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Shadow and Light, Chapter 15

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 11, 2004

      Isabel's Bedroom, Davidson Residence, Same Time

      Michael was in sheer bliss as Isabel and Liz kissed all over the skin of his chest while their hands caressed him. He moved his hands to their heads and his fingers ran through their soft hair. Soon he brought Liz up from his chest and kissed her hard but Liz quickly broke the kiss. She felt a pain in her head and turned to face the window sharply.

      "What?" Michael asked, "My kisses aren't that bad...are they?"

      "Liz?" Isabel asked as she looked up

      "Something's...Max!" Liz said as she ran to the window and opened it.

      She looked out of the window and saw Max crawling on the floor before he collapsed. In seconds she dived out of the window, using her strength and agility to land safely on the ground before she ran straight for the backdoor to the Evans home. Michael and Isabel just looked out the window where Liz had landed, then they looked at each other.

      "Back door?" Isabel said

      "Yeah." Michael said

      No way were they going to follow Liz through her chosen means of exit. They grabbed their clothes and dressed on the way as they ran for the backdoor. Once they were outside, they hopped the garden fence.

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, Immediately Following

      On the floor of his bedroom, Max was out cold on the floor near his mother. When Liz entered the bedroom she saw Diane propped up against the corner of the doorframe but every instinct was telling her to go straight to Max's side. Liz turned him over onto his back and cradled his head in her lap. Soon Michael and Isabel came up the stairs and saw everything, Michael stayed with Diane and eased her down onto her back.

      Isabel looked back and forth between the two people knelt by Max. "What happened?"

      "I have no idea." Liz said, {Max...Max, please wake up.} she thought

      {Liz.} Max thought

      {That's it Max, wake up.}

      Max's eyes then fluttered open and looked up at Liz, "What hap...MOM!" Max said as he span around and moved to his mother. "Oh god...what'd I do?"

      Max placed his hand on his mother's head and tried to heal her. He closed his eyes and focused but he couldn't. No matter how much he tried and concentrated, Max could heal, he couldn't find what was wrong and as such he couldn't correct it. Just then they heard the front door open.

      "MAX? DIANE?" Philip called out

      "Dad." Max said

      Philip rushed up the stairs and saw his wife on the floor. Without even thinking, max told his father what happened. He told her what she saw and the results when he took hold of her hand. Michael, Isabel and Liz all felt guilty, they were the triggering event after all. They wanted nothing more than to have taken even one second to close the curtains but all they could think about was getting to bed.

      "It's okay Max, let me see." Philip said

      Philip put his hand on Diane's forehead and closed his eyes.

      "What are you doing?" Max asked, "You don't have powers, do you?"

      "Not like the ones you have. We Chimera have a kind of empathic sense. It helps us blend in with other animals when we're hiding out, and for picking out lycanthropes from humans. Our senses aren't as heightened as the other tribes." Philip said, "Ah...there. That's the problem."

      "What?" Max asked

      "You didn't hurt her Max. You just caused a little...overload." Philip said

      "I don't understand."

      "When she saw what she saw you didn't want her to be angry, especially since you wouldn't be breaking up with Liz. Max, there has always been apart of you that wanted your mother to understand." Philip said

      "Oh no. No way." Max said as he began to piece it together.

      "Some how you formed a connection and flooded her mind with your memories, most if not all of them. She knows everything now." Philip said

      Max backed off and moved around, his anger at his own stupidity built and built until he punched the wall with his fist.

      "Max, it was bound to come out at some point." Liz said

      "She's right Max. Sooner or was just a matter of time." Philip said

      "But now she knows about us, what we've done...what you are." Max said

      "It may not be ideal Max...but it's what we're left with." Philip said, "Let's take her down stairs."

      Philip picked up his wife and carried her downstairs. He placed her on the sofa and covered her with a blanket, letting her rest while her mind adjusted to what was inside it. Max and Philip stayed by her side while Isabel left to go to the kitchen and make some coffee for them. Liz and Michael stayed close to Max, both doing their best to reassure him. Unfortunately, they just needed to wait and see what the outcome of this would be.

      Flanagan's Apartment, Moon Peak, 19:00

      While many of the Students who lived in Moon Peak were getting ready for the move to the school, none of the rooms were ready yet. All students lived in the school except during the holidays but they were free to return to their homes for visits at the end of the school day. That was the way it was for David Flanagan, he stayed with his mother in a rented apartment in the town. They had been there ever since his father sent them just prior to his fight with Max.

      Soon David entered the room and saw his mother standing at the window. She had been waiting for his arrival.

      "Well?" she asked

      "They say they're only interested in sex with her." David said

      "Snakes, they are nothing but a pestilence. They are not remotely worthy of the chosen of our gods. But, she will you your mate my son."

      "I know." David said as he moved to a cabinet

      He opened it up and inside was a shrine to Liz. The inside of the doors, the back panel, the sides, they were all covered with photographs of Liz. Most were of her doing everyday things, some were of her sleeping and some were a little more risqué. Some dated back to when Patrick first showed up in Roswell but most were recent. Prior to his banishment, Patrick had managed to arrange for other Wild Packs to breeze through town at night and take a few snap shots. David touched one photo, a blown up copy of one taken for high school, and he trailed his fingers along the side of her face.

      In the middle of the cabinet was the device used by his father to commune with their god at Stonehenge. David took it out and placed it on the coffee table as his mother came closer with a sharp knife. He took the blade and sliced his palm open; in seconds blood covered his hand and he pressed it firmly against the surface of the device. The machine soaked up his bloody handprint and light flowed out of the top of it. The light pooled above them and both knelt on the ground.

      "Great lord." David said

      "Greetings child." Quatral Anu'bis said from the light

      "My lord, I am in position. Students will arrive at the end of the month and so will she." David said

      "Yes, I see you are already quite taken with her. Your young will spread a wave of destruction throughout those who do not carry the noble blood of the lycanthrope."

      "Yes lord."

      "But you are not enough. Your father failed." Anu'bis said

      David looked up, "I am not my father. I will kill her mate and take her for my own."

      "Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way, an unexpected event as occurred. Previous chosen of myself like you...just very different in nature. Their purpose was simply to feed on all those who are not lycanthropes, unfortunately they were wiped out...mostly."

      "I don't understand." David said

      "Nor should you...except this. They require the girl to mate with them to reproduce and save their race. I do not care which of you succeed, either way I win and your cousins throughout the universe will never have to worry about being persecuted or exterminated."

