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Journey, Part 3

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 2, 2003

        Late afternoon the following day, Whitman residence.

        Alex answered the door, expecting someone looking for his dad or something. He brightened immediately on seeing who it was. "Isabel! Hey."

        "Hey Alex." She smiled. "Can I come in?"

        Alex shook himself out of absorbing her appearance. Isabel looked great. She was dressed for running in those tight black jogging clothes, no make-up. She was still breathing heavily, which did interesting things to a prominent portion of her anatomy. "Oh, of course."

        "Thanks Alex." Not giving him a chance to get out of the way, she squeezed past Alex into his house, her body briefly pressing against his, her breasts brushing his arm. "I was out jogging, and I came past, and I thought I'd stop in." She hesitated, then led Alex into his bedroom.

        "You're always welcome here. Dad's barbecuing, if you want to stay I'll go ask him."

        "I'm not hungry." She shut the door, took a step closer to him

        Alex swallowed. There was a hungry look in her eyes, he was sure of it. Isabel also looked lonely. "Is everything all right?" he asked. It would explain her unusual stopping in like this.

        "I had an argument with myself. Well, with my dupe."

        "Lonnie's back in Roswell?" Alex tried to remind himself that Lonnie was bad news, she'd tried to kill Max. But when he'd met her, he'd liked her. She'd laughed at him, but hadn't really seemed cruel.


        Alex pulled Isabel into his arms. "It'll be okay. You can tell me what happened. If you want."

        She laid her head on his shoulder, hugged him tightly. "Do you think I let Max walk all over me?"

        "Is that what Lonnie said?"

        "Among other things."

        Alex sighed. He didn't like having to say what he was going to have to say, he was afraid Isabel would hold it against him. But he'd have said it long ago if it would have done any good. "Isabel, she's right. You do let Max walk all over you. Like letting him decide about not telling your parents." He hesitated. "I always wondered if maybe we gave Lonnie a bad rap, we don't know what really happened between her and Zan. And how could anyone who's you be bad?"

        She raised her head and smiled at him. "That's sweet, Alex. Kiss me."

        Alex nodded. "Yes ma'am." He slowly lowered his head until his lips met hers.

        It started slow and gentle as they teased around the edges of each other's mouths. Then Isabel's arms went around Alex's neck, holding him to her as her tongue slipped between his teeth to ravage his mouth.

        Alex couldn't stop a moan. Isabel had never been this aggressive, but he liked it. "My parents..."

        Isabel pulled away, touched his doorknob, then held up her glowing hand for a few seconds. "It's okay. They can't get in, and I just soundproofed your room."

        "Nice trick. When did you learn that?" Alex chided himself for delaying a return to the kissing... but maybe taking it slow was good anyway.

        "A while ago," she answered vaguely, pushing Alex against the wall and kissing him again.

        hatching in the sewers//kissing Rath//shoving Zan away from Ava//shoving Zan into the path of a truck

        Alex twisted away. "Lonnie!"

        Lonnie smirked. "Ya finally got it, Opie. I don't think Isabel is ready for our three-way yet, so how about we start with some one-on- one action?" She pinned him to the wall with her body, softly kissing his neck.

        "Why are you doing this?"

        "Isabel and I really did have a fight. I'm frustrated. I'm horny. I want you and..." she ground her hips against his "I can tell you want me."

        "You tried to trick me," Alex accused. It was hard to think, his body certainly wanted Lonnie, desperately. "I'm Isabel's, I'll go for the three-way but I won't cheat on her."

        "She's dumped ya, and even if she hadn't ya wouldn't be her possession." She pressed herself harder against Alex. "What, ya saving yourself for her?"

        "Something like that."

        "Sweet, but how about instead I teach ya some stuff? You're really doing Isabel a favor." She slipped her hands under Alex's shirt, ran her fingers over his chest, then pushed his shirt over his head.

        "Lonnie, I said... no." Alex's voice lacked conviction, wavering as her hand moved to his thigh, teasing then gently stroking him through his jeans.

