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Discontinuity part 3: Schrodingeržs Cat

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 1, 2002

        Isabel hummed along with her CD as she cleaned her room. It hovered an inch above her desk, spinning. "All the world is spinning round, inside my head tonight." Most of her time was taken rearranging her photos. Finally satisfied with their placement, the photo of her and Alex at their prom together given pride of place of course. Isabel began to turn away. Then she halted, turned back, blinked. Everything was normal. The pictures hadn't moved or changed.

        Isabel blinked again, and there it was. Where her darling Alexandra should be stood a stranger, a boy she'd never seen in her life. Isabel hesitantly picked up the picture. She couldn't detect any Alien 'voodoo' on the photo, she hadn't felt any powers being used other than her own CD playing. Even that was too small a thing to create much interference. So what had happened? Surely Max wouldn't tamper with her photos. That was too petty even for him... right?

        Carrying the photo, Isabel picked up her cellphone, waited for him to pick up. "Max, did you..." she trailed off.


        Isabel stared at the photo of herself and Alexandra. She'd been holding it, nobody could possibly have changed it back without her knowing. "I'm going crazy."

        "Right. Look, I have to get to work... is it something important? How are mom and dad?"

        "They miss you terribly, but dad's not going to let you move back until he understands why you committed armed robbery. That isn't why I called though."


        "Never mind that part." Isabel hesitated, not looking at the photo. Schrodinger's Cat... "At the Prom, do you remember what Alex wore? Did she wear a tux or a dress?"

        "C'mon Isabel, surely you remember... besides you've got photos. And you know I'm not completely happy with this."

        "I'm serious Max. I remember what I wore, that red strapless dress. Maria had that really incredibly awful dress... I remember what Liz wore, I even remember you and Michael in tuxes. I can picture Kyle and Vicky dancing together. But I can't remember what my date wore."

        There was a moment of quiet. "I remember all of that too... except Alex. She was definitely there, I saw you two dancing, I mean everyone was watching you... but I can't remember what she was wearing. A tux?"

        Isabel held up the picture. Alexandra was wearing the same tux as the stranger, only slightly smaller. Then the picture wavered, and she was dressed in a black dress, which Isabel suddenly remembered had been backless. The front had also been designed to waste as little fabric as possible within the bounds of passably good taste. Isabel had loved that dress...

        "Max, I have to go."

        "Okay." Max hesitated. "If mom asks, cause she will and she'll tell dad, tell them I'm fine but I do miss them."

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