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Shadow and Light, Chapter 10

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 24, 2004

      Tess's Bedroom, Harding Residence, 08:00 The Next Morning

      After what turned out to be an incredibly exhausting evening for all involved, Tess practically had to crawl into bed. She slept soundly all through what remained of the night, enjoying dreams of being touched so intimately. While she knew of her history on Antar to a limited degree, none of it included the sensations that she was now having. It exhilarated her to know that last night was only the beginning.

      Then as Tess woke up, her eyes slowly opened up and a smile crossed her face as she stretched out. "Meeeeeeooooowwwww."

      "Looks like you had a very good night."

      Tess sat up in bed, keeping her sheet over her body with her arm as she looked over to where the voice came from. Only then did she relax as she saw Liz sitting at her desk. She eased herself back down and propped her head up with her arm.

      "Good morning." Tess said, "And yes, I had a great night. You?"

      Liz smiled, "Watching last night made Max a little...okay a lot frisky."

      "Glad I could help." Tess said, "So what can I do for you this morning?"

      "Just stopped by to check in on my new pussy cat." Liz said

      "Well I can tell you now, I'm purrrrrrfect." Tess said as she stretched out her legs under the blanket.

      "Why do I have a feeling you'll be doing a lot of cat jokes?" Liz said

      Tess just smiled as she pulled the sheets off her naked body, exposing herself to Liz. Prior to last night she would never have thought of doing it, Nacedo had imposed strict rules on her and tried to keep her lycanthropic buried but now she felt connected and free just was she once was. "Well, I'm going for a shower."

      "Good, cause Max has made you breakfast." Liz said

      "He has?"

      "Yeah, quick shower and a good breakfast...but first..." Liz said as she grabbed Tess's wrist and pulled her in. She wrapped her arms around Tess's body and pressed her tightly against her own before she kissed the blonde. Tess closed her eyes and melted into it, enjoying the feel of the other girl's lips. Their tongues duelled together as Liz scrapped her fingernails across the skin of Tess's back and down to her ass.

      "Hmmm...I needed that." Tess said

      "I know. Now, go for a shower or I'll be tempted to put you back in that bed." Liz said

      "You promise?" Tess asked

      Liz smiled and then backed off, "No, no...we'll be late for school."

      "Yeah...right. Hey, why did you kiss me anyway?"

      "Are you kidding? Every time I'm near you, Isabel and Maria I feel like I need to kiss you. Actually come to think of it...also Max, Michael and Alex." Liz said, "Problem is most of that time we're at school."

      "That would put a dampener on things. I hear that there is a room that's a"

      "The eraser room. That's where Isabel and I first had sex." Liz said

      Tess smiled, "Well when we first do'll be in a bed. Same goes for when I'm with Isabel and when I get to return the favour Maria did for me last night. That girl certainly knows how to use her tongue."

      "She's been getting a lot of practice lately." Liz said

      Tess brushed her hand along Liz's cheek before she walked out into the hall and then into the bathroom. 10 minutes later she came out and dried herself before getting dressed for school. She headed downstairs to the kitchen, the air was filled with the smell of her breakfast but as she came through the door she was greeted with the sight of Max and Liz making out on the table.

      She just stood there and watched as Max's hands explored his lover's body with gentle caresses. Tess just leaned against the doorway, taking in the sight of the two and wondered how long it would be before she had someone touch her with the same kind of love. Eventually her hunger caused her stomach to growl and she cleared her throat to get their attention.

      Max and Liz broke their kiss and looked over, both blushed and smiled as Tess walked into the room. Max got off of Liz and then helped her to her feet, both brushed their hands down their clothes to straighten them out. Max proceeded to finish putting out Tess's breakfast and then placed it on the table. As Max leaned over her at her side, Tess couldn't resist. She grabbed Max's sweater and pulled him down, latching her mouth onto his lips.

      It lasted only a few seconds but it left Max panting for breath and the two girls had smiles on their faces. After that Tess got stuck into her meal, she was very hungry after her activities and change last night so it didn't take her long to polish off the plate. When that was done, Liz took the plate and put it in the dishwasher before they all headed out to meet the others at school.

      Outside West Roswell High, Just Before the Bell

      At the front gates everyone waited as Max, Liz and Tess pulled into the parking lot. As the trio got out of the jeep they all approached with smiles on their faces, Michael looked very pleased with himself.

      "You look like you had a good night?" Michael said

      "Thanks to you." Tess said and then looked to Maria. She moved closer to the other girl with a sly smiles and a heated look before whispering, "I owe you a night of unbelievable passion after they way you got to me last night."

      "Can't wait." Maria said before Tess backed up and looked around at everyone

      "So, what happens next?" Tess asked

      "Next we do the school thing." Michael said

      "No...I mean..."

      "Later tonight we'll take you to my place." Liz said, "Dad will give you a robe and we'll teach you how to change."

      "We'll also find out what kind of cat you are." Max said

      "Hmmm...I think she's a tiger." Alex said

      "She's certainly one in the sack." Michael said

      "Thank you." Tess said

      "Nah...not a tiger." Maria said, "She's a leopard."

