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Shadow and Light, Chapter 11

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 30, 2004

      Tunnels, Carpathian Mountains, Romania, Immediately Following

      Encased in the ice stood four figures, one male and three female. All looked to be in starting the process of the change when they were frozen, their ears were all slightly elongated but their fangs were long and sharp. The four were all dressed elegantly, the male was clad in thick folds of regal silk where as the women all wore thin white silk on their arms and legs that was just a little transparent, on them, the silk connected to garments that resembled golden bikinis. Everything looked just as it was when they were frozen at the end of the Tribal Wars against their race.

      Out in the tunnel the Professor and his two students stood staring at the ice wall. The young ones stood there petrified at seeing some of their worst nightmares in the flesh. The professor on the other hand had a wide smile growing on his face.

      "You see...I told you. It's right there in front of us, I am not insane." The professor yelled, "I'll show those arrogant bastard at the university. I was right."


      "The camera...picture, boy, pictures." He said

      One student pulled out his camera. He started taking shots of the caverns and then the doors before moving on to the figures in the ice. Then his fellow student spotted something when the light of the flash impacted on it.

      "He professor, in the side of the doorframe there." She said

      The other student stopped taking pictures and looked over to it. He shown his flashlight where she pointed and the Professor looked over to it. There was a metal plaque firmly embedded into the wood with writing all over it.

      "I haven't seen that language before. It's definitely not Romanian."

      "I have. I've seen it once or twice during my research and no it's not Romanian. I've found that the vampires were migratory at times. They moved around, which is why so many cultures have them in their mythology. I think I've translated enough in the past to read this..." The professor said as he pulled out his notebook and flipped it open to a collection of symbols and their meanings in English,

      "The end has come, the final moon has risen over our kind. Before the sun will rise the Tribes will...I'm not sure here, it's either conquer or...defeat the last of our forces. To save our kind, one group has been chosen. For the time will come...when the world will know...we will feed until the fields of the land are soaked with blood."

      "What are the Tribes?" she asked

      "It could mean that different towns or communities came together to beat them."

      "I wonder how they were supposed to get out?" the professor said

      "We should get a sample of ice. You know, for testing. It might tell us something."

      He pulled off his glove to reach into his backpack to pull out equipment. As he stood back up onto his feet, he stumbled on a loose rock and he fell back. Instinctively he reached out to stop himself from falling but his bare hand latched onto the ice barrier.

      "Arghhhhhhhh!" he cried out in pain

      As he pulled his hand back off of the wall, the professor held it and shinned his light onto it, the hand was practically blue with ice crystals forming over it. "What happened?"

      " felt like the heat was being pulled out of me."

      All looked to the wall and saw a new indentation on the previously smooth surface. It was the shape and size of a handprint. All of a sudden they watched as the ice began to recede at a rapid pace. It was melting far faster than it should and all three moved back against the far wall.

      "Ice does not melt like that."

      It only took a few minutes for the ice to be far back enough for the vampires to be exposed. The second they were free, three of the vampires opened their eyes. They hissed and stretched out their limbs, large bat wings formed from their backs as their skin became a clammy grey. All of their teeth became sharper and pointed just like their fingernails. It didn't take long for the need to feed to overtake them and they could hear the heat beats of the three nearby.

      All dived through their air, gliding as they hunted the petrified humans. Each vampire grabbed one and in seconds their jaws were latched onto their necks. Normally they would savour the meals but they were too hungry. As their teeth sank into the soft flesh, they sucked the blood out. Unlike the movies, there wasn't a trickle of blood or extensive damage done, just a series of holes.

      Once the three were completely drained the vampires released them. Their bodies slumped to the floor, each one looking as white as ghosts. As soon as they were done, they all returned to their human appearance and looked around. They found the professors journal and opened it, looking at the final date entered.

      "1999. So many years have passed." A female said

      "At least it gives us the opportunity to start again." The other woman said

      That was when they realised the third female wasn't with them.

      "Where is Marlenna?" the male asked as they continued to look and then looked back in the chamber they had come out of.

      They found her lying on the floor; the two women ran over to her and held her before crying out. Their screams echoed throughout the mountains. As they held her, her skin started to disintegrate and they let her go. It burned off, as did everything else until only the skeleton remained.

      "Tanya, Katrina, we need more food. Find us some more."

      "How can you say that? Our wife is dead; none of us can conceive children without all of us being together. Without her we may as well be dead." Tanya said

      The male vampire grabbed her throat and pinned her against a wall as he looked angrily at her. Then he calmed and released her throat before caressing her cheek.

      "Forgive me my love, I'm sorry." He said as he sharply turned his head, he sensed something in his mind. He could feel something out there, "Yesssss. Can you feel that?"

      "Stephan?" Katrina asked

      "A heat beat. Strong, powerful..." Stephan said

      The two women stood next to him and looked out to the opening. They too began to feel it, "Such passion." Tanya said

      "A primal fire..." Katrina said

      "The chosen one." Stephan said

      The women looked at him, "The First Born Daughter of the prophecy. It was believed that she would be born to that Rakas family. They are the only ones who have yet to produce a female heir in centuries." Katrina said

      " us she was always known as `She who carries the blood of all the tribes'. If this is true, then there is some vampire in her...we can convert her and I will have a new third bride."

