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Shadow and Light, Chapter 5

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 11, 2001

      Living Room, Parker Residence...

      Alex and Isabel continued to stare until Liz broke them out of it.

      "Do you two want to borrow my room?" Liz said

      Both snapped out of it and Isabel's eyes shifted back to normal. Maria looked at Max, Isabel and Michael and just shook her head.

      "Okay, so...all of them?" Maria asked

      "Yeah." Jeff said

      "Damn Liz, you really have been busy." Alex said

      "But I suppose we should find out what kind of cats you are." Nancy said, "Max you want to try first?"

      "Sure. But I thought Liz said I was a lion?" Max said

      "Oh yeah, but this is just to be sure." Jeff said

      "Uh, mom...there is that little thing about the first change in sunlight." Liz said

      Both parents just smiled at their daughter who also smiled after a second.

      "What?" Michael asked looked between all three

      "First change causes a spike when it's in sunlight." Maria said

      "Spike? As in one of those uncontrollable needs to have sex? I'm up for that?" Michael said as he perked right up.

      "I'll bet." Maria said

      Jeff chuckled to himself as he looked at the two, even if they weren't aware of it yet they were perfect mates for each other. "Anyway, Max do you have your robe?"

      "Yes sir." Max said as he pointed to his bag.

      Jeff then opened to boxes that sat on the coffee table and he presented Isabel and Michael with their first robes. "Isabel, why don't you go change in Liz's bedroom? Max, Michael, you can use my room to change."

      All three nodded and left only to emerge a few minutes later wearing their robes.

      "Do I have to wear this? It's kinda dorky." Michael said

      "Michael." Max warned.

      "No, it's fine. Michael can continue to wear his jeans and boxers when he goes through a Change." Jeff said with a smile

      Michael winced as the image of what would happen to his dick entered his head. "Ouch."

      "Yeah." Jeff said, "Okay, Max, just follow my instructions. Close your eyes..."

      Jeff relayed the same instructions he had to Liz on her first change and as Max let the images flow over his mind, his body began to twist and mutate. First he changed to his animan form and then continued into his beast form. The robe had slipped off his body and soon a lion stood proudly before everyone. Max shook his head and his thick mane shook with it.

      "Cool." Michael said

      "Okay Max, try to change back." Nancy said

      The lion closed his eyes and his body changed once again, changing back to animan and then to human. Liz place his robe over his body during the change and before long Max was back on his feet. "Wow." Max breathed out.

      "I have to try that." Isabel said

      "Okay, just focus on the images that I described to Max." Jeff said

      Isabel focused; her body shifted and grew fur, a tail and feline features before she sank down to complete her change. Her robe fell away and her hands became paws, soon there was a female jaguar before everyone. With Jeff and Nancy's help she change back, Isabel could feel Alex's eyes on her all during it and in the back of her mind she could have sworn she felt him encourage her.

      Then came Michael's turn and he became a cougar. As he shifted into his animan form from his human one, Maria looked over everyone one of his muscles. She knew then and there that the two of them could have a little fun together. She did need someone to help take care of her spikes after all and she would have a great deal of pleasure taking care of his. After a while he changed back and stood before the others.

      "You know, I don't feel any different...if you know what I mean?" Michael said

      "No spike?" Alex asked

      "No." Isabel and Max said together

      Then it hit Max, "And I don't think it would hit us because this isn't our first time."

      "What?" Isabel asked

      "If the doctor was right then we were Lycanthropes on our home world. It would have happened then. Maybe that stopped it this time." Max said

      "Rats." Michael and Maria said in unison

      Everyone looked at them in turn and smiled. The two teens blushed slightly before looking away from each other.

      "Well, there is a lot to do today because of tonight but I suggest that we take you three out running tomorrow. It'll help you adjust to your new forms." Jeff said, "It is possible Max is right but it also might be delayed because of you being from another planet."

      "I guess." Max said, "So running tomorrow."

      "What's happening tonight?" Michael asked

      "Big fight against a guy who thinks he can buy me to marry his son." Liz said

      "What?" Isabel and Michael asked

      "Yeah. I'll fill you all in but I think we need food." Liz said

      "Actually I am a little hungry." Max said

      "Well then it's a good thing we own a café isn't it?" Nancy said

      All the teens smiled and headed downstairs for a snack. On the way out, Liz stopped Max at the top of the stairs and waited for the others to be out of earshot.

      "Max, I think Alex needs to know." Liz whispered

      "I know. Isabel's going to tell him." Max said

      "Really? What did Michael have to say about that?" Liz asked

      "He had his...concerns." Max said

      "Yeah." Liz smiled before they continued down to the diner, "I'll bet."

      Crashdown, 14:00

      The six teens had broken up into pairs and enjoyed plates of fries and milkshakes. Max and Liz were sitting in one booth, while Alex and Isabel were in another. Michael was sitting at the counter with Maria on the other side cutting up some cake. Each pairing was talking away quietly.

