being the last to approach. Liz looked at them carefully, trying to size them up. All members looked at her before turning to each other, each one nodding.

      "We all have wounds to take care of. I suggest we leave for the night and gather in the morning. Our inspection of these new Rakas will begin then." The Rakas member said as he turned to Jeff

      Jeff nodded in compliance as he turned to his daughter, "We should go home now."

      "What about them?" Liz asked as she looked to the fallen pack

      "We will take care of them. They will be relocated to another country and kept out of your lives. Besides, if the other Wild Packs found out about this then they wouldn't last long." The Oceanic said

      Everyone made their way to the cars. All had a reason or two to wince in pain as they sat down and Max was practically exhausted but having Liz near him seemed to fill him with a little more energy. Before long, everyone was leaving the area as a large truck pulled into the area. The people in that picked up the broken and battered bodies of the Wild Pack.

      The Himalayas...

      At the roof of the world, the giant snow capped mountains stood majestically as the sun reflected brightly off the white. Snow covered everything, winds blew through the mountain passes at such speed that it blocked anyone from getting through them, especially in the most remote section. Through the passes, through the snow and rock there's a cave but as rugged as it looked on the outside, the inside was fully carved.

      The walls were chiselled and flat, carved to look like masonry brickwork with intricate pictographs and lettering decorating them. Stalactites had been smoothed off and formed into pillars. Everything in here was ancient, as ancient as the mountain range itself. At the end of the cave, there was an opening that led to a long and winding corridor of stairs that went deep down into the mountains.

      All of it was set up as an entryway, a foyer into what lay beyond. At the bottom of the steps it opened up into a wide valley, a jungle of dead trees. The place was massive, hidden from the outer world by a thick layer of storm clouds that rumbled with thunder and shot out bolts of lightening to the ground. At the end of the valley sat a stone temple, the one that always entered the dreams of those about to enter their first change and all around it stood statues of the animals of the lycanthropic tribes, even the ones that were now extinct.

      Long ago this place was green, and it was intended to stay that way before someone took up residence in the temple. With him came the storm that prevented the sun and the moon shining down on the trees. The temple was small compared to the hidden valley but it served its purpose. Inside was a complex network for floors, rooms and corridors and in the upper chamber sat a lone figure looking into a pool of water.

      His body was strong and muscular with pure white skin that had painted black lines over him in the form of ancient tribal markings and letters. He had a long trail of black hair from his head and running down the length of his spine. Generally his body looked human, all except for his head. It was an animal similar to a jackal but it did have a few differences. All in all he looked similar to the Egyptian god Anubis.

      In the puddle of water, he could see pictures of the fight in the desert outside Roswell. Then came the end of the fight and Patrick's loss.

      "NO!" he yelled, his voice echoing over the valley and being bounced around by the high walls of the mountain cliffs.

      He splashed the water and the images faded as he stood up. He moved over to one of the thick stonewalls and punched his fist straight through the stone.

      " least I still have one other."

      That was when light filled the room.

      "Enough Quatral. Did you think we could not find you?" said a voice from the light

      "Certainly took your time. 700,000 years is slow even for you."

      "You will return to us."

      "No. I will not go until this has been dealt with."

      "The Chimera are aware of you. They have been watching but do not know who or what you are but sooner or later the girl will lead her people to the Sanctuary. And we know of what you plan to use her for."

      "Her blood is perfect. As is my chosen, their offspring would have succeeded in completing my plan. Even Antar, our great accomplishment, has failed. Their lycanthropes have been hunted to extinction. Now barely a handful remain. We will give all our children revenge."

      "You will create a walking plaque that will wipe out all non- lycanthropic sentients. We created lycanthropes to keep them alive."

      "And look at what they've done with out gift. If they wish annihilation then that is what I will give them. All I require is the girl, my chosen...and..."

      "It is safe and you will never get it." Said the voice before the room dimmed, "End this."

      He just smiled.

      Parker Residence, 1 Hour Later

      Everyone had arrived at the Parkers and after Liz and Nancy patched up Max's wounds that didn't heal, he used his powers to heal everyone else. Having to do nothing during the car ride back had provided Max some of the rest he badly needed after his fight. After everyone was taken care of, drinks were made along with some snacks and everyone sat and relaxed.

      "So is that it?" Michael asked

      "Yeah." Jeff said, "At least for now. Patrick and his Wild Pack are dealt with but there probably will be others out there who want the power that comes with Liz."

