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The Antar Chronicles, Chapter 12: Two, Three, Four

Reply to Alex Parrish

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 27, 2004

      Max seemed to be none the worse-for-wear from his ordeal and had, perhaps, benefitted from his extended rest. He was in good spirits.

      He remembered absolutely nothing of his kidnapping. He remembered being on the ship with Kier and Seed and deciding to sleep. The next thing he remembered was waking up here on the flagship.

      We guessed that Gal'vign'nkorr had somehow drugged Max and Michael the moment they were asleep, perhaps with some sort of a gas in their sleeping pod. That protected him from having to deal with their powers and made them easy to handle. He had probably chosen to place them in stasis out of fear of injuring them with too many drugs. They might be less valuable if injured, and he was clearly doing it for the profit, and not at all from some misplaced ideology.

      Max had no memory of his psychological trauma. He listened intently to our descriptions as though we were talking about someone else altogether.

      The rest of the trip was about as uneventful as any incredibly long voyage to another planet could be. We studied Antarian customs and culture and anticipated the promised upload of information into our waiting brains when we arrived at our new home. We explored Antarian cuisine, which Max, Michael and Isabel pronounced 'wonderful.' We learned Antarian greetings, (which I already knew) and tried to make friends as best we could with a crew which was at the same time terrified of us and obsessed with us.

      When the day wore on and it became time to sleep, I wasn't surprised when Liz offered to move to a different stateroom so that Max and I could be alone. I just thought that it was Liz being Liz, and, as I was feeling happy and generous myself, I insisted that the privilege be hers. She wouldn't hear of it. She wasn't budging. I was to have Max first. I didn't realize at the time that her motives were more self-serving than altruistic. More about that later.

      I must confess that sex in a large zero-gravity pod is at once exhilarating and challenging. For example, even kissing becomes difficult because the lightest pressure of a kiss creates an opposite-reacting force, and your bodies tend to push apart. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

      Max was feeling randy, and when I related the story of bathing him, he insisted that I do it again because, A: I told him it had not been very erotic because of his condition, and B: He had "missed the whole damn thing." I was game. Jaffier looked puzzled when I asked him for the same equipment I had requested earlier, but when he returned with the items, he had a shit-eating grin on his face that all but taunted, "I know what you're gonna do-oo!" I thanked him and told him to 'get lost.' He didn't ask for a translation.

      I started by removing Max's clothing. "After all," I said, "we need to recreate the previous conditions."

      Max was wearing his jumpsuit (which is worn under the more formal uniform) when I started at his neck and slowly pulled down the slide-fastener. I decided to slowly follow the opening with my tongue. I had barely begun when he closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath -- through his teeth -- a good sign. I traced with my tongue from his graceful neck to the tiny patch of hair between his pecs, down to his firm six-pack, (staying in the middle where the fastener was exposing him) and down to his navel where I swirled my tongue around and felt his body shudder. The fastener stopped a little below his navel, and so did I, rising to slip the jumpsuit off first his left shoulder which I traced with kisses, and then his right shoulder, where I repeated the act. Once off both shoulders, the jumpsuit readily fell to the floor. He was naked. I led him by the hand as he stepped out of the suit on the floor and laid him on the gurney where he had slept.

      I dipped the cloth in the warm water and started behind his left ear, gently touching every exposed inch. Max made quiet, happy, purring sounds. I was trying not to rush but, then again, he was already pretty clean from his earlier bath, so it didn't take all that long to get to his nipples, which had already grown stiff. By the time I had finished his six-pack, his cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling, the red tip absolutely glowing as it peeked out from it's fleshy hood. It was already damp with pre-cum. I purposely worked around it, carefully not touching it, just to tease, and I gingerly fondled his scrotum as I washed it. He was moaning. As I began to wash his thigh and upper leg, he spoke.

      "Hey, aren't you forgetting something?"

      "You're asleep -- you can't talk."

