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Shadow and Light, Chapter 1

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 14, 2004

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters
Rating: Nc17
Couples: All CC/Slash/UC ­ any pairing or grouping I can think of
Summary: The animal inside is just about to wake up and the trouble that has been waiting for eons is following.

      Royal Palace, Antar...

      The city had been under siege for hours. Bombs were dropping one after the other and many buildings were nothing but craters. It had only been a matter of minutes between the initial attack and the defeat of the city's outer defences. Everyone knew that someone had betrayed them, it was the only way the invaders could have progressed so far and so quickly but at the very least the palace's shield hadn't been compromised.

      "This is my fault." Vilandra said as she sat by the throne

      "No it's not." Ava said, "Kivar found our weakness and used it on you, you couldn't have helped it. If he could have gotten to me he would have used me."

      "But..." Vilandra started to say but Ava reached over and kissed the other girl.

      "It wasn't your fault." Ava said as she parted, leaving Vilandra more visibly relaxed

      Rath and Zan then entered, both headed straight to the girls. "We're loosing power. The shield will only last a little longer." Zan said

      "No." Ava said

      "This is it then." Rath said

      "Not quite. My mother has a plan." Zan said

      "Zan, we've thought this over. The humans are just too dangerous." Rath said

      "But it could give us enough of a second chance." Vilandra said

      "Then we should do it." Rath said and Ava nodded

      All four stood up and moved to each other. They all held hands as Zan's mother entered with the most senior doctor in the empire. She looked at her son and the three he had taken as lovers, all four ruled over Antar and it's holdings and were the leading members of their houses. The King's mother knew the parents of Vilandra, Rath and Ava all too well; their separate families had been friends since before their race took control of Antar.

      They were the Rulan, a hidden species among normal Antarians. At least hidden until they could take no more of what was happening around them. The violence and disregard of the Antarians in their past forced the Rulan into breaking their secret existence and take control of everything from the people that were harming their world.

      The doctor approached the Royal 4 and carefully the doctor inserted a needle into the arms of all four. After taking blood from all of them he slowly placed the four vials of blood in a case.

      "Is that going to be enough?" Rath asked

      "More than enough, Majesty."

      "What about our status, will that affect our lives on Earth?" Zan asked

      "Earth hunted down their version of the Rulan. The last one, we believe, was killed about 2 centuries ago. In order for you to be completely hidden I will suppress your abilities to enter the Change. You will still have the normal abilities of Antarians but it's safer if you can't Change."

      Zan nodded, "Is there anyway that it can come back..." he said just as there was a massive tremor throughout the palace.

      "THE SHIELD IS FAILING!" a voice said, echoing through the halls of the palace.

      "Go, quickly." Zan said to the doctor

      He took hold of the case and ran out through a door. In minutes the ship was launched, narrowly avoiding the enemies weapons as they were fired on. Zan's mother left at the same time, travelling in a diplomatic shuttle to Larek's home where she would be safe. Zan moved to the three others and as the doors started to thump loudly from someone trying to get through them, he kissed each one. His hands caressed Ava, Rath and Vilandra before they all turned to the door.

      "At least our families are safe off world." Vilandra said

      "I just hope our new selves can do what's needed." Rath said

      "It's prophecy. It's as old as the Rulan, we always new four of us would journey to Earth in new bodies." Zan said

      "Yeah but I never thought I would be one of them." Ava said

      "Let's do this." Zan said

      The doors burst open and as smoke from outside poured in, several Antarians entered and pointed their weapons at the Royal Four.

      "Well, well, well. Zan." Kivar said

      "Kivar." Zan said

      "Finally our people would be free of" Kivar said

      "You would have destroyed yourselves if we didn't take over." Zan said, "We've healed this planet."

      "Yes." Kivar smiled, "Now, here's your reward."

      The four looked Kivar dead in the eye. Then their eyes changed, they became a deep blue and green fur began to cover their skin. Their hands became like claws and their teeth sharpened and grew longer. Their whole bodies grew and their muscles became more defined. All four looked primal, a cross between animal and Antarian.

      "Animals." Kivar spat

      The four charged toward Kivar and his forces, they leaped up and ran along the walls before gravity brought them back down to the ground but they landed on their feet, never stopping in their charge. Each used their powers to attack as well as their primal strength. All Kivar needed to do was shoot. The room was filled with streaks of red energy as the shot countless shots at the royal four.