      "" Michael said

      "Hey." Liz said

      "Well I wouldn't worry. We'll all be here to protect you." Maria said

      "Got that right." Max said

      "So, Max, what's with Hulking out on everyone?" Alex asked

      "Hulking? Oh yeah...the green thing. Actually I started to change into that when I started remembering what happened on Antar." Max said

      "What's Antar?" Maria asked

      "Our home planet." Max said

      " remember home?" Isabel asked

      "Not all of fact...only a little. Our last fight there and a few bits on the background. We were Lycanthropes, that thing I changed into was our old animan form...I'm guessing we have access to that form as well as our others here. Anyway, at some point in our planets history Antarians were on the verge of wiping themselves out. Pollution, war, the usual things that are happening on Earth. So we took over to prevent it. I don't know the details but there were initial problems with it and after it Antar prospered. We built an empire across the stars and there was peace for over a thousand years until...what was his He started a movement on Antar, effectively anti-lycanthropes. He played on their fears until there was a rebellion." Max said

      "He killed us." Isabel said

      "Yeah." Max said, "But what we were was saved, mixed with human D.N.A and hidden on Earth. Which brings me to something else...there was a prophecy among our people."

      "Another prophecy?" Jeff asked, "Like ours?"

      "Perhaps. Ours said that four of us would journey to a distant star with nine worlds where we would find...uh..." Max said hesitantly

      "Find what?" Liz asked

      "Find a great queen, a queen of ancient blood destined to seek out the origins of her kind and save all who are born of the sentient and the primal." Max said

      "Queen?" Liz asked

      "I think that given the prophecy about you it's pretty obvious ours is referring to you as well." Max said

      "But I'm no queen and what that about ancient blood?" Liz asked

      "Don't know. And if there is anyone in this town who is a queen then it's you." Max said softly

      "This is nuts." Liz said

      "Anything else?" Isabel asked

      "No...yes. Uh, Mr Parker a little of what I got from Liz, it was about the creation myth of Earth lycanthropes?"

      "Yes. That the gods took pity on humanity and cast a great blue star down to the Earth that chose the best of the humans and bound them to animal spirits." Jeff said

      "Well that legend is on Antar. That ancients who walked the stars saw pain and death in the future of our race. Out of pity they sent a blue star to the land that merged primal with sentient."

      "That's one hell of a coincidence." Isabel said

      "I think it's not a coincidence. Remember, we're supposed to be myths ourselves. Maybe there is something to this star thing..." Maria said

      "I guess it's possible." Liz said

      "If the prophecy is true then I doubt we'll learn the truth until you find the Sanctuary." Nancy said

      "Well the council will expect us early tomorrow." Charles said

      "Yes, we should head home." Amy said

      "Max, of course you're welcome to spend the night." Nancy said

      "Really?" Max asked

      "Of course, you're Liz's mate." Nancy said

      Both Liz and Max tried to hide their smiles; they knew that so long as they were able to get away with it they wouldn't be spending their nights apart. Max knew that he should probably call his parents but something in the back of his head told him that it would be the worst timing imaginable.

      He decided to tell them in the morning that his car wouldn't start and that given the hour, Mr Parker kindly put him up in their spare room. Everyone said goodbye to each other before they left leaving the Parkers and Max in the house. Max and Liz simply looked at each other before she took his hand and led him into her bedroom.

      Fraser Woods, The Next Day

      In the early morning as everyone in town was beginning to wake up; the Parkers were taking the new additions to their race out into the woods. Everyone could hear the birds chirping away and with their Rakas hearing everything was vibrant and clear. Jeff led his daughter, Maria, Alex, Max, Isabel and Michael deep into the forest where the council arranged to meet them.

      "Well, we're here." Jeff said

      Michael looked around, "There's nothing here."

      Jeff smiled at the young man, "Yes there is."

      A large golden eagle then came flying out of the sky and landed behind a tree in front of the group. Jeff bowed his head to the bird and then it started to change into her animan form and then into a human. The council members placed their clothes in the area a while before hand. After a minute a Native American woman came out smiling to the others.

      "Hi guys." She said

      "Councillor." Jeff said, "The Others?"

      "Nearby. They'll be a long in a second." She said, "So, this is Liz. Been a while."

      "Have we met?" Liz asked

      "The Councillor was with Stephen on the day of your birth." Jeff said

      "Oh." Liz said

      Just then, a bear, a wolf, Komodo Dragon and a Cheetah came into the clearing just as a dolphin splashed out of a deep pond. All started to change forms as they moved behind trees. They came out a few minutes later, fully dressed and around each of their necks was a metal triangle with letting on the edge. The centre of the triangle was cut out and had a single green stone in the space; also the top was cut away into a curve with a similar stone completing the shape.

      "Liz. These are the members of the Tribal Council, one member for each tribe. Councillors, may I present my daughter Liz. This is Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman, the first members of her own Pride. And this is her mate Max Evans, also Isabel Davidson and Michael Guerin."

      The Rakas leader came forward, he looked at the three new additions closely. He was a little wary of Max after his other transformation last night. He could smell their alien scent coming off of them. "How did they become like us?"

      "Max mated with Liz, from what Dr. Mallory said there are things in his blood that adapted Liz's D.N.A and incorporated it into Max. It appeared to have woken up his own Lycanthropic nature that was suppressed." Jeff said

      The leader nodded as he turned to the other two, his gaze fixed on Michael, "This one...he has a troubled spirit, it could turn him to a Wild Pack."

