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Alternate 'Four Square', Part Four

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 6, 2002

        Alex's dreams, when he finally found sleep, reflected his inner turmoil.

        He had told Isabel outright "I'd do anything," meant it, but while Isabel had appeared touched she hadn't said it back. She'd even used this new girl, Tess, as a shield to prevent further meaningful conversation.

        Now he dreamt that he and Isabel were walking together under the stars, on the outskirts of Frasier Woods. Alex stopped, went to one knee in front of the one he loved. "Isabel, will you..."

        "Hi!" Tess exclaimed, stepping out of a hollow tree. "Isabel, there's this great chic flick I just rented, want to go watch it?"

        "Sure," Isabel agreed, utterly oblivious. "Talk to you later Alex."


        Alex found himself back at school, eating lunch alone because Liz and Maria had gone to sit with Max and Michael. He ate glumly, then looked up to see Isabel standing next to him.

        "Hi Alex." She glanced at the chair acrosss from him."

        "Sit down Isabel, please."


        Isabel sat down on her throne. "Go, Alex."

        "No." He refused, gripping his sword tightly. Part of him recognized this was a familiar dream. The rest of him was scared stiff.

        "Surrender," Michael ordered, walking straight towards Isabel and levelling his sword at her throat.

        Alex blurred into motion, knocking aside Michael's blade with his own, surging onto the attack to drive Michael back.

        Hands grabbed him then, pulled him away. Alex thrashed desperately, managing to notice in his desperation that Max and Tess had turned green and now had antennae sprouting from their foreheads. This wasn't supposed to happen in this dream.

        Michael wasn't supposed to carry off Isabel.

        "No!" Alex shouted, pulling out of Max and Tess' grip and sitting upright in bed, breathing hard. After a little while he got out of bed and went to make breakfast. It was almost time anyway, and he didn't want to risk the dreams he might get if he went back to sleep.

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