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Shadow and Light, Chapter 12

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 6, 2004

      Harding Residence, Immediately Following

      Tess's house was burning with a roaring fire and soon the whole thing would be incinerated. The last thing any of the group saw before the explosion was Alex getting inside; they never saw him come out. All they could see was red-hot flame and a cloud of billowing smoke that was rising higher and higher. Isabel felt her heart stop and she would have fallen to her knees if Liz hadn't held her.

      All any of them could do was stare, they couldn't believe what they were seeing and it took a few minutes to completely register it. Max almost started running to the fire but Michael held him back. Everyone that was in the nearby houses had all fallen to the ground as every single window they had was shattered, as a result none of them went anywhere near the. It made them miss what happened next but one person coming down the street did see it.

      There was a tiny ripple in the fire, a distortion and a shadow that looked as if it was moving. Then the shadow became brighter and soon everyone saw Alex walking out of the inferno. His face was black with ash and his clothes looked burned but Alex himself was encased in an almost skin tight shell of blue light. He stammered away from the fire, walking with heavy steps and as he got closer the light faded.

      "Alex?" Max asked

      Alex opened his mouth and an escape of air took with it a puff of smoke, "Owwww...". Alex fell backward and landed on his back.

      Max was quickly by his side and hand his hand on Alex's chest after pulling open his shirt. He felt a crackle, a residual from the light that protected Alex but it didn't last long. Max connected with Alex and started to heal the human, there wasn't much damage, there was just some physical strain that formed in the seconds between the blast and the shield being formed.

      Off to the side, Kyle had been walking down the street on his way to Tess's. After his talk with Michael he decided not to back off ­ he wanted answers. He was walking down the street and about to call Tess's name when he saw her, that was when the house blew up. If that wouldn't have stopped him in his tracks, the sight of a blue light walking of the flames did it.

      Slowly Max moved his hand away and left a shining silver handprint on Alex's chest. Alex then opened his eyes; they rolled back into his head and groaned in pain. "Oi, the ribs."

      "They'll be fine in a minute or two." Max said as he took his hand and pulled Alex up onto his feet., "Good timing on the powers kicking in."

      He never got a chance to breath as Isabel wrapped her arms around him before pulling away and hitting his arm, "Don't do that to me."

      "Hey, just got better and sorry...didn't have much of a choice." Alex said, "Now, what the hell happened?"

      "No clue." Michael said as he looked around, he saw everyone in the neighbourhood move to their windows.

      All were staring at the house as some came outside; the fire engines were beginning to come into the street. As Michael looked further around he spotted Kyle, "Uh guys."

      Everyone looked around and saw the look in Kyle's eyes, in that instant they knew that he had seen something more than they'd be comfortable with. Tess looked at him and then looked away to her house, she had no idea what to do next.

      A Little Later...

      The street was insane, fire engines where on the road right outside Tess's home with fire fighters holding their hoses toward the flames. Their efforts were paying off in that most of the house was out but there was still a lot of burning going on. The Sheriff and his people arrived shortly after the fire department and started to evacuate the street.

      Initial thoughts was that a gas explosion but a cause wasn't important right now. Valenti got everyone out of the street except the teens. They were all at the back of an ambulance. When the Sheriff saw the state of Alex he insisted that he be checked out, despite Alex's protests. At the very least he could ensure that it would only be his vital signs that would be checked and no blood taken.

      Kyle stayed away at the background, not even coming close to them. He managed to stay out of sight when his father arrived, his brain was trying to understand what he'd witnessed and the last thing he needed was his dad doing the policeman routine on him.

      Soon Valenti came over to the group, his reflective sunglasses never left his face as he stared at each of them ­ especially Max. "So, what happened?" he asked

      "I wish I knew." Max said

      "Ms Harding?"

      "All I know was we were on our way out. Isabel forgot her purse, Alex went back for it and the house just..." Tess trailed off

      "Mr Whitman?"

      "I honesty don't know Sheriff." Alex said as he looked to his friends, "All I know is that I got to the door...I felt this static from the door handle and then the big bang. I guess I was blown clear by it."

      "You're very lucky. A blast like that could have killed you." Valenti said just as they heard clapping from behind them.

      They all looked over to see that the fire fighters had put out the blaze and they were turning off their hoses. All that remained of Tess's house was a pile of blackened cinders. The bottom floor walls were barely standing but the upper floors were gone, collapsed into what was beneath.

      The Fire Chief spoke with his people. One of them had gone inside during the fire to put out the flames in the heart of the house where the water couldn't reach with them standing outside. He had come back out with the device Alex spotted before the blast and immediately showed it to the Chief. They talked for a few minutes before he looked to the Sheriff, both soon moved to each other.

      "What's going on?" Valenti asked

      "My guys found this inside. It was plugged into a wall socket by the door, it was low down and near what was left of a small table so they probably wouldn't have even noticed it."

      Jim took the device, "What is it?"

      "I have no idea, I've never seen anything like it but it was channelling electricity. Causing it to spark out all over the place. This on looks like some kind of radio receiver."

      "Are you saying this is some kind of bomb?" Jim asked

      "That's what it looks like. I'm no expert on these things but this thing was probably set off after those kids left the house. They would have noticed what was coming out of this."

      "That means someone was watching."

      "Yeah, I doubt they could have switched it off by the time that kid got to the door if they could at all."

      "Someone's after her."

      "Or someone else in that house."

      "No her father...her father hasn't been around for the last few days." Valenti said


      "I think it's time I did a little digging into the Harding family." Jim said as he looked around. He saw two people barge passed his barricade.

      Alex's parents had arrived and were moving straight to their son. They were all over him as they made sure he wasn't injured.

