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Shadow and Light, Chapter 4

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 6, 2004

      Living Room, Davidson Residence, Same Time

      After Max ran off toward the Crashdown, Michael and Isabel continued to head to her home. Their walk was slow and, compared to what just happened, it was uneventful. When they got there, Isabel poured them both a glass of orange juice with Tabasco inside it before sitting in an armchair across from Michael.

      "So, is he loosing it?" Michael asked

      "I don't know. But saying that lioness was yeah." Isabel said

      "What the hell was a lion and a panther doing in the middle of Roswell anyway?" Michael asked

      "I don't know, but that panther..."

      "It was targeting Max. It went straight for him." Michael said

      "And the lion did protect him." Isabel said, "And..."

      "And what?" Michael asked

      "Ever since Max healed Liz there was this...I don't know, a vibe. From the way Max describes it, he picked up on something a lot stronger but I'm feeling something around her."

      "Don't tell me..."

      "I felt that vibe tonight." Isabel said confirmed

      "What is it you feel...exactly?" Michael asked

      "I don't know. It's just like a tingle in my head." Isabel said

      Michael looked at her.

      "You're feeling it too?" Isabel asked

      "Something. But I've never put it down to Liz." Michael said

      "Well maybe you should. Did you feel it tonight?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah." Michael said just as he felt a twinge in his body, only slightly lower.

      Isabel looked around, also feeling it. She could swear she could feel a hand running over her body. "Uh...what's happening?"

      Michael groaned deeply, "Welcome to my world." He said as he shifted of the sofa, trying to adjust his growing erection in his pants without being too obvious.

      "Ahhh..." Isabel gasped, her eyes going wide, "What?"

      "Max is getting it on." Michael said

      "And you know this how?" Isabel asked

      "I get this every time you and Max do it." Michael said

      "Every time?" Isabel asked

      Michael nodded just before he and Isabel's bodies seized up. Their eyes changed and became catlike. Both fell to the floor in pain, experiencing what Max was dealing with at the same time. Then just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Both looked up at each other.

      "That was new." Michael said

      "I would hope so. What was with the eyes?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah, I mean they looked like a cats." Michael said

      Both looked at each other.

      "How could you know they looked like a cat?" Both said together, "You mean my eyes..."

      Both stood up and looked to the nearest mirror over the fireplace. The stood there with their mouths hanging open and watched as their eyes became normal.

      Miami, Florida...

      On the east coast of the country, Tess Harding lay in bed. Around her were notebooks filled with details and photographs of her fellow three hybrids. There were pictures of them at various points in their lives but most were taken within the last year. Nacedo had paid flying visits to Roswell over the years to take the snapshots and was gone after an hour.

      Then, just as Michael and Isabel had experienced it, Tess shot up and cried out in pain. Her eyes also shifted and she gripped her duvet tightly as pain coursed through her body. Nacedo burst in and looked at the girl, his eyes widened at the sight of her eyes.

      "No. This is impossible." He said as he knelt by the bed.

      "What's...arghhhhh...happening?" Tess begged

      "Your link to the others. One of them is in the Change. This can't be possible it was supposed to be suppressed." Nacedo said

      Tess's grip lessened as the pain passed. Slowly her breathing became normal again and then looked at her guardian. "I think you have something to tell me."

      Liz's Bedroom...

      Liz knelt by Max as the pain passed. She caressed his head, trying to help him through what was happening. All through it Liz held his hand until his grip softened and he felt able to stand. Jeff left quickly and returned a few minutes later with another robe, which was placed around Max.

      "Where'd this come from?" Liz asked

      "We've had these made since you were born. They're all for your pride." Jeff said

      " that's a headache." Max groaned out as he stood up

      He put a hand onto Liz's dressing table to give him leverage but as he looked at his hand he saw that he had claws. Then he looked into the table's mirror and saw his reflection. All his body was covered with fur and he too had a tail waving behind him but none of him looked alien. Everything looked like a normal Rakas body.

      "Oh boy." Max said

      "Yeah. That's one way to describe it." Liz said, "What happened?"

      "I wish I knew." Max said as he looked over his hands and up his arms

      "So this is new for you?" Nancy asked

      "Oh yeah." Max said

      "Well then, I guess we have a little talking to do." Jeff said

      "About? Oh...uh...Rakas, lycanthropes, gods and big blue star." Max said

      Both parents looked at Liz and then back at Max.

      "How'd you know about that?" Jeff asked

      "Uh...that's difficult to explain." Max said

      "When Max and I were...together, it's like our minds were open to each other." Liz said

      "You're psychically connected?" Nancy asked

      "Apparently. It must have happened when you healed me." Liz said to Max

      "Well is there anything you didn't get?" Jeff asked

      "Uh...yeah. Um, I don't know how to put this but you don't seem too bothered by me..."

      "Having sex with my daughter on her bed...and very loudly I might add." Jeff said

      Both teens blushed.

