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Shadow and Light, Chapter 2

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 20, 2004

      Liz's Bathroom, Immediately Following

      Jeff and Nancy stood before Liz in their bathrobes, with tails waving behind them. Fur coated their bodies but all Liz could do was stand there. Then Nancy took a step forward and Liz back away quickly. Initially she thought Max healing her had resulted in her current appearance but that was obviously not the case.

      Nancy looked back at Jeff who also stepped further into the bathroom, "Honey, I know this is strange." He said

      "Yeah. Strange is the word I'd use." Liz said, on the verge of freaking out.

      Nancy smiled and stretched out her hand. The closer it got to Liz, Nancy's fur retracted back into her skin as well as her claws. In seconds she was back to her usual self. "It's okay Honey." Nancy said softly

      Liz reached out and took her mother's hand in her own and Nancy pulled Liz into a hug. Both wrapped their arms around each other as mother held daughter reassuringly, Nancy couldn't help but remember when she had gone through this. Jeff moved closer and held his daughter as well. Liz felt his fur against her own.

      "I guess we need to talk." Jeff said, "Come on."

      Jeff took Liz's clawed hand and walked her out of the bathroom.

      Living Room, Parker Residence

      As they reached the living room, Liz sat down on the armchair while her parents took the sofa across from her. As Nancy moved to sit down, Liz watched as her body changed once again so that she looked like her husband and daughter.

      "Okay, I am so in the Twilight Zone." Liz said

      "Hardly Liz. First off...I'm sorry. If our family was with our people you would have been raised to expect this." Jeff said

      " about just explaining...this." Liz said as she extended her arms and looking at them.

      "Well, I guess we should say that your not human, well not completely human not that that make a difference right now. You're a lycanthrope."

      "Lycanthrope? As in werewolf?" Liz asked, her eyes going wide.

      "Werewolves, well they prefer Wolfen, are one of the tribes. Our tribe is Rakas." Nancy said

      "Rakas?" Liz asked, shaking her head. She had no idea what it meant.

      "Yeah, it's a combination of two words in our language. Human, feline - Huline but we prefer Rakas. Effectively we are cat people, this form is the general form that we have. Gold fur, tail, eyes, the works. All our people like this when in this form." Jeff said

      Liz jumped up and walked around, "This is nuts. You are telling me that I'm some kind of cat...This is Roswell not Sunnydale, I'm supposed to be dealing with aliens and government conspiracies not Werewolves, vampires and demons."

      "We're not demons." Nancy said quickly, "{and speaking of aliens} she thought

      "And don't you ever mention that other word in this house again young lady." Jeff said, holding back a lot of his anger

      "What word?" Liz asked

      " know." Jeff said

      "Vampire?" Liz asked

      "Liz!" Nancy warned

      "Are you telling me va...that they're real?" Liz asked

      "Yes. They are...were one of the tribes, specifically bats. For the most part they were pretty decent people and lived in peace with the rest of us. Then one day they got sick. A plague affected them 9 centuries ago, doctors from most of the tribes tried to help them but one vampire found a cure, a temporary one at that." Jeff said more calmly

      "Oh let me guess, they started drinking blood." Liz said

      "Pretty much. They started feeding on any life form they could find so the Rakas, Wolfen and a few other tribes went to war. It was bloody, brutal and something we don't talk about anymore. It ended with the death of the last vampire at the end of the 19th century."

      "Okay, so vamps not around anymore. Okay, so what about the other tribes? You said there were more right?" Liz asked

      "A long time ago there were a lot more but today there are only 6 of us left. The Rakas and wolfen of course, there is a reservation about 100 miles northeast. The Native Americans there are kind of unique. Their tribe is composed of birds and bears, they can only become one or the other but both animal forms are present in their tribe. A long time ago they were separate but eventually they joined together. There is the Chinese tribe, reptilians. You'll find that they're quite...relaxing."

      "Relaxing?" Liz asked

      "They come from deep in china, near Tibet. It's not like they're Zen or anything but pretty close. Let's see, who else. The Centaurs and Satyrs are extinct as well. There is also the Oceanics, they can become...well...sea life. They primarily live on coastal regions, they need water to live."

      "Is that it?" Liz asked, not believing her ears

      "Just one more. While they are technically South America, well the name they call themselves is unpronounceable to us, but they are snakes. We have absolutely no contact with them and with good reason." Nancy said, "We're all lycanthropes, a hidden species of humanity that the apes will hopefully never know about beyond myth and superstition."

      "I take it they found out about us before?" Liz asked

      "Werewolf legends remember. The Wolfen were nearly hunted to extinction. Eventually the Wolfen met up with the Rakas and we emigrated to the Americas a full century before Columbus found it." Jeff said, "Our ancestors hoped it would be a long time before got out here but...well."

      "God this is intense. Maria and Alex are going to freak if they find out about this." Liz said

      "Well...actually..." Nancy said

      Living Room, Deluca Residence, Same Time

      Maria was pacing back and forth with a vial of cedar oil near her nose.

      "Honey, you need to relax." Amy said, "Sit down."

      "Yeah, sitting down is good." Maria said as she slumped down onto the chair. "OWWWWW!" Maria jumped up and held her tail. When she sat down, her tail was under her.

      "Yes, I should have warned you. Getting used to the tail can be a little...painful." Amy said

      "Yeah." Maria said as she sat down more carefully

      Living Room, Whitman Residence, Same Time

      Alex's parents were both sitting on the sofa as Alex stood and looked at his face in the mirror.

      "I thought I saw a pussy cat." He said as he looked away from the mirror and imitated the cartoon canary bird's voice. Then he looked back at the reflection, "I did, I did...oh hell forget it. I'm a cat."

      "Pretty much." Charles told his son

      Living Room, Parker Residence, Following

      "Both?" Liz asked

      "Yes." Nancy said, "And they are apart of us...our extended family, our Pride."

      "Like the big cats in Africa?" Liz asked

      "Yes." Jeff said

      "You know it's pretty bright in here, could we dim the lights a little?" Liz asked, rubbing her eyes

      "Honey, the lights aren't on." Nancy said

      "What?" Liz asked as she looked up

      "One of the advantages of being Rakas. All your senses are heightened, you can see at night as well as in the day and with practice you will be able to see heat and cold like someone looking through a thermal camera. Your hearing, sense of touch, taste and smell...all much greater than an ordinary human. Then there's your strength and agility, stamina...right night your comparable to a world class gymnast with the ability to run a marathon without the feeling like you're about to bring up a lung." Jeff said

      Through it all, Liz had slowly adjusted to the fact that she wasn't exactly who she always thought she was. She could only imagine how her friends were handling it. She always knew that the world was more complicated than she thought but for a hidden species of humanity to exist, it blew her mind. However, there was still something she wanted to know, something her scientist mind wouldn't forgive her if she didn't ask.