      The two smiled.

      "Go, bring me food." Stephan commanded

      His two brides changed into their animan bodies and flew off into the night, hunting for the nearest town and more food.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 21:00

      Liz and the others spent a lot of time staring at the Granolith that night. Eventually they simply walked out of the cave and changed back into their cat forms. No one said anything; they didn't know what to say so they ran back to town. They were running hard, Liz was running the fastest and the others were simply trying to keep up. They all knew she wanted answers from her grandmother, just as much as Max wanted answers from his father.

      As they arrived back at the Crashdown, all changed back into their human forms out in the alley. Although nude, not one of them felt the cold of the night air as badly that they should have been. Liz opened the back door and everyone stepped inside, they found their clothes where they had left them in the lockers and dressed before headed upstairs.

      They walked into the living room to find Liz's mother and father sitting and watching the news, while her grandmother was reading a book. Nancy looked up and smiled at her daughter as she entered.

      "Hi Liz, enjoy your run?" she asked

      "Yeah. It was good." Liz said

      "Find anything interesting up that the cave?" Jeff said

      "You could say that." Max said

      "Oh?" Nancy asked

      "Remember how I said it would be difficult finding Chimera?" Liz asked rhetorically, "Well I was wrong. There are a couple in town."

      Claudia looked up at Liz to see her granddaughter staring at her.

      "What? Where?" Jeff asked

      "Right here." Liz said

      "What?" Nancy asked

      "There's this machine up at the cave. It scanned me and then it did the rest of Roswell. It picked out lycanthropes and separated them into categories. You guys, me, Maria and everyone else. Then it picked up on Stephen and put him elsewhere. Then it picked up Grandma." Liz said

      Claudia smiled and stood up.

      "Mum?" Jeff asked

      "I guess there's no point in denying it. It's true." Claudia said

      "What?" Nancy asked, "'re smell Rakas."

      "Chimera can mask their scents to blend in. That probably means they can adjust it to match our scents." Liz said, "What's going on?" she asked her grandmother

      "You all might want to sit down." Claudia said, and they did so. "Okay, I am Chimera. I guess I should start from the beginning... well...okay; you have one of our Chronicles so I wont bore you. You know we were a tribe who looked after yours and the others until you left the Sanctuary, you know that there was a volcanic eruption that forced us to evacuate so..."

      "So?" Liz asked

      "So, after that we never really paid attention to the tribes. That was our mistake, that caused the Centaurs and the Satyrs to become extinct after humans hunted them. At least we corrected that when they started hunting the Wolfen. It was out people who managed to arrange ships to take them to any rate, after that we stopped watching you."

      "Why?" Nancy asked

      "Just something that happened. Eventually I came a long. I was...well let's just say I was curious. I felt it important to know about the other tribes so a friend and I decided, against out leaders and our fathers wishes, to spend some time among the rest of you. I usually did the opposite of what I was told when I was young. During my time with the Rakas, I met your father." She said to Philip, "We mated not too long after that."

      "Why the hell am I learning about this now?" Jeff asked, keeping his emotions in check.

      "No one knew. Except your father, I told him before we mated and he accepted me. He promised that he'd keep my secret and from that day on I limited myself to changing into a cat. As far as the tribe was concerned I was a Rakas."

      "And you couldn't tell me...why?" Jeff asked

      "I always wanted to. I kept trying to find the right time after your father died but...I'd lived with keeping the secret for so long..." Claudia said

      "So what does this mean?" Isabel said, "I mean...with what we're dealing with."

      "My people have always kept ourselves secret from everyone. They like living however they please. It's best if you don't do anything to let them know you know, at least until you return from Moon Peak."

      "Why then?" Isabel asked

      "Because after that, you'd know more about yourselves." She said to the aliens, "Things are supposed to progress in an order. In time you'll all understand more, especially about the prophecies and the discovery of Sanctuary."

      "Oh would people please stop talking about this prophecy. I don't care about it, what I do care about are my friends and family. That's my concern and not finding some mythical Garden of Eden." Liz said with agitation

      Claudia looked at her granddaughter, "Liz..."

      "What?" Liz said loudly as she turned around. There was a small ripple of light from her hand but it blasted to door to shred.

      "Oh, easy Liz." Max said as he moved in front of her and cupped her cheek with his hand to calm her.

      Liz closed her eyes and breathed deeply as Max caressed her skin.

      "I'll take care of that." Isabel said as she moved over to the pile of wood chips, she waved her hand over it and slowly reformed the door.

      Max held Liz closely, for the first time in a long while Claudia really felt guilty about keeping the secret.

      "Liz, I am sorry." Claudia said

      "Yeah, that you've said." Jeff said as he looked at his mother, "You've kept this secret from all of us and we deserved to know...I deserved to know."

      "Yes you did, but I made a choice. By marrying into your father's family I made it possible for Liz to be born and that I'll never apologise for. Listen; there are things that you were never meant to find out yet. The leader of the Chimera was always supposed to be the first one you met when you tracked us down but this...this changed everything."