      "Mr and Mrs Whitman, we really should take your son to the hospital to be checked out."

      "No." Charles said, "No hospitals."

      "But sir..."

      "No." his wife said, "We have our reasons."

      While the general human population didn't have the technology to detect the DNA discrepancies that made them distinctly different from the rest of humanity when they were in human form, they were concerned about any differences that could be found relating to the aliens in the group. Under no circumstances were they going to risk it. Soon the Sheriff came over to the group.

      "Sheriff." Charles greeted

      "Mr Whitman. Ms Harding...where is your father?"

      "My dad? Uh...why?" Tess said

      "We found a device...this wasn't accidental." Valenti said

      "What, are you saying this was a bomb?" Alex's mother asked

      "Not exactly but it has the same effect. The target is probably yourself or your father." Valenti said

      "Okay, so not me. I may piss people off on occasion but no, no way." Tess said, getting very worried

      "Then where is your dad?" Jim asked

      {Opportunity.} Tess thought, the other three aliens looked at her. With their eyes they all agreed. "He...uh...took off. He got a phone call on his private line and said he had to leave for a few weeks. I don't know where he went."

      "What kind of phone call?"

      "Don't know...but he was loud. He practically yelled down the line. I answered it once and they hung up on the other end. I do know that dad always spoke Spanish when he talked."

      "Spanish?" Valenti said, "What about his travelling?"

      "We were everywhere. We did have this vacation to South America last year that was great. Columbia was really beautiful. Only bummer was all those meeting with guys in expensive suits and really nice cars." Tess said

      Under his shades, the Sheriff's eyes went wide.

      "What?" Tess asked innocently

      "Has your father received any packages in the mail?"

      "Oh yeah, once a month. They come from all over the place though."

      {Is this really a good idea? Making them think Nacedo is some kind of drug runner?} Michael thought to the others

      {Shut up, I'm having fun and I'm on a role.} Tess thought back

      "Okay, thank you Ms Harding." Valenti said and then left, he had a few calls to make.

      "And the Oscar for best performance goes to..." Liz said

      "Shh...he's still close." Max said

      After the Sheriff left, Alex's parents drove the group back to the Crashdown.

      Crashdown, 20:00

      Everyone was together, sitting at one booth after moving some stools. The café had been closed and the adults left them alone. They were all sitting quietly and trying to adapt to what had happened. They'd nearly lost one of them and it was a chilling realisation that the threat of the aliens that had followed Max and the others was still out there. The atmosphere was thick with tension as they nursed their drinks in their hands.

      No one could say anything as the events of the last few hours sank in. After arriving Alex changed his clothes after showing to get all the black off him, his hair was a little singed but he could live with that. It took him half an hour to get clean again but he was eventually and joined the others in sitting.

      "So." Alex said

      "Yeah?" Isabel asked

      "That would be all three of us with powers now." Alex said

      "Yeah." Max said, "Maybe we should set some time aside, give you all lessons at the same time."

      "We could. It's not exactly like we have to go far for privacy, we're surrounded by empty desert." Liz said

      Just then the back doors came swinging open, "I want answers right now." Kyle demanded

      "How'd you get in here?" Max asked

      "I picked the lock on the back door." Kyle said, ""

      "Who the hell do you think you are?" Michael asked as he stood up

      "I think I'm a guy who saw a blue light come out of fire. Then there was that handprint on Alex...same one I saw on Liz that time." Everyone looked at each other, now they were afraid of what Kyle would do. If they told him he could go straight to his dad, if they didn't then he'd go with what little he did know. "I'm waiting." Kyle said, "Or should I go home and speak to my dad now?"

      Alex practically growled as he turned his head and looked at Kyle. His eyes had changed and Kyle started to back off.

      "What the hell are you?" Kyle said as he looked to the front door.

      Liz knew he was going to make a run for it. As Kyle started to move, Liz jumped up from her chair and leapt through the air until she landed on steadily on her feet and facing Kyle. As she opened her eyes Kyle saw that they were the same as Alex's.

      "No one endangers my family and no one threatens to do it, especially you." Liz said as she stared into Kyle's eyes.


      "You want answers, sit down." Liz commanded but Kyle just stared at her, "SIT."

      Kyle backed up and sat on the stood, he watched as Liz closed her eyes and as she reopened them they were back to normal.

      "Okay, not the best of starts." Maria said as she came closer, "Kyle, just so you know...running not a good idea. You want answers? Fine."

      "Uh, excuse me...not fine." Michael said, "Not fine by a long shot. Even if he is part of this thing he's still the Sheriff's son."

      Kyle looked around, "A part of what?" he asked

      Liz looked at everyone, "Everything?"

      "Yeah." Max said

      "Okay, what you saw today...just the latest in a long string of events... uh...okay, this needs to start at the beginning. Kyle, right, you see the thing is..." Liz tried but wasn't getting anywhere.

      "No one in this room is completely human, at least the way you think it is." Michael interrupted

      "Come again?"

      Isabel stood up, "Max, Michael, Tess and myself are aliens." She said straight up, no sugar coating what so ever.

      "Aliens? As in...from across the boarder?"

      "No, as in the 1947 crash, UFOs, the whole shebang." Isabel said, she could feel Tess trying not to look at Kyle.

      "And we're all Rakas...uh, that's feline lycanthropes. Like werewolves but cats." Liz said

      "" Kyle stammered, not knowing what to say

      "What you saw today was Alex's powers coming into play. He has them because he's with Isabel, just like Liz and Maria." Max said

      "That day I broke up with you, I told you I was going through some family stuff...this is it. I had just gone through my first change and I was any rate I got through it and things happened between the rest of us." Liz said

      "This is insane." Kyle said as he got off the stool and walked about.

