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Alternate Four Square, Part Five

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 3, 2002

        Alex, after his early awakening, arrived at school early. No one seemed to be around. He wasn't sure what to say to any of his friends, anyway. Especially Isabel. Finally he went to the music room to practice and hopefully calm himself down before he had to go to classes. Classes with Aliens in them.

        Isabel arrived at her normal time. She'd been distracted all morning, barely acknowledging Max's questions about TEss. Once at school she hurried for her locker, passing Tess, who looked up as she closed her locker, smiling.

        Isabel took Tess by the shoulders and pushed her back against her locker, kissing her passionately. Tess responded eagerly, arms going around Isabel's waist. They necked as students passed by unnoticing.

        Isabel blinked. Tess waved. Isabel moved back and hurried away before Tess could catch up with her. The day dream had been so intense, so desirable. She must be doing this to me, I don't want this... not really Isabel told herself. It hadn't happened, this time she was sure. All the guys who'd walked past would have surely noticed her and Tess kissing. Then the news would be all over school by lunch time, Max and Michael would kill her, and poor Alex...

        Tess watached Isabel go, unable to match her long legged strides. Why can't she just admit to herself what she wants? I'm doing my best to show her. She bellongs with me, with her own kind, not with some human being, not even Al.


        Isabel didn't need to think long about her decision. Hadn't she been thinking about it for weeks now? She wandered the halls, searching, until she heard the notes as she passed the music room. Isabel entered quietly. Alex's music was heartbreakingly sad, especially to someone who feared she was the cause. She waited for a break in the music, then put a hand on Alex's shoulder, turning him to face her. "That was beautiful, Alex."

        "Thanks." Alex put down his guitar. "Isabel, I'm glad you're here."

        "Me too." Isabel leaned closer. "I always enjoy spending time with you."

        "Really?" Alex smiled, wanting to believe even though Isabel hadn't been chosing to spend her time with him. I... I love spending time with you."

        "But I think it's time for a change?"

        "A change?" Alex repeated, looking very worried.

        "Yes, change." Isabel leaned forward, closing the small remaining distance between themm, pressing her lips against his. Alex responded automatically, tender yet passionate. As Isabel drew back she sa the stunned look on his face. "I know we've been moving a little slowly..."

        "The word 'glacial' comes to mind," Alex answered wryly.

        Isabel smirked. "It's time to melt the ice."

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