      Meanwhile, the ship travelled through the emptiness of space as it carried to precious cargo to their new home. In the days that followed the Rulan did what they could to hide. Kivar rallied many of the people to rebel against their ruler, spouting messages of hate & fear that fed the most dreaded thoughts of the people and drive more and more to his cause. For a time, many hid under Larek's protection and he was able to get at least a handful out of the system. Kivar did whatever he could to hunt every single last Rulan down.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, Roswell, 2 Weeks Before the Shooting

      In the night sky a full moon shone brightly down on the small town. It's light filled Liz's bedroom and bathed Liz as she slept on her bed. She was tossing and turning as her dreams took over her mind. For three nights a month since her sixteenth birthday, during every full moon the dreams came and they were always the same. Not that she remembered any of them.


      Liz was in a deep jungle; sunlight barely could be seen through the thick branches from the surrounding trees. She was completely naked but never felt exposed. All around her, she felt as though the animals were watching her. However there was only one of each type, only one reptile, one bird, one bear, a wolf, a bat, a horse, others and off to the side there was a lake with a shark jumping out of the water and then back under.

      Then from behind her she heard a branch snap, and a loud roar. Liz started to run, she could hear the animal from behind her starting to chase after her as the other animals left. She kept running, never looking back as she began to sweat. Her blood was pumping in her veins as fear began to build and build. As she ran through the branches and pushed some away, others began to cut into her skin and let the blood run free. All through it, Liz may have been running but she felt as though she was being pushed, being guided onward. She never saw the animal that chased her but she never stopped hearing it, or feeling that it was getting closer.

      Then everything suddenly darkened and Liz tripped over a large piece of stone masonry. Above her the sun had been replaced with a big and bright full moon as she lay on the ground before a ruined temple, immediately in front of her was a set of stone steps and flanking it on either side were statues of varying big cats. She started to climb the steps, Liz felt the eyes of the statues on her, following her every step as she climbed to the top.

      Then at the top, a flat surface with a single doorway into the building, Liz looked into the blackness that filled the door. Another roar came from behind her and Liz looked back, she started to move backwards, further on the temple top until she was almost at the door. Then the roar came from the door, Liz looked back just in time to see a giant cat pounce toward her. Liz recoiled away; bringing her hands up to shield herself but the animal passed right through her and vanished.

      Real World~~~~~

      As Liz slept, her parents were in her room looking down on her as she writhed under the covers.

      "It's nearly time." Nancy said

      "By the next full moon I'd say. One month." Jeff replied

      "Should...should we tell her everything?" Nancy asked

      "I don't want to, but how can we not. Everyone in our world knows about this, sooner or later Liz will find out. It's best that it comes from us."

      "She'll never have a normal life if we tell her."

      "As much as I want her to have that kind of life, this is her destiny." Jeff said

      "Doesn't mean she has to follow it." Nancy said

      "I don't know how she could get out of it." Jeff looked back down at Liz and the girl stopped moving. "The dream is over, we should go."

      Together her parents slipped out of the bedroom and returned to their own. Liz woke up soon after, she didn't remember most of the dream but the image of the cat that leaped into her was there. More precisely, the image of its eyes was there. Slowly Liz got out of bed and went into her bathroom where she splashed water on her face. She looked up and into the mirror above the sink, for a split second her eyes were that of the cat. Liz had to do a double take on it and as she looked back for the second time her eyes were normal.

      "Ugnnnn...I need more sleep." Liz mumbled as she returned to her bed and collapsed on it, falling back into an even deeper slumber before she even got under the covers. One thing about the dreams, the body resting was not something that happens. All activities in it were as though it was really happening, with the exception of any physical harm.

      Outside Evans Residence, 16:00 The Next Day

      School had finished and Max was walking home with Isabel Davidson walking next to him. After they hatched from their pods and emerged from the cave, they were found on the road and taken into care. They were practically inseparable but despite that they were adopted separately. Max went to the Evans and Isabel went to another couple.

      Then came the surprise to both of them. Not only did it turn out that they were adopted by two couples who were next door neighbours, but their bedroom windows looked out onto each other and were only a couple of meters apart. The two sets of parents watched as their new children got closer and closer. Every night the pair would open their windows and just look at each other before they feel asleep.