      "I wouldn't let that happen." Liz said

      "Ms Parker there have been times that even the best of us have fallen to a pack, you couldn't prevent it."

      "Try me." Liz said

      "Liz." Jeff warned

      "She isn't the only one that wouldn't let it happen. Alex, Isabel, Maria and myself would stop it." Max said, "We're least Isabel, Michael, Liz and I are."

      " too." Alex said

      Max looked at him and then at Isabel who blushed. Liz also looked at them, "I knew you two did it but are you...I mean..."

      "We mated." Alex said as his hand found Isabel's

      "I thought I felt something new." Max said with a smile

      "Excuse us." The councillors said getting their attention back

      "Sorry." Liz said

      "Well then, I guess we better get started on this inspection." The flier said

      "Inspection?" Max asked

      "Yes." The Rakas said

      Over the next hour, all three aliens were put through their paces. Agility, strength and their senses were all tested. The Council wanted to make sure that they were completely Rakas. They council did everything they could to the teens, Jeff had to hold Liz and Alex back when it looked like their mates were going to be hurt, but they weren't. By the end of it, their status couldn't be denied by the council and all agreed that their presence is as it was in the prophecy.

      Kitchen, Evans Residence, 09:00

      Diane was cleaning up the kitchen after last nights dinner, it was all left when things got intense but the result was a smile on her face. Then Philip came in behind her and wrapped his arms around his wife as he kissed the back of her neck.

      "Morning." She said

      "Morning." Philip said, "You look like you enjoyed last night."

      "I did."

      "Should we try to convince Max to spend more nights out?" Philip asked

      "Maybe. And speaking of Max's nights out, you do know he didn't come home last night?" Diane asked

      "I know. I got a call from him just now. His car wouldn't start last night and he couldn't get anyone out to fix it so Jeff Parker put him up in his guest room."

      "The father of his girlfriend?"

      "A little weird but then Jeff and Nancy are good people." Philip said

      "Oh wait, why didn't he call here?"

      "He said he had a feeling that at no matter what time he called, it would be a bad time."

      "Oh...oh! Did you tell him?"

      "No. Some things are never discussed but then he's Max."

      "And he always knows when to be scarce. I swear that boy's psychic." Diane said

      {More than you know.} Philip thought, "At least from the sound of it, his date went very well last night."

      "Do you think that maybe we should have that talk with him?" Diane asked

      "What talk...oh *that* talk. No need, I took care of that months ago. He knows to be careful."

      "Good, cause I'm too young to be a grandmother." Diane said

      "Well, accidents do happen." Philip said

      "Oh don' you'll have me all worried." Diane said

      "Now relax. They've only just started seeing each other we wont have to worry about something like that for quite some time."

      "Well, okay."

      "Now, you have a very nice day. I should get going to the office."

      "Okay, but you make sure you're in time for dinner tonight...and Max as well if you can drag him away from Liz."

      Philip smiled and kissed his wife again before he headed out. This time he did go to his office, after heading next door to check in on Isabel and Michael in his mouse form. Things were moving as anticipated, he knew Max and Isabel would quickly take their mates in Liz and Alex.

      He knew that Michael and Maria would eventually get together but it was the last two that concerned him. He had no ideas on them at all and until they had joined with Liz he couldn't tell them of his race, something he had wanted to tell his son for a long time.

      Davidson Residence...

      From wherever they were when they woke up, everyone headed over to Isabel's. Her guest bedroom was used by her parents as a storage room and it needed a severe clean out before Michael moved into it. They were all happy to help, especially Liz since the alternative was Michael going back to that trailer. While Hank was there, that wasn't acceptable to her. In fact Liz was very pleased when Maria told her that she told Michael to pack his bags.

      As everyone arrived at the house, Isabel greeted them warmed and then kissed each of them when they were inside, her kiss with Alex lasted to longest. Soon, when everyone had gotten in, she showed them to the bedroom and opened the door.

      "Holy crap." Michael said

      Inside the room was packed with boxes, the only path inside was the narrowest possible but it still allowed for someone to squeeze in.

      "Isabel...don't want you to take this the wrong way but did your parents throw anything away?" Liz asked

      "Uh...not that I can remember." Isabel said

      "God knows what your attic is like." Max said, "Anyway, lets get started...where are you storing this?"

      "The basement." Isabel said

      "The basement that your afraid of? The basement that your parents always told you to stay out of?" Max asked

      "Yeah." Isabel said

      "Your afraid of the basement?" Alex asked

      "Don't ask my why...I just am. I went down there when I was a kid and came back up scared." Isabel said

      "Why, what's down there?" Maria asked

      "Don't know...can't remember." Isabel said

      Michael and Alex looked at each other, curiosity bubbled in their brains as to what could be in the basement. Isabel looked between the two and shrugged her shoulders.

