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Discontinuity, part 4

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 10, 2002

        Alex paused as she left the school grounds. Like everywhere in Roswell, part of her history was here... and in less than a year, she'd be leaving it all behind. She'd follow Isabel to San Francisco. She'd still live in Roswell during the summers for a few more years, and then she'd really leave. Most of the memories she'd be leaving behind... no taking with her... were good ones. A few were bad, like the way Liz and Maria had shut her out when they'd first learned what Max, Isabel and Michael were. Alex reflected on that as she walked home.


        What they remember - Discontinuity timeline: "Morning After"

        "You really want to know what we were talking about?" Liz demanded.

        "Yes!" Alex shouted back in exasperation.

        "We were talking about..."

        "Cramps!" Maria said.

        "Yes, cramps, and all this gory disgusting stuff..."


        Alex gave herself a shake. Just what the hell had happened there? Oh obviously she knew now what Liz and Maria had been discussing... but why had the subject turned her off the way Liz and Maria had known it would? All that stuff happened to her too, after all.

        "My life makes no sense," Alex said out loud.

        "Hi dear," her father said. "And why should it?"

        "I don't know... just confused about something. Do things just ever seem wrong to you?"

        "Wrong? What could be wrong? You've got great grades, close friends, a beautiful girlfriend..."

        Alex finally smiled. "You're right." She hugged her father. "Sometimes I worry too much."

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