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Shadow and Light, Chapter 16

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 26, 2004

      Moon Peak School, 18:00

      From outside the school, all the new students were met by people who already attended the massive school as well as by teachers. Everyone wore the robes provided by the school directly after the race but they were identical to their own ones that were currently being flown in, thin and revealing garments that only served to cover skin for the sake of propriety. Before their reintegration into other human cultures thousands of years ago, they never even considered wearing clothes of any type.

      As the students massed, they still remained closer together in their groupings and in those groupings the most senior students and teachers separated them all. They were going to be given the 5cent tour while on their new rooms. Most of the groups were going to be shown around by students but Max, Liz and the others were to be shown around by a teacher. A young woman who was in her mid-twenties, one of the youngest teachers at the school but by no means less dedicated, approached them.

      "Lets see...Max, Liz, Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle and Tess." She said as she looked at each one of the group in turn, trying to remember the names that went to the faces in her files.

      "MEOW." Jake called out, trying to get attention while being held in Alex's arms

      The teach smiled, "And this must be little Jake." She said as she scratched under his chin and earned a contented purr. "My name is Elise Craig. I'll be your teacher for history class."

      "We have to take history?" Michael asked

      "Oh sure, well Tribal history at any rate." Ms Craig said, "Today I'm showing you around a little bit. Just some places you'll need for today before we head up to your rooms."

      Soon other groups were all being led away inside the building. Elise beckoned the young Pride to follow her and she led them into the rebuilt castle. The large blocks of brickwork were all covered with etchings of symbols. The group looked around at everything, they noted that despite the very old walls the doors were very similar to the ones at their old school. Everything was well lit by long light bulbs that ran down the length of each corridor, as were the rooms. Each of them had more than enough windows to let natural light inside.

      "All the classrooms are on the outside of the building." Elise said

      " know what?" Michael said

      "Don't say it." Maria said

      "Say what?" Liz asked

      "That I keep thinking Harry Potter's about to come round the corner." Michael said

      "You had to say it." Maria said as she shook her head.

      They went down corridor after corridor. It was difficult to keep track of every passage they went through; soon they were all hoping that there would be a map or two around the place. Soon they approached a pair of large doors that Elise stopped before.

      "Okay, this is the Assembly Hall. If there's ever a meeting where faculty need to address students or school events...this is where it happens. The Dinning Room is in the same place, just one floor up." Elise said before she started walking again.

      It didn't take long for them to reach an outcropping of brickwork in which there was a single pair of doors. Elise pressed a button and soon they opened to reveal and elevator car.

      "An elevator in here?" Max asked

      "Well you can always take the stairs. But I wouldn't recommend it." Elise said

      "Why? How many steps are there?" Alex asked

      "1834." Elise said

      "Yeah...I think we'll take the lift." Kyle said as they all started climbing in.

      Pride Room, Immediately Following

      The journey upward went on for a long time, Liz had worked it out in her head that from their travel through the school the elevator they were now in was in the exact centre of the castle. From the outside, everyone had seen its five towers. Four marked the corners of the school but as tall as they were, they were still dwarfed by the central tower that they were now rising in.

      Eventually they slowed to a gradual halt and the doors opened. As they stepped out the Pride found themselves in a large space. Directly before them was a sitting area with three soft and comfortable sofas all of which were aimed to a television set and entertainment centre. Off to the right of that was an area for study, filled with books needed for their education. It also came with a computer that was linked to the school's network. Four doors, two on the north wall and two on the south led to bedrooms. It was one room per couple and each came with an en suite bathroom. Also, around to the side of the central block that held the elevator and staircase was a kitchen.

      The floor was done was finished wood, polished to a glowing yellow colour but there were some rugs that covered it. Here at the top of the tower, there were windows that weren't covered in curtains. They looked out to the east over the town and onto the massive forest that barred the way of any curious passer-bys, to the west was a view onto the surrounding mountains and if they were to look around far enough they could see a portion of the lake.

      "Everything in here is for you." Elise said, "Most of our students prefer to eat in the dinning room but there is a kitchen if you ever want to eat here. I assume that you've been told about mating cycles, well, there are condoms in the bathrooms. If you ever need to restock on anything, there is a supply room on the fourth floor of this building at the north side."

      They all started to look around at their new surroundings and Liz walked over to the window. As she looked down she could see bird flying around two of the towers but there were none around this one. "Hey, why aren't there any birds around here?"

      "Oh, the towers are usually reserved for Fliers. They prefer being high up, but this one has been held back for your know, given who you..."

      "Don't mention the prophecy." Liz said, "What about the others?"

      "Well your people are in the north wing of the school. All the rooms are more or less the same as this one, as far as the layout is concerned. Wolfen live in the east wing and the bears live in the base of the towers, all three of your tribes like being near woodland. The Reptiles, and now the Snake Sect, they live in carved out caverns that connect with the west wing. You see they need heat and large amounts of it so we took advantage of the fact that this valley was once volcanic. There's enough heat coming through to do the job." Elise said

      "What about the Oceanics?" Isabel asked, "Where do they stay?"

      "The south wing. It's directly onto the largest part of the river before it feeds into the lake. Since part of the prophecy is that you will be part of all tribes, your rooms were decided to be placed in the centre of the school." Elise said as a beep sounded from the elevator

      Everyone looked over as the doors opened and they say their bags on the floor of the metal box. Max was the first to move over to it and pulled out cases, soon everyone else was bringing them into the room and planting them in front of the sofas so that they could unpack later.

      "Well, that's all you'll need for now. I'll let you unpack; oh there is a meeting later in the Assembly Hall. It's a meet and greet for all new students, as well as something else. Just a little something because of" Elise said, knowing Liz didn't want to hear it. "It starts at 7pm, just before that there will be a gong."

      "A gong?" Kyle asked

      "Well we don't use bells like human schools. There's a small gong in the Assembly Hall, the good thing about buildings as old as that sound resonates. Especially through the stone vents." Elise said as she pointed to a small opening in the bottom corner of the room, "There's a map in your computer, you can print it out if you need to and I'll see you all then. Oh and robes would be best, I know you're used to human clothes and you can wear them at other times outside of school hours but this is traditional."

      Elise said goodbye and left via the elevator. Everyone started to move around, getting to know everything and where it all was. None of them could believe their surroundings; it was all like a high- priced penthouse apartment. Soon they started sorting through their bags. They picked out their own belongings and put them to the side as they decided what rooms to take.

      In the end, Max and Liz took the room at the eastern side on the north wall while Isabel and Alex took the western side. Isabel said that she and Max had spent their whole lives living next to each other, why stop now. For the rooms on the opposite wall, Michael and Maria took their eastern side leaving Kyle and Tess with the western side. They flipped a coin for it. They carried their bags into their new bedroom and quickly unpacked. After that they all settled down, made themselves a snack and turned on the television while they waited for the gong.

      Assembly Hall, 19:00

      At ten to seven the soft sound of the gong rang through the air vents and into the rooms where the students were staying. It was the signal to head to the hall so Max printed a copy of the school map out, just in case it was needed, and they all got dressed in the robes given to them by Liz's father and sandals that they found in their rooms. Then they got inside the elevator and rode it down to the bottom floor.

      It didn't take them long to work out their path since they had already passed it on their way to their room. The large doors to the hall were already open and long before their approach they could here a lot of people taking away. As they entered it was like a cocktail party as people moved around and mingled, everyone talking and getting to know each other as they held drinks in their hands. Teachers were not present yet but one person walked with his group over to Liz's when they saw them enter.

      "Hey, your Liz Parker right?" he said

      "Yeah. But by the looks of it, most people around here know that." Liz said, "And no offence smell familiar." She said as she picked up on his scent

      He smiled, "Yeah. You've already met my dad. The name's Scott, Scott Gardener."

      "Your Stephen's son?" Max asked

      "You mean Liz's dad's werewolf friend?" Kyle asked

      "The word is Wolfen." Scott said

      "Sorry." Kyle said

      "Na, it's okay. Hey, word has it you were a human up until a month ago?" Scott asked

      "Yeah but I had some lycanthrope ancestors. Actually they were Wolfen." Kyle said

      "'re a wolf? I thought you guys were all cats?" Scott's mate asked

      "We are." Liz said

      "Kyle's got both animan bodies but he can only become a cat, a panther. But becoming a wolf..." Max said

      "That's kind of not happening for me just now." Kyle said

      "Well, anyway I think introductions are needed. Everyone this is my mate Hope, also Eric and his mate Cathy, and Martin and Gillian." Scott said

      "Pleased to meet you." Liz said, "This is Max, my mate. Alex and Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle and Tess."

      Everyone did their howdy-dos and started talking. Scott and his pack walked them over to a nearby table where there were lots of plastic cups and several large bowls of fruit punch. Everybody took some and continued to walk around, Scott helped them make some introductions but then something caught their eye. Against one of the far walls was a couple having a really good time. All they could see was the guy, still with his robe on but it was obviously open at the front, with his butt moving rapidly back and forth with the girl's legs wrapped around him.

      " normal?" Tess asked

      "What? Oh that." Scott said as he looked over in the direction of the pair, "Yeah, pretty much."