      "Fine...go, have a look. But be back in five minutes, I want this room emptied before lunch."

      Michael and Alex left, with Maria slipping away at the same time. She couldn't deny her own curiosity and left to join them as they entered the basement. It left Isabel, Max and Liz outside the room and together they started to pull out box after box and stacked them in the hall.

      "GUYS..." Michael called up, "YOU BETTER CHECK THIS OUT."

      The remaining three looked at each other before heading down. As they stood at the door down into the basement, Michael stood just inside it looking down the dark steps.

      "What's up?" Max asked

      "It' should see for yourself." Michael said as he led them down.

      At the bottom of the steps a single light bulb lit the room but only barely. Fortunately their lycanthropic vision filled in the gasp. Maria and Alex stood around the room looking at everything. In the centre of the room was a table covered with books but lining the room were statues of cats, wolves, marine life and various other animals. And at the head of it all was a statue of a creature with parts from different animals.

      "What the hell?" Isabel asked

      "You didn't know about this?" Liz asked

      "No." Isabel said as she touched the statue of the car. She got a flash, she saw the night she first came down here as a little girl and remembered what scared her. That night there was a storm, lightening shot down form the sky and the light from it illuminated the dark room. As the light impacted the contours of the statues, Isabel saw parts of them and it terrified her. That was when her father found her and took her back upstairs. The flash ended there.

      "Isabel?" Max asked

      "I'm fine."

      Alex then picked up a book and out came several photographs, one of each member of their little group and their parents. "Ummmm...guys."

      "Hey, that's us." Maria said

      "Just what the hell is going on here?" Michael asked

      "Isabel, could your parents have been lycanthropes?" Alex asked

      "But why would they have had photos of us...besides any lycanthrope in Roswell would have been apart of my dad's the very least he would have known about it. He would have told us." Liz said

      "Unless they weren't Rakas." Maria said as Michael touched the statue at the head of the others.

      He was sent flying backwards toward Maria. Both fell to the ground, him on top of her with their heads perfectly aligned. They looked into each other's eyes before Michael blinked and got off her.

      "Michael, okay?" Max asked

      "Yeah." Michael said as he moved closer to the statue he touched

      "What?" Isabel asked

      "I saw...your mom and dad...Chimera...what the hell does that mean?" Michael asked

      "Chimera is a mythical animal. It's supposed to be body of a lion, head of a's basically a little bit of everything." Liz said as everyone looked at her, "I looked up myths when I first changed."

      Michael then looked to the table and reached for a book, its cover marked with the letters that covered the lycanthrope Chronicles. Liz, being the only one who had seen the chronicles, grabbed the book when she recognised them.

      "Liz?" Alex asked

      "This is our language." She said as she opened the book, "Max..."

      "What?" Max asked as he looked at the first page and at the date written at the top.

      "Max?" Isabel asked

      "This's the day we hatched from the pods." Max said

      "What?" Michael and Isabel said at the same time as they moved around to look at the page.

      "I wonder what it says?" Maria said

      Liz cocked her head to the side as she looked at the lettering, "We are honoured to have been chosen for this. To protect and love one of the future Star Pride until the day comes when they will join with the First Born Daughter, Liz Parker. We have decided to watch over the girl that was found, and named her Isabel. She is beautiful, unfortunately her people have suppressed her ability to change and so we will have to wait until her joining.

      This is our great task, the other Chimera await the time and we are forbidden from telling our daughter until the great Pride is formed. We are fortunate that the other tribes do not know of us, for them to know now could allow some of them to manipulate the children. While they are under our protection, we can hide them." She said

      Liz took a breath and continued, "Uh...the rest is like a diary. It's recording everything about Isabel through her life...height, weight, school grades, when you and Max first had sex. Everything. It said here that they masked your scent from any lycanthrope that passed through town...they only let our families know about it."

      "This is weird." Isabel said

      "Since when could you read that stuff?" Maria asked Liz

      "I don't know. I just looked at it and the words were in my head." Liz said

      Michael looked over the books again and found another one, "Here read this."

      Liz turned the pages, "This is the same...a diary but this one is on you Michael." Then Michael handed another one, which was on Max. Each of the books described the lives, in detail, of the group. One of the last ones, Liz opened it but it was blank save for two symbols. This first with the Four Square with the fourth mark circled and the second was a large question mark.

      "What about this?" Michael asked

      Liz's eyes widened as she read the text, "It's a Chronicle, but not one from the ones my parents have. It's about the Chimera. "We are the Chimera, first born of the ancient gods. Through the star, the chosen were gathered to the Sanctuary and from the chosen we are chosen. We are born to be protectors, to watch over the younger tribes as they matured to return to the world that gave birth to them. As they left, we remained to watch over the place where human and animal joined as one but the fires of the Earth came forth from the mountain and we had to leave. The fury of the Earth hid the way to our home, making it impossible for us to return until prophecy comes to be." It goes on and on...these Chimera looked after the other tribes until they adapted to what they were."