      Alex & Isabel~~~

      "So, how does it feel to be a Rakas?" Isabel asked

      "Don't know. I'm only a couple of days ahead of you on this myself. I can tell you that taking a run in the wood in our animal forms... trust me, you've never experienced anything like it." Alex said

      Isabel smiled seductively and leaned over the table slightly, exposing more of her cleavage in the tight top. "You make it sound like it's better than sex."

      Alex couldn't help and looked down to her breasts before he looked back up to her eyes. There was almost a growl coming from both their throats as their eyes shifted to their cat ones.

      "Well, I wouldn't go that far." Alex said

      Both smiled, "Good to know." Isabel said, then her eyes changed back and her face became serious, "Alex. There is something I need to tell you."

      "Oh?" Alex asked as his eyes returned back to normal, "Oh if this is about you and Max sleeping together..."

      "How'd you know about that?" Isabel asked

      " last couple of days since my change, I've been able to smell him on you and you on him. Doesn't take much to figure that out, especially since after Maria, Liz and I...well."

      "Yeah. I know about that. Very interesting way of having your first time, makes me wished I hadn't missed it." Isabel said, "Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk to you about."


      "Alex...well, since I could become a Rakas now, you know that I'm not exactly your typical human. The truth is...I'm not from around here."

      "So where are you from?" Alex asked

      Isabel pointed up.

      "Up north...Canada?" Alex asked

      "No." Isabel said as she extended her hand up further

      Alex looked up, his mind starting to put the jigsaw pieces into place. Then he smiled and laughed dismissively, "No, no you can't be... that is...I don't believe in...I mean your not"

      "Alien? Other worldly being? Extraterrestrial biological entity?" Isabel asked, "Yes."

      She reached out her hand and a bottle of ketchup slid across the table into it.

      "Wow." Alex said

      "I am an alien, Alex. So are Max and Michael. You see...that day...Liz was shot and Max healed her. We don't know anything about where we're from except that we woke up out of pods about 10 years ago. Then that doctor guy said that from how Liz's D.N.A interacted with these things in our blood and our own D.N.A that we were lycanthropes on our own world."

      Alex was dumbstruck. He just sat there listening to Isabel.

      "Alex, come on say something." Isabel said

      " I don't know what to say." Alex said as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He opened his eyes and looked at Isabel. Alex reached out his hand across the table; Isabel looked into his eyes and took his hand. "But everything does make more sense now. I promise I'll keep it secret but I guess anyone like me will know just from your scent."

      "For some reason other lycanthropes knowing, I don't mind. Humans we do mind but you've got that same problem." Isabel said, "So...are you okay with this?"

      "Yes. I mean I've always thought of things as believing what I can see and last week if you told me that there were hidden species of humanity that can become different animals I would have laughed in your face and called the loony bin people. Now that I know what I am, I guess I should start thinking about things outside of the box." Alex said

      "Always a good place to start." Isabel said as they continued to hold hands

      Max & Liz~~~

      "Well, so far no freak outs." Liz said, as she looked passed Max to where Alex and Isabel were sitting.

      "Yeah." Max said

      "So how are you doing?" Liz asked

      "I'm great. I certainly enjoyed this morning...and even more when you showed up." Max said

      Liz smiled, "I thought you might. And here was me dead set against having Michael, who would have thought he looks like that without his clothes on. Then there's you." Liz said

      Max smiled as well, "Oh what about me?"

      "Those big strong muscles, hard chest...the way your butt looked as you moved against Isabel." Liz said

      "The way you looked kissing her." Max said

      "The way you looked kissing Michael." Liz said

      "That was unexpected." Max said

      "But not least from my perspective." Liz said

      "You know, we really should talk about tonight." Max said

      " know you don't..."

      "Don't what? Have to do this? Liz, this guy will go all out to kill your dad to get you. At the very least I will have a better chance at winning with my powers, besides, even if you weren't my girlfriend I'd do it just to put someone like that guy down." Max said

      "You know somehow that feels very sweet." Liz said, "In a weird kind way."

      Both looked into each other's eyes as their feet rubbed against each other under the table.

      "I just don't want to see you get hurt because of me." Liz said

      "I wont. Besides Michael and Isabel would kill me if I got hurt."

      Liz smiled and turned to Maria and Michael, "What do you think about them?"

      "Michael and Maria...please, they'd tear each other to shreds." Max said

      "But probably have a lot of fun doing it." Liz said

      "No doubt." Max said

      Michael & Maria~~~

      "Ughnn...makes you want to throw up." Maria said as she looked at both couples

      "Yeah." Michael said before he sucked on a straw and lowered the level of his milkshake a lot.

      "So, no spike controlled urges yet?" Maria asked

      "No." Michael said with disappointment, "You getting one?"

      "No. You do know we don't have to wait for a spike to do it. We can have fun whenever we need...want to." Maria said

      "Really? You know, I think I like being...uh...what is it?"