      "What happens now?" Liz asked

      "Honestly, I don't know. I guess everything keeps going as it is, some things...we just can't help." Claudia said

      Liz gave a deep sigh; she didn't know what to do or what else to say. Her mind was going like lightening trying to keep up with everything. Just as she adapted to aliens, being a Rakas was sprung on her and then after that it was the kept coming and coming. Liz needed a break and announced that she was going to bed. The others also called it a night, returning to their homes but Max stayed with Liz until she fell asleep. When that happened he kissed her forehead and returned home himself.

      Isabel's Bedroom, Davidson Residence, 08:00 The Next Morning

      Isabel slept soundly in her bed, not wanting to wake up for anything. The warm blankets covered her body as sunlight came in from her window. She never closed her curtains and neither did Max. They found comfort in always being open to each other, not that she never needed to close them. The only people that could look in would be those in Max's room.

      In his bedroom, Alex woke up very early and before long he was heading to Isabel's. As he arrived at the front door and unlocked it with the key Isabel had given him, he slipped inside. He could hear both Isabel and Michael sleeping in their beds, not that he'd have expected them to be up after a particularly exhausting evening. Michael had told Maria what happened and Maria told him. He was sorry he wasn't there; both for Liz and the fact he missed the four aliens having fun.

      However he was here and slowly climbed the stairs and found Isabel's room. For a few minutes he watched her sleep, watched as the sheets covering her breasts rose and fell with each breath. Then he felt a stirring within himself, he could feel his pants become tighter as his cock became harder and as he looked over to Isabel he could see her eyes were opened and smiling at him. Both were feeling it.

      Alex started to walk over to her and pulled his t-shirt off over his head. Isabel had felt his presence in her room and had woken up because of it. Almost at the exact same moment they felt their blood begin to heat up with the influence of a spike. Isabel watched Alex with a gleam in her eyes and she pulled off her sheets. She showed him her body and Alex crawled onto the bed.

      He smiled as he looked at her. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

      "You have no idea." Isabel said as Alex moved over her. She wrapped her arms around him, her hands ran over his back as his became planted on either side of her head.

      Alex felt her breasts press against his chest as she arched her back. He leaned down slightly at the same time and their lips connected. It was brief but they felt a surge between them, they felt it run over their skin. It caused them to kiss again only this time it was harder yet more sensual. The kiss touched their souls and Isabel's hands ran down and grabbed Alex's ass.

      They smiled wickedly to each other before Isabel reached around and started to unfasten his pants. When they were undone she pushed them down a little, exposing his butt and releasing his dick. Isabel felt it brush against her leg, slowly she spread them and cradled her lover between them. Alex rested his full weight on her, the tip of his cock pressed against her opening as they caressed each other.

      They never stopped looking at each other as they gave light, gentle kisses over their faces and throats. Isabel's hands ran over Alex's chest and felt him give subtle thrusts with his hips, it was instinctual, he couldn't help it, Alex needed to be inside her and he poked at her core. Isabel wanted it as well and reached to his ass, she pulled on him and his dick slipped passed her lips.

      "Aghhhhhhhhh..." she sighed softly

      Alex pushed in slowly, both groaning with each centimetre that he sent into her pussy. Soon he was completely engulfed within her, their bodies were pressed together tightly as Isabel wrapped her legs around him and locked her ankles together. She wanted to keep him close as possible and kissed him again. Even as they parted, their faces remained close enough to share the same breath.

      They simply held each other for a moment, neither moving as they stared longingly into each other's eyes. Alex then moved his pelvis; pulling his cock slowly out of Isabel and causing her to gasp, a gasp that got louder as he slid back in. He kept moving slowly but never broke eye contact with Isabel. His hard cock slid in and out of her over and over again and she held him tightly with her whole body.

      The lovers gasped and moaned together as Isabel met each of his slow shoves into her. There was barely a sliver of daylight between them as their skin rubbed together, small beads of sweat formed and their bodies were becoming flushed. Soon Isabel used her locked ankles to push on Alex's butt, telling him that she wanted him to go faster and he obliged.

      "Aghnnn...ughnnnn...ughnnnnnn...yeahhh...ahhhhh...ohhhhhh...ughnnnnnnnn..." Isabel moaned over and over as Alex picked up the pace.

      She bit her lower lip but couldn't help but cry out, Alex kept going. She grabbed Alex's hair and she pulled his mouth to hers. She felt her body coiling, straining and arching against him. Isabel pressed against him even tighter than before, impossibly tight. He wrapped an arm around her to hold her in place, as his strokes steadily became sharp, quick thrusts that left her gasping and moaning for more.

      "Oh god...Isabel...Isabel...Isabel...I...I love you." Alex groaned

      "Alex...more...deeper." Isabel cried

      "OH GOD...ALEX...ALEX...YES." Isabel screamed louder


      They continued to move against each other. As gently as they were moving, sweat still formed on their bodies. Alex's chest pressed into Isabel's firm breast, the feel of them against him was as arousing as being inside her. Thrust after thrust their hips rocked together in perfect synchronicity. For them the world outside the window didn't exist, hell of it wasn't on this bed then they couldn't care about it. For this moment it was just the two of them.