      "Come on." Nancy said, together she and her husband led the two out to the living room where they sat down, "Well, what did you get about sex from Liz?"

      "Well, I know about these spike things. Also that part about" Max said

      Liz blushed again, becoming a deeper shade of red, "You saw Alex, Maria and me."

      "Yes...did you see..."

      "You and Isabel." Liz said

      "Well we can tell you both that those relationships will be continued. Also, back to what you said about me not being bothered." Jeff said, "Truth is, I am. Not that you've had sex but that my daughter is now mated, like humans our people usually date first. Never thought I'd be a father in-law this soon."

      "What?" Max and Liz said

      "You two are mated. Your bodies are tuned to each other completely." Nancy said

      Max and Liz looked to each other, neither knowing what to say.

      "It's okay you two. You'll have plenty of time to adapt to this. Like I said, dating usually comes first and before that a mate has to prove his or herself in bed." Jeff said

      "And by the sounds of it that is exactly what you two did." Nancy said

      "So." Max said, quickly wanting to change the subject, "How do I change back?"

      "You don't. At least not yet, every time there is a full moon you will change into this until you learn to control it like Liz has tonight." Nancy said

      "This is weird, even for me." Max said

      "Well, we can only imagine about know, given your not from around here." Jeff said, "But I suppose we should find out what kind of cat you are."


      "Yes, like Liz's lion form you saw tonight. Both of us are white tigers." Nancy said

      "He's a lion. Like me." Liz said

      "How do you know?" Max asked

      "I don't know. I just do." Liz said, "Listen Max, about what you saw tonight..."

      "That panther? Yeah, I take it that was someone like you?" Max asked

      "Yes. His name is Patrick Flanagan and has an interest in Liz." Jeff said

      "Interest?" Max asked, feeling a pit of anger begin to boil in his gut.

      "He wants Liz to mate with his son. He was prepared to buy her and everything." Nancy said

      "And you refused. Now he wants to fight you or something?" Max said, as information filtered into his mind.

      "Correct. But I couldn't win, but that wont matter now."

      "Because I'm with Liz. His son can't mate with her until I'm out of the way." Max said

      "That's right." Jeff said carefully, not wanting his daughter's mate running a mile on the first night.

      "Max, the last thing we want to do is scare you. We know you've lived your life as a secret and risked everything when you told Liz. This will all take some getting used too and it is late. Go home, sleep on it and we'll talk in the morning." Nancy said

      Max looked at the clock and jumped up, "Oh no, 20 past one...I need to get home." He then turned to Liz, "I...I meant what I said Liz. I do love you and I don't want you to take this the wrong way but if I don't get out of here soon..."

      Liz smiled, "Go. I need you out and about, not grounded for the next five years." She said as she kissed his cheek and caressed his fur. "Hmm...your clothes wont fit you when you're like this, you better just pick them up and stick them in a bag."

      "Thanks." Max said

      "Actually, you better go with him Liz." Nancy said

      "Huh?" both teens said together

      "Flanagan might still be out there. Max, you may have control of your alien abilities but your Rakas ones are new and you don't know how to control them. Liz showed impressive control tonight; it would be best if she made sure you got home in one piece. Besides, female Rakas are very protective of their families." Jeff said

      "Well then, I guess a little late night walk could be good." Liz said

      "I'm up for it." Max said as he extended his clawed hand. Liz took it and walked into her bedroom. Liz got dressed in her more conventional clothes while Max tied his robe together and picked up his clothes.

      After everything was packed up, Jeff asked Max for a blood sample. He knew there would be people who wanted to know how his transference was possible. Using Liz's equipment, a small amount was taken and placed into a test tube before the two headed out. As they reached the back door to the café, Liz opened it and looked outside to make sure the coast was clear. It may have been late at night but there may still have been people out and about. As they stepped out, Max raised his hood to cover his face and the two walked hand in hand. As soon as they were gone, Jeff and Nancy were on the phone.

      Davidson Residence, 1:30

      Michael and Isabel were pacing back and forth. Their minds were going on complete overload with what happened and to make matters worse, Max wasn't home and he wasn't picking up his cell phone. While everything was back to normal for them, they had still no idea what had happened but there was something in the back of their minds that told them something similar had happened before.

      Then they looked to the window at the same time. They could feel that same tingle approaching; as well as another feeling, one that always preceded Max. With the light still on, Max knew that Isabel would still be awake and given how he ran off, he took Liz to Isabel's instead of sneaking into his house as quietly as possible. As soon as the two inside heard the front door closed, Michael and Isabel were waiting to strike.

      "What the hell is going on?" they both yelled as Max and Liz entered

      "And what's with the outfit?" Michael said

      "Liz, you know Michael and Isabel." Max said

      "Sure. Hi." Liz said

      "Max, something freaky happened to us tonight. It was like something was trying to burst of out us and our eyes..." Isabel said

      "You two felt it?" Liz asked

      Both looked to each other, "Felt what? What happened?"