      Then talked constantly with each other and as they grew older they would carry on conversations late into the night. Sometimes they even put a couple of planks of wood out from their windowsills to bridge the gap between their rooms and visit each other. Eventually Michael appeared and all immediately recognised each other and their friendship began.

      Then one week ago Isabel's life was devastated. Her parents were killed in a car accident, a drunk driver clipped their car and they were sent head first into tree. She was walking back from school when it happened, they arrived at their houses to find Sheriff Valenti's SUV parked outside. He walked out of the Evans house when they saw them coming down the street and approached the two with Max's parents standing on their front porch. He asked her inside and then told her, she felt dick, dizzy and confused all at the same time, Max helped her remain standing long enough to get her into a chair. That night she stayed at their house, not that she slept but Max gave her his bed and he took the sofa, she couldn't even think of going home.

      The only thing that Isabel had was Max and he helped a lot. All through it he never left her side and held her close during the funeral. With the help of Max's father, Isabel wasn't returned to the care of the state. She became fully emancipated, her parents had left her everything in their will from the fully paid for house and car to every last little knick-knack in the house that they had collected over the years.

      They were careful people and made sure that Isabel would be well taken care of if something happened to them, not that they expected anything to happen. However, Isabel knew that her resources would only stretch so far and that she would need a job before long. In the mean time she had something even more depressing to do.

      "I'll see you in a minute." Max said to Isabel as she walked into her house and he headed to his.

      Isabel smiled back at him as they paused to look at each other before entering their respective houses. Max went inside and immediately went to the kitchen where his mother was checking on the laundry.

      "Hi mom." Max said

      "Hey honey." Diane answered, "How's Isabel?"

      "Not good, but she'll be okay." Max said

      "It's good that she has you in her life. You have told her that if she ever needs anything she just has to ask us right?"

      "Yeah, I told her and she said thank you."

      "And that she's more than welcome to come over for dinner as usual."

      "Yes mom."

      "Well, it's good that you're home I could use your help with..."


      "Max? What's up?" Diane asked

      "I promised Isabel I would go over. She's...uh...she's packing up some of her parents stuff. Clothes and things. I told her I would help." Max said

      "Oh of course. Isn't it a little soon?"

      "She's not getting rid of them or anything. She's know, packing it. I think she thinks it'll help and right now I just want to be there for her. What is it you needed help with?"

      "It's not important. The air conditioning is acting up and needs your special touch."

      Max smiled, "I'll take care of it."

      He then left the room. A minute later the air conditioning in the house came on and then there was the sound of the front door opening and closing. Diane just leaned against a kitchen counter to look at the nearest air vent and smiled, "How the hell does he do that?" she asked herself

      Davidson Residence...

      Max let himself in; he, Isabel and their parents had a long-standing open door policy with regard to the coming and going of the two children. As Max entered, he immediately went upstairs to Isabel's parent's bedroom. He found her sitting on the large bed with her father's bathrobe in her hands, she could still smell his aftershave and she was crying.

      Max sat next to her and held Isabel's hand. "It's okay Iz. It'll be okay." He said as he held her

      "I...I thought I could do this." Isabel said

      "I know." Max said, "Come on." Max helped Isabel up onto her feet and she placed the bathrobe onto the bed. He walked Isabel back to her own bedroom and helped her to her bed. "Rest here, I'll get you some hot chocolate."


      Max came down to the kitchen and pulled out what he needed, including a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Just as he was about to boil a pot of milk, Max felt hands on his shoulder and he turned around to see Isabel before him. Isabel reached up and kissed Max. For a second he was reciprocating but quickly backed off.

      "Isabel, we shouldn't...not just now." He said softly

      "I want you Max. I need to make love to you." Isabel said


      "Don't you want me?" Isabel asked

      "You know I do but..."

      Isabel reached up and ran her hand over the back of his ear and across the side of his neck, her hand glowing as it went. Max and Isabel had been together enough times and experimented with their powers in that area to know what to do for each other. As much as Max wanted to resist, he couldn't. Isabel kissed him again and this time both fell into it, their arms wrapped around each other as they moved into the living room.