      In his bedroom Michael heard their cries. As his eyes opened he looked over to his clock and moaned before he tossed in his bed and pulled his pillow over his head. He really wanted to sleep in this morning, especially after being with Isabel, Tess and Max the previous night. However, as usual he had his morning hard-on and it needed to be relieved. The sounds filling the house weren't helping. Michael climbed out of bed and out into the hallway, the first thing he saw was Isabel's bedroom door wide open with a view on to the bed. He couldn't help but move closer.

      Alex reached down with one of his hands, he caressed the length of the leg that was wrapped around him and moved up her body. He delicately caressed her tit as their thrusts became faster, more urgent and as all of their hands joined they knew their climax was close. Tightly they held hands, their eyes never looked away from the other.

      Both felt Michael's presence close to them but didn't care. Alex planted his knees firmly on the mattress and moved up onto them, he took Isabel with him and she started to bounce on his cock. Her arms and legs were still securely wrapped around her mate. She moved on him, writhing against him as her mouth hung open and her damp hair clung to her skin.

      Michael's cock was throbbing with what he was seeing and new he had to join them. Slowly he walked over to the bed and after not getting any protest he climbed onto the bed behind Isabel. He kissed her shoulders and looked over to see both of them smile, not that they would be doing anything else with what they were making each other feel.

      "Ughnnn...Michael, fuck my ass Michael." Isabel moaned


      "You need to, take what you want. Ughnnn...fuuuu...oh Alex...ughnnnn...It's okay Michael." Isabel moaned

      "Do it man, Max already had...jeessss...her there." Alex groaned

      "He was a lot of my firsts." Isabel said with a smile before kissing Alex hard. The two kept moving as they made love to each other's bodies.

      Michael looked around and saw some lotion Isabel used. He looked at the two then back at the lotion and poured some onto his hand. He massaged his cock, slicking it up with the lotion and as soon as he was ready he inched his way to the couple. Soon his dick was pressed against the cleavage of her ass cheeks and she ground against him as she moved on Alex's cock.

      Michael had to hold her still for a moment until he could position himself. As his cock pressed against her rear opening, he pushed in very slowly. Isabel groaned loudly, very loudly but she couldn't move, both young men held her tightly but her hips rotated and squirmed, she was desperate for more.

      Alex pulled out and as he pushed back in Michael pulled out. As the alien pushed back in Alex pulled out. They built up a steady rhythm, one in and one out. Each kept moving and Michael was horny. Soon he was moving in and out of Isabel as fast as Alex, their pace was getting faster and faster.

      " tight...ughhnnn...ughnnnnnnn..." Michael groaned as he held Isabel's legs

      Isabel was having the time of her life, she was having two men pleasure her body and one of them was her beloved mate. Every time with him was an explosion of rapture and she could only guess how having one of her closest friends in their coupling would add to it. The two males kept thrusting and thrusting, ploughing their hard cocks into the young woman.

      "ALEX...OH MY...UGNNN...AGHOHH...OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDD!" Isabel cried out with her orgasm but felt another one already building.

      "Yeah baby, fuuuuucckkk...yeah...ughhnnnnnnnn..." Michael strained out

      "Ughnnn...ISABEL...OH YEAH...YEAH...OH...I'M GONNA...UGNNNNNNN!" Alex shot his seed into Isabel.


      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Michael hissed as he pulled Isabel down on him as he thrust up and held himself there as his cock spewed into her bowels.

      All three trembled as they fell to their sides onto the bed. Alex and Isabel held each other tightly, remaining connected as Michael pulled out. He kissed Isabel's cheek as he watched the lovers.

      "Thank you guys, I'll go grab a shower." Michael said

      He left the two staring at each other and soon they were kissing again as they caressed each other.

      "I'm really glad you showed up this morning." Isabel said

      "So am I." Alex said, "And here was me just going to take you out to breakfast."

      "Oh well, I don't think I could ever forgive myself if I got in the way of your plans." Isabel said with a teasing smile

      "Well I would keep that plan but...we both need cleaned up after this." Alex said

      "Michael take exactly five minutes in his showers." Isabel said

      " know, I think I'll run you a bubble bath." Alex said

      "Oh, I get all pampered this morning. Bubble bath is good, but I want you in there with me."

      Alex smiled. The second they heard Michael come out of the bathroom, Alex was up off the bed and started to run Isabel's bath. As soon as it was ready, Isabel came into the bathroom and the lovers sank into the water. Alex was leaning against the tub with Isabel leaning against him. They just soaked together for well over 40 minutes, gently touching each other and talking about what they had planned for the day.

      Evans Residence, 09:00

      From his bed, Max looked out through his window and watched the show in Isabel's bedroom with great delight. After a year of being Isabel's lover he'd never have imagined that he'd be watching her have sex like this, not that he could complain about it. He was happy for her, he could see it in her eyes that the pain of her parents death was almost gone, not that it ever would be but she was recovering.

