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New Beginnings, Chapter 2

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 6, 2003

Part:2/19 "New Beginnings"
Author: Alex Parrish
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Katims, Metz and the WB. No infringement is intended. I own nothing, Trust me. Suing is futile!
Paring: M/K
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Distribution: Roswell Slash Archive/Others Ask
Rating: X? Explicit sex and language
Spoilers: Nothing in particular and seasons 1,2,3 in general
Thanks: To aunty_mib, Beta extraodinaire, eh!
Summary/General: The lives of the 7 primary characters for 9 months after they leave season 3.
Summary/Chapter: That first night escaping Roswell.

Escape From Roswell

      I guess it is best if I tell you the story from the beginning of our journey -- the night we left Roswell together. Thanks for doing your best to hold-off the forces who were chasing us - I knew I could count on you. As soon as we left town we knew that we were being followed. We could see the headlights gaining on us and the old VW van was screaming at maximum rpms, and still losing ground. I remember Max complaining, "Where in hell did Jesse get this van, anyway, the junkyard?" We were panicked. Michael was just about to zap the car using alien-power when Max yelled "Wait! That廣 MY car!"

      Sure enough, when it pulled closer, we could see that it was Max's convertible and Jesse was driving and waving us to pull over. He had changed his mind again and decided to blow-off Boston and come with Isabel. Isabel got out of the van and then there was a lot of shouting and crying and Jesse was on his knees and there was more hugging and crying and then kissing and hugging, and she got in Max's car. Jesse came back to the van to tell us that there was an unused dead-end side road about a mile ahead where he would hide the car, and then he and Isabel would join us in the van. Sure enough, about a mile ahead, they were waiting for us, having put the car where it was not visible from the highway. They climbed in, and we were on the road again.

      I couldn't help asking Jesse; "Where did you get this ancient relic, excuse me, van, the junk yard or some museum? How much did they pay you to take it away"

      "Hey," he countered, "it was the best I could do on such short notice; there was a maximum on how much money I could get out of the ATM, and I didn廠 really have time to shop around, or wait for a car-loan, smart-ass."

      "Speaking of LOANS," Max jumped in, "I don't remember loaning my car to my brother-in-law. I hope you didn廠 hurt the ignition hot-wiring it."

      "Well, brother-in-law, I didn廠 exactly think you were going to need that car again any time soon."

      "Yeah, well, I hope you didn廠 screw-it-up, anyway."

      Isabel rolled her eyes and added, sarcastically, to no one in particular, "Boys and their toys!"

      We started driving without a real plan or destination, but we made a plan as we drove. Again, I can廠 tell you the major parts of our plan, but I can tell you that we drove for many days, or I should say, nights - we stopped and slept during the day, and we changed vans several times, and changed the color of the vans every 2 hours or so (Isabel can do that! It廣 really cool!). We drove in a crazy route, sometimes doubling back and frequently changing directions, just to confuse anyone trying to follow us. I believe we made a clean getaway. I HOPE so.

      That first night we were too tired and scared to talk much about anything except getting away. By the third night we had a plan and a destination and plans for getting the money and things we would need to live. More about that later. It was the second night when the 'shit-hit-the-fan.'

      Things had settled to the point that we were pretty sure we were not being followed. We had driven nonstop through the night and the next day into the night, taking three-hour shifts; one driving, and a buddy to help make sure the driver stayed awake. It must have been about 1:00 AM and I was wide awake, thanks to the Mexican fast-food we had taken in earlier at 'El Burrito Grande, Inc.'

      Jesse was driving with Isabel riding shotgun. Maria was snoozing off-and-on, leaning on Michael's shoulder in the back seat and Liz was doing pretty much the same on Max's shoulder in the middle seat. I was sitting on the floor, leaning back into Isabel's seat- back, with my legs stretched out to the back of the van floor. I had been watching Michael's eyes trying to drill a hole in Max's head for the better part of the last hour, while Max seemed to be pretending that Michael was not there at all. No one was talking, except the DJ on some obscure and miserable Mexican radio station which was playing quietly to help Jesse keep awake.

      Suddenly Michael spoke, "It廣 time, Maxwell." as though there had been a conversation taking place all along.

      "I will -- but not here; not now." there was a hint of annoyance in Max's tone, but not anger.

      But, Michael seemed angry. "No -- it廣 time NOW. You tell him --or I will." Michael廣 stare now fixed directly on me as did Max's.

      "Please Michael,...don't,...please?"