      "Rakas." Maria said

      "Rakas. Right. You know Max filled me in on this fight challenge thing." Michael said

      "Don't you even dare try to stop it." Maria said, as she looked at him with stern eyes

      "Not that I could if I wanted to. It's just, could I do something to help him?" Michael asked

      "No clue. But I doubt it, from what I've been picking up this is kind of a one on one situation." Maria said

      "Yeah, figured that." Michael said, "But I doubt that means we couldn't arrange backup."

      "Ooh, what'd you have in mind?" Maria asked

      "Come on." Michael said

      Michael grabbed Maria's wrist and headed for the exit. As the door swung closed, the other four looked in that direction. They were all thinking the same thing about why the two left but also decided a little alone time would be good. Liz and Max still needed to get to know a lot more about each other, as did Alex and Isabel.

      Miami, Florida, Same Time

      In his home, Nacedo stood in front of a mirror hanging above the fireplace in his living room. The alien shape shifter pressed his hand to the glass and the reflective surface rippled as the image changed from his face to that of another. While he was there, Tess walked down the stairs of the house. When he heard her protector talking, she stopped moving and started listening.

      "What is it?" came a voice from the mirror

      "Something is happening to Tess. Her eyes changed as though she was entering a change. It was coming through her link from the other three." Nacedo said

      "This is impossible. Her abilities to change are suppressed by the scientist who created the hybrids."

      "I know. It may be possible the mated links formed on Antar still exist in a rudimentary way here on Earth. I will go to Roswell to check on what is happening with the others."

      "Our lord will want answers. Kivar spent much time eradicating those animals from our space and he needs an heir of the royal line to utilise the Granolith. She needs to mate with Zan."

      "Kivar will have the child." Nacedo said as the image rippled back to his own reflection.

      Tess heard everything, she knew that Nacedo was grooming her to seduce Zan but she didn't know that any child of hers would be handed over to someone else. She had never had any doubts about what Nacedo was telling her to do, to be honest she was attracted to the three aliens in the photos to the point where fantasies constantly crept into her mind.

      When the communication ended, Tess quietly and quickly ran upstairs to her room. She closed her door and looked around at the masses of files and photos. As she moved around, looking at the three of her fellow hybrids together, she decided to go along with Nacedo for now. While she never had any intention of handing over her child, she thought she could handle him if and when that time came. Tess grabbed a suitcase from on top of her wardrobe and tossed it onto her bed. Quickly she started to empty her clothes into it.

      Then Nacedo entered, "What are you doing?"

      "Packing. We're going to Roswell right? To find out what's going on?" Tess said

      "Yes." Nacedo said

      "Sooner or later we were going to go there, now because of whatever they are doing that's causing the pain and my eye thing." Tess said

      "Of course, but are you ready to tempt Zan to your bed?" Nacedo asked

      "Just wait and see." Tess said with a gleam in her eye that brought a smile to Nacedo, a very evil smile.

      Nacedo left to his room to pack his belongings, leaving Tess to pack hers. They never had a lot of belongings, just in case they needed to up root in a hurry. Fortunately Nacedo's cover allowed them to move quickly when needed.

      Parker Residence...

      Jeff was waiting around with his wife. They could feel the approaching hour of moonrise and they were on edge because of what it meant. The upcoming fight weighed heavily on their minds, the last thing either of them wanted was for Max to be injured or even killed trying to protect Liz from Flanagan but if he didn't fight then they could loose Liz completely.

      Both knew the history of their race, the part that they hadn't passed on to their children. The part that came before the first chronicle and had been handed down within their family and that of the tribal leaderships. For a long time, the tribes revelled in their animal nature. The traits of the Wild Packs that they now hated and frowned upon were once as common in their people as a light bulb in Time Square.

      The Wild Pack never turned their backs on that lifestyle, and it was all within them. Their wild instincts. It was why Moon Peak Academy and other schools like it were set up throughout the world, in addition to educating their people it was to help their younger people control the instincts before they started hunting the streets at night. Jeff and Nancy knew that Liz being forced into a Wild Pack could turn her as wild as the pack members were.

      After a while of silent worrying, the phone rang. Jeff picked it up and Nancy watched as his body straightened. Jeff then mouthed the word `Council' to his wife. "This is Jeff Parker."

      "Mr Parker, The Tribal Council has learned of the challenge to you from the leader of one of the Wild Packs. Given who your daughter is, this is of great concern to them. The Council is coming to witness it, to ensure that nothing is untoward." Said the council's representative

      "I understand, but you should be aware...last night my daughter took a mate and her Pride is forming. Six have gathered just now but her mate has agreed to fight tonight. You should also know that Liz has learned to control her change, she was able to change back last night." Jeff said

      "Really...I will inform the council of this. They were under the impression that your own pride and your children were the only Lycanthropes living in Roswell?"