      "But my lord..."

      A blast of light flowed down and engulfed David, his limbs flayed around wildly like he was being electrocuted. Pain flowed through every nerve in his body before it stopped, "You do not question me."

      "Yes my lord." David said meekly

      "I know you want the girl. If you succeed I will end the other's desire and need to mate with her. However, if they succeed in getting to her first..."

      "I understand." David said

      "Soon she will come...enjoy her." Anu'bis said before the light vanished and the device deactivated.

      David's mother stood and went to get a bandage. She wrapped it around his hand over the wound her son had given himself. "Don't worry my son. She will never be able to deny you."

      "I am not worried. Except about our masters other servants, he would not have warned me if they were not of concern." David said, "Her mate will die as soon as I get the chance."

      Living Room, Evans Residence, 20:00

      Diane was still out cold, Max was pacing back and forth and Liz was there trying to keep him calm. Michael and Isabel had reluctantly gone home to do their homework but Max and Liz made them go. However, Max was still blaming himself.

      "Max, relax. We can hear her heartbeat; it's steady. She'll be fine." Liz said

      "Why the hell did it happen? I've kept this secret my entire life and just because she finds out about our..."

      "Different sex lives?" Philip asked

      "I should have been able to control that. It shouldn't have happened." Max said

      "But it did. We'll just have to adapt to this like how I adapted when I found out you were an alien." Liz said

      "Yeah but you were a Rakas..."

      Liz interrupted, "My first change happened after that. I had no idea remember."

      Then there was a groan from Diane, everyone looked over and saw that her hand was moving to her head as her eyes opened. She was really groggy, her vision was blurred and couldn't make out anything around her but the more she blinked her eyes, the more things came into focus.

      "Mom?" Max said

      Diane looked to her son and soon his face became clearer through the haze. Suddenly everything of Max's life flashed sequentially in her head from day one onward. However it wasn't everything, some things managed to stay out of her head...things of a more intimate nature but everything else was clear. As Diane look at her son she couldn't help but back away, pushing herself further into the couch in an attempt to move back.

      When Max saw it, it was as if his soul was completely drained from his body. Liz felt it as well and her heart went out to him. Max wanted to curl up and die, wishing he had a power that could erase everything from his mother's mind and make it all go away.

      "Oh god." Diane said as her mind sorted through it all. She looked between her husband and son, "You're not human...either of you."

      "No." Philip said as he moved closer, "Not exactly. We're another race of humanity, although a part of Max is from...elsewhere."


      "Alien." Max said, "From the planet Antar."

      Diane looked to her son and for the first time since she woke up saw the pain in his eyes. She was torn, there was the rational human being who wanted to freak and then there was the mother in her who wanted to make that pain go away. She didn't know what to do and Philip could see that.

      "Yes he is. And it's something he always wanted to tell you...which is why this happened." Philip said, "He wanted you to understand. He's had a need programmed into his DNA to keep the secret, no matter what... but his emotions can override that when someone he cares about is in danger." He said as he looked at Liz

      Diane immediately got a flash of the shooting, "So you really were shot?"

      "Yeah, but luckily I had a Guardian Angel that day." Liz said as she took Max's hand

      Diane managed to sit up in the chair, moving into a position that wasn't directed by fear but then she turned to her husband, "And you? After all these could you not tell me?"

      "Partly...the way you just reacted. If you'd found out any other way, you're reaction would have been a lot more severe. This way you had time to work through it...and you know what they've been through. There is also the fact that my people made sure I was under certain restrictions. I couldn't tell you, keeping ourselves secret even from the other tribes is priority. A non-lycanthropic human knowing is unacceptable. They have no idea that Max and the others know, they're not supposed to know until they day they find Sanctuary."

      "Your people...the Chimera." Diane said

      "Yes. We can become any animal on this planet." Philip said

      "This is insane." Diane said as she started to pace

      "You have no idea how many times I have wanted to tell you...but that would have put you in danger."

      "So you lied to me to protect me." Diane said

      "Well, technically I didn't lie, I just didn't tell you..."

      "No, you lied. Mind you I guess I never had any reason to question it." Diane said, "But you should have told me."

      "I know." Philip said

      Diane took a deep breath and sat for a minute. Running through it all in her head before turning to look at Max. She stood up and moved over to Max; Liz knew what was coming, she could see it in Diane's eyes and let go of Max's hand. The next thing Max knew was that his mother's arms were wrapped around him, hugging him tightly. Soon Max calmed and returned the hug as Liz smiled.

      However, there was still a lot to go through. Liz left, she had her own homework to go through and didn't have a lot of time but the family stayed in the living room and started to talk. Philip was terrified that his lie of omission would have a lot more repercussions with his wife ­ a lot of bridges needed to be made that night. Everyone needed to get to know each other again and hoped that Diane could learn to live with their unique family.

      Roswell High, The Next Morning

      There was sometime before the bell would ring and Isabel, Maria & Tess were all sitting on the grass. They were waiting for the others to arrive and after Isabel informed of what happened after school the previous day, Maria and Tess both joined in her worry of what was happening at the Evans house. They'd seen families among their classmates that had broken apart for what is comparatively a lot less of a reason than this. Diane's husband and son were nothing like what she believed them to be.

      They talked about it among themselves until Alex and Kyle walked through the gates. Isabel had already called Alex after it happened and filled him in, no doubt he filled in Kyle.

      "Any word?" Alex asked

      "Nothing yet." Isabel said, not knowing anything despite living next door to them.

      "Where's Michael?" Kyle asked

      "Already inside. He's just walking around...guilt trip." Maria said

      "Oh." Alex said, "What about Max and Liz?"

      "Not here yet...if they leave it much longer they're going to be late." Isabel said

      Then, on cue, Max and Liz came through the gates and approached the group.

      "'re things?" Tess asked

      "Mom and dad didn't go to bed last night. They just stayed up all night and dad's called in sick to work today. They're going to spend the day talking." Max said

      "Are know...okay?" Isabel asked

      "I don't know. Mom has been insisting that dad take her to meet the others." Max said

      "The others? You mean the Chimera?" Alex asked

      "She plans on giving them a piece of her mind." Liz said

      "That's definitely your mom." Isabel said

      "Yeah." Max smiled, "But dad wont. He wont risk her getting hurt or... he just wont."

