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Alternate 'Four Square', Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 28, 2001

Title: Any suggestions would be welcome.
Author: AlexEvans
Rating: R
Category: Mindwarper/Stargazer
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned Roswell.
Archive: Just let me know.

        Isabel got home ahead of Max, going inside to find Tess already perched on her living room couch watching home videos with her (Isabel's) mother. Videos of a young Isabel and Max. Isabel hid her anger as she said hello to her mother, grabbed pop, Tabasco and sugar, and took Tess to her room. Once the door was shut she let it out. "Are you spying on us?" she demanded angrily. "Why were you looking at those videos?"

        Tess turned away. "No," she answered softly, turning back to face Isabel. "I've been alone so long, I just wanted to know what it would have been like to have you three as my friends back when we were all children."

        Isabel softened. She'd felt so alone so many times, despite loving parents who'd adopted her, despite Max and Michael. She sat down on her bed, watching Tess sit next to her. "I didn't know... we've been so scared lately. Being hunted makes you paranoid."

        "It's all right. You aren't even close to paranoid, not next to our protector. He, well usually it's a he, raised me. We were always moving, looking for the three of you, staying one step ahead of the FBI, and he was never the same person twice."

        Isabel looked at Tess, who seemed so small and vulnerable. She'd kicked off her shoes and was sitting with her legs tucked under her. "You aren't alone anymore. Everything's easier when you aren't alone." Alex had said that... so strange that he could understand that so well.

        Tess smiled in response. "That's sweet." She poured cherry cola and Tabasco into the glasses Isabel had brought.

        "It isn't mine. A... a friend of mine said that." Isabel accepted her glass, plopped in a sugar cube before passing the sugar.

        "Must be a good friend. And smart." Tess' fingers brushed Isabel's as she accepted the small box of sugar.

        "Yeah, he is." Isabel watched as Tess laid out four sugar cubes on the mattress, trying to capture the faint memory they evoked. Something long ago, primal, Alien. She leaned forward to study them more closely, moving closer to Tess.

        Their mouths met. Isabel was still for a moment in surprise, then she began kissing Tess back.

        Tess' mouth tasted sweet.

        And spicy.


        Isabel blinked as Tess dropped the sugar cubes into her cola, one by one.

        "Nothing can ever be too spicy or too sweet, don't you think?" Tess smiled innocently.

        "Of course not," Isabel answered faintly, feeling confused. She glanced at her mirror. She looked flushed. Unless it was just her imagination, so did Tess.

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