      Max knew he'd have to do this but he still felt nervous. He reached up to his hood, both the others saw his hands and then he pulled back the cloth revealing his animal face.

      "What the hell?" Michael said

      "Max...what happened?" Isabel asked

      "There is a lot to tell you." Max said, "And we better sit down."

      A Little Later...

      "So these tribes have been around for thousands of years and no one knows about you?" Michael asked

      "Not exactly. There are the myths; it's just that that's how people consider us now. And as far as we're concerned we want it kept that way." Liz said

      "Just like we'd like to keep ourselves under wraps." Max said

      "What I want to know is how you ended up like this?" Isabel asked

      "Well, we don't know." Liz said, "I mean, we just finished...well...and then it happened."

      "So this is like some disease or something?" Michael said

      Liz just looked at him. "No, it's not. In fact as far as my parents know this is the first time this has happened. I'm putting it down to the fact that you three are aliens."

      "Oh yeah, blame us for..."

      "Michael, stop." Max said, "What's done is done. And I wouldn't change it for anything...listen, I don't understand it completely but Liz and I are together now...mated. We love each other and tonight was incredible for both of us. Now, Isabel, I love you, you're both my best friends. Liz tells me that I'll look myself in the morning when the moon is down."

      "And you'll change back tomorrow night when the full moon is back up." Liz said

      "I know, I know. Until I can control it." Max said

      "Anyway, I think I better head off home." Liz said as she stood up.

      Max stood up as well and the two kissed before Liz headed out. When she was out of the house Max turned to Michael, "Refer to her, her people or what happened to me as a disease again and I will hurt you. I've got the claws to do it now."

      "Max, I was just..."

      "Save it Michael." Max said and then closed his eyes, "Sorry, I know you're protective. It's just that there is something about this that's very familiar."

      "" Isabel asked

      "When I changed tonight and saw my was like I'd seen it before but differently. I don't know, I can't explain it better it just seems..."

      "Familiar." Michael said

      "So are you spending the night here...or..." Isabel asked

      "I better get home. If I'm not in my bed when I wake up, mom and dad will go nuts." Max said

      "Compared to when they see your face." Michael said

      "I'll be normal again in the morning Michael. Liz's parents told me that I'm like this because the full moon is up. Anyway..." Max said as he stood up and picked up the bag with his clothes.

      "I think you better use my window. It'll cause less noise when you go in." Isabel said


      Isabel led Max up to her bedroom, leaving Michael to pace back and forth in the living room. When they got there, they pulled out the long wooden planks they used frequently to traverse the gap between windows and together they pushed them out toward Max's windowsill. When it was done, Max turned to pickup his bag but found it in Isabel's hand.

      " was Liz?" Isabel asked

      "I knew you couldn't resist asking. She was incredible Isabel, beautiful, smart...she knew every where I like to be touched and I knew how to touch her."

      "So it was worth the wait?"

      "Definitely. I suppose I should tell you...Maria and Alex are also Rakas."

      "They are?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah. And all three of them had sex yesterday. It was a first for all of them but they have these spikes and...well they just have to have sex."

      "So is Alex with Maria now that you're with Liz?"

      "No, they're not together. They have sex and Liz will still be with them even though I'm with her. I suppose it's just like you and me. However, if you're asking, then I'd say Alex would be more than open to the idea of you two going out. He doesn't know we're aliens but he must know we're different by now."

      "Why?" Isabel asked

      "Remember yesterday he said he liked your perfume but you said you weren't wearing any?" Max said and Isabel nodded, "Well apparently, they have stronger senses. They can pick up our scent which is different than humans, Liz's parents knew we were aliens before I even healed Liz."

      "So they know? Well that's great. I guess we should tell Alex before he puts two and two together." Isabel said

      "I thought you might volunteer." Max said as he took the bag and climbed up the window. Usually when he put his hands onto the planks he would be a little nervous about the crossing but this time, he could feel the strength and balance to cross it more easily.

      When he got to the other side, Max opened the window and climbed in. Isabel pulled back her planks and both closed their windows. Max simply up turned the bag and let his clothes spill out onto the floor before he locked his bedroom door. He removed his robe and hid it at the bottom of his wardrobe before falling onto his bed; he was practically asleep before he hit the mattress.

      Evans Residence, 08:00am

      The next morning, Max woke up and without any grogginess he shot off the bed. He looked over his body and then checked his face in the mirror; he was grateful that he was indeed back to normal and quickly dived into the bathroom to shower. He emerged soaking wet and used his powers to dry quickly before he got dressed. Soon he headed out of his room and down to the kitchen where his parents were sitting.

      "Hey son how was the party?" Philip asked

      "Uh, yeah it was okay." Max said

      "You don't sound to convinced." Diane said

      "Yeah, Kyle Valenti kept looking at me all night." Max said, staying away from the really interesting aspects of what happened.