      "Well, we'll find out later." Max said

      "Now...just out of curiosity..." Tess said

      "Your mate?" Liz asked


      "He'll show when he's meant to. At least that's what my dad tells me. I guess it could be a Rakas we've yet to meet but I've also just found out about things called Narada." Liz said

      "Another tribe?" Michael asked

      "Kinda." Liz said, "They are descendants of the original lycanthropes but they didn't inherit the ability to change and as far as I know they are human."

      "Oh well that'll narrow it down." Michael said as the bell rang

      "Time to go." Isabel said

      Just then Tess stopped them, "Oh wait. I should probably tell you now. Ever since last night I've been having this feeling...we need to be together. Together, together if you know what I mean." She said to Max, Isabel and Michael

      "Why?" Max asked

      "Not that he's complaining." Michael said

      "While for mating we were in couples, on Antar we were all together. The psychic links still exist between us, even though it's limited." Tess said

      "Like when Michael knew whenever Iz and I were together or when we felt the changes happen after I was with Liz." Max said

      "Yeah. Anyway, that bond was always important to us. Even when we were alone we were together...I would like that back. When the powers are fully emerged in Liz, Alex, Maria and whoever I hook up with, they can merge in the same way and we'll all be together."

      "You know, I might just be hearing things but did you just say something along the lines of orgies?" Maria asked

      "I thought you'd like that." Tess said with a smile

      "Well, we'll talk about it and take care of it." Max said

      "If you do decide to do it, I wanna be there." Liz said

      "No doubt." Isabel said as they walked in through the front doors.

      Biology Class, 10:45

      It was a free period for the class but Liz was getting some work done. She was sitting at her lab desk with a couple of slugs sitting on a leaf in a plastic tray, watching both intently. Soon Max came in through the door and closed it as he moved closer to his mate. Liz sensed his approach, long before he even entered the hall outside the room and felt her pulse quicken at it.

      "Hi. What are doing?" Max asked

      "Mating experiment." Liz said

      Max smiled as he sat next to her, "I thought you got enough of that at home?"

      Liz smiled as she shook her head, "Don't...I need to get this done. If these guys will just do it."

      "Stupid question but you're sure you've got a guy and girl in there?"

      " least I hope so. If not them I'm gonna be here a long time." Liz said, "So what can I do for my favourite alien?"

      "Well I thought we could talk about these powers of yours." Max said

      "What is there to talk about? I've got them, not much good it did me when Nacedo showed up in that cave."

      "Well that's what I mean. When you used your powers on Tess's broken window you did a lot. If you could learn to put more focus into it so you can do what you need it to do when it counts. Besides, you did good when Nacedo showed up. Yeah your powers didn't hurt him or anything but they did cancel out his attack on you." Max said

      "That's a point. So what do you suggest?" Liz asked

      "Tess was raised by Nacedo, he taught her how to use her powers where as the rest of us was just haphazard. We're thinking about asking her to help us all out. For you she could probably help you more that I could..."

      "Oh I don't know about that." Liz said as she inched closer, "You help me out lots and lots of times."

      "Oh really." Max smiled, "And how exactly do I do that?"

      Liz ran her hand over his thigh, she felt the heat of his body as they stared into each other's eyes, "You have your ways."

      "So do you." Max said

      "You know what?" Liz asked

      "You're spiking." Max said confidently

      "To the point where I want you to take me, right here on this table." Liz said

      "What are we waiting for?" Max asked as Liz ran her hand up over his confined cock.

      Just then, as both teenagers were about jump up off their seats, the door opened and their biology teacher walked into the room. The two moved back away from each other sharply as the teacher turned her head to them and looked between the two.

      "Liz. How's the mating experiment going?"

      "It's going just fine." Liz answered as her teacher nodded, her eyes continuing to shift between them

      "I can see that."

      What she couldn't see was Max's hand behind the table, moving up Liz's leg and caressing her inner thigh making her hotter to the point that Liz was beginning not to care if their teacher was their or not.

      "So is there any action in the tray?"

      "Not so much, no. Actually I think I'll call it a day with these guys." Liz said

      "Science is patience Liz."

      "Yeah I know but I've got other work to do know." Liz said as she place the ventilated lid over the tray and returned it to the back of the class.

      "Yes I do." The teacher said as she turned her back toward her own desk to look through the papers on it. Seconds later when she turned back the two were gone and the door was slowly closing.

      Eraser Room, Same Time

      Almost immediately at the bell after homeroom, Michael and Maria's blood boiled at the same time. He grabbed her hand and they practically pulled each other into the eraser room. The second the door was closed and locked they were all over each other.

      Their arms wrapped around each other as they kissed fervently, pressing their bodies together in a desperate, needful attempt to get closer. Michael's hands were just above her waist, he'd pushed up her top slightly so he could get to her skin. Maria had her left leg up, wrapped around her mate's as they pressed against the desk in the room. Their tongues explored each other's mouths until Michael broke the kiss but started kissing her neck.

