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Shadow and Light, Chapter 14

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 5, 2004

      Liz's Balcony, Immediately Following

      Liz stood in the wind, the whispered word vibrated within her like it was the only thing in the world. She was standing still, not even moving and that was how Tess found her when she entered the bedroom and looked out the window. Tess carefully stepped outside and approached the brunette but Liz never sensed her approach.

      "Hey." Tess said

      "OH god...Tess, you scared me half to death." Liz said, her heart was racing and she almost jumped out of her skin.

      "Sorry. Are you okay?" Tess asked

      "Uh, yeah. Just a chill." Liz said as she looked up at the stars.

      "Well, come on. We've got school tomorrow and a shopping spree I don't want to miss, so come to bed my queen." Tess said as she took Liz's hand and started to gently pull her.

      "I thought I asked you all not to call me that...princess." Liz said

      "Yeah, well. Just having fun. Besides, Isabel was the princess. I was a Lady...I think...most of that stuff is still a blur." Tess said as they reached the window and started to climb back inside.

      "You still remember more than the others do. Maybe it'll become clearer someday." Liz said

      "Here's hoping. The last thing I want is for something I did then to start biting me in the ass and I don't even remember what it was."

      Together the two girls got ready for bed and pulled back the covers. As they slipped inside and pulled the covers over them, the two looked at each other.

      "Do you ever think we'll figure this whole prophecy thing out?" Tess asked

      "I don't care about that. Personally speaking, I don't believe it's possible to predict something that hasn't happed yet. If it was possible then that would mean our futures are all laid out for us and than everything we do is not because we choose it." Liz said

      "You just don't want the responsibility of saving everyone." Tess said

      "Would you? Look at my options, 1...I save everyone. That I'm fine with but then there's option 2. I save the tribes, that's...what? 5 billion humans dead? And my favourite...everyone dies. I'm supposed to accept that if it's option 3, I failed and responsible of everyone dying."

      "Yeah." Tess said solemnly, she couldn't disagree with it. "But you'd never be responsible for it. Your prophecy said it would be humans that bring the darkness. It'll be down to them. Please, go to sleep. It'll seem better in the morning."

      "I don't see how." Liz said

      Tess leaned over and caught Liz's lips with her own, catching her off guard. She kissed her for a few minutes before activating her mindwarp. It wasn't anything fancy, just making sure that Liz was relaxing by invoking images in Liz's mind of being at a health spa and chilling. With that she broke the kiss and Liz started to sleep. Tess gave a light kiss on Liz's shoulder before closing her eyes herself.

      Vampire House, Outside London, Same Time (05:00 local time)

      Stephan opened his eyes wide and smiled. He shot up, happy at what he had accomplished even though it wasn't a lot. The vampire used his new psychic powers and reached out with his mind, given the distance he was only able to touch the mind of his target ­ his intended third bride. He wasn't deterred that he could only send a one word message, Stephan knew that as time went on and with practice he could do a lot more. If nothing else, he believed his god would have made sure he had the power so he could secure his future wife.

      However his practice would have to wait as he looked over to the east. In this part of the world dawn was approaching and the sun was rising over the skyline. Stephan got up and got back inside the bedroom where he closed the window and then the curtains. As he looked down to the bed, he watched as his wives caressed the sleeping teenagers.

      Will was on top of Stacey with his dick still lodged inside her. They had fallen asleep the moment after the vampire women marked them as pets. Tanya and Katrina were very pleased with their choice and as their hands moved over the skin of the teens, they lingered over certain spots where they could feel their pulses.

      "Is it done?" Stephan asked

      "Yes." Katrina said

      "They are our pets Stephan. Ours to do with as we please." Tanya said as she reached around and handled the boy's balls, causing him to groan in his sleep and her to smile.

      "It is dawn, as soon as they have awakened have them cover all the windows in the house. From what I understand they have to go to school, make sure that nothing seems out of place and they inform no one. Upon their return, begin their preparations. Just remember the windows, I'd prefer not to be incinerated my first day back here." Stephan said, "I'll be in the Chronicle Room if you need me."

      Stephan then left the room, sticking to the hallways that didn't have windows facing east as he made his way to the library and the entrance to the Chronicles. Meanwhile his wives left the bed, leaving the two alone. It had been a while since they had time for a proper bath and were looking forward to a soak in the tub they spotted earlier, they may be stuck indoors until nightfall but that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy themselves.

      "Hmmmm...this century has its perks." Tanya said

      "Agreed." Katrina said, "Now, how do we tell our little pets what we have in mind for them?"

      "What do you mean how? We just tell them. They are but to do. In exchange they get money, power and lots of sex. That's all humans think about, that's all they will need." Tanya said

      "Lets hope our new wife appreciates all we are doing to assure her an easy life with us."

      "I'm sure we can think of other things to help her adjust." Tanya said as she moved and knelt in the water and brought her breasts above the waterline.

      Katrina moved through the water to her wife and wrapped her arms around her as she took a nipple into her mouth. The women fell together, rubbing their bodies against each other as their legs intertwined. Their gentle moans filled the room as the water in the large tub rippled against the sides, faster and faster.

      They two copulated in the steaming water. Their hands glided over their bodies, over their breasts and between their legs as they kissed. While they were over a hundred years old thanks to being stuck in ice for that length of time but their young bodies were still at 22 and neither could resist the smooth feel of their lover's skin. The only thing they wanted more was their husband with them and their last wife. They had taken the time to mourn their loss but the drive to mate and procreate was always with them, for that they needed a new bride.

      Only the four together would allow them to get pregnant and they looked forward to the night when they turned the girl from the prophecy. That night would signify the continuation of their race but for the moment, the absolute bliss of carnal pleasure would more than suffice.

      The Mall, Roswell, 09:00 The Next Morning

      It was shopping time, they had a free period at first for school so they showed up for Homeroom and then left. Liz, Maria, Tess and Alex all slipped out and headed to the mall in time for the stores to be opened for the start of the day's trading. The girls dived from store to store; looking at what Tess could blow her unlimited credit card on to replace all her lost clothes.

      "You know...I've been thinking." Alex said

      "About?" Maria asked

      "Well since we're going to Moon Peak soon, Tess might as well buy stuff for there as know, to get it over and done with." Alex said

      "I thought we were supposed to wear the robes at school?" Tess asked

      "Yeah but they only go down to the knees on guys but for you girls it's mid thigh. They're thin, loose and have openings. And we grew up in the's going to be freezing up there for us, especially in winter."

      "I think us having fur is going to help with that." Maria said

      "Still...that only goes so far." Liz said, "And I doubt we'll spend all our time in our animan forms."

