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Discontinuity, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 28, 2002

Author's Note: This really is slash, please read to the end. This is an Alex/Isabel fanfic. It takes place post-"Busted." If you get really confused reading this part... don't worry, you're supposed to. If you recognize where I'm stealing most of this idea from, well, I have a different explanation (yes I can explain everything).

        Dianne Evans smiled at her daughter. "I'm really glad you're going ahead with your life. You deserve this, Isabel."

        Isabel hugged her mother, then stepped back to pick up the info. "San Francisco says the scholarship still stands, and I'll only lose one half-credit I can't transfer from Las Cruces. I can start at San Francisco this January!"

        "I still don't understand why you didn't go there in the first place like you planned," her mother confessed.

        "I don't want to talk about it. Just... don't mention that to Max, if he calls you. Or Michael."

        "I'm very concerned about your brother." Dianne sighed. "But I'm very proud of you."

        "Thanks mom, I really need to leave Roswell for a while, get away from all the memories..."

        They were interrupted by Philip's shout. "Isabel! Alex is here to see you!"

        Isabel spun around, shock on her face.

        "What memories, dear?" her mother asked.

        Isabel frowned, then shook her head. "I'm not sure what I was talking about." She forgot the subject as Alex followed Isabel's father into the kitchen.

        "Isabel." Alex smiled. "Mrs Evans."

        "Hi Alex. Isabel, why don't you ask your friend to stay for dinner?"

        "Mom!" Isabel protested, but turned to Alex anyway. "Would you like to?"

        "I'd love to."

        "Great." Isabel paused. "I have some news. Alex, I'm going to transfer to San Francisco this January."

        "That's great, that's where you wanted to go."

        Isabel could tell Alex was genuinely happy for her... she should have known Alex would still be supportive. "I'll miss you, but it's only for a few months."

        "It won't be that long." Alex hugged Isabel, whispered. "And you can visit my dreams while we're apart when awake."

        Isabel struggled against the feeling that something was out of place. True, her mom didn't look completely happy, but mom had accepted the situation when Isabel told her that she and Alex were going to the prom together. Mom liked Alex better than Grant anyway. She pushed away her misgivings and hugged Alex tightly.

        Life was perfect, just as she wanted it. She had loving parents. She was going to the university she wanted to go to. Most of all, she had finally realized what she wanted, and it hadn't been too late; her beloved Alexandra.

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