      Everyone could tell he was being hopeful, but in the last little while they had gotten to know Max's mother and what she'd do when her mind was set. What they didn't know was how far the Chimera would go to protect their secret from being known about by humans, lycanthropes were one thing, they were a part of each other but humans had a history of destroying what they couldn't understand. The massively depleted numbers of the Wolfen tribe by the start of the twentieth century were a testament to that.

      Eventually the school bell rang. Everyone had to put it all to the backs of their minds in order to get on with their day. Having Liz near him helped Max do that but he still spent the day distracted, something that was unusual enough to be picked up on by his teachers. The result ­ Max ended up speaking with the school councillor for half an hour, of course he couldn't go into details.

      Copper Summit, Arizona, 10:00

      In one of the many hidden rooms in the desert town, a lone Skin sat before a bank of monitors. He gauged readout after readout as he scanned every human frequency available on the planet. His job was simple; he just had to keep track of movements that could prove dangerous to the Skins. Also to find anything that could lead them straight to the Royal 4. All of a sudden there was a continuous beep from the system.

      "There it is again." He said

      "What?" Nicholas asked as he entered the room to get a report for Kivar.

      "Sir...I'm picking up an energy pattern. Quantum Neutrinos in non- random patterns."

      "Check your equipment. Those things are unstable and Earth has nothing that can generate them. They can barely last 2 minutes before exploding." Nicholas said

      "Sir I checked my gear the last time this happened. It's all 100%, these is definitely Quantum Neutrinos and from these signatures...there being used for communications. It's so subtle that humans would never be able to pick them up, we can barely register it."

      Nicholas punched up the displays on the central monitor and looked over them. "What kind of technology could use that?"

      "There is the Granolith. There were rumours that the scientist that made it..."

      "Discovered a method of stabilisation before his death." Nicholas said

      "They say he was put the developments into the Granolith before the accident. Not that anyone's been able to access most of its secrets or replicate it. If this is the granolith..."

      "Can you track the signal?" Nicholas asked

      "I've been trying. The receiving station is small, I can't triangulate it but the primary station is...Tibet."


      "Yes sir, high in the Himalayans. But sir...this signal doesn't track, not with the data recorded on the Granolith."

      Nicholas was off like a shot. He had to report this to Kivar, the mere possibility that they had tracked down the Granolith was to be reported. Besides, even if it wasn't the Granolith the fact that it (whatever it was) was utilising technology more advanced than they had was important. Within minutes, Kivar ordered an expedition to the region, an expedition that he would lead himself.

      Girl's Locker Room, West Roswell High, 13:00

      Max and Maria had been walking by the locker room on their way to the library when all of a sudden Maria stopped dead.

      "You okay?" Max asked

      "'s just..." Maria said

      "Another spike? I thought Liz, Michael and Tess..."

      "Yeah they did. All last night. I just can't stop today." Maria said as without another thought she grabbed Max and kissed him, her tongue penetrating deep into his mouth.

      They both looked around after that kiss ended but couldn't see anywhere, until Maria looked to the door nearby. She vowed never to go in there again, not after the sheer number of time she's come away with the imprint of the tiled floor and walls on her back. However, she did love doing it in there.

      The second Maria and Max entered the locker room; the alien pushed Maria up against the tiled wall and kissed her, after he locked the door with his powers of course. Maria could instantly tell the difference between a kiss from Michael and a kiss from Max, when Michael kissed her there was always tenderness and love even in the most heated of spikes where as Max was kissing her with pure need and lust.

      "Are...are you want to do this in here?" Max asked as she kissed her was around the side of Maria's neck and across her throat.

      "Yes...just shut up and fuck me." Maria gasped

      Max lifted Maria's shirt up over her breasts to expose her bra clad peaks and through the bra the alien kissed, sucked and nipped at the human with his mouth and teeth. Each gentle touch of Max's lips against Maria's flesh made her entire body tingle and her core that much wetter. She longed to feel her best-friend's mate's tongue and dick inside her and from the way Max kissed her down her front, Maria knew she wouldn't have long to wait before fantasy became reality. The touch of hands on her ass made Maria jump softly but then Max moved to his knees and lifted the human's skirt to expose her underwear, letting him kiss the tops of her thighs. Max smiled at the black silk panties his newest lover chose to wear; it was a huge turn on.

      Max then gently ran his tongue over Maria's thigh until he was barely a centimetre from the black underwear. He looked up as Maria looked down and then Max pushed the garment aside before planting kisses on Maria's slit.

      "Uhnnnnn." Maria moaned gently

      Maria bit down on her lower lip, face wrinkled in delirium as her lover's tongue worked it's magic over her most sensitive region. Her pussy was dripping with honey and her clit throbbed to frantically. She rubbed her ass tightly against the wall, and so grinding her hips against Max's mouth - begging for more. A request that was obliged. Sliding a finger up her leg, Max inserted it into her slit and worked it in and out slowly. The pleasure was intense, piercing the depths of her soul and building tides of emotion that caused her to groan louder and louder. Maria bucked against her lover's finger and tongue, wanting it to go deeper, harder and faster but Max kept the rhythm slow and steady. Then Max slowly licked the length of Maria's cunt, slipping her rough tongue between the red folds of her pussy.


      Maria moaned deeply. Her orgasm was stirring in her belly until she could no longer contain it and she cried out, flopping helplessly against the wall as Max's talents brought forth the climax from her. It was fast, furious and left her gasping for breath, Maria collapsed, sliding to the floor in front of Max. The alien crawled up to her, looking at her gently as hands brushed errant tendrils of hair away from her face. Maria grabbed him and kissed him passionately.

      Max thought that was enough to take care of Maria's spike as he pulled away. He sat back but all of a sudden he felt his own spike starting, he couldn't help it and Max rushed at Maria. His lips latched onto hers and he kissed her, not that she was complaining. His hands moved over her body, cupping her breasts as they kissed before sending one downward and under her skirt. He caressed her thigh and as his hand moved up so did the fabric. When he stopped Max pulled Maria's leg and placed it up against Max's hip.

      In seconds Maria jumped up and wrapped her soft legs around him. Her hands slipped down to his pants and both heard the sound of his zip being pulled down. She reached inside and pulled out his already engorged cock. Gently she lowered herself onto him, taking Max deep inside her. Both groaned deeply. As Maria started to move her hips on his dick, Max started to slowly thrust into her as he pulled her top off of her. Max used his powers to cut through the fabric of her bra at the middle and let Maria pull it off.