        "Stop." Alex made himself grab at her wrists, then found himself flying. He landed on his bed, rolled over onto his back. Lonnie climbed on top of him, sitting astride his hips. "Lonnie, I'm ser..."

        Lonnie cut off his words with a deep kiss, grabbing Alex's wrists and pinning them above his head in one hand while she took out her handcuffs and secured Alex's hands to the headboard. "You don't mean that, but if you want to play this way, fine with me." She smirked as Alex yanked on the cuffs, before slipping her hands into Alex's jeans and yanking them off, followed by his boxers. "Wow... naked Alex, all tied up." She sat back on his hips, gently touched his hard and erect cock with one finger, grinned at Alex's frustration as he couldn't stop his hips from bucking. "And you seem to be enjoying this." She pulled her shirt over her head in one smooth motion.

        Alex's eyes popped. Lonnie wasn't wearing a bra. Of course he wanted this... his body did anyway. "You're so beautiful. But... Lonnie, please let me go."

        "Where would the fun be in that?" Lonnie asked reasonably. She moved off him again to shed her pants, then returned to him, running her hands over his chest and lightly pinching his nipples. "I have a better idea. You shut up and have fun and if Isabel ever finds out, you couldn't stop me." She lifted herself up, positioning herself over Alex's power source.

        "Stop, Lonnie! Don't do this."

        Lonnie paused, looked Alex in the eyes. He was scared, a tear leaked from one eye. With a sigh of disbelief she lowered herself without taking him inside her.

        "You're serious. Damn. I figured that by the time we got this far you'd just be playing along."

        "Just please let me go."

        "You don't want me?"

        Alex frowned. Lonnie sounded hurt. This was a very delicate situation. "Of course I do. But not like this. Not starting with you trying to trick me by making me think you're Isabel. And I want my first time to be with Isabel. You have no idea how hard it is to turn you down..."

        "I think I know how hard it is." Lonnie ran her fingers up his cock.

        Alex moaned again. "Good god... Lonnie..." Would it be so bad to let her do this? Then he felt the cuffs being removed, although Lonnie still sat on him. "What are you doing?"

        "Making sure you're as frustrated as I am."

        "Oh, I think I am." Alex closed his eyes. Damn, he'd be begging her to take him in another second.

        Lonnie got off him, dressed then turned the clothes back into her own. Tattoos reappeared, and Lonnie began reinserting piercings. "Sorry bout that."

        Alex didn't know what to say. Besides, his lust wouldn't die down enough. He turned away from her, gathering up his clothes and pulling on his shirt. His pants would have to wait.

        "Maybe I should go find that geologist."

        "Don't, Lonnie."

        "Jealous? You don't get to be jealous!"

        Alex groaned. He hated the idea of anyone but him touching Lonnie, or being touched by her. "Stop playing with me! I don't want that because you'll mess up Isabel's life. And yes," he admitted, "it makes me jealous."

        "I could kill him for you," Lonnie offered, catching them both by surprise. "Alex?"

        "Ummm... no. Thanks, but no. So, goodbye."

        "You're really scared of me, aren't you?"

        "Yeah." Alex gulped. He was scared of her, yes. Also of himself, of losing his self-control.

        "I wouldn't hurt ya, okay? Well, only if I were punishing you."


        "So you want to keep me away from that geologist, huh?"

        Alex looked up at her, nodded.

        "There's a way. Come here."

        Alex thought about it. If Lonnie slept with Grant, Grant would think Isabel had slept with him. Would expect it again. But he was ugly, surely Lonnie wasn't serious?

        Lonnie took off her shirt. "I don't like this one." Bare-breasted, she began going through Alex's drawers, looking up when Alex made a small sound.

        Alex stood up, watched Lonnie.

        "Give me that shirt."

        The command in her voice made Alex jump. Made his cock jump, too.

        Lonnie leaned towards him, kissed him hard, biting his lip. "Keep dreaming about me, and I'll give ya another chance." She put on Alex's shirt and left by the window.

        Alex was very, very frustrated and very, very confused. How had Lonnie done all that to him? How had he managed to say no?

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