      Max pulled off Isabel's top as she raised her arms up to help him and as soon as it was tossed off to the side, she pulled off his t- shirt. The two pressed together again, Isabel's hands glided over Max's hard muscles as she looked with heat into his eyes. Max gently touched her breast above her black lace bra, he felt the soft skin before he cupped the large mound and they kissed again.

      As they parted, Isabel smiled before pushing Max back so that he fell on to the sofa. He gazed up at her as Isabel reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Soon it joined their tops as Isabel undid her jeans and slowly, teasingly slowly, pulled them down and off her legs. She was left in a pair of panties that matched her bra. Isabel knelt before Max, her hands run up and down his thighs. Their breathing was becoming heavier, Max knew what Isabel wanted to do and didn't stop her as she reached for the front of his pants and undid them. He brought his ass up slightly as Isabel pulled his trousers down, taking his boxers with them. Max's hard cock twitched at the sudden exposure to the air but all Isabel could do was lick her lips.

      Isabel reached out and pressed her palm against the dick she knew all too well at the same time as Max took the side of her head in his palm. Her fingers wrapped around his length and she stroked up and down, her hand was glowing and the sensual energy travelled to Max. Max closed his eyes, while one hand gently held Isabel's face; the other gripped the fabric of the soft tightly.

      "Oh god...Isssabel." Max hissed as she continued her light strokes

      Then Isabel leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock eliciting a sigh from Max. She licked the length of his dick before taking it into her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down slowly, Isabel began to suck and her tongue twisted and swivelled over Max's length. Max groaned over and over again as his lover took his entire length into his mouth, her head continued to move up and down, gently sucking on it and sending wave after wave of pleasure into Max.

      "I...Izzzzzz...oh fuuuuuuuuu..." Max groaned

      Isabel moaned contentedly, the vibrations adding to the sensations already tingling over Max's erection. He almost didn't want her to stop but he knew why Isabel started, at least started this session. He knew that Isabel wanted to feel better and that with the death of her parents a part of her went with them. It was that that caused Max to pull Isabel's head from his lap.

      Isabel looked at him questioningly, but he just smiled seductively and took her hands in hers. With gentle indication from Max, Isabel moved back slightly and together she and Max stood up. His hand moved down to her his and Max rotated her around so that she was against the sofa. Without saying anything, Max kissed her softly before sitting her down onto the sofa seat.

      This time he ran his hands over her hers thighs, his fingers teasing her naked flesh as he crept up to her panties. He hooked his fingers over the waistband and started to pull them off of her, she rose up and then rested back down to help Max and in seconds both were naked. Max parted her legs and moved in, only breaking eye contact at the last possible second as he kissed his way up her inner thighs.

      Isabel brought her legs up and placed them on Max's shoulders. Soon he reached her sex and licked the length of her lower lips with his tongue. Isabel's back arched as she gripped the sofa, her nipples became harder as Max continued to work her pussy with his tongue. He ran it over and over her lips in one continuing circle. On every pass he pressed his tongue against her clit.

      "Aghhhhhh...Oh...ughhhhhhhh..." Isabel moaned to the delight of Max's ears

      His hands continued to hold her thighs but then one snaked up her body and cupped a large heaving breast. Max played with the nipple; Isabel pressed her chest harder into Max's grip. Max's tongue darted in and out of her pussy, going as deep as possible and all the while he was sending his energy into her as she did with him. It increased the fire within her each time he hit the right spots with his power. So long as that was used, neither could resist the other.

      Max kept going and going, sending his tongue deep into her and then sucked on her clit. Her body writhed and twisted under his touch until she grabbed hold oh his arms and pulled his body up and away from her cunt. There were beads of sweat on both their foreheads and as soon as their faces were aligned, they kissed each other. Both could feel how close their genitals were to each other.

      Max gently eased Isabel onto her back so that they were both on the sofa lengthways. He didn't move from being between her legs and the stared into each other's eyes as Isabel reached down between them. She took hold of his hard cock and, working together, they placed it at her wet core. Isabel let go and Max sank into her, both opened their mouths and sighed the further he pushed in.

      Max pulled back slightly and then pushed back in, Isabel wrapped her arms around him before he pulled back again. Max thrust him, using his whole body as he slid over Isabel's, feeling her nipples scrape his hard chest. Isabel's legs were up off the sofa, her inner thighs pressing against him as he moved between them.

