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Journey, Part 1

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 2, 2003

Title: Journey
Category: Opie (Isabel/Alex/Lonnie)
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content (but there's a lot besides smut), R for violence. Um... probably a couple bad words.
Setting: After "Max in the City" but before "A Roswell Christmas Carol."
Summary: Lonnie returns to Roswell, for Isabel. Soon she determines she wants Alex as well. But it won't be easy...

        (The Crashdown. Several days following the events of "Max in the City.)

        "Rath was so hot." Maria sighed. "Michael refuses to dress up like that, acts all jealous. But he kissed you, Liz. What was it like?"

        Liz blushed. "It was... good. A lot different from Max. I wish I could have seen Zan..."

        "But Rath was hot, right? C'mon Alex, I'm right aren't I?"

        "Yeah, he sure was." Alex caught himself, knew there was no denying what he'd said. "Ava though, and Lonnie... wow." He was surprised when both girls agreed with him. "I wish..."

        "You wish Lonnie would come back?" Maria guessed.

        "Or Ava?" Liz suggested.

        "Lonnie said something about a three-way. She said 'maybe later.' And Isabel didn't say yes, but she didn't rule it out either. Actually she seemed interested."

        "But have you two even... well..."

        "Had a two way?" Alex shook his head. "We came close a couple times last summer but we never actually went all the way. We wanted to take our time. Then in September all of a sudden she decided it was too dangerous for us to be together. That was before Nasedo was killed, it never made any sense." He sighed, switched back to the happy topic of sexy dupes. "Anyway, Lonnie was really hot." Then he saw Liz and Maria look behind him, and turned around. "Oh hi Isabel."

        "Hey Alex. Liz, Maria." The human girls nodded to her. "So Alex," Isabel continued casually, standing behind his chair, "you found Lonnie attractive?"

        Alex looked desperately to Liz and Maria for help, but they seemed intimidated by Isabel as well. Alex was on his own. "Well... she does look a lot like you."

        Isabel put her hands on his shoulders, rubbed them lightly. "Relax Alex. So, did you find her more attractive than me?"

        Was she actually jealous? Anyway the safe answer happened to be true. "No."

        "You find me more attractive?"

        Alex nearly said 'no' again, but didn't. As he delayed he felt Isabel's hands tighten on his shoulders. "Sometimes." He remembered those red pajamas she'd worn into his dreams so many times that summer.

        "Good." Isabel slid into the seat next to him. "So we're discussing whether the dupes are sexy?"

        "It's sort of a humans only discussion," Liz pointed out.

        "But you're welcome to join," Maria said quickly. "What did you think of Rath?"

        "Incredibly sexy."

        "Hey!" Alex said.

        "Not as sexy as Alex," Isabel added, smiling and patting Alex's arm.

        "What about the others?" Liz challenged.

        "Ava was cute," Isabel admitted. "Those dreams you keep having of her, Liz, are so much more fun to watch than when you dream about my brother."

        Liz blushed furiously. "Stay out of my head, okay?"

        Maria was mad on behalf of her friend. "And what about Lonnie?"

        "What about her? She's my dupe!"

        "Yeah," Alex agreed. "So what did you think of her?"

        Isabel felt cornered. "Well... I mean, she's me. It wouldn't be incest, right? More like masturbation I guess."

        "But you like her," Maria pursued.

        "This is absurd," Isabel declared, standing up. "She tried to kill Max! Nice to see all of you." She bent close to Alex, whispered in his ear, and then she left.

        Alex glared after her. "You can't tell me who to dream about," he called after her, but only once the Crashdown door was safely closed behind her. Then he looked at Liz and Maria and began to grin. "She's jealous!"

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