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Alternate Four Square, Part 13

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 13, 2003

        That night, Isabel dreaded going to sleep, but she could only stay awake so long.

        "Mom! Mom!"

        Isabel and Tess turned as their daughter ran up. She was about five, now.

        "Look what I can do!" Villy made the brilliant leaves float into the air, dance about, then fall into a huge pile. She promply jumped into it, scattering them.

        Isabel and Tess exchanged glances, smiles at Villy discovering her powers turning to frowns of worry.

        "Who explains she has to keep this secret?" Isabel asked.

        Tess sighed. "I'll do it, but in a few years you're going to be stuck with the sex talk."

        Isabel considered. "Deal." She kissed Tess lightly, then watched Tess walk over. Just as she reached Villy, they both disappeared.

        Isabel sat up. What had awoken her? She went silently across the hall to her brother's room. "Max? Are you all right? Michael? What are you doing up?" They were at opposite side's of Max's room. Both looked flushed.

        "Just a dream," Max muttered.

        "You woke us up."

        "Actually," Michael confessed, "I was sort of dreaming too."

        Isabel noticed something about Michael. "What about?"

        "None of your business. I mean, it was really boring," Michael hastily added.

        "Why are you here, anyway?"

        "I'm used to sleeping here... anyway, I'm going home now." Michael climbed out the window without a goodnight.

        "I don't want to talk about it, Isabel."

        Isabel looked at her brother. "Fine. I'm going to try to get back to sleep."

        This time she didn't dream about having a kid. She was back on the cliff, with Tess approaching. Isabel tried to slow her feet, but found herself running towards Tess anyway. Once their lips met and their gowns vanished, she didn't resist any longer.


        Isabel looked up from where she was cuddling with Tess, looked around the vast empty expanse of desert.


        "Mom?" Isabel asked irritably. "I was sleeping!"

        "You shouted 'Tess.'"

        Isabel buried her face in her pillow. "Oh god."

        "Your brother isn't sleeping well either. But Isabel... your father and I are worried about you. You've looked tired the last couple days."

        "Yeah," Isabel mumbled. Couldn't mom go away and let her get back to sleep?

        "We'll talk in the morning," Dianne decided. "Goodnight, sweet... um, goodnight."

        Isabel closed her eyes before realizing what she was doing. How would she feel if she caught Alex dreaming about somebody else? And just because Alex couldn't catch her didn't make it alright. She might not be able to avoid the dreams, but she certainly couldn't go seeking them out and then go tell Alex that she'd kissed Tess but it wasn't a big deal. Trying to avoid the dreams, she decided on a bit of dreamwalking. Curiousity piqued from earlier, she chose to visit Michael's dreams. It had been a while, after all.

        "Yuck!" she said to herself. "God, as if Liz's dreams aren't bad enough." She hated smutty dreams involving her brother. And did they have to be on the nice pristine sandy cliff edge that she and Tess used? "Oh god what am I thinking?"

        Isabel got up and paced around. This was the worst night yet. Besides, she felt strange. Not just tired, her whole body tingled. Her hand stole to her stomach. She definitely felt strange. As if something were happening to her.

        Dear god. I think I'm pregnant. I think Tess got me pregnant.

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