      "You do know...aghhh...we should be in class." Maria gasped

      "Already missed one, no point in going for the last whatever of this one...not minding much." Michael said

      Maria's eyes rolled into the back of her head as Michael resumed kissing her neck and throat. Then Michael looked behind them, to an eraser on the desk that caught his attention. It was starting to shake a little as he continued to kiss Maria. His has hands glided over her body, around her sides to her back. His fingers danced over her skin and up to trace the strap of her bra. As he did so the eraser began to shake harder.

      Michael smiled to himself, he knew it wasn't him doing it and he knew what it meant. He moved back up and started kissing her mouth once again. Michael brought one hand out from under her top and moved it to the back of her head. He ran his fingers through her soft golden locks and then his other hand reached around and pinched her nipple through her bra.

      The light around them exploded in a shower of sparks and the eraser jumped up off the table and landed back down. The surprise of it caused the two to break apart and look around.

      "What'd you do?" Maria asked

      "Babe...that wasn't me. It was you." Michael said

      "Come again?" Maria said

      "You did it." Michael said

      "Come again?" She repeated

      "You caused the light to blow up and that eraser to jump a good five feet into the air."

      "I don't understand."

      "You got powers." Michael said


      Michael put his hands on either side of her face and held her still before he planted a quick kiss on her lips.

      "Thanks. I needed that." Maria said, "So I..."

      "Have powers. Potentially kick ass ones by the looks of it. Oh and thanks for the confidence builder I knew I was a good kisser but lights exploding over head...that's good for the ego."

      Maria hit him; she punched his arm and said, "Stop."

      "Are you okay?" he asked

      Maria sat up on the desk and rested her head back against the wall, ""

      "Come here." Michael said as he moved closer to her. He wrapped his arms around Maria and hugged her, "You'll be alright."

      "Yeah...just so long as I don't blow anything up." Maria said

      "Not going to happen. We'll help you."

      "You better. I might end up blowing certain parts of you off that you don't want to loose." Maria said

      Michael looked at her, "First lesson after school? That soon enough? No, uh...lunchtime."

      Maria smiled, "That'll be fine, come on Spaceboy."

      Maria and Michael walked to the door; they opened it just in time for Max and Liz to come in. They didn't even notice the other couple as they kissed each step of the way in until Max had Liz pressed up against a file cabinet with her legs up and wrapped around his waist. Michael and Maria just looked at each other and smiled as they closed the door behind them.

      "We'll talk to them later." Michael said

      "Yeah." Maria said as they walked away down the hall

      Office Building, Wall Street, New York, 12:00

      While the front of the glass building said it was an investment firm, what was beneath it was anything but. Behind the door that was supposed to lead into an old 1960's bomb shelter, there was a complex network of corridors and rooms that were all metallic grey with glyphs lining the walls at eye level.

      As the sun stood directly over the city there was a flash of light on the highest antenna on the roof. It caught the attention of most of the people on the street but as they looked up it was gone. They just assumed it was the sun reflecting off the glass and left it at that. They got on with the rest of their day unaware of what just happened.

      In the complex, a lone figure entered a room that was empty save for a raised triangle in the middle of the room. He approached the point of the triangle and stood directly at it. As he did so an image rippled into existence and Kivar appeared and he bowed his head to the image.


      "Where is Nicholas?" Kivar said

      "Copper Summit."

      "He is still hiding in that cover? The hybrids have been awake for at least 10 years, why is he not on site?"

      "Majesty, he believes that it is the safest location. The human military suspect very little of events if there is nothing unusual. If the cover of the town remains intact..."

      "The humans mean nothing to me. You were supposed to stop them before they reached the final gestation in the pods but you failed in that. I granted you time when their protector came to you but his plan to provide an heir is a failure. I must find a new way to control the Granolith. As of now the four have returned to their animal natures. You've failed in your mission. Tell Nicholas...I am coming."

      The figure looked up for a brief second, surprised at what he'd just heard but then he remembered himself and looked back down at the ground. "Yes, my Lord." He said before the image faded.

      Copper Summit, 30 Minutes Later

      In the middle of the desert, relatively isolated from everything else stood a town that would have been a ghost town if it weren't for the fact that it was still inhabited. Several dozen aliens had followed Max and the others down to Earth and had taken over the town. On the surface it was all normal, right down to the mechanic, but beneath it nothing was normal.

      Under the museum was a lab filled with glass cylinders that contained bodies, new husks for the Skins. However, under his house there was a large open space that Nicholas and his people trained in. Nicholas dived around the room, blasting at holograms of human military with his powers and his weapon. The images moved, acted and fired their weapons like the real thing.

      Nicholas had each of his people train for hours in the room in case they needed it; given the history of the humans with alien encounters it was only prudent. This time Nicholas was putting everything he had into the session, he'd put the simulations on maximum and if he could sweat there would be a bucket load by now. He'd practically drained his own power during it but was pleased that if it was a real situation, the ground would be littered with corpses.