      "They're not Rakas by birth, at least not technically. The situation is complicated but Liz herself made them Rakas. The prophecy appears to be occurring." Jeff said

      "Mr Parker...after the fight the council will wish to inspect these new Rakas."

      "Understandable. However, this is my daughter. I will not allow anything to intervene with this." Jeff said, he knew fine well that some of the Council are wary about his daughter and what I meant if the Prophecy came to pass. If even one of the Council tried to manipulate Liz then he would make sure that mistake didn't live long.

      "Of course Mr Parker. Your words to the council on the day of her birth have not been forgotten. However, you should also be aware that everything must be done carefully. Your daughter, as part of the Wild Pack is dangerous in itself; warn your daughter's mate to fight carefully and not to cheat. Don't give Flanagan or his pack anyway to appeal to the council or for them to overturn the result."

      "I will." Jeff said as the line went dead on the other end. Jeff hung up and turned back to his wife, "The Council are coming."

      "Oh dear." Nancy said, "But I should have known they'd have an interest in it."

      "They would like us to make sure that there is no impropriety in the fight. I think they're prepared to do anything to make sure Liz doesn't join the Wild Pack but..."

      "They don't want Patrick manipulating our laws to make a valid appeal in getting the result of the fight overturned if Max wins." Nancy sad

      "I'll warn Max. He will probably have to fight without his powers."

      "Can he win without them?"

      "We'll see." Jeff said as he looked at the clock, he still had a long time to wait.

      Whitman Residence, 15:00

      Alex and Isabel arrived at his house. After a walk through the park, they decided to have a nice quiet drink in private so they went there. As they arrived, Alex showed Isabel around his house before taking her to the kitchen. Both of his parents were at work and the house was quiet as he fixed some drinks for them.

      "You know...I never did say that I was sorry, about your parents I mean." Alex said

      Isabel closed her eyes for a second. "Thank you." She said softly

      "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..."

      "No, it's okay. There are only a few people who I know who actually really mean it instead of just being sympathetic. Your someone who means it." Isabel said

      Alex smiled, "So."

      "So." Isabel said, "I guess being Rakas would make Phys-Ed class a little more interesting for you."

      Alex looked at her and smiled, "Hey, I never thought of that. Better agility and strength...I wonder if I could get the 3 pointers in basketball."

      "Wouldn't surprise me if you could get it in the net from across the court." Isabel said, "Or maybe kick a football into orbit."

      Alex laughed, "Oh yeah, that would kill the team."

      "And then some." Isabel said

      Then Alex stopped laughing, "Too bad I cant. We can't do anything that could expose what we are."

      "Maybe...but there's nothing about not being lucky here and there." Isabel said

      "Ah hahhhh..." Alex said, "Good plan."

      "Speaking of good plans...I really should start looking for some part time work."

      "I thought your parents left you a lot of money?"

      "Oh they did, but I'd like to use as little of that is possible and the bills are going to start coming in soon so..."

      "Yeah, you know Mr Parker is always looking for new help at the Crash?" Alex said

      Isabel cringed slightly

      "Not the waitress type?" Alex asked

      "Uhhhhh...well it's just not something I would jump at or consider. But then I guess beggars can't be choosers. I guess I should start considering things like that."

      "Yeah, besides it'll only be a couple of shifts a week. Mr P will look out for you."

      "I thought we were supposed to be a part of Liz's Pride?"

      "Well, yeah but that's incomplete. Until all eight of us are here we're still part of Mr Parker's least according to my dad. And the pride members look out for each other."

      "Even though I'm not technically a member of your Pride?" Isabel asked

      "Oh you are. Just because you weren't born into it doesn't's kind of considered that because Liz is responsible for you being Rakas that you are Priders."

      "Priders? Is that the technical term?"

      "Hey, I'm new at this. Making up words is part of the fun." Alex said

      "Well...come on. Show me more of your house." Isabel said as she stood up.

      Alex stood as well, "There really isn't that much more to see... bathroom, parent's room."

      "Your room?" Isabel said as she looked at him, "That could be interesting."


      "Lets me see what makes you tick." Isabel explained

      Alex led Isabel upstairs and down the hall to his bedroom. He opened the door to it and let Isabel inside; she looked over everything and spotted his guitar.

      "You play?"

      "Oh yeah. If I didn't have that, Liz and Maria I'd be in front of my computer day in day out." Alex said as he picked up the instrument and put it away.

      Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder, Alex turned around to see Isabel standing in front of him. As they locked eyes, both pairs shifted to cat's eyes. The two moved closer to each other, both feeling the heat from each other as well as the intense desire to be one.

      They reached out at the same time and their fingers interlocked, level with their waists before they released and Isabel ran her hands up Alex's arms. The distance between their heads quickly shortened as they came together in a kiss. They pressed their lips together as Isabel opened her mouth and his tongue slowly probed inside. Soon their arms were completely wrapped around each other before Alex put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her red leather jacket off her body and onto the floor.