      "So...where do we come from? I" Liz asked

      "Well, there are two stories that cover this. There is the science and the myth." Nancy said

      "Well, you know me." Liz said

      Both parents smiled, "Yes. Okay, well the theory is that we evolved like every other species on the planet. We all came from the same place, the ocean. We all have the same genetics, it's just all put together differently. We've certainly come across a small number of fossils that indicate that some species other than primates evolved similar to Neanderthals and the other higher primate species. We think that some of those races mated with the pre-human species."

      "But they didn't die off like the others and they evolved into us." Liz said

      "Exactly." Nancy said

      "But it's only a theory." Jeff said, "A lot of us tend to believe in the myth but that's more along the lines of faith."

      "I don't understand. What is the myth?" Liz asked

      "Well, the short version is that as the gods looked out over humanity, they felt great pity. While there was a great goodness in them, there was also a great evil. Through that the balance between life and the world would be ended and with it they would die. It was in that moment, they pulled a great blue star from the heavens and sent it to Earth. The light of the star chose the best of humanity and carried them to the Sanctuary where they were merged with animals to become lycanthropes." Jeff said

      "So there are people out there that think a light from the sky made us?" Liz asked sceptically

      "Pretty much." Jeff said

      Deluca Residence...

      "Okay, well, speaking as someone who's out there...that's just nuts." Maria said, {but given what I found out recently...} she thought to herself

      "Well, it is a myth but then up until an hour ago, you thought werewolves were a myth." Amy said

      "Yeah. I guess so. Okay, so I take it the full moon affects us like it does with the werewolf movies?" Maria asked

      Whitman Residence...

      "Well...yes. You see the ability to change comes from a gene cluster in our genome. That cluster releases an enzyme that can change us. The light from a full moon stimulates the genes and it affects our bodies." Charles said

      "In time you'll learn enough control to stop your change during a full moon but until then you'll change whenever it's up." Alex's mother said, "You'll spend your first night as you are now and by the morning you'll be human again."

      "And that brings us to the next thing. Alex, we have three forms. The first is human." Charles said

      "Okay." Alex replied

      Deluca Residence...

      "And the second is what you're in now. Animan." Amy said

      "Animan? Is that even a word?" Maria asked

      Parker Residence...

      "Yes, its one of ours. Animal/Human ­ animan." Jeff said

      "Okay. So what's number three?" Liz asked

      "That would be full beast form. In our case, we become cats." Jeff said

      "And for that you'll need this." Nancy said as she stood up and pulled out a cardboard box. She gave it to Liz who looked curiously at it.

      Liz opened the box, pulled back the crisp paper covering it and pulled out a silk robe. It was white in colour; the sleeves stopped just above the elbow and only went down to her ankles. However, both sleeves were cut from the end right up to the underarm. There was also a single sash that tied it but by the look of it, it wouldn't take much for it to become undone. On the back there was a hood that would cover her head.

      "We'll be back in a second." Nancy said as she and her husband stood up. They left and entered their bedroom only to emerge a few minutes later wearing robes similar to the one they just gave Liz.

      "The one thing about the change is that that clothes don't change with us. That can be very painful. These robes are tradition for our people. Now, we're going to help you change into your animal form so it would be best if you go put that on." Jeff said

      Liz just looked at it and then back up at her parents before she picked up the silk. Liz went into her bedroom and stripped naked. Liz put on the robe and tied the sash before heading back out.

      "Okay, are you ready?" Nancy asked

      "I guess so." Liz said, "What do I do?"

      "Well first, we're going to Change so that you can see it for yourself." Jeff said

      Together, Jeff and Nancy closed their eyes and Liz watched the change happen. At first there was a change in the colour of their fur. It went from the gold colour to white and as their bodies changed further, black strips formed. Then knelt closer to the ground as their bodies continued to become cat like and as that happened the sash to their robes became undone and the cloth fell off their bodies. Before long, two white tigers stood before Liz.

      "" It was all Liz could say as she knelt down. She reached out and touched both her parent's heads.

      Both parents bumped their heads against Liz, a sign of affection before they picked up their robes in their mouths. Both then moved behind the sofa and Liz could hear as their bones twisted again. In seconds they both stood back up, each tying the sash of their robes again.

      "Well, what do you think?" Jeff asked

      "I honestly don't have any words. I mean...I never thought something like was beautiful." Liz said

      Nancy smiled, "Well then. Lets find out what kind of cat you are."

      "Uh, will I not be a white tiger like you guys?" Liz asked

      "No. The cat you change into it more spiritual than genetic. Being our daughter means you are Rakas but that doesn't mean that you'll even be a tiger let alone a white tiger. As difficult as it might be for that scientist in you to accept but there are matters of faith and the spirit you have to deal with. And one of them is about to become apart of you." Jeff said

      "Okay. What do I do?" Liz asked

      "Imagine your in a jungle, the sounds are all around you. Let the sound take you over, let the moonlight flow over you, feel your blood pumping in your veins." Nancy said

      Liz did as she was told and her bones started to twist, her skull started to reshape itself. Her hands became paws and soon she was on all fours, her robe slipping off her and her arms passing through the cuts on the sleeves. However, her fur colour didn't change. It remained the soft golden colour and her parents watched in awe as their daughter took her animal form.

      "That's impossible." Jeff said

      "There hasn't been one in over a 700 years." Nancy said

      Both knelt before their daughter who was now a lion. Liz was sitting on the floor, looking back and forth between her parents.

      "Okay. Liz, changing back is simple. Simply focus on being in your animan state." Nancy said

      Liz focused and she started to change. Her mother picked up Liz's robe and put it over Liz's body as it progressed back. As soon as Liz's arms were back enough, she closed the robe over the front of her body and by the time she was animan, she was tying the sash.

      "How are you feeling?" Jeff asked

      "That was intense." Liz said, her breathing hard

      "We need to tell her the rest." Nancy said to her husband

      After seeing his daughter as a lion, he knew he couldn't hold off, "Yeah." He said

      "So I became a lion. What's the big deal?" Liz asked, "There must be hundreds like me."

      "No. Liz, you're the first in centuries. You have no idea how important this is now." Jeff said

      "So what is it you need to tell me?" Liz asked

      "Go get dressed, Honey." Nancy said

      Liz just nodded and returned to her bedroom, her parents also returned to their bedroom to change their clothes. A few minutes later all three came out and her parents led Liz downstairs.

      Living Room, Deluca Residence, Same Time

      Maria was in the process of her own Change. Her robe lay next to her as her body and fur changed. Soon she had become a cheetah and her mother was a leopard. The process of helping each generation into their other forms was one of a parents most treasured duties among the lycanthropes and Amy had been looking forward to this since Maria's birth, just like her own mother.

      After a while, Amy helped Maria come back, "Wow." Maria said. It was like pieces of a jigsaw had just all fit into place and she wasn't as scared of it as she was when she first saw how she looked. "Mom, that was totally wild."

      Amy smiled, "That's what I said when I changed. Given what we are, it caused my parents to laugh."

      "I'll bet." Maria said, her breathing was still heavier than normal. Then she surprised her mother by hugging her. "Okay, so what else do I need to know?"