      "What's insane, you saw our powers, you saw their eyes. You've seen what Alex did to those players on the team." Michael said

      "That was because you are..."

      "Actually that was only a little of what I could do. I was holding back." Alex said

      "So...questions?" Max asked

      "Okay...uh...aliens, were...were what? Werecats? And a whole bunch of weird stuff. Uh, how do I fit into all this?" Kyle asked

      "You...well, you are kind of like us." Liz said

      Kyle looked at her, "No."



      "Yes...look, stop. Kyle, you are descended from lycanthrope children who weren't exactly lycanthropes. They were called Narada. You and your dad are Narada." Liz said

      "And you know this for sure?"

      "Alien machine. It picked out our DNA and yours." Liz said

      "Okay, I think my brain is about to fry." Kyle said as he jumped up off the stool and walked around, "No this is freaked."

      Kyle immediately walked to the door. The other knew that this time they couldn't stop him from leaving but Tess jumped up.

      "Kyle." She said

      Kyle turned to face her and Tess scrunched up her eyes. No one saw anything but knew that Tess was using her abilities on Kyle. He just stood there like a zombie, stuck in the trance that Tess imposed. Then Tess blinked and Kyle shook his head, he looked at everyone and everyone looked at him.

      "I'll see you guys in the morning." Kyle said as he opened the door and walked out.

      Everyone moved around Tess, "What did you do?" Max asked

      "Something I really didn't want to do. I brought out his really good side so that he won't talk. He'll keep the secret while he works through it in his head. Everything he knows about us, including how he felt about us before this will be playing in his head but the problem comes when he does work through it. When he comes to a decision he'll be able to talk about anyone." Tess said

      "At least it bought us time." Max said

      Then the door opened again and Max's parents arrived. They were immediately at Max's side asking if he was okay. Max told them that he was fine but he regretted not calling them before now. They'd all been distracted with what had happened at Tess's. His parent's weren't too bothered by it, they were just glad that Max was in one piece.

      "Well I guess we better get you home." Philip said

      "Isabel do you need a ride? Michael?" Diane asked

      "Uh, thanks." Isabel said as she looked at Michael and he nodded.

      "Oh, do you want to spend the night here?" Liz asked, "I'm sure my parents would be okay with it."

      "Thanks...I guess I do need a place to sleep." Tess said

      Soon everyone left, Philip took Isabel, Michael and Max home while Maria drove Alex home. Liz took Tess upstairs; her parents were more than fine with Tess sleeping in their house, one of their own was in need.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 21:00

      The girl's entered the bedroom and Tess looked around. She breathed out a deep sigh that was heard by Liz.

      "What is it?" Liz asked

      "I've just realised all my stuff is gone. All of it." Tess said

      "Well, I'm about your size. You can borrow my clothes until we can get it replaced." Liz said

      "Thanks. The only good thing is that Nacedo made sure I had several bank accounts to use if we ever got separated or if something happened to him." Tess said

      "Well, that's something I suppose. So much for our night out."

      "And I was looking forward to it. First normal night out in god knows how long." Tess said

      "I'm sure we can try again before we leave for Moon Peak."

      "I hope so. How do you think Kyle is dealing with this?" Tess asked, "You know him better than I do."

      "I wish I knew but..." Liz trailed off

      "Learning about aliens is one thing, Rakas and everything else is completely different." Tess said

      "And the fact that he was dating a freak and is attracted to another... bet who that's what in his head right now." Liz said

      "You really don't think he'll think we're freaks or anything?" Tess asked

      Liz looked at her, "I don't know." She said as she pulled back her sheets, "Hey, do you want to borrow pyjamas or something."

      "Uh...actually, ever since that night at the school gym when Michael..." Tess blushed slightly, "Well I kinda prefer to sleep naked."

      Liz smiled, "Me too."

      "Oh...well, I guess it's a lycanthrope thing then." Tess said

      "I guess so." Liz said, watching as Tess's eyes moved up and down her body. She returned in kind and both girls wondered what it would be like to be under those sheets together.

      Slowly Liz unbuttoned her blouse and Tess followed suit by pulling off her t-shirt. They stripped off their clothes until they were in their underwear, at the same time they both reach around to their backs to unclasp their bras. As the delicate garments fell to the floor, their hands moved down their bodies to their panties. The girls hooked their fingers around the waistbands; they never broke eye contact as they pushed their panties down their legs.

      The two picked up their clothes and piled them neatly on a chair before the got onto the bed. Soon they were under the soft sheets and Liz pulled the soft cloth up over them. Liz and Tess lay in the bed with their heads on the plush pillows facing each other. Tess bit her lip as she looked at Liz, both girls knew that the second they were covered by the sheet what would happen.

      Tess's entire being invited Liz to share in her fire building within her, to taste and explore. Liz accepted, engaging her in an erotic, open-mouthed kiss, their tongues barely touching. Then slowly Tess's tongue delved deeper, caressing the other girls tongue harder, until Liz felt as if Tess was drawing every sensation out of her body and into her own through their joined mouths.

      Liz's body pressed tighter against Tess's, wanting, needing to feel her hot, silky flesh against her own. As their bodies melded together, Tess's hungry mouth worked its way down the curve of Liz's throat, leaving warm trails of wetness down the creamy skin. With a gasp, Liz urged Tess's face back into her chest, relishing the heat of her lips and tongue and the whispery caress of Tess's hair against her skin.

      Tess turned her face from side to side, nuzzling her smooth cheeks into the valley of Liz's baby-soft breasts. The tender teasing had Liz whimpering for more, and Tess gave it willingly, not only for Liz's enjoyment but also for her own, she loved hearing what she was doing to the brunette. Her tongue reaching out in a languid lick, sampling the sweet softness.