      Isabel then started to pull of his T-shirt and threw it down to the floor. Her fingertips slid down his abdomen, and grasped him around the waist; she began to rub herself against him. He inhaled sharply and moved to hold her close; his hands trailed over her back and moved down until he got to the hem. Alex pulled it off over her head and stood for a moment to appreciate what he was seeing.

      Isabel's hands glided over her body and inch-by-inch the satin bra was pealed from her skin. She exposed her breasts ever so gently, Alex watched as the garment fell lower to her belly and she let it go. Then Isabel started on her tight jeans and before long they were tossed away to join the rest of their clothes. Isabel's hips began to sway slightly as her hands dancing along her own body. She showed no signs of hesitation in touching her own body as she imagined her hands were Alex's, her fingers danced along the sides of her breasts, circled her nipples with her finger tips and down her body again. Then she moved them down to her red panties and slipped them off her legs.

      Alex looked at her; his dick swelled in his pants and quickly he took them off along with his underwear. Her body moved with the grace of a cat as she pressed her naked body against his. Their hands were everywhere over each other as they moved to the bed, Alex looked at her for a minute before laying her on his bed and he joined her. She was curled up against him, and his hand slid down her side. Alex kissed her, his lips gently massaged hers, and his tongue slid along her lips, seeking and asking entrance. His hand hesitated as it came up along the side of her breast. She arched into his hand however, giving him no reason to hold back.

      Her eyes were closed but her breathing was heavy, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Alex slid a hand down the side of her body and up the inside of her legs. Isabel parted her long legs and Alex slid his body between her thighs. "Alex." She sighed. Isabel led his hand to her breast, and he gripped it lightly, but firmly. His fingers flicked gently at her already hardened nipple. A low groan tore from her throat and her hand came up to grab his head, and to pull him closer. Both lovers explored each other, carefully, tentatively but also with eagerness. Every touch seemed to intensify the stare from their cat like eyes.

      Alex bathed her nipples with his tongue and then started to proceed down. When he reached her stomach, he used his tongue in circles getting smaller and smaller as he got to her bellybutton, gently he stuck the tip of his tongue in and swirled it around. His tongue traced a wet path further down; Isabel opened her eyes slightly and inhaled sharply.

      "Ughhnnnnn." Isabel gasped

      He was staring into her slit, his tongue coming out to lick the length of her slit. Isabel groaned and whimpered, placing her hands in his hair she held him closer, begging him for more. He complied, as he inserted his tongue into her. She cried out and with the heat her body was already experiencing from her strip, she came all over his tongue. Alex rolled Isabel onto her back and mounted her body. Isabel moved beneath him, and he placed himself at her entrance.

      "I want you Alex. Take me." Isabel said

      The first plunge took him deep into her and she cried out as he filled her completely. He stayed there for a few seconds, languishing in the feel of her grip and then he began to move. As he gently sawed his cock within her, his thoughts reached her and hers reached him, completely mingling so they were of mind as it always was for all the lovers in the group. Isabel's breath was on his skin and his eyes snapped open, he met her mouth with his. Their tongues entwined as their bodies met again and again.

      Without saying anything, she wrapped her legs around him and flipped him over so that she was riding him. She ground her hips into his, as she took him. Her hands moved over his and then she placed them exactly where she wanted them to be. His fingers played lightly with her nipples, and then he leaned up and tentatively touched each one with his tongue.

      "Alex." Isabel gasped as she held his head to her bosom.

      Then Alex flipped them over again, he looked deep into her eyes and pulled her body closer. Isabel began to writhe beneath him, she was rapidly approaching orgasm and so was Alex, "Iz, ughnnnn...I'm gonna..."

      "Oh god...Alex...GOD...CUM FOR ME...OH YESSS...ALEX DO IT!" Isabel said, as he licked the side of his neck.


      Alex thrust one last time and came deep inside her. She pulled him close to her and rested his head over her heart. He was shuddering in her arms, from the force of his climax, and he still could feel her muscles quivering around him.

      "I love you." They both told each other at the same time.

      In that instant their eyes changed back to normal, both could hear everything in the room, including their own heartbeats. Unknown to the other, they could have sworn that they could hear each other's thoughts, which was what was happening. Their minds had become linked as their bodies became tuned to each other. Isabel looked up into Alex's eyes and ran her fingers over his cheek.

      "I...I think..." Isabel tried to speak as she smiled

      "We mated." Alex said with the same smile.

      Slowly, Alex rolled off of Isabel but they remained close with their arms around each other. Both lay on their sides and looked at each other before they kissed once more, letting their feelings for each other wash over them. Neither wanted to sleep despite the fact they had driven their bodies to exhaustion. They just rested in each others arms for along time, talking quietly about themselves and their pasts before they got out of bed and got dressed.

      Guerin Trailer, Roswell Trailer Park...

      Michael arrived at his trailer with Maria in tow. As he opened the door and let Maria in while he started rummaging around for something.

