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Journey, Part 6

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 17, 2003

        Alex was in the Crashdown, sipping an after school soda. He looked up as Lonnie slid into the booth, sitting directly across from him.

        "Hi Opie. So, change your mind yet?"

        Alex flushed. He couldn't get used to Lonnie's blunt ways... or having an incredibly beautiful alien girl ask him to have sex with her. "No."

        "Pity..." Lonnie chuckled. She loved his reactions. "I'll just have something to eat then. What do you recommend?"

        "There's this new Ezri Dax Trill Shake you've got to try. Isabel loves it with a little Tabasco and some chili powder."

        "Ezri, huh? One of those Star Trek shows, right?"

        "Deep Space Nine, she was the cute one with the spots."

        "Alex... what is it with you and Alien girls?"

        "They all seem to be hot, brilliant, caring..." Alex sighed.

        "Well, I'm hot and brilliant."

        "And you're trying to help Isabel," Alex pointed out. "I don't think that's just to get into my pants, either. You care about her. So, thanks for helping her... and don't pretend to be something you're not. The bad-girl Punk Princess act is no harder to see through than the Ice Princess is."

        "But the bad-girl turns you on, right?"

        Alex blushed even more. "Oh yeah. But I'm Izzy's, so dream on." Alex loved having Lonnie chase him... maybe it would make Isabel jealous enough.

        "Dreams are my specialty, remember?"

        "Where is Isabel, anyway?"

        "My dahling dupe is sitting at home, I think. We had a little talk about the past... she lets this stuff get to her too much. She could probably use another person to talk to."

        "Thanks, I'll head over there." Alex stood up.

        "Hold on a sec, Opie."


        Lonnie took his hand, pulled him down and kissed him passionately, her lips covering his . "Bye Opie."

        "Bye." Alex left, a little dazed. Life was definitely different with her around.


        Isabel knocked on her brother's door. He looked up from his desk where he'd been doing bio homework.

        "I need to talk to you about something."

        "Sure, come in."

        Isabel walked over and sat on her brother's bed. "I've started looking into universities... it's never too early, you know. You should start thinking too." Isabel was working around to her point. She was pretty nervous about how Max was going to take this whole conversation. Just because of Lonnie putting ideas into her head, Max wasn't like that was he?

        "Yeah, the three of us will have to find something good... it'd be nice if Liz, I mean our friends, could agree on something too."

        "That's a nice thought Max, all of us going off to university together. But we might not be able to find one that suits all of us." Isabel took a deep breath.

        "Well we'll just have to. It's too dangerous to be separated."

        "Max... you're going to want a sciences university. So will Liz."

        "Of course."

        "Have you realized that I won't? I want a place good in the humanities. Or that both of us want a really good university, and our parents want that for us, but Michael will have trouble getting into a place like that?"

        Max looked at Isabel quizzically. "You've thought a lot about this."

        "I've even found a couple places that look really good to me," Isabel added. "There's this one place in San Francisco..."

        "It just isn't possible, Isabel. We'll just have to make compromises, maybe we'll just go to Las Cruces."


        The phone rang, and Max raised his hand. "I have to get this."

        Isabel glanced at the caller id. Who else but Liz? Liz wouldn't accept anyplace but Harvard... would Max really not go with her? She debated with herself as Max talked on the phone. Should she tell him the rest? He wasn't handling even her theoretical questions very gracefully. And he seemed to think the decisions were all his.



        "You weren't at the Crashdown half an hour ago, were you? Up to something kinky with Alex?"

        Isabel frowned. "No... I was home, what are you talking about?"

        "Lonnie is in town. Liz just called to tell me she saw Lonnie there, kissing Alex."

        "She kissed him?"

        Max noticed what Isabel was surprised at. "You knew she was here?"

        "Yeah, I'm on top of the situation, Max."

        "You knew she was here and didn't tell me?"

        "You have a tendency to act irrationally around her, Max. Like let her manipulate her, like believe her over me..."