      "Okay then...let's shop." Tess said

      After half an hour the girls were still going while Alex's arms were encumbered with boxes and bags. Tess had bought jeans, sweaters, shoes, sneakers, skirts, dresses, tops, socks, swimsuits, bikinis and everything in between. They were just about finished when Tess realised she'd forgotten some crucial things ­ underwear. It gave them the opportunity to slip into one last store.

      Alex trailed behind the trio, feeling a little uncomfortable with the delicate lace, silk and other fabrics that had been cut into the most intimate designs. He was doing his best not to look, paranoid at the women in the store were looking at him. At any rate the three girls were looking around and picked out some lingerie, some basic, most were definitely not.

      However, while Tess could guess Kyle's reaction to her choices, she needed to try it out to be sure. For that she looked at Liz and Maria and smiled, then they smiled as they understood what Tess had in mind.

      "Oh Alex." Liz said with a smile

      "Yeah?" Alex said trying to look at her over the boxes in his arms

      "Let me take those." Maria said as she started to pick the boxes from him

      "Here, sit down and take a load off." Liz said as she walked him over to some chairs in front of the changing rooms.

      Alex sat down and for the first time managed to get a clear look around him, "Where's Tess?"

      Just then the changing room door opened and Tess stepped out wearing a matching bra and panties set of blue silk. Alex sat there unable to look away as Tess strutted closer, she turned around and her body gyrated. Tess was putting on a little show for Alex, and the other girls. Judging by the looks on their faces she was getting the desired result.

      Liz looked at Alex and then looked back toward Tess before she gave her a thumbs up on the choice. Tess then disappeared into the changing room only to emerge a few minutes later wearing a black lace tank top and thong. She moved the same way, so that her body practically dripped sex appeal and so that her audience could see every inch of her outfit. It went on like that for another twenty minutes, with various designs of lingerie. Some had the desired result but there were a few others that just didn't suit Tess but they all left Alex painfully hard.

      Tess paid for her purchases and all left the store, this time all were taking an equal load of the bags and boxed as they walked through the mall and headed back to the car. Alex did very well in covering up his difficulty in walking with his straining cock in his pants.

      "You know what...the second we're in the car, one of you is giving me a blowjob." Alex said

      Tess couldn't help but smile at the knowledge of what she caused, "I think I will take care of know for being so helpful today." She said

      Soon they reached the car and put everything in the trunk. They got inside with Alex and Tess in the backseat and in seconds his pants were down by his ankles with Tess's head in his lap. Maria drove but Liz enjoyed the show in the rear view mirror as Tess bobbed her head up and down while Alex had his leaning back against the top of the seat, his eyes were closed tightly as he gently groaned.

      Principle's Office, West Roswell High, Same Time

      Max approached the principle's office and knocked on the door, upon hearing the principle asking him to come in Max entered. When the Principle heard the door close again he looked up.

      "Max. What can I do for you?"

      "Sorry sir, your assistant wasn't at her desk. I was just going to leave these with her." Max said

      "What is it?"

      "Paperwork for Moon Peak. Liz asked me to drop it all off." Max said

      "Yeah, I thought she would have brought these in?"

      "I know, but she's helping Tess replace her clothes she lost when her house blew up on Saturday."

      "I heard about that...I guess there isn't anyone in town who doesn't know. How is Tess doing?"

      "She's fine. Pissed at her dad but fine. She wasn't in the house long enough to think of it as home but...anyway, here's all the paper." Max said as he pulled the forms out of his bag and handed it over.

      The principle looked over it all briefly and nodded, "Well this looks all okay. I have to saw I'll be sorry to loose you and Liz...and the others but this is an opportunity you'd be a fool to miss." He said as he stood up and shook Max's hand, "Oh, has Liz decided on the last spot. She can still take one more person with her."

      "Yeah. Kyle, Kyle Valenti. His father is in the process of thinking about it might take a while." Max said

      "Well, that's certainly an unexpected choice. I knew he used to date Liz..."

      "It was an easy break up. She was going through some things at the time so they're still friends. Besides, Kyle's pretty good...I hear Moon Peak has a football team that takes on some of the college teams sometimes."

      "That will...aggravate the Coach and he's already not a fan of a certain member of your little group."

      "I take it the Coach is backing off of Alex, cause myself, Michael, Maria, Isabel...hell even Liz is getting steamed and she rarely gets angry. Tess is new and she doesn't like it and I know Kyle hates it when people get bad deals. And Alex got a doozey. It was the Coaches players that caused the problem, they're to blame and I don't see him getting on they're case." Max said

      "I know and he has been warned...before Alex's parents sue the school and him. Anyway, if Sheriff Valenti agrees to send Kyle to Moon Peak I'll send him the forms I have for it." The principle said

      Max thanked the principle and left the office leaving the senior teacher to file the documents in the student's permanent files. Max started walking down the halls of the school and suddenly realised that he was looking around, taking in every last detail. For a minute he actually thought he was going to miss this place.

      Crashdown, 10:00

      It was quiet in the café that morning so Jeff was sitting his stock list, seeing what he needed to stock up on. Amy was also there, the Parkers had decided to add a few more alien decorations to the place and Amy was hired for the job. She had arrived with several designs, some of which was the result of Tess describing some things to them. Of course there were a lot of differences. None of them wanted to come snooping when they saw the similarities between their décor and what they might have locked up in some military bunker in Nevada.

      Jeff left all that to Nancy, she had much more of an eye for aesthetics than he ever did. So as Jeff was going through his list, the front door opened and it's bell rang. Jeff looked and saw the Sheriff entering.

      "Sheriff." Jim greeted, "I've been expecting you."


      "Yeah, Kyle called and gave me a heads up. He told me you might be stopping by to talk about Moon Peak." Jeff said, "Please sit down."

      Both of them sat down in the booth when a waitress came over and asked if she could get either of them a coffee. Jim said yes and soon had the cup was in his hand.

      "So what do you want to know?" Jeff asked

      "Well. I suppose...just tell me about Moon Peak." Jim said

      "First off is the town. It's nice, quiet and have no crime." Jeff said

      "That's impossible."

      "No, it's not. The local sheriff department is actually a family... it's kind of a family tradition to do that work. There hasn't been a crime in Moon Peak for...well over 80 years. Everybody there knows everyone else; they're all friendly as they can be. Strangers, and I'm not talking about new students at the school, rare show up. Usually it's lost hikers that walk into town. You see it's isolated, no roads go in but there are in the town but very few use cars. One thing they teach at Moon Peak is the environment."

      "So what? Carts and buggies?"

      "Hardly. No, most people prefer to walk or use bikes. The town isn't that much bigger than Roswell." Jeff said

      "I see. Sounds like I might want to retire there someday. Okay, what about the school itself?"

