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Journey, Part 4

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 2, 2003

        Isabel lay on her bed, thinking. She couldn't get Lonnie's words out of her head. Finally, she decided the best thing was to talk to her brother, find out exactly what Lonnie had said. She walked across the hall to his room. "Hey."

        "What's up?" Max asked, waving his hand to shut off his radio.

        "What did Lonnie say to you? To get you to go with her, I mean... when she was impersonating me."

        Max looked at his sister in surprise. "Why revisit that?"

        "Please Max, it's important." Isabel knew she should tell Max that Lonnie was back... but before she could do that, she needed help convincing herself to ignore her dupe.

        "I was angry with you about not telling me about Vilandra... she shouted something about me not owning her, I mean you."

        Exactly as Isabel had dreamt, and as Lonnie had said. "You undertant that the Vilandra stuff is personal, right? Why I don't feel able to talk about it, why I couldn't tell you?"

        "You should have told me. Anything about our past affects all of us."

        "If it's our past. If it ever happened. I'm going out."



        "Isabel?" Alex had his door on the chain. He looked even more nervous than usual around her, Isabel felt. No, he seemed scared. Usually he was just a bit nervous and happy. Not like this. He seemed almost frightened of her.

        "Yeah, it's me. Can I come in?" She smiled at him reassuringly.

        "I'm sort of busy." He looked away.

        "Busy with what?"

        "Uh... things. School. Well, I'll se you later!"

        Isabel knocked on the door again. Alex was acting really weird. Was something going on? Could someone be in there, threatening him?


        "Is everything alright? Are you okay, Alex?"

        "Sure, why wouldn't I be?" He didn't meet her eyes.

        "Can I come in please, Alex? You're acting really weird." Alex sending her away? Completely weird. Alex was devoted to her. She depended on him to make her feel better whenever she was scared or hurt or confused, and right now she was all three. More importantly, it seemed like this might be her turn to be there for Alex.

        Alex hesistated. Lonnie would have probably just forced her way in by now. He closed the door again, unhooked the chain, and let Isabel in. He flinched back as she entered, hoping she wouldn't notice.

        Isabel did notice. "Alex..." What was it? What was it? That she was dating someone else? That wasn't new, and Alex had to know Grant didn't matter to her, never had. She put her hand on Alex's arm. "I came here because I wanted your advice on something, but you act like you're in shock. What's wrong?"

        In answer Alex kissed Isabel tentatively on the lips. After a second he put his arms around her, hugging her suddenly. "It is you."

        "Lonnie... I knew she was back but I never thought... how badly did she hurt you?"

        "She didn't do anything once she realized I meant no when I said it, she just scared me."

        "I can't believe she'd do something like that... pretend to be me, to you." Isabel had thought of everyone, Alex at least would be safe from Lonnie.

        "I thought you'd finally come back to me," Alex said miserably. "When she started kissing me, I thought it was you until I got that flash."

        "Oh, Alex." Isabel didn't know what to say, just hugged her former boyfriend.

        "You came here for a reason."

        :"Some things Lonnie said to me." Maybe it would be best to give Alex something else to think about.

        "Yeah, you... no that was her. Wanting to know what I'd say to you, I guess.... but Lonnie's right. You do let Max walk all over you, it drives me crazy. The one thing you defy him on is dating that... that..."

        "I haven't gone out with him in ages, Alex, forget about him."


        "I have to find Lonnie," Isabel decided, "and make her leave you and the others alone. But I don't know where she'd be."

        "Dreamwalk her?"

        "I don't have a photo..."

        "Would a photo of you work?"

        Isabel thought for a second. "Alex, that's brilliant!" She kissed him on the cheek. "I'll try that. Do you need anything?"

        "You." Alex swallowed. Had he said that out loud? "I'll be fine, Isabel."

        "Anything?" Isabel asked, pretending not to have heard the first part of what Alex had said. She wasn't ready for a serious relationship, couldn't handle that right now. She avoided saying yes or no to Alex because she didn't want anyone else, including her dupe, messing with her guy.

        Alex shrugged. "Really, I'm fine."

        "I should stay, in case Lonnie comes back. I can get Max and Michael to help protect you."

        "No!" Alex stared at her, aghast. "No, you can't tell anyone."

        "Alex, she's dangerous."

        "She won't hurt me or force me. She's just pushy, not used to anyone saying no to her... she wouldn't hurt me. Besides, she's really here because of you."

        "I think so," Isabel agreed. That made what had almost happened her fault. "I'd better go track her down."

        "Or do it from here, protect your adoring human love slave from being ravished by your evil twin..."

        Isabel grinned, happy Alex was able to joke about it. He already seemed almost recovered. "I need a picture of myself..."

        "I've got some, of course." Alex fetched one from his dresser. "Last year's Christmas pageant. I'd just found out... and you were so beautiful all in red."

        "Alex..." He was being a little pushy. Well, why shouldn't he be? He'd even turned down Lonnie to wait for her, and Isabel knew how hard that had to have been for Alex. She'd seen his dreams about her dupe. "Thank you," she said, taking the photo.

        Isabel made her way over to Alex's bed and lay down on top of the blankets. A thrill went through her body at being here. She looked up, saw Alex watching her. "I need to lie down, otherwise I might fall when I go into the trance."

        "Okay." Alex didn't have a problem with having Isabel on his bed. "Can I do anything to help?"

        "Wake me up in half an hour if I don't come out of it on my own, and until then..."

        "Hold you?"

        "So I don't get lost." Isabel smiled.

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