      As he sucked on her tit Max started to thrust harder into Maria with his dick going deeper and deeper inside her, sliding against her velvet walls. Their hands locked and fingers intertwined, Max's rough tongue trailed over Maria's nipple. He eventually came up for air and then kissed Maria.

      Maria was moaning in time with the wild thrusts of her hips. Max then pulled her away from the wall and laid her flat on the floor. Max then pounded into Maria, one hand covering her breast the other was on her hip. Every thrust of his cock brushed against her hot spot and every time her whole body quivered slightly. She bent her legs a little more and let Max further into her enflamed body.


      "GHNNNN...GHNNNNNNNN...GHNNNNNNNNNNN..." Max groaned as Maria squeezed his dick


      Max then grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders, her ankles locked behind his neck. All the while Max never stopped moving inside her, she was so tight around him that Max thought he would pop with each thrust but he continued to hold back. Then Maria started to squirm beneath him, her body bucked with each thrust and Max knew she was close to her climax.

      "MAX...UHNNN...FUUUUCYEAHHHH!" Maria cried out with her second orgasm

      "AUGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Max gave a long drawn out moan as with a few more deep thrusts Max collapsed on top of Maria, his dick spewing his hot seed into her waiting body. Both were spent and breathing heavily. Their cheeks pressed together and they could feel their lover's breath against their ear.

      Soon they both parted and squared away their clothing. It didn't take long for both to be presentable and were more than sated from their latest spike. They sat on the ground, leaning against the lockers as they regained control of their breathing.

      "I'm gonna miss this locker room when we go to Moon Peak." Maria said

      "Why? Just how many time have you had sex in here?" Max asked

      Maria looked at him and smiled, "Lots and lots and lots of time. I've had Isabel, Liz Tess, then Tess, then Tess and then Michael, Alex, Michael, Michael, Michael...well you get the idea."

      Max just smiled as the bell rang signifying the end of lunch. They jumped up and grabbed their gear before heading out to their next class.

      Himalayan Mountains, 12 Hours Later

      There was a blizzard, as always, around this mountain. The trail was impassable to humans but their husks protected them, preventing them from even feeling the blistering cold. They climbed over rocks, scaled the mountainside and followed the signals through their tracking devices.

      "My lord...the signals are stronger over there...behind that rock." A Skin yelled through the roaring wind.

      Kivar raised his hand and indicated to the Skins that he wanted them to clear the area of snow. They all ran forward and brushed the snow from the rocks. They uncovered ancient statues of animals that stood up well to the passage of time and the elements but as they cleared more snow away from the rock wall, they couldn't find any seams to the rock that would allow them to move it.

      "Sir, it's volcanic rock...solidified magma. It can't be moved by hand."

      "No." Kivar said, "Not by hand."

      Kivar raised his arm and aimed the palm of his hand. All the Skins in front of him ran back and a blast of energy was shot to the rock and blasted it away. There was nothing but a void of darkness behind the rock, a passage leading downward but as Kivar and his people moved closer there was a ripple in the black. There was a wisp of light that drew them in for a closer inspection but then the light grew. It filled the entrance and then...

      "YOU DARE DESECRATE THIS PLACE!" the voice boomed out and echoed throughout the mountains. At least three avalanches was the result in the surrounding area.

      Then the burst like and explosion and translucent phantoms came forth, flying around the Skins. While the figures were hard to make out at first, soon they were all recognised as the nightmarish demons from their own mythology. Each phantom moved in and around the Skins. With a scream that pierced their very souls, the phantoms rushed at the aliens on mass. They passed right through one Skin, he cried in abject pain and as the last one touched him he vanished in a ball of black light.

      The phantoms did the same with each Skin and they had no idea what was happening. As far as any of them knew, they were being killed off one by one. Soon only Kivar remained, the spectres circled up. They taunted him, tortured him. One by one they passed through him, slowly keeping the pain going as long as possible before their final attack. Kivar tried to blast them but his energy passed right through them. In the end, he vanished just like the rest of his people.

      Inside the Temple, the Hidden Valley of the Himalayas...

      Within the ancient temple that Anu'bis had taken up residence in, there was a lower lever under the main building that held lines and lines of half circles on the floor against walls. In a mere fraction of them, Kivar and the dozen or so aliens with him were restrained against the wall. The restraints weren't visible, but every time one of the Skins tried to move they found they couldn't.

      Most were unconscious when they arrived but that didn't last long thanks to the screaming from those that were unfortunate enough to arrive awake. Machines came from the ceiling, long arms with many joints with sharp needles, probes and tools on the ends. Each one was used on the Skins; their husks provided no protection. For those that remained unconscious, there was no pain ­ at least none that registered. However, soon all of them woke up.

      It was just in time for them to find cylinders come up from the floor around them; each one formed a seal against the wall. As soon as they were closed, the restraints were released and all the Skins started bashing against the tube but nothing they did could breach the surface. Then they bashed harder as they looked down, the tubes were filling up with thick ooze. It was as clear as water but felt more like golden syrup, they tried to move as it rose up to their knees but they could barely move let alone raise their foot up out of it.

      After long minutes of yelling, the fluid had risen up to their necks. The Skins were practically stuck in place, as they moved their fingers in the liquid they found they could only move them back and forth very slowly and it took a lot of strength to do that. Higher and higher the ooze rose, they closed their mouths when it reached that height but when it reached their noses they held their breath. After that it was only a minute before the fluid completely filled the cylinder.

      The aliens tried to hold their breath as long as they could, they may have been able to do it far longer than the average human but they still needed to breath. Eventually they had to stop struggling and surrender to the inevitable, one by one they released their breaths and the fluid flowed into their bodies. However, none of them drowned. Each one remained alive and conscious as the fluid that was now in their lungs provided the necessary atmospheric components for them to live.

      Soon each one started to feel tired and then they fell asleep. The last thing that Kivar saw before he lost consciousness was a jackal headed figure walking by each tube.

      "I may not have been allowed to kill you for your crimes...but you will be useful. Very useful." Anu'bis chuckled

      Then all Kivar knew was a dreamless sleep.

      One Month Later...

      The next full moon was close; it was but 2 or 3 days away and as the sun rose that day over the mountains Kivar's tube slid open. The thick fluid poured out and carried Kivar with it as it flowed over the floor before the fluid was pulled in between the blocks of stone that made the floor. The alien coughed and spluttered as he spewed up the liquid from his lungs and stomach. He did that for a long time, the muscles in his through and along the tube to his lungs kept moving as they tried to bring up more and more.