      After spending hours in the room he couldn't go any more and a bullet from a gun went straight for him. Before it hit Nicholas the holograms faded and the alien stood alone.

      "Simulation terminated." The computer spoke

      Nicholas just had to sit down and rested against the wall as one of his people came into the room.


      "What?" Nicholas said

      "We've received word from New York. Sir...Kivar is coming."

      Nicholas looked up with a look of disbelief in his eyes, "What?"

      "Kivar is on his way to Earth. He said that our mission is a failure and that he's is coming to take charge himself."

      Nicholas jumped up, "Kivar would blow up this rock rather than set foot on it."

      "He wants the Granolith. He considers our failure to prevent their final gestation bad enough but now they appear to have overcome their suppressed lycanthropy."

      "That's impossible." Nicholas said

      "According to Kivar, it's not."

      "What of Nacedo, has there been any further word from him?"

      "No sir. Nothing since he left Roswell and I doubt we'll hear from him again. He wont risk it since his failure."

      "Then arrange our little gift. Let's make sure he gets the message that we're going to find him."

      "Yes sir." He said as he turned to leave the chamber



      "Make sure the Four is not harmed, Kivar will still need him for getting control of the Granolith. Just wound them."

      "Yes sir. I know the perfect way" The Skin smiled as he left.

      Gym Class, West Roswell High, 14:00

      Everyone was in the class playing basketball today; their regular teacher was off ill so that left the Coach giving them the lesson. For the most part it was normal but Alex was not having the best time of it, the Coach had lost nine of his key players fro the football team and they lost the last game. For that, the Coach blamed Alex and was giving him a particularly rough time of it.

      For the most part Alex was able to ignore it, thanks to the sight of Isabel wearing a pair of shorts but he was loosing his patience. He could see her long legs and she took great delight in teasing him. However the game continued, the ball was passed from player to player, it was dribbled down the court and put into the net.

      Everyone was having fun and then the ball came to Alex, he was halfway up the court and quite some distance from the hoop and while he could easily get it in from there, he didn't want anyone else to know it. So Alex passed the ball to Max who was closer. That was when the Coach blew the whistle.

      "Whitman what the hell was that?" the Coach yelled as he indicated for Max to throw him the ball, he got it and placed it in Alex's hands

      "I passed the ball." Alex said simply

      "Don't take that tone with me."

      "What tone?" Alex asked

      "That tone. Now what the hell were you doing passing that ball. You didn't even run with it. You got it, you got rid of it. God knows how the hell some kid like you beat up my boys."

      Alex just shook his head.

      "Look and me boy, don't you dare shake you're head at me."

      That was when Alex had enough, "God knows how you taught them to do anything. They may be morons but you take the cake." Alex said, deciding to stand up to him

      "Go Alex." Isabel said as she crossed her arms

      "That's it, you got detention boy. 1 week."

      "Well, you know what they say. Those that can't do, teach. Those that can't teach, teach gym." Alex said

      Michael smiled, "Oh, nice."

      "2 weeks." The coach yelled

      "Then there's that those that can't teach gym, put on a tracksuit, a headset and try to coach."

      "A MONTH."

      "Fine." Alex said

      As he reached the door Alex realised he still had the ball and smiled, he didn't care anymore. He turned around and looked over the room, his brain working away at all the points he needed. Once he had them all he threw the ball with the right amount of force. Everyone in the class watched as the ball bounced of the wall, then the floor, then the opposite wall, the roof, the wall again...on and on it went, bouncing at perfect angles that Alex wanted.

      "No..." Max said

      "Way..." Michael said beside him as they watched the ball

      With a final bounce off the wall, it landed on the metal ring and started circling it. Everyone's eyes followed it intently as it sank into the net and landed on the floor, bouncing several times on the floor before it settled down. The room was so quiet that the sound of a cricket would have echoed through the hall.

      "3" Kyle said, his eyes wide open

      "Oh look, having a brain does work. Oh for the one of you with a low I.Q. that's where math helps." He said to everyone but it was meant for the coach and everyone knew it.

      Then on mass everyone looked over to Alex as he left he room and then they looked back at the ball. Max, Michael, Liz, Isabel, Tess and Maria all smiled as the coach was left with his mouth open and his jaw hitting the floor.

      "You know...I think a monster has been created." Michael said, "This could be fun." He smiled

      "Michael now's not the time." Max said

      "Maybe not but it'll still be fun." Michael said

      After that, the group left. They just walked out of the hall to get changed and go find Alex before he blew up at anything. The Coach didn't even try to stop them; he was still looking between the net and the ball.

      Hallways, Immediately Following

      Alex was changed and out of the changing room before his friends even got there. He just walked the halls with a brisk place, if it were possible outside of the cartoons there would be steam coming out of his ears. Soon he turned a corner and was met by a teacher, his guidance teacher.

      "Alex. I've been looking for you."

      "Mrs have?" Alex asked after taking a deep breath

      "Well after what just happened in class I thought you might want to talk."

