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Journey, Part 2

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 2, 2003

        (Forty minutes later. A residential street near the Evans' residence.)

        Isabel ran. She maintained a smooth, even pace. Her breasts bounced under her black running outfit. But she couldn't leave Vilandra behind.

        Sure, she'd been upset a bit by what had happened in the Crashdown... but any nastiness had been in her own fault, and anyway it hadn't gone that badly. It was what had come between her and Max that really bothered her. It was that Max didn't trust her.

        No. It was more than that. It was that she didn't trust herself. She could have Alex back... he trusted her completely, would even if she told him everything.

        Why had Lonnie had to tell him?

        Isabel tripped over a tree root and went flying, managing to twist so that she fell on the grass lawn beside the sidewalk. Looked up. Yup, what had startled her had been real.

        "Hey Izzy. Didn't mean to scare ya."

        "I'm not afraid of you," Isabel insisted, sitting up.

        "Startle. Still, sorry."

        "You're apologizing for that?" Isabel got up, ignoring the pain from her bruises as she moved. "What about what you did to me and my brother? Manipulating him, betraying my confidence... setting him against me..."

        "Oh for the love of gawd!" Lonnie burst out. "Listen to yourself, princess! It's my fault your brother treats you like a slave that's misbehaved? Did he tell you exactly what I said to him?"

        "You told him about Vilandra."

        Lonnie shook her head. "Even Max ain't stupid enough to care about past lives, though he pretends to when it's to his advantage. Same as Zan. I'll tell ya what I said."

        Isabel crossed her arms over her chest. "What?"

        "Remember that dream you had the night after you met us? The dream where you finally stood up to your brother?"

        Isabel paled. "You..."

        "I saw everything. And I said everything, the exact same words. Because it's what you had to say and wouldn't say. And remember, I was there before you knew... I checked the lay of the land... I talked to your dad." Lonnie sighed wistfully. "Nice guy... anyway, I know damn well things went bad long before I showed up." She walked towards Isabel. Slowly. Eyeing her up and down. Stalking closer. "So don't you dare blame me, princess. I didn't cause this."

        "No," Isabel admitted. "I did... if I'd only told him the truth." She stared at her feet until she felt a stinging blow against her cheek, hard enough it nearly spun her around. Before she could defend herself Lonnie grabbed her arms, pushed Isabel backwards until she was pinned against a tree by Lonnie's body. "What does it take to get through to you? You didn't do this. Max did this. I met your parents, they're great. I met your human boy-toy, he's sweet. I can tell it ain't Michael, and Tess just came into your life. So that leaves Max... he's the one who has turned you into this whimpering, subserviant, doll."

        "I am not!" Isabel met Lonnie's eyes. They were very close to hers. Just like Lonnie's lips were close to her lips. Their chests were so close their breasts brushed whenever either breathed in.

        "Go flirt with that security guard, Isabel" Lonnie said, mimicking Max's voice. "You're pathetic!"

        "You came back here to tell me that?"

        Lonnie shook her head. "I didn't stop Zan... not in time. What he did to Ava... dammit, Isabel, your brother is going down the same path mine did, and you're his favorite punching bag."

        "He's never hit me!"

        "He tried," Lonnie hissed. "When I talked to him, when he thought I was you... if I hadn't made sure to have Rath nearby, he'd have hit me. For saying nothing that wasn't true, nothing you shouldn't have been telling him."

        "Why are you here?" Isabel was shaking. Max was her brother, she loved him, why couldn't she refute what Lonnie was saying?

        "To take you away with me." Lonnie kissed Isabel, suddenly, hard on the lips. Her tongue forced its way between Isabel's lips, into her mouth.

        When Lonnie pulled away, but still pinning Isabel against the tree with her body, Isabel's mouth was full of the taste of metal, and Tabasco, and her other self. Isabel gasped for breath, but didn't struggle, just waited for Lonnie to kiss her again. She didn't.

        "I want you, Isabel. You're the only one who can ever understand me, like I'm the only one who'll ever really understand you. Come with me. You can be my lover. You can be my twin sister. It's up to you. Only come with me. I'll keep you safe, and help you find that backbone you lost somewhere."

        Isabel shook her head. "I can't just leave."

        "Your parents will understand, if ya tell em everything. Please," Lonnie whispered. Her breasts caressed Isabels, and she kissed Isabel's throat softly. "We'll have Rath and Ava with us, if ya want. Or it can be just us. You can even bring Opie along if ya want."

        "Alex has a life here, besides I'm not even dating him." How could she even be thinking about this?

        "He'd come with ya. You have to know that."

        "I can't..."

        "You're letting yourself be destroyed here."

        "No!" Isabel cried suddenly, breaking free of Lonnie's grasp and shoving her twin backwards. Lonnie stumbled. Isabel brought up a hand, let it glow, knocked Lonnie to the ground. "Stay away from me, and stay away from my brother!"

        Lonnie wasn't injured, not physically. She stared after Isabel as Isabel ran away. Her long golden hair, her ass outlined by tight pants as she ran. "Isabel," Lonnie whispered. "You need me."

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