      "Ma...Max...oh need you...this...Ughnnnnnnnnn." Isabel moaned

      " feel" Max sighed

      His dick sawed in and out of Isabel, their bodies moving together perfectly in time with each other. As their hands moved, trails of light followed as they pleasured each other with their bodies and energy. Each spark of energy sent a torrent of pleasure in to the recipient and caused a loud moan of bliss from deep inside them.





      In and out, his hips circled around and around pushing deeper and deeper into Isabel. They kissed between cries; Max ran his hand up from Isabel's breast, across her shoulder and down her arm. Their hands clasped tightly as he continued to thrust, Isabel pushed her hips down and clenched her inner muscles tightly each time he buried himself completely inside.


      Every thrust brought a new cry of bliss; they loved how they made each other feel when they were together.

      "Oh god...ughhhhhh...MAX....ughnnnnnnnn...say it Max." Isabel growled out


      "Please Max...say it. Aghnnnn...I want you...uhmmmmmm...too." Isabel sighed.

      Max couldn't help it, he would do anything she asked him to and both enjoyed it. "Ughnnnn...oh good. Sooooooo... goooooood."

      "Ughnnnnn...Max...yes..." Isabel cried. She never felt any jealousy over his fantasies of Liz: it was as much of a turn on to her as it was to him. Besides, keeping their secret was the most important thing in their lives, if a little fantasy help alleviate built up frustrations then who was she to deny it for her lover. She knew he felt the same.

      "Ugnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...yessssssssssssssss...Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" Max cried as his thrusts became harder. He knew he wouldn't last much longer and from the feel it Isabel was close as well.

      "Ughnnnnnn...right there...ughnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...yessssss...Al...Ale...Alex..."

      "That's it babe...uhgnnnnnnn..."



      The two lovers came together. Their bodies stiffened as Max buried himself in her on his last thrust and let his seed pour into Isabel's body as every one of her muscles trembled with bliss. Her lower lip shook until Max kissed her tenderly. The kiss was almost unending as they held each other.


      Max and Isabel lay under the fake tiger-skin rug, Max pulled it off the floor and used it as a blanket was they rested from their tryst on the sofa. Their naked bodies pressed together as they looked at each other.

      "Thank you." Isabel said

      "You do seem a little better." Max said

      Isabel smiled

      "There, that's what I haven't seen in a while." Max said as he leaned over and kissed her

      "You do always make me feel better." Isabel said, "Just like you'll do with Liz. You really have it bad for her."

      "Me? What about you? Are we talking Alex as in Alex Whitman?" Max asked


      "Uh huh?" Max asked

      "Well, lately I've been feeling a little...attracted to him." Isabel said, "I mean he's kind, gentle, caring...and I think he'd be okay with us being aliens."

      "Same with Liz. But we both know that they'll never know." Max said

      "Yeah. We made a pact." Isabel said

      "And one that we can't break." Max said, his hand running up from Isabel's hip to her arm

      "She is pretty cute though, and you have a bod that's just built for sex." Isabel said, remembering how Liz looked when she saw her in the locker room at school. More than once her imagination caused her to see what Liz and Max would look like together.

      Max blushed slightly but smiled, "I'm not the only one." He said and then kissed her

      Their hands continued to caress each other, gentle touches here and there as they pressed together, "Your mom knows we're sleeping together." She said dismissively

      Max could have swallowed his tongue as his body stiffened, "Uh...uh...uh... what?"

      "She knows...well at the very least she suspects it." Isabel said


      "Just a look she gave me and things she's said." Isabel said

      "No, not how you could she know?" Max asked

      "Max, we've been having sex for nearly a year now."

      "Yeah, two months tomorrow. Since just after our last birthday." Max said

      Isabel smiled that he remembered, "That was one hell of a birthday present. Anyway she may be your mother, Max, but she is a woman. It doesn't take much to spot the signs that we've become closer."

      "I...I don't think I want to go home now."

      Isabel smiled and chuckled slightly, "Well you have to, cause I can't afford having you stay here all the time."

      "But how can I look her in the eye..."

      "Max, we're best friends...well, with Michael too but that's neither here nor there. Besides, I could be wrong."