      "Well that's got some history, originally it was a European castle that was in ruins. It was shipped over and rebuilt into a new design; it's actually very beautiful...especially when the sun goes down and the sunlight reflects off the lake. Anyway, the school, its classes are all taught to the highest standard. There is never a shortage of materials and the building is never left in disrepair. After the first month, the students are allowed out and into town. That month is there adjustment phase, you know while they settle in."

      "What I'm really concerned about..."

      "Tess and Kyle?" Jeff asked, this is where the lying came in to play.

      "Yes." Jim said, "They've just got together and they'll be alone, unsupervised at a boarding school."

      "Unsupervised, not entirely. They will be treated responsibly and as young adults. There are also strict rules concerning this sort of thing, of course there are attempts to get around them. Boys and girls are kept in separate wings of the school. Any, and I mean any infraction is dealt with severely. The couple involved are isolated from each other and individually dealt with, it's usually different in each case but there is nothing physical before you get worried. Another incident results in expulsion." Jeff said

      However, the truth was more like couples were in the same room and that groups were kept together in self-sufficient apartment style dormitories. Condoms were in every bathroom and the groups were all left to their own activities. Although there was always help on hand if needed.

      "Sounds very strict." Jim said

      "Well it appears that way but there are few infractions and everyone gets on great, teachers, students...everyone. There are personality conflicts from time to time but it's pushed aside for professionalism in the case of a teacher and student. It does work for the school; their record speaks for itself. Besides, at night students can mix, get to know each other quiet well. Most of the time you'll end up with friends for life out of that place. Kyle would have a great time, especially if he joins one of the teams out there."

      "Talking about Moon Peak?" Amy asked as she came up, "Trust me, Kyle would come back twice as confident and a much better person than when he left."

      "Amy, you know the Sheriff. Sheriff, this is Maria's mother Amy." Jeff said

      "Oh we've met before. A long time ago I arrested her, at a protest rally wasn't it?" Jim said

      "Yeah. A peaceful one I might add, Sheriff." Amy said

      "Call me Jim, please. One that was on the verge of becoming not peaceful." Jim said

      "Amy...violent at a Peace Demonstration...that can't be right." Jeff said, "Why'd you arrest her?"

      "Well I was new on the job at the time and was ordered to arrest someone."

      "So Amy was...?" Jeff asked

      "The cutest one there." Jim said

      Amy's mouth hung open, "I think I'm going to take offence to that. In fact, yeah, I'm offended."

      "Sorry." Jim said humbly, "So, uh, you went to Moon Peak as well?"

      "Oh hell yeah. God I miss those parties...the Oceanics..."

      "Oceanics?" Jim asked and Jeff gulped

      "Yeah, that's what everyone called the swimmers. They loved the lake. One the first full moon of every month they would through a great party." Amy said

      {Nice recovery.} Jeff thought, "Relax, it doesn't get wild and it's not an orgy or anything."

      {Lie.} Amy thought at the massive amount of parties they all attended in their younger days. "Yeah, it's just a tradition for got started a long time ago. These days the swimmers just keep it going for respect."

      "Nice. I like that." Jim said

      "Thought you might." Jeff said, "At any rate, Kyle could come out of Moon Peak with a piece of paper giving him a reserved place at any college in the country...any college."

      "Did you?" Jim asked

      "Oh yeah. But I didn't use mine, I'll make sure Maria does though." Amy said, {If the world lasts that long.}

      "I got one too. I could have gone to Harvard but decided on somewhere more close to home." Jeff said

      "Harvard...yeah, Kyle at Harvard. Nice dream but he doesn't have the grades." Jim said with a smile

      "Let him go to Moon Peak and he probably will." Jeff said

      "That is something to think about." Jim said, "But could Kyle actually do this? The pressure for something like this..."

      "I won't lie, it will be hard but not too hard." Jeff said

      "I made it through didn't I?" Amy said

      "Unfortunately, I've got to get this order in. Amy, why don't you and Jim talk some more?" Jeff said

      "Sure." Jim said

      "I'm on my way back to the store. You can walk me there while you head back to the station house." Amy said

      Jim nodded and as he stood up and took one last drink out of his mug. He paid the waitress and walked Amy down the street. They continued to talk about Moon Peak and Amy relayed some stories of her time there, well stories that she could share without exposure. When she arrived at her work, Jim stayed a little longer and the two talked away about other things from Amy's arrest onward.

      Vampire House, Same Time (17:00 Local Time)

      While the day was beginning in Roswell, across the Atlantic it was ending. School had finished and Will and Stacey were returning home. They had done their best to hide their new reality at the house and between each other, even though they escaped at lunchtime to an abandoned house near their school where they ravished each other. It was a fight to make there; to even last that long but they did and upon their arrival Will pushed Stacey up against a wall. He hiked the skirt of her school uniform up and pulled down her panties as she angled her hips enough for Will to get his dick in her. It was hard, fast and very satisfying for them both.

      Their masters had told them never to expose them. They're secret was kept and home was looming, after the events of last night things had been able to sink in. Now they were about to be told what was expected of them. Fear was with them now as they stepped past the threshold but the second they were inside they closed the door to prevent the sunlight entering.

      "Hello my pets." Katrina said

      Both Will and Stacey looked up at the ceiling and saw Katrina hanging there in her animan form with her wings coming around her body and head like a bat. Soon the vampire dived down to the floor and returned to her human body. On a nearby table was a robe that the vampire picked up and put on.

      Katrina circled the pair, sniffing the air around them, "Hmm...I knew you wouldn't be able to resist each other. Did you both enjoy it?" she said as her hand caressed Stacey's ass.

      "Yes." Stacey said, gasping as the vampire reached around and grabbed her breast.

      Katrina smiled and then moved around to the front of the pair. She ran her hands over Will's arms and chest through his shirt before reached down and grabbed his dick. "Did you?" she asked

      "Y...yes." Will hissed as she gently squeezed

      "Good." Katrina said, then her face became serious, "Now. Both of you follow me."

      Katrina headed up the stairs to the first floor of the manor and was followed by the two teenagers. They moved through the halls to what was a large meeting room in the days of the vampire control. Upon entering the two saw that the vampires had been busy during the day. The entire room had been stripped of the antique human decorations and the wooden carvings on the walls were restored. At the head of the room under a large carving of a vampire glyph were four chairs, one for each of the vampires and one held in reserve.

      Stephan and Tanya already occupied theirs and Katrina joined them. The three vampires stared at the two who stood before them.

      "Yes...yes, quite acceptable." Stephan said, appraising the two for the first time. "Both of you, step forward."

      They did so and Stephan turned his head to Tanya. She nodded and moved to the couple, gliding around them as if her feet never touched the ground.