      "Well, there is this one, teeny tiny little thing."

      "Okay, hit me." Maria said excitedly

      "Well let's just say your sex life is about to get interesting." Amy said

      Maria lost her smile. She thought she already had *that* talk with her mother long ago.

      Whitman Residence...

      "Was I just a...?" Alex asked as he fixed his robe

      "A tiger, yes." Charles said, he was a puma and his wife was a cheetah like Maria

      "It was like I could feel...I don't know...everything." Alex said

      "Actually you could. Unlike humans we are far more connected to the natural world. We try very hard not to damage our world and your beginning to understand that now." His mother said

      "So that's why you don't drive much?" Alex asked

      "Pretty much." Charles said, "Now, there is something else...I know I've had this talk with you before but..."

      "Dad, after tonight, nothing could surprise me so spit it out." Alex said


      "And I was wrong." Alex said

      "What I've spoken to you about is human sex but what we do...that's a different story all together."

      " we really have to talk about this?" Alex asked, if his skin could be seen under all his fur it would have been bright red. The last thing he wanted to do was talk about this with his mother present.

      "Believe me son, yes we do."

      Dinning Room, Crashdown...

      Jeff, Nancy and Liz walked down into the restaurant. The lights remained off, not that they were needed while their eyes were in cat mode. Liz watched as her father went over to the drink dispenser and then as he pressed for coke three times. Then her mother went over to one of the booths and pressed her hand firmly into the cushioned back.

      Liz then heard a click from both the machine by her father and the booth with her mother. Five seconds later there was a third click from the floor and Liz watched as a trapdoor sprung open.

      "I didn't know that was there." Liz said

      "Of course not. No one but our Pride knows where that door is let along how to open it." Jeff said

      Nancy moved from the booth and took her daughter's hand. Jeff led the way down the carved stone staircase.

      "For protection, what you're about to see was moved away from the rest of the tribe." Jeff said as they reached the bottom. They had gone at least forty feet down underground and now stood before two large stone doors with carvings of cats on them.

      Jeff opened the doors easily and all three stepped into a large chamber. It was octagonal in shape and half of the walls were filled with shelves, one each one were layers of scrolls and books and most looked ancient. On the other half, stone tablets were fitted together like an additional layer of brickwork but each one had strange letters carved into them.

      "What is all this?" Liz asked

      "These...are the Chronicles." Jeff said

      "You see Liz, once a generation, our people gather together in the same place. The Wolfen do something similar, as do the other tribes but when they do they write down everything. When it was decided to hide the Chronicles, our whole pride moved out to New Mexico. Our closest pride members moved with us to Roswell before there was a Roswell and dig out this chamber. After that he just built on top of it then humans started moving out here..."

      "Okay, but everything?" Liz asked

      "Our history Liz, this is our history, every event that takes place in our world since the last Chronicle was written. We've done it for thousands of years. At first they were carved into stone like these over here...and then we moved to paper scrolls and then books. These are the most precious things to our people and we're its keepers." Nancy said

      Liz just looked at them.

      "What?" Jeff asked

      "'s just that something like this, I'd have thought it would be kept by some kind of priest or something." Liz said

      Her father just crossed his arms and looked at his daughter with a smile.

      "You're kidding right?" Liz asked

      "Well, not a priest. I think the term you'd understand is Shaman? Or rather, I'm the descendant of the Shamans. These days the old practices aren't needed but we still take our duties with the Chronicles very seriously. Now..." Jeff said as he moved to a pedestal in the centre of the room and pulled off the cloth covering it. He revealed a stone tablet, similar to the ones that lined the walls. "... this is what we wanted to show you."

      "What is this?" Liz asked as she loved over the pictures and writing on the tablet.

      "This is a prophecy. About you." Nancy said

      "Me." Liz said

      "The tablet tells of a time when darkness comes to the world. When the end of all that lives will stand on the edge between life and death but one shall stand to against the dark. The First Born Daughter, she who will die and be healed by touch of a king resurrected. She will be born and come to be sovereign to all those born of the animal..."

      "Sovereign? Oh like..." Liz said

      "Like the lion is king of the beasts, and you are a lion." Nancy said

      "Anyway. Where was I...yes, To this girl will come a great Pride, A Pride born of Earth and of distant stars, formed by the blood of the First Born Daughter. Shaped by her own hand. In the time of need, the Pride will unite the gift and the daughter shall decide a path of three. The first, the dark shall be stopped and light will prevail. All that live shall live. The second, light shall come but only for lycanthropes. As darkness consumes the human life, those born of the animal shall find safety in the Sanctuary. And the final, the third..."

      Liz looked at the last depiction, a picture of Earth with a crack right the way through it. "Ah. Okay so I've got the fate of the world on my shoulders. way. I mean, okay I'm a lion but that might not mean what we think it means. What about that First Born Daughter stuff? Yes I'm your first born daughter but there must be hundred...thousands..."

      "Liz you are our daughter, and yes there are many daughters born first before male siblings but to our are the first girl to be born to my family line since the Chronicles first were written. Each one contains a census. Every child born to my family, until you, have been male." Jeff said

      "I...I'm sorry Honey. We weren't sure if we should tell you but we did decide to do it, especially since you are a lion." Nancy said

      Liz slumped down into a nearby chair. "I think I have a headache."

      "Believe us, we understand. We've tried to protect you from this as much as possible since you were born. You were the biggest surprise to our people in a long time. Everyone knew it would be my family line that would have the child so we're watched but no one ever expected it to actually happen." Jeff said

      "So what am I supposed to do?"

      "It may be a long, long time before the darkness of the prophecy comes, maybe even decades. All you can do is live your life and wait for the signs. They're described in more detail on the tablet but you have a lot of time to study it." Nancy said

      "Besides, there is a lot for you to learn about yourself." Jeff said

      "Yeah. I guess so." Liz said

      Jeff reached out his hand and Liz took it. He helped his daughter stand up on her feet and wrapped an arm around her to comfort and reassure her. "Come on, let's head back upstairs. It is getting late."

      "Yes, I could some sleep after all this." Liz said

      "Actually, there is just one more thing we need to talk about." Nancy said

      "Oh, what?"

      "Sex." Nancy said

      "Huh?" Liz asked

      Living Room, Parker Residence, A Few Minutes Later

      The three were sitting back down in their sofa and all three were still in their human/animal forms. Every so often Liz caught her reflection in a mirror and her image still caught her by surprise. She knew it would be a little while before she got used to it, after all her smooth dark hair now was lighter and had golden streaks through it that were similar in colour to her fur.

      "Okay, Liz. This is going to be fairly complicated for you...and me so..." Jeff said

      "Do you want to go for a walk?" Nancy asked her husband

      "No. My parents could do this so I can do it...I just hate this part." Jeff said

      "So...uh...why are we know sex when we've already had that talk when I turned 14?" Liz asked

      "Okay. Well being Rakas...or well, any lycanthrope tribe brings with it certain urges. Urges that you wont be able to control at all. Every so often you will Spike, as we call it, and you *will* be having sex."