      However, as enjoyable as it was to lay there and watch the threesome, Max had an issue pressing on his mind and knew he needed to deal with it. After getting up and having a shower, Max headed down stairs to the living room where he found his mother and father sitting and reading their segments of the Saturday morning papers.

      "Morning Max." Diane said

      "Hey Max, how was your night?" Philip asked

      "Interesting, found out lots of interesting things."

      "Oh, like what?" Philip asked as he looked up from his paper to see his sons staring directly at him

      "Well it turns out Liz's grandmother has a very interesting history... and personal so I wont talk about it. Dad, could we go for a walk?"

      "Sure." Philip said

      Together, father and son walked out of the back door and moved out to the garden. They moved up to the back where they couldn't be overheard by anyone and when Max stopped, Philip turned back to his son.

      "So what's up?" Philip asked

      "When were you going to tell me?" Max asked

      "About what?"

      "Don't play coy dad. You know what I am, you always have and you're a Chimera." Max said

      Philip looked around, "How did you find out?"

      "There's this machine up in the cave where I was born. It picked you and Liz's grandmother out as lycanthropes but different." Max said

      "Ah, the Granolith. I wondered when you'd find it."

      "You know about it?"

      "My people have been keeping tabs on it." Philip said

      "What? How...why?" Max asked

      "Simple, the Chimera on your planet called the Chimera on this one. They gave us a heads up on what was happening. They are the only ones on Antar who knew that lycanthropes weren't wipes out on Earth as was widely believed. They knew about us and made sure we were ready. Finding you that night out in the desert wasn't an accident Max. I was sent out there because I was the closest Chimera. For what it's worth, I am sorry I kept it from you."

      "When were you going to tell me?" Max asked

      "Not for a while, until after Moon Peak, until..."


      "You know Liz has a destiny, so do you. I don't know the details of it myself but I know that it's intertwined with Liz's. At some point Liz will be given the gifts, they're metallic triangles with gems embedded in them and were given to the leaders of the first generation of lycanthropes by the gods. It's said that they will be given to the First Born Daughter who will use them to track Sanctuary. My people have the final one, that is when I planned to tell you."

      "Mom doesn't know?"

      "No, and until there is no other choice she wont know. She will accept it, I know her quite well but right now...the other Chimera will not accept her knowing yet." Philip said

      "They wouldn't hurt her. Would they?" Max asked

      "I don't want to take the chance." Philip said

      "Okay, then I wont tell her but sooner or later she's going to find out."

      "Just like she found out about you and Isabel?"

      "How'd you know about that?"

      "Please Max, I've always known. I've been deflecting her...suspicions away from it so that when you mated with Liz she wouldn't question it. As far as she know she was just wrong about the two of you."

      "Oh. Right. Well that explains that and thank you I guess."

      "You're welcome." Philip said, "Max...I really am sorry about keeping this from you. I just did what I needed to do. Besides, you needed to keep your own secrets until you were ready."

      " do we do now?"

      "Everything stays as it is. Except this time you know you can come to me. About anything Max, I'll always be here for you." Philip said honestly

      Max nodded, there always was a barrier between him and his parents but now, at least with his father, the web of secrets that isolated him no longer existed.

      "I will." Max said

      "The same goes for Isabel as well. Her parents...we were close friends when we were growing up. There was a slight division that was caused when I married your mother, you know, because she was human but you and Isabel brought us back together again."

      "Glad to know I could help."

      "Believe me Max, you'll never know how much you helped." Philip said, "Now I think we better go back in before your mom starts asking too many questions."

      They walked back into the house, only to be greeted with a single question, "So what were you two talking about?"

      "Your birthday." Max said


      "Yeah, just trying to find out if you'd like perfume or...something else."

      Diane looked over to him, "Sounds like you already have something in mind?"

      "Not telling." Max said with a playful smile as he went into the living room.

      "That was well done." Philip said, very impressed

      "When you're dealing with weirdness it helps to be able to invent cover stories on the spot." Max said

      "What are you getting for your mother's birthday?"

      Max lost his smile, "I have no idea."

      "Yeah, thought so." Philip said with a smile, "Have fun. You have 1 week, 2 days."

      "I'll think of something." Max said

      "You better." Philip said and then lost his smile, "Then you can tell me."

      Max looked at his father with his eyes wide.

      "This could be bad." Both said together

      Valenti Residence, Same Time

      Kyle was having a lazy morning and it took him quite sometime before he could crawl out of bed. As he walked out of his bedroom wearing nothing but boxers and a t-shirt, he spotted his father putting on his gun belt and checking his firearm.

      "I thought you were off today?" Kyle said

      Valenti looked over, "Oh morning Kyle. Thought you were still in bed... anyway, I was. Unfortunately I've been getting a bunch of weird animal sighting lately. I've made a call and a guy from the zoo in Albuquerque us coming out to check on it."

      "Weird sightings? What kind of animals?" Kyle asked

      "Uh, well first there was a wolf, now I'm getting calls about lions and tigers and stuff. I called the nearest zoos but none are reporting any missing animals. Same with any circus's in the area." Jim said, and then under his breath said, "As I don't have enough weirdness to deal with."

