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New Beginnings, Chapter 4

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 6, 2003

Part:4/19 "New Beginnings"
Author: Alex Parrish
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Katims, Metz and the WB. No infringement is intended. I own nothing, Trust me. Suing is futile!
Paring: M/K
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Distribution: Roswell Slash Archive/Others Ask
Rating: X? Explicit sex and language
Spoilers: Nothing in particular and seasons 1,2,3 in general
Thanks: To aunty_mib, Beta extraodinaire, eh!
Summary/General: The lives of the 7 primary characters for 9 months after they leave season 3.
Summary/Chapter: Story resumes on their escape from Roswell.

The Motel

      That second night we argued a little bit about whether it was best to stay in a small town where the feds might not look, but people might easily remember us, or go to a large town where we would be just another carload among hundreds. Finally, Jesse spotted a place that fit our plan, and Isabel went in with Maria's motheržs credit card. She came out with 4 keys. Apparently, that's all the rooms that were available.

      "Everyone pay attention." Isabel ordered, "I had to write down names of the people in each of the rooms, so I had to come up with aliases right on the spot. You may not like what I made-up for you, but you will have to know it just for tonight and tomorrow; I don't think you'll have to use it except if you deal with someone from the motel."

      "OK, just give them to us so we can get some rest." Michael was clearly impatient.

      "Now, remember, I had to do this on the spur of the moment, and to make matters worse, at this time of night, or I should say, morning, the desk clerk stood right there watching me, so I couldn't appear to be making things up. Jesse, you and I were first. I thought of your middle name; Esteban, it's also a common Hispanic surname, and I don't know where I came up with Carlos, but you're Carlos Esteban. The first name for myself that popped into my mind was my mother's, so I'm Diane Esteban. Using that same line of thinking, Max, you've got dad's name, Phillip, and I tried to pick something that reminded me of you so that it was memorable. I thought of your hair, so you are Phillip Black."

      Max protested, "But my hair's not really black"

      Isabel shook her head like the big-sister in charge. "Max, please try to cooperate and not make this any more difficult than it already is."

      Michael jumped in, „You better not have called me Hank! That man is not my father, and I hate that man and don't even want to hear that name!"

      Isabel countered, "Don't be silly, I'm not insensative, you know, I knew that Hank wouldn't work. I thought of Henry, but I suspected that was Hank's real name, and that was still too close, so I remembered a boy from junior high who was named Henry after his father, and he was called 'Bud.'"

      "Bud...,Bud" Michael tried it on for size. "Bud..., I like it -- it suits me, it's short, masculine, Bud." He put his arm around Maria, and with mock sincerity, offered, "This Bud's for you."

      "Pu-leeze," Maria rolled her eyes.

      Michael continued, "What's my last name?"

      "Well, remember, I didn't have any time to think because she was watching me, so the first thing that came to mind was 'trailer park' and I knew that 'trailer' wouldn't sound right, so I went with 'Park' and added an 's' on the end so it wouldn't sound Korean; Bud Parks."

      "Bud Parks, that's cool!" Michael was satisfied.

      "What about me?" Maria asked.

      "Well," Isabel continued, "Maria, Liz, please forgive me, but I thought it would be easier if I just married you off. Maria you became Amy, after your mom, and Parks along with Michael, er, Bud. Liz, you're Nancy Black paired with Phillip over there. That left only Kyle."

      "I can hardly wait" I groaned.

      "Well, I really don't think much of the name 'James', it's so...common, and Jim is even more so."

      "Hey, watch it" I protested, "That's my father's name, and my middle name you're talking about!"

      "I know" Isabel gave a psuedo-sympathetic tilt of her head and her sickly sweet voice completed the thought without words, ("you poor thing.") "So I settled on 'Jamie'."

      "I can live with that. Last name?"

      "I thought first of 'Sheriff', and that led to 'Law' and I started to write 'Law' and just kept going and it became 'Lawler, Jamie Lawler.'"

      "Lawler, got it."

      Maria then piped up immediately, "Michael and I want a room to ourselves." Isabel replied, "So do Jesse and I."