      "You mean a couple could public?" Kyle asked

      "In public, in class...yeah. We're a lot less uptight that our parent's generation." Scott said, "Actually you will be meeting her soon."

      "We will? Why?" Alex asked

      "That's Kelly, she's the daughter of the Rakas tribal leader. But that's later. I take it dad told you that me and mine are going to be watching your backs?"

      "Yeah. Not that we'll need it. I don't plan on ruffling any feathers." Liz said

      " may not have a choice." Scott said as he quickly moved around and stood in front of Liz. With his eyes he indicated to the side, "Look slowly, don't make eye contact." He warned

      Liz carefully raised her drink to her lips as she subtly looked over in the direction Scott wanted her to look. Despite the mass of people her eyes went straight to one group off by themselves, Liz got a chill when she saw their leader. "Who is that?"

      "That is Patrick Flanagan's son, David. He arrived here around the time when his dad got to Roswell." Scott said as Hope moved to closer up and stood by Liz, she was making sure that David couldn't see the brunette.

      "Word has it, he's been making the rounds. Making sure that he's got first dibs on you should Max...well, you know." Hope said

      "Son of a..." Michael said as he looked over to David

      "Easy big guy." Martin said

      "He's gonna try to finish what his dad started." Max said as he looked over, "He's not going to get the chance."

      "Guys, stop. You're right; he's not going to get a chance. None of us will let it happen but if you move against him you'll only cause problems for yourself. This school is supposed to be neutral ground. If he makes a move, you've got him. You make a move, he's got you." Scott said, "Play it cool."

      Just then the gong rang out and everyone stopped talking, they all looked up at the stage. All of the schools teachers were lining up on it as students moved closer and then the headmaster of the school forward.

      "Ladies and Gentlemen. I welcome you to Moon Peak." He said

      All of the students started clapping, Max and the others joined in until it stopped.

      "This year we are pleased to have so many new students join us in our home community in this nation and I've heard that our fellow schools around the world are also welcoming more. We are also honoured to be welcoming the first group from the Serpent tribe to our school this year; it is our hope that there will be many more in future years. Now, as many of you know several unique individuals have come this term and all of you know the significance of this. Ms Parker, please come forward."

      Liz looked around at her Pride and then to Scott as all the teenagers before her all parted, leaving a path before her. He nodded, indicating that it was okay and that the school had expected it. She couldn't help but thinking it would be nice to have been informed she was going to be called up in front of the entire school. Liz walked forward and felt all eyes on her, as she reached the stage Liz climbed the steps onto it where she stood before the teachers.

      The principle of the school stepped closer to her and smiled at her as he nodded. Then he looked back out over the crowd of students, "Ms Harris." He called out

      Kelly stepped forward and started walking through the students. Soon she was up on the stage opposite Liz and faced her. "Hi. Kelly." She said introducing herself with a little coldness in her voice; despite promising her father she'd give her a chance.

      "Liz." She said, completely unsure of herself and picking up on the other girl's tone.

      The principle stepped between the two, "Prophecy tells us that there will come a time of darkness and that a light will shine. The First Born Daughter shall arrive to lead the way to that light, to the Sanctuary. It also tells us that a first step in her journey will be made, the Gift of the Gods shall be given to her on the day her path takes her to the mountains of the night sun where she will learn about her kind. Kelly."

      Kelly stepped closer to Liz and pulled out one of the metal triangles from under her robe. It was tied around her neck but Kelly undid the clasp and pulled it off. Normally this would have been with her father but now she had reached her own coming of age and reached the change. When that happened the Gift was passed onto his daughter for her time at the school prior to his retirement and her taking his place in a few years.

      Now, according to their oldest teachings, the Gift was now to be passed to Liz for her destiny. " we go." Kelly said as she held out the triangle

      Liz looked at it, she stared into the gem and her reflection caught her attention. It felt like she being pulled into it, that it was calling out to her and Liz reached out to pick it up. Almost immediately upon Liz's skin touching it, the gem glowed brightly causing Kelly to want to pull her hand away but she couldn't. She was held in place as light shot harmlessly though Liz's hand and impacted her forehead. That was when the device released the two girls. Both pulled their hands away leaving the triangle floating in midair with the beam of light still connected to Liz's head.

      The beam faded but the triangle stayed in position, the gem pulsing brightly with light. The device repositioned itself in midair so that the top of the triangle was pointing down and then it started to spin around quickly. Everyone in the room stood in shock at it all and then watched as the image of a DNA double helix formed around Liz. The device scanned her body and confirmed the identity of Liz as the one that was intended on activating it.

      The Gift then stopped spinning and shot out from the stage, it stopped dead above the mass of students and all looked up. There was a ripple of light in the air as an image formed. It was a woman dressed in luxurious silk and all her features were feline, even more so than the Rakas animan body but like the others of her kind her body was a creamy white with black lines forming tribal markings all over her. From the fur on her head, a trail of fur ran down the middle of her back. Many of the students who had studies mythology in their history classes thought she looked like the depictions of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.

      "Greetings daughter. I am Elara Bas'tet, mother and creator of the feline tribes in the younger Lycanthrope races. I come to you today to tell give to you this glimpse into who and what you are before you continue with your destiny.

      Through eons past our noble race travelled the darkness between the stars, long before many others journeyed beyond the confines of their own world. As time went on we discovered many peoples scattered among the heavens, many differences, many points of view, many cultures but however, we only found one conclusion. In all races, death came with the intelligence that sentience brought.

      Look around your own world to understand. In all cases, on every world the peoples warred with each other and themselves constantly, they raped their worlds for an unending appetite for its resources, species were hunted to the point that survivors no longer represented a sufficient gene pool and became extinct. Atmospheres were polluted, they poisoned themselves and soon many of the races died off. Only one survived beyond the adolescence that we have calculated your birth to be in.

      For a long time we searched for a reason, an answer to a question ­ why did we survive? Why did all others die off yet we endured? We tried to answer, studied new races that emerged. Years became decades, decades became centuries and centuries became millennia until we were only left with one conclusion. On all other worlds, one species became the dominant sentient race where as we are many. Our primal instincts of finding an equilibrium, a balance, between ourselves and our world remained intact. This led to one of us proposing a plan; a great undertaking to ensure more species lived on.

      Great ships were created and sent to young worlds where their sentients are only just emerging. They took many and remade them, bound their blood to other animals found on their worlds in the hopes that they could teach the others on their world and aid them to come through and evolve to the point where they could join with us. However, our plan did not do as we had hoped.

      Our children that we created were different, feared and hunted. The more the sentients grew the more they feared our children. By using our technology we were able to calculate mathematically the future of every world and found that we had merely prolonged the end. In any case we studied the race brought death though their own arrogance and stupidity. Just as it will happen on your world, it is unavoidable but only you can save anyone on your planet.

      We were left to watch many die until it became utterly intolerable. As a way of protecting them against death we created Sanctuary and the Chosen. One singularly unique and as genetically perfect a person as we could create. A bloodline was created, one in which genes required for this would come together until a female is born. In the case of this world, you. Only you can unite the tribes through your blood from the heritage of the guardian tribe ­ The Chimera.

      This great plan worked on many worlds, while many races died our children found peace in Sanctuary and the races that lived, learned to live in peace. However, on this world we calculated a unique future for it and you. Never before had our children from other worlds mated and through this, through their blood joining with your own you will truly understand the other tribes by becoming those tribes. Also, it was one of the making of our own, of one of our own.

      Be warned for we know the anger in him will become madness, his plan to..."

      All of a sudden the image faded and the triangle flew into Liz's hand. Everyone stood silently and blinked at what they had just learned about the origins of their race, most barely registered the fact that the image of the ancient Egyptian god Bastet had vanished.

      "That's it?" Kelly asked loudly, "Who's the psycho, what's the plan... what the hell is the unique future? It was just getting to the good part how could it quit like that?" she ranted on and on as she looked at Liz, "I hate cliff-hangers."

      "It's fragmented. This part of the message is over, I guess when I figure out more and I touch the other triangles we'll get more." Liz said

      "Here." Someone from the crowd called out. He moved forward and climbed the steps, everyone then saw his face and it was Diego of the snakes who was unclipping the Gift to his tribe that his father gave him before he left, "Try this."

      He gave his to Liz but as she touched it there was no reaction, "I guess I'm not ready for this one yet." She said as she handed it back

      Everyone, including the teachers, started mumbling among themselves. Max and Liz looked to each other; Liz got down off the stage and moved into Max's arms. He asked if Liz was okay and she nodded that she was. For a moment she was concerned that everyone around her would look on her as a freak or resent their origins but then she remembered who she was surrounded by. These people weren't your typical humans, they accepted who and what they and others were. Among these people differences weren't eradicated, instead it unified them.


      Everyone had calmed down since one of their gods appeared before them, it wasn't like something like this happened everyday after all. However, the event did remain the topic of conversation among all the groups in the hall. They all had an opinion on what happened and any doubts of Liz's potential and in the prophecies were erased. It also left a cold chill in them at what it would soon happen thanks to their world.

      Through the night everyone made it a point to introduce themselves to Liz and the others in their Pride. Every so often Kelly would look over to the petite brunette and ponder for a moment on the promise she made her father and how her introduction to Liz went. She realised she wasn't exactly the warmest she'd been.

