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Alternate 'Four Square', Part Eleven

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 7, 2002

Title: Any suggestions would be welcome.
Author: AlexEvans
Rating: R
Category: Mindwarper/Stargazer
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned Roswell.
Archive: Just let me know.

        "Where are we going?" Alex asked again. Max, Liz and Isabel were acting weird. Tess wasn't looking at anyone. Only Michael and Maria were acting normal; they were squabbling.

        "Where the four of us hatched," Tess finally answered.

        "Hatched?" Alex looked around. Even Liz didn't seem as curious as he would have thought. Something was definitely odd. He let it drop, though, simply getting in the jeep with Isabel, Max and Liz. Tess took the lead; she had a SUV not the flying saucer or jeep one would expect to find Aliens in. Maria and Michael followed in the Jetta. All that made sense... but why was Isabel in the front seat, while Liz shared the back seat with him?

        It wasn't that far a drive. Isabel looked around at the rock outcroppings. Was this the place she'd dreamt about?

        "This way," Tess said, setting off again in the lead where she wouldn't have to look at either Alex or Isabel. She stopped a few minutes later, turned to the others.

        "There's nothing here!" Max protested.

        "There is, Max."

        He shoved her to the ground. "You're lying again! What is this? A trap? Are you working with the FBI or with the Sheriff?"

        "I'm taking you to our pods!" Tess protested.

        Isabel stepped between Tess and Max. "Enough, Max. Leave her alone."

        "She's manipulating us."

        "She's one of us!"

        Alex watched on. It was good Isabel was protecting this girl, Max had gone way too far, but she seemed pretty vehement about it. It was good that Isabel finally had a friend who had the basics in common with her.

        "Let her show us why we're here," Michael interjected.

        Tess got up, keeping a wary eye on Max. Isabel hovered protectively over her as Tess put her hand on the rock face. Part of the rock slid away, revealing a handprint. Tess put her hand on it, and a big section of rock slid aside. "In here." She stepped inside.

        The six looked at each other, then Isabel stepped inside. Alex followed close behind, and then the rest as well. They found Tess regarding four pods. "Mine malfunctioned, I didn't hatch with the rest of you. I had to be rescued by our protector. He couldn't find you and didn't dare try with the FBI after him... not until I was old enough to help."

        "Our protector," Michael repeated. "So he's like our father?"

        "He's not even my father." Tess could understand Michael's longing. "Our family is each other. The four of us." She looked up at Isabel, silently pleading.

        Isabel looked at Alex, then put her arm around Tess. "That's right. We're you're family." She looked around, including the humans. "All of us are. They've saved us, Tess, you can trust them. Alex saved all of us twice before he even knew what we are." She smiled at Alex, then at Tess. This was so difficult... but as long as Max and Liz kept quiet she'd figure it out.

        How on Earth was she going to choose between two people she loved and needed, when both of them loved and needed her?

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