      "Oh when was the last time that happened?" Max asked

      Both started laughing, it was a foolish thought that she was wrong. It lasted for a while before Isabel's face lost the smile.

      "You okay?" Max asked

      "Yeah, just been a while since I did that." Isabel said, "I'm going to miss them so much."

      Max held her close, "I know."

      "I guess we should get cleaned up and dressed."

      "Yeah. We could get back on with the packing if you want?" Max asked

      "No, I think I'll start again tomorrow." Isabel said

      "Okay, well you know where to find me." Max said

      Together they got out from under the rug and straightened it on the floor before they headed upstairs. They showered separately and came out fully dressed. Max invited Isabel to dinner at his place, he knew she probably didn't feel like cooking and Take Out had been her preferred food for the last couple of days. Both knew that Diane wouldn't object so Isabel accepted.

      When they arrived at Max's house, he could barely look his mother in the eye but when he did he knew that she knew. It made him want to run and hide for cover but Isabel being near helped. Diane asked how much they got done but they answered that it wasn't much and that they'd finish tomorrow. All Diane could do was look back and forth between the two, she had suspected that they were sleeping together but she couldn't understand it. They loved each other deeply as best friends but she knew that there wasn't any deeper emotional connection that brought them together as lovers.

      Later, when Philip arrived home, all four sat down to dinner. Isabel couldn't help it when her thoughts drifted to all the family dinners she had and now wouldn't get anymore of. Max sensed it in her and could see it in her eyes; he reached over and held her hand reassuringly. Both parents saw it and say the look in Isabel's eyes, and how it faded with Max's help.

      Stonehenge, England...

      Just as the moon was coming over the horizon, a group of men and women had gathered at the stone circle in the Salisbury Plain. By the road to the monolith their motorcycles lined the grass embankment and on each one was a picture of a full moon with a bolt of lightening through it. On the opposite side was a picture of an animal, most were a mixture of wolves and felines but there were also a few others.

      In the circle, the bikers had all gathered, all were sitting on their knees and looking down at the ground while their leader stood in at the exact centre. Two others brought a bag up from the bikes and put it by their leader's side. He opened the bag and pulled out a metal object. It was square at the base with an orb on top and coming out of that was a cluster of metal cylinders.

      Then out came a knife, he cut his hand straight across the palm and let the blood run freely before he pressed his hand to the orb part. Light appeared from the cylinders and when he pulled his hand away, the bloody handprint vanished into the device as though it was feeding on the blood. A charge of static electricity built up and shot out to the ring of stones. Ripples of light flowed inward over the gathered people and then mist poured out of where it joined.

      "WHY HAVE YOU SUMMONED ME?" a voice boomed from the light

      "My lord, the girl comes of age." Said the leader in a thick Irish accent


      "Yes my lord."


      "It will be done, she will lead us to our goal and to the Sanctuary. From there your plan will come to be."

      "YES." The voice said, practically growling, before the light vanished

      When the device died down, the other bikers stood up and gathered round. Two then stepped forward, a tall Nordic blonde and 16-year- old boy. The leader's wife and son. He had his mother's hair and good looks but his father's brute force strength and strong will.

      "Where to now, Patrick?" she asked

      "You will take our son to Moon Peak. Get settled there my son, prepare for the girl's arrival. I will take the pack to Roswell."

      "You'll be recognised, taking the pack will give him warning." His son said

      "Of course it will, Orin. But by tradition he can't turn me away if I ask for a meeting." Patrick said, "She will be one of us."

      The pack went back to their bikes and drove noisily off into the night. They had a boat waiting for them to take them to the States.

      Crashdown, Roswell, 2 Weeks Later

      With a resounding bang, the single shot rang out as it penetrated deep into Liz's body. She fell backwards as the two men who were fighting ran out of the café. Maria looked over to Liz and saw her on the floor, Max followed her line of sight to Liz and he ran to her after telling Maria to phone an ambulance. Michael tried to stop him at first but the look in his friend's eyes told him to back off. When Max got to Liz, he pulled open her uniform and rested his hand over the wound.

