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Alternate 'Four Square', Part Ten

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 28, 2002

Title: Any suggestions would be welcome.
Author: AlexEvans
Rating: R
Category: Mindwarper/Stargazer
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned Roswell.
Archive: Just let me know.

        Isabel checked her watch as she strode back into the school, and sighed. Alex was at band practice, she wouldn't see him until lunch was over and chemistry started. She slowed as she passed the eraser room, wishing, but she was surprised when a the door opened part way. A hand grabbed her waist and dragged her inside.

        Isabel didn't protest. "Alex, you skipped band practice for me?"

        "Hey Isabel."

        "Tess. I thought... well, I guess this is a good place to talk privately, and we never did get back to all my questions." Isabel stopped babbling. Tess' stare was making her very uncomfortable.

        "The eraser room is for one purpose only, and it isn't cleaning erasers. I'm not Alex, but won't I do?"

        Isabel shook her head. "Look Tess, I hardly know you! Besides which you're a girl, and I just don't swing that way. Not to mention I already have a boyfriend."

        Tess reached up, ran her hands through Isabel's long blonde hair. "Shut up and kiss me. Please."

        It was the ache in the last word, an ache that echoed and awoke something in Isabel's own heart, that made her let Tess pull her head down until their lips met, that made Isabel kiss back. Tess was a more experienced kisser than Alex, but just as hungry for Isabel. She didn't pull away because she didn't want to. She shivered as cool air swept across her and realized that her shirt had come unbuttoned again. "Tess..."

        "Don't make me go... I've spent my whole life searching for you."

        Isabel pushed Tess' hands away, but kept kissing her. It didn't feel wrong, even though she couldn't see Alex understanding. At least all the interruptions finally made sense. Tess had been jealous from the start.




        Isabel and Tess turned, both flushing guiltily.

        "We thought with Alex and Maria at band practice we could finally slip into the eraser room, and we knocked but I guess you were too involved to hear us..." Max trailed off, noticing his sisters shirt for the first time. This was more than just sneaking a kiss with another girl, which had been enough of a surprise all by itself. "Isabel, what are you doing?"

        "I'm... we were just..." Isabel hastily redid her buttons.

        "Isn't it obvious?" Tess asked snarkily. She immediately wished she hadn't, but Max and Liz had interrupted something rather private.

        "That's someone else's girlfriend you're kissing," Liz pointed out.

        "You're doing this to her, too, aren't you?" Max grabbed Tess, slammed her into the wall. "Leave my sister alone!"

        "Max!" Isabel pushed him back. "No... I'm sorry Liz I don't want to hurt Alex, but you can't blame it all on Tess. I'm the guilty one here. I'll... I don't know what I'm doing. This is all too