      He returned to just moaning. I took my time on his legs and feet, but when I finished, his cock was still hard as steel and pointed straight up. I put down the cloth and began to lick around the base of his cock. He shuddered and moaned. I worked my way up and around with only my tongue and I took my time getting to the top. I was surprised, as I was nearly at the top, when his cock erupted with a generous stream of its sticky, fizzy, cum, even with nothing touching it but my tongue. I positioned over it and took it into my mouth, as deeply as I ever had, silently saying "AHHH" to get even deeper so that he was shooting deep into my throat. I didn't let any drop escape, and kept at it until his cock relaxed all the way to flaccid. Max seemed to sleep, but I was not fooled.

      "So, anyway, that's what I did this morning while you were out."

      "Oh Really? That's not exactly how you told it the first time."

      "OK, so I embellished a little this time."

      "You're quite a storyteller."

      "I try my best."

      He climbed off the gurney as he opened the slide-fastener on my jumpsuit top to bottom and drew me up for a deep kiss. "And your best is very good, indeed." As we kissed, he slipped the jumpsuit off my shoulders and it fell to the floor.

      We moved to the sleeping pod.

      As he was crawling in he wrinkled his brow in mock concern, "I'm not sure about this. The last time I got in one of these things and fell asleep, I woke up on a different ship, 5 days later."

      "Don't worry, you're not going to fall asleep, at least not right away."


      "Oh yes!"

      I kept my word. Once we were in, I switched the gravity to 'off.' We played a little bit at spinning in the pod in various positions and laughed about weightlessness making sex more athletic. I wasn't laughing, however once he took my cock in his mouth. Even though we were still spinning, his mouth's grip was sure and determined, and I was instantly hard again. Jockeying for position -- we ended up in a kind-of somersault -- I struggled, and succeeded, at finding two handfuls of that gorgeous ass and spread it, bringing my target into focus. It took some more contortions and somersaults to get my tongue in there, but I was persistent (I AM an athlete, after all.) Just a little teasing from my tongue caused a moan to escape from him, and my cock slip away as well, as he surrendered himself to the probing.

      It took a few tries to get him relaxed enough, but ultimately my tongue was replaced with one, and then two fingers. As he relaxed, his moans gave way to just deep exhales. When I decided the time was right, I stopped the somersaults long enough to get a packet of lubricant which I had placed in a convenient storage pocket in the pod. It took only seconds. His legs were on my shoulders and I held his hips tightly.

      I confess, as I entered, my mind drifted for just a moment to what I had seen of Michael's super-fat cock and I wondered if that was why Max's relaxation was so complete: several years of learning sex by admitting that monster.

      After a little fumbling, Max found he could minimize the spinning effect but still maintain the freedom of weightlessness by spreading his arms open and bracing against the sides of the pod. I was holding onto his shoulders for leverage. He was hard again. I let go of one shoulder to give his cock a few strokes, but that made me lose my leverage and I almost slipped out of him. I put my hand back to his shoulder. I was thrusting steady as a steam-engine, and when I came, I was breathing like I had just run a sprint. I pumped into him again and again. I think I exploded into him five times. As I dropped his legs and collapsed on his chest, causing another somersault, he reached down and pumped himself, no more than five or six times, and a generous ribbon of cum hung weightlessly above us. We kissed again.

      He whispered. "Have I told you recently how much I love you?"

      "Not for days."

      "Seems like only yesterday." That got him another deep kiss.

      We couldn't quite figure-out what to do about the floating cum, finally switching the gravity back 'on' for a moment and allowing it to fall on his chest and my back so that we were able to mop it up and not leave it floating around to surprise us in the morning.

      For the first time since we left Earth, I actually felt comfortable with the idea of getting a nights sleep. Max was right here beside me, we weren't chasing anyone, and as far as we could tell, no one was chasing us. I even had simple pleasant dreams. Max snored -- quietly -- but still, he snored. All was well for about 2 hours.

      Two hours into the sleep-period, I was jolted awake as rudely as if someone had sounded a car-horn next to my ear. I jumped and that woke Max. I was completely disoriented for about 30 seconds until I suddenly realized what had happened. Just as quickly as it had disappeared several days ago, the voice of the Granolith had reappeared in my head. I guessed that we now must be close enough to Antar for the Granolith's messages to reach me once again.