      "Yeah. Okay." Kelly said to herself as she walked away from her pride.

      She went straight over to Liz's Pride who were currently talking with Scott about things. Kyle had more than a few questions about his wolf side, which was coming to be useful for the others as well.

      "Hi. Liz." Kelly said

      "Kelly." Liz said

      "Could we talk?" Kelly asked

      "Sure." Liz said as they walked off to the side

      "Listen...uh...I just wanted to apologise for, well they way I introduced myself." Kelly said, "I'm definitely not usually like that."

      "Yeah. I'm guessing it wasn't personal." Liz said

      "No." Kelly said, "When you're the daughter of a tribal leader you grow up with certain expectations...that leads to having...well you feel kind of protective of your tribe. Is this making any sense?" Kelly asked

      "Actually yeah." Liz said, "And your kinda wary of me because..."

      "Yeah, because you're supposed to take control of the tribes and I know nothing about you." Kelly said

      "I guess I can understand that." Liz said

      "I was wondering..."

      "If we could start again?" Liz asked

      "Yeah." Kelly smiled as she extended her hand, "Kelly Harris."

      "Liz Parker." Liz said as she took the outstretched hand

      "Nice to meet you, and this time I'll try to get to know you before making any judgements." Kelly said, "Besides, better you than me for the whole destiny thing. If anyone can handle it, from what I've seen, you can."

      "I can?" Liz said, surprised

      "Hey, I would have freaked to the point my head would have blown up if I found out my boyfriend was an alien. Lycanthrope or not, that's still out there."

      "Well, I freaked...sort of."

      "Not to the point where your head blew up." Kelly said, "Just how long did it take to sink in?"

      "From the part where he said that he preferred the term `not of this earth', five...maybe ten minutes." Liz said

      "Yeah...see. You can handle it. Mind you...that cute butt would have helped." Kelly said as she looked over and looked over Max

      "Hey. That butt is mine." Liz said

      Both girls smiled and broke out in a laugh that got a raised eyebrow from Kelly's mate. Soon the two girls parted and both went back to their Prides. For the rest of the evening the hall was a bustle of activity as everyone mingled. The only exception was the junior Wild Pack, most people who didn't know them introduced themselves but there were a lot of groups that kept their distance. Soon the Serpents too introduced themselves to Liz, Diego didn't even want to hide his intentions and invited Liz to join him and his mate in bed.

      Liz was stunned to say the least and Max was not amused as he stared the snake in the eye. While the possibility of ending up in another's bed, especially at the Oceanic's upcoming party that her father had told Liz about, right now having sex with anyone other than any of their current lovers was out of the question. With that firmly lodged in their minds, Liz refused and walked away but Diego wasn't deterred. He was only looking for a little fun after all.

      Common Area, The Pride's Room, 21:00

      Everyone returned to their room. The elevator doors slid open and everybody stepped into their new home. Outside, the full moon was hidden behind the mountains but it was rising higher into the sky. Everyone sat down and looked around at each other, no one knew what they wanted to do now. It was still early in the evening and while today was long, they didn't feel tired.

      "So, bed or television?" Kyle asked

      "If that's our only options it's going to be a long night." Isabel said

      "Well there is another." Tess said as she looked at Isabel and then Liz. All three smiled, a smile that soon spread to everyone else.

      Isabel pushed off the shoulders of Liz's robe to expose the small breasts concealed within while leaving the sash tied and held up at Liz's elbows. She had seen Liz naked so many times in the last few months but never had it been with the ravenous, insatiable hunger she was feeling now. The human was a beautiful, sensual girl whose lusts and loves mixed as one just beneath the surface of her skin and Isabel knew it. The alien felt a mystifying craving to explore the other girl's soft body with her hands and moth. Liz's breasts were smaller than her own, but that didn't deter Isabel's desire to take those nipples into her mouth. Isabel bent down and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked gently, feeling the nub stiffen even more in her mouth until it was pebble hard. Liz moaned softly as the blonde suckled on the delicious nipple, as her fingers travelled through her soft hair, pressing Isabel tighter into her breasts.

      She didn't need to be urged, Isabel was more than happy to go further and moved from one breast to the other, sucking each nipple to until it was as tight and erect as it could be. Isabel ran her hand over Liz's flat tummy, enjoying the warm feel of the other girl's skin before nudging the pride leader and queen toward the soft rug on the floor in front of the sofas. Liz didn't give any resistance and Isabel took her hands, slowly allowed Liz to lean back and sit down onto the rug.

      Isabel gently pushed Liz to lie flat on the rug, taking in the beautiful sight of her half-naked lover sprawled across the floor, her chest was heaving with growing excitement, her face was flushed, her body writhed as she groaned, desperate for her touch. She held Liz's gaze, licked her lips with her tongue, a simple act that seduced Liz completely as the alien slowly began to undress, she untied the sash of her robe and pulled it open and let Liz have a good look at her breasts. The red nipples that capped them had fed on Isabel's arousal to become as stiff as Liz's.

      Isabel smiled with heat in her eyes as she let the silk robe flow from her arms and flutter down to the ground leaving her completely naked. Isabel slowly knelt down onto the ground and her hands slipped over Liz's arms, taking the brunette's robe off them. The rush of cool air over their naked bodies made them shudder with delight. Liz leaned back and Isabel's eyes travelled over her naked body. The enticing stare felt like a fire that warmed her soul and made her even wetter as she pressed her thighs together. Isabel crawled closer to Liz, moving seductively until she was over the brunette.

      Soon their bodies were aligned, lying next to each other as Isabel propped herself up on one side so that she could look deeply into Liz's eyes. Isabel's long, blonde hair spilled down and tickled Liz's skin while Liz's head and shoulders were framed by her own beautiful dark hair. Liz looked up at the alien with a need of pure desire and longing. Isabel reached down and stroked Liz's cheek with the back of her hand; Liz's lips trembled with excitement, needing to feel more of Isabel's touch. Seeing Liz in such a state of arousal turned Isabel on so much that she felt a fire between her legs. She bent down and took her mouth in a searing hot and passionate kiss; Isabel slowly ran her tongue over Liz's lips. Isabel probed the girl's mouth, soon Liz's tongue wrapping around hers in a frenzied duel that had both of them gasping for breath.

      "Do you want me to touch you Liz?" Isabel asked, "Do you want me?"

      "Yes." Liz breathed, "Don't stop."

      Isabel shivered as she listened to the need in Liz's voice, it surprised her how much she needed Liz, to feel her skin against hers, to hear the desire in her voice. Just as much as it surprised Liz in how much she needed the blonde. They both seemed to know instinctively what they needed from each other, that it would bind them as never before. It was as if they were perfectly tuned into each other's desires and needs. Isabel could actually feel her lover's heartbeat without touching the skin over her heart; she could feel it in her mind, in her soul and in her own heart. It called out to her, making Isabel want to touch Liz even more.

      "Hmmmm..." Liz gasped as her skin tingled

      Isabel moved on top of Liz's nude body, her flesh felt warm and supple as she pressed against her. It made her own need spike through the roof even though neither of them were feeling a hormonal spike that usually resulted in them making love. Tonight this was because they wanted to do it. It was making her dizzy and soon couldn't resist as she took Liz's mouth again in a deep kiss that lingered, she sucked on the other girl's tongue hotly. Liz's hands slid up and down her back, tracing and feeling the curves of her body. Fingers danced over her shoulders then slid down to caress her back. Isabel consumed her lover's mouth with a ravishing hunger that she felt in every cell of her body. Isabel moved a leg over Liz's thigh and at the same moment each other's legs brushed their clits. It caused both girls to shudder and pressed their legs in further.

      "Isabel...uhmmmm...Isabel...yes!" Liz gasped as she reached down and clutched her butt cheeks and pulled her even closer.

      Isabel leaned down and planted a kiss on Liz's shoulder before she planted smaller kisses across Liz's chest on her way down to suckle on a breast once more. Liz arched her back and the hard nipple strained to meet the blondes mouth. She took the nub between her lips and sucked it hungrily; she teased the very tip with tiny but strong flicks of her tongue. Liz writhed on the rug, murmuring breathlessly as Isabel made love to one breast and then other into her mouth. The pounding in Isabel's pussy was like thunder rumbling in the clouds as she lavished Liz's breasts with hot kisses.

      "Isabel...Uuuhhnnnnn...Isabel...yes, eat me, please!" Liz moaned.

      She thrashed frantically on the rug, her body arching to push more of her breasts into her mouth. Isabel gave each small globe another kiss before slowly making her way further down her body, trailing her tongue across Liz's flat belly until she was right above Liz's cunt. Liz spread her legs wide for her, inviting her touch as she revealed the flesh of her hot pussy.

      "Mmmm...beautiful." Isabel said contently.

      She ran her finger down the length of Liz's slit; Isabel stroked the glistening outer lips of her slit. Liz couldn't help it as she sucked in a deep breath, her hips rose up off the rug as she sought out more and more of her touch. Isabel trailed a line around the lips of her pussy, staring deeply between the brunette's legs. She dropped her head between Liz's legs and parted the slick lips with her fingers; Isabel flicked her tongue against Liz's clit and moaned as she took in the scent. Liz squirmed on the bed, moaning softly under her touch.