      "Oh, Tess." Liz purred. She was revelling in the warm waves of delight that rocked her body and soul with every stroke of Tess's knowing tongue. It was as if Tess's mouth moved over her in slow motion, bringing the flesh at the point of contact to life, exciting the skin that had not been touched to start quivering in anticipation of the fiery caress, yet she left the skin which had been left behind trembling with the want of knowing such supreme pleasure again. The long, slow licks gave way to Tess's lips, which wrapped around the tempting bud. Then came the teeth grazing gently in a caress so ecstatic it had Liz yearning for more.

      Liz could hardly stand it any longer. She wanted to do more than simply let Tess make love to her yet she hated to have Tess stop; she wanted to taste and touch and explore the woman pleasuring her. However, Tess had already started down her trembling body again, Tess's fingers stroked her inner thighs, brushing against the wet skin of her womanhood.

      Tess licked her lips at the sight of Liz's waiting slit and parted her legs further. She bent forward and slid her tongue down the soft, pale flesh of Liz's inner thighs, descending with maddening patience to the apex of the brunette's legs. Then, all sensation ceased as Tess paused, depriving Liz of her touch. Liz, her body tight with anticipation, spread her legs further apart and as wide as they would go, leaving her vulnerable. She could no longer take the suspense. "Please, Tess...please eat me."

      Tess's smile was hungry and was like a predator as she traced a finger along the moist, sensitive folds of Liz's slit. Liz squirmed against the pillows at the head of the bed, trying to work Tess's finger closer to her clitoris. She felt a snarl of impatience curling her lips when Tess failed to cooperate; however, her dissatisfied rumble became a startled yelp as Tess pushed a finger into her vagina and started stroking.

      "Ugnnnnnnn...Oh my god." Liz screamed

      Then a second finger joined the first as Liz bucked her hips to meet Tess's thrusts. However, the finger fuck just wasn't doing it, it wasn't going to send her over the edge. Liz was on the verge of letting go and forcing Tess's head between her legs when she felt the exquisite tickle of Tess's soft hair brush her heated flesh as a prelude to the explosion of hot air breaking upon her anxious sex.

      "Yes." Liz shrieked when at last Tess's tongue broadly swept across her painfully hard button. She was taken by surprise when Tess savaged her clit with ravenous licks; she had been expecting as torturously slow a session as everything else Tess had done thus far. Tess felt herself rapidly swept away on the ecstatic tide surging through her body as the water lapped against the rest of her skin, her body sinking into the shallow water.

      "Uhn...uhnnn...OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS." Liz cried out before her climax hit. Her vision swam, and her head tilted back as her body arched like a bow as she came with thunderous intensity, her cries would have rang through the thin walls of the house if it wasn't for alien sound proofing.

      "Lay back." Liz commanded Tess.

      Tess did just that, obeying the command of her beloved queen and lover, resting up on her elbows that sank into the soft bedding of the mattress. Liz leaned over her, working her lips from Tess's hot mouth to the valley between her breasts. The contrast between the softness of the swells and their stone-hard tips, the pleasure just a simple touch could bring, the heady sound of another moaning in rapturous joy all because of a tiny brushing of the tongue...Liz shivered with as much delight as Tess when her mouth closed over a quivering breast.

      "Mmm ... yes." Tess cried out, her legs working around Liz's body, pulling her closer and bracing herself at the same time. "Liz...please." Tess begged with desperation akin to Liz's former state. Only then did Liz draw her tongue across and down Tess's quivering belly.

      Tess's heady scent filled her senses as Liz drew closer to her sex, and the smaller girl found herself licking her lips in anticipation of tasting Tess. Tess's hips thrust forward, seeking contact and satisfaction. Liz grinned, ignoring the demanding requests made by Tess's body, she wanted to draw this out as much as possible.

      To prolong the delicious agony, Liz pulled away from her lover and pressed her legs closed. She folded Tess's knees and pressed her legs back against her chest, causing her butt to tilt upwards. She glossed her hands over Tess's swelling butt-cheeks and was rewarded with a thick moan. Her fingers drizzled over the pale mounds, completely ignoring the pouting lips peeking through Tess's closed thighs. Tess whimpered in frustration. Grinning wickedly, Liz dipped in closer and drew her tongue across a taut globe, causing Tess to nearly collapse into the water.

      "Liz..." Tess gasped. This time, Liz took a playful nip, forcing a squeak of delight to chirp out of Tess's throat. Sensing that Tess was at her breaking point, Liz ran her tongue to her juicy slit, and Tess's subsequent exhalation was more like a growl.

      With a wicked grin, Liz ran her tongue down the back of one of Tess's legs, then she parted them, allowing her access to Tess's pink treasure. Liz's tongue lightly played over Tess's pulsing lips, tempting and teasing. Wanton tremors of pleasure shot through Tess's straining body, but she was unable to give them free rein. Tess's hips ground so insistently against her face that Liz couldn't indulge for long.

      "Oohh," Tess groaned as Liz at last applied her tongue to her throbbing clit. Tess swirled her tongue round and round in ever tightening circles until the very tip fairly vibrated on one small spot. The sensation was so intense that Tess lost all control. Her legs locked around Liz once again as her hands swept across her feverish body, pausing to caress her breasts and squeeze her nipples. They continued lower until she lost her fingers in Liz's silky brown tresses. Both hands forced Liz's face deeper between her legs.