      "Michael is right" Isabel announced as she turned to face the group. "He has to be told and now is as good a time as any; we're all here. Do it now."

      "ISABEL! Stay out of this. I said I would and I will -- when I am ready." Max looked pissed now. He crossed his arms and stared out the window into the blackness as if he could see something.

      "Hey -- the 'HE' you are apparently referring to is right here in the van with you and 'HE' can hear you" I pointed out to no one in particular.

      Isabel fired right back at him, "We gave you a chance -- you had a whole week; plenty of time. Now it廣 time for someone to do it if you can't. Go ahead, Michael."

      After what seemed an eternity of silence, Michael cleared his throat and began, "Listen-up, Buddha-boy, if you廝e gonna claim you're one of us, there廣 some stuff you need to know about and I guess I幟 elected to tell it."

      "Golly-gee, guys, Now I am intrigued". I tried to sound as disinterested as possible, but I really was actually curious at this point.

      "Well... where to start? Well... you know that we are aliens; Max Isabel and me."

      Six voices in unison came up with "D'UH!

      "OK, OK, so the point is that we're different from you, physically, I mean. Similar, but different."

      "I had always assumed so" (I tried to sound amused)

      "OK, OK, on Antar -- where we're from... well, there seems to always be a war somewhere, always. And the King, and his male advisers are all soldiers, or fighters."

      "You'd think they寮 at least let the King be an officer" I smiled dryly.

      "Yeah,-- OK, we're officers. Now shut up! The point is that, a long time ago -- I幟 talking a couple thousand years ago -- our ancestors did a little genetic engineering to make us better fighters. They had this idea that men fought better if they were fighting beside their mate -- or their lover. There was an army like that here on earth too - remember from history class, the sacred army of thieves...?"

      Max interrupted, "That's Thebes. T-H-E-B-E-S, not thieves - they weren't thieves!"

      "OK -- whatever -- THEBES." Michael continued, "anyway, the ancient Romans thought that..."

      "They were Greeks" Max said quite quietly, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

      "Look -- do you want to do this Maxwell -- because it SHOULD be YOU doing this, not me." Michael didn廠 try to hide his annoyance this time.

      "No, you廝e doing fine, just go ahead." Max was still staring out the window, stone-faced, arms crossed.

      "Ok then, these Greeks, or geeks or whatever had this army made up all of male lovers. and they really kicked-ass."

      "Michael ..., I幢l do it." He was still clearly pissed, and rested his forehead on his hand for a moment.

      Michael sat back looking smugly satisfied.

      Max gave a resigned sigh, then started this story:

      The men of Antar, including Michael and me, were genetically engineered many generations ago to be lovers as well as fighters. Or, at least the aristocracy and the military men were. In order to make this happen in a society which, we think, had been mostly hetero-, they engineered a gland attached to the prostate gland in our bodies. When the men...uh...make love, this gland receives the semen from...uh...the other man, and stores it. It gets mixed with his own sperm. Only this mixed sperm can result in a pregnancy when a man mates with a woman. It takes the sperm of both men to make a baby. Obviously the result is that most men on Antar are what you would call bisexual, either by their nature or through necessity. Bisexual behavior is considered the norm for men. Most men find a partner fairly early on and remain lovers with them, even after both are married to women, so that they can procreate. Because both men are, technically, the father of a baby, it also insures that, if one father is killed in battle, the child has another father to take care of it. It seems to work pretty well on Antar, because the system has been in place for hundreds of generations.

      "So... you're telling me that you're bisexual? Max, I don't know when everyone else found out, but this is not exactly news to me, is it? Liz, you knew?"

      "I recently found out, thanks to Tess' return. Her eyes shot daggers at Max and she didn't have to finish the thought aloud; her eyes added, "and no thanks to you, Max." and then SHE started staring out the window into the nothingness.

      Max stared at her for a beat, then shook his head; "There's more."

      After a boy reaches puberty, he MUST have sex with another male regularly; at least every three weeks or so, or the gland begins to atrophy. If he doesn廠 get his injection of sperm, first the gland just tingles and itches, then after a couple more weeks it aches, and then, supposedly it dies and ... no babies. An Antarian male must remain sexually active with another male in order to stay fertile. Our ancestors were pretty insistent that things go their way. By now you have probably figured-out that Zan and Rath were lovers as well as King and advisor. When Michael and I reached puberty we ... discovered our mutual need and became ... sex-buddies. We影e been sleeping together -- and having uh... anal sex -- for about 6 years now.