      "But, I'm dating Kyle." Liz said

      "Yes, but we think its best that you leave him."

      "Why?" Liz asked

      "Well, speaking as a Rakas female, there is no way Kyle would be able your needs. Humans just don't have the stamina to match you Lizzie. Besides, you should really keep to other Rakas. It's safer to prevent us from being discovered by the wrong people." Nancy said

      "I...uh...wait a minute, the only other Rakas in town is Maria and Al...ex... oh you can't be serious. Alex is my best friend."

      "Actually, when a Spike hits, either Alex or Maria are viable and neither would turn you away. You also wont turn them away, you wont want to."

      Deluca Residence...

      "WHAT?" Maria yelled

      Whitman Residence...

      "You HAVE got to be kidding." Alex said

      Parker Residence...

      "Oh wait, I get it, this is a joke. A sort of happy being a cat day sort of thing." Liz said

      "No." Jeff said

      "Usually, when you have sex it will be with other pride members. Honey, you will need them just as much as they will need you. Male or female, it doesn't matter. Besides if they're anything like their parents..." Nancy said, her thoughts drifting

      Liz looked back and forth between her parents and spotted the same distance in her father's eyes. "Oh my god."

      "Have slept with Amy and Alex's parents." Jeff admitted

      "Oh my god." Liz said again

      "Honey, this is as natural for us as you can get and when your first spike hits you wont be able to help yourself." Nancy said

      Liz jumped up and started walking around. "This is nuts and then some. How can I?"

      "Honey, when the urge comes it will happen. It doesn't matter if you think you can or will." Jeff said

      Whitman Residence...

      "Dad, are you telling me that you and Mr Parker have..."

      "Yes." Charles said

      "And mom?"

      "Yes." She replied

      "And you've both been with Maria and Liz's moms?" Alex asked

      "Pretty much." Both replied

      Alex just collapsed onto the chair and winced as he caught his tail. He pulled his newest appendage out from under his butt and just sat there with a blank expression on his face.

      Deluca Residence...

      "This is...aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Maria said blowing out her frustration, then something struck her, more precisely it was someone she never knew, "Mom, tell me neither Mr Whitman or Mr Parker is my dad?"

      "Oh god, no, Honey." Amy said, "Maria...your father...he is Rakas but he joined up with what he called a Wild Pack. They're groups of travellers who are made up of different lycanthropes, all of which let loose their primal side and cause problems. He left us both so he could...humffff...enjoy himself. Abandoning a family; let a lone a pride is considered to be a disgrace and completely unforgivable."

      "Oh thank god." Maria said sitting back down, being careful with her tail this time

      "Now. All Alex and Liz will probably ever be to you is lovers. However, when you find a mate you will continue to be with them but your body will automatically adjust so you can only have children with him...and the same goes for him."

      Parker Residence...

      "So...uh...I can only have kids with him and he can only have kids with me but at the same time we're sleeping with everyone else in the Pride?" Liz asked

      "That's it." Nancy said

      "And...and I could be with Maria or Alex?" Liz asked

      "Or both at the same time." Jeff said

      "Oh how good for him." Liz said

      "Actually, it tends to be very good for everybody involved." Nancy said

      "I can't believe you just said that." Liz said

      "There is a lot you need to adapt to Liz. It's best we tell you all of this now so that there isn't any confusion and pain when it happens to you. This is completely natural for us." Jeff said, "But I can tell you that whoever it is that becomes your mate, I will be going over him with a fine tooth comb."

      "But from what I remember from that prophecy, I was supposed to get a pride...from me? That I don't get." Liz said

      "Neither does the rest of our people, except to say that there are a couple of young men and a girl in town who could be the reason for it." Nancy said

      Liz's thoughts immediately went to Max, Michael and Isabel, " don't know what you're talking about."

      "Liz, the people we are talking we told you our senses are heightened. They don't smell quite human and two days ago you did get shot. We both smelled the blood yet your fully healed."

      "Mom, dad." Liz said calmly and simply, "There is nothing I know that I can talk about so I don't know what you're talking about."

      Jeff and Nancy looked at each other and nodded, "Okay honey, but if you need to talk about it at any time then you can come to us."

      "I know." Liz nodded.

      "Anyway, I think you better get back to bed. Your dreams will be a lot more calmer from now on." Nancy said

      "Good, cause I need the sleep." Liz said as she stood up

      Her parents followed suit and all three hugged, all of them felt closer to each other and Liz felt like she was more comfortable in her skin now. The only other time she could remember that was when Max connected with her. She went into her room, and her parents went into theirs. Liz stripped out of her clothes but didn't put on her pyjamas; instead she just remained naked and closely examined her new body in the mirror for a while before slipping under her covers and falling a sleep.

      On a Roof Across the Street...

      Dressed in leather with a few of his pack members around him, Patrick Flanagan stood with his foot on the ledge of the roof. He looked out to the Parkers and used his heightened vision to look through the curtains. He could see their body heat as they moved around and his hearing could pick up everything that was said.

      "A lion." Patrick said

      "Then she is the one." One of his Pack said

      "Yes. And she is perfect." Patrick said

      "As your mate or your sons?"

      Patrick smiled and then turned his back on the window, "Either way is fine with our master. Yes...there is passion in her. She can be seduced to the Wild Pack, and if prophecy is to be, then the signs will follow her. I will rule the tribes through her; the human apes will pay for everything they have done to this world and us over the centuries. The plague they are will be dealt with. Lets get out of here before they know we're here."

      The three men then started to change, Patrick was himself a Rakas and became feline in appearance but two of the others were Wolfen. The muscles on their bodies became much larger and their faces extended, the looked like the werewolves from the movies. The last was a reptile, his skin became scales, his tongue was long and flicked. Through their animan forms they leapt up to higher roofs and down into back alleys without too much trouble. Before long they were heading back to where their Pack had made camp.

      Davidson Residence, The Next Morning

      Just after breakfast, Michael had arrived at Isabel's house and he dragged Max with him. Isabel was barely awake and still dressed in her pink silk pyjamas when her friends walked into her home. Max sat on the sofa while Michael just paced back and forth until Isabel came out.

      "Okay...what's going on?" Isabel asked as she rubbed her eyes

      Both young men had to shake themselves out of the stare they gave Isabel. " right. Well I think we should be making plans don't you?" Michael said

      "Plans for what?" Max asked

      "For getting out of town. Now that you've screwed up and healed..."

      "Hey!" Max said

      "Come on Michael, it's not like he could let her die." Isabel said, defending her lover

      "Yeah but she still told that Maria chick. How long before she goes blabbing to the Sheriff. He's already onto us." Michael said, "Besides, what else is keeping us around here?"

      "Our families." Max said

      "No man, your family. Some of us don't have a family worth talking about or they are de...sorry Isabel." Michael said

      "It's okay." Isabel said softly as she sat down

      Max just looked at Michael, keeping back the anger but Michael could see it in his eyes as well as his own feeling of guilt. He knew he shouldn't have even thought about starting to say it and he was mentally kicking himself.