      "Ughmmm...yeah...hmmmmmm...ohhhhhh." Liz groaned

      Isabel gazed up from between Liz's legs and smiled before giving a teasing lick up with length of Liz's slit and then dived back in. Her tongue started to lap wildly at the pussy, causing moan after moan. She licked up and down the length; she couldn't get enough of the taste that was flowing into her mouth. Isabel covered the girl's pussy with her mouth and sucked on it as her tongue delved deeper and deeper into Liz. The brunette bucked wildly against Isabel's face, her hips rising and falling quickly to meet each stroke.

      "Yes...yes...oh yessss...yesssss!" Liz's lower half bounced excitedly on the rug.

      She tried to grab hold of something, anything but there was nothing but the closest edge of the rug and held onto it tightly. Liz's pussy clenched as she wrapped her legs around Isabel's head, pulling her closer and holding her in place. Isabel swirled her tongue between the soft lips, fucking her with her tongue without mercy until Isabel knew Liz was close to reaching her climax. She softly kissed her way up the short distance to Liz's slit then wrapped her lips around the her clit.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Liz howled in ecstasy.

      Her body arched completely off the rug as Isabel stroked the pulsing bundle of nerves with her lips and tongue. She held Liz's clit securely in her mouth; Isabel ran her tongue around the taut flesh again and again.

      "UGHNNNN...YESSS...YESSSS...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Liz cried out in passion as her climax overtook her. She pushed her hips down and came in Isabel's mouth. Isabel's tongue worked harder as she lapped up the rich nectar, she licked Liz's juices off of her inner thighs

      Isabel released Liz as her legs relaxed and rolled to her side, gasping for every breath of air. Her fingers slowly stroked Liz as she moved up. Liz and Isabel locked their eyes together and smiled. The brunette was panting, her face was flushed and her whole body glistened with a fine layer of sweat.

      Isabel soon found herself wrapped up in Liz's arms as was given a long, passionate kiss. Liz's tongue quickly found its way into her mouth and slid together with Isabel's in a feverous entanglement. Liz's hand moved down her body, reaching between her legs to squeeze her Isabel's slit. The touch Liz gave her sparked another fire deep in her belly. Isabel groaned with an intense need and couldn't help herself, her hips started to hump against Liz's hand.

      "Ahhhhhhhhhhh please." Isabel begged. "I need you so much." Fingers pressed against her slit and she whimpered softly, grinding herself into her sister's grasp. Liz giggled and then plunged two fingers into her pussy, making her cry out in a high-pitched moan. Liz could feel something in her, she knew exactly where to touch the blonde to bring out the most passionate cried. Liz's fingers slowly moved in and out of Isabel's pussy with long, deep thrusts and twists that elicited moans of bliss that almost dwarfed that of the others in the room. Already she could feel the muscles in her gut tighten, her belly undulated under Liz's intense but gentle caresses. Isabel's pussy quivered excitedly with the fires of her passion and then her muscles tightened. The waves of pleasure flowed over her, her whole body was enveloped in the storm Liz was building in her until she felt as if she could explode.

      "Liz...ahh...oh...god, touch me." Isabel cried out

      Liz suddenly kissed her and it brought Isabel back to reality. She returned the kiss with just as much white-hot fire as her hands ran over Liz's shoulders. Liz pushed Isabel onto her back and inched down her body with kisses until she reached her breasts. She sucked on Isabel's hard nipples, covering each one with her warm and wet mouth, giving the same loving attention Isabel had given her. The joy was as exquisite as it was intense, Isabel arched her back in an offering to Liz and the young brunette could help but to ravish her breasts with gusto. She moved from one then to the other, making sure neither was denied being licked by her warm tongue.

      "Hmmm...Ughhhhh...more..." Isabel moaned

      Liz started to move down her belly, kissing softly the flesh of Isabel and both gave gentle sighs. Isabel wanted to feel Liz's tongue inside her more than ever. Isabel drew her knees up and spread herself wide, allowing Liz to move between them. Liz nipped and kissed playfully at the soft skin of Isabel's inner thigh, making her groan with desperation, she was eager to have Liz eat her. Liz brushed her fingers across Isabel's mound, eager stroking her lover's already sensitive clit. Isabel gasped softly as her back arched slightly. Despite the moaning of everyone in the room the only sound she could hear above the beat of her heart was Liz's breathing, then Liz latched her mouth onto Isabel's pussy. She lapped wildly at the wet folds between Isabel's legs and enjoyed looking up to see the rapture on her face.

      Isabel arched and writhed from what Liz was doing to her, she desperately needed to have her mouth on Liz's pussy again. It was a need that jumped the gap between their bodies and entered Liz's mind as she turned around quickly to straddle Isabel. Her legs on either side of her head as her hands planted themselves securely beside her waist so they could eat each other. Isabel reached up and grabbed Liz's butt, pulling her hips down to her mouth. She flicked her tongue wildly inside the other girl's opening as Liz's tongue went back to work on her own, she continued to lap inside her. For either of them just now, nothing else existed except for the pleasure the two lover's were sharing and giving. She felt herself clench deep in her pussy and they were both getting close to their orgasm. Isabel lashed Liz's clit just as Liz did the same and with sharp jabs of their tongues they went on and on for as long as they could.



      "OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" They came together, both crying out loudly. The orgasm cascaded over and through their bodies until they both collapsed breathlessly and exhausted.

      Both girls moved and rolled over until they were side by side. Isabel welcomed Liz into her arms and held her lover close, enjoying the feel of holding each other. She ran her fingers through Liz's long hair that was now moist with sweat, just like her own. Liz's hand weakly fondled her breast, the two of them were slowly coming back into the room from being in the clouds and were enjoying the afterglow.


      From the couch Max and Alex happily watched as their mates made out and knew it was only the beginning of the show. They loved watching the girls together; to them it seemed just as perfect as when they were with themselves. However, the more they watched, their dicks became harder until they were poking out of their robes. They knew this was going to be the one major drawback to wearing them; concealment of arousal was not possible.

      The two young men continued to watch, what they didn't know was that their hands were creeping over the sofa to each other. Neither realised that while one hand was starting to stroke their hard cocks, the opposite was moving across to their legs. Slowly they caressed each other's flesh until they realised what was happening and pulled their hands back. Yet they didn't break eye contact, they didn't want to and slowly Max reached across.

      He decided to take the first step and wrapped his hand around Alex's exposed dick. He simply felt the skin, felt the hardness and ran his finger over the head slightly. Alex shuddered and before they knew it they were kissing. They held each other tightly as their tongues entered each other's mouths and soon moved so they were kneeling on the sofa. With a quick pull, Max undid the sash of Alex's robe and Alex followed suit. Both let their robes fall open but didn't take the time to appreciate the view. They wanted each other, they wanted each other now.

      Max and Alex reached out and wrapped their hands around each other's dicks, slowly stroking them until they were completely hard. They never moved from the sofa, they continued to kiss each other but soon separated as they caressed each other's balls. They were breathing hard, their bodies called out to each other and quickly they pulled off their robes, throwing them to the side before they came crashing together again.

      Alex fell backwards and took Max with him; the human was propped up by the armrest as Max lay on top of him. Their dicks touched and electricity jumped through them like lightening jumping from one spot to another. Their hands ran over each other's bodies, leaning the lines of each other's muscles and skin. Soon Max turned Alex over, he wanted, he needed to be inside Alex and wondered if his ass was as tight as Isabel's when he first took her.

      Alex moved as Max directed, he placed his hands firmly on the armrest while his legs were bent as he knelt on the sofa. His butt was presented to Max as his balls hung down and his dick protruded up against his belly. Max moved forward, inching closer until he was in position. He licked his lips and then waved his hand over Alex's butt. It glistened as Max created some lubrication there and then the alien pressed the head of his cock against Alex's opening.

      "UGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Alex groaned as he was ever so slowly filled up.

      Max pushed forward gently and pulled back before doing it again. Getting in further and further with each thrust. His cock went in and out while Max moved his hands down; Alex opened his fists long enough for their hands to clasp together.

      "URGHHHHHH...ARHHHHHHHHHH." Alex gasped as Max pushed down on him

      Every so often, Alex would tighten up on Max's hands as the alien gave a sharp but gentle thrust. Soon he was completely engulfed and Max just held himself there. However, Alex started to push back, letting Max know it was okay to continue and soon they were rutting away. His thrusts were deep but quick yet they were unending. The moans Alex gave burrowed deep into Max's soul and told him never to stop.

      Alex had sweat dripping from his forehead; both the men's bodies were soaked as they had sex. Together they moved back and forth in perfect timing to Max's thrust, neither wanting it to stop or even slow down. They were on fire, their bodies burning to be one so that their minds could be.

      In and out Max moved as he released his hands from Alex and started to caress the humans arms, running up them to his back and feeling the enticing sweat-soaked skin. He never stopped thrusting deep into Alex's ass.