      "Why?" Diane asked

      "Because he was dating Liz and now I am." Max said

      Diane practically spat out her orange juice, "But I thought..."

      "Thought what?" Max asked

      "Nothing." Diane said

      "Anyway, I'm heading next door. See you both later." Max said and headed out to the garden through the back door. He leapt over the low fence and into Isabel's garden.

      "See, I told you." Philip said

      "Then what's with Isabel? Hmmm...I guess I could be wrong."

      "Well, I better get going to work." Philip said, he stood up and kissed his wife before picking up his briefcase and heading out.

      Diane started going about her daily routine and headed to Max's bedroom. She just shook her head at the clothes strewn around the room and started to pick them up. Then she spotted some white cloth coming out from under the wardrobe door. He placed the clothes on his bed and opened the door and pulled out the robe.

      "Strange taste in clothes Max...must be for Halloween." She said before hanging it up in the closet and heading out to the laundry with the other clothes.

      Parker Residence, Same Time

      The Parkers were sitting around after having breakfast. Soon the others of the Pride in Roswell arrived and were talking about what had happened between Max and Liz the previous night.

      "So you just told him about us?" Alex asked

      "He already knew that the lion he saw was me and he showed up here so..." Liz said

      "Now, what's done is done. Besides last night he and Liz mated." Jeff said

      "What?" Maria asked

      "That was fast." Amy said

      "As well as the fact that she was able to change back to her human appearance while the moon was still up." Nancy said

      "How?" Charles asked, "The quickest anyone's changed back is...what? 3 months?"

      "Yeah. But Liz managed to do it." Jeff said

      "Then there is the part that Max became a Rakas after he and I..."

      "Are you saying that he's one of us?" Maria asked

      "How could that be?"

      "That's what we're here to find out." Stephen said as he came in the front door with someone in tow. "This is Doctor Mallory."

      "Doctor." Jeff said as he stood up and greeted the doctor.

      "It's a pleasure to be here. Stephen called me as soon after you called him, this is certainly interesting."

      "The good doctor is a geneticist and a Wolfen." Stephen said

      "So you're here to find our how Max is suddenly a Rakas?" Alex asked

      "Yes. All I really need is my microscope but I'm told you have a blood sample from him?" Mallory asked

      "Yes." Liz said as she pulled one of her own test tubes out of her shirt pocket and handed it out to the doctor.

      The doctor took the sample and opened his case. He removed his microscope and set up in a small corner where he could work in peace. Liz watched as he began his analysis of the alien blood. A little later, Alex and Maria had left. They had chores to take care of that had fallen lax in the last couple of days since their first change.

      "Well..." Mallory said, "I've finished my prelim work...there appears to be some sort of blue crystalline life form present in his blood work. It appears to bind the alien and human D.N.A. but when he and Liz mated, it seems to have absorbed and incorporated her D.N.A in Max. However, this is unusual. The melding of material was very specific, only to certain sequences in the double helix and from what I'm seeing, it's his alien side and those sequences are almost identical to lycanthropic D.N.A."

      "Are you saying that on his home world, Max was a lycanthrope?" Jeff asked

      "Yes, and it looks like it was chemically suppressed until he mated with Liz." Mallory said

      "So why is he Rakas and not some sort of alien animal."

      "That I don't know. It could be because we're on Earth and that's the dominant creature within him. It could be that it was because of you; he picked up the Rakas sequences from you. There could be a thousand reasons and we may never know, not without knowing more about his own species."

      "Well that could be a problem. Not even Max knows much about it." Liz said

      "Well, from what I'm seeing here. If you have sex with anyone with these crystals then they will become lycanthropic and now the same will happen with him. He may even be able to spread it to other humans if the crystals can be passed on..." Mallory said but was interrupted

      "Oh great. So I have turned this into a disease." Liz said

      "Oh no, Liz, what ever has happened is completely unusual. From my own past research there may only be about 1 in ever 500 million humans capable of adapting to the lycanthropic D.N.A. Most will reject it harmlessly with little or no effect."

      "But some might become like us." Jeff said as he looked at Liz

      "What?" Liz asked

      "The prophecy. A Pride formed from you." Jeff said

      "Oh." Liz said

      Nancy turned to the doctor, "So who else is compatible?"

      "Certainly anyone like this Max." Mallory said

      "So that's Isabel and Michael." Jeff said

      "No way, I am not doing it with Michael...he's a total...I don't know but grumpy is being kind." Liz said

      "Well we have time to work out how all this fits in." Stephen said

      "And I should pass this information to Moon Peak. It was always assumed that new Pride would be formed there but now it seems that we'll have a few unexpected guests when it's time." Mallory said

      "Of course, thank you doctor." Jeff said as he shook the doctors hand. He showed the doctor out and turned to the others

      "I guess I should speak to Max about telling Alex." Liz said, "Well, I'm heading over to see him anyway. I'll see him and tell him what we found."