      "Michael...I know this sounds strange but I don't think we're in any more danger here than we are anywhere else. And...and I know that neither Liz or Maria would turn us in." Max said

      "Is that wishful thinking there?" Isabel asked

      "No. I can't explain it but when I connected with Liz to heal her...I heard this...roar. It felt apart of me and it broke me out of the link with her. For a second I could have sworn her eyes...nah, I was probably imagining it from being kicked out of her head." Max said

      "The only people that have been able to break out of your connections are ourselves." Isabel said

      "And that was a hell of a lot of effort of concentration." Michael said, "You think she might be one of us?"

      "No...I would have felt that but she is different." Max said, "I just know we're as safe as it's going to get. Michael, I can't stop you or Isabel leaving if you want to, but I want to stay here." Max said

      Michael looked at him.

      "And I can't leave without you." Isabel said

      Michael looked at her and shook his head. "I can't believe I'm actually considering this. guys would be lab rats without me."

      Max stood up and took his friends hand before the two hugged.

      "Oh...manly hug. You guys are getting better at that." Isabel said as she stood up and hugged them both. However, as she did so, Michael winced in pain and held his ribs. "What was that?"

      "It's nothing." Michael said

      "Like hell." Max said as he put his hands on Michael chest, noting how painful his long time friend's reaction was. "What'd he do this time?"

      "Max...just forget it alright." Michael said

      Max looked at Isabel and shook his head, he was getting tired of the bruises that kept appearing on Michael and he wasn't going to take much more of it, "Okay, just sit down so I can take care of it." Michael nodded and sat on a chair as he removed his shirt. Max rested his hands over the bruises and started to heal them. Isabel just watched as they faded. She was as sick of Hank as much as Michael and Max but there wasn't much she could do about it. "Okay, all done. Feel better?" Max asked

      "Much. Thanks." Michael said as he put on his shirt again, "So, I guess we're staying."

      "Yep." Max said, "Now, if you want to we'll go speak to Liz and Maria. If you've still got any worries after that..."

      "Besides, she did come up with that plan to help cover for us at the Festival." Isabel said

      "Such as it was." Michael said

      "At least she tried." Max said

      "Yeah, that I can give her." Michael said, "And the screwball too."

      "See, you're warming up to them already." Isabel said

      "Don't push your luck." Michael said

      "Well, I'm going for a shower and to get dressed. You two help yourselves to the whatever's in the kitchen...just leave me food Michael." Isabel said

      Isabel left and went upstairs; Michael just slumped in the chair next to Max.

      "I could have sworn she would have decided to leave. Know something I don't?" Michael asked

      "Let's just say our ice princess has been melting lately." Max said

      "You still doing her?"

      "Well...yeah but that's not what I'm talking about. Alex Whitman."

      "The computer geek? Are you kidding?" Michael asked

      "No. She has a crush on him."

      "Well judging from the looks he gives her, it's definitely not one sided. I take it your going to see if things can work out with Liz?" Michael asked

      "Well I'm going to try, at the very least I'm going to ask her out." Max said

      "She is dating Kyle Valenti you know." All Max did was nod, "Well then, she's probably going to try to get him." Michael said

      "Probably." Max said

      "God, you guys are getting really...sappy." Michael said

      A little later Isabel came down stairs and all 3 watched television for a while without saying anything. Eventually they decided to go out for a walk around the town, if they ran into Liz then at the very least they could have that little chat but they weren't going to actively look for her. At most they just wanted to relax and hope that they wouldn't have to run.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, Same Time

      As Liz woke up the next morning she immediately checked her face in the mirror. It was back to its normal human appearance, as was her body and hair. For a moment she thought she might have been dreaming the whole thing but then, on her chest of drawers, she found a note from her parents.

      `It wasn't a dream. Love, Mom and Dad.'

      "Well. Aliens, werewolves, cat people...yeah. Didn't see that coming." Liz said as she went into her bathroom. She showered, got dressed and emerged into the living room.

      "Hey honey, how are you feeling?" Nancy asked as she put out some cereal for her daughter

      "Hungry...really hungry." Liz said

      "Yes, the first Change does burn a lot of energy but this will be the only time you fell like this." Jeff said, "Now, eat up."

      "Yes dad." Liz said as she sat at the kitchen table and tucked in.

      "So, how are you feeling about what we told you?" Nancy asked

      "Well, it's sunk in more and I'm a lot calmer" Liz said

      "Yeah, Amy said that was Maria's reaction." Jeff said

      "You've spoken to her?" Liz asked

      "Yes, on the phone this morning. She and Maria will be stopping by in a little while. As well as Alex and his parents." Jeff said

      "Then I guess Alex, Maria and I will be doing a bit of talking." Liz said

      "Yeah. We'll be taking you out to Fraser Woods when they get here." Nancy said

      "Why?" Liz asked

      "Just a little adjustment phase. You'll change into your animal forms and go for a little run. It'll help you understand us and what you are more." Nancy said

      "Oh okay." Liz said just as there was a knock from the door.

      Jeff opened it to find Amy and Maria on the other side. "Ladies, come on in."

      Jeff kissed Amy's cheek, the second Maria spotted Liz the two friends moved to each other and hugged.

      "How are you doing Liz?" Maria asked

      " know. You?" Liz asked

      "Meoowwww." Maria said simply, eliciting a smile from all three parents.

      "Why do I have a feeling that there will be a few cat jokes coming from you?" Liz asked

      "Me?" Maria asked innocently as there was another knock

      This time Nancy opened the door and let Alex and his parents in.

      "Hey Alex." Liz and Maria said together

      "So...I hear its fur balls all round?" Alex said

      "Yeah." Maria answered

      "So Liz," Amy said, "What breed of cat are you?"

      "Well...I'm a lion." Liz said

      All three parent's eyes went as wide as possible and looked to her parents who nodded in confirmation.

      "What?" Maria asked

      "What's the big deal?" Alex asked

      "There hasn't been a lion in centuries." Charles said

      "Apparently it's a big deal, especially given this prophecy." Liz said

      "Oh yeah. Mom told me about that this morning." Maria said

      "So what about you two?" Liz asked

      "I am a cheetah." Maria said

      "Oh me too." Alex's mother said

      "And I'm a tiger." Alex said

      "Oh, my mom and dad are both white tigers." Liz said

      "Really?" Alex asked

      "Yeah." Nancy said, "Now, you three, sit down."

      "Oh oh." Maria said

      "Now, here comes the part we didn't tell you last night." Jeff said

      "Double oh oh." Alex said

      "Come on you two, it's not that bad." Amy said

      "So there is bad?" Liz asked and then looked at her friends

      "Triple oh oh." All three said together.