      "As our pets, you enjoy our protection. We will not feed on you and the majority of you lives will continue as it is. However, from the moment you will no longer be dressed as you normally would be in our presence." Tanya said

      "Undress now." Stephan ordered

      Will and Stacey started to loosen their school ties before unbuttoning their shirts. Stacey then undid her skirt while off came Will's trousers. It didn't take long for them to be only in their underwear, a look to their vampire lord told them that they had to go further. Stacey reached around her back to unclasp her bra.

      "Wait." Stephan called out, "Boy. You do it for her."

      Will nodded and moved around to Stacey's back and took hold of the cotton strap and released the clasp letting the garment fall from her chest. Tanya smiled as her hand ran over the girl's breasts before grabbing her panties and tearing them from her body. Stacey winced in pain slightly but it didn't last long, Tanya moved closer to whisper in her ear.

      "Take your boy's underwear off."

      Stacey did as was ordered and pulled Will's boxers off his legs.

      "Good." Stephan said, "From now on you will only where your clothes when you leave this place but in our presence you where these."

      Tanya brought out two white pieces of cloth; one was a loincloth and gave it to Stacey who put it on. It hung from her waist on a piece of string, it barely covered her and her breasts were left exposed. Will was given a cloth that had been twisted and shaped into a pair of briefs; he could help but be reminded of what slaves would wear in the movies. He put them on and both stood before the vampires.

      "Good. Now we can get down to business. Your duties are simple. During the day, all windows in this house remain closed. Not one is to be open until the sun has set. You will be our eyes in the daylight, you will report all and protect us as we would protect you. Whatever we ask of you, you will do without question and you will be rewarded for excellent work. In time we will move on from this place, you will come with us. If anyone asks, your adoptive parents have gone over seas and are planning their emigration to another country. You have been left in our care, your aunts and uncles. Do you understand?" Stephan asked

      "Yes." Both said together

      "Good. In addition, you will both leave your current bedrooms and stay together in the one adjacent to the master room. You will always be at hand. Also your work for school will go unchanged. It will be done in order to keep people asking questions. Upon your return to the house, you change into what you are wearing now and complete any work you have to do for that." Stephan said

      "Now for the fun part." Tanya said

      "Yes." Katrina said, "You, your bodies, your minds belong to us. We will have sex with you when and where we please. You see, while our husband is glorious in can get a little lonely when he's with Tanya." She said as she ran her fingernail over Will's chest.

      "Yes." Stephan said as she stood and moved to Stacey, "And sometimes my wives are so in to each other they barely acknowledge my existence. Besides, my new gifts require time to grow and I need to practice. So my wives will be requiring you to be at hand." In fact all the while since the entered the room, Stephan had been doing that practice. He had been focusing on beaming more and more of his own mentality into the pair with his new powers.

      "Yes sir." Will said

      "Your first task...yes, there are a number of bodies around this house. Deal with them. Go." Stephan said

      They both left. For the next hour the two scoured the house to find the corpses of the vampires last meal. There were quite a few but all were dragged out of the house and into the back garden. Once there, they were thrown into a pit that the gardener had planed on using to make some compost but now it was for something a little darker. Will fetched some petrol for the lawnmower and powered it into the hole over the bodies before dropping in a lit match. The fire roared away, once the sun had gone down the vampires opened the window and watched it

      Reptilian Quarter, Moon Peak, 11:00am

      From their rooms they were staying in with the Reptilians, Diego and his fellow serpents had gone out and met in an alley behind some buildings. They had gone out of their way to make sure they weren't followed by anyone, especially by their protector. The tribal leader had assigned him but the rest of his sect didn't know what was going on.

      "Okay D, why are we here?" Kali asked

      "Dad just said it was time to come out of isolation." Diego said

      "Don't you believe him?" another of his group asked

      "Not sure." Diego said, "I just wanna meet the girl."

      " and me both." Kali said as he came closer to her mate, "I overheard some reptiles talking about her, apparently she's quite the animal in bed...or anywhere else for that matter."

      "Good to know." Another said, "But we haven't even wanted to speak to another tribe for who knows how long and all of a sudden we're sent here."

      "Your dad isn't thinking about trying to take control of the tribes like his ancestors is he?" Kali asked

      "I hope not." Diego said, "That's caused nothing but trouble."

      "Yes it has." Came a voice from up the alley, "I thought I'd find you around here."

      "Who the hell are you?" Diego asked

      "The name's David, David Flanagan."

      Diego raised an eyebrow, "You guys hear of him?"

      All of his sect shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders, none of them had heard of him.

      "My father is Patrick Flanagan. Leader of the strongest Wild Pack there is."

      "Oh that guy. Him I've heard of. Got his butt kicked by a guy our age didn't he?" Diego said with a smile

      "An alien. But my father was stupid in his underestimation of the Star Pride."

      "So what do you want, cat? That pack got kicked out of the country because they're nothing but a bunch of weak losers."

      David growled but kept himself in check, if he wasn't already enrolled in Moon Peak by his mother when his father went to Roswell he would have been kicked out with the rest of the pack. "I'm here to give you a warning. In the name of our great gods and by decree of Anubis himself, the First Born Daughter is mine. Stay away from her."

      "Hey, we're just out for some fun with her." Kali said while thinking, {Great, a religious nut. Like this planet doesn't have enough of those.}

      "And the answer is no. If I get the chance I'm taking it."

      "We'll see." David said as he formed a fist and went for the sect leader.

      He connected but Diego didn't have too much of a reaction as he quickly recovered. He then formed a fist and struck at David, hitting him square in the face and causing a small cut on his lip.

      "I am not taking the chance. She will become my mate and will carry my young." David said

      "Yeah, you need to calm a little. You're still a teenager. Besides, last I heard she's got a mate, and one that's not likely to give her up." Diego said

      "I can deal with that technicality." David smiled

      "Like your father?" Kali asked

      David turned away, "Who said I'm anything like my father?" he said as he reached up to wipe away the trickle of blood. He flicked it away and a little blood landed on the wall, it started eating its way through the brickwork. It only left a small dent as the blood reacted with the air and then vaporised. David just walked away smiling as his cut healed. He left the snakes alone, looking at each other.

      Football Field, Roswell High, 11:30

      It was practice time on the field. The Coach had his players running drills back and forth, putting them all through hell since they lost their last couple of games. Most people on the team put it down to the loss of nine players from the team thanks to their attempts to convince Alex and they resented it since they were now the recipients of the Coach's temperament.

      From the drills everyone was sweating a bucket load but the Coach kept them going and soon they were in the middle of a practice game. Unfortunately for the players on the other side of Kyle, since he was only just beginning to understand his new strength. One time in particular, one of the other team attempted to tackle Kyle and bring him to the ground. Upon contact it only resulted in his own butt falling to the ground and Kyle continuing to run to get the touchdown.