      "You need to look at me Liz." Max said

      Liz barely opened her eyes to look at him as he placed his hand behind her head. The connection formed. Max's healing energy flowed over the wound regenerating the damage to her body. Through the connection Max started seeing images from Liz's life but then it all stopped. As the healing almost finished, Max saw nothing in the connection but black space. Then there was a loud roar in their minds and the connection was forcefully broken.

      He was sent backward against the counter just as Liz sat up, pulling her uniform closed. Their eyes locked onto each other and both were the same, yellow with oval shaped pupils heading from top to bottom. In seconds their eyes went back to normal but both the roar of the cat still echoed in their minds. It lingered for a few more seconds before Max got up and ran out of the café.

      "Don't tell anyone...please." Max said, not knowing himself what had just happened at the end of the connection. It had never happened before.

      2 Days Later...

      Everything was back to normal, at least in the Crashdown. Liz's mind was going in a thousand places. She had confronted Max and he told her that he was an alien, and as she learned later, it was much to the dismay of Michael and Isabel. Liz tried to keep it a secret but eventually Maria was told. With a short lived run of panic into the night, Maria calmed down.

      As Liz adjusted to everything, Maria took several timeouts with the help of a vial of Cedar Oil. However, both girls were back at work behind the counter and serving people. They tried their best not to think about it but it was the biggest secret on the planet and they were now apart of it. Soon, a man wearing shades walked into the café with a large husky walking next to him.

      "Hi can I help you?" Liz asked before noticing the dog, "Oh sorry sir, we can't allow any pets in here."

      "Oh Kayla isn't a pet, she's my guide dog. I'm blind."

      "Oh...OH sorry. I didn't realise. Well"

      "How about a stood at the counter Liz." He said

      "Sure...hey wait, how'd you know my name?" Liz asked

      "Well I haven't been near you since you were a baby but you're still the same." He said with a smile and sniffed the air. He heard about what had happened and all the rumours surrounding it, until this moment and the scent on the air, he didn't know if she had been really shot.

      "I don't know you." Liz said

      "But I do." Jeff said as he walked in with a smile on his face. "Liz, this is Stephen Gardener. You still seeing for this looser Kayla?" he asked the husky which barked

      "So you guys know each other?" Liz asked

      "Oh yeah. You could say we were at school together." Jeff said, both men smiling, "I haven't seen you since Liz was born."

      "Well that was a special day." Stephen said but the look on Jeff's face told him to keep quiet about anything more. "Well, at any rate I've been around. We need to talk."

      "Sure come on up. Nancy will love to see you." Jeff said

      Liz watched as Jeff went to the back door with Kayla following, leading Stephen. Stephen moved around every obstacle as though he could see. His movement was smooth and unhindered and as Liz looked at her father who smiled at her. He could see in her eyes that she was trying to work out how he got there without so much as a bumped chair. Little did she know that when Jeff asked Kayla if she was `still seeing' for him that he was being very literal.

      Living Room, Parker Residence, Immediately Following

      Jeff, Stephen and Kayla walked into the living room. Nancy was in her room when she suddenly picked up on something new in the air and then heard a bark. She came out and saw the two guests.

      "Oh my god." Nancy said as she went to hug him, "When did you get into town?"

      "Just now. I couldn't resist seeing Liz again so I stopped by downstairs. She's certainly grown a lot."

      "Sixteen years is a very long time." Nancy said

      "So, what brings you to Roswell?" Jeff asked

      "Liz is coming of age."

      "We know. She's had the dreams." Nancy said

      "You haven't told her any of it yet?" Stephen asked

      "No. We're waiting until the next full moon before we tell her what she is, what she really is." Nancy said

      "What about who she is?"

      Both parents looked at each other.

      "She deserves to know. All of it." Stephen said, "What happens when she goes to Moon Peak and she's the only one who doesn't know?"

      "We want her to have as much of a safe and normal life as possible." Jeff said

      "I understand that but that changed the second it was a girl you had. Everybody in our world knows of her and most are raised with the legend, even before they hear it at the school. Sooner or later someone will tell her." Stephen said

      "I take it you know what happened?" Nancy said

      "I smelled the blood when I walked in. The signs are all around us, all the tribes know that the time is approaching, two days ago the First Born Daughter died and was brought back. Even the sceptics among us are rethinking their position now. Liz is the one."

      Jeff and Nancy both sighed, "Okay, we'll tell her about the prophecy. I take it Moon Peak is aware that the time is approaching?"

