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Discontinuity, Part 2

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 27, 2002

        Alex sat down across from Liz and Maria, who'd already begun eating at their regular place in the quad outside the high school. "Hi."

        "Hi Alex, missed you last night" Liz chided him. "We could have made it a girls night, the three of us, like the old days."

        Alex apologized, but couldn't manage to look repentant. "I dropped by to say hi to Isabel, her mom insisted I stay for dinner."

        "That's a big improvement," Maria observed.

        "Yeah, Max said she and their dad both hit the roof when Isabel told them she was taking you to the prom," Liz commented.

        "They're getting used to it," Alex allowed. "They're pretty open- minded, just worried about their daughter's future. I think they like me. I'm not sure Max is though... he doesn't quite like the idea of anyone dating his sister, I think. Maybe he and Michael are finally beginning to understand a fraction of what they put me through." "Thanks Alex." Maria grinned, shaking her head. "I'm so sorry we put you through that, we should have told you right away."

        Alex shrugged. "We've been through that. I understand why you didn't."

        "Still, we're sorry," Liz agreed with Maria. "We're really happy for you now. The others will get over it." Her voice fell as she grumbled to herself. "Max had better."

        Alexandra glanced up as Kyle wandered over.

        "Hey, any..." he lowered his voice "Czech stuff going on lately I should know about?"

        "Everything's perfectly normal," Liz answered.

        "Everything's perfect," Alex added, dreamy look in her eyes.

        Kyle chuckled. "I always did think you and Isabel would make a really cute couple." He pretended to duck as Maria shot a glare his way. "Glad things are still working out."

        Alexandra grinned. Kyle's sentiment was predictable, but not offensive. Besides, she liked the idea of two girls too. "Thanks Kyle." She smiled, remembering back to when it had all started.


        What they remember - Discontinuity timeline: "Pilot"

        Alex glanced over as Isabel and Maria walked past. Both had very nice costumes for this year's Crashdown Festival, especially Isabel. Isabel and Maria? Max and Liz and Isabel and Maria? What is going on in this town... and surely Maria isn't... she'd have said something to me... she knows how I feel about Isabel. "Hey Maria. Isabel, nice cones."

        Alex blushed suddenly, glad for the darkness. Maybe Isabel would think it had been a compliment solely on her costume. Alex wasn't out, usually she was more discreet than to say things like that.

        Isabel smiled at her. A smile that sent thrills through Alex's body, and gave her renewed hope. Maybe, on the other hand, Isabel had understood what Alex meant. If so she seemed fine with it, perhaps flattered - not encouraging, but then Isabel didn't encourage any guys either. It was enough hope for Alex to cling to.

        Maria didn't seem to have heard, looking so preoccupied with whatever big secrets she and Liz were involved with she hadn't even seen Alex.

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