      "Nice...homey." Maria said as she looked around

      "Thanks, I do what I can. Got a copy of Martha Stewart's book around here somewhere." Michael said as he continued to look

      "Should lend it to my mom." Maria said

      Michael smiled, "You really don't need to talk this place up. I know it's a hole."

      "Hey I'm being serious here. It's cosy."

      "Yeah for vacations, not as a home." Michael said as he starting digging behind his sofa.

      "What are you looking for?" Maria asked

      "This." Michael said as he struggled to bring out his goal. He brought out a shiny metal baseball bat and gripped it tightly in his hands.

      "Nice. What's it for?" Maria asked

      "Well you see someone throws a ball and the guy with this tries to hit it. Nice little game called baseball." Michael said

      "Ha ha. Very funny, come on what's it for?"

      "Well this guy Max is going to fight, he probably fights as dirty as it gets and I'm not too good with my powers. I'm taking back up." Michael said as he tossed the bat to Maria

      "This should cause some damage." Maria said just as the door opened

      Hank came in, and it was obvious he had been drinking again. At first all he saw was Michael and stared at him, "What the hell you doing here? Shouldn't you be at school?"

      "It's the summer." Michael said

      "Well make some food. That's what your good at...or just get out." Hank said as he looked passed Michael and saw Maria, "But she can stay. Hey, your new around here."

      Maria shook her head, "Yeah but not coming back."

      "Oh really?" Hank said as he took a step toward her

      Michael put his hand on his adoptive father's chest and stopped him from moving closer, "Back off."

      Hank looked at Michael and hit the alien in his face with the back of his hand. Michael's head fell down to the side and Maria watched as his eyes became Rakas and then shift back to normal as he straightened up to look Hank in the eye. Usually at this point Michael would have backed away and let Hank cool down or sleep it off but not this time. He stood before Hank, his whole posture was like a challenge.

      Hank looked at Michael, like hell we was going to let him go without another hit, and another, and another. He was going to hit Michael until he went down and stayed down. He balled his fist, ready to strike for the second time and swung at the alien. Michael moved faster and grabbed Hank's wrist, stopping the strike before it connected.

      Michael squeezed hand on Hank's wrist and the human opened his mouth in pain but no sound came out. He fell to his knees and Michael continued to hold him tightly before finally releasing him. Hank fell to the floor, holding and rubbing his already bruised wrist. Maria moved closer and looked back and forth between the two.

      "Nicely done." Maria said as she moved up onto her tiptoes and kissed Michael

      He was surprised but it wasn't unpleasant, "What was that for?"

      Maria didn't know. When it happened she knew she just had to do it so she did. " needed it." She said as she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Maria latched one onto Hanks wrist and the other onto a metal pipe under the sink.

      Michael just looked at her, "What do you use handcuffs for?"

      "Don't ask questions you don't want the answers for." Maria said with a blush. She had one or two other ideas to use the handcuffs for but this was as good a cause as any. "And like hell you're staying here Spaceboy. Get your stuff, you're moving out."

      "Are you ordering me?"

      "No. Just saving my own ass. Liz would give me grief and I think Isabel would have a thing or two to say about it." Maria said

      Michael went into his room and emerged a few minutes later with a duffle bag that looked only half filled.

      "That's it?"

      "That's all I need." Michael said before he picked up the bat

      Maria nodded and both headed out to her car after Maria dropped the key to the handcuffs just out of reach of Hank. She came him a little wave goodbye and left with Michael.

      Davidson Residence, 15 Minutes Later

      Michael arrived at Isabel's with his duffle bag over his shoulder. He walked up the path and reached the door, after ringing the doorbell Isabel opened it. She quickly closed her bathrobe and Michael spotted Alex trying to fasten up his jeans in the hall. Michael raised an eyebrow as Isabel spotted the bag.

      "Well, it's about time." Isabel said, knowing that Michael had finally left his so called home.

      "Just how long term is that invitation to stay?" Michael asked

      "Get in here." Isabel said

      "Uh Alex?" Michael said

      "Oh...uh...we needed somewhere a little private after his parents came home." Isabel said

      "So you two..."

      "Don't ask. Let's just say that we're exploring all aspects of our relationship." Isabel said

      "Yeah, that's how I'll describe it." Michael said as Maria appeared behind him

      "Hey Isabel."


      "HEY ALEX." Maria called out

      "MARIA." He called back

      "Come on you two." Isabel said as she let the others into her house.

      Living Room, Evans Residence...

      As Diane was sitting watching her soaps, she was surprised when Philip walked in through the door. She looked up and smiled as he approached her chair.

      "Hi Honey." Philip said

      "Hey, you're home early." Diane said

      "Actually...I'm going to be late. I just got a new case in, it's urgent and makes no sense what so ever." Philip said

      "So you'll be working into the long hours of the night and you're in to grab a quick sandwich." Diane said

      "Yeah." Philip said carefully, "Did you just become a mind reader?"