      That left three people and 2 keys. I decided to volunteer for solo when Liz surprised everyone, by stating that she wanted one of the rooms by herself. She looked at Max and quietly said, "I think it's best if you and I are not together tonight; I need some time by myself to sort out some issues, and I think you and Kyle have some things to discuss as well."

      I had not spoken to Liz for several hours; not since Max revealed that He and I were co-fathers of Tess' baby. I was sure she hated me. I was looking at the ground as I asked, "How long have you known ... about Max and Me?"

      She spoke quietly; "For about a week, now."

      "You hate me?"

      "No, I donžt hate you." She reached for my hand. "This is a really, really complicated situation -- it's going to take some time to sort out, but, I love Max, and; Kyle, youžre my friend, and Max loves you and you love Max, so there has to be a solution -- a way to make everyone happy; I just don't know what it is yet. You and Max spend tonight together and begin sorting-out some of your issues, and we'll just take it a day at a time."

      I nodded, took the key from Isabel, and gave a little squeeze to Liz's hand which was still holding mine. Max moved closer and kissed her on the forehead.

      The four rooms were spread-out around the motel; Max and I had to walk the farthest, which we did silently. I unlocked the door and walked in. Max took the key from the door, placed the "do not disturb" sign on the knob and closed the door behind him, locking the dead-bolt (with his hand, like a human) and engaging the night-chain. It was a typical motel room, like tens of thousands around the country in as many franchise motels, but I wasn't thinking about the decor when Max grabbed my shoulder from behind and spun me around. His embrace was tight, almost smothering, and there were tears in his eyes. I had managed to hold myself together (if you don't count hurling) all through the night; until I saw the tears, and then it all came flooding out. I think it was seeing Max cry that did it to me; I had never before seen him so out-of-control -- not even when he was drunk. But now, he wasn't just crying a little; he was engulfed in heart-wrenching sobs on my shoulder, holding onto me so tightly that I almost couldn't breathe. In about a minute, we both calmed down. He wiped his eyes and blew his nose on a tissue he pulled from a pocket of his jeans, all the while shaking his head and saying "I'm sorry; I'm so sorry." He let me take him by the hand and lead him over to the edge of one of the 2 king-sized beds. I thought, "How appropriate for the King of Antar," but kept it to myself. I put my arms around him and just held him for a couple minutes before he spoke.

      "I've really made a mess of things, haven't I?"

      It did not seem to require an answer.

      "I've let everyone down; my parents, Sheriff ... uh...your dad, Isabel, Michael, Liz, the baby, and you, too. I couldn't blame you if you never wanted to see me again.

      I was almost at a loss for words, but, as usual, opened my mouth anyway; "Don't be so hard on yourself. You're only human; ..., well ..., half-human." At least that brought a quick laugh amid the tears.

      I hoped I was on a roll and continued; "Hey, you haven't let me down. How could you have let me down?" (Damn -- dumb question!)

      More tears, and then he cleared his throat and softly spoke; "I knew that my son was your son too, and I hid that from you until it was too late for you to ... I donžt know ... hold him, feed him, stare at him -- I couldn't seem to take my eyes off him -- and I was selfish. I kept him to myself. I didn't even involve you in the decision to send him away. I feel like such a phony; how could I do this to someone I love? To you? I don't think I can ever even ask you to forgive me for that."

      "Well, yes, therežs that ..." I was out of words, and at the same time I began to realize that what he said was absolutely true. I had been so absorbed in the whole IDEA that I had a son, that I completely overlooked the fact that, in all probability, I would never see him. The more I thought about it, the more bewildered and hurt I felt, yet, I knew in my brain, that this was not the time to deal with that issue. We would absolutely have to deal with it, but not tonight. "Look; you did the best you could in an unbelievable situation. You did what had to be done. You may have kept my son from me, but you also made it possible for him to have a normal life. However much it hurts me, I know in my mind that you did the right thing for him, even if, right now, it hurts like hell."

      I think I was doing better at convincing Max than convincing myself; anyway, that seemed to calm him.

      "Go ahead and use the bathroom first and get ready for bed, I know you're as exhausted as I am. You DO use the bathroom don't you?" I was joking, I hoped. Max complied.

      While he was in the bathroom, I made an executive decision and folded back only one bed. Max and I had not slept together since that first time on the camping trip; had sex, yes, but not actually slept. I figured that when I came out of the bathroom, if he was in the other bed, I would know he wanted the bed to himself.