      When they stopped Kivar couldn't help but breath in a massive amount of air. Soon though he had recovered and was looking around, his eyes focused on the other occupied tubes. Each one that had an occupant could no longer be recognised as one of Kivar's people. Each one was horribly disfigured and mutated. Facial bone structure was a complete mess; eyes were distended to the point that they were almost bulging out of their sockets. Ear were shaped differently, as were the pupils of their eyes. The husks had burst open as muscles had abnormally formed and swelled over their bodies. In some cases, one arm was thin and scrawny to the point where it was a twig while the other had grown to twice the size of even the world's strongest man.

      Most notably, not one of them had survived the procedure except for Kivar. At first he thought he wasn't sure that anything had been done to him but soon he began to feel that there was a difference. Then he remembered the last person he saw.

      "What did you DO TO ME?" Kivar called out

      "I had a little fun." A voice said from nowhere before he started laughing

      "WHO ARE YOU?" Kivar yelled

      He never got an answer as he was engulfed in a field of darkness. It lasted a second and as Kivar's vision returned he looked around. He was kneeling in a shallow river; on the either side of which was desert sand and an almost full moon hung over him in the star filled night sky. He held out his hand and light formed, creating a flashlight of sorts so that he could look around. Then he spotted a sign nearby the riverbank and Kivar moved closer. It read "Rio Grande", Kivar had been returned to the Mexico/US boarder near New Mexico.


      At the same time was Kivar was taking an impromptu bath, the Sheriff was working the late shift. He had come into the Crashdown to fill his flask with lots of strong, black coffee. It was the same time that Kyle was out on a date with Tess; a quick look from his son told him that the Sheriff should make his pit stop a quick one. Kyle didn't want his dad to be around when he's on dates.

      Jim was about to leave when he turned around and bumped into Max. The teen was holding a cup of coffee in his hand and at the contact the cup fell and shattered on the floor, amazingly none of the liquid touched the two. It just spattered on the ground, and spread out.

      "Sorry sheriff...I didn't see you there." Max said

      "It's okay." Jim said as both knelt down to start picking up the shards of the cup, "How's your folks?"

      "They're good." Max said and it was the truth. Things had gotten a lot better between his parents after the first week of Diane not speaking to Philip. She wanted to meet his people; he refused on the ground that it was dangerous. After a week he said he'd think about it, he was still thinking about it but they had talked and their relationship was back on track. Philip even took her out to the woods so that he could show her his change into various animals. All in all things were as good as they had been and Diane learned more about her son than she ever had, Max let her in more and more and that was something even he was surprised about.

      "Good." Jim said as he picked up a piece of cup and put it on a food tray.

      Then both of them reached for the same shard without realising it, unfortunately as they both pulled on it, it slipped and cut the tips of their index fingers. They pulled their hands back quickly but what neither knew was that Max's finger was up higher, in the second it took them to pull back a trickle of Max's blood flowed down the shard and onto Jim's finger where he was cut.

      "Ouch." Both said together.

      Jim started to suck on his finger before pulling it out. "That hurt." He said as he felt a little dizzy.


      Liz saw what happened and went to get the first aid kit. She came out and before the sheriff left he had a plaster on his finger. Max pretended to have a plaster to be put on him, but the second Jim left he healed it himself. Then he and Liz spent time through the back together, tonight was the last night all had before they were being shipped off to Moon Peak and they were taking time to enjoy their hometown. After that it was time with their parents, except Isabel, Michael and Tess who were planning on spending a simple night with a DVD, lingerie and then a bed.

      On the Street, Outside the Evans & Davidson Residence, 08:00 The Next Morning

      Over the last month, things had calmed down a lot. Everyone took time to do their work at school, Jeff hired new staff to replace Liz, Maria and Isabel in the diner and all of them had spent time doing a little shopping. They not only bought some new clothes but they also bought some supplies. It was just sheets of paper, pens and other things, Jeff said they wouldn't need it because the school kept more than adequate supplies.

      There was a time when Alex almost went straight for the Coach after another altercation. The night that happened, Alex jumped from rooftop to rooftop in his tiger body. He stalked his pray with a dark gleam in his eye, following the Coach until he reached his car late one night. Then Alex struck. He dived down with a wild roar, the Coach turned and started to run. Alex chased after him until he ran him down, holding his sharp claws near the arrogant human's throat. He was about to slash away but then Jake showed up. He just meowed and hissed at Alex and despite Alex roaring at him Jake kept it up. It provided enough of a distraction to allow the real, calm Alex to take control again. Isabel showed up soon after that with Liz in their animal forms, each helped him calm down more. The two mates moved closer and rubbed their heads together as cats do when their being affectionate. Alex then patted Jake on his head with his big paw and Jake rubbed his body against his owner. All four growled at the Coach as a warning before Alex picked up Jake and put him on his back and then ran off into the night.

      On more than one occasion, Max and Michael had more fun in the sack and Liz and the girls were more than delighted to catch a few of those shows. Just as both guys were to delighted to see the girls together. Unfortunately the humans still hadn't bonded the way the aliens had with their four-way orgy, but Liz knew that the time for it was rapidly approaching. With subtle seductive tones embedded in their conversations, she could tell that Alex and Kyle were becoming more open to the idea.

      However, Kyle and Alex weren't the only problems Liz had to deal with. Every morning she woke up from a nightmare; of three people, one male and two female seducing her into their bed. Although the only one who ever seemed real to Liz, the only one who actively seduced her in her sleep was the male. The entire dream was something out of a gothic novel and it always ended with Liz about to succumb to the advances of her nightmare. It was as though there was something in her head that pushed it out and that brought her back to reality in time. Liz knew that it was her bond with Max and whenever she was in bed with him at the time she snuggled closer to him in his arms.

      All that was unimportant today. Jeff had hired a minibus and he and Nancy were taking the kids up north. There was still a month before the official start date of the Moon Peak term but today was a sort of induction eve, the day the students arrived before they were inducted and enrolled into the school. The month between induction and the start of term was used for all students to settle in, for those many who hadn't lived in Moon Peak to get to know the town and all the other prides, packs and other groupings throughout the tribes.

      Liz was all packed up with Tess, and then they collected Maria before Alex then Kyle. As soon as that happened they drove off to pick up Max, Isabel and Michael. The minibus parked outside and the three aliens came out carrying their bags with Diane and Philip coming out behind Max. Jeff put their bags into the trunk with Michael's help as Max turned to his parents.