      Max was groggy, but curious about it. "You mean, you lost touch with the Granolith completely?"

      Max and I had already been separated when this happened, and I guess it had just not occurred to anyone to tell him, not even me. I gave him the explanation Ray and Kuhn had given me.

      Max was awake now. "You mean, the whole time... the whole time you were following us, and trailing us on Maroon, and when you ambushed the kidnappers, you weren't using the power of the Granolith? I can't believe it!"

      "What part can't you believe?"

      "Well, I believe you but... I mean I just can't believe it. You were taking such a chance going up against someone with unknown alien powers, you could have been hurt or... "


      "Well... yes! You could have been killed! Now I'm worried about you, even though it's over."

      "You can thank your sister's lessons for teaching me to use my powers."

      "I know you said she taught you about some of your powers in the dream, but I had no idea you meant, without the Granolith's help. I just assumed the Granolith was guiding you and helping you tap into power and protecting you. I had no idea... You're... amazing. You risked your life to save me. You're a hero."

      "Go back to sleep."

      "No, I mean it. Your my hero."

      I pushed him back to a reclining position. "Now I mean it, go back to sleep."

      He sat up again. "Here's an idea, how about this? You be the King and I'll be the consort. You're probably better at it than me. For sure you're more brave, anyway. Wha'd'ya say?"

      "I say, If you don't shut your face and go back to sleep I'm going to have to stick something in it to shut you up."

      "Promises, promises."


      "Ok. I'm sleeping." There was a quiet pause. "But it is a good idea."

      In a few moments, I could hear his steady breathing, and in another moment, his quiet snore reassured me that he was here safely with me.

      I had not intended to enter his dreams or his thoughts, but I no sooner found myself asleep than I found myself in his dream. I guess it was just proximity, and the fact that I was suddenly overflowing with Granolithic powers. My powers were in overdrive.

      I instantly knew it wasn't my dream. The colors, the landscape, the details were just different from my dreams.

      In a moment I saw Max entering a small white farmhouse surrounded by a tidy yard, some flowers and a picket fence. He was wearing an old professorial tweed jacket and carrying a briefcase. Liz greeted him, they kissed and then she and asked about his day. He replied that high school students were all monsters, probably from another planet, then asked about her day. She told him she had nearly been late for her faculty meeting because traffic was miserable today, and that the Dean was still pressuring her to accept the chairmanship, but she wasn't sure about it yet.

      Max didn't seem to know that I was there in his dream.

      In a moment, they both walked through a sweet-smelling farm kitchen and moved out the back door, and to my amazement, I saw the image of myself there in the back yard, on the ground with 4 happy children wrestling and laughing with me. Max and Liz picked up and hugged and kissed each child, and then Max extended a hand to help me get off the ground. He kissed me then asked how our day had been, and I seemed to be giving him a rundown of how our children and I spent the day.

      So this is what alien Kings dream of. I never would have guessed. Sweet dream. So simple. So... ordinary. I willed myself to wake.

      Once awake, I told myself that I would sleep and not enter anyone else's thoughts or dreams. It worked.

      In the morning I fucked Max again, gravity 'on,' missionary position.

      I didn't tell him I had seen his dream, but I don't think I will ever forget it. I was touched by it, and a little saddened that it was so simple, and yet so unattainable.

      We rose and showered in the goop, and went through the day rather uneventfully, or as much as just being on a spaceship can be a non-event. Late in the day, as we were all sitting around a lounge area near the guest quarters, I mentioned that I was going to get my things and move them to the other stateroom so that Liz and Max could have the quarters for tonight. Jesse and Isabel had just gone to bed. Liz stopped me.

      "Just a minute, Kyle, Max and I need to speak with you privately."

      Maria poked Michael in the thigh and he reluctantly dragged himself off to their quarters. Apparently, she was 'in on' whatever Max and Liz wanted to talk to me about.

      "What is it?" I seated myself closer to them.