      He came out--I went in. When I came out he was in the bed I had folded-back. I climbed in beside him. He grabbed my shoulder as I got in and drew me down for a deep kiss. Despite my being dog-tired, the buzz was still unmistakably there. One more hot-alien kiss and I would be primed for hot-alien-sex. I doubted that either of us had the energy tonight. I pulled away and rolled over to switch off the light, but before I could reach for it, it went out and Max was planting another kiss on me.

      "Buddha-boy, I think I'm too tired to do more than breathe tonight, but I want you here with me; touching me, OK?"

      I complied.

      Neither of us moved a hair in what little was left of the night and well into the next day. Max snored. I woke to the sounds of kids out in the motel's pool at about 1:00 PM. I found myself alone in bed, but I could hear the shower running. Throwing my legs over the side of the bed, I had a good stretch and a yawn and shook my head to make sure I was really awake, then padded into the steam-filled bathroom. I slowly slid back the curtain a little, so as not to startle him. I almost gasped at the sight of him; naked, wet, hair full of shampoo, and with two days growth of beard. Somehow the water made his lithe body seem even more sleek and hard. I thought "Those Martians really know how to clone a man!" or maybe I said it out loud. I know I gave a little whistle, and he looked at me and grinned and held out his hand to me, inviting me in. I complied.

      Like most cheap motels, the shower was in the tub, so there was not much room to maneuver. He stepped back so that I could get into the water stream and began rubbing water on my back. I wet my hair and pushed it back on my head and immediately turned and went for an embrace and a deep kiss. We were pressed together tightly and, in mere seconds, I could feel his erection poking my belly, and mine poking back. He felt like deep velvet stretched over marble. Shampoo began to drip down his face and to our lips. Our tongues were fencing as were our cocks, but we both reacted as the shampoo hit our taste buds. We pulled back, laughing as we each tried to spit out the vile suds. We laughed hard! What a difference from last night-- to see him laugh. We switched places again and I ran my fingers through that thick mop of raven hair as the shampoo rinsed down the drain. Once he was shampoo-free, he turned to me again, starting, this time, on my neck; nibbling a little, kissing a little, finding all the sensitive spots. He kissed and nibbled his way down to my chest and eventually to my left nipple, which his tongue flicked mercilessly, and I noticed I was moaning. I massaged his shoulders as he switched to my other nipple for a few moments, and before I knew it he was on his knees in front of me, licking the head of my cock like an ice-cream cone. I felt a shudder run through my body as he moved his tongue up and down the shaft. I donžt write porn, but I know enough about it to know that you don't want to read a bunch of "Oh Baby" and "Yeah, man, take it" and all the other clichČs you find in most porn, but to tell the truth, thatžs kind-of the way we really talked. (How do men learn that vocabulary -- is it genetic?) Now he was taking my cock deep in his mouth, and I thought I might explode at any moment, so I reached down and pulled him up.

      "My turn" I whispered. His cock was hard as stone and the skin, velvet, but stretched more loosely; plenty of foreskin for me to slide up and down. I started at the tip and licked every square inch of this wonderful royal scepter, taking my time and alternating between licking and deep sucking. In due course I could feel his body shaking and I knew he was there. I swallowed as deeply as I could and he thrust and shuddered at least five times. The alien "fizz" filled my throat and bubbled at the back of my mouth as I greedily swallowed every drop. He stopped his thrusting and was still panting as I rose and our mouths met again.

      He nibbled my earlobe and whispered, "Letžs go to the bed." We didn't even bother to dry-off, we just went to the other bed, the one we had not slept in, Max pulling me with him. I started to lay atop him, but he sat up and pushed me back on my haunches, raising his legs to rest on my shoulders.

      "I want to see your face" he commanded. He opened his other hand and revealed he had brought some lotion from the bathroom. "Here." He put it on my hands.