      "Do you want Maria and Alex to meet you there?" Amy asked

      "No, not yet." Liz said

      She stood up and went to the closet to get her shoes. Liz changed into them and left the house, going in search of her mate.

      Wild Pack Camp, Somewhere in the Desert, 08:30

      In the middle of the desert a large fire had roared through the night but was now a pile of ash. The pack was lying around it, either resting by themselves or a mass of flesh from their orgy the previous night. The bikes were all circled around the camp along with coolers filled with drink and many of the bottles that once occupied them were all over the site.

      The black panther ran through the desert, desperately needing water and fighting through the pain it continued to experience since his encounter with Max. As it reached the camp, Patrick changed back into his human form and crawled naked into the site. When one of his followers woke up and spotted him, he yelled and the others roused. All headed to their leader and helped him in.

      They covered him in a blanket while another fetched water. Their medic came quickly and started to examine his bruises.

      "What the hell happened?"

      "The girl, I went to kill one of her potential mates and she interceded. I was about to put her out of the way when he did something. He wasn't human." Patrick said

      The medic gave him a painkiller before he started to bandage the wounds.

      "He has power...a lot of it." Patrick said

      "Is he Lycanthropic?"

      "I don't know. His scent is similar to us but he is different, a lot different."

      As the medic finished tying the last bandage, he spotted a mark on Patrick's upper thigh. It was a ripple of light over his skin, as the medic reached out to touch it, Patrick cried out in pain before the light faded.

      "What the hell?" He reached out to touch the spot again but Patrick grabbed his wrist and held it firmly.

      "Don't." Patrick said


      "No buts. That hurt." Patrick said as he looked at the spot, "What is he?"

      Isabel's Bedroom, Davidson Residence, 09:00

      Max arrived at Isabel's and immediately sought her out in her bedroom. She had just come out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her body as she dried her hair with another. As Max entered, she turned to see him.

      "Hey Max." Isabel said

      "Hi. Feeling better after what happened this morning?" Max asked

      "Still reeling but what's new to us? Weird things usually happen." Isabel said

      "I take it Michael spent the night?" Max asked

      "Yeah. I wouldn't let him go home...not with Hank there after being on one of his drinking binges." Isabel said

      "Smart move."

      "Yeah, anyway he's in the shower now." Isabel said

      Max looked over Isabel in the towel; her naked legs and swell of her breasts drew him in more and more. As Isabel sat in front of her dresser, she caught the reflection of Max staring at her. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders, gently caressing the skin of her shoulders and upper arms. Max knelt down and started to kiss her back above where the towel covered before Isabel turned around on the stool.

      The two looked at each other before surrendering to their need to kiss. Max pressed his lips to Isabel's before he slipped his tongue inside her warm mouth. Their bodies pressed together as they wrapped their arms around each other. As Max started to kiss around her neck and throat and Isabel gasped.

      "Ma...Max...what about Liz?" Isabel asked

      "I don't care right now. I need you." Max groaned as he pulled apart the two sides of the towel.

      Max couldn't help himself, while the rational part of him would never have considered cheating on Liz now that they were together, another part of him was guiding him this time. He needed to make love to Isabel, needed to feel her body next to his. Max knew from Liz that Rakas had sex with various members of the Pride given their Spikes but he knew Isabel wasn't a part of the Pride.

      As the towel dropped from Isabel's body, Isabel dropped the one she had been using to dry her hair. Max kept kissing her as his hands ran over her body, squeezing her breasts as they filled his palm, playing with her nipples and teasing the hell out of her skin. Isabel kept moaning into his mouth, feeling him against her was the only sense Isabel had of home since her parents passed away.

      Isabel then grabbed the back of Max's shirt and pulled it off over his head. Max pressed both his palms against her tits, feeling the nipples becoming harder and burning into his hands before be released her mouth. Max moved down her body, kissing across her upper chest before he latched his mouth around her nipples. He sucked softly as Isabel closed her eyes.

      When Max released her breasts, she looked into his eyes before he stood up and quickly undid his belt. Isabel helped him with the rest and she pulled his jeans down before he kicked them off along with his boxers. Both were naked and both looked over each other with hunger very evident in their eyes. Max's strong erection shot out from his body and drew Isabel's hand in to grasp his manhood firmly, but softly.

      Max moved quickly. He reached behind his lover and picked her up in his arms. She lay across him with her arms secured behind his neck as they stared into each other's eyes. Slowly Max carried Isabel over to her large bed and rested her down on it. He took a second to look over his lover's body before crawling on the bed to join her. Max kissed his way up her legs and across her abdomen, paying special attention to her bellybutton.

      Isabel squirmed and slightly arched her back with a sharp intake of breath. Max slid his hands over her as he kissed higher and higher up her body. As he moved, Isabel parted her legs and wrapped them around Max as they kissed each other. Her breasts squeezed against Max's chest as his hands glided over her arms. Max's hips started to gently poke away, his erection sought out her opening.