      "Oh -- isn廠 this really sweet! So what are you telling me? That you and Michael are lovers, and that our relationship -- if it really IS a relationship -- was just some kind of fling or a handy way to satisfy your 'itch,' your 'monthly visitor' when Michael wasn廠 available? Cause, if that is your message, I幟 feeling really uneasy about even being here. If that廣 what廣 going on, you might have told me before I chucked everything I had and knew and set-off to Buddah-knows-where to be with you. And I'm beginning to feel really used. How about you, Maria?"

      Maria rolled her eyes and said. "Pul-eeze! The shock hasn廠 worn off yet."

      She gave Michael a disgusted look, and then SHE was staring out the window. I wondered if there were going to be enough windows left to get to the bottom-line of this story.

      NO! Kyle, no! That is SO not true. I admit that, when I first invited you to go on that camping trip, It was for selfish reasons; I knew you liked guys because I saw it when I healed you, and I knew that you were secretly in love with me, even though you wouldn廠 admit it even to yourself. At first I thought I could seduce you just for sex. Michael and I weren廠 speaking, and Liz had broken up with me again, and I just thought it would be easy to use you; but once we were together, and I realized one-on-one how you really felt about me, and how I really felt about you, everything changed. And you know that we both hated having to hide our relationship. And then, later, you started acting so angry with me about Alex廣 death, and then I saw you and Liz in bed... I just didn廠 know what to do, but I could never, never 'use' you.

      I took a few seconds to mull this over, still understandably wary, but decided to let him continue. "So why the big fuss about telling me all this right now?" I really didn廠 get it.

      There廣 more. Michael and I didn廠 know anything about the gland until Tess came back.

      Maria turned back to the conversation long enough to interject, "So Michael tells me." then she was back out the window. Michael now folded his arms and picked a window to stare out.

      She had stolen part of Alex's research and hid it from us before we got to it - the part that told about the gland and the sex and all. Michael and I just thought we were following our alien instincts or going through a stage or something like that. It was our "dirty little secret" until Isabel caught us at it one day and she pointed out that, just maybe, this was part of our alien nature. It was when Tess came back and gave us the rest of the alien book that we began to understand all of what was happening.

      I still don廠 get it -- what WAS happening?" I was more confused than ever.

      I幟 getting there, just listen.

      So, Michael and I don't know any of this OK? So, Tess ends up mindwarping me and we have sex and next thing we know, she's pregnant and ends up living at your house, which is really ironic because, she begins to fall for you and at the same time she has no idea of the truth about the baby.

      What truth about the baby? What WAS going on?" I was beginning to get annoyed.

      Michael could no longer hold back and sarcastically burst in, "Try and keep up, Valenti, OK? Just shut up and listen, alright? Listen!"

      Max turned his attention to Michael, "Stop It! Michael, You and Isabel insisted I HAD do this in front of everyone, Michael, so just shut-the-hell-up and let me finish."

      Michael mumbled, "What-ever...," then sat back and adopted his usual bored/disgusted expression as Max turned back to me and continued:

      Tess decided to lie to us and tells us that the baby cannot live in earth's atmosphere and convinced all of us that we have to use the granolith and return to Antar. At that point, as you already know, we begin to find out about Tess murdering Alex and mind-warping you, and Tess ends up alone in the granolith, headed for Antar, thinking she has what she really wanted - Zan's son and heir. It's not until she gets to Antar with the baby that she learns the truth about the baby; that he is human. So she decides to return to earth, because the Antarians aren't going to accept a human king, and Kivar is just as likely to kill her as not, and you know all about the havoc she causes with the military and the feds. That's when Isabel and Michael and Tess and I put it all together.

      I just look at Max and shrug my shoulders - I just don't follow what he is trying to tell me.

      Isabel reached down and touched my shoulder softly and said, "Kyle... the baby is human. He's fully human. For the baby to be completely human, either the mother or one of the fathers had to be human. Tess is an alien, Max is an alien. Michael is an alien. We have Tess' word that Max is one of the fathers..."

      This time it was Liz who jumped into the fray; "Yes, we have Tess' word, what more could we possibly ask for?"

      Isabel almost ignored that but then countered with "It would not have been in her best interest if the King wasn't one of the fathers." She directed it at Liz, but Liz was already back to her window.

      Isabel turned back to me; -- "She had no motive to lie about that --therefore -- Michael is not one of the baby's fathers. Someone else, someone HUMAN, is."