      "Uuuhhhnnn." Tess screamed as her climax hit, the recoil of her tensed muscles pulling her up further up off the bed. She held Liz so tightly into her as she writhed about in ecstasy that Liz couldn't have pulled away if she wanted to. For the moment, though, she was content to drink deeply of Tess's warm juices as they filled her mouth. Her tongue sought to soothe the ecstatic tremors rocking Tess's pussy even as her hands sought to do the same for Tess's spasm wracked frame.

      "Oh, God." Tess sighed, finally collapsing on the beam exhaustedly, releasing Liz. "Mm, that was intense." It took both women several minutes to catch their breath and regain their senses.

      Together they embraced each other tightly as they lay in bed. They drifted off into a deep and contented slumber. That night Tess never thought once about the destruction of her home, she lay in the arms of the other girl, the leader of the pride and her new lover. Feeling their limbs tangled together were the only sense of security she needed tonight.

      Max's Bedroom, Evans Residence, Same Time

      In Max's room he sat on his bed, he was exhausted but didn't want to sleep. It was still early but his eyes were barely keeping themselves open. Soon his father knocked at the door and came in.

      "Hey Max. How are you doing?" Philip asked as he looked out his son's window. He saw Isabel ready for bed and completely naked. Philip pulled his son's curtains closed, "You know you two should really close your curtains once and a while. I may be a Chimera and spend most of my time out there with other naked people, but that doesn't mean I need to see my son's friends that way."

      "Dad, our windows have been open to each other since we were adopted."

      "I know. Believe me, I know. Just be thankful your mother doesn't. If she knew you two were really sleeping together along with everything else..." Philip said

      "Yeah, I know. So, does your people know who did this...and why?" Max asked

      "Yeah. The Antarian Chimera told us what happened on your world. It's most likely the Skins. Your enemy on Antar is called Kivar, when you four got away he sent a force of his people here to take care of you."

      "You mean kill us." Max said

      "Yeah." Philip said, "Anyway, we kept tabs on them. This was a message to Tess's guardian, they wanted him to know that they would be dealing with him."

      "Why are they called Skins?" Max asked

      "Well, to be honest I don't know for sure. I do know that they don't look human so they wear some kind of husks to make them look human. Listen Max, I know you have this need to protect the people your close to but don't do anything."

      "What do you mean?" Max asked

      "Max, come on. We both know that if you knew where to find them you'd go out there to try and stop them." Philip said, "Don't do anything."

      "Dad, they're here because of me..." Max started but his father stared at him, "Okay, I promise."

      "Good." Philip said

      "So, tell me about this Kivar. What's his problem?" Max asked

      "Well, he's anti-lycanthrope. After thousands of years of peace on your world, thanks to your ancestors taking control, Kivar lead an uprising. He rallied a lot of the Antarians on the planet and told them to be afraid of you, that you were animals that were a threat to the purity of the race. He killed your old selves but your mother, your natural mother that is, managed to save your essence and sent you off world." Philip said, "Max, no matter what the Skins do now or in the future, none of it will be your fault."

      "Tell that to Alex who would be dead right now if he didn't have powers now." Max said

      "Max, he's fine."

      "Yeah, what about the next person that get caught in the crossfire?" Max said

      "I can't promise that wont ever happen Max. People have always been in the wrong places at the wrong times, it happens and that there isn't anything you can do about it. What we can do is try to make sure that the contact is minimal." Philip saod

      "Can that honestly help?"

      "It has since they arrived. My people have always been around to make sure that if they ever try anything that no-one is accidentally caught up in it." Philip said

      "But that doesn't help everyone."

      "No, but nothing can help everyone...except the Sanctuary. The legends go that the power residing there can save everyone if used correctly." Philip said

      "Well, I'll leave the Sanctuary to Liz." Max said

      "Night son." Philip said as he stood up and left.

      Max moved over to his window and opened the curtain. On the other side he saw Isabel with her window opened.

      "Curtain closed? That's never happened." Isabel said

      Max smiled, "Night Isabel."

      "Night Max." Isabel said as they both got into their beds.

      Living Room, Evans Residence, 21:30

      "Is he alright?" Diane asked as her husband entered

      "For the most part. He's just a little concerned that a friends house is now ashes." Philip said

      "Is Tess okay?"

      "She's fine. It was Alex that was the closest but he's fine...a little singed but okay." Philip said

      "Not exactly the type of thing that happens to a small town." Diane said

      "Yes I know."

      "I'm concerned about Max being friends with that girl...if it wasn't for her..."

      "No, honey, this has nothing to do with Tess. Whatever her father was into shouldn't affect her. She's innocent in all this."


      "But, we shouldn't rush to judgements. Max likes her, so does Isabel and she's usually a good judge of character. Look who she's chosen as a boyfriend." Philip said

      "I guess. How does Liz feel about her?"

      "She's putting Tess up for the night in her room, what does that tell you?" Philip said

      Diane smiled. "Liz is a good girl. Okay. Max always has been able to take care of himself anyway."

      "Yes he can. Come on, let's sit down, have some tea and watch a movie."

      "Good call."

      Chronicle Room, Beneath the Crashdown, 03:00

      In the early morning of the night, Philip woke up in his bed and looked over to his wife. She was sound asleep and he slipped out of bed. Quietly he slipped out of bed and instantly changed shape into an ant, Philip didn't want to squeak any floorboards and wake Diane. Soon he was out of his house and arrived inside the room that held the Chronicles. He found Claudia already waiting for him in the stone room. She was sitting by a desk and reading through one of the older books but the second she sensed his presence, the elderly woman turned around.

      "Philip, how's Max."

      "Probably going to do something stupid. He promised not to but..."

      "He takes after his father." Claudia smiled

      "If the Skins try something again, I've just got this nagging feeling that Max will take matters into his own hands." Philip said

      "Well that would be a problem. Like hell Liz or the others would let him go alone and if any of them got hurt."

