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Lonnie Does Vegas, Part 2

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 2, 2002

Title: Lonnie Does Vegas
Author: AlexEvans writing as Crypticshapeshifter
Rating: NC-17
Setting: During and following the second season episode "Viva Las Vegas"
Summary: Lonnie is in Vegas, and decides Alex needs some cheering up...
Note: This fic is predominantly m/f. Some f/f content.

        Lonnie smiled. Alex was returning to the cute guy he'd been when she met him. She pulled away, grinning as he leaned forward to kiss her again. "Let's go."

        "Go?" Alex repeated. He didn't want to go anywhere... he just wanted to keep making out with Lonnie. He could almost forget about Isabel. "Where?"

        "Get a hotel room of course." Lonnie laughed. "Did ya think I'd do you right here?" It was a thought, at that. But she had a feeling Alex was rather inexperienced, quite possibly a virgin what was wrong with Isabel?), and might require some careful handling. Much easier with some privacy.

        "But... we just... I'm not sure I'm ready."

        "Not still pining after my twin, are ya?" His loyalty was touching. "C'mon, I said I'd cheer you up."

        Alex didn't protest as Lonnie kissed him again. Her soft curves pressed delightfully against him, her piercings felt strange against his skin but excited him.

        "We can at least go make out more comfortably," coaxed Lonnie. She found Alex's hesitancy, his shyness, sort of cute.

        "Okay," Alex said after a few seconds of as much thought as he could manage with Lonnie pressed against him, her lips softly kissing his neck.


        Alex followed Lonnie, paying more attention to her than to where they were going. "Wait a second," he protested as Lonnie paid for a room, "this is where we're all staying. Except..."

        "Good," Lonnie interrupted. "All the easier for ya to catch up with them afterwards." She grabbed Alex's hand again and towed him along behind her.

        Alex watched her ass in those tight pants, lust getting ever stronger. When he realized he and Lonnie were alone in the elevator he kissed the back of her neck.

        Lonnie turned and kissed Alex deeply, wrapping her arms around his neck. Alex matched her hunger with his own. The elevator stopped only once on the way up. Lonnie held Alex tightly, refusing to let him break the kiss and pull away. The couple decided to wait for the next elevator. By the feel of his hardness pressing against her thigh, the knowledge that people were seeing him had turned him on even more.

        Alex was embarrassed at being seen headed off to a hotel room with a girl, especially since it wasn't his girlfriend (he had one; Isabel had never dumped him, skipping that step to try to protect herself from caring by dating guys she could never care about), but he was too turned on to let that disuade him. It was a different matter when he got off the elevator and spotted Tess and Liz down the hall.

        Lonnie prevented Alex from ducking back into the elevator. "They aren't gonna notice us." She smiled. "Ahh, young love... aren't they so cute?"

        Alex took a closer look. Lonnie was right, Liz and Tess were far too absorbed in each other to notice anyone else. They were kissing passionately, hands on each others cheeks, gazing into each other's eyes. "Oh." He paused to look again.

        "Like that? We could stay and watch if ya want." Lonnie kissed Alex's neck, put an arm around him and rested her hand on his thigh, so close to what she wanted to grab. She didn't want to spook Alex though. "Aren't they pretty?"

        "Uh huh..." Alex realized what he was doing and shook his head. "We should give them some privacy. Liz is my friend..."

        Lonnie pondered. Opie had definitely been looking more at Tess than at Liz... then he did seem to have a thing for Aliens. "Or we could ask them to join us," she suggested. Liz finally took out her key, fumbled blindly with the lock, and then Liz and Tess disappeared into the room still without breaking liplock. "Too late," Lonnie said regretfully, but she wasn't sure if Alex was ready for an orgy. Although if she'd been able to arrange that three-way she was sure Alex would have gone along happily.

        "Right." Alex wondered what Lonnie was thinking about. Did she wish she was with them instead of with him? But he hadn't seen her until she came up to him, almost immediately chose him. Maybe she hadn't been joking that time in Roswell. He swallowed nervously as Lonnie pulled him into the hotel room. He wanted this so badly, but he wasn't sure what to do.

        "You need to relax."

        Alex started. He hadn't realized his tension was so obvious.

        "Here." Lonnie pushed him face-down onto the bed, sat astride his hips and began kneading his shoulders.

        "That feels good." Alex sighed happy.

        "It's supposed to." Boy, Opie was tense... what the hell was Isabel putting him through? "Loosen up, that's it." Lonnie dissolved Alex's shirt without interrupting the massage, admiring his shoulder muscles. Nice. Why on Earth had Isabel come to Vegas, instead of staying home and fucking her love-slave senseless? Not that Lonnie was complaining.

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