      "Aghhhhh...Ughnnnn....jeez. UGHN....Ughnnnnn..." Max groaned out

      "Hmmm...ghhnnnn...ghnnn...ghnnnnnnnnnn..." Alex grunted

      "OHH GOD...Alex...YOU'RE SO TI...UGHNNNNNNNNN." Max called out as his last thrust brought about his climax and he shot his load into Alex.

      When he pulled out of Alex, the human as able to turn around. Max lay flat over him, holding his body close as the two kissed again. Each wrapped their arms around the other as their tongues moved around in each other's mouth. Then they rolled over and it was Max's turn. He got up on all fours in the same position as Alex. The alien could see the sweat stains on the sofa where it had dripped from Alex's forehead.

      Soon Alex knelt behind him, angling his cock to penetrate his lover. But he took the time to admire the view and caressed his skin. Alex touched everywhere he could before Max reached up to his own butt and used the same little trick he had on Alex. Soon he was ready and Alex's pushed into Max.

      "HMMMMMMmmmmmmm..." Max moaned as he felt Alex's dick fill him.

      "OHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH." Alex groaned as he felt Max around his dick

      Slowly Alex began to push and pull his hips back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of Alex as he ran his hands over the alien's back. Alex was delirious with ecstasy; Max hung his head down as Alex sought out his pleasure. Then Max looked over to Liz and their eyes locked for a moment. Both knew they were enjoying what was happening and wanted more.

      Both young men marvelled at the sight of their lovers together as they grunted and groaned. Their noises mixed with everyone else's but at this moment they could only feel each other. Alex continued to thrust in and out of his mate's first lover, enjoying the feel of him but he knew he couldn't go on forever. Alex was desperate to cum, he needed it and soon felt his balls tighten in his sack.

      "UHMMM, GOD...MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX." Alex strained out as he came.

      Both men collapsed down to the sofa on their side, Alex was still inside his lover as he kissed his shoulders while caressing his arms and chest. Soon he pulled out and Max turned around, as their mates kissed on the rug in front of them all they too kissed as their hands glided over their skin. They felt just as close as Liz and Isabel and wanted to remain that way as their legs intertwined and their lips smacked together.


      Michael and Tess sat on another sofa together opposite Max and Alex, they were too close to each other not to smell, see and feel the arousal that had surged through the room. There was no way that they could have been unaffected and they wanted to fuck. It was engraved in their DNA and was as undeniable as the sun coming over the horizon. Under their robes Michael's dick was swelling and Tess was becoming wet.

      He wanted Tess and Tess wanted him, overwhelming desire made Michael pull Tess over to sit on his lap and they kissed. Their hands moved to each other's faces and held each other still as they probed each other's mouths but then Michael's hand started moving lower. His hand ran over her body and found the opening to her robe, eagerly he pushed it open to expose her breast and his hand took custody of it. Michael caressed and massaged they firm mountain of flesh, he felt the nipple harden as he took it between his fingers and played with it.

      Tess moaned deeply into his mouth but soon felt his dick poking into her. That was when she broke the kiss. A knowing look to each other and soon they were practically tearing their robes off. Each teen pulled at the sashes reverently until their had become undone and then it was a fight to remove the robes from their bodies. Their lusts and desires magnified by the beautiful night outside and by the sight of each other's bodies.

      Soon her body pressing up against his. She turned to him and their lips met again in a kiss ever more lingering and desperate than the last. They opened their mouths immediately to allow tongues to go through and caress other's tongue. Michael's right arm moved across her back, he stroked the silken skin of her back and traced circles over her that teased her body. His other arm returned to her breasts, he played with each nipple in turn and enjoyed the feel of her succulent flesh.

      Tess's hands caressed Michael's chest for a while before they began to travel downward, she loved tracing his hard muscles there and feeling each rib in turn. When her fingers touched his dick, Michael thought he was going to loose it right there. Her fingers stroked over him a few times, his hips began to gently buck up against Tess but he maintained control.

      "Michael, I want you to make love to me."

      His cock jumped in her hand and Tess let it go. They continued to kiss and touch each other for the longest time. Michael's hands came up to caress Tess's breasts and she moaned in his mouth, he twisted and tweaked her breasts and nipples as he watched her start to rotate her hips against him. Her pussy was pressed against his leg and the friction was just as pleasurable. Soon she shuddered violently, breaking their kiss and moaning out loud as her head fell back. He stopped twisting her nipples, but kept his hands rubbing along her skin as she settled from her climax, soothing her and letting her calm down.

      "Oh God, wow!" she breathed as she finally returned to her senses.

      Michael leaned over and began to lick at her nipple. She was immediately squirming

      "Straddle me baby, take a ride." He told her.

      Slowly Tess put her legs on either side of Michaels, pressing her body firmly against his skin. Michael lifted her body up as she reached down to wrap her hand around his dick. She supported herself on her knees and she pulled his cock out. The head of it pressed up into her pussy lips and she groaned as it dipped inside her a little. Michael smiled at her. He placed his hand on the tops of her thighs and gently pressed her down onto his cock. She sank onto him and Tess whimpered as he penetrated deep into her, and that soon became loud howl as she began to move on top of him.

      Tess's tight, hot pussy gripped his cock and her warm body slid against his; Michael was in heaven as his head leaned back with his eyes tightly closed. His hands glided over her body, caressing his skin and then back up to her breasts. Soon Tess was fully impaled on his hard length and was firmly sitting down on his lap.

      "Ah...ahhh...ahhhh..." she gasped as she leaned forward. Michael brought his head forward and their foreheads rested together.

      Michael let Tess and himself settle in to the feelings they were having, both were content and comfortable, enjoying it for a little while. Soon Michael started moving his hands again and moved them down then around to her butt. Michael lifted her up slightly; just enough to create friction before he let her slide back down and create even more. He did this a few times of this, but Tess stopped him and took over. She used her own legs to help lift her body up and down on his dick. It took only a handful of strokes for them both to be moaning and writhing against each other. Tess's breasts swung to and for and Michael loved watching it, especially when her hair started to wave wildly about.

      Tess's body began to quiver and tremble as several small orgasms started to spark in her but the more that built within her the closer she came to achieving her climax. Michael began to thrust into her, Tess was immediately crying out in pleasure as her body flung backwards but Michael was able to grab her hands and prevent her from falling off. Her hair hung down but his cock was able to go much deeper from her current position. Their bodies moved faster and faster and Tess's screams rose in pitch as Michael grunted again and again with each thrust.

      "AGHHHHH...UGHNNNNN...YESSSS...UAGGHHHHH..." Tess was constantly moaning and screaming.

      "UGHHHNNNN...GNHHHNNNNN...YEAHHHHHH..." Michael grunted

      Michael knew he was about to cum and didn't hold it back in the slightest, he gave a last deep thrust and pushed himself all the way into Tess, Tess felt it coming and immediately pulled herself up, let go of his hands and wrapped them around his head all in rapid sequential movements. She pressed him fully into her breasts just as his load shot up into her. The second Tess felt his seed spill into her, her own body was overcome with her own orgasm. Her body bucked violently against her lover as her pussy gripped his cock. She screamed loudly in passion until her body fell limp and collapsed off of Michael.

      Michael caught his beautiful lover and eased her down onto the sofa. Michael slid out of her and like Max and Alex the lovers caressed each other's bodies as they kissed. Michael's soft cock lay on Tess's thigh as his hand slid around to her ass. He pressed her tightly against him as their tongues dueled.


      Kyle and Maria looked at each other as the other couples came together in their lusts and passions. Beside the rug that Isabel and Liz were on, there was another that they were standing on and as they moved closer both pulled off their robes. The two walked closer together until they were but inches apart, Kyle took her in his arms and kissed her. Their tongues dueled before Kyle kissed his way down to her shoulders and onto her breasts. He sucked, licked and nipped reverently and Maria moaned loudly until he released her tit from his mouth.

      Both teenagers then knelt onto the rug before Kyle helped Maria onto her back and then crawled between Maria's legs. He bent down to look at her pussy and then he gave it a soft lick, her hips rolled against him. Kyle was enticed back in by the gentle action and he did it again resulting in the same writhe of her hips and a gentle moan. He began to work his tongue against her more rapidly, eating her pussy with ever increasing delight for both of them and Maria was soon writhing on the rug. Suddenly Kyle stopped and she pulled him up her body so that she could kiss him. Their lips mashed together as their tongues delved deeply.

      "Gnnnnnn that was great but I want you inside of me." Maria groaned wantonly

      Kyle maneuvered himself into position and Maria reached down between them. She grasped his dick aimed it at her entrance. Kyle knew she was ready, he made sure of it and so he pressed in slowly, watching her face as he did so. Her mouth opened slightly and smiled up at him, her eyes shinned with lust and love. Kyle pushed in until he was engulfed within her tight sheath and there he paused, he grinded against her a little. He moved his hips in small circles against her as he lay above her. Slowly Kyle began to move inside her. Maria groaned at the feel of his body against hers. Their bodies moved together, pressing one into the other and eliciting moans from each other.

      Kyle soon increased his pace slightly, pushing her deeper into the soft rug. She wrapped her legs around his hips and helped to push him as deeper into her pussy. Then something happened that nether expected, the light of the full moon reached over the mountain and flooded the room. Kyle couldn't control it, he had no experience with it, this was his first time and the moon held its sway over him. His whole body swelled, his muscles grew bigger and stronger as fur coated his body. His tail grew and his face changed until before long he was in his Rakas animan body. There was a growl that filled the room from Kyle and a moan of utter lust from Maria as his dick practically doubled in size inside her.