      "It's our job to protect them, but we can't stop them running out on their own if they get determined."

      "Especially with their powers." Claudia said as she thought for a moment, "I think we might have to speak with a few friends."

      "They wont do anything." Philip said

      "Lets ask." Claudia said

      Philip nodded and both headed upstairs where they left through the back door. Philip changed into his raven body while Claudia changed into a magpie. Together they flew off across the town and deep into the desert.

      Out in the Desert, 1 Hour Later

      They arrived where the Chimera usually met in this neck of the woods. Philip and Claudia stayed in their animal forms and waited, and then waited, and then waited. For a long time they stayed by themselves, not hearing anything. They were beginning to worry when a large pack of dogs ran over a dune and surrounded the pair.

      "Why have you requested this meeting?" one asked

      "We were not scheduled to meet until the next moon, and why are you both here?" asked another

      "Yesterday Tess Harding house exploded." Philip said


      "We are aware of this."

      "Are you also aware that it was most likely the Skins?" Claudia said


      "That's it? Yes?" Philip asked

      "What would you have us do?"

      "To remove their power basis. We could easily track them to their base and stop them before they strike the Pride again." Philip said

      "Protecting the Pride is not our calling. They must protect themselves and face the challenges alone."

      "Besides, attacking the Skins will alert them to the fact that we and the other tribes are not extinct. To do so will draw even more attention to the girl and her Pride. We cannot do what you ask."

      "However..." Another said from across the pack, "There is something else. All prophecies say that while the girl is the key, all members of the Pride are important and have great roles in times to come."

      "What is your suggestion?" Philip asked

      "We can weaken the Skins. It would not take much for even one of us to disrupt their future activities. Their current husks are near the end of their life-cycle. Preventing them taking on new husks will make sure that their attention is distracted and make sure their actions in this part of the country is limited."

      The pack sent on, debating for a long time on what to do. Many didn't want to risk exposure to a race of people that had already wiped out their fellow Chimera on Antar, the Chi'emara. They argued until the sun started peaking up over the horizon, as the light flooded the sands, all of the Chimera looked over and watched it come up. That was when they made their decision.

      "Very well, but at no time will a change occur except when in the location in their facility."

      "Agreed. Only three will be sent. It is safer if whoever goes has backup. You two, return to Roswell and do nothing."

      "Thank you." Philip said

      Soon he and Claudia flew back to town while the pack left.

      Town Hall, Moon Peak, 10:00

      In the hall of intricately carved wood the council of the 6 tribal leaders had gathered around the glass case that held the gifts to the tribes that were now extinct. Many were becoming impatient after the Rakas leader had called them for an urgent meeting.

      "What are we looking for?" asked the Bear leader

      "Wait for it." The Rakas said as he looked at his watch and counted down the seconds, "...There."

      The gem on the metal triangle rippled with light before it glowed brightly and then died. All the leaders looked at it and then at each other.

      "What the hell?" The Oceanic said

      "That's never happened before." The Flier said

      "Every 4 hours or so it does that. Right on time and every time it gets brighter." The Rakas said

      "As though what ever is causing it was getting closer." The Reptilian said

      "That's what my concern is." The Rakas said

      "But that Gift belonged to the Vampires. We wiped out their race at the end of the 19th century." The Wolfen said

      "I know. When the last one dies of any tribe the gem goes dull just like it did when we took that from the neck of the Vampire leader. Now it's coming back to life."

      "We made sure there wasn't any left."

      "Well now it looks like we missed a few. If this is reacting now then something must have happened to surface them. We need to find them."

      "Okay, pull off one member of each of the Hunter Packs and send them to Romania. Start their track now." Said the Wolfen

      The others nodded their heads and looked to an aide who stayed with the Council. He nodded and left to relay their orders. All of a sudden there was a loud shriek. A deafening high-pitched noise rang out that pierced through them to their souls. It was so painful that they covered their ears with their hands in a vain attempt to stop it. As they looked around, all the gems on the metal triangles were glowing brightly, even the ones they wore around their necks.


      Granolith Chamber, Same Time

      In the chamber, the alien device was glowing with a dark light that filled the chamber. It was resonating at a fast rate; the whole mountain shook a little causing dust and rocks to fall from the cliffs. The sound from the Granolith itself was like a scream and on the walls of the chamber three glyphs appeared, all black.

      Deep in the Rainforest, Brazil, South America, Same Time

      Fire streaked across the skies of the jungles, the roaring sound flooded the area sending birds from the trees and most animals running from their shelters. Soon the fireball started to descend, allowing the gravity of the planet brought it down. It was so hot that the glow from it lit up the rainforest for miles like a tiny sun.

      As it reached closer to the surface, the atmospheric disturbance and turbulence sent tress crashing to their sides as it moved over them. Soon it impacted the ground leaving a mile long crater trailing behind it. The immediate region was burning but light filled the crated and beyond. There was a steady pulse of light coming from the object but that didn't stop a group of people who approached in a jeep.

      They stopped at the edge of the crater and got out, they stood looking into the light before a sound echoed throughout the forest. The three individuals dropped to their knees as an opening formed and another person came out. His skin rippled and twitched as it sealed down his back.

      "My lord." One of the people said

      "So, this is Earth. As soon as we're finished here remind me to blow it up."

      "Yes Lord Kivar."

      Kivar then turned to his ship and held up his hand. Three points formed on the surface and a red line traced between them, drawing a triangle that Kivar touched before he called out, "Destruct."

