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Lonnie Does Vegas, Part 1

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 2, 2002

Title: Lonnie Does Vegas
Author: AlexEvans writing as Crypticshapeshifter
Rating: NC-17
Setting: During and following the second season episode "Viva Las Vegas"
Summary: Lonnie is in Vegas, and decides Alex needs some cheering up...
Note: This fic is predominantly m/f. Some f/f content.

        Alex took the money Maria had given him and walked down the strip, away from the others.

        How could Isabel do this to him? How could she do it to herself? Did she really think he hadn't noticed what she was up to with that guy she'd just met?

        Alex needed to distract himself. He wasn't really in the mood to gamble, he'd already lost $12,000 bucks in an instant. His fake ID worked for the bar, though. Alex set out to try different drinks, most setting back on the bar after one sip. Malibu Rum and OJ... he'd finally found a good one. It wasn't long before things began to seem less pressing.

        "Hey Opie! Whatcha doin' in Vegas?"

        Alex blinked, tried to focus his vision. "What are you doing here? I thought you were busy fucking the best man." He sipped, spilling some of his drink when he put the glass down. "Why do you hate me so much?" He reached for his glass again, but Lonnie pulled it away.

        "Gimme that. If you can't tell the difference between my and my messed up dupe, you've had enough." Lonnie drank the rest of Alex's drink in one go.

        "Bad Izzy." Alex giggled. "Alcohol is bad for Aliens. Oops A- word..."

        "I'd love to see Isabel drunk," Lonnie reflected. "Where are your friends, Opie?"

        "Gambling. Oh, and Maria auditioned to be a stripper."

        "Whoa." Lonnie sat up on the bar stool. "I am not going to let her do that!"

        "She didn't realize that's what it was. I need another drink." Alex waved to the barman.

        Lonnie pulled his arm down. "You need some fresh air." Despite his protests, she pulled him outside. The few patrons either ignored them or laughed. "Okay... who got married? Zan-dupe and Lizzie?"

        "Dunno... some strangers. Needed a bridesmaid, recruited Isabel.. then she and the best man..."

        "Bad topic," Lonnie decided. "I'd better cheer you up, Opie."

        "Stop calling me that Isabel!"

        Lonnie sighed. "You're really out of it aren't you? Notice the tattoos? Piercings? Short hair? Whole punk get up? You know I put a bit of effort into this... how about staring at something besides my boobs for a few seconds?"

        Alex just blinked at her uncertainly.

        "Glum, drunk, depressing... you were more fun last time we met." Lonnie grabbed Alex's head between her hands and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

        Alex gasped as the fog began to lift. He tasted metal and Tabasco in his mouth even after she pulled away. "Lonnie! What are you doing here?"

        Lonnie shrugged. "Ripping off casinos... Ava and I got bored so we split, Rath is still going strong. Hope they don't get him and Mikey confused if he's here. Anyway... as I was sayin, I'm bored." She pushed Alex back, pinning him against the wall with her body and kissing him again.

        What the hell? Alex decided, and kissed her back. If he couldn't have Isabel, he could have the next best thing... he'd wanted Lonnie from the moment he saw her, he'd originally thought her Isabel in some weird sexy costume.

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