      It took Kyle a minute to adjust to what happened but his change had instilled within him an overwhelming desire to continue what he was doing. Besides, he sensed she wanted him to thrust harder and that is what he did. Kyle rammed deep into her cunt, plunging into her depths over and over again as the blonde waved her spread legs in the air. He leaned down as he thrust into her, he licked her lips softly and then kissed her deeply as her hands stroked over his body, moving with the grain of the fur. Kyle's hips were soon slamming down into Maria, her moans becoming louder and deeper yet she could never get enough of this. Her hips were rocking up to meet his every move and Kyle's cock ploughed into her pussy with hard, strong strokes.

      "AGHHHHHHHH...ARGHHHHHHHHH...AGHHHHHHH...UGHHNNNNN YEAHHHHH!" Maria moaned and soon she reached her peak. Kyle released her mouth and she screamed into the room for all to head as her pussy gripped his shaft tightly.

      It only took a few more strokes and Kyle grunted like a wild animal. His cock pumped his cum deep inside of Maria, spewing his seed into her depths as the two writhed together for a few moments more. As they eased, Maria's legs fell and locked around Kyle, keeping him where he was until his cock softened and slipped from her pussy.

      At this, everyone in the room had witness the intense climax that Maria had and what happened to Kyle in his animan form. Maria remembered that her mother recommended once that she try Alex when both in their animan forms and discussed it with the other but nothing came of it. Now all were desperate and jumped into the centre of the room, suddenly that had all changed forms. In seconds there was a wild rut in the middle of the room, all with their mates but soon that got mixed up as Kyle and Michael rolled off to the side to enjoy a little private action. It was uninhibited and a ravenous mixture of lust and raw sex that filled the tower with their cries. Everybody had everybody else and no one was left out. It lasted for an hour past midnight before they all went to bed.

      Dinning Hall, 07:30 The Next Morning

      As the sun rose over the mountains, the school was waking up. Max and Liz were the first awake in the central tower, they could already feel the new bonds binding their pride completely together. They enjoyed a nice long hot shower together as everyone in their Pride got out of bed. Soon they were all ready, dressed in their normal clothes and decided to have breakfast in the Dinning Hall, they felt that being around the other students more would help them settle in. Besides, at Moon Peak they didn't need to be isolated since everyone here knew their secrets.

      They made their way around the corridors of the school and went to the second floor. Soon, and after much effort, they found the Dinning Hall with its doors wide open. The room itself was just as big as they Assembly Hall beneath it but it was not as empty. There were circular tables all over the room, each big enough to have 2 or 3 groups sitting at them. At the far end was a metal counter, just the same as any other that would be found in school cafeterias. It was connected to a kitchen behind it.

      As the Pride entered the hall, Max noted that there were different tribes all sitting together. Each talking away with each other, even Diego and his sect were getting to know others. It had been a long time since anyone had any contact with their tribe and were curious as to how they've changed since the last time they were out in the open, mostly they just wanted to know if they were on the menu for a midnight snake snack. Each was relived to find that the snakes hadn't had that kind of diet for some time.

      The only difference in the room was the children of the Wild Pack. They were sitting off to the side, talking among themselves. Everyone knew what David's father attempted and word quickly spread that he had his desires firmly focused on Liz, no one was willing to give them the time of day.

      "Hey Liz, over here." Kelly called out as she saw them enter. She and her Pride had been sitting with Scott's Pack. Liz and the others moved over, "Hey guys, we got seats here."

      "Thanks." Liz said, "We'll just go grab some breakfast."

      They did, and soon they returned to take up their seats. Alex had also picked up a bowl of cat food for Jake who sat by them and ate away. Everyone sat down and was surprised to find the food edible.

      "Damn, this stuff is a hell of a lot better than the slop we get at Roswell High." Kyle said

      "Yeah, old Mrs Roobado in the cafeteria could certainly learn a thing or two." Michael said

      "So how'd you guys like the school so far?" Kelly asked

      "What we've seen of it so far, yeah. It's nice." Max said

      "Oh let me guess, you got the 5cent tour. Well after breakfast we'll take care of that." Kelly said

      "Why do I have the feeling that we should keep our schedules clear for the rest of the day?" Isabel said

      Scott chuckled, "Nah, it won't take that long. 5...6 hours tops."

      "Long day." Alex said as he looked over at Liz, "You okay?"

      "Yeah." Liz said as she looked over to her side, "Just some people aren't subtle."

      Everyone saw that David was sitting at his table with a mug of coffee in his hand and looking over at Liz.

      "I really want to hurt that guy." Michael said

      "Yeah well, I really want you to." Maria said

      "Guys..." Scott said

      "Yeah I know." Michael said, "We can't do anything unless he does something."

      "Pity." Kyle said

      "Just remember that. The last thing any of the staff here wants is for you guys to be expelled. But it is the one thing he would like, they would never expel Liz and getting her alone..." Scott said

      "Could he have an accident?" Tess asked, "Just a little one?"

      Every one of the other groups smiled at it; if the rumours were true then their alien abilities could at least make it fun. Especially with the dreams and hallucinations.

      "We'll see." Max said, as he looked at his fellow aliens. "Nothing just now, okay. Lets not make the locals nervous when we've just arrived."

      "So Kyle how was your first moon change?" Scott asked

      "Weird, especially since I was in the middle of...too much information, yeah, too much. But it was cool." Kyle said, "How long before I get a handle on controlling it?"

      "Hell I still haven't." Kelly said, "Nobody this year has yet."

      "Uh." Maria said as she raised her hand, "We have."

      "What?" Scott asked with disbelief in his voice.

      ", took us a couple of days after our first change." Liz said

      "You're serious?"

      "Yeah." Max said

      "But that's..." Kelly said

      "Impossible." Scott finished

      "Well we're not the typical family." Liz said

      "That's an understatement." Kelly said

      "So...exactly what is there to do around here?" Kyle asked

      "That's for the tour." Kelly said, "Come on; first up is the supply room. You guys need exercise clothes."

      With that everyone finished up their breakfasts. They stood and carried their empty plates over to the metal counter where they picked up their food and stacked them on top of other dirty dishes. Soon they were heading out of the hall and down the corridors. Scott stayed behind, he wanted to keep an eye on David.

      Supply Room, 08:30

      Two floors up and on the other side of the building Kelly had led the pride to the Supply Room. It was pretty plain on the outside, a simple wooden door surrounded by stone and marked with its name on the door. On their way here Kelly had showed them where each department was and a few other useful sites such as laundry and the toilets, which did come in useful for Michael who had to make a pit stop.

      Inside, there was a sole individual behind the wooden counter. He was looking through several boxes before logging them into his inventory. There wasn't anything special about it, just tins of food. However, even with something just as simple as that the Supply Master was incredible meticulous with the details.

      "Hey Mr Kris." Kelly said

      "Ms Harris, a pleasure as always. What can I do" he said as he spotted who she was with

      "This is, well, you know who and they need some exercise gear." Kelly said

      "Yeah about that." Max said, "I thought then uniform around here was the robes?"

      "Well...yeah. But they're really not good for PhysEd or our version of it at least." Kelly said, "Trust me."

      Mr Kris disappeared through the back for a minute and returned with eight packages wrapped in plastic, "Okay, here we go. Four female and four male, one size fits all." He said, "You can try them on just over there."

      He was pointing to some doors opposite the counter that led into changing rooms. Each of the teens picked up their packages and disappeared into them. Inside, each of them stripped off before they opened the sealed plastic and pulled out their new clothes.

      "You've got to be kidding." Kelly and Mr Kris heard each of them say from inside the rooms

      "You gotta love the newbies." Kelly said, "And we're not." She yelled into the rooms, "That's what we all wear."

      Several minutes later the eight emerged from the rooms. All the outfits were black, the men were in what was nothing more that a pair of skin tight boxer shorts. They hugged the upper thighs yet had enough room to be comfortable for their dicks. The women also wore skintight outfits, they were similar to leotards except that there were criss-crossed laces up both sides that could be adjusted and there were similar laces crossed between the breasts. There were also nothing over the shoulders, no straps or fabric of any kind, it was the fact that the outfit clung to every curve of their bodies.

      "Well, these aren't exposing. No, not in the least." Maria said

      "At least not anymore than the robes." Liz said

      "The robes cover stuff, these..." Isabel said as she looked down at her breasts, "...could cause spillage."

      "It's okay, they wont." Kelly said

      "So these are for gym class?" Max asked

      "Gym class, aerobics, combat and trees." Kelly said

      "Trees?" Michael asked

      "Combat?" Max continued

      "We always teach basic defensive combat tactics. It's been useful in the past. And the trees, well that's what most of us call it. It's basic training for using the forest to train up our agility and strength. Think of it as a natural obstacle course." Kelly said, "Now, change back. Put the clothes in the bag, cause we've got more to go though."

      Everyone slipped back into the rooms and came back out fully dressed after a few minutes.