      "Then they left. Went back out into the world to live instead of staying in the Sanctuary." Maria said

      "And these Chimera left because of what...a volcanic eruption?" Michael asked

      "And lost the way back." Max said

      "So what do we do?" Liz asked, "Do we tell my parents?"

      "I think that's the least of what we do. We need to find these Chimera." Max said

      "That could take a long time. They were taking care of me but that doesn't mean there are any more in town." Isabel said

      "They could be anywhere." Maria said

      "Ughnnn...okay, Liz, take that Chronicle back to your parents let them go over it. They may find something. In the mean time the rest of us have a room to clean out." Max said

      "Uh. Question. Where do we put all those boxes now?" Alex asked

      "I think we might as well go through them. Have a look at what junk my parents held onto. Decide what to bin, keep and what to sell." Isabel said

      "Are you sure?" Max asked

      "Yeah." Isabel said, "And I should finish with my parents room as well."

      Max nodded. Liz took the Chronicle in her hand and everyone went back upstairs. Just as Max was about to close and lock the door, he turned his head and looked back down into the room. He could have sworn he felt something else in the room but he could see, hear or smell anything else so he wrote it off.

      Liz placed the book in her bag and zipped it up tightly, Max kissed her before she left. Everyone else returned to what will become Michael's room to help clearing it out. Meanwhile, down in the basement, an ant came out from behind the Chimera statue. It moved further out into the room and changed shape, soon Philip stood naked on the cement floor.

      "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it. I knew I should have bricked up that door." Philip said, "The guardians are going to love this...and I'm talking to myself." Philip changed shape again and became a mouse that scampered away into a hole that led into a pipe, which connected the two houses. From there he went to another pipe that took him to where he parked his car.

      For the rest of the day, the group cleared out Michael's room. Both Max and Isabel used their powers to help decorate it while they waited word from Liz but she never returned that day. She spent the day with her mother and father studying the Chimera Chronicle; the other adult members of the Pride and Stephen, who all tried to help, soon joined them.

      However, none of them could, none of them had any inkling that there was another tribe out there but by the end of the day it was decided that they'd keep it to themselves, only informing the other family units that were responsible for their tribes chronicles. The Chronicles of the Rakas were their responsibility after all and the others needed to know in order to research their own books and scrolls.

      West Roswell High, 1 Month Later

      It was the first day at school and everyone was heading in through the front doors on mass. The remaining days of summer was comparatively quiet compared the three nights of their change. Most of the time was spent either reading Isabel's parents no-longer secret journals, out on dates with each other or in bed with him or their other lovers. Everything was calm and they could enjoy going out a night when their wasn't a full moon, not that that mattered to Liz anymore since she got her control but the others still needed work.

      In addition to that they spent time researching their chronicles after their parents, and Liz, gave them a crash course in their language. Unfortunately their work didn't get very far. In truth, they found no references outside the human legend of a Chimera being slain by a local prince. At any rate, the research was delayed while they had school.

      Everything seemed normal in the halls as they walked between the mass of students. Max had his arm around Liz, Isabel and Alex were holding hands not that anyone saw and Michael & Maria were keeping their distance as they had for a vast majority of the time in the last weeks. Every one of them knew something happened between the two but had no idea what, no matter how much Liz did in trying to dig it out of her friend.

      When the bell rang, everyone started to disappear into their classes but before that happened Isabel planted a kiss on Alex that made everyone stop and stare at the two of them. Alex's face was almost completely gone from the surprise kiss but shook out of it when Maria grabbed his arm and dragged him into class. All the other students around couldn't believe what they were seeing, especially the jocks who'd usually seen the popular girl's as their own to date. One or two...or nine planned on dealing with this in their own way.

      Biology Class, First Period

      In their first class of the day, Max and Liz settled down next to each other in the lab. With their bags under the table, Max brushed Liz's inner leg with his hand causing her to tremble slightly. He liked making her need him just as much as Liz liked doing the exact same thing. Everyone in the class was talking about their summer vacations with each other; when someone, who had seen Max's arm around Liz earlier, asked how their summer was Max and Liz just smiled.

      Their teacher for the class came in and introduced herself to her new students before she went on to take attendance. Then, just as she was about to start the door opened and in walked Tess who went straight for the teacher. As she entered the room, her scent floated through the air to Max and Liz. Both looked up at her and then to each other.

      "Okay class, we've got a new student transferring in from Miami. This is Tess Harding; Tess there's an empty spot there next to Alice. You can sit there." The teacher said

      "Thank you." Tess said as she moved to sit in the indicated chair. As she looked over, she locked eyes with Max and in that split second she activated her mindwarp.

