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Lonnie Does Vegas, Part 3

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 5, 2002

Title: Lonnie Does Vegas
Author: AlexEvans writing as Crypticshapeshifter
Rating: NC-17
Setting: During and following the second season episode "Viva Las Vegas"
Summary: Lonnie is in Vegas, and decides Alex needs some cheering up...
Note: This fic is predominantly m/f. Some f/f content.

        Alex didn't realize at first that his shirt was gone, but soon enough the feel of her warm hands on his back enlightened him. The tension was draining away, but another part of him was stiffening. He moaned lightly.

        Lonnie kissed his neck and nibbled on Alex's earlobe, her breasts pressing into Alex's back. This was sort of fun. Much slower than she was used to, she still had all her clothes on and Alex retained most of his, but change was always good. "Relaxed now? Good, nothin' to be nervous about, kay?"

        "Okay," Alex said doubtfully. "No actually, I can't go through with this. I'm sorry."

        "Virgin, huh?"

        Alex blushed. "Well... yeah."

        "Good, I love despoiling virgins." Lonnie chuckled. "Saving yourself for Izzy? That's okay. One, she won't know... two, I basically am her."


        "Why else are we here?"

        Good point. Alex had never really believed they'd just make out. His body certainly wanted to go all the way. "I want to... I just can't."

        "Sure ya can." Lonnie rocked her hips, Alex's hard cock rubbing against the bed, then bent over to bite his neck.

        Alex couldn't control his reactions, his rising lust, and he couldn't push Lonnie off. She was in control, like she had been from the start, and that excited him even more.

        "Damn. You want me to punish you or something? Now I'm not saying I won't, but not tonight. Not what I'm in the mood for. And certainly not cause you feel guilty, when it's my dupe who should be feelin guilty cause I've been in all your dreams, the whole gang of ya, and I know you treat her like a princess. Now what's it take for me to get some of that, huh? C'mon Alex, show me what Isabel is missing. Show me how you wanna worship her." Lonnie moved off of Alex, lay beside him.

        Alex was free now, he could just leave... physically he was unrestrained. But it wasn't in him to walk out on Lonnie, and the Alien knew that. Alex turned, pulled Lonnie into his arms, and kissed her softly on the lips. He'd met Rath, he knew Lonnie deserved better. That she thought he was the one to give her that... that was amazing to him. They broke the kiss, breathed, and Alex kissed Lonnie again. Softly, passionately, then darted his tongue against her lips. Lonnie parted her teeth, sucked on his tongue. Alex continued the kiss while he slowly slid his hands under her shirt, cupped her large breasts, lightly squeezed her nipples through the bra.

        Lonnie arched her back, pressing her breasts into Alex's hands. He wasn't experienced, but she'd known he wouldn't be... what he was was passionate, which was exactly what she'd decided she wanted from him the instant she'd seen him in the bar. She began to pull her shirt up. Alex took the hint and took over, pulling it over her head and throwing it off the bed. He kissed her chin, her throat, then began to softly kiss her breasts, unclasping Lonnie's bra as he reached her nipples. Alex hesitated, raising one hand to gently tease one red nipple. Lonnie put an arm around Alex's neck, pulled him closer. Alex willingly wrapped his lips around her breast, sucking in as much as he could. His tongue played with her nipple.

        Alex was more than pleased with the effect he was having on Lonnie, he'd been afraid she'd be too jaded, that he'd be unable to please her, and the prospect of inadequacy had terrified him. But Lonnie was squirming next to him, her arm tightening to hold him in place as he sucked on her breast, and she was making very pleasant sounds low in her throat. He was enboldened to continue. He pulled his head away, his hand still cupping and fondling her other beautiful breast, and kissed his way down her stomach. "You're so beautiful Lonnie." His tongue lightly touched her belly button, and he kissed to the edge of her pants, before raising his head to look at Lonnie. She was staring at him, lust reflected in her deep brown eyes.

        "Go on," Lonnie started to order, changing it to a plea half way through. She reached out and stroked him through his pants. Alex gasped out loud, reaching for her hand when she pulled it away. "Your turn soon," she promised.

        Alex smiled. "I get to touch and explore and taste... it already is my turn." He pulled down her pants, kissed the insides of her thighs. He could smell her arousal as he positioned his head between her legs and gently pulled down her soaked panties.

        "Alex?" Lonnie raised her head to look at him again. Why had he stopped? He was just staring, his eyes traveling over her body.

        "I wanted to look," Alex said softly. He traced a tattoo on her thigh, a small cat, its arched back somehow conveying grace, defiance and vulnerability. "What's this?"

        "Ava put it there... with her powers. To remind me I promised not to leave her."

        "It's nice. Um..."

        "Don't worry about her, she doesn't get jealous. Not of guys I sleep with."

        "Good." Alex swallowed. He didn't need a pissed Alien coming after him, and Ava was probably no less formidable than Rath. In the meantime... he was still looking at Lonnie, and inhaling the scent of her arousal, and it was driving other thoughts out of his head. He reached out to gently run his fingers through her pubic hair until he found her clit, stroking it lightly. Lonnie spread her legs to make it easier, and Alex leaned forward, kissing around her entrance. Lonnie tangled a hand in his hair, not that he had any desire to move away. He kept stroking her clit and plunged his tongue inside her, swirling it against her walls. Lonnie's fingers tightened in his hair as she came, bucking against his face. Alex swallowed her spicy juices, licked her clean. Lonnie pulled him up to rest his head on her breasts.

        "That's what you wanna do for Izzy, huh?"

        "One of the things." Alex smiled, kissed her breasts again, started playing with them. Now that he'd gone this far he wanted to go further, he had definite plans.

        Lonnie could tell that, but she had her own that would come first. "Just one? Oh... I like you. But what do you want Isabel to do for you?"

        Alex squirmed uncomfortably. "Well... that goes to my next plan for you... her."

        "But that's not the only thing."

        Alex nodded.

        "Tell me. C'mon, you can tell me anything. Talk dirty to me Alex." She grabbed his hair again, drew his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply, tasting her juices in his mouth. "What do you want me to do?" She kissed his throat, her hands dropping to his jeans and trying to undo them, her powers turning them into two easily pulled off pieces when the zipper became stuck.

        Alex moaned as she cupped him through his boxers. "What... what I just did. I want her to go down on me. I want you to." He lay back on the bed as Lonnie pushed him down, kissing his chest, biting his nipples lightly. He watched her as she teased him, bright red lips and dirty-blonde hair resting against his power source as she slipped fingers into the waistband of his boxers before she finally pulled them down. She kissed down his length, laved his balls with her tongue. "God, Lonnie... Lonnieee... don't stop."

        Lonnie took him in her mouth before answering. "I won't." She took more of him into her mouth, her hands fondling his balls, and swirled her tongue around his tip.

        Alex gripped the covers trying not to come, to keep this from ending too soon, but sensation overwhelmed him and he came in Lonnie's mouth, shooting semen as Lonnie swallowed.

        Lonnie licked him clean, missing his full hard cock in her mouth. Although she really wanted it somewhere else. She climbed on top of Alex, pressing her naked body against his, and kissed him hard. "Good?"

        "Better than I thought it could be."

        "This night has barely started, Opie." She reached a hand down and encircled his limp cock with her hand, squeezing lightly and then pumping him up and down. "Alien gals... we have a lot of stamina. More stamina than patience. Hope you're up for it."

        Alex growled and pulled her head back to his for another kiss, his arms going around him, her breasts pressing into his chest.

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