      "Okay, that's just scary." Nancy said

      "So what is it?" Liz asked

      "Well, you three have to go to another school." Jeff said

      "What?" all three said

      "Not immediately but you'll have to spend sometime there. Most of the Rakas populate a town up north called Moon Peak, it's isolated and no humans live there. On a mountain just up from the town is Moon Peak Academy. It's a boarding school so you'll all live there together for a time. You'll learn about our people, study our language, customs and the other tribes. In fact most of the tribes send their children there as well." Nancy said, "Anyone that lives in Moon Peak goes to the school like normal school children but anyone that lives outside of the community goes there for about a year for a crash course."

      "What else?" Liz asked

      "Those robes we gave you last night, that's your school uniform." Amy said

      "Huh?" Maria asked

      "But...that's practically nothing." Alex said

      " underwear? We are naked under those things." Liz asked

      "I know. Guys, the robes are a...well they're traditional clothing for us. All Rakas in the town wear them and so do the students. Besides, when a spike hits it helps to have something that can be taken off easily instead of having shredded clothes." Charles said

      "Oh boy." The three said

      "Come on, Liz get your robe. It's time to go to the woods." Jeff said

      "Uh could that wait for a minute? I want to talk to Maria and Alex alone for a bit." Liz asked

      "Sure." Jeff said

      All the parents knew that their kids would need to talk about what they were. They were all close friends so it was only natural for them. So when Liz and the other two stood up and went out the front door, the parents sat down as Jeff and Nancy made some coffee for everyone.

      "How do you thing they're really taking it?" Charles asked

      Out in the street, Outside Crashdown

      Liz, Maria and Alex stepped out of the Crashdown and started walking down the street. They were moving slowly and standing next to each other, with Liz in the middle.

      "So how are you really doing?" Maria asked Liz

      "Well, I think I can handle being a...a werecat. But this prophecy has the hairs on my neck standing on end." Liz said

      "Don't you mean your fur?" Alex said, bring a smile from them both

      "What about you?" Maria asked Alex

      " know I used to watch that Thundercats cartoon. Now I am one...kinda." Alex said, "I'm just rolling with it. As for that prophecy, as far as I'm concerned I'll always be around to help you."

      "Me too, Lizzie." Maria said

      "Thanks you guys." Liz said, "I take it your parents told you both about"

      "Yeah." Alex and Maria said in unison

      "I can tell you now. I'm not going to even try to sleep with either of you...I're my best friends." Alex said

      "Ditto." Maria and Liz said

      "Ditto on what?" Max asked as he came up behind Liz.

      All three were startled and jumped around to see the three aliens. The second Max and Liz locked eyes on each other; both could hear the roar echoing in their heads. As well as that, they could both feel their blood pumping, their heartbeats quicken and both knew that it was simply because they were in each other's presence.

      Alex and Maria looked at Liz and then to Max. They could feel the attraction between the two, just as Michael and Isabel could sense it. Then Alex smelled the air and looked at Isabel.

      "What?" she asked

      "That' perfume you're wearing." Alex said honestly, his heightened sense of scent picking up on the delicious fragrance.

      "Thanks...but I'm not wearing any perfume." Isabel said with a blush.

      "Really." Alex said with a smile and a look to Isabel that almost made her melt.

      Michael and Maria looked at the two pairs and just shook their heads. However, there was another scent in the air that both Liz and Maria picked up on, both knew trace it back to Max and Michael. It almost made Liz want to grab Max and kiss him, same with Maria.

      {I think that might be the smell my parents were talking about.} Liz thought to herself, "So, how are you doing?" she asked Max

      "Pretty good. Yourself?" Max asked

      "A little weirded out but okay." Liz said

      Michael looked at her

      "Not because know." Liz said suddenly changing what she was going to say when she remembered that Alex didn't know, "We...uh, we just found something out last night about our families. It's an adjustment."

      "Oh." Max said, "Well if you need to talk..."

      "Sure." Liz said

      The other four looked at the two, they could practically smell the heat. "I think we should..." Maria said quickly, thinking that they were going to jump each other

      "Yeah." Isabel said

      All four walked a little further down the street.

      "So. How is the handprint?" Max asked

      "Faded yesterday." Liz said

      "So no problems then?"

      "None. What about you?" Liz asked, worrying if her Rakas nature caused him any problems when he healed her.

      "No. Except...nah it's nothing. So what's this thing about your family?" Max asked

      "I...can't tell you. Not yet. I just need to live with this for a while."

      "I understand."

      "Hey listen...I can only imagine what Michael and Isabel are thinking about me right now." Liz said

      "They're fine." Max said

      "Yeah, just let them know that Maria and I, well we wont tell anyone." Liz said, "We understand keeping big secrets a lot more than we did 24 hours ago."

      "They'll appreciate that." Max said

      Parker Residence...

      Out of the windows, the parents watched on as their children spoke with Max, Isabel and Michael.

      "Is they the ones you told us about?" Charles asked

      "Yeah. They're in the café all the time so we pick up on the smell a lot more that you three." Jeff said

      "It's not an unpleasant smell, actually it's quite agreeable but... definitely not human. There's almost a lycanthropic scent from them but it's very different." Nancy said

      "From distant stars?" Amy asked with a smile

      "Yeah." Jeff said

      On the Street...

      "Hey Liz, I thinks it's time we went back up." Maria said as she and Alex came closer to her.

      "Yeah, they'll be waiting." Alex said

      Michael and Isabel approached as well and moved to Max.

      "You guys going somewhere?" Michael asked

      "Just a little road trip with the folks." Liz said

      Alex, Liz and Maria said their goodbyes; both Alex and Liz gave lingered looks to Isabel and Max before they went back into the Crash. Michael looked at his friends and slapped them on the backs of their heads to get their attention back to the real world.

      "Come on." Michael said as she dragged them away, "You two are pathetic."

      "Why thank you." Isabel said with a fake smile

      Together all three walked away and headed to the park. They needed somewhere relaxing to sit and talk for a while in private.

      Fraser Woods, A Little Later

      The five parents had taken the three out to the woods to help them get used to their animal sides. They had all brought their robes with them to get changed into when they arrived. When they reached the forest, they each picked up their robes and carried them into the dense trees. They reached a small clearing in which a single boulder stood. Stephen Gardener sat on it with Kayla lying nearby.

      "Liz, Alex, Maria. Welcome." Stephen said

      Liz looked at her father, "Why do I have a feeling he's not exactly what he looks like?"

      "Liz, I'd like you to meet your first Wolfen." Jeff said

      "Oh...werewolf." Maria said excitedly.

      "Yeah, just don't buy into all that stuff about cats and dogs. The truth is we get on pretty well." Stephen said

      "So Kayla is..."

      "Literally my seeing dog, she's not a lycanthrope. I lost my sight when I was a boy. My parents got me a companion and after a few years we became attuned to each other. Loosing a sense builds up your others and activates, on occasions, a sixth. In this case I could see through Kayla's eyes." Stephen said

      "Way cool." Alex said

      "Anyway, you three are here for a reason." Stephen said

      "Yes, so why don't you go behind those bushes over there and get changed into your robes." Jeff said

      "Okay." Liz said

      Liz, Maria and Alex disappeared behind the three separate bushes and started taking off their clothes. Out in the clearing, their parents and Stephen also stripped but didn't put on their robes. They immediately went through the Change and by the time the three emerged, 2 white tigers, a wolf, cheetah, puma and leopard were waiting for them. All their clothes were in piles on the rock.