      Michael piped up, "And that human would be............?" and I noticed that everyone in the van (except Jesse, who is still driving) was now looking at me.

      "ME? me? No that's not possible. I never had sex with Tess." I protested.

      Collective groan.

      Max is speaking very quietly now. "Kyle..., the camping trip. You and I had sex. It was the very next week that I had sex with Tess. YOU are the baby's other father."

      My head began to spin and I thought for a moment that the 'Burrito Grande Especial' was going to make another unwanted appearance; why did I volunteer to eat what was left of Liz's Casadillas? My chest felt tight and I felt I couldn廠 breathe. My heart was in my throat and I couldn't tell if I was about to cry or about to die. I put one hand over my mouth and pounded on the door with the other one. Jesse got my message and slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road. I was out of the van before it stopped rolling. I hurled. I hurled some more. Before I regained my composure, Max was beside me with a box of tissues. He kept his hands on my hips as I continued with the dry heaves. As soon as I was finished, his arms were around me, and I put my head on his shoulder (facing away from him to avoid blasting him with "vomit-breath") He held me tightly and stroked my hair a little.

      "You OK now?"

      I cleared my throat and croaked out a tentative "I don't think so..."

      He gave me another squeeze and suggested we head back to the van. He put his arm around my shoulder and guided me back. I found a roll of breath-mints in my pocket and popped two in. No one said a word as Jesse pulled back on the road.

      Mercifully, Jesse broke the silence: "My shift is nearly over here and we've been on-the-go for more than 48 hours now. There is no sign of anyone following us. I suggest we check into a motel and get some sleep until it gets dark again. We'll probably have to pay for 2 days, but it'll be worth it if we get some rest. We can also look at some maps and do some planning."

      There were murmurs of "Sounds good," and "I'm so tired " and sighs of relief.

      Jesse continued. "One problem; what will we do for money? I have a credit card but the government is probably logging my account by now."

      "Not a problem." Maria offered, "I've got one of my mom's cards and I'm sure that one of you guys can snap your fingers and change the name."

      "Give it to me; I can do that," Isabel jumped in. "We only need it for booking the room, anyway. When we leave we can pay cash and it might not even show up on her account at all. Anyway, they probably won't think of spying on your mother's account, we have no evidence they are after you -- and even if they do, we幢l be long gone before she gets her bill."

      "I hate to rain on your parade," I croaked, "but they can monitor credit cards in real-time."

      Maria countered, "Way ahead of you, Buddha-boy. The card isn't in the name you know her by, DiLuca, it's in Mom's maiden name. Even the feds won't think of looking for that."

      "Good thinking," Jesse said, "I'll start looking for a place."

      Max picked up where he had left off. "Kyle, there IS one more thing." Liz and Maria went back to their respective windows.

      I put my head in my hands for a moment and said "Oh no! I幟 not sure if I can take anymore tonight." Then, after a moment, "OK, shoot."

      We also learned that it廣 the Antarian custom...

      "I believe you mean LAW, Maxwell." Michael had a smug grin on his face.

      OK, it廣 an Antarian LAW, that once two men have had a child together, they are bonded for life. There is no divorce -- only death. So, it seems you and I are like, married; for life. That廣 it.

      "I hope that's all" I said.

      Michael, still grinning jumped in; "Well not exactly all of it, Max. You kind-of left me out of the equation. You see, Valenti; Zan and Rath were promised to each other since they, or 'we' were very young, and everyone knew we were a couple and expected that we would father a child and be bonded, but you blew that scenario. By Antarian law, if I choose to, I can kill you and re-claim Max. It is considered a justified homicide -- no consequences-- except for you, of course." He had a full grin on his face by then.

      You could hear an alien pin drop.

      After a couple moments, I quietly asked, "Are you going to kill me, Michael?"

      Max jumped in before Michael could answer; "No, of course not. Michael's not going to kill anyone."

      Almost as though he hadn't even heard it, Michael responded to me, looking me directly in the eye and almost whispering "Not right now."

      "Michael!" Max flashed and turned to face him, "You're not going to lay a finger on Kyle, Understand?"

      Michael just grinned and said "Not right now."

      "Great," I groaned, "I'm a father and a corpse all in the same instant."

      Max turned to Michael again and lowered his voice to a threat "Not now, not ever, do you hear me?"

      "I hear you." Michael said, but as Max turned away Michael looked right at me and mouthed "Not right now." He grinned and then looked away.

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