      "What was that?" Kyle asked

      "Nothing." Jim said, "So what's your plans for the day?"

      "I am going to try and talk a girl into a date." Kyle said

      Jim looked at him, "You trying to talk a girl into a date? I thought you didn't have any problems in that department?"

      "I don't, but this girl...she's really..." Kyle started but then realised who he was talking to, "...nice."

      "Nice huh? Care to do better on that description?"

      "Blonde hair, blue eyes."

      "Ah, I see." Jim said, "So you're over Liz then?"

      "Oh there was never anything really there. She was good to hang with but we both knew it wouldn't go very far. Still trying to work out why she dumped me but other than that...besides, Tess, she's got my interest going."

      "And you think she wont say yes?"

      "Oh don't get me wrong, she's interested but she's got secrets." Kyle said

      "Well good luck." Jim said

      "Yeah and good luck with the big cats...really see a lot of those in town." Kyle said, as his father left and closed the door. "Somebody's got to be selling something freaky on the streets."

      Kyle then proceeded to get breakfast, after which he went for a shower. He spent the next little while doing his chores and cleaning up the house before he headed out.

      In Town, 10:30

      As he walked the streets, Kyle was doing a little hunting. He knew that Tess was around here somewhere and he was doing his best to track her down. In trying to find her, Kyle felt his heat beat quicken in his chest and it got really fast when he passed a store window. Kyle looked in the window and immediately spotted Tess.

      She was at the cash register paying for some shoes. Kyle stood there with his arms crossed and he had a smile on his face as he watched her, he could help it but he started to mentally undress her. In his thoughts he took off her top, then her skirt, he imagined how soft her skin was...he couldn't help it, he was a teenager after all. However, he was able to return to reality and just stared at her face.

      Soon Tess finished her business in the shop, and started walking out. She didn't notice Kyle standing by the window as she headed off in the other direction but she did feel Goosebumps cover her skin as she picked up his scent. Tess stopped dead in her tracks, smiled and turned around.

      "Hello." Kyle said

      "Hi." Tess said, "What are you up to?"

      "Me? Nothing." Kyle said

      "You want to walk with me? I'm heading over to the Crash."

      "Sure." Kyle said

      The two started to walk down the street. They were quiet at first, both just putting one foot in front of the other while turning their heads subtly every now and then. Kyle couldn't believe he was actually nervous, he'd never been like this before, not even before a big game but here he was with sweaty palms.

      Tess was also feeling it, she was a Rakas now and if one tenth of what Liz said about her needs going unfulfilled by humans then she was concerned. She was attracted to Kyle, she knew it and so did he on some level. The last thing Tess wanted was to pull Kyle in further only to send him packing.

      "So, you're looking good today. You clean up pretty good." Tess said with a smile

      "Ha ha." Kyle said with a mock laugh

      "So, you got a date or something?" Tess asked

      "Uh, no." Kyle said, "Actually that's something I wanted to talk to you about."

      "What?" Tess asked, gripping onto her bag.

      "A date. I was wondering any chance...that you're interested in... that is..."

      Tess stopped him dead in his tracks and pressed her finger against his lips, silencing him, "I'd love to." Tess said, "You were asking me out weren't you?"

      "Yeah." Kyle said, "So...we could...Monday night?"

      "That's fine." Tess said

      Then they both relaxed and smiled, "So...dinner, candlelight and a night on the town?" Kyle said, jokingly

      Tess's smile grew wider, "Great sentiment, maybe date five. Right now I'd settle for burgers, fries and the Drive-In." She said

      "Ah, a girl after my own heart." Kyle said

      Just then Tess turned down into an alley while Kyle kept walking straight. It only took a second for them to realise they had parted.

      "I thought you were headed to the Crash?" Kyle asked

      "I am, shortcut through here...gets you to the side alley in half the time as the streets." Tess said

      "Oh...right...sure. Okay, I've lived in this town my whole life and I didn't know this." Kyle said

      "Well most people avoid the alleys. Never the safest places to walk. You never know what's lurking in the dark." Tess said with a sly smile

      Kyle thought for a moment and looked down the street before he looked back down the alley. He headed off after Tess as she started walking down the passage between buildings. Soon he caught up with her and they were walking, unfortunately they were busy looking at each other instead of where they were going.

      From a dumpster nearby, there was a leak and some old cooking oil had poured out into a puddle. Tess stepped into it and despite her new found agility and reflexes she went flying backward. Kyle suddenly reached out and just as Tess was a few inches from landing on the ground and caught her in his arms.

      Tess looked up into his eyes, breathing heavily from the sudden fright of it. "Wow...good reflexes." She said

      "Thanks...need to be good for the team, you know." Kyle said as he looked into her eyes

      "Uhmmmm...I think I can get up now." Tess said

      "Hm? Oh yeah." Kyle said and then he helped Tess back up to her feet. "Are you okay?"

      "Yeah, thanks to you." Tess said as she smoothed out her clothes.