      Then one of the white tigers growled and all three understood what was being said, "Now, do what we taught you last night and change." Jeff said

      The three friends looked at each other and then stood in a straight line. Each focused on the imagery that their parents taught them and they started to morph into their animal forms. In seconds they had completed the change and their robes slipped off their bodies.

      "What now?" Liz asked. Humans, beyond hearing the animalistic growls, wouldn't have understood her words but to the others it was as clear as her human voice.

      "Run." Amy said

      "And enjoy yourselves." Charles said

      The three looked at each other and then they started to move off into the woods. At first it was a gentle stroll but then they picked up the pace, they kept gaining speed until all were running through the woods and practically racing each other. It was all exhilarating, their blood pumped and the sights and sounds through their cat eyes was amazing. They had never experienced anything like it and they couldn't help but think that seeing it through human eyes didn't compare in beauty to what they were seeing now.

      They kept going and going, none of them stopped as they leapt here and there. They climbed the trees and before long they were playfully bounding about like kittens chasing after a ball. All three were enjoying themselves, having fun with a sense of awareness and freedom they had never experienced before.

      After a while they stopped. They had ran out of breath and rested by a nearby tree and as they looked at each other, they started to change back into their human forms. All three were breathing hard and fast before they realised they were all naked. Alex looked at the beautiful bodies of his two friends for the first time and it was the same for the other two. He gazed over their breasts, the neatly trimmed slip of hair between their legs and their legs. Maria and Liz looked at each other; their blood pounded in their ears and grabbed each other. Neither could resist as they kissed each other, their hands ran over their bodies with tender touches of exploration. Alex watched them and he moved closer, his hands reached out and he started to caress the smalls of their backs.

      The two girls broke their kiss and looked to Alex, his hands running in small, slow circles over their backs. Instincts were driving them and just as their parents told them, they couldn't stop. Liz bit her lower lip as she and Alex leaned closer to each other.

      "What are we doing?" she whispered huskily

      "Don't care." Alex said as they closed the gap and kissed

      Their lips pressed together softly before they started to probe each other's mouth with their tongues. Maria looked at the two, and then further down their bodies. Alex was still soft but she couldn't resist reaching out to touch his manhood, in seconds it grew and stood at full mast. Liz broke the kiss and looked down, she felt a hand from Maria and one from Alex caressing her thighs and watched as Maria took Alex's other hand.

      She brought it up to her breast and let Alex cup her soft flesh. Maria whimpered softly at her friend's tender touch but Liz leaned down and kissed the other breast before taking the nipple into her mouth. She sucked gently as she flicked the protrusion.

      "Uhhhmmmmm..." Maria gasped but her friends continued their actions.

      Then Liz brought her head back up and put her hand behind Maria's head, pulling her in for another kiss that lasted a lot longer than their last one. They ran their tongues over their lips and spent time drowning in each other's mouths. Maria caressed Liz's own breast before her hand slipped down the brunette's torso, across her belly and down to her slit.

      Liz ached slightly as she felt Maria's fingers on her. Then she gasped loudly as a single digit entered her body. Maria backed off from the kiss and she and Alex looked at their friend's face as pleasure started to spark inside her. The blonde pushed in slightly further and felt Liz's virginity before pulling out and pushing back in.

      "Ughhhhhh...Ma...Maria...ughhhhhhhhhhhh." Liz gasped over and over, "UGMMMMMMM." Her voice hitched as Maria added another finger to her assault.

      Alex continued to touch their bodies as he watched Maria with Liz, his cock got harder and harder, straining with the need to be buried in one of the girls. Liz then fell onto her back and Maria quickly moved over her, never removing her fingers from Liz. She continued to thrust harder and harder, going in as far as possible without breaching her friend's hymen. That was going to be left for Alex's dick, just like her own.

      Maria's hair hung down as she straddled one of Liz's thighs, her slender leg pressed against the blonde's slit. Every time Maria thrust, Liz pushed her thigh up against Maria who ground against the flesh.



      "Maria...right there..."


      Alex watched the two women squirm together; he reached over and took Maria's head in his hand. He kissed her hard, his hand grabbed her breast as the other slid down her body and pressed against her clit. Maria practically screamed into his mouth until both girls came together, their climax shot through their bodies like lightening.

      The two were breathing harder than when they changed back to human form. They fell next to each other and holding their bodies tightly together. Then Liz felt Alex's hand on her hip and butt, she looked back and saw his dick sticking up from between his legs. She looked back at Maria and both girls smiled as they moved to him. Alex sat back against the tree and both girls leaned down.

      Liz took the tip of Alex's cock into her mouth as Maria kissed its length. Alex gripped an exposed root from the tree; both girls moved their soft lips and wet tongues over his dick causing him to close his eyes in rapture. Then Liz released him and as Maria continued to work away, the brunette kissed her way up his body.

      For a second they looked into each other's eyes and then down to Maria who looked up at them. They knew what was about to happen and Maria simply nodded as she backed away from the hard dick. Liz backed away slightly and moved onto her back. Alex moved over her and started kissing his way up her legs. As he went, she spread her legs and Alex moved between them.

      Maria moved closer, wanting to watch as her friends surrendered their virginity to each other and knew that she would be next. As their bodies aligned, Alex and Liz kissed each other. Alex could feel her nipples burn into his chest as his hand ran down to her hip and held her skin. As they broke the kiss, Liz looked to Maria who nodded.

      Maria moved to the other side of the pair and reached between then, she took hold of his erection and pulled him closer and closer until the tip of his rod was at her opening. Maria kneeled by their sides as Alex took the lead from there and pressed his hips forward. The tip of his dick entered her and Liz felt her core being spread by him. Alex pulled back slightly and then pushed in further until he felt her hymen. She was so tight around him that Alex was straining not to hammer in. Alex pulled back and as Liz nodded, he pushed in and tore away her virginity but all Liz felt with intense pleasure, no pain.

      As Alex sank into her inch by inch until he couldn't go further, Liz wrapped her arms under his. Then Alex pulled out and then went back in, sawing his dick in and out of Liz. The more he thrust, the more she squeezed his cock. Her legs lifted up and wrapped around Alex's waist as his butt moved up and down over her. For over and hour Alex slid inside Liz, their moans filled their little segment of the woodland. Sweat poured from their pores and coated their already slick bodies, neither stopped gliding against each other.

      " good." Liz called out

      "Grnnnnn...grrrrrnnnnnnnnn...Lizzzzzzzz..." Alex moaned

      "That'" Liz groaned

      Off to the side, Maria's hand was buried between her legs. Her hips moved in time with Alex and Liz. She watched as their rutting got faster and faster and knew that it wouldn't be long before they reached their orgasms.


      "FUUUUUUU...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Alex yelled at the same time. His seed spilled out into Liz, both holding tightly onto each other.