      I took that as a cue and reached down to apply some lotion, but, he had to guide my hand to the spot. The orifice was soft, and I began massaging the lotion in with a circular motion. His moans told me that I was doing OK. I continued slowly, finally daring to apply a little pressure and let one finger ever-so-gently pry him open and slip in. That got a big moan. Once in, I turned the finger to massage the tight little tunnel and then, slowly, slowly began moving it in and out. That got a good response. After a few moments he commanded, "Two! Two fingers!" I complied, and it can't have been more than 30 seconds when he spoke aloud, "Do it!" "Now!" I removed my fingers and picked up the lotion to apply some to my throbbing erection, then, with his hand guiding again, placed it at the opening. It felt as though he actually shoved himself on to it; at any rate, I was soon sliding in an inch or so. He moaned.

      I backed off --"Am I hurting you?" "Donžt stop -- it's a good hurt -- don't stop!" I didn't, gradually increasing in depth and speed 'til I was pistoning him like an out-of-control machine. His hand was working his own cock which was already hard again, and I could tell he was close again. Suddenly, I heard a loud 'crack' like lightning splitting the air, and -- I don't exactly know how to explain this -- it was like we entered another dimension. Time was moving in ultra-slow- motion and I could hear my heart beating at about one beat every 20 seconds, and I could hear Max's heart pounding at a similar speed, not quite matching my beats -- it was as if there were a chorus of African Drummers in the room. My thrusts, which a second ago were maniacal, seemed to take a minute each. I was looking into Max's eyes and it seemed that my whole head was absorbed into them. We were spinning in some kind of vortex -- flying at light speed all the while still fucking. If I were to depend on my senses, I would say this went on for about 2 hours before I came. The orgasm caused my entire body to explode and recombine as part of Max's body, three, four, five times over then next hour, and then there was just a wet, deep, silence for another hour before I awoke.

      Slowly I began to recall where I was and what I was doing, and realized that I was lying on Max, my head on his chest, and my chest in the sticky pool from his second orgasm. I had apparently pulled out and he had lowered his legs, and was lying peacefully, as though asleep -- but without the snore. Instinctively, I checked the clock on the bedside table, but, I thought it had to be wrong. It said 1:30. How was this possible? I knew that Max and I had been on the bed for nearly 4 hours. Or, I thought I knew that. No, it was just that infamous "hot-alien-sex" which I dreamed about constantly whenever Max and I could not find a time or place for a secret tryst. I knew that this was the way it affected me, but I was startled each and every time.

      "Whoa!!!!" was all I was capable of saying.

      Max was awake again. "I'd better finish my shower; Coming?"

      This time we concentrated on lathering each other's bodies and actually washing. Max was going to shave next, but I tried to talk him out of it. That wasn't working, so I pleaded and whined -- that worked. He is So-o-o-o hot with two-days beard. We dressed and headed out to get some food and find the others.

      Liz and Maria had eaten already and were at the pool. They told us that Jesse and Isabel had headed for the motel's restaurant no more than five minutes ago, and that we might possibly catch-up with them. Michael was still sleeping. When we got to the restaurant, Jesse and Isabel had already been seated in a booth for two, so we decided not to disturb them, and were seated at a small table in another room. The menu was typical, but the quality of the food was far from that of the Crashdown. We scarfed it up, anyway. Max had to ask twice for the Tabasco. We passed by Isabel's booth on the way out, and Jesse offered to loan Max his razor; Max just laughed. We agreed to meet as a group in their room at 4:00, and promised to tell Liz and Maria, and to try to wake Michael in time. We found Liz and Maria again, and Maria reluctantly volunteered to get Michael underway. Max and I decided to go back to the room and talk-through a few things before the meeting.

      It came as no surprise to me that, when we returned to the room, Max was much more interested in using our time alone for sex, rather than talking. I admit that it was very, very tempting to give in to this, but I knew that, as much as we would enjoy the sex, Max was using this as an excuse not to deal with some of the stuff we needed to deal with pretty quickly if the group was going to function in peace. Still, saying 'no' to hot-alien-sex with Max goes against my nature. I forced myself, after allowing one more sloppy, wet, hot kiss.

      I took a deep breath and jumped-in head-first; "I need to know where I fit-in with you and Liz. I know that you love her and I know that you love me, or so you tell me, but I am not willing to be the fifth wheel. I need to know if there is going to come a time when you have to choose between us, and if that time comes ..., well ... I just don't know. Talk to me, Max."