      "You know about that all ready?"

      "We've got the best intelligence network on the planet remember...the student body of Roswell High. Everyone knows everything."

      "Right." Alex said, "Okay."

      Together they went to the office.

      Guidance Councillor's Office...

      "I mean everything I did in there he jumped on. I pass the ball, he's on top of me. I dribble it, he's on top of never ends." Alex said as he paced back and forth

      "And why do you think he's doing it?"

      "Because is team are a bunch of jerks who tried to "talk me" out of dating know, with their fists. I defended myself, they got kicked off the team and the rest of the team lost against's supposed to be a friendly. And it's supposed to be a game. Now he's on my case every time he spots me."

      "So you decided to disrespect a teacher of this school?"

      Alex just looked at her, "My parents always taught me to respect my elders when I first meet them. Beyond that respect is earned. Well thanks to the Coach's behaviour to me my respect for him is so low it's in the sewer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." he groaned as he put his hands over his face and ran them up over his hair.

      "While I don't agree with the coach's attitude, Alex you can't do what you did."

      "We may be students but we're also people, he can't do what he did." Alex said as he turned his back, "If he tries again he might just end up with his throat torn out."

      She couldn't see it but Alex's eyes had changed to cat's eyes. His teeth grew and sharpened, as did his claws. Then he shook himself out of it and he returned to normal, then he realised what just happened and what he said. For the first time he was really afraid of what he could do if he really lost control.

      "What do you want Alex?" Mrs Thomson asked as she felt a chill down her spine when he said it, his tone and his words, it all seemed cold.

      "I just want him to stop." Alex said as he turned back to face her when his face was normal

      "Then I'll have a word and I'll see what I can do." She said

      She let Alex go after that and made a call to the principle. By now he too would have heard what happened in gym class and she needed to speak to him about the situation before it got worse. It wouldn't have been the first time a normal student reached the end of the line and blew up. Besides, the coach was going too far and while it was nothing new it wasn't allowed.

      Elsewhere in the School...

      Everyone was walking looking for Alex when all of a sudden they felt their pulses quicken, everything seemed vibrant and intense, there was a smell in their noses and there was a taste in their mouth. It was bitter; it was adrenaline and the smell, that of the target and for one second they all felt the primal urge to hunt. The wanted to change into their cat forms and give in to the predator within, but it only lasted a second.

      They all looked to each other. They all knew that it wasn't any of them and all got worried, Isabel and Liz most of all.

      "Alex." They said together

      "You better speak to your dad and his." Max said

      "I will." Liz said, "But I think this is something for us to help him through."

      Parker Residence, 18:00

      That night it was Tess's turn to learn how to change. Of the group, only Max, Liz, Michael and Isabel were present as the others had stacks of homework to get through. Liz had spoken to her dad and Mr Whitman after school and as suspected as Liz was in charge of that pride it was her responsibly to help Alex through the darker side of their nature until it could be properly dealt with at Moon Peak. However, they could help out, they had been through it themselves at one time or another. Most lycanthropes had.

      At any rate that was for tomorrow and tonight was Tess. The other three stood to the sides as Tess stood before Jeff and Nancy Parker. Claudia was also present, curious to see the new cat in the family. Tess had been presented with her robe and had changed into it in Liz's room.

      "Okay Tess...let's do this." Jeff said and proceeded to relay the instructions and guidance he had to his own daughter and the other aliens.

      Tess closed her eyes and focused. Her find will with the images of running through the jungle that Jeff had filled her with and soon fur coated her body. The first stage was changing into her animan body but she soon went further as the golden colour of her fur changed. Soon it was while with black spots as she descended onto all fours. Her hands changed into paws and her limbs changed shape.

      "Uh...that's not a cat I've seen before." Isabel said

      "I the zoo. She's a Snow Leopard." Liz said

      "Okay Tess, time to come back." Jeff said and relayed the instructions

      Tess started to change back into her human body. As skin started to reappear, Liz moved over with Tess's robe and covered her body with it.

      "So how was that?" Liz asked

      Tess looked around, breathing hard and smiling, "Wicked. I gotta do that again...I never thought..."

      Liz smiled, "You will. We'll go out running sometime. That is even better."

      Tess looked into her eyes, "Can't wait."

      " is dark enough. I suppose a little run tonight wouldn't be too bad." Liz said as she looked at her dad.

      "It's your choice Honey." Jeff said

      "We could run out to the pod chamber. We never did get a good look last time." Isabel said

      "It's a plan." Liz said, come on.

      Liz lead the four aliens down the stairs to the back room of the café where they all stripped out of their clothes. It was only then that Liz opened the back door and all changed into their animal forms. Together they ran out into the night, sticking to the back alleys until they were outside the Town limits.

      Pod Chamber, Out in the Desert, 20:00

      The five teenagers ran through the desert and eventually arrived at the rock. It was then that they all changed back into their human bodies and climbed the rock naked. Upon reaching the door Max opened it and all stepped inside the chamber. This time they were talking their time in looking around but didn't really find anything new. The chamber's sole purpose appeared to have been to shelter the pods

      "A sofa...few pillows...homely." Isabel said

      "Needs a TV." Michael said

      Isabel and Tess just looked at him.

