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Lonnie Does Vegas, Part 5

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 14, 2002

Title: Lonnie Does Vegas
Author: AlexEvans writing as Crypticshapeshifter
Rating: NC-17
Setting: During and following the second season episode "Viva Las Vegas"
Summary: Lonnie is in Vegas, and decides Alex needs some cheering up...
Note: This fic is predominantly m/f. Some f/f content.

        Ava paced restlessly around the hotel room. She'd taken a bath, all by herself, in the jacuzzi large enough for three. She'd flipped through all the channels on the TV. She was utterly bored, but too horny to sleep. Finally she went for a walk. Maybe she'd find Lonnie, they had enough of a connection that it was quite possible. If not, the walk might tire her out so she could sleep.

        She paused in the hotel hallway she'd wandered into, standing still beside one of the doors. She sensed something familar, but not Lonnie. She glanced carefully through the keyhole, ready to use Mindwarp, then relaxed.

        Liz and Tess! Liz must have enjoyed Ava's visit, to have turned now to Ava's dupe. Ava considered intruding. She'd had fun with Liz, too. Liz wouldn't object, she'd love having twins... but Ava was less sure about how she felt about doing it with her dupe, or how Tess would feel about her. Besides, what if this were their first time or something? She didn't want to ruin a special night.

        Moving down the hall, Ava finally found Lonnie. Opening the door with her powers, she slipped silently as a cat into the room.

        Lonnie was cuddled close to some guy she must have picked up, both snoring softly. Ava was surprised, a bit upset. Lonnie picked up guys often, girls occasionally, but she just fucked them. Didn't cuddle with them, didn't spend the night with them. She came home to Ava.

        Moving closer Ava realized with a start that she'd seen the guy before. One of the humans from Roswell, he'd been in on the secret but from the way he'd been gaga over both Isabel and Lonnie he didn't have a problem with Aliens. Sort of cute but not what Ava thought of as Lonnie's type.

        Ava raised her hand and the sheet that covered them was whisked back to fall to the floor. Nice, but the guy was in the way of looking at Lonnie's naked body. Then something caught her attention. Alex's cock, half-erect from rubbing against Lonnie's thigh whenever one of the two sleepers shifted position. On impulse, Ava reached out and stroked it lightly, smiling as it swelled and quivered to her touch.

        Mind made up quickly, Ava slipped out of her clothes. discarding them at the foot of the bed. She stroked herself and played with her nipples while ogling Lonnie and... Opie's? naked bodies.

        When she was wet enough, Ava went ahead with her plan. Why not? She pushed at Lonnie until Lonnie rolled over. "Share?"

        Lonnie grinned, amused. She'd suggested that before but Ava had never gone for the idea. "Sure." She watched as Ava climbed on top of Alex, her hand guiding his cock to the right spot before impaling herself on his raging hardness.

        Alex gave a moan of pleasure as she mounted him, but didn't awaken.

        Ava began to ride him, rocking her hips back and forth. She ran her hands over his muscular chest, gently pinched his nipples. He felt good inside her, he was big and filled her up but he didn't hurt like Rath had that one time. Ava leaned down and captured Alex's lips with hers, darting her tongue into his mouth.

        Alex's carnal dreams melded with reality as he awoke. At first he thought it was Lonnie's way of waking him up, but it was still dark. But it was different. The weight on his hips was less. The fit was tighter than when he'd been inside Lonnie. He opened his eyes, which widened as he saw Ava. Ava sat up when she realized Alex was awake. His eyes opened, then widened, transfixed on her heaving breasts.

        Alex grabbed Ava's shoulders. "What the hell..."

        Ava batted his hands away, pouted as she stopped rocking. "You want me to stop? I really don't wanna."

        "But..." This was way out of Alex's experience. What the heck was he supposed to say, especially since he didn't want her to stop?

        "Lonnie!" Ava complained. "Make your boy play nice."

        Lonnie reached over and grabbed Alex's wrists. "Be nice to my girl, Opie, and we'll both be real nice to ya."

        Alex didn't struggle as Lonnie produced handcuffs from her pile of clothes and fastened his wrists to the headboard. He couldn't just say yes to an orgy, but if he didn't have to say yes... that was different. He was the fuckee, held captive by Alien abductors for 'experimentation.' He liked giving up control. Didn't he let Aliens run his whole life anyway? Still, he wasn't sure he'd be able to look at Tess the same way again.

        "Good boy," Ava purred, resuming her motion. Alex watched as Lonnie reached over him, full breasts dangling tantalizingly near his mouth, and her slender finger's caressed Ava's breasts.

        "Oh wow," Alex said aloud, and wished he hadn't.

        Lonnie smirked down at him. "Like this? But I'm not gettin anything!" She shifted position, kneeling over Alex, her knees on either side of his head. "You wanna run that hot mouth, might as well do some good with it. Give me your tongue."

        Alex lifted his head, kissed and licked Lonnie's clit before plunging his tongue into her wet passage and tasting her spicy-sweet juices. The scent of her lust was overwhelming.

        "That's it, Opie. Keep going, slut."

        Damn. Alex was liking getting called stuff like that. Words Isabel would never say. He eagerly continued his ministrations.

        Ava began to moan. "Lonnie! Ooh... Lonnie, do that again. Love you..."

        She's fucking me and saying Lonnie's name? Alex thought. Like I'm some extension of Lonnie, her possession or something? He was jealous, but even more turned on. He pictured Lonnie kissing Ava, sucking on her tongue, fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples while Ava did all those things to Lonnie, and knew it was happening right over him.

        Alex was surprised when Lonnie came first, but he eagerly lapped up her juices as her knees clamped against the sides of his head. Ava came seconds later, her passage clamping around Alex's cock just as he exploded inside her.

        When Alex came down from the high of the orgy, his hands were still cuffed. The Aliens lay to either side of him, cuddled up against him. "Lonnie..." "Go to sleep, Opie. We'll let you go in the morning. Probably." She wrapped her hand loosely around his dick then closed her eyes, laying her head on his chest.

        Alex could only moan in response. Sleep? Little chance of that.

        Ava reached over and nudged Lonnie's hand, slipping hers inside and wrapping her fingers around Alex's cock before Lonnie closed her hand again. Ava bit Alex's nipple before laying her head on his chest like Lonnie had already done.

        Alex bit his lip. He'd come three times tonight, each time harder than the last, but he was already hard in their hands. Before morning he'd be begging them to fuck him again.


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