      The energy washed over Max's mind. He stood up from his desk and marched over to Tess, Max grabbed her and kissed her hard and fast as he leaned her on the desk. His hand trailed up her leg and under her skirt...

      Liz could feel something happening in Max's mind, she couldn't explain what it was but she knew it. Slowly she reached across, her hand running up his strong thigh before Liz took his hand. A connection snapped in place between the two and drove out Tess's images. Max shook his head and looked at Liz as he came back to reality, then both looked at Tess who rubbed her head for a second like she had a headache. She looked back at the two lovers; she's never been forced out of a warp before and had no idea how it happened but as she gazed at Liz, the brunette's eyes changed to the cat and then went back to normal. When Tess saw it she turned back around quickly.

      "Okay class, let's begin."

      Eraser Room, Lunch Time

      It was during their last class that Liz and Isabel had that a spike hit, and it was a major one. It took every ounce of restraint to keep from doing each other right there on their desk. However, they did make it and both walked quickly to the Eraser room after the bell rang. As they got to the room both looked back and forth down the halls to make sure the coast was clear before they stepped inside. Once there, Isabel closed the door and sealed the lock with her powers.

      Isabel turned to Liz and the two looked at each other; Liz was biting her lower lip with anticipation as the blonde stepped closer to her. Their hearts were pounding away with each step and as they were a few inches apart they could feel the heat of each other's breath. The girls reached out and ran their hands over each other's arms

      The two girls came together in a quick and soft kiss. They backed off and looked into each other's eyes before coming together in a longer kiss, a kiss that both felt right down into their souls. As their lips pressed together, slowly they deepened it and Liz opened her mouth to accept Isabel's probing tongue that was trailing along her lower lip. Isabel and Liz wrapped their arms around each other, pressing their bodies tightly together as they accepted what was happening between them.

      They were getting wetter by the second as the gap between their bodies inched closer and closer until there was nothing between them. Isabel pressed her legs tightly together, rubbing them against each other as Liz's hand ran down to the blonde's hip and around to her butt.

      "Hmmm." Liz moaned into Isabel's mouth when the blonde reached up to cup her breasts.

      Liz broke the kiss, breathing hard as she looked at Isabel whose hands were stoking her breasts. Slowly Liz looked down at the swell of Isabel's breasts under her top and then looked quickly back up at her eyes. Isabel smiled and took Liz's hands in hers and then placed them on her chest. Isabel then grabdesk the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head, exposing her naked torso. Liz couldn't take her eyes off the girl's nipples, slowly she licked her lips and Isabel moved closer again to kiss her cheek.

      "I can't believe this is the first time we're doing this...we should never have waited." Isabel said

      "Hey, this is the first there hasn't been a guy around." Liz said as they kissed again

      "I want to see you." Isabel whispered in Liz's ear.

      Liz nodded and pulled off her own tight t-shirt, revealing her breasts to Isabel for the first time. Isabel smiled with heat as she looked at the red lace bra that Liz wore. In the last month she'd gotten to know Liz but still never thought she own this kind of underwear. Slowly Isabel reached up and pinched Liz's right nipple through the lace, causing her to bite her lower lip and gasp. Liz reach behind her and unclipped the clasp, Isabel's hands ran down from Liz's shoulders and took the bra straps with them. Soon the cloth fell to the floor.

      The two once again came together in a passion filled kiss, their breasts crushed together. The next move Liz initiated, as her hands glided over the smooth skin of Isabel's back and snaked their way down. When they reached the top of Isabel's jeans, Liz used her fingers to pull them out from Isabel's skin a little and then slipped her hands inside and cupped Isabel's ass. Liz felt her skin and trailed the line of her underwear, she soon realised that Isabel was wearing a silk thong. The blonde smiled as she felt Liz stroke the naked globes of her butt.

      Quickly Isabel and Liz stripped off their jeans and moved up against the desk. Isabel lifted Liz up and sat her on the desk. Her hands ran over Liz's thighs, her fingertips dancing on the skin. Then she moved further up her legs and hooked her fingers around the lace, Liz raised herself up a little and then Isabel pulled the girl's panties down her legs. She tossed them over her shoulder and gave a smouldering look to Liz.

      As Liz sat on the desk, Isabel pushed her onto her back and then parted her legs. The blonde moved between them and leaned over the girl, she kissed Liz. Liz's hand rested on Isabel's left butt cheek as her other hand held the back of her head. Isabel broke the kiss and straightened her body up. She looked down at the brunette's slit with an irresistible need and hunger. Isabel knelt down onto the floor between Liz's legs.

      Isabel kissed the top of her thigh; she extended her tongue and licked her way up Liz's abdomen as the brunette propped herself up on her elbows, but Isabel kept heading up along her breasts, around her nipple and then up her throat to her mouth where they were once again pressed together and kissing.

      Isabel then reached her hand down and cupped Liz's sex, causing the girl to squirm beneath her. They continued to look at each other as Isabel slipped two fingers into Liz's slit and worked them in and out of her pussy.