      The bulbous head of his cock parted the lips of her pussy and Isabel sighed as he pushed in further. His thrusts got deeper and deeper until his dick was completely buried inside Isabel. Both started moving together, Isabel's hips meeting Max's thrust for thrust. Isabel's hands ran along the sides of Max's torso, feeling the muscles in his chest.

      "Hmmm...ahhh...ohhh...Max...uhhhhh...yeahhhhhhh...ughnnnnnnn." Isabel moaned as their bodies rocked together. Isabel locked her ankles behind Max's butt, pulling him closer and deeper into her.

      However, both had forgotten that Isabel had a guest in the house and both neglected to close the bedroom door. Michael was just coming out of the shower when he felt the familiar stirrings in his groin. He had been feeling it ever since Max and Isabel first started sleeping together and every time he hated it. Usually he had to find a nice quiet corner to take care of the problem by himself.

      As Michael came out of the bathroom with one of Isabel's fluffy towels wrapped around his waist and his dick bulging out. He heard the soft moans and squeaking bed springs, Michael couldn't help but be drawn to the sounds and stood in the doorway of Isabel's bedroom. He just stood there, his fist tightening as his sexual frustrations grew by the second, watching as his two closest friends screwed each other. He'd never been this close before.

      " good Isabel...uhhh..." Max groaned

      "Ughnnn...yessssss...ughnnnnnnnnnn...fuck me Max...harder..." Isabel groaned

      Max did just that as he picked up the pace. He thrust his dick in her faster and harder as sweat coated them. Then Isabel looked over and spotted Michael with his hand over his bulge, rubbing his dick through the thick cotton. She smiled at him as Max leaned down and kissed her hard. He was a sending his cock quickly in and out of her; Michael was drawn in, he couldn't look away let alone stop his feet from moving closer to the pair.

      As he moved, the towel fell away from him. That was when Max became aware of Michael's presence, he broke the kiss with Isabel long enough for both lovers to look up but neither stopped gyrating their hips against each other. All three looked at each other, silently they communicated with their eyes and with a single look all agreed. Michael got up onto the bed on his knees and moved closer.

      Isabel reached out and wrapped her fingers around Michael's dick, bringing him closer before she took him into her mouth. Michael groaned deeply, it was the first time he had his dick in anything other than his hand and his eyes went wide. Max continued to thrust and Michael looked down at them, Isabel's head moving back and forth as much as she could but Michael couldn't help but start to move his hips. He trust them back and forth slowly as Isabel's tongue ran over his hard length.

      Pressure was building; Michael squeezed his eyes shut tightly as Isabel sucked on his cock. Michael then realised his hand was running along Isabel's lower leg that was locked over Max's ass. He marvelled at the silky softness of her skin, he didn't even feel even the slightest hint of hair stubble but then he didn't know how she used her powers. Michael then lifted the leg, bringing it closer to his head. As Isabel sucked him, she looked up and watched as Michael kissed her ankle.

      Then Michael planted another kiss on her leg, then another and another before he kissed her foot. He looked at each of her toes and took one into his mouth and sucked. He repeated it with each toe again and again and each time Isabel moaned deeply. Max never did that for her, she had no idea her toes could be one of her erogenous zones but now she did know.

      "Aghhnnnn...oh god...ughnnnn...yesssss...ughnnnnnnnnnn!" Isabel breathed out heavily

      "Ghnnnn...fu...oh yeah...ughnnnnnnnnnnnn..." the young men strained out







      Michael's hands ran over Isabel's leg, running down the soft flesh. Before he knew it he could feel her wetness as he trailed a finger around her spread pussy. While he didn't intend it, Michael touched Max's dick as it continued to saw in and out of Isabel. The contact sparked a tingle through both of them, a spark that caused both to thrust harder and faster in Isabel's pussy and mouth. Isabel relished in it and took both of them.

      "My, my."

      All three looked over to see Liz standing in the doorway. She had felt arousal coming from Max but never expected to see this. She had knocked on the front door, rang the doorbell and tried getting the attention of the people in the house but they were all too wrapped up in each other. Eventually what she was feeling caused her to open the door and walk inside, everything led her to Isabel's room where she found their threesome.

      Isabel and Michael didn't know what to make of her presence but Max smiled. He had been briefed completely on the Rakas sexual needs through his link to Liz during their first time. After seeing her eyes, Max went back to thrusting his dick into Isabel and her moans started back up as did her blowjob in Michael.

      Liz moved in closer and reached to her side. The brunette undid the zip on her skirt and it pooled at her ankles revealing her blood red panties. Michael kept watching her approach; he licked his lips at the sight of her but shook himself out of it when he remembered she was Max's girl. Then Liz took off her tank top, leaving her in only her underwear. As Liz bend down to take off her panties, Max got Michael's attention by putting his hand on Michael's thigh. He looked down at Max who then looked at Liz and then back at Michael.