      "Oh yeah, get great reception in a cave." Liz said

      Tess knelt by her pod and touched the frame; her hands trailed the metal for a second before she stood up. "So...what'd you want to do now?" she asked

      Then all four aliens felt a tingle. Tess had no idea what it was but the other knew it all to well. Liz didn't feel it herself but she could sense the change in them, she felt the start of a spike that was building in all four aliens.

      "What was that?" Tess asked

      "A spike." Liz said, "Enjoy it."

      Liz sat back on a rock with her legs curled under her; she was certainly going to enjoy the show.

      "Come again." Tess said

      "You're spiking. You all are. Looks like that four-way orgy of your wont need to be talked about, it's gonna happen right here, right now." Liz said smugly

      Michael, Max and Isabel were slightly confused by what they were feeling. They've had more than their fair share of spikes since they were changed but they'd never felt one come across them this quickly. Not that any of them were complaining. Michael was behind Tess and looked over her naked body as he moved up to her. His hands grasped both cheeks of her ass before sliding around her body and pulling her against him.

      Tess smiled as she felt him against her, his hands running over her belly as his soft cock nestled in the crack of her butt. Quickly he turned her around and they kissed with a primal heat that made Liz smile as she watched their hands run over every inch of skin they could get to. The Tess took charge; she broke the kiss and pushed Michael back against the rock wall. Then she wrapped her hand around his dick and slowly started to massage his member, stroking and rubbing him until he started to come to attention.

      Off to the side, Max and Isabel looked at each other as they walked closer. Soon their bodies were pressed up against each other. Her breasts squeezed against his chest as they held each other and kissed, their tongues slipping into each other's mouths. Isabel had but to reach down and cup his balls and Max got his erection. Isabel scrapped her fingernail along his length to tease him slightly.

      At the same time, both girls sank to their knees and took the hard cocks into their mouths. Gently they started to suck on them before they bobbed their heads back and forth. Liz watched as everything one girl did, the other did the same at the exact same moment. Both guys groaned loudly as they held the backs of the girl's heads but the girls wanted more, this was only a warm up.

      They both released the hard flesh and stood back up, they pressed themselves hard against the young men and kissed them even harder. They left Max and Michael completely breathless as they turned around to face each other. Tess and Isabel knelt down and securely placed their hands on the same boulder in the room and presented their bodies to the guys who immediately moved behind them.

      They mounted the girls, wrapping their arms around their chests and bellies. They held them loving as their dicks sought out their slits and they pushed inside, completely burying themselves in one smooth stroke.

      "Aghhhhhhuuhhnnnnnnnn..." they girls moaned as the filled up

      They all stayed still for a moment as the girls adapted to having the guys back in them. Then slowly Max and Michael pulled out, they stayed almost completely out of them until they heard the girls whimper for more as they pushed their hips back. The guys looked at each other and smiled before the thrust deeply into them.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." All four groaned

      Liz watched as Max and Michael pushed and pulled in and out of the girls, she watched as Isabel and Tess's breasts swung in time with each thrust. They were all moving at the same slow pace but it was with deep jabbing thrusts in. For a second, as Liz kept her eyes fixed on them she could have sworn she saw wild cats mating.










      They kept rutting away, the more they did they closer they felt to each other as their thoughts reached out. In and out, the hard lengths of cock sawed against the soft velvet walls of the girl's pussies. All four moved together as sweat started to form on their skin that was becoming rapidly more flushed. They groaned over and over again as their bodies joined.

      Liz watched as the seconds, then minutes and then hours rolled by. She was getting more excited the more she watched but she wasn't becoming aroused herself. She knew she was watching something integral to her Pride's future and she saw more beauty in it with each thrust.

      Hair hung down from the girl's heads as sweat dripped from their foreheads. Their bodies glistened with what little light was in the chamber. Then, all of a sudden there was a deep animalistic growl for Max and Michael. They couldn't help what was happening despite wanting to last longer.

      "UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" they yelled as the shot their load into the girls.

      The two men collapsed to the side but it only took a few minutes to recover and when they did, they saw Tess and Isabel kissing passionately. In their heads the guys could swear they heard the girls they had just deposited their seed into moaning away. They rubbed their breasts together as they held each other but soon they felt the guys stirring. They broke the kiss and looked over to see them stroking their cocks.

      Tess and Isabel looked at each other and smiled, they needed more from their lovers and Tess was happy if not very eager to get her first crack at having Max inside her. They slaughtered over, their hips moving seductively before they straddled them. They placed each of their legs on either side of Max and Michael's and lowered themselves.

      They held their cocks up as Tess and Isabel sank down on to them, both gasped and closed their eyes as once more they were filled completely. In no time at all they were rocking their hips, moving to slide the dicks in their pussies. Over and over they rolled as Max and Michael moved their hands up the sweat soaked legs of the girls.