      "Ughnnnnnnnn." Liz moaned as she tilted her head back, "Oh god... Isabel.'re so good."

      Liz's hips bucked against Isabel's hand, her entire lower body undulated under the blondes touch. Isabel's other hand cupped Liz's cheek, her finger sliding into Liz's mouth in time to the thrusts of her other hand. Slowly and cautiously Liz slipped her hand round from Isabel's ass, caressed her thigh and slipped it between the blondes' legs and slid her own two fingers into Isabel's thong and then into her slit. Every time Isabel pushed deep into Liz, Liz responded at the same time by thrusting deep into her.

      "Uhmmmmmmmm...god...Lizzzz." Isabel groaned as she rubbed her clit over Liz's hand

      "Mmmmmmm...ISABEL. Please...don't stop." Liz strained out quiet enough to keep anyone passing the room from hearing, both girls grinding against each other.

      "Ugn...Ugnnn...OHHH...YESSS...GODDD...UGNNNNNNN...YEAH...UGNN." moaned Isabel

      " good...yes...Oh god yes...MORE...UGHHHHH...YESSSSSS." Liz screamed

      "ISABEL...ARHHH...OH. MY. GODDDDDDDD." Liz yelled

      "LIZ...THAT'S IT...OH GOD...HARDER...FASTER...OH YESSSSSSSSSS." Isabel cried out

      Both girls froze as they released their passion. As they came down from the high, they looked at each other and wrapped their arms around each other, they kissed. Liz hopped off the desk, neither breaking their kiss.

      A Few Minutes Later...

      Both rested against each other in the corner of the room after Isabel used her powers to clean them up, both caressed each other's bodies. They were enjoying feeling close to each other.

      "That was amazing." Liz said

      "Thank you." Isabel said

      "For what?" Liz asked

      "For screwing Max, making him Rakas and then him being me into it." Isabel said

      "That was a good day." Liz said

      "Too bad Michael and Maria cant get past whatever's eating them." Isabel said

      "I know they slept together once but after that..."

      "They've been screwing everyone else but each other. Not that I mind, but something about them..."

      "They belong to each other. I mean I mated with Max on my first time, same with you and Alex. Hell even my dad can see they belong to each other." Liz said

      "Yeah, okay, new mission before Moon Peak...or the end of the week... whichever is easiest. Find out what happened and get those two into bed with each other. Even if we have to tie Michael on top of her and then tie both to the bed." Isabel said

      The two girls looked at each other and smiled. They shook hands and kissed each other before they got up to got dressed. Isabel unlocked the door and both stepped out just in time for the bell.

      Principle's Office, Roswell High, 14:00

      During Maths, Liz had been called to the principle's office. Everyone looked surprised when it happened, it was only the first day after all and Liz was known as the school good girl. As Liz arrived, the principle asked her to sit down and she did so nervously.

      "Liz, tell me, how do you like our school here?"

      "Ah...well...its school, I like it. The classes have most of the materials we need." Liz answered, not knowing what to say

      "Do you find it challenging?"

      " I mean there are some classes I'm just not good at but on the whole..."

      "Well we have an opportunity for you. One that I hope you'll consider very carefully, tell me, have you ever heard of Moon Peak Academy?"

      Liz was stunned; her parents had drummed into her never to talk about that school with anyone. "Uh, no sir."

      "Well, Moon Peak is an elite education institute. They run a program in which they select students from various schools around the country and take them in on a sort of Scholarship. Most students come away after a year with a high score on S.A.T's and a High School Equivalency. It's actually very impressive, especially since a majority of those graduates go onto Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other top universities in the country. This year, they have made the offer to join the program to you."

      "Me sir?" Liz kept her smile private. She always wondered how her parents planned to get her to Moon Peak without too many questions being asked.

      "You Liz. And they always like their requested students to select others to accompany them. The Moon Peak Principle told me that you have been allocated seven others to go with you. From what I understand it is effectively a boarding school and most invited students prefer to take friends with them...someone familiar who'd jump at the opportunity but still help you and the others settle in. So what do you say Liz, want to represent West Roswell High?"

      Liz smiled, "Count on it sir."

      "And who do you think you'll take with you?"

      "Off hand, Alex Whitman and Maria Deluca. Also, Max Evans, Isabel Davidson and Michael Guerin."

      "Interesting choices. Alex and Maria are your oldest friends so I expected that, from what I've heard you're now seeing Max so that I understand. Isabel is a good student but I didn't think you were friends...but Michael. He barely attends classes here."

      "He will at Moon Peak. I'll make sure of it." Liz said

      "Okay. But that still leaves two."

      "I think I'll think about that some more." Liz said

      "Of course. Moon Peak's school terms start 2 months from now, they're a little different from other schools but they would like to know everything and have all paperwork filled in one month before the term starts."