      The light of the ship started to pulse faster and faster as Kivar and the three got into the jeep. The drove off quickly and within minutes of their departure the pulse peaked and cracks formed all over the ship. The whole thing contracted before exploding in a wave of light. Soon there was nothing, the whole place looked like a meteor impact.

      However, up in the trees, covered by a mass of leaves was someone looking out onto the site. The hands were the only part of him exposed to the light and although they were human shaped, they were covered in snake like skin. Soon the creature jumped away between the trees before reaching a river. Once there it changed shape and became an anaconda that swam upstream to an old Incan temple carved into the side of a mountain. All over the stones were carvings of snakes.

      Sweat Lodge, The Reservation, New Mexico, Same Time

      In the steam and heat filled lodge, several men sat with their shirts off and chanting away. Their eyes were closed as one continually threw herbs onto the hot coals. The steam and smoke wafted over all of them. All of a sudden they felt something and their eyes opened.

      All stepped out of the lodge and looked up to the sun. They felt it beating down on them before they walked to the totem pole at the heart of their community. Each looked to the bottom of it where a symbol was carved, a triangle that had a circle within it and had three glyphs carved at each point. One was Antarian, one was lycanthropic of the Vampire tribe and the other was Egyptian god symbol and all were glowing.

      The eldest of the men nodded and gazed into the symbols, "Three Curses will come to blight the land and the path to darkness will follow." Then he looked to the others, "It has begun." River Dog said

      Liz's Balcony, Noon

      Under the blazing sun, Tess lay outside Liz's window on a plastic reclining chair. She had borrowed one of Liz's bikinis and was relaxing. One of her few pleasures in life that Nacedo would allow was for her to lay out where ever they were and soak up the sun's rays. After yesterday she needed it.

      She lay there, using her powers to protect her skin from the negative effect of sunbathing since she didn't have any lotion for it. Over her eyes was a pair of sunglasses; one leg was bent slightly upward and tiny beads of sweat formed on her skin. Nearby on a table was a CD, spinning around on it's own with a glow over it. The music flowed from it, it sounded much better than having a CD Player play it, it was clearer and crisper.

      Eventually Tess heard a noise. It was the sound of metal squeaking she looked around; she couldn't see anything until she looked at Liz's fire escape. She saw it move slightly but calmed when Kyle's head came shooting up from behind the brickwork.

      "Kyle. What are you doing here?"

      "Needing to talk about last night?" Kyle said

      "Talk? You can talk about it?" Tess asked while looking at him

      "Uh, of course I can talk about it. I didn't tell my dad last night... although there were times when I wanted to. Something was stopping me but I'm glad it did."

      "Really?" Tess said, {Guess my little trick ran it's course.} she thought to herself

      "Okay,'re an alien."

      "Yes. And a fairly cute cat as well I'm told." Tess said and saw his eyes go wide, "Okay, not time for jokes."

      "Uh...what kind of cat are you?"

      "Snow Leopard. White...spots...the usual."

      "And Liz?"

      "Liz is a lion, same as Max."

      "Right." Kyle said

      "So are you going to tell your dad?" Tess asked

      "No." Kyle asked, "When...well, last night. I just spent hours in my room going over everything but every time I started to think about telling my dad...there was something that wouldn't let me but there was also thinking about you. If I told dad they you'd be gone."


      "And I...don' know..."

      "No I don't." Tess smiled

      "I don't want to loose...someone I'm only just getting to know." Kyle said quickly as he changed the words before they came out.

      "Okay. So why are you here now?" Tess asked

      "Well...I wanted to know what you looked like. You know to see you change into..."

      Tess smiled and closed her eyes. As she opened them a second later they were cat-like, "Are you sure?"

      "Yes." Kyle said

      Tess reached up behind her and undid the ties of the bikini top; she didn't want to stretch it. The blond pulled off the top and stood for a few moments, baring her breasts to Kyle. He did his best not to look and continue to stare into her eyes but he couldn't help but peek. Soon Tess started to change, a fine layer of gold fur coated her body as her muscles and breasts swelled. Her muscles became more defined and her toned body became even tighter. Her face changed and her tail grew as her hands and feet developed claws.

      "Well...this is me." Tess said, "Well at least how one part of me looks."

      Tess's eyes didn't look at Kyle, her chin lowered as she looked at the floor. Kyle then came closer and put his finger under her chin. He raised her head and looked at her.

      "You look beautiful." Kyle said, "In both forms."

      Tess smiled as he ran his finger over the fur on her face.

      "Hey, you have a tail." Kyle said

      "Yeah." Tess smiled, "We all do...still have to be careful when I sit down in this form but I'm getting there."

      Kyle looked over Tess, he couldn't believe he was seeing her like this and he couldn't help his curiosity. Soon his hands reached out but he pulled them back.

      "Sorry." Kyle said

      "No, it's okay. Go ahead." Tess said

      Kyle reached out and caressed her arms but went the wrong way.


      "Sorry." Kyle said

      "It's okay, just...think about stroking a pet, go with the flow of the fur." Tess said

      Kyle tried again, this time getting it right and smoothed over her fur. He felt his way down her arms to her hands and smiled.

      "What?" Tess asked

      "I didn't think it would feel so soft." Kyle said

      "Thank you." Tess said

      Kyle then backed off and sat down on the chair. Tess stayed in her animan form and sat next to him on the long plastic. Kyle felt her tail brushing against his back and smiled as it tickled his skin.

      "So what do you do now?" Tess asked

      "I can't tell my dad and I don't like keeping this a secret."

      "Maybe you wont have to for long." Tess said as she shivered, {Oh god, not now.} she thought

      "How can you be cold in this heat? And with the fur?"

      "Oh no, I'm not actually cold. This is something else." Tess said as she pressed her thighs together.