      "There you see. That's how you do it. Good Job Kyle. From now on that's how you ladies do it." The coach yelled, "Again, and get it right."

      Everyone groaned as Kyle helped the guy that tried to bring him down back onto his feet.

      "Dude, what the hell have you been taking?"

      "What do you mean?" Kyle asked

      "Hitting you was like hitting a brick wall. Those must be some supped up vitamins."

      "Sorry, no vitamins." Kyle said as he started to walk away but his arm was grabbed.

      "If it's not vitamins then I want some of whatever it is you do have. I know you Kyle, you're not that strong. Hook me up. I need the Coach off my back."

      "You think I'm doing drugs?" he asked with disbelief

      "I'll meet you after school, I'll bring cash."

      "You listen to me. I don't do that stuff, I don't care what the hell you think..."

      "Oh yeah, like it's just a coincidence that you start seeing the new girl and rumour has it her old man is on the run from drug dealers. That's why her house blew up."

      {I knew that would come back to bite us.} Kyle thought, "Get away from me. And stay away from Tess...she'll be more likely to tear your arm off." Kyle said as he walked away

      "Yeah right, that little girl. Maybe I'll just have a little fun with her to get what I want."

      Kyle growled; his eyes changed for a brief second as he span back around. He grabbed the other player's bulky throat and threw him down into the ground. Everyone else on the field saw what happened and were on them on a second, everyone trying to pull Kyle off of him ­ that was a fight and a half. Eventually Kyle relented and backed off, leaving the player rubbing his throat and gasping for air.

      "Valenti, what the hell is your problem?" the coach yelled.

      "You try to touch her I'll break your neck...if she leaves anything left." Kyle said as he picked up the ball. Kyle threw it, his aim was a little off but with the full force of his strength the ball impacted the metal frame of the team's ****. The metal ended up severely dented but Kyle just kept walking until he looked over to the stands.

      He saw Tess moving up the steps to find a place to sit quietly. He started to move over to the stand and soon he was with her.

      "Working out a little tension?" Tess asked

      "You have no idea." Kyle said, "That...huuuuu...he thinks I'm on drugs and that I get them from you...and that to get what he wants he might have some fun with you. His words not mine."

      "Oh what great company you keep...oh well, I guess I'll just have to make sure I have my own fun if he tries." Tess said with a smile

      "I know you will." Kyle said, "So how was your shopping spree?"

      "Fun. I picked up a few things that...uh...well lets just say you'll like them, you'll like them a lot." Tess said as she inched closer to him, her body brushing against him

      "Can't wait." Kyle said

      "Unfortunately you'll have to but at least it wont be long, just make sure you pick me up at Liz's tonight. Then you will be able to see."

      "Tonight? Did we have a date planned? No way, I would have remembered..."

      "Relax Kyle, we didn't have a date. But a girl has needs," she said seductively, "and so do you."

      "Oh." Kyle said with a smile

      "Yes. And I know this spot out in Fraser Woods with this little stream...besides, you need to spend some time with your animal self." Tess said, her lips were just over an inch from his

      "Meow." Kyle said as he closed the gap and kissed her

      They parted at the sound of a bunch of guys cheering and egging Kyle on.

      "I think I better get back to practice." Kyle said

      "I think so too." Tess said, "Just one thing." She said as Kyle stood up


      "Try to keep the temper in check. You saw what being one of us did to Alex...and he's a pussy cat."

      "Literally speaking."

      "He's a tiger too, remember."

      "Yeah. Okay, I'll try to keep myself in check." Kyle said as he ran back down to the field.

      Soon he had the ball and everything was going on, as it should be; with the exception that every time Kyle looked in a certain person's direction, that person quickly backed off. The coach kept shaking his head every time and the player could feel his eyes on him.

      {Oh yeah. You're definitely hookin' me up Kyle.} he thought

      Up on the stands, Tess watched her boyfriend move. She bit her lip at the thought of all the things she was going to do to him tonight. Just then Isabel came up the steps and sat next to Tess.

      "So do I need to guess what you want to do to him or shall I dreamwalk?" Isabel asked

      " you really need to do either?" Tess asked

      "No." Isabel said, "So did you tell him you gave my boyfriend a blowjob in the car earlier?"

      "No. This is still a little new for him, you getting naked in front of him and kissing him is one thing..." Tess said

      "Well then I say we need to welcome him properly." Isabel said with a smile that drew in Tess's attention

      "Oh?" Tess asked

      "Follow me." Isabel said as she grabbed Tess's hand and dragged the girl into the building.

      Eraser Room, 11:50

      Tess stood in the hallway outside the room and waited for Kyle to get close. Thanks to her hearing she could hear his heartbeat get closer and closer while his scent was getting stronger. She decided to activate her mindwarp and made herself and the door to the eraser room invisible to everyone in the hall. No one even noticed that the door that had always been there was gone.

      However, as Kyle walked the halls he suddenly picked up on Tess's scent but he couldn't see her. She wasn't letting anyone see her. As he passed where the door should be, Tess expanded her mindwarp and engulfed Kyle within it. To everyone it looked as though Kyle turned a corner but Tess had him against the wall, kissing him wildly. Kyle didn't mind one bit as he realised that no one around them could see them ­ they could do anything they wanted, although what he wanted to do would probably distract Tess from sustaining the warp.

      When Tess broke the kiss, she looked heatedly into Kyle's eyes as her hands moved over his upper arms. Kyle smiled at her; his hand moved around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer against him.

      "So what do I owe this little surprise to?" Kyle asked

      "Oh we haven't gotten to the surprise yet. We arranged a little party for you." Tess said


      "Yeah." Tess said as she looked passed him to the door.

      Kyle looked at it and then looked back at her with a questioning look. She took his hand and led him to the room. Tess opened the door and took Kyle inside, on the other side of the door he saw Isabel. She was standing before Kyle, leaning against a filing cabinet wearing nothing but blood red lace bra and panties. Through the see-through bits Kyle could see Isabel's nipples.

      "So, eh...what's going on?" Kyle asked

      "Well, we thought it was time we welcomed you properly." Isabel said as she moved forward

      "And since you've only been with me, you need to see and feel what it means to be a Rakas." Tess said

      She moved around Kyle and came up to Isabel, pulling off her top as she walked. As she reached Isabel, the two girls kissed each other and Tess's hand reached up to squeeze the taller blonde's breast. Kyle continually started at the pair and soon they were undressing each other. Kyle's mouth watered as he watched the two girls. They placed their fingertips on their stomachs and circled each other, one after the other. Then Tess and Isabel started toward the table. Kyle started moving forward, practically tearing off his clothes, he couldn't get them off fast enough but soon they were all at the wood table. However, Kyle stayed away from the two just enough to watch them all over each other.