      "Go...ughnnnn...for it." Max said

      Even if he could have, Michael wouldn't have stopped. The heat in the room, their blood pumping, even Isabel knew what Max was telling Michael to do and released his cock from her mouth. Michael got off the bed and moved closer to Liz, she reached out and ran his hands over his hard, sculpted test. Despite her earlier misgivings, Liz's instincts and hormones were all telling her to fuck Michael.

      He ran his hands over her petite body, then the heat jumped a few notches in him and he pushed Liz against the door of Isabel's closet. His entire body was against hers as he leaned down and kissed her hard. If Isabel's blowjob had done anything, it wasn't to relieve his need, in fact it was stronger and his cock was harder than ever. Liz felt his length against her belly and knew that it would be inside her soon.

      Liz used her newfound strength, surprising Michael, and flipped him around so that he was pinned against the door. Liz started kissing his chest as Michael put both his hands on either side of her head. Then he moved his hands over her body, he couldn't help but note that it felt just as soft and silky as Isabel's.

      On the bed, the couple wanted to watch and flipped around so the Isabel was straddling Max's hips. She rocked her hips back and forth as her juices ran down Max's cock, her hand moved up her body and squeezed her own breast as Max caressed her thighs and hip. Both watched the other two kiss furiously and even more intently as Liz grabbed Michael's dick and stroked him hard and fast.

      Michael lowered his hands to Liz's ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, both feeling his hard cock probe her pussy. Michael carried her over to the bed and planted Liz next to her boyfriend, he wasn't even thinking as he plunged into her slit with his entire length. For the first time he was inside a girl and he loved every sensation of it.

      Soon he was thrusting in and out of Liz. Both moaning and grunting in time with each other and both completely revelled in their instinctual rut. All four fucked their partners equally and without any concern, a part of them knew what the consequences would be given what happened with Max but they couldn't help it. It was as though the rational wasn't a concern, this is what needed to happen.

      "UGHNNNNN...fuck me Michael...Yeahhhhh...come on...ughnnnnn..." Liz groaned

      " gooood...ughhnnnn!" Isabel moaned


      "Ghhnnnnn...oh yeah...ghnnn...juuuuuuuuu..."

      It was a mindless rut for all four of them but none of them relented. As soon as it had started a connection formed between them. Michael learned from Liz and Isabel learned from what Max knew. Instincts and knowledge flowed as freely as the Ganderium crystals in their blood absorbed the lycanthropic traits from Liz and Max.

      In and out, hips circled and thrust without end. Max and Liz reached out at the same time and their hands connected, both held onto each other's hands tenderly until everyone felt the impending climax of their foursome but they had some time left. Liz quickly flipped Michael over and start to ride him as Isabel rode Max. She moved as hard and as fast as Isabel was.

      Liz looked over the other girl's body and smiled, a smile filled with seductive heat that drew Isabel in. Liz reached out and started to caress Isabel's breasts before they came together in a searing kiss. It was the first time Isabel was being touched, let alone kissed, by another woman but she didn't shy away from it. It was new, exciting and completely unlike her but she wanted it. Isabel wanted to feel Liz against her and from her link to Max she felt Liz's experience with her best friend.

      Both Max and Michael looked up at the girls and their dicks swelled at the sight of the two beautiful women, it was completely erotic and they wanted more. Both men pushed the girls closer together so that they wrapped their arms around each other and deepened their kiss. Both kept rocking over their lovers, taking their cocks all the way inside them as they moaned into each other's mouths.

      But all their kissing served to do to their men was to bring them to breaking point. All four came together, the two men came in the girls as they let loose with a cry of primal bliss. The two girls fell off the men and rested together between them, both blonde and brunette touched each other, exploring with gentle touches but the sight of it kept the men hard. They kissed again and parted as Max growled.

      Quickly he pulled his girlfriend away from Isabel and kissed her. They moved off the bed and Max sat on the stool by Isabel's dresser. Liz sat on his dick, facing away from him but both still facing the bed. Soon she started to bounce on him like there was no tomorrow and both watch and were being watched. Michael looked from them to Isabel as they lay close to each other. He started to caress her body before his arousal caused him to pin Isabel beneath him, between her parted legs.

      "I've been wanting to fuck you for a long time." Michael said huskily

      "You should have come to me. I wouldn't have said no." Isabel sighed. Through all her times with Max she learned one thing, she cared for Michael as much as Max and if he needed her that way then she wouldn't, she couldn't, deny him.

      Michael growled and slammed his dick into her wet pussy. Both couples started again, moving back and forth, rutting away like animals in heat. Once more all four thrust in time with each other but they wouldn't nearly last as long as before. The girls could already feel the hard meat inside them swelling and with each blissful moan of the girls they just got bigger.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" All four cried together, coming for a second time and finally completely sating their desires. Max held Liz close and whispered that he loved her before he carried her to Isabel's bed and nestled with the other two. Max kissed Isabel softly and caressed her face, then without realising what they were doing Max and Michael kissed. They jumped apart quickly and looked confused.