      "Oh okay." Kyle said, dismissing it. "So, what's it like?"

      "Being alien or lycanthrope?" Tess asked

      "Well, both I guess." Kyle said

      "Hm, yeah, well both ways you have secrets to keep and that's always a downer. But it does come with perks..." Tess said but what she was feeling right now wasn't a perk.

      "I did mean it by the way. You are beaut..." Kyle started but Tess leaned over and put her hand on the other side of his face as she pulled him into a kiss.

      Her body changed quickly back to her human body. Kyle felt her skin and instinctively wrapped his arms around her as they continued to kiss. The next thing he knew was Tess grabbing his t-shirt and ripping it down the middle and exposed his chest. Her tongue went into his mouth and she licked the underside of his. Kyle had no idea what was going on, all that he did know what they he could feel her heartbeat as he held her. As they kiss stopped, Kyle looked at Tess as she breathed hard. "What's going on?" he asked, not that he really cared

      "It's one of the things about being us...we need sex. We need it, crave it, beg for it." Tess said, emphasising each word before kissing him again. Her body pressed up against his before she backed away.

      Tess took his hands in hers and brought them up to her breasts, Kyle looked to where his hands were and then looked into Tess's eyes before he gently squeezed. He watched as her eyes closed in pleasure and then he started to circle her nipples with his fingers. Tess groaned and flipped Kyle around onto his back before she straddled his waist.

      She kissed him hard as she lay on top of him. Her hands ran over his chest as she ground herself against his jeans, Tess could feel his cock getting harder and knew that he must be feeling very uncomfortable. Tess stood up from him and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs seductively. Kyle didn't even think about it as his hands shot to his jeans and quickly undid them. His eyes never left her body as he lifted his hips and started to push his pants down his legs. His hard dick strained and bounced a little as it was freed. When the stiff denim was by his ankles he kicked off his sneakers and then off came his jeans after which he pulled off what remained of his t-shirt.

      Tess was back on top of him in seconds. Kyle's hands glided smoothly over her skin as they kissed again, his dick pressed up against her belly. Slowly his hands moved down, inching their way to her ass. As they squeezed her butt, Tess opened her eyes and looked into Kyle's. Then he flipped them over and Kyle became nested between her legs. Kyle kissed her, their tongues duelled as his hips gave gentle humps as his dick sought out her opening.

      Tess's eyes opened wide and stopped Kyle, "Kyle...don't. Please stop."

      Kyle looked to Tess, "But I thought you wanted to..."

      "I do, believe me I want you more than anything." Tess said

      "Then what?"

      "If you...if we do this, you'll like me." Tess said

      Kyle looked at her and caressed the side of her face, "Then I'll be like you."

      They kissed again, making love with their mouths as they gave gentle touches and caresses to each other until it was time. They spent hours stimulating each others erogenous zones, making their mate hum with need. Gently, Kyle rolled Tess onto her back and spread her legs wide before resting himself between them. They paused for a minute, savouring the moment as Tess felt Kyle poke into her most sensitive region. As Kyle held himself up on his arms, Tess ran her hands up and down then before he slid deep inside her.

      "Ugmmmmmmmmm." Tess sighed

      "Unnnnnnnnn." Kyle groaned, straining to keep his eyes open so he could look at his wife.

      Slowly Kyle withdrew from Tess but stopped just short of completely leaving her body. Then, just as slowly, he sank back inside her. Once again he slowly pulled back and then pushed back, over and over he slid in and out of Tess. Tess circled her hips, meeting Kyle thrust for thrust. As pleasure began to build in her body, Tess's head tilted backward but she never lost the gaze of her thrusting mate. She wrapped her legs around Kyle's waist and her back arched, pressing her upper body into his hard chest.

      "Oh Kyle."

      "Tess...oh Tess."


      "OH MY GOD TESS."

      The couple continued to grind against each other, making love to each other and fulfilling a burning need within them both.

      "OH GOD KY...LE. I NEED YOU...I WANT YOU SO...UGHHH...MUCH." Tess cried




      With three final long, deep thrusts Kyle pushed his dick as far into her as he could and kept himself there, shooting his hot white seed into her body. They climaxed at the same time and Tess's shuddered and shook. She felt her mate's seed splash against her inner walls as he continued to shoot inside her over and over. Kyle lowered his arms so that he was lying on top of her. Their skin was touching as much as possible; neither on wanted the contact to end as they kissed again. Kyle was still inside her and before exhaustion claimed them, he rolled onto his back and Tess lay on him. Neither moved for long minutes as they held each other.

      "What happened?" Kyle asked softly

      "Something I didn't expect, but I'm not complaining." Tess said as she kissed his chest.

      "What?" he asked

      "We mated. We're connected now." Tess said

      "I think there's more you need to fill me in on." Kyle said, "But that can wait."

      All of a sudden Kyle felt something inside him being ripped apart, he cried out in pain. He pushed Tess off of him and he fell to his knees off to the side. Tess got up and moved over to him, it was then that she got a good look at his eyes. They had changed but they weren't Rakas, they were distinctly more canine. Then his eyes changed again, they went back to his human eyes before changing once more into cat eyes.

      "Kyle?" Tess said with concern

      Kyle's body grew a tail and became covered with black fur as his face extended out. Then the snout suddenly pulled back in and the colour of the fur changed to the golden Rakas colour. He kept changing back and forth; all Tess could do was watch. It was like his body couldn't decide what it was and kept changing until it stopped a few minutes later. When that happened Tess knelt by him and held him tightly.

      "What's happening to me?" Kyle asked

      "I don't know." Tess said as she looked over to the window into the bedroom and saw Liz standing there with the same look of concern on her face.

      To Be Continued...

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