      "Yes and so are your tribal leaders. There is one person in particular who isn't too fond of the idea of sharing power."

      "I can imagine. What about your tribe?" Nancy asked

      "They've been waiting for this for a long time. I've already made some arrangements to make sure your daughter's back is being watched."


      "Scott's at Moon Peak with his pack. What about..."

      "Well there may be something to that part of the prophecy but we're not going to discuss it until we've spoken to Liz about it." Jeff said

      "You mean you've encountered people who could be..."

      "Let's just say they don't smell...right." Nancy said

      "A Pride born of Earth and of distant stars, formed by the blood of the First Born Daughter. Shaped by her own hand." Stephen said, "That's been the biggest mystery of the prophecy since...well, forever. I suppose we'll all find out in time."

      "Question is, how much time we have left." Nancy said

      Stephen nodded; no one had an answer for that. Then stood up, "Well I better get going. I don't suppose you know of a nice out of the way place where a guy can run around?"

      "Fraser Wood, a few miles east. Shouldn't take long for Kayla to find it." Nancy said

      "Good, it'll be nice to stretch my legs."

      "Just don't draw any attention." Jeff said

      Stephen smiled, "Who me?"

      All three said goodbye and Stephen left. After a nice half hour walk he found the woods. Once deep inside, Stephen made sure he was alone before he `changed'. He and Kayla then ran freely.

      Liz's Bedroom, 2 Weeks Later ­ Night of a Full Moon

      Once again Liz was in bed, only this time she was writhing and twisting a lot more than usual. The dream was far more vivid and intense than ever before, however this time Liz wasn't afraid of what was around her. She had the distinct feeling that whatever it was that she was running from wasn't chasing her anymore. It was guiding her on.

      As the moonlight filled her bedroom her body reacted. Her blood pumped in her veins as she reached the temple in her mind. Once again the cat waited for her but it didn't leap to her, it calmly walked to Liz and she knelt before it. As Liz reached out to pet it, it vanished when she touched the fur.

      That was when Liz woke up and sat straight up in bed. Liz got up and headed to the bathroom, she never turned on a light. She didn't need to, everything in the room could be seen as clear as if it was day to her eyes. Once in the bathroom, Liz turned on the tap and used the water to splash her face. It was then that Liz felt something different.

      Liz looked into her mirror. She jumped back and screamed at the reflections, not understanding what she was seeing. Liz ran her hand over her face and slowly began to accept what she was seeing was really her face. She stood there in her pyjamas, her body was covered in soft golden fur; her face, mouth, eyes, ears and nose were all catlike. Her canine teeth had become longer and sharper and her ears more pointed. Liz then looked over more of herself, her body's muscles had become much more defined, she felt stronger than she ever had, even her breasts looked bigger.

      In addition, her hair was still long and dark, just not as dark as it was and had golden streaks running all the way through it. However, none of that compared to what was her most distinctive feature. She noticed the long slender tail waving behind her, coming out of the waistband of her thin pyjama bottoms.

      "Oh my god. Max, what did you do to me?" Liz asked herself. Given recent days, her encounter with Max was the only logical explanation of what she was seeing.

      Then there was a knock at her bathroom door, "Liz, honey, are you okay?" Nancy asked

      Liz didn't answer, she could barely register everything...anything. All she could do was look at herself in the mirror.

      "Liz?" Jeff asked

      "'m fine dad." Liz said dismissively

      "We heard a scream?" Jeff said

      "Uh, yeah. I couldn't sleep, came in here and got surprised by a spider."

      "Open the door Liz." Nancy said

      "Mom, I'm okay." Liz said

      "Liz please. I think we need to talk." Jeff said

      "Mom, dad, please. I...I'm alright." Liz said, cringing severely as she looked at her reflection again.

      Just then the door burst open, Liz jumped back at first. She tried to hide her face from her parents, not wanting them to see her like this but her eye caught a glimpse of them. She slowly lowered her hand to look at them.

      "Oh my god." Liz said again

      There before her were her mother and father with the exact same physical features as herself. All three looked distinctly feline from the fur to the tails.

      "Hi Honey." Nancy said with a smile

      "Surprise." Jeff said

      To Be Continued...

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