      As she looked up, their eyes locked together. Tess heard his heat beat in time with hers at the same quick pace. They gazed into each other and in that second the two wrapped their arms around each other. Kyle put his hand on the back of Tess's head and brought it closer to his, they pressed their lips together in a searing kiss. Their heads moved side to side as their tongues slid into each other's mouths, duelling together as the passion built up.

      Kyle pressed Tess back against a wall, Tess was thankful as she felt her knees beginning to buckle and she needed some extra support. Then Tess heard Kyle growl, it was almost completely primal. Kyle pulled at the strap covering her shoulder and moved it down to her arm. He leaned down and latched his mouth onto the flesh, Tess gasped as he tasted her skin and grabbed his head back to kiss him.

      Then it happened. Tess was so distracted with what she was feeling that it left her mind open to the onslaught of flashes. She saw Kyle's life from his first memory to his most intimate dreams, however it was all completely drowned out by an even more powerful flash. Tess saw the Granolith sitting in its chamber just they way they left it.

      It started as if she was a few meters away but then with each pulse of light in her mind's eye it moved closer and closer. The images fixed in on the pictures of the lycanthropes. It got tighter in, moving away from the pictures that got their attention last night. Tess then saw the two final faces that had been ignored due to the discovery of Max's father and Liz's grandmother being Chimera; she saw Kyle's face and his father's. The realisation of it caused Tess to break the kiss and pulled Kyle's head away from hers.

      "What?" Kyle asked, "Is this too fast? It's too fast, yeah, okay maybe we should go slower."

      Tess looked at him, "It's're're him. I can't." she said as she pushed Kyle away. She straightened her clothes and picked up her bags and just walked away.

      She didn't know how far things would have gone with him before that point but she couldn't take the risk. From the moment she saw the last flash she came to the understanding that if she was with Kyle then he could become one of them. Tess couldn't take that step without letting Kyle know about it, or at the very least to discuss it with the others.

      Kyle just watched her walk away. A part of him wanted to chase after her but he knew that something had freaked her out. He wasn't willing to push it; there was concern in him about the extent of just how far he's gone with her there. It was completely unexpected. As he stood there he said, "I've always been me." He simply didn't understand it.

      City Limits, Roswell, Same Time

      Valenti was showing the guy from the zoo around where the animal sightings had happened. For the most part they didn't find anything concrete or unusual but then they were on dry cement sidewalks so tracks weren't an issue. However, out in here where the desert sand took over from solid ground, something was found.

      "Oh my..." he said and then chuckled

      "You got something?" Valenti asked as he looked around

      "Yeah. Animal tracks. Sheriff as ridicules as this sounds, you got a cat problem. Weird cats at that."

      "Why'd you say that?" Jim asked

      "Well you see here...this set is definitely lion tracks but running along side them, that's tiger, jaguar, cougar and a few other breeds. Them being out here is weird enough but running together..." he said while shaking his head, "I guess it's possible they came together of survival purposes...uh...hunting and the like. But I checked before I came here and there haven't been any missing or mutilated cattle. If they were out there then they'd need to eat something. Only problem is I haven't heard of missing cats like this."

      "Nothing's come across my desk about it." Jim said, "Where do you think they came from?"

      "I haven't a clue. Since there hasn't been any notices from the area, my first guess would be across the Mexican Boarder but that's unlikely."

      "INS watches it like a hawk. Some people get through but they would have noticed a pack of big cats and called it in." Valenti said

      "Okay, here's what I can do. I'll head back to the zoo and put in a few calls to out of state zoos, if anyone's missing a few cats then I'll find out about it."

      "Good, the last think I need is for a five year old to be eaten by these things." Valenti said

      "Oh I doubt that would happen."

      "Come on, I'll give you a ride back into town." Valenti said, "Thanks for your help."

      "Yes. Thanks Sheriff."

      The two men got back into the Sheriff's SUV and got back to the Sheriff's station where his guest parked his car. He got into his own vehicle and headed back to Albuquerque.

      Somewhere Across Town, Noon

      For the rest of the morning, Kyle just walked around town as he mulled over what happened with Tess. As he walked he kicked some stones as his hands stayed in his pockets, not once did he look up. Being bummed was an understatement. Unfortunately after one kick he heard a resounding ouch form in front of him. For the first time Kyle looked up and saw the stone he kicked by Michael's foot and he was rubbing his ankle.

      "What the hell is your problem?" Michael said

      "Sorry." Kyle said as he walked passed Michael

      "Wow, you're...down." Michael said

      Kyle looked back at Michael, "Hey, you're friends with Tess these days...what's her problem?"

      "What do you mean?" Michael asked

      "Well for a while now she's been giving me all these signals and things. I ask her out on a date, she says yes. Then things get..."


      "Hotter." Kyle said

      "You mean??"

      "Hotter. That's all I'm saying. Then all of a sudden she stops, says that `It's me', that `I'm him' and that `she can't'. After that she runs off. I've no idea what happened." Kyle said

      Michael thought for a moment, he was confused as Kyle but then his eyes went wide, "Oh, okay...uh..."