      "No. Max was in about thirty minutes ago to make one. He's taking Liz out on a date tonight."

      "Really?" Philip asked, feigning surprise. "I hope they have a good time." Philip went into the kitchen and came back out a few minutes later with a sandwich in his mouth.

      "You know...all these late night will make me think your having an affair." Diane said as she stood up and straightened her husband's tie.

      Philip swallowed what was in his mouth and took the sandwich away. He smiled and kissed his wife, "Not even possible."

      Diane smiled and handed her husband his briefcase but he placed it on the coffee table and opened it to pull out two packages. Philip opened one box and showed his wife the contents ­ a pearl necklace.

      "Philip..." she gasped seeing it

      "It's been a while since I bought you anything like this when it wasn't an occasion." Philip said

      "Oh I'm not complaining."

      "And since Max will be out...probably all night, and I doubt I'll be much longer passed eight..." Philip said as he opened the second box and took hold of the fabric inside and pulled it out. It was soon hanging in front of Philip full length and Diane saw a luxurious black silk negligee.

      Diane smiled as she looked straight into her husband's eyes, "Now, is this for me...or for you?"

      Philip smiled, "Maybe both. Just a little."

      "Hmmm..." Diane said and kissed her husband, "Don't be too late."

      "I wont." Philip said

      Philip then closed his briefcase and left the house. He got into his car and drove away but he never went to his office, instead he headed out of town and straight for Fraser Woods. When he got there, Philip parked the car in a cave that had plenty of room in it.

      As Philip stepped out of the car, he started taking off his tie and before long he was taking off the rest of his clothes. He folded them and placed them in the back seat of his car before he left the cave, naked. He started to cover the entrance with nearby foliage and soon nothing could be seen of the cave. Jeff walked away from the cave to a nearby pond where he entered. He spent only a few minutes in the water washing himself before he emerged and stood in the clearing. Soon a worm came poking up out of the ground just as a hawk flew in. Then came a deer and a coyote. All stood before Philip before they changed shape. In seconds all appeared in human form and all as equally naked.

      "Guardians, is it time?" Philip asked

      "Yes." A women, who formed from the deer, said

      "Your son is mated with the girl and the fight will come tonight." The worm, who was now a male

      "Can...can Max win?" Philip asked

      "If he can unite both sides of his lycanthropic nature. Yes."


      "No. You must offer no assistance. None of the Chimera can interfere with this. Our fate is intertwined with the Lycanthropes, we were the first before them but they must not suspect our existence until it is time. Besides, this Rakas could use your interference to change the result. Your son must secure the girl as his mate on his own, all we can do is watch." The hawk woman said

      Philip nodded, all the others changed into animals but different ones than before. Soon they all headed off in different directions. Jeff walked further into the woods and soon he was running, before long he changed shape and the Raven was flying through the woods, out to the desert.

      Parker Residence, Sunset

      Everyone had gathered in the Parker's house and had changed into their robes. Everyone was nervous, especially Max who had Liz sitting in his lap with her head on his shoulder. Alex and Isabel stayed close to each other with Michael and Maria just sitting, neither saying anything to each other. However, Michael did have his baseball bat nearby. The lighting in the room had been changing in the last little while and the parents had been standing at the windows watching as the sun went down. Then a little while later, when it was completely dark, Jeff turned to the others.

      "It's time." He said

      The full moon started rising over the horizon and everyone moved to the windows. Everyone watched the moon as it's light bathed over them and their bodies changed into their animan forms. Liz looked at Max and took his hand in hers and headed to the door when her parents started toward it. Downstairs, everyone pilled into their cars and drove off into the desert.

      Wild Pack Camp, Out in the Desert, 1 Hour Later

      A slight glow on the horizon guided Jeff and his Pride to the site. As they arrived, there was a massive fire roaring away with the Wild Pack all standing in front of it and each one of them was in their animan forms. Jeff and Nancy got out first and Liz moved between them. Max then left the car and stayed out of sight behind Jeff, exactly as he was told to do. Soon everyone was out of the cars and facing the pack.

      Then from over the hillside came the Council. They got out of their vehicles and looked over the area. Patrick and his pack looked up at them, he was wary at first but settled himself when he realised they weren't going to interfere. Liz looked at the members of the council. One was like herself, a Rakas and there was also a Wolfen, both standing proudly in the moonlight. Then there were the others; Liz saw one who was even built even more heavily than the Wolfen, his black fur was thick and his face was distinctly like a bear. Next to him was a woman with wings, talons and even a beak. She wasn't covered with fur but rather soft brown feathers. There was another woman who was covered with shiny silvery scales, gills on her neck and webbing in between her fingers and toes. She even had fins along her arms; she was obviously a part of the sea and one of the Oceanics her father described. The last member of the council was a reptile, covered with green scales, a thick tail and very sharp teeth.