      "Well, I guess this is it." Max said

      "We'll miss you son, but at least you'll be back at the holidays." Philip said

      "Now, all of you be safe and good luck." Diane said as she hugged Max

      "Thanks mom." Max said

      "Take care of each other." Diane said, "And Liz." She said specifically to Max, knowing that they'd both be there for each other no matter what.

      "You don't have to worry about that." Max said

      "And Isabel, we'll take care of your place." Philip said

      "Thanks Mr Evans." Isabel said

      Everyone then got back into the bus. All the couples sat next to each other and, who sat on Alex's lap jumped onto Isabel's for a little of her patented scratched behind his ears. As soon as the seatbelts were on, Jeff started the engine and pulled off. The Evans waved them off and Max waved goodbye. Before long they reached the highway and headed north.

      Copper Summit, 09:00

      In the underground facility, Skins were all over the place. They were running around trying to get a read on what just happened during the night. Many were standing around the trapdoor in the museum, looking down at the chamber that grew their husks. They were all gone, destroyed into a pile of Skin dust that floated until it settled onto the floor.

      For ten minutes last night the town had been besieged by a plague of locusts. They had swarmed down onto Copper Summit without being detected in a cloud that wouldn't let anyone see for more than a few feet. While that happened, a locust broke off from the main group and moved into the museum where it changed into a cockroach before slipping in between the cracks of the trapdoor. There it waited a few minutes for the alarms to sound out loudly.

      Those alarms got the attention of the Skins in the lab and they ran out to help their compatriots. When the door closed, the cockroach changed shape into that of a naked redheaded woman who proceeded to smash every bit of equipment she saw. After that the husks died and she returned to a cockroach and got out, seconds later the swarm flew off leaving a mass of confused Skins. Then they found the lab.

      As the sun rose the next morning they all tried to figure out what happened, even though they already knew they were dead. It was only a matter of time. Skins looked over every monitor, every minute of security recordings but all they found was static on the time they needed. It was soon discovered that locusts had gnawed their way through the wiring of the security system before the husks were destroyed.

      It was at this moment of extreme confusion that Kivar walked into the town. All the Skins were stunned, they had heard of avalanches in the region of their expedition to the Himalayas and assumed he died last month. They hadn't received any word to the contrary. He walked through the mass of Skins who all bowed their heads after staring at him.

      "My lord, we thought you were dead." Nicholas said as he approached

      "I have a feeling I was." Kivar said, "What happened here?"

      "We...there was..."

      "Speak!" Kivar boomed

      "All our husks were destroyed last night. It was...I've never seen anything like it." Nicholas said

      "What hap...", Kivar stumbled slightly as they walked to the town's main building and held his head

      "My lord...are you okay?" Nicholas asked

      "I'm fine. I'm going to my chambers to rest. Do not disturb me until you can tell me what happened." Kivar said

      Kivar's Chambers...

      Kivar entered his room and moved to the bathroom. It had been adjusted to act as a moisture chamber for their husks but Kivar didn't need that for now. His head was pounding and he had an overwhelming need for water. He moved to the sink and let the water run as he cupped his hands and splashed the water on his face.

      Then Kivar looked up into the mirror and he saw an all too familiar thing. His eyes were changing; they had become a deep shape of blue, the same blue that he had seen in the eyes of his lycanthropic enemies of Zan, Vilandra, Rath, Ava and the rest of their accursed kind on Antar.

      "!" he cried out

      Tree Line, Forest Outside Moon Peak, Much Later in the Day

      It had been a very long drive, they crossed state line after state line as they headed north to Colorado. After many hours and several rest breaks, the group's minibus reached the most remote and mountainous region of the state. Here the roads weren't as ideal as they should be but it helped keep curiosity seekers away. This part of the journey was bumpy but they were nearing the end of the road.

      Soon they pulled into a gathering area, a place that had been disguised as a camping ground and picnic area that was directly adjacent to a river that flowed into the forest and the lake beyond it. Many vehicles had already arrived and even more were expected as Jeff drove into a parking spot. When the engine was off, Jeff jumped out and opened the door for the teenagers to get out. Nancy followed soon after and everyone got to stretch their legs.

      That was when Liz, Max and the others all noticed it. The people already gathered here were all staring it them with curiosity in their eyes. Each and everyone of them recognised Liz is the First Born Daughter of the prophecy and those with her were her Pride. They also knew that that her mate and three others were aliens. It made Liz and the others all a little uncomfortable.

      As Michael looked around, he realised that this was literally the end of the road. "So, uh, how do we get into town?" he asked

      "You run through the forest." Nancy said

      "It's kind of an induction race. It's against the others of your own tribe otherwise it wouldn't be fair."

      "What do you mean?" Liz asked

      "Well, some animals are faster than others and it's done in your animal forms. Oceanics use the river to get to a pond just on the forest and fliers obviously go by air. Bears, Wolfen and Rakas all go by land through the trees but given the top speed of a bear compared to a wolf or a cat..." Jeff said, trailing off when he saw understanding in their eyes.

      "So what our stuff?" Maria asked

      "Yeah, we can't carry it through all that." Kyle said

      "The town has a helicopter, it's only used to carry in students belongings to the school." Nancy said

      "So when...?" Liz asked

      "In about 3 hours. That will be when the last people arrive." Jeff said, "So we should sit down and have a bite to eat. Besides, we need to talk."

      Everyone sat down as Jeff pulled out a box of drinks and sandwiches they brought for the trip. As everyone got comfortable, Liz turned to her parents and asked, "Talk about what?"

      "Well, it's actually something we should have brought up sooner but... okay. You all have been having sex for a long time now and very few times have you used condoms. I'm sure, even if it's just once, that you've wondered why you haven't become pregnant." Jeff said

      Jeff and Nancy could see that the kids were uncomfortable with the subject, so instead of letting them speak Nancy took over. "You see the reason is, while you are sexually mature you're not reproductively mature. At least not yet. You see lycanthropes have mating cycles. You should start yours within the next few weeks, its always about three or four months after the first change and you're approaching that time." She said

      "So we need to go on birth control or something?" Isabel asked

      "Yes and no. Human birth control doesn't work and we've never been able to develop medical form of our own that even remotely works." Jeff said

      "So condoms?" Michael asked

      "Your rooms are stocked with plenty of them. It's just so you know and you can all make the right choices." Jeff said, sending a clear message to his daughter and Max that he didn't want to be called a granddad yet.