      Tess was having the time of her life, after years of being told Max was hers he was finally inside her. However, this time she knew he would be a lover, he would please her body and she would please his but their hearts belonged and would belong elsewhere.


      "So good...uyghnnnnn...yeahh...fuckkkkkkkk...yeah..."

      "More...that's it baby...ughnnnnnn...yeahhhhhhh...yesssss..."


      It took nearly another hour before Max and Michael came again. Their seed filling the girls once more as thoughts flowed more rapidly and with more intensity. Max could hear both of the girls, as could Michael but they wanted and needed more this time instead of the girls. However, the girls had their own plans and they couldn't care less what the guys were going to do.

      They wanted to get back to that kiss they were enjoying, they wanted to experience the real life version of the dream they shared when Tess stayed the night at Isabel's. Tess practically dived at Isabel and they fell to the floor, she lay on top of the taller blond and kissed her as their legs and fingers intertwined.

      All Max and Michael could do was watch as the girls lost complete interest in them. They needed to come again and looked to Liz. She smiled at them but knew what was needed; she said no and shook her head at them. If they wanted more pleasure then it would have to come from themselves.

      Slowly Tess started to kiss her way down Isabel's soft body, tasting her sweet skin until her head was between the girl's legs. She latched her mouth onto Isabel's pussy and the other girl just cried out. The sight before them had both men stroking their own cocks, becoming faster and faster.

      Tess's tongue had Isabel writhing in the sand; her very wet core was pressed against Tess's face. The taste of Isabel along with Max and Michael was like an aphrodisiac to Tess, the more she had the more she wanted and the hornier she became. Isabel sensed it, she could feel it in her soul and directed Tess but using her powers to pull her body around. Tess knew what Isabel wanted and was happily to oblige.

      She moved around until the girls were in a sixty-nine position. Isabel took to eating Tess's pussy with the same gusto that Tess had. They were moaning loudly and with fire in their voices as their hands slid over their skin. Both were so caught up with each other they didn't care about the others in the cave.

      Liz bit her lip as she watched them, when this was her turn to join her half of the group she knew there would be a lot of fun to be had. Max and Michael also watched, they were up on their knees and rapidly stroking their throbbing members. Their blood was boiling but they were doing their best to ignore the cause. They had watched each other all night and their kiss when Michael was first changed.

      In one split second of turning from the girls to look at each other, they kissed again. It was burning their blood until they touched. Liz smiled as she watched them lay each other down next to the girls. They too moved into a sixty-nine and took each other's cocks into their mouths. They needed to join; all four of them feel the desire and need for their minds to be one.

      Their heads bobbed up and down, tongues snaked around their lengths as the girl's tongues stabbed into each other's pussies. The sounds and scents of sex filled the chamber and everyone loved it, even Liz. Even though she wasn't getting any she was more than happy to watch.

      After half an hour of blissful writhing and licking, all four cried out in a yell of completion. Each one drank down the cum of the person they had just brought to climax and with a ripple of energy over them their old mated link on Antar had come to the surface once more. Their thoughts, although separated by their physical bodies, could be easily read by the others. It was to the point that they were all different aspects of the same mind.

      All four separated and lay next to each other. They caressed each other's bodies as they relaxed. Then all of a sudden they heard a noise. It sounded like a dull pulsating pattern that was picking up speed. It drew the four aliens closer but Liz also felt something within her, a warmth and need to quickly find the final member of her Pride that was instigated by the pulses. Without any reason Max held up his hand and pressed it to the metal frame, a glow from his hand spread outward and the frame split in the middle. It opened outward like a door; placing two pods each on opposite walls and left the way clear.

      All five went in and two other black doors opened leaving the group inside a glowing blue chamber in the middle of which was a black obelisk. Everyone stared at the device.

      "What is it?" Liz asked the aliens

      Three of them looked to Tess who shrugged her shoulders, "I have no idea."

      The black device had ripples running over it, moving in time with the pulses. Max couldn't help but touch it and a blinding flash filled the room. When it passed, all five saw their faces on the device and next to them was in image of a DNA double helix. Then a beam shot out and hit each of them, their faces moved to the side on the Granolith surface before all beams focused in on Liz. Other images then appeared, faces of the population of Roswell.

      "What's it doing?" Michael asked

      "It's scanning through people in Roswell..." Liz said as the images started to stop and then move on, "See it's picked out Maria and Alex. It's looking for lycanthropes."

      Soon her parents, Alex's parents and Amy appeared. Each had a picture of their DNA near their face with lines pointing to the lycanthropic sequences in the helix. Then it picked up on Stephen and moved him into another section on the panel, close to the others but still away. It showed that it was picking up on the distinction between the tribes. However, it kept going scanning further.

      "What's it doing?" Max asked

      Two other images appeared on the device, moved into a different section on the panel. Each flashed and showed an image above their faces.

