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Lonnie Does Vegas, Part 4

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 7, 2002

Title: Lonnie Does Vegas
Author: AlexEvans writing as Crypticshapeshifter
Rating: NC-17
Setting: During and following the second season episode "Viva Las Vegas"
Summary: Lonnie is in Vegas, and decides Alex needs some cheering up...
Note: This fic is predominantly m/f. Some f/f content.

        Alex smiled as he broke the kiss. "Sure, I can handle that," he promised, pretending confidence. He cupped one of Lonnie's breasts. Large, perfectly formed, he could never get tired of touching them. He gently stroked the butterfly tattoo with his thumb. Maybe he could handle insatiable Alien demands for sex. But if Aliens were so horny, what about Isabel? The thought bothered him, but he put the thought aside. Lonnie was enough distraction for any worry. "Can you handle an insatiable human teenager?" he shot back. Alex blew on her nipple and began to suck on her other breast.

        "Word," Lonnie gasped as his lips closed around one nipple while his fingers pinched and stroked the other. sending twin bolts of electricity racing through her. She managed not to laugh at his bravado, it might slow things down if Alex thought she was disparaging him or her species. Besides, he might not be as experienced as Rath, but Lonnie preferred his sweetness, his enthusiasm. A girl likes to feel appreciated. Lonnie squirmed a bit as Alex's tongue played with her belly ring, before his mouth moved lower.

        Lonnie let Alex kiss and caress her thighs, but stopped him when he prepared to go down on her again. "Time for something different." She couldn't miss Alex's look of excitement and nervousness. "Don't worry, I'll break ya in easy. Here." Lonnie drew him back on the bed besdie her, kissing him deeply. Her lip ring pressed into his teeth. Then Lonnie pushed Alex onto his back, sitting astride his hips.

        Alex watched her other move intently, but he was surprised when Lonnie took his length in her hands. His hips bucked, pressing against her.


        Alex nodded, then stopped. "What about..."

        "Protection? We're not the same species, ya can't get me pregnant, and I can't ouase on this planet. So why bother?"

        "Oh." Alex's face fell.

        "Worried bout you and Izzy? Dontcha have more immediate concerns?" She let go of him, ran her fingers slowly up his erection and around the tip, eliciting a moan. "What do ya want?"

        "I want to be inside you," Alex groaned.

        "Good." Lonnie smirked at him, but she was careful as she lifted herself up, guiding Alex's big cock to her entrance, and lowered herself onto him. She met his eyes, and began to move her hips.

        Alex reached up and pulled Lonnie down to him, kissing her, pressing her breasts to his chest as his arms went around her. He ran his nails gently down her back and cupped her ass, thrusting deeper inside her warmth. He kissed her lips, her cheek, her neck, everywhere he could reach.

        Lonnie grabbed Alex by the hair and guided his head to where his lips met a sensitive spot on her neck, his head turned to give her easier access to him as she nipped him lightly then sucked on the abused skin.

        Their bodies moved together, Alex matching the rhythm Lonnie had set, her tight slick passage sliding up and down on his cock until the sensation sent both of them over the edge.

        Lonnie would normally have pulled away after, but Alex clung to her.

        "I thought you had to get back to your little tour group, Opie."

        "They won't miss me." Alex hesitated. "But I'd miss you. Can we, you know... just sleep together? Do you have to go?"

        Lonnie smiled, lying back down and snuggling close, their naked bodies pressed together. Rath would still be gambling away, and while Ava was probably done by now surely she could manage a night without her. "Night."

        "Goodnight Lonnie." Alex kissed her brow and closed his eyes. He fell asleep far faster than he'd thought possible or would have wished.


        "Hey Maria," Isabel said, muting the television. "How'd it go?"

        "Don't ask. You?"

        Isabel looked away. What had she been thinking? At least she hadn't gone through with it. "Where is everyone else?"

        Maria shrugged. "I got a call to bail out Max and Michael, but I haven't seen Alex, Liz or Tess all day."

        "Maybe they went somewhere together."

        "Liz and Tess?"

        Isabel shrugged. She had her special source of information, knew their dreams. Maybe they'd both finally figured out the other one didn't hate them. Only... she couldn't see them and Alex. Alex wouldn't... wouldn't what? Cheat on her? Of course not, but he wouldn't be. Still, she couldn't see him being with the other two. "I don't know... guess we'd better go post bail for the guys we do know about. Wake Kyle up, would you?"

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