      I was determined to let the silence go on as long as necessary until Max talked to me. To my surprise, it was a short silence.

      "Ižve been thinking of practically nothing else for the last two days now, and I've come to the conclusion that we can make this work." He sounded confident. "I mean, this is not that unique -- except the alien part -- there are Mormons who live with committed multiple partners, even today -- even though it is against the law. It's been their practice for a hundred-and-fifty years. And, it's not illegal if we don't get married; and we're sort-of married anyway by Antarian law, and I'm not sure that you and I can find a place to get legally married, except Vermont, but is it worth it? Is it important to you?"

      "It's definitely important to Liz, and I know you gave her a diamond, so I'm pretty certain that she has her heart set on nothing less than full, legal wedlock, and I'm just not sure where that leaves me." I tried not to sound discouraging, but ... There was more silence.

      He didn't sound too discouraged as he continued, "Remember back to Sophomore year, the night you got me drunk?"

      "Are you kidding? How could I ever forget?"

      "Yeah, well, you said something that night about, how we should divide Liz; I'd get her Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you would get her Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday."

      "C'mon, I was just joking, besides, sharing Liz is not the issue here."

      "Right, but it could work the same, if you and Liz agreed. I could divide my time between you and sleep with whose-ever day it is. Everybody wins!"

      I didnžt know what to say. It wasn't a perfect solution, but I had no alternative to offer, and I didn't even want to think about what could happen if Liz and Max and I couldnžt work something out. The thought of losing Max was just to painful to think. Still, Liz would have to agree, and how likely was it that she would?

      I started to protest, "I don't think Liz would go for it."

      "We wonžt know until we ask."

      "You mean, until you ask."

      "No, I mean until WE ask; if this is going to work, we have to start acting like a trio and taking responsibility together. We may as well start off that way from the beginning."

      "I don't know; if I were Liz, I think I would want the security of a legal marriage."

      There was a short silence, then he perked right up again. "Of course, I've got it! Therežs only one thing I can do; it's obvious!" In a flash he was on one knee and had my hand in his. "Kyle James Valenti, I love you with all my being. I cannot live without you."

      "Holy Karma!" I thought. "He sounds serious!" I spoke: "C'mon, get real!"

      "I've never been more serious in my life. And it's not just that I 'need' you for sex to stay fertile; I don't just want your body, I want all of you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if youžll have me. Kyle, will you marry me?"

      "Oh, man, Max! This is too weird! C'mon, get up."

      "Not until you answer me. I'm absolutely serious. I want to marry you, legally, if we can, but even if it's not legal, we can still get married. So I'm asking again; Kyle, will you marry me?"

      "Youžre serious, aren't you? This is crazy! What about Liz?"

      "I'm going to marry her too. I'm going to marry both of you. This way you'll both have absolutely equal standing."

      "Liz wonžt go for that."

      "You don't answer for Liz. I'm asking YOU. Once again, Kyle, will you marry me?"

      "This is crazy."

      "It's a yes-or-no question, but I'm telling you right now, if you say 'no', I'm just going to keep on asking until you say 'yes'."

      "You're really serious?"

      "Yes, absolutely!"

      "I ... I ... I don't know, it seems so weird"

      "I'm not getting up from here until I have an answer, and I want it to be 'yes'."

      "You can't spend the rest of your life on the floor."

      "I'm prepared to do just that. It's in your hands. I need an answer."

      I paused for a moment, but I realized he was determined, and this could go on forever. I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and, against my better judgment, I said, "Yes."

      He kissed my hand, then stood up and we embraced, with another hot, wet, sloppy, deep, totally erotic kiss. My head was spinning.

      He barely missed a beat as he began to plan; "We'll get to the meeting early, and, as soon as Liz gets there, we'll take her aside and talk to her. Shežll agree, Ižm sure of it!"

      "Either that , or she'll have us both committed, or murdered, or worse."

      "Kyle, you've got to think more positively."

      "Oh? Gee, just a minute, Ižll adjust my Dharma, OK? Therežs just one other thing..."

      "Whatžs that?"

      "What, no diamond?"

      Max responded with a full, rich belly-laugh. How I love that laugh!

      "Give me a break, will you? I promise, there will be a diamond."

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