      Isabel broke the kiss with Tess and leaned down to kiss her breast, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. Tess moaned gently and leaned back against the wall as she sat on the table, she ran her hand through her hair and gasped when Isabel bit down lightly. Then Tess reached out and ran her hand up the inside of Isabel's thigh, Isabel groaned as fingers reached into her panties and probed her slit.

      Kyle was standing still; his dick was painfully hard as he watched. Then the two girls parted and Tess looked at him, she extended her finger and beckoned her mate in closer. Kyle moved like he was in a trance and Tess whispered in Isabel's ear, Kyle couldn't hear but it caused her to smile.

      Tess moved away off the table and wrapped her fingers around Kyle's cock, pumping away at him and causing him to groan. The she reached up to his ear and whispered, "Take off her underwear. Touch her."

      Kyle moved forward to Isabel and as Tess stripped her remaining clothes. Kyle couldn't resist doing as he was instructed and touched Isabel. He started at her legs, just gently touching them at first but upon seeing no problems he went further in to it. Tess watched as Kyle felt Isabel's body. His hands crept upward and around her and found the clasp of her bra.

      It came away and Kyle pulled it off of the buxom blonde, he licked his lips at the sight of her bare breasts but his hands glided down and he hooked his fingers around the waistband of her panties. Isabel lifted herself up slightly and allowed Kyle to pulled them off down her legs. He threw them over his shoulder and they landed on the door handle, that's where they stayed and hung there as Tess jumped back onto the table and kissed Isabel. Isabel looked back and forth between the two lovers and then leaned over to Tess.

      "I want you to go first." Isabel whispered in Tess's ear

      Tess's skin turned red, as the fire within her grew hotter. She wanted to feel Kyle inside her now, wanted to feel his seed enter her body. Isabel climbed off of the table and let Tess lay out on it; Isabel leaned over and kissed Kyle for a second but it still left him without breath. Kyle looked at her and then climbed onto the table as well. Tess and Kyle kissed as Isabel stroked the girl's face with her fingers and her milky legs spread out before Kyle.

      Kyle ran a strong hand over her entire body as she looked up to Isabel who cupped the girl's breasts. Kyle moved between we soft thighs and Tess wrapped her legs around Kyle's waist as he kneeled on the wood. His hard dick probed her sex and she squirmed, desperate to get him inside her.

      "Kyyllee..." she moaned, "Please...just do it. Put it in me."

      "Yeah Kyle, fuck her, drive that dick into her." Isabel said huskily into his ear before nibbling on it

      Kyle smiled and with one swift movement, the tip of his dick slipped passed her lips and dived completely into her soaked pussy.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Tess gave out a long drawn out moan as her back arched and took hold of one of Isabel's hands, holding onto it tightly.

      Kyle slowly pulled back out and then thrust hard back into her. In and out, over and over again, he withdrew quickly and drove himself back inside her slick warmth. She squeezed on his cock with her inner muscles, she wanted him to unload and wanted it now.

      "Oooh that's it Kyle, fuck her, fuck your girl hard. She's all yours." Isabel commanded seductively

      "Ughnnnnnnn..." Tess cried

      "Harder Kyle." Isabel said

      "UGHNNNNNN..." Tess cried as he obeyed

      "HARDER. Make her scream for you." Isabel said

      Kyle moved as fast as he could. The movement of his hips was a blur to the others in the room. The table was smashing against the metal filing cabinet, making a banging noise that would have drawn attention if Tess hadn't been doing well in maintaining her mind warp.

      "UGHHNNNN...OH GOD...YESSSS...UGNNNNN...KYLEEEEEE!" Tess cried over and over again.

      Then he and Isabel leaned over the convulsing girl. The two kissed with gusto, enjoying the cries of passion from Tess.

      "Ughnn...GUYS...ARGHHHHHH...SO CLOSE...UGHNNNNNN...GIVE...GIVE IT TO ME." Tess screamed

      "UGHNNNN...UGNNNNN...UGNNNN...UGNNNNNNNN..." Kyle groaned over and over again as he broke his kiss with Isabel.

      "That's it. Let it go." Isabel said, her hand running over his chest



      Kyle let loose and his seed shot deep into Tess's body. Kyle collapsed on top of her and they held onto each other. Isabel caressed them both as they whispered `I love you' to each other. Isabel smiled as she heard it and kissed them both as Kyle pulled out of Tess, her eyes went wide with surprise as she saw that Kyle was still hard.

      He knew that he was going to get most of the guy's fantasies and screw Isabel and his eyes locked onto her. She licked her lips as she looked at Kyle's dick and then into his eyes. Quickly Tess recovered from her mind shattering orgasm and rolled to the side slightly, pressing her back tightly up against the wall to give the pair some room. She let Isabel get on to the table and Isabel turned her back to Kyle. She bent down onto her hands and knees, presenting her slit to her very soon to be lover. She was only sorry that Alex wasn't here to see it. She would love to watch him with Tess while Kyle did her.

      Kyle ran his hands over the soft cheeks of her ass as Tess slid further up the table into a better position. The girls kissed as Kyle took hold of his dick and aimed it. He sank deep into Isabel and she sighed into Tess's mouth. Isabel was already on fire from watching Tess and Kyle and didn't need any preliminaries or for him to start off slow, and the other two knew it as Kyle fingered her slit and felt how wet she was. His pelvis moved almost as fast as when he came in Tess and all Isabel could do was moan in bliss. As Tess and Kyle each reached under her to maul a breast, she suckled on one of Tess's. She licked, sucked and nibbled on the taut nipple.

      "Hmmm...she's liking it Kyle. She likes you fucking her." Tess taunted, "But then she just loves sex. You love it every time Max did you over the last year...then Michael joined in but Alex really makes you cum doesn't he?"

      "Yes...yes...oh god yesssss." Isabel moaned

      " I meet requirements?" Kyle growled

      "AGHHHHH...UHHHHHHH...OH YEAH...YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT." Isabel moaned wantonly after releasing her lover's breast.

      "'re sooooo good... ughhh." Kyle said


      Their hips slapped together, skin against skin and sweat mixing together.

      "Cum in her it baby." Tess said

      "GHNNNNNNN...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!" Kyle yelled as he came for the second time.

      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" The feeling of his cum in her sent Isabel over the edge and the two collapsed, both breathing heavily.

      Everybody was breathless and held each other as Kyle pulled out. They stayed like that for a while before they moved so that they were all sitting side by side with Kyle in the middle. The girls looked at Kyle and the look of utter heaven on his face.