      Liz was looking at the floor as she began and then kind-of rolled her eyes up to me -- you know -- the way she does when she is trying to be coy.

      "Kyle, the events of these last few days have gotten me..., uh..., us thinking."


      "Do you remember the day, just after we left Roswell, when we first discussed both being married to Max?

      "Remember it? I was totally convinced that you were going to murder both of us right there in that little bathroom. How could I forget it?"

      "Yes, of course." She cleared her throat. Well... one of the things we talked about was the primary reason we agreed that we should both marry Max."

      "Yeah... ?"

      "Well... we agreed that, If Max needed a sperm donor in order to have children, that the donor should be someone we both loved, and that he should be a full participant in raising our children."

      "Yeah, I remember, I couldn't believe that you were actually saying tha... (Dense as I can be, it finally dawned on me what she was getting at.) ... You're pregnant?"

      She smiled sweetly. "Not yet... but, if my calculations are accurate, and if you did your job last night, I could be by this time tomorrow."

      "Oh? O-o-o-o-o-oh!" I shaded my embarrassed eyes with my hand as I shook my head. "No wonder you insisted that I have Max last night. I thought you were just being generous. So... this is the uh... the right time of the month?"

      "Yup. I'm pretty sure."

      "But do you think this is the time, I mean, with all that has happened and, we don't know what is going to happen when we reach Antar?"

      "We've given it a lot of thought, and I truly believe that this is the time -- BECAUSE -- we don't know what is coming. When we almost lost Max, I... well... I was devastated. I had no regrets about anything we've done up until now, no regrets... except one. In the midst of panic about losing Max, I was so very afraid that we would never have a child and I regretted putting it off. As I thought about it I realized that no one who brings a child into the world can ever know what the future will bring. There are terrible things taking place all the time on Earth and, now we know, in other worlds too. There are no guarantees, no matter the situation. But on the other hand, bringing a child into the universe is, in itself, an act of faith in the future."

      "Wow! (I was kind-of stunned) I never thought of it that way." I waited a few beats. "So-o-o-o you've decided to go ahead and have a baby?"

      She cocked her head and wrinkled her brow. "Decided? No. We've talked about it, and Max and I are in agreement about it so far, but we haven't 'decided' anything. That's why were having this conversation now. We can't make such a decision without you, Kyle. It's your child too."

      I didn't know what to say.

      "Kyle, I know that this is a big decision to spring on you all at once, and I'll... we'll understand if you need more time to think about it."

      Finally Max spoke. "Kyle, this came as a surprise at first to me too, but the more I think about it, the more right it seems. I told you the night I proposed to you that we would always behave as a threesome, and I meant what I said. You can veto this and we will honor your wishes."

      "So you're convinced the time is right?"

      Without hesitation he quietly answered. "Yes, I am."

      I was deep in thought, and filled with doubts, but at the same time, thrilled with the possibility.

      "Well..., I was afraid we were rushing this." Liz gave a little resigned smile that was full of disappointment. "Let's put it off until Kyle has more time to think about it." She rose and took Max's hand. She kissed me on the forehead and then began to lead him towards their quarters.

      "Wait!" I rose and went to them. "This -- right now -- this is the right time for it to happen?"

      Liz shook her head. "According to everything I can calculate. There's always a chance of miscalculation, or complications, but barring that..."

      I looked sternly at Liz and then at Max and then at Liz again. Then, I couldn't withhold a broad smile. "Don't just stand here, guyz. Get busy and make us a baby!"

      "All RIGHT!" Max grinned. Liz was ear-to-ear grin, and we were in a three-way embrace. I kissed them both (Yes, I even kissed Liz on the lips, after all she is to be my baby's mother) and then shoved them off towards their quarters.

      You already know that Antarian babies have an extremely accelerated gestation. We learned that from Tess' experience. Tess' baby went from conception to birth in about six weeks. By the following evening, the ship's Medical Officer was already able to confirm that Liz was, indeed, pregnant. The flagship's Commander announced an official reception, a party for the entire ship, with the three of us (or should I now say, the four of us) as guests-of-honor.

      Whoopee! We're pregnant!

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