      "What? Come on Michael, tell me what's going on?" Kyle asked

      "I think you better just leave it alone. Tess is going though some..."

      " I'm not accepting that as an answer. That's what I got from Liz and I still don't understand it. What is going on with Tess?"

      Michael looked into his eyes, "Just give her time."

      Kyle got a chill down his spine. Michael's words were sympathetic but his tone was telling him to back off, at least for a while but he wasn't willing to accept that. However, Michael wasn't giving him a chance to counter. The alien was off and heading down the street. Kyle just shook his head.

      "What the hell is going on?" he said with ever-growing frustration.

      Living Room, Harding Residence, 15:00

      Tess sat with the other girls around her. They had initially planned on a little girl time bonding with a chick flick, popcorn, ice cream and talking on the guys. In an extraordinary life, they planned for as much of an ordinary afternoon as possible that was to be followed by a night out at party being held at the Soap Factory.

      However, as the girls gathered Tess filled them in on her flashes of the Granolith from kissing Kyle. They were all listening intently, Liz knew there was something that initially attracted her to Kyle for her to say yes when he asked her out but she had no idea.

      "So he's really a Narada." Maria asked

      "Sounds like it." Liz said

      "We should go back up to that Machine and check the pictures ourselves. Make sure it really is him." Isabel said

      "Yeah. That's a good idea." Tess said, "It might just have been my imagination running away with me."

      "Uh, what do we do if he is one? I mean...his dad hasn't exactly been subtle about his interest in Max or what happened at that shooting." Maria asked

      "I can tell you now, if I hadn't gotten that flash...I think Kyle would be one of us right now." Tess said

      "You're kidding...right?" Liz asked

      "All I know is that I wanted him and he wanted me." Tess said

      Liz smiled.

      "What?" Maria asked

      "Well...when we were dating...Kyle and I talked know, doing it. Well Kyle talked I said I wasn't ready and that was the end of it. From the way you described that're a lot closer to him than I ever was." Liz said, "I just couldn't...I never kissed him like that."

      "Yeah this is interesting but what do we do?" Isabel asked

      "That Tess's." Liz said

      "But you and Max are the leaders of this Pride." Tess said

      "And if you want Kyle, you're going to have to tell him...probably everything." Liz said

      "And risk him freaking out and telling his dad. Na uh, no way." Tess said

      "Then we have to deal with Valenti. Or find another Narada." Liz said

      "This is nuts. We find the needle in the haystack and it turns out its even more trouble." Tess said as she rested her head on the back of her chair.

      "Well how about we do our best to forget this right now. The guys will be here in a few hours to pick us up so I suggest we get on with our afternoon and chill." Isabel said

      "Good plan." Maria said as she reached over and picked up the DVD and put it in the machine

      Liz and Isabel came over to Tess and hugged the girl, "Now, lets forget about men for a few hours and focus on us." Liz said

      Tess smiled, "Yeah okay. I can do that."

      Isabel left the room only to return a few minutes later with two large bowls of popcorn and told the girls that the ice cream was in the fridge when wanted. After that, they all settled down to watch the television.

      Outside Harding Residence, 18:00

      On the hour, the girls had finished getting ready for the party. Their clothes were perfect, revealing just the right amount of flesh to entice the guys while covering enough to make sure other men wouldn't be interested. Not that that needed much doing, one look from Max, Alex and Michael would be enough to deter unwanted advances.

      Soon they left the house and met the guys on the street before heading out. However, just as they were about to walk to where they parked the car but then Isabel remembered...

      "Oh I forgot my purse." She said, "I'll just get it."

      "No, my dearest. Your handsome prince will get it for you." Alex said with a smile and bowed.

      "Oh, delusions of grandeur now is it?" Maria said

      "Me...I'm not delusional." Alex said

      Isabel smiled at her boyfriend, "Go your highness, but be quick. Tonight will be fun."

      "Oh great princess, your wish is my command." Alex said

      Alex jogged back to Tess's house while the others walked slowly up to the cars. Alex reached the house and opened the door, he stepped inside and the door swung shut...


      In a car close to the house, two people sat and watched a portable monitor that fit into the palm of their hand.

      "Okay, they're clear of the house. Once the sequence is activated, it cannot be shut down."

      "Do it."

      The one holding the monitor pressed a button on the side of it and a light flashed.

      "10...9...8...wait, one is heading back in...5..."

      "It's just a human."


      Harding Residence...

      ...and inside Alex found Isabel's purse resting on a step of the staircase. As he reached for it, Alex smelled something. As he looked around he could see small crackles of electricity run short distances over the walls, all originating from a small box by the door.

      Outside, everyone was about to open their doors into the car. All of a sudden there was a massive explosion that knocked them to the ground. All the windows in the neighbourhood shattered into a thousand pieces as the shockwave hit and every car and house alarm went off.

      The group all turned back to see Tess's house engulfed in a massive fireball. Flames roared out the windows, the roof was practically incinerated and massive chunks were blown off the sides of houses that were directly next to the house.

      "Oh my god." Michael said

      "ALEX!" Isabel screamed out.

      To Be Continued...

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