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Alternate 'Four Square', Part Eight

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 25, 2002

Title: Any suggestions would be welcome.
Author: AlexEvans
Rating: R
Category: Mindwarper/Stargazer
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned Roswell.
Archive: Just let me know.

        "Tess!" Isabel called happily, lifting the hem of her gown and running to the other girl.

        Tess swung around, skirt billowing. "Isabel! Isn't our daughter beautiful?" She lifted the baby in her arms. "Look, she has your cheekbones."

        Isabel took the child, cradled her lovingly. "She has your eyes."

        "I knew you'd make a wonderful mother," Tess said happily.

        "We'll watch Villy grow up together," Isabel promised. "This is everything I ever wanted."


        Isabel woke, Max shaking her shoulder, her alarm clock blaring. "Max?"

        "Your alarm has been ringing for half an hour. Are you okay?"


        "I think I should try to heal you or something."

        Isabel shook her head. "No... no, I'll go to school even."

        Max looked at her, shook his head, but went away. Once he was gone Isabel got up. At least she wasn't having the sex dreams anymore - she unsuccessfully tried to pretend to herself she didn't want them again - but this was even more serious. Now she was dreaming about... what? Having a kid with Tess? Spending their lives together? "Am I going crazy?" she asked herself, then went down to get herself breakfast.

        "Max, have you ever met anyone named Villy?"

        "Villy?" He shook his head. "Lilly, yeah. Why?"

        "Never mind." Isabel smeared more red pepper jelly on her toast and ate quickly to be ready in time.

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