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Alternate Four Square, Part Six

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 27, 2002

        Alex floated through his morning classes. Liz and Maria finally cornered him at lunch.

        "Okay, what's with the grin you've been wearing all day, Alex?" Maria demanded. "Spill."

        Alex merely smiled even more. "I'm happy. Do I need a special reason?"

        "Yes," Liz insisted, "to be this happy you do. Or do we have to guess?"

        Alex shrugged. "Guess."

        "Either you've been invited to a sneak preview of Star Wars Episode II, and Natalie Portman will be there, or this has something to do with Isabel."

        Before Alex could answer he felt arms encircling his waist. Isabel rested her chin on his shoulder. "Alex. Hi Liz, Maria."

        "Your first guess, Liz." Alex blushed as Isabel whispered in her ear. "See you later."


        Liz and Maria stared after them as Isabel dragged Alex off towards the eraser room. "Good for Alex," Liz said finally.

        "I knew it was just a matter of time," Maria agreed.

        "What's going on with Alex?" Tess interrupted.

        Liz scowled at her. "He and Isabel are together now." She stared as Tess stiffened and rushed off, every muscle in her small body proclaiming injury and outrage.

        "I didn't know she liked Alex," Maria said after a moment. "Maybe she's not as obsessed with Max as we thought."


        Alex pulled the eraser room door shut behind himself and Isabel, turning as Isabel put her arms around his neck. They kissed deeply.

        "Not that I'm complaining," Alex asked as they stopped for breath, "but what changed your mind?"

        "You were so patient, and sweet, and... and don't ask so many questions, okay Alex?" She wasn't going to imply to Alex she was using him as a shield against Tess. Something that wasn't true, anyway.

        "Okay. Anything you want." He meant it, too, even before Isabel pressed him back against the table, her mouth on his at first, then her lips pressed against his neck as he undid the top button of her shirt and kissed her throat.

        They didn't leave the eraser room until the bell rang to announce that they should be back in class. They arrived late to history, still holding hands.

        Alex saw Tess looking at them, and knew she had never seemed the least bit interested in him, and wondered.

        Isabel saw Tess' looks, and knew, and it hurt to see the other Alien girl - the only other Alien girl she knew of - so miserable. She rubbed her forehead, trying to fight off the constant daydreams about Tess. Isabel succeeded, but by the end of the day she was tired and her head hurt.

        Alex took her arm as she stumbled leaving their last class.

        "I'm just suddenly so tired."

        Alex looked at her with concern. "I'll take you home."

        "Thank you, Alex." Once there, she looked around for her parents, who seemed to be out, then led Alex up to her room. She looked longingly at her bed, blinked to banish the image of herself and Tess in it. It went away, only to be replaced by an image of herself and Alex.

        "If you're that tired why don't you lie down a while?" Alex suggested, misinterpreting her stare.

        "Good idea." Isabel looked suspiciously at her bed until the image of herself, Alex and Tess disappeared, then climbed under the sheets.

        Alex tucked her in. "You're beautiful, you know that?" His hand gently brushed her cheek, then he leaned down to kiss her softly before leaving her to sleep, and to dream.

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