      "Okay, now from here you can get anything you need, pens, paper, condoms, food for your room, toilet paper, detergent...anything." Kelly said as she watched them fold up their new clothes and put them into the bags they had with them.

      In no time they were out and walking.

      School Grounds, A Little Later

      Kelly showed them more classes inside while escorting the Pride to the outside grounds. Kelly walked through what was effectively a courtyard; all around it were statues of the animals of the tribes with a single fountain in the centre.

      "Okay, where do you want to go? We have the lake that way, the sports fields over that way and the path to the town is over there."

      "Did you just say sports field?" Kyle asked

      Kelly smiled, "Follow me."

      She led them over to the path and walked out through a stone archway. They all looked out at the different fields. There were tennis courts, basketball courts, a running track and of course, Kyle's favourite.

      "There is no way that's the football field." Kyle said

      "What?" Kelly asked, "What's wrong with it?"

      "Well it's twice the size for one thing." Kyle said

      "Oh well the fields your used too don't provide much of a challenge. Why do you think we beat most college teams we go up against?" Kelly said, "Relax you'll get used to it."

      "Yeah...uhm...I'm going to need to put in more time training right?"

      "That's usually the way it goes. And if what I've heard, our coach wont give you any problems." Kelly said but looked at Alex.

      "It all looks pretty nice." Alex said

      "Nice? Nice? That's all you can say? Our grounds keeper does great work; he takes care of everything including the gardens. He will hurt you, he will hurt you till your dead and then hurt you some more?" Kelly said, Alex just blinked, "Just kidding."

      "Oh don't do that." Alex said

      "That's not nice." Isabel said

      "Sorry." Kelly said, "But he does love his work and nice really doesn't cover it. Anyway, let's go to the lake."

      Kelly led them away and along the opposite trail down to the lakeshore, further down which was the Oceanic residences. From there they could look out over the expansive waters and up to the majestic mountains that were in the background. Everyone just sat down and looked out over it, Jake jumped out of Alex's arms and sat by the water and watched it lap against the ground. Carefully and tentatively he moved closer and taped with wet liquid with is paw but the second he did he ran back and hid behind Alex.

      "Not wanting another bath huh?" Alex said

      "Meow." Jake said as he shivered

      They stayed there for a while, just relaxing as the water moved but then it rippled. Everyone watched as a bunch of Oceanics rose up passed the waterline and started swimming around.

      "Like I said, this is where the Oceanics stay. Hey guys." Kelly said


      Kelly spent some time introducing the people that had just shown up to Max and the others, not that the Oceanics needed to know who they were. They already did. They sat and talked for a while, it turned out that the senior ocean going tribe members were showing the new students from their tribe around the clear waters of the lake from the surface to the floor. However, soon they had to get on with the tour and everyone said goodbye. Kelly went back up to the courtyard, followed by everyone, and led them to the path that led to town.

      In Town, 10:00

      The actual town of Moon Peak was simple and quiet like a nice small country town. The town centre was like any other, filled with shops, a cinema, the library and, of course, the town hall. Kelly showed them it all but the only difference was how the outer areas of the town was laid out. Each tribe had their out section where they stayed, like gang turf but no where near as violent. A member of any tribe could walk down another's street and not get so much as a scowled look.

      Kelly took them down a lot of the streets, most of the adults out knew who was with the Rakas leader's daughter and stared out of curiosity. Kelly showed them the sweet shop, café, coffee house, cinema, the local equivalent of lovers lane and the local bar where children were welcome so long as they didn't try to order anything alcoholic. Kelly even showed them to the town hall. The council wasn't in session so Kelly didn't show them the inside.

      "So this is where your dad works?" Max aside

      "Yeah. He said that I've to tell you that his door is always open if you need a word with him...actually since that little light show with Bastet last night, all of the leader's doors are open." Kelly said, "They are probably going to be the only ones you can be to talk about the whole..."

      Kelly paused as she watched Liz cringe at it. Unlike the past, Liz wasn't vocal in her opposition of her destiny. Having the image of one of the gods suddenly appearing before her when she touched the Gift and spouting off some history has that effect. Of course Liz still didn't like the idea of being some kind of saviour.

      "What?" Kelly asked

      "I have...issues...yeah definitely have issues." Liz said

      "Hey, why don't I see power lines?" Alex asked as he looked around

      "Hm? Oh we have a geothermal power station built into one of the mountains, all the lines are underground." Kelly said

      Kelly continued to show them around the town she was raised in. She even took them up to the power station and gave a quick tour, not that they were allowed too far inside for safety reasons. They sat in the café and had some milkshakes and talked away before they realised that it was lunchtime. For that they ordered burgers and fries, which tasted like the ones back home that Liz's dad would make.

      Medical Wing, Moon Peak School, 13:00

      After lunch they returned to school, upon entering the entryway one of the admin staff approached the group and handed a note to Kelly. Kelly opened the piece of paper and read it. The head doctor had wanted to see the Pride as soon as they got back. The very fact that someone wanted to see them that had the word doctor in their title caused some concern.

      Kelly showed them to the three floors that made up the medical wing and to the office of the head doctor on the upper most floor. They entered the wing to find rows and rows of beds all with white linen, it looked like a hospital only cleaner. When the doctor saw them he looked up and smiled before walking to them.

      "Good afternoon. My name is Dr. Bell." He said, "I asked you here because I felt it important to run a medical on all eight of you."

      "A medical?" Michael asked, readying his hand with his powers

      "I know it's unusual but then so are all of you. Should anything happen to you while your staying here it would be useful to have a record of how your bodies work when your healthy. That way we can treat you without accidentally causing something else to go wrong." Dr Bell said

      "Oh." Max said as Michael relaxed his hand.

      "Believe me, I can understand how afraid you must be of experimentation. That will not happen here. My ancestors endured that under the humans when they hunted us."

      "Your ancestors? Oh you're Wolfen." Liz said

      "Yes. Well you're senses are top rate. I can see that. I promise you all that nothing we learn here will leave these floors unless it's in your hands." Bell said

      "It is a good reason." Liz said to Max

      "Yeah it is." Max said as he looked to his fellow aliens

      "I don't know Max. This goes against everything we've ever felt." Tess said

      "We've never been among people with as much to hide." Isabel said

      "I already have the medical files drawn up by Dr Mallory but they are very incomplete." Bell said

      Max looked around at his friends and soon his eyes focused on Liz, all silently communicated through their psychic bonds. "Okay, we'll do it but it gets kept locked up all the time unless one of us gets hurt or something that I can't fix."

      "Okay." Bell said, "Please take off your clothes, there are some hospital gowns on the beds there.

      Jake sat on a cabinet to the side as he watched everyone get a complete medical exam and a physical. The doctor's staff performed it all but the results went straight to him, everything from a current blood test to the little hammer on the knee to test reflexes were done. Exam exams were administered, hearing tests, it was all done and before long Dr Bell had a baseline from which he had to work with should something happen.

      After it was done, everyone redressed in their clothes and watched as Dr Bell took the paperwork and locked it in a safe that wasn't going to be used for anything else ­ a little piece of advice from Mr Mallory. Just to be extra careful, Max pressed his hand to the safe. There was a radiant glow from both hand and metal, he closed his eyes tightly as he focused and soon he pulled away. Max left a single keyhole on the door of the safe; he then took out an old key to his house in Roswell and changed it to match the new lock. He wasn't going to need it for a while anyway but he ended up with a singularly unique key that put on to a piece of string that went around his neck.

      Companion Room, 15:00

      It didn't take long for their medical to be finished and when it was over Kelly had returned and decided on their next stop. There was a very large place in the school that had only one purpose and that was to take care of any companion animals that students had with them. Since having them in class would have proved to be a distraction, the school set aside some space.

      Kelly took them to the opposite side of the school, near one of the Flier towers. Upon entering there were a small group of people playing with and taking care of a multitude of animals. There were dogs and cats running around, birds were flying around or resting on high perches. The room was even big enough for the handful of bears that were here as well as having the entire back third of the room was encased in glass and filled with water. It was an aquarium that had ladders for people to get into the water. The water was filled with a few marine animals ranging small clown fish to dolphins, but nothing bigger.

      "Wow. It's day care for animals." Kyle said as he looked around at the painted decorations and the bright colours

      Jake looked around while he was in Alex's arms and then jumped down. A young Alsatian puppy spotted him and broke away from the others he was playing with and moved over to the kitten. He crouched down, his backside waved in the air as his tail waved back and forth. Jake just stared at the dog as he slightly pounced forward, the black kitten stayed by Alex's legs.

      The dog barked in a high pitched tone and dived forward, sniffing all over Jake who swiped at him with his claw. The puppy backed off and sat down, he tilted his head slightly to the side and stared at Jake.

      "Hey, he's trying to be friends." Alex said

      "Meow." Jake said as he looked up

      "Woof." The puppy barked

      Jake carefully took a few steps forward just as some other cats came over, all different ages. The younger ones dived about on both Jake and the puppy, the dog rolled onto his back as the kittens swarmed him before they suddenly bolted. The puppy darted off after them with his tail wagging and his tongue hanging out his mouth. Jake then started after them and soon all were running around the room like lunatics.