      Feline, canine, bear, bird, marine and reptile, all were present for this fight. All except the snakes who isolated themselves from the other tribes and stayed in South America. As the council watched the site, Philip landed nearby and stayed in his raven form. While he had all species of earth to chose from, this was his favourite. Jeff, Nancy and Liz moved closer, Patrick also stepped closer.

      "Ready Jeffie boy?" Patrick asked

      "Oh yes." Jeff said as he stepped to the side. Max stepped forward but kept his hood over his face for the moment. Patrick picked up on the different scent once more and looked cautiously.

      "What is this?" Patrick asked

      "This is Max. He's Liz's mate and will be fighting you tonight." Jeff said

      Max pulled back his hood, along with Isabel and Michael. All showed their Rakas faces causing Patrick to take a step back.

      "What is this?" Patrick asked with fear and agitation

      "Don't you know the prophecy? A pride formed from herself. Liz made them Rakas." Nancy said

      Patrick's eyes narrowed as he looked at Max and Max stared back at him. Above them the full moon shown down on them. Off to the side, Michael had his hand on the bat ­ just in case. All around the site, everyone watched intently as the sound of blood pumping in veins became the only thing that could be heard.

      "Remember, no powers." Jeff said to Max

      "I know." Max said, never breaking eye contact with Patrick

      "LET'S DO THIS." Patrick yelled for everyone to hear

      Then he leapt into the air, diving straight toward Max. Max moved quickly out of the way, rolling across the sand and then back up onto his feet facing Patrick. Max then went into strike with his claws, slashing away but Patrick was able to move out of the way every time. Then Patrick shot out with one arm and grabbed Max's throat.

      Max growled before swing his leg up and impacting Patrick below his ribs with a side kick. It caused Patrick to let go but he immediately countered with his claws slashing away. Max was fast but some of the claw still tore into his flesh, then Max's wrestling classes at school came in handy and moved to pin Patrick to the ground, his arm around Patrick's throat.

      Patrick easily jumped out of it, pouncing backward over Max's head and landing on his feet. Patrick slashed again, Max using every restraint he had not to use his powers. Max started punching; he connected several times causing Patrick to fall to the ground. Patrick couldn't believe he was on the ground and swung his legs around, tripping Max who landed on his back.

      Ten Minutes Later...

      The fight was still happening, both Rakas were sweating to the point that their fur was soaked...and not only with sweat. They were both bleeding a lot form their wounds and Patrick was impressed. For a new Rakas, Max was doing well utilising his new agility and strength.

      But Patrick knew how to use it more.

      The Wild Pack watched as their leader circled Max like a predator. He moved quickly and deadly, sending his four elongated claws into Max's gut. Max fell to the ground, holding his belly tightly. Liz tried to move to him but her father held her back and shook his head, there was nothing any of them could do.

      "Come on Max. Do it...let it out." Philip said like someone sitting at home watching a football game and coaching the team.

      Just as Patrick raised his hand to make his final strike, he smiled down at his victim and Max looked up at him. Patrick plunged his claw down, aiming straight for the back of Max's neck. Max used everything he had left and span around, grabbing Patrick's hand at the last possible second.

      "Max..." Philip begged, the sounds of his words carried on the wind to Max

      He felt a new strength in him; he suddenly remembered his last fight on Antar. Everything about this fight brought it back to him as well as something else, something stirring in his blood that was sparked as he remembered when he entered the change that day. Strength filled Max's body with each second as he raised Patrick's hand up and away from him. Max moved to his knees and then up to his feet. Patrick looked down as Max's eyes became a deep shade of blue and everyone saw his golden fur become green. His muscles swelled until he stood bigger and taller than Patrick. Bone spikes then protruded from his arms and down his spine.

      "Yes." Philip said as he watched his son lift Patrick up into the air.

      Max growled loudly into the night as he threw Patrick clear over the camp site and passed the fire. Max pounced up, jumping just as far as he could throw and landed on top of Patrick. Then enemy Rakas tried to crawl backward as he lay on his back but Max prevented him from moving far. He raised his claw up to slash at Patrick, and brought his claws down even faster than he had before.

      "No." Patrick said with fear as he raised his hands up to shield his face but wasn't in time.

      Max left deep scratches along the Rakas's face, "Remember, leave us and Liz alone." He said in a deep voice.

      Patrick could only nod. Max got off of him and started back toward the others, no one could stop Liz as she ran toward him but everyone else quickly followed her. Max fell to his knees as he slowly changed back to his Rakas form and then into his human form. Liz changed back and held her lover as they kissed, everyone gathered around him with smiles on their faces. Jeff looked up to the Council; in turn each of them gave a single nod before coming down themselves.

      Off to the side, if Philip could have in his raven form, he would have smiled as he flew off. He headed straight to the woods and his car, he still had a very eagerly awaited rendezvous with his wife. Unfortunately the pack wasn't finished. Several of them rushed towards the gathered Pride with their sharp claws extended and watching to strike.

      To Be Continued...

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