        "She tried to kill me!"

        Isabel regarded him coolly. "Think about it, Max. Did she really? Wasn't your escape just a little too easy? When Liz and I contacted you and tipped you off, did she make a real effort to kill you or just run away? She was scamming Nicholas. I don't condone the risks she took with your life but she wasn't trying to kill you. She's family, we aren't going to kill her either." She stood up and met Max's glare. "I'm serious Max, she's one of us. Like my twin sister or something." Only not like that because the things Lonnie intimated she wanted to do with Isabel were not at all sisterly. "Besides, she has information that could be important to all of us, and she's talking to me."

        "This isn't your decision. It affects all of us."

        "But where I go to university is your decision?"

        "I'm the king, Isabel." Max's expression grew pained. "I didn't ask for this, for the responsibility, but I've got it."

        "Then abdicate Max, because in this life you are not my king and I am not bowing down to you." Isabel slammed Max's door behind herself as she stormed out.


        Alex knocked on Isabel's window. Isabel walked over and threw it open, then walked away. Alex shrugged and climbed into her room. "Isabel?" He saw the stiffness in her body, her taut posture. "What's wrong?"

        "You kissed her?"

        "She kissed me. Are you jealous?" Alex walked closer.

        Isabel turned around. "Of course not. We aren't together, I have no right to be jealous."

        Alex's face fell. "Oh."

        "I just don't want you kissing her."

        "Right. Would you be jealous if there were tongue involved?" Isabel shot him a glare and Alex smiled innocently. "Okay, what are you really mad about?"

        "I just had a talk with Max. About plans for after high school... he's determined he's making all those decisions. Guidance councillors talk about how you and your parents have to come to an agreement... they don't know anything about having a king for a brother."

        "It'll be okay, Isabel. Your parents will support you in whatever you decide, and so will I."

        "Thanks Alex." Isabel smiled a little. She could count on him, and he was right. She could count on her parents, too. "It's just... this is important. I need some time to myself, always being stuck together makes me feel suffocated. I just need a little time on my own, to be independent... Alex?" He looked pained.

        "I understand you need to go off by yourself," Alex said stiffly.

        "Oh Alex, I didn't mean you. I mean Max and Michael... they always think they can run my life, and fighting with them is usually more work than it's worth." She patted Alex's knee. "Max is right we shouldn't be completely alone, I hope that I wind up somewhere with at least one of my friends with me."

        Alex smiled, but decided to change the subject rather than press. He'd gladly follow Isabel anywhere. "Lonnie said you were upset."

        "Vilandra... I never even dared bring her up with Max. The way he doesn't trust me... and I'm scared he'll try to hurt Lonnie."

        "She can take care of herself."

        "I don't want Max hurt either!"

        "Of course not." Alex guided Isabel to her bed and sat her down, sitting beside her. "Would you like to tell me about Vilandra?"


        "That's okay. But... I don't care what she did, Isabel. Nothing about this person would change how I feel about you." He put a hand reassuringly on Isabel's knee.

        "Thanks Alex."


        Isabel began to be aware of how close Alex was sitting. Their legs pressed together, one of Alex's arms around her shoulders and his other hand resting on her knee... well not so much resting as moving slightly further up her leg. By the way Alex had suddenly started breathing faster Isabel knew he was also aware of their proximity and no longer distracted by Vilandra. And Isabel could certainly use some distraction as well. Alex's lips were so close, all she had to do was turn a bit in his arms and lean forward... but she couldn't do that to Alex and not date him again. "Alex?"


        Isabel heard the hope in his voice. She wanted this. He wanted this. Even Lonnie wanted them to be together. What was the problem?

        "We can't... I can't..."

        "I want us to be together again." Alex reached out to brush the hair from Isabel's face, fingers gently brushing her cheek. "I miss you, Isabel."

        Isabel reached up, gently taking his hand in hers and pushing it away from his face. "I miss being with you Alex, but... I just can't. Not now, anyway."


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