      "See he's having fun already." Kelly said

      "Whose dog is that anyway?" Alex asked

      "Scott's. His name is Reaper." Kelly said

      "Reaper?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah. What is it with guys and stupid macho offence." Kelly said as she looked at the four guys and with a smile as she tried to get a rise out of them

      "Very funny." Max said

      "So do you want to leave him here for a while?" Kelly asked Alex

      Alex looked over as Jake pounced on another kitten and then a dog as they dived around the room. He couldn't help but smile as Jake leaped up onto a counter top and just stopped as he caught his breath. Jake looked over to Alex and gave off a loud meow before diving back into the thick of things.

      "He will be fine." One of the caretakers said as she came over, "And we can contact you if anything happens."

      "Uh...sure. Okay." Alex said as Jake ran over. Jake looked up as Alex knelt down, "Okay, have fun. Just don't eat the fish...or the birds."

      "Meow." Jake complained

      "No, they're other people's companions." Alex said

      Jake walked off slowly but then Reaper showed up and started playing again, both ran off and dived toward a group of larger dogs. The bears in the room just watched, they were almost exhausted except for the youngest, a grizzly, that joined in. Alex almost cringed when the bear's paw came slamming to the ground but nothing was hurt, all the animals were trained not to go too far and to be careful.

      "Okay, I'm good." Alex said as Isabel took his hand.

      "Come on. There's a lot more to see in this place. The last thing you need it to get lost around here." Kelly said as she walked them around the school, she showed them everything she could before it was dinnertime. For that they returned to the Dinning Hall and had another great meal.

      Vampire House, Outside London, Same Time (Midnight GMT)

      Over the past month the vampires had done nothing special, Stacey played her little role as a hooker and lured people to their deaths. The vampires fed on her would be clients and then took their money to help build up their finances when they needed to go across the Atlantic.

      Will and Stacey were very loyal in their servitude to their vampire masters and were rewarded well. Most notably were the others that were brought into their world. The two teenagers picked from their classmates when it was offered and Stephan removed the hindrance of those people's parents when it came up, resulting in them moving into the manor. The first was right after Stacey's role as a hooker proved successful, both teens chose a stuck up, selfish bitch from their private school and seduced her as they had been seduced. At first they wanted revenge but soon it proved pleasurable for all involved.

      Soon she joined Stacey on the streets, luring men in as they kissed each other with a 2 for 1 deal or when they were across town from each other. Then the three teens were allowed to chose another and once again they chose a girl, not that their master would allow them to choose a male just yet. All of them enjoyed sharing a bed and doing their master's bidding but the vampires would only let their little group grow as their own mating social structure, meaning three females to one male. At that, the next person was male. Yet he was never allowed to touch Will's women, but he was allowed to chose his own. However, Will and Stacey were always in charge of them all.

      It didn't take the full month for the number of vampire servants to grow to a full eight. All of which were used at the vampire's discretion as workers and sex toys, but they did have another plan for them. Whenever problems with their pet's parents came up, there was an impromptu snack on the menu. Of course the number of disappearances raised suspicions, all of which were directed at the manor since that was where the teenagers now lived.

      At the dead of night the vampires were out and about. Their pets required sleep and they had just returned from the city on a feeding excursion so they went to check on them as they slept. All three vampires moved into Will's room, watching him sleep with Stacy on his chest and the other two snuggled up to them in bed. The vampires glided silently over. There were no covers over the bed, leaving the teens to sleep with each other's body heat.

      Tanya moved over and looked over them as Will and Stacey held each other. She reached over and held the girl's abdomen gently in her hand so that she wouldn't wake them. She smiled as she returned to her husband and wife.

      "They have done it, she is with child." Tanya said

      "Excellent." Stephan said, "Given the situation I think it is time we move on and secure our future bride."

      "Finally. I did not think this would ever happen." Katrina said, "I suspect it wont be too long before our young man here gets the other two of them pregnant."

      "Good. But now we must secure our bride. I will not go another year without a child." Stephan said as he caressed the faces of his wives, "You will carry my children soon."

      Tanya and Katrina kissed the palms of his hand before they returned to their own bedroom. They got in all the practice they needed for when their newest wife would join them, it was only a matter of time. The seduction she was going through in her mind was among the best fantasies Stephan could draw on, many of which were from her own mind when she fantasised about Max. Stephan even learned to bring his wives into his mind during it so that they too could share in it. Day after day he was getting stronger with his mental abilities.

      As soon as they were done the packing started, the second the sun went down the next day they would be leaving. They didn't have much to go with, they always travelled light and if the other tribes discovered they were around then that would be a very valuable asset when they had to run.

      Crashdown, Roswell, 19:00

      All of the parents were sitting down together; it was the first time since Diane found everything out that they had the chance to do so. Tonight Philip and Diane were with them, sitting and talking about the aspects of history that Diane was previously unaware of. If it wasn't for the fact that she was Max's mother and that she already knew of their situation. Otherwise she would simply be referred to as an Ape and not told a damned thing.

      However, situations change. They had a lot to talk about and if one of the Chimera saw something in her then she must be worth it, even though they still knew practically nothing about the most secretive tribe that until recently, they didn't know existed. While Philip wasn't willing to tell them any more than they knew without talking to his people, he was able to fill in some gaps about how he came to raise and alien.

      "So you've always been here, without anyone ever finding out?" Diane asked

      "Of course people found us out." Nancy said, "Unfortunately that usually ended up with us being hunted."

      "Wolfen were nearly hunted to extinction just over a hundred years ago. My people stepped in and managed to arrange for the other tribes to aid in their escape." Philip said, "Unfortunately the loss of life was still severe."

      "Today there are barely, 8000. All are in the U.S. but still..." Jeff said

      "I take it this means that people like me aren't your most favourite people?" Diane asked

      "No." Amy said

      "At one point in history or another all the tribes have been hunted. People usually stayed clear of Centaurs and Satyrs until they a rouge Satyr started raiding farmlands." Jeff said

      "That resulted in humans blaming all Centaurs and Satyrs in the regions until they were forced out into mountainous terrain. Without any substantial food or water, protection from the elements, they all died." Charles said

      "I'm so sorry." Diane said

      Everyone looked at her.

      "What?" Diane asked

      "You're the first person to do that in centuries." Philip said

      "For any of the tribes." Jeff said, "And it's appreciated more than you'll probably ever know."

      "I wonder how the kids are?" Amy asked

      "I bet they're already having the time of their lives." Charles said

      "Probably just getting to know the school. I know I got lost for the first months." Jeff said

      There was a ring from the bell above the door as it swung open and the Sheriff came in. He was slightly sweating, a fact that was noted by everyone in the room.

      "Hey Sheriff, you okay?" Jeff asked

      "Fine. I think I'm just coming down with a cold." Jim said

      Then every lycanthrope in the room noticed his scent, even Philip whose Chimeran senses weren't as strong was able to pick up the change and they all looked at each other. All of a sudden as the Sheriff reached the counter, he collapsed to the ground unconscious. Everyone in the room ran over to him.

      "Quick, let's get him into the back room." Jeff said. He and Philip picked up the Sheriff and carried him through the swing doors.

      Max/Liz's Bedroom, Pride Room, Moon Peak School, 22:00

      It was late at night and everyone was getting ready for bed. There was nothing planned, no orgies or get togethers. They just wanted to sleep tonight. Max and Liz were in their bedroom and each were taking off their clothes until they were both naked and climbing into bed.

      Today had been exhausting and as they slipped under the smooth, soft and warm sheets they came together and held each other as they looked out the window over the vista before them.

      "You know. I think I'm going to like it here." Max said

      "Ditto." Liz said as she kissed him, "So long as you're nearby."

      "Always." Max said

      Soon the lovers rested their heads on the pillows and they fell asleep.

      Back Room, Crashdown, Roswell, Same Time

      Sheriff Valenti had been unconscious on the sofa in the back room with the others all around him. Each of them knew from his scent what had happened to their zoned out guest although none of them could figure out how it happened. The moon had long since risen and as such it's light forced the Sheriff's body into a change. Most of the man's clothes were shredded from the bulking muscle that had now formed.

      Like his son, he had gone through several mutations, going back and forth between Wolfen and Rakas animan bodies until it eventually settled on Rakas. The Wolfen in him just wasn't strong enough compared to the amount of Rakas DNA that was floating around inside him.

      "Gnnnnnnn..." Jim groaned as his fur covered claw hand

      "Jim." Jeff said, "How are you?"

      "This cold is a killer." Jim said as he sat up and opened his eyes, "What happened?"

      Just then he caught his reflection in the mirror and jumped back. He had no idea it was himself he was seeing until he waved his hand. Then he realised what his hands looked like and stared at them for a few minutes before staring back to his reflection.

      "We have something to tell you Jim." Jeff said, "Well, I guess we should say that your not human, well not completely human not that that make a difference right now. You're a lycanthrope. You see several thousand years ago..."

      Jeff relayed the same story he had done to his daughter on the night of her first change so many months ago. He filled the Sheriff in on what he now was and the fact that he and his son were Narada, descended from lycanthropes thousands of years ago but ones that were never able to make the change. Jim just sat there.

      To Be Continued...

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