      Alex slowly pulled out of Liz and rolled off to the side. He lay on his back desperate to catch his breath but in less than a minute Maria was crawling over to him on all fours. He didn't realise until he felt his dick was back in her mouth. Liz rolled onto her side and watched Maria's efforts to bring his cock back to life.

      "Ughnnnn..." Alex groaned as the slurping noises reached his ears

      Liz reached out and held his hand as Maria's head bobbed up and down, her tongue sliding over every inch of his length. As the seconds passed, Alex slowly became harder and harder until he was back in the game. Maria lifted her head from him and licked her lips, tasting both Alex and Liz at the same time. Alex sat up and ran his hands all over her body.

      Maria decided to move, eager for Alex to take her. She got onto her fours and Alex gazed at her ass as well as her dripping slit. Alex moved up and Liz let go of his hand as he positioned himself behind Maria. He ran his hands over her ass just as Maria looked back at Liz. The brunette smiled and moved up, she wrapped her hand around his dick and just as Maria had done, she guided his cock to the blonde's pussy.

      Alex eased himself in gently, going as slowly as he could so as not to cause any pain for this. He never noticed that Liz didn't even wince except the adjustment of having a man inside her. Not one of them had been told that for the Rakas; only pleasure could be felt when having sex, even for the first time. Slowly he eased himself in and out, rocking his hips back and forth until he was at her maidenhood. With a quick sharp thrust he penetrated deep inside his second lover of the day.

      "AGHNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Maria moaned loudly

      Alex let her adjust for a second before starting to thrust again. He moved in and out of Maria over and over again. Maria pushed her butt back and met every one of his thrusts, both moving in time with each other just as he and Liz had. He leaned down and kissed her shoulders and back.

      He lasted as long as he had for Liz. Well over an hour of moaning passed before they were even close. Liz watched as the moved faster and faster, their grunts and groans got louder.

      "Ughnnnn...god Alex...Your...ughnnnn...sooooo...big." Maria moaned

      "" Alex groaned

      With a few more quick thrusts and the sound of skin slapping against skin, Alex held his dick inside Maria as he came again. The two slumped onto the ground, Alex lying on top of Maria as his dick slipped out of her. He rolled off of her and all three just drifted off.


      All three sweaty bodies lay close together. Maria stretched out, enjoying the sensations that her body had just experienced as Alex touched her body tenderly. Liz was curled up near a tree.

      "I can't believe I just did that." Liz said

      "You enjoyed it didn't you?" Alex asked with concern

      Liz looked at him and Maria, "Oh guys of course. It was amazing but... I'm dating Kyle."

      "Didn't your parents talk to you about...him." Maria asked

      "Yes they did." Liz said

      "But weren't you going to dump Kyle?" Alex asked

      "Well...I was thinking about it. Especially after what my mom told me. But I would have liked to have broken up with Kyle before I cheated on him." Liz said

      "Ah. That." Maria said, "Well, babe, all I can say is dump him now. Cause...the not sleeping with each other thing we said before we came out out the window."

      "Definitely." Alex said as he leaned down and kissed Maria, "Mom and dad did say I would only be sleeping with Pride members. I guess we should have get used to it."

      "I mean we didn't even use condoms or anything." Liz said

      "Well, we're both on the pill and we all know that this was a first for all of us so STD' not an issue. So what's the problem? Besides, mom said we couldn't get pregnant unless it was with a mate." Maria said

      "Who would have thought our first time would be a threesome?" Liz asked rhetorically

      Alex and Maria smiled, both moved closer to their new lover and kissed her and her skin as they caressed her.

      "Uhnnnnn...guys what are you doing to me?" Liz asked as she slid further onto her back with the other two continuing to kiss her body.

      Just then they heard the howl of a wolf and all three jumped up.

      "I guess they want us to head back." Alex said

      "Pity." Liz said

      Both looked at her with seductive smiles. They kissed each other softly before changing back into their cat forms and ran off back to their parents, following the sound of the howls.

      Another Part of the Wood...

      The parents were all sitting around naked, having enjoyed themselves as much as their children had. Stephen remained in his wolf form, enjoying running through the woods until the five parents had sated themselves. When they were done, he started to howl for the attention of the kids.

      " feels good to do that again." Amy said

      "Maybe now that the kids know, we can get do this more than once a week." Charles said

      "Well, I wouldn't say no to it." Nancy said

      "Do you think we should have told the kids that their first change in sunlight would cause a hormonal spike?" Charles' wife asked

      "Are you kidding? If my parents told me the first time I would have put it off as long as I could." Nancy said

      "Same here." Amy said

      "I'm just sorry we had to trick them to get them to do it." Jeff said

      "We didn't trick them. We just didn't tell them everything." Charles said

      Then they heard the sound of their children approaching and they put on their robes. They had brought their children's ones with them so when they arrived, Liz, Maria and Alex just picked them up in their mouths. After disappearing behind bushes, they emerged fully human and covered. All three blushed but weren't going to say anything about what they just did. Their parents looked at them, knowing that it had happened. Even if they were oblivious to the looks on their faces, there was a distinct odour in form them, a new scent that told the parents that their children were now sexually active.

      "Guys, it's okay." Charles said, breaking the ice.

      "There is no need to be embarrassed about it, that is why we brought you out here." Alex's mother said

      "To adapt." Nancy said

      "As we've told you, this is how our people have done this every time our children come of age." Jeff said

      "It's just..." Liz started

      "Not something you'd have considered doing and not something you want to talk about." Amy said, "We were your age ourselves once you know."

      Jeff took his daughter's hand, "Come on, let's go home."

      All eight headed back to where their clothes were and Stephen and Kayla met them by the car. After getting dressed they headed back out to the main roads and went home.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 15:00

      "I mean it was completely amazing. The way the woods looked around us when we were running." Liz said

      "Yeah, intense doesn't even begin to describe it." Maria said as they all climbed the stairs to the Parkers. All of a sudden their parents lost their smiles as they sniffed the air.

      "It couldn't be." Amy said, looking at the others

      As they approached the door, it was slightly ajar and the lock had obviously been forced. Jeff carefully opened the door and all stepped inside to see Patrick sitting in Jeff's armchair and two of his goons standing behind him.

      "What the hell are you doing here?" Jeff asked

      "Come now Jeffie boy. Let's not play any games here. Not with this." Patrick said

      "You can't force yourself into prophecy." Nancy said

      Patrick just smiled as he saw Liz, a look that made Liz shudder, "Nahla mosset Liz parker." He said as he threw a bag on the coffee table. It fell open and several large gemstones fell out.

      "What?" Liz asked

      "You have much to learn Ms parker, but my son and I can teach you." Patrick said

      "Come again." Maria asked

      "He's here to arrange a marriage." Amy said with hate, "More precisely, to buy one."

      Charles then looked at Liz, " his son."

      "WHAT?" Liz, Maria and Alex all yelled.

      Patrick and his pack members just smiled as Jeff tightened his fist as he looked at the intruder in the eye.

      To Be Continued...

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