      "That's my dad." Max said

      "And my grandmother." Liz said

      "And that symbol...I've seen it before." Michael said

      "Where?" Isabel asked

      "When I touched that statue in your basement. That image was in the flash...its Chimeran." Michael said

      "But that would mean..." Max and Liz said together as they looked back at the machine.

      However, the device never stopped in it's scan of Roswell and two other faces showed on the device, two faces they knew quite well and one whom the aliens feared. The lines and text at the end of it were not as numerous as the ones coming from the DNA images of the others but there were still there and had similarities to the others that was not missed by anyone. The only problem was it was in the backs of their heads; Philip and Claudia had the forefront of their concentration.

      Town Hall, Moon Peak, Colorado, 20:20

      The town was completely isolated from everywhere else, inside the small town looked normal but there were no roads in or out. On three sides there was rock, nothing but high mountainous cliffs with no way through and on the last side it was a thick, dense and rugged forest of ancient trees. The only way in was for a lycanthrope to take either of their other forms and go through the trees. Conveniently placed on the outer edge of the forest was camping ground that doubled as a guard post where vehicles were taken care of for those returning to their `capitol city'.

      In the hall where all the lycanthropes leaders met to discuss their people, the Rakas leader sat at his seat at the table reading through several documents concerning his tribe. As he did so his daughter walked into the hall, both were in their animan bodies. In this town, no one needed to hide what they were.

      "Hi daddy."

      "Hi Kelly, what you up to?"

      "Reading up on little Princess Parker."

      "Kelly." Her father warned

      "You're really going to hand over control of our tribe and all the others to her. She didn't even know what she was until a couple of months ago."

      "Most of our people don't know. Not all of them have the option of being raised in Moon Peak or our other towns. Besides, it's prophecy; we've always known she would rule over us. And it's not your place to question it."

      "I'm the daughter of the Rakas leader and next in line...well should have been next in line to govern our tribe. If it's not my place who's is it?"

      "It's not any of ours, except the gods. Is that's what's been bothering you? You're not going to be in charge?"

      "Oh please. I'm better than that, you know that?"

      "I do."

      "What's been bothering me is...she's dating an alien. Granted he's a hunk and drop dead gorgeous but he's still a not of this Earth alien."

      "He and the others were lycanthropes on their home world."

      Kelly looked up, "Come again."

      "I didn't tell you this before but when I was in Roswell for the Wild Pack fight, Max changed his animan appearance. He became bigger, green and very mean. Apparently it was just suppressed for them blending in on Earth."

      "Oh." Kelly said, "Well, they go up a few points then but I still don't like it. We have to put our future in the hands of some girl and her pride...we barely know them."

      "She's the same age as you are and when they come to Moon Peak when school starts, I suggest we get to know them."

      "Well I wont promise anything. But if she really is Destiny Girl then I guess I better give her a chance. Hmmmm...okay, anyway, I'm heading up to the school."

      "Making sure your room's okay?"

      "Of course. I've got a mate this term, need to make sure there is enough room for his stuff." Kelly said

      "Well, just remember I don't want to be a grandfather yet. When your mating cycle starts, be careful."

      "Always." Kelly said as she kissed her fathers cheek and walked out of the hall.

      As he walked Kelly walk away, a glimmer from a nearby case caught his attention. He stood up and moved over to it. Inside there were metal triangles with gems in them, similar to the ones worn by the council members and if legend was to be believed then they were a gift of the gods. The ones in this case were from those tribes who didn't survive and were now extinct, from Satyrs to Vampires. He looked at one of the triangle and watched as light flickered on the gem of it.

      "No. It couldn't be."

      Carpathian Mountain Range, Eastern Romania A.K.A. Transylvania, Same Time

      Three researchers had hiked through the mountains to a pile of ruins. The chief scientist was obsessed with his work into the `unknown history' as he put it while the other two were simply students he dragged alone. The older map followed a map religiously until he reached the spot. At that, out came the pickaxes and the three hammered away at the rock. It took them over three hours to break through but they did and all entered into the cavern the exposed.

      "You's a primitive sewer system here." He said they pulled their snow-covered hoods off

      "Professor, there is no doubt that some people used to live up here..."

      "I'm telling you we're close. Very close." He said, "They aren't just some fictitious nightmare. They were real and this is...was the seat of their power."

      Then the other student moved closer, "Prof, conditions that made people extremely photosensitive...yeah. Need to drink blood for whatever reason...maybe. But the stories on them..."

      "Well those I believe were just stories. It's probably just something to make them seem more frightening. The ability to fly, fangs and the whole bat thing...yes, stories, maybe. We probably wont know for sure. This way." The professor said as the walked further into the ancient abandoned sewer. All of a sudden, all three stopped before massive doors built into the side of the tunnels. "Open it." The professor said and the two students grabbed the handles to the heavy doors and pulled them open.

      "What the hell?"

      Inside there was a massive block of ice that filled the room behind it and went right up to where the door closed. With the light of their torches, they could see four silhouettes encased in the frozen mass. The professor smiled as he focused in on their faces.

      "My god." A student said

      "Vampires." The professor said

      To Be Continued...

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