      "Now that is something I want to see more of...and I wouldn't mind paying." Liz said

      "Hmmm...ditto." Isabel said as she stretched out

      "" Max mumbled

      "Bu..." Michael tried

      "Relax guys, we'll talk later...if we wake up." Liz said

      In the window, a mouse sat on the windowsill and looked in as all four rested on the bed. As all four surrendered to their exhaustion and fell asleep, it stood up on its hind legs and walked over to the edge. It leapt off and plummeted to the ground but before it reached the halfway point the animal changed into the raven. It flew off further into the town before flying into an office window.

      However, 30 minutes after they had their orgasm, Michael and Isabel woke up and fell to the floor in agony. Their bodies rippled with the change as fur covered them. As with Max it shifted between the two colours of the Rakas and their alien animal form. It only lasted a few minutes and they remained as Rakas for just that long before they returned to their human forms ­ the full moon wasn't there during the day. During it, Max also felt the pain or at least some of it. His body had adapted to filter out what his friends were experiencing, much to his guilt. They had to endure his change but he was getting off lightly, Max was just grateful that there wasn't anyone else to feel it.

      Harding Residence, Florida...

      "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tess's screams echoed throughout the house and most of the neighbourhood.

      Parker Residence, 3 Hours Later

      The two new additions to the Rakas were terrified of what was happening to them. As their senses improved, everything around them seemed new and intense. Liz and Max used everything they could to help calm them but in the end Liz had to suggest taking them to see the doctor who had gone over Max's blood work. That idea didn't go down too well but when Liz told them that he already knew, like most Lycanthropes if they'd been around the three for even a small amount of time, they eventually relented. After arriving, all three sat on the sofa as the Parkers sat across from them. Liz sat in the middle of them as they waited for the doctor.

      "So any problems since this morning?" Jeff asked as he looked at the three aliens

      "No. Except...what's that smell?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah, it's everywhere." Michael said

      Max and Liz smiled.

      "What?" Isabel asked

      "That smell would be humans. You'll get used to it." Nancy said

      Michael then turned his head sharply to the door, "I think someone's coming."

      "Yeah. That would be Stephen and the doctor." Liz said

      "Stephen?" Max asked

      Jeff opened the door just in time for the two to enter. All three aliens started to smell the air as the new scent wafted in.

      "What's..." Michael started

      "Stephen is a Wolfen...oh sorry...uh, werewolf." Liz said as Kayla ran in and sat at her feet.

      Michael looked at him and then at the Rakas in the room, "Dogs and cats?" he said with a smile

      Jeff shook his head, "Michael don't. Believe me every joke has been done to death and then some over the years."

      "So these are our three new arrivals." Doctor Mallory said, "I take it that you've all been told about what and who we are. As well as what I've told Liz earlier."

      "Pretty much." Max said

      "If you don't mind, I'd like to look over your blood samples?" Mallory said to Isabel and Michael. Instinct always told them to say no but this time they agreed but with some hesitation. Mallory took their samples and spent the next hour going over them both before turning back to them. "Yes, you both have the same life forms present in your blood. They appeared to have taken Liz's D.N.A and used it to awaken dormant aspects of your own. From whatever planet you come from, they have lycanthropes as well and you were a few of them." Mallory said

      "So we're just the way we should be?" Michael asked

      "Yes. It could have been a way of hiding prevent your first change and freaking out any apes around you." Mallory said

      "Apes?" Max asked

      "Oh that's how lycanthropes refer to ordinary humans. Not exactly polite but then they're not our favourite species."

      "Why?" Michael asked

      Everyone in the room looked at him, "Apes, hunt every species there is. Many are on the verge of extinction. They almost eradicated the Wolfen tribe at the end of the 18th century. Then there is detonating bomb after bomb and irradiating acres of land. Pollution, toxic I need to continue? Apes know that they're trashing this planet but the continue to do it again and again." Jeff said

      "Where as our people are responsible for trying to correct the problems. We alerted humans as to what was going on, hell some of our people even came up with new fuels...not that they ever saw the light of day. They trusted the oil companies to develop it." Stephen said

      "So we're Rakas now, now what?" Isabel asked

      "Your apart of Liz now, apart of her Pride just as the Prophecy said." Jeff said

      "Except the prophecy said there would be eight. Max, Isabel, Maria, Alex and Michael make six." Liz said

      The three aliens looked up, "Are you suggesting there are a couple more of us out there?" Max asked

      "Possibly. However, they're not in Roswell. We would have picked up on them by now." Jeff said

      Then everyone heard laughing approaching, the door opened and Maria and Alex were on the other side. When they spotted Isabel and Michael sitting on the chair they both froze. They knew Max knew about them but the other two were a different story. Then, just as Isabel gazed at Alex, her eyes changed. Not only was the heat visible in them but also they were now cat's eyes. As Alex saw her eyes, he smiled as he looked with fire at her. Everyone saw it and just looked back and forth between the two.

      To Be Continued...

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