      "Mating cycles always follow the last full moon of a month. It can last a few minutes or a few days, there's really no way to predict it. You'll feel hot, your skin tingles and you will absolutely need sex." Nancy said

      "That's how it feels during a spike. How are we supposed to know the difference?" Maria asked

      "You don't." Jeff said

      "Oh." Everyone said together

      Just then half of the group started feeling it there was a spike was building. "Speaking of spikes." Maria said

      "Yeah." Kyle said

      "How much time do we have?" Liz asked quickly

      "About three hours." Jeff said

      Liz looked around and realised that the only ones feeling the spike were the humans in the Pride. This was an opportunity she had been waiting for and stood up. She grabbed Alex and Kyle's hands and started to pull them with her, a look to Maria and she too followed. Then Liz stopped and remembered the bonding of the aliens, she got to watch so it was only fair that Max got the same privilege, besides she wanted him to watch what was about to happen.

      Max followed out of instinct as Liz beckoned him and all five disappeared behind the tree line in the opposite direction of the town. The other three aliens could only smile as they remembered their bonded, they didn't even need to guess what was about to happen. Each of them sent a telepathic message to Max, all saying the same thing ­ "Have fun."

      Behind the Trees...

      The five of them were a little deep into the forest. Max sat down on a rock and watched as his mate pushed Alex up against a tree and kissed him. At the same time Maria was kissing the hell out of Kyle. Then both girls backed off and started taking off their clothes, moving slowly with each garment. Kyle and Alex looked at each other and started pulling at their clothes in a desperate need to be naked. However they were clumsy with it and the girls still beat them.

      It didn't take long for them all to be naked in the woodland and they kissed again. Alex and Liz, Kyle with Maria. They pressed their bodies up against each other, rubbing together. Then Kyle backed away from Maria; his hands ran over her skin and caressed her ass. Then Maria placed her finger on Kyle's chin and turned his face to look at Liz. Kyle smiled as he watched the brunette and soon he was behind Liz. He looked over her naked body as he moved up to her. He was suddenly very curious about what he missed out on when they were dating. His hands grasped both cheeks of her ass before sliding around her body and pulling her against him.

      Liz smiled as she felt him against her, his hands running over her belly as his already hard cock pressed into the crack of her butt. Quickly he turned her around and they kissed with a primal heat that made Max smile as he watched their hands run over every inch of skin they could get to. Then Liz took charge; she broke the kiss and pushed Kyle back against the tree. Then she wrapped her hand around his dick and slowly started to stroke his member, stroking him again and again until he groaning into her ear.

      Off to the side, Alex and Maria looked at each other as they walked closer. Soon their bodies were pressed up against each other. Her breasts squeezed against his chest as they held each other and kissed, their tongues slipping into each other's mouths. Maria traced a line from his balls and up the length of his cock & Alex got his erection. Maria scrapped her fingernail around the girth and played with the head of his cock a little to tease him slightly.

      At the same time, both girls sank to their knees and took the hard cocks into their mouths. Gently they started to suck on them before they bobbed their heads back and forth. Max watched as everything one girl did, the other did the same at the exact same moment and then he remembered that everything that had happened so far was what happened with himself, Michael, Isabel and Tess when they bonded in the pod chamber. It was as though their actions were being guided to achieve the bonded. Both guys groaned loudly as they held the backs of the girl's heads but the girls wanted more, this was only a warm up.

      They both released the hard flesh and stood back up, they pressed themselves hard against the young men and kissed them even harder. They left Alex and Kyle completely breathless as they turned around to face each other. Liz and Maria knelt down and securely placed their hands among the foliage on the ground and presented their bodies to the guys who moved behind them, both stroking their hard- ons to maintain them. They mounted the girls, wrapping their arms around their chests and bellies. They held them loving as their dicks sought out their slits and they pushed inside, completely burying themselves in one smooth stroke.

      "Aghhhhhhuuhhnnnnnnnn..." they girls moaned as the slowly were penetrated by the hard flesh

      They all stayed still for a moment as the girls adapted to having the guys back in them. Then slowly Alex and Kyle pulled out, they stayed almost completely out of them until they heard the girls whimper for more as they pushed their hips back, desperate for more contact. The guys looked at each other and smiled before the thrust deeply into them.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." All four moaned deeply

      Max watched as Alex and Kyle pushed and pulled in and out of the girls, she watched as Maria and Liz's breasts swung in time with each thrust. They were all moving at the same slow pace but it was with deep jabbing thrusts in. For a second, as Max kept her eyes fixed on both couples and then he saw what Liz described after his bonding - he saw wild cats mating.





      "Fuuuuck yes..."





      They kept rutting away, the more they did the closer they felt to each other as their thoughts reached out and the alien energy within them started to connect. In and out, the hard lengths of cock sawed against the soft velvet walls of the girl's pussies. All four moved together as sweat started to form on their skin that was becoming rapidly more flushed. They groaned over and over again as their bodies joined.

      Max watched as the seconds, then minutes and then hours rolled by. He was getting more excited the more he watched but he wasn't becoming aroused himself. Max felt the binding, he could almost reach out and touch it and knew he was watching something as integral to the Pride's future as his own bonding but he knew that this wouldn't complete them...there was something else that needed to be done. His mind took him to what it could only possibly be ­ a full blown orgy with all of them.

      Hair hung down from the girl's heads as sweat dripped from their foreheads. Their bodies glistened with what little light was filtering in through the leafs of the tree. Then, all of a sudden there was a deep animalistic growl for Alex and Kyle. They couldn't help what was happening despite wanting to last longer.

      "UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" they yelled as the shot their load into the girls.

      The two men collapsed to the side but it only took a few minutes to recover and when they did, they saw Liz and Maria kissing deeply. The moans of the girls spread out, not audibly by psychically. Kyle and Alex heard the moans of the girls in their heads. The girls rubbed their breasts together as they held each other but soon they felt the guys stirring. They broke the kiss and looked over to see them stroking their cocks.

      Liz and Maria looked at each other and smiled, they needed more from their lovers. They moved over to them, their hips moving seductively before they straddled them. They placed each of their legs on either side of Alex and Kyle's and lowered themselves.

      Alex and Kyle held their cocks up as Liz and Maria sank down on to them, both gasped and closed their eyes as once more they were filled completely. In no time at all they were rocking their hips, moving to slide the dicks in their pussies. Over and over they rolled as Alex and Kyle moved their hands up the sweat soaked legs of the girls.


      "So good...uyghnnnnn...yeahh...fuckkkkkkkk...yeah..."