      "So I've got a month to pick my last two. Okay." Liz said

      "The documents are in the mail and will arrive soon. I'll give them to you the second they get here."

      "Thank you sir." Liz said as she stood up

      The principle let her go back to her class after giving her brochure style details of the Academy that he got over the fax. Once there, Liz never said anything about it until the class was finished. Michael groaned at the idea of attending a school where he couldn't sneak away from classes, and a place where he'd be in close physical proximity to Maria. Max was concerned about what his parent's would think, whether or not they'd let him go. Isabel didn't have that concern but she was concerned about leaving her home and what was beneath it all alone. For the rest of the day, everything was spent in normal classes.

      On the Streets, Roswell, 17:00

      After school, Tess went to her new house. She knew that Nacedo would want to know everything that happened today, especially the results on her little mindwarp on Max that he ordered her to do. So she went home and told him that everything was fine but she never told him of Liz's eyes, only that Liz and Max were very close. After that, Nacedo simply nodded and knew that he'd have to turn his attention to separating the two.

      However he had time, so he ordered Tess to go for a walk. He wanted her to know everything about the town they were in, to know every street, every alley and the location of every manhole cover and grating. He wanted her to be able to leave town very quickly in case the need ever arose.

      So Tess walked for hours through the streets, getting very bored. She's taken a mental inventory of everything she'd seen and every twist and turn. As she was walking, she spotted a group of the school's football players. Tess just brushed by them but she caught a glimpse of someone. Both Kyle and Tess turned their heads to look at each other but they both kept walking.

      "Very nice." Tess said quietly as she looked at his butt and then turned back to look where she was going

      "Damn that's a bod." Kyle said just as quietly as he turned back to the conversation he was having with his friends

      Living Room, Parker Residence...

      Liz returned home and walked into the living room with a smile on her face. Both her parents were sitting on the sofa and looked up at her as she entered.

      "Hi honey, have a nice day?" Nancy asked

      "Oh yes. Apparently I've been specially selected to attend and elite school up north." Liz said

      Both smiled.

      "You know you could have told me that that was the plan." Liz said

      "Where would be the fun in that?" Jeff asked

      Liz smiled, "Oh I should tell you. That's alien number 4 in town."


      "A girl called Tess Harding, she showed up today." Liz said

      "You don't sound too sure about her." Nancy said

      "I'm not. We're pretty sure she tried something on Max but we're not sure what. Max, Isabel and Michael are going to keep an eye on her. Anyway, you'll know her when you see her...or smell her for that matter." Liz said

      "It is her destiny to join with you. She may have been raised differently, maybe even enough to be of concern but remember the prophecy...she will be part of your Pride." Jeff said

      "That's right Liz, maybe you should try to talk to her, get to know her. Or at least try Isabel or one of the boys on her."

      "Uh, no way. Until I know what her interest in Max is I'm keeping her away from him." Liz said

      Nancy smiled, remembering how protective she was of Jeff when they first mated with each other. For the rest of the night, Jeff and Nancy decided it was important to give their daughter as much of a heads up on the new school as possible and that was what they talked about. It was as much to get Liz's mind off of being worried about Tess as it was to brief her.

      Evans Residence...

      Max arrived home from school almost at the exact same moment as Liz walked through her front door. As he moved inside he greeted his mother as he moved into the kitchen to get some apple juice. As he came back out he sat down, his mother giving him glances now and then.



      "You and Liz Parker have been dating for a month now right?"

      "Give to take. Yeah."

      "Well I think it would be a good idea if you invite her over for dinner." Diane said

      Max spluttered out the apple juice and wiped his mouth off, a surprise would have been an understatement.

      "Bad idea?"

      "Uh, no. It's just...unexpected. You really want me to invite her?"

      "Of course. Your father and I don't really know her that well and I think it's about time we remedy that. It's obvious how you feel about each other and you're rarely apart." Diane said

      "Well that's true. Uh...okay yeah I'll ask her when I see her tonight."

      "Another date?"

      "Well it's supposed to be a clear night and it's a full moon tonight so I thought a picnic under the stars. Alex and Isabel will be joining us...they have this thing about stargazing...anyway, I'll ask." Max said

      "Good, I'm glad." Diane said

      "Oh there is something I need to ask you and dad about later."


      "Liz was made an offer today...well I should really talk to you both about it." Max said


      Later that night, Max told both his mother and father about the offer from Moon Peak and that Max, Isabel and Michael were also invited. Philip, of course, was expecting it but Diane was worried as a mother would be. However, they decided to talk it over and let Max know. Later that night, Max went out on his date and as the sun set he reached the Parkers. His body entered his animan form just like the others who hadn't learned control yet, but later in the night and after much practicing to control the effects of the moonlight Max, Isabel and Alex were able to change back and forth. By the end of the night Michael and Maria joined them. They like Liz had beaten the records on the quickest change.

      To Be Continued...

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