      Hallway, A Little Later

      Out in the hallway, Kyle had come out of the Eraser Room with a goofy smile on his face that stayed with him for a while. Soon he turned a corner and came across Maria who was delivering a note to one of the teachers.

      "Hey Panther Boy. What's up?" Maria asked

      Kyle smiled, "Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He said as he held the side of her upper arms and kissed her cheek.

      Kyle then continued to walk down the hall and Maria stood there not knowing what just happened.

      "You're welcome." She said

      Maria then continued heading down the way she was going and came across the girls Kyle was just with. His scent on them and on each other told Maria everything she needed to know and smiled as she walked passed them.

      "Well that explains that." Maria said, "Wait till he gets a load of me."

      The Quad, Lunchtime

      Everyone was sitting together, the smile on Kyle's face was still there even if it wasn't as dazed looking as it was. Isabel and Tess were fairly pleased with themselves and spent time talking with Liz and Maria about unifying them the same way as the aliens did. It was certainly food for thought and both girls were eager to experience it, even though Liz wasn't sure whether Kyle and Alex were ready for what she witnessed between Michael and Max. As they ate lunch, they were talking about normal things. Complaining about homework, teachers and cafeteria food. They were enjoying having the day go by smoothly without anything unusual happening, at least for the most part. At any rate they sat and ate until Kyle got an unwelcome visitor.

      "Kyle. I think we better have our little chat about you know what?"

      "Get lost." Kyle said

      "Why? Don't want the brain trust here to know what you've been doing?"

      "Kyle?" Liz asked

      "He thinks that I've been using drugs." Kyle said

      "Why?" Max asked

      "Because of certain increases in my performance on the field." Kyle said

      "Uh huh." Liz said, "Yeah, he's not on drugs."

      "Kyle, a Or perhaps a little trip to see the Coach...or the principle...oh what about your old man."

      "Like I said, I don't have anything to worry about. You got problems in the game then quit." Kyle said

      "Fine. What about you?" he said as he moved over to Tess, "You got a little something stashed away."

      Unfortunately for him he made the mistake of running his finger over her skin from where the shoulder was exposed by her top; he moved it up to her face, which was where Tess grabbed his hand. With a quick tug, he was quickly brought down and Tess smashed his head against the table. He was only dazed but Tess used her powers to erase it and what he suspected from his mind.

      "I warned you." Kyle said to him

      "Maybe what I told your dad was a bad idea?" Tess said to Kyle

      Everybody smiled as Kyle's teammate knelt on the ground, his head moving around in slow circles. They could almost see the tweeting birds flying around him.

      "Come on. We've got stuff to do." Max said

      Everyone stood up and grabbed their bags; they walked away and left the player on his knees. They moved around the building to go in the main entrance, the closest door to the library. They had some reading to do before their next class but before they entered, Michael spotted a car coming into the parking lot.

      "Hey Kyle, isn't that your dads SUV?" Michael asked

      "Yeah." Kyle said

      They all stood by the door and waited. Max was a little uncomfortable as Valenti approached but Liz held his hand and made him feel better. He would have preferred to have her legs wrapped around him but some things just weren't possible. Soon the sheriff reached the door and was greeted by his son.

      "Hi dad. What are you doing here? Nothing's wrong is it?" Kyle asked

      "No, no, nothing like that. I'm here to fill in some forms." Jim said

      "Form?" Kyle asked

      "Yes. You're going to Moon Peak. If you still want to?"

      "Are you kidding?" Kyle asked with wide eyes

      "No. You'll be going." Jim said

      "Yes." Kyle said as he picked up Tess and kissed her before spinning around

      "Yeah..." Jim said as he looked at his son and girlfriend, "I may regret this."

      "Dad, believe me, that wont happen." Kyle said as he let Tess down

      "Oh well I better do this." Jim said as he started to go through the doors, "Oh Maria, say hello to your mum for me." He smiled

      "My mom?" Maria asked

      "Yes, we spent some time talking this morning. She really hasn't changed much." He said as he headed to the principle's office.

      "Uhmm?" Maria said

      "He was smiling." Kyle said, "He doesn't least not like that."

      Tess smiled, "I think someone's potentially back on the dating scene."

      "Ewweee..." Maria and Kyle both said

      "Besides, lycanthropes have a thing about dating humans." Maria said

      "Uh...technically he's a Narada. I think that makes it different." Liz said

      "Bummer." Kyle said as he looked down the hall to where his father was walking

      "No. Wait. This is out there...just because he's smiling..." Maria said

      "Yeah. You're right." Kyle said, "This isn't bad. I mean, honestly what are the odds of it happening?"

      " 150." Maria said

      "Okay you two, come on we've got work to do." Max said as he pushed them in through the doors

      Meeting Room, Vampire House, 21:00 (GMT)

      One addition feature to the room was a long conference table before the four chairs. Although it wasn't a typical table, it was low, the surface was no more than half a foot from the ground and around it were large plush cushions. At one end was Will and Stacey, both kneeling in their new clothes ­ if they could be described as that. The three vampires were around the room, pacing back and forth.

      Throughout the night, Stephan had practiced more and more with his powers. Specifically he liked the idea of toying with the morals of his two pets, twisting little bits here and there. The more he practiced the more detailed he could get, then he took Stacey out for a bed. He loved seducing the girl and making her new lover watch as she screamed in passion. However, just now they were discussing their needs.

      "We still need food." Tanya said

      "Local disappearing will cause problems." Stephan said, "As much as I would like to feed on them, their numbers are too few. The amount we must feed on will draw attention."

      "London is close." Katrina said, "Their numbers are large enough to pick off a few here or there."

      "But there is one problem. Our numbers are few. If humans discover us, even a handful of them, we cannot withstand them." Tanya said

      "We would need to find a way of luring our food. Make it seem somewhat normal...hidden in plain sight." Stephan said

      "Sir if I may." Will said as he stood up

      Stephan sharply turned his head; his eyes were bat as he stared at the boy. "Speak only when spoken to."

      "Yes sir. I'm sorry." Will said

      "This is none of your concern." Stephan said

      "Aiding you is our concern." Will said

      Stephan growled.

      "Let him speak Stephan. At the very least he might have a possibility." Tanya said

      "A human?" Stephan mocked, "Very well boy...speak."

      "Well sir...I do have an idea." Will said as he looked at Stacey

      Streets of London, Much Later

      That night the vampires took their pets into the city. Stacey took to her new role eagerly and stood on a street corner. She was dressed in black. Her very, very short skirt only went down to just below her ass; her legs were covered in fishnet stockings that were held up by a suspender belt. Her top was tight; at the very least it was one size to small and the top few buttons were undone. It exposed the tops of her breasts and a good portion of cleavage.

