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Journey, Part 5

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 26, 2003

        Middle of the night, a couple days later...

        Isabel sat up in bed smiling to herself. Lonnie had finally dreamt of something Isabel recognized, a place in Roswell - a motel on the 285. Isabel threw on a jacket over her PJs and pulled on her sneakers before vanishing threw her window into the night.


        Lonnie smiled as she heard the lock to her door snick back. The door opened to admit Isabel. Before the door closed behind her Isabel stood silhouetted by the lights of the highway and the hotel signs. Lonnie felt a strange sensation run through her.

        Isabel moved towards the bed uncertainly. She could barely make out a form in the center of the bed. "Lonnie?" she asked softly, then reproached herself. She was here to confront her dupe. Finding her and coming unannounced into her hotel room was supposed to drive through to Lonnie that there were limits she'd have to respect - like not trying to kill anyone Isabel cared about. Isabel pointed her palm at the light by the bed, turning it on from a distance.

        Lonnie lay there, hand behind her head, blinking in the sudden light as she studied Isabel. She smiled as Isabel's eyes flickered across her form, arms and shoulders bare with a thin sheet covering the rest of her.

        Isabel coughed in embarrassment, then launched into her prepared speech. "Lonnie, we have to talk. I'd love to learn what you know about Vilandra, compare notes, but if you're going to stay in Roswell there are certain ground rules. I will not have you bothering my friends, or impersonating me to anyone at all." Isabel trailed off as Lonnie stood up, letting the sheet fall.

        Lonnie grinned as Isabel stared at her naked form, familiar to her though it must be. "Hey Izzy, when I felt you in my dream I thought you'd come, but all the rules? If you start sounding like Max I'm going to become very bored." She walked closer to Isabel, backing her against the door, stopping just short of physical contact.

        Isabel held her breath. A naked Lonnie had not been in any of her plans for tonight, and she had no idea how to deal with it. She could feel control of the situation slipping out of her grasp. Was Lonnie going to kiss her again? Why wouldn't she hurry up? Not that Isabel was eager for it to happen, she reminded herself, but she wanted to get it over with so she could get back to her speech and making clear to Lonnie how things would have to be.

        Lonnie leaned closer, watching the confusion grow in Isabel's eyes. With a smirk of satisfaction Lonnie pulled back, reaching out to brush Isabel's hair from her face. "What do you want, Izzy?" she asked teasingly.

        Isabel took a deep breath, clinging to her original resolve. "Don't impersonate me, what I have to say I need to say myself. And don't do anything to the humans, Alex or any of the others. Please stay away from them."

        Lonnie smiled. "That's better... okay, I won't impersonate you this time. I won't hurt any of your friends, I promise. I won't stay away but I won't steal your boyfriend, not that I could."

        "Thanks." Isabel ignored the reference to Alex as her boyfriend. She was still trapped between Lonnie and the door, otherwise she'd make her get-away now.

        Lonnie smirked again. "It wouldn't hurt you to learn to share, Izzy darling. Alex wants his first time to be with you, and that's fine, but I want my turn so hurry it up will you?" She reached beneath Isabel's jacket, pinching her nipple lightly through the thin pajama top. "Or you could scratch my itch."

        "I... I have to go." Before she lost control. "Just keep your promises."

        "Come back tomorrow and we can discuss Vilandra." Lonnie finally stepped back. "Goodnight."

        "Goodnight Lonnie." Isabel waited, but Lonnie didn't say or do anything else. Finally Isabel turned to go, but Lonnie stopped her with a hand on her arm as she was turning the doorknob.

        "Were you waiting for your goodnight kiss?" Lonnie kissed Isabel softly on the back of the neck. "Sweet dreams."

        Isabel fled home. Was Lonnie right, had she been waiting? It was impossible... but then why had she delayed? Hot and bothered, Isabel had trouble falling asleep. When she finally managed, she dreamt.

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