      "More...that's it baby...ughnnnnnn...yeahhhhhhh...yesssss..."


      It took nearly another hour before Alex and Kyle came again. Their seed flowing into the girls once more as thoughts flowed more rapidly and with more intensity. Alex could hear both of the girls now and not just Maria, as could Kyle hear Liz and now Maria but they wanted and needed more this time instead of the girls. However, the girls had their own plans and they couldn't care less what the guys were going to do.

      They went back to the kiss they were enjoying. Liz practically dived at Maria and they fell to the floor, she lay on top of the blond and kissed her as their legs and fingers intertwined. All Alex and Kyle could do was watch as the girls lost complete interest in them. They needed to come again and looked to Max to break the girls up. He smiled at them but knew what was needed; he went down that line with Michael and now it was their turn. If they wanted more pleasure then it would have to come from themselves.

      Slowly Liz started to kiss her way down Maria's soft body, tasting her sweet skin until her head was between the girl's legs. She latched her mouth onto Maria's pussy and the other girl just cried out. The sight before them had both men stroking their own cocks, becoming faster and faster.

      Liz's tongue had Maria writhing in the soil, loose leaves and twigs; her very wet core was pressed against Liz's face. The taste of Maria along with Alex and Kyle was like an aphrodisiac to Liz, the more she had the more she wanted and the hornier she became. Maria sensed it, she could feel it in her soul and directed Liz by using her powers to pull her body around. Liz knew what Maria wanted and was happily to oblige.

      She moved around until the girls were in a sixty-nine position. Maria took to eating Liz's pussy with the same gusto that Liz had. They were moaning loudly and with fire in their voices as their hands slid over their skin. Both were so caught up with each other they didn't care about the others nearby.

      Max watched intently as he watched them, he would never get over watching two women together. Alex and Kyle also watched, they were up on their knees and rapidly stroking their throbbing members. Their blood was boiling but they were doing their best to ignore the cause, but then without realising what they were doing they kissed each other.

      They broke apart when the realised what happened and then looked at the girls but they couldn't resist, they kissed again. It was burning their blood until they touched. Max smiled as he watched them lay each other down next to the girls. They too moved into a sixty-nine and took each other's cocks into their mouths. They needed to join; all four of them feel the desire and need for their minds to be one.

      Their heads bobbed up and down, tongues snaked around their lengths as the girl's tongues stabbed into each other's pussies. The sounds and scents of sex filled the chamber and everyone loved it, even Max who enjoyed watching this as Liz once had.

      After half an hour of blissful writhing and licking, all four cried out in a yell of completion. Each one drank down the cum of the person they had just brought to climax and with a ripple of energy over them a new mated link came back into being. The others could easily read all of their thoughts; it was to the point that they were all different aspects of the same mind. They had bonded as the aliens had but they each knew they was something else they needed to do.

      Back in the Gathering Area, Immediately Following

      Liz, Max, Maria, Alex and Kyle all came walking out. There was a surge of strength within each of them as the alien energy within them bonded together. As they walked into the clearing, they spotted the mass of teenagers starting to strip off, including the other three of the Pride.

      "What's going on?" Max asked

      "You've been gone for 2 and a half hours. The last student arrived a few minutes ago so its race time." Michael said

      Liz and the others just chuckled to themselves. They had only just gotten dressed again and now they were about to get undressed again. But they didn't care too much. Each of them started to strip and soon the line of naked teens moved to the tree line that would take them to the town. The oldest of the parents was always given the honour of starting the race off and stood up on one of the picnic tables.

      "Okay, everyone...change." He ordered

      Everyone did so. The Rakas all changed into cats, the Wolfen changed mostly changed into various types of wolves. There were a few dog breeds, huskies and other canine species in the mix. The Fliers all changed into bird as the bear side of their own tribe changed. All the Oceanics lined up by the river and changed into aquatic species as the jumped into the water. The reptile tribe changed as well and soon all were ready to start. Those with companions had them running along side them but some, like Jake, were placed on their owners back and carried in.

      "Welcome to Moon Peak...GO!" he yelled

      Everyone was off like a shot. They sped through the trees, each moving as fast as they could as the Oceanics swam and the Fliers flew. However, the Pride had an advantage over all. They had the strength of each other in their minds while their bodies were augmented with their unusual nature. The alien lycanthrope strength as well as the Wolfen side that had spread from Kyle pulsed through their blood. They had never run like this, before it was getting to know their animal natures and was fun but this was exhilarating, their pulses hammered. They darted through the trees, moving far ahead of every other student.

      Soon they reached the other side of the forest, Max and Liz at the forefront of them all. As soon as they reached open sky, they all stopped dead. Before them was a table with several hundred robes on it and several people taking notes of the positions people arrived in. They all changed back into their human forms and walked closer, for the first time they got a look at the town and the school from the cliff they were on. It was completely breathtaking and they weren't the only ones who thought so, each student arrived and changed back. All were out of breath and noted that none of Max and Liz's Pride were but they all took time to look at the sight before them.

      Soon they all reached for a robe and covered their bodies as a helicopter flew overhead heading in the direction that they had just come from. Soon the cliff was filled with students, those that came by river filtered into a pond just to the side of the river and jumped out of the water as they changed back.

      The town before them was practically gleaming, as the sun was low on the sky, preparing to go down. The school itself was built high on the side of one of the mountains with a lake directly adjacent to it. The river flowed around the cliffs, passed the school and fed into the lake before it went to a waterfall down the cliffs. It then flowed passed the town and out of a crevice away from the isolated community.

      "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Moon Peak." One of the welcoming committee said

      "Oh this is going to be fun." Kyle said

      "Oh yeah." Michael said

      "Everyone please, if you don't have a robe take one and follow us."

      Soon the committee started off and headed down a rock trail toward the town and onto the school. Everyone followed but no one moved until Liz's Pride started, it was they who led the way for the newly arrived students but outside the school all the students who lived in Moon Peak met them. All of them wore their robes; they were all lead by the children of the tribal leaders. Everyone was in their human form, a way of welcoming the new students in a more familiar way instead of their animan faces.

      Given the mass of people, none of the group noticed that one Rakas stood with a few others away from everyone else. All of them stared intently at Liz, but none more so than David Flanagan who led them. No one noticed, no one cared today, this was the start of a new time for everyone there and Liz, Max, Isabel, Alex, Maria, Michael, Tess and Kyle, they were looking forward to it.

      To Be Continued...

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