      All in all, Stacey looked like a prostitute. Exactly what Will intended for her to appear as. She stood there by a street lamp, smiling seductively at the passing cars. It didn't take long for her wares to draw in one passer by whose car crawled along the curb. Stacey smiled at the driver as she walked along side until the car stopped. The car window rolled down and Stacey moved closer. "You looking for some fun?"

      "How old are you? Are you even old enough?"

      Stacey chuckled, "Your willing to give me money to screw me and your worried about my age. Relax. I'm sixteen, I'm legal but the money thing isn't. So are you interested?" Stacey said as she undid one more button on her top

      He looked over her; he couldn't deny that the young woman made his mouth water. "Yeah...get in." He said as he reached over to the opposite door and opened the lock.

      Stacey smiled as she moved around the vehicle and opened the door. She got inside and reached over, she kissed him hard while her hand massaged his dick through his pants. "There's an alley, two buildings up on the left. It's nice and private." She said. He nodded and pulled out onto the road. He drove the car into the alley and shut off the engine. After unclipping his seatbelt, he looked to Stacey and leaned over but Stacey stopped him. She smiled wickedly and opened her door; she got out but leaned back in showing cleavage as she did so. "I just love doing it outside, don't you?" Stacey said

      He couldn't open the door fast enough but soon he was outside and moving toward her slowly while she moved backwards until she was against a brick wall.

      "You want me?" Stacey asked as she undid another button, this time she pulled back some of the fabric and showed a nipple. "I just get so turned on when a guy fucks me against a wall."

      He moved more quickly until he was completely clear of his car. That was the moment that they were waiting for, the vampires were hanging above the alley in their animan forms while Will hide behind a dumpster. In seconds the vampires dived down and carried him into the air. While Stephan and Tanya sank their teeth into him, Katrina kissed him...sort of. It was only intended to muffle his screams, but they soon stopped as he fell unconscious and Katrina started to feed. Will came out of his hiding place, Stacey and he watched intently as the vampires had their meal.

      Soon he died and the vampires let him fall to the ground leaving a battered body on the ground. The height of fall would at least damage the body to delay the coroner's assessment; the lack of blood would be very unmistakable. The vampires landed and changed back into their human forms, they looked at the teens and saw Stacey breathing heavily.

      "How was that my pet?" Katrina asked

      "I liked it, I liked it a lot." Stacey said. Thanks to the manipulations of the vampires, Stacey not only liked luring the man in she liked watching her new patrons snack.

      "You were great." Will said as he pressed his body against hers.

      He reached under her skirt and lifted her up, her legs wrapped around his body as they kissed. The vampires sat back and enjoyed the teenagers as their hormones got out of control. However, they were only able to watch for a minute. Katrina and Tanya pulled the pair apart as they returned to their animan bodies. They carried them up to the roofs, staying in the darkness and away from light as they moved away from the scene. Stephan joined them a few minutes later; he lingered only to remove the man's wallet.

      Once they were far enough away to where they parked their own car across the city, they stopped. Stephan smiled at his pets. "You have both done well. Yes, this can work out very well for us. My pets, I will give you a reward for this. And my dear Stacey, I suspect you will look forward to tomorrow night. Now that we know this works, I think one or two a night with suffice to our needs. We'll keep it small to avoid attention. But you're reward...yes, I think another pet...another female for you both to enjoy. Choose one and I will bring her to you." Stephan said, rewarding loyalty and excellent service was one of his very few virtues. He would always do good to his word in that respect when it came to dealing with humans.

      They got back into the car and were driving off back to their home. Once there Will and Stacey were all over each other. They spent the night going over their fellow female classmates, eager to choose one to join them while their vampire master's moans filled the house.

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, 16:00 (Roswell Local Time)

      School had finished and Diane new that her son would be home soon, that is if he wasn't getting too tied up with his girlfriend. She had seen how Max and Liz were with each other and knew that their relationship had progressed far more than she was comfortable with, hell the sheer speed of it made her feel dizzy. At the very least she liked Liz, she had gotten to know the girl quite well and knew that it would be a cold day in hell before things ended between her and Max.

      Something inside her told her that she'd already met her future daughter in-law and was concerned not only that they were tying themselves down so early but that they may end up teenage parents. She did her best to push those thoughts from her head. She didn't want to cause problems for what was obviously a rewarding relationship for them both. Right now Diane was putting her son's laundry in his room for him to put away when he came home. She had just placed the clean pile on Max's bed, Diane turned her head as she caught movement in the corner of her eye. She looked across the gaps between the houses and saw Liz and Isabel enter the blonde's bedroom.

      Diane was about to turn away but then what she saw shocked her. Instead of pulling out books to collaborate on homework as she assumed, Liz and Isabel were all over each other. They were involved in a serious lip lock; their mouths were practically fused together as they pressed their bodies tightly together. Liz's hands stroked up Isabel's body and cupped her breasts.

      Then they started to take off each other's clothes and Diane's mouth hit the floor. It was bad enough that this was Liz she was seeing, but also Max's best and oldest friend. Then Michael came into the room and Diane's heart almost stopped as he saw the smile on his face before he pulled off his sweater. Michael started to kiss Liz's shoulder before she broke the kiss with Isabel and kissed him while the blonde ran her hands over his chest before kissing his skin and scraping her teeth over him.

      That was when Max came into his room and threw his bag down. She spotted his mother frozen in place and moved over, he saw what she was seeing and wanted to die right there and then. There was no cover-up for this. He wouldn't even know where to begin. "Mom... listen..." he said

      " god, your girlfriend is having an affair with your best friend...both of them." Diane said. She wanted to scream but her voice was stunned into a whisper.

      "Mom, I know..." Max said

      "What?" Diane asked as she looked at him and into his eyes. She saw something that told her that Max did a lot more than know about what was going on, he was probably apart of it. "I'm getting your father. We are going to sit down and talk about this and then you break up with that girl."

      "MOM...listen, I'm not breaking up with Liz."

      "Oh believe me, that will be the least of what your father will want." Diane said angrily as she started to storm out of the room

      "MOM!" Max said as he reached out and grabbed her hand. All of a sudden there was a bright flash at the point of contact and light rippled over her hand and up her body. Both mother and son were sent flying away from each other like two magnets repelling each other. Then, in the space of a few seconds that he took to look at Diane, Max saw a glow from her eyes before they closed and she passed out. She was in a crumpled mass on the floor and the resounding ringing in Max's head made him dizzy to the point where he could barely crawl let alone walk to her side.

      "DAD!" Max cried out before he collapsed onto the floor as the room kept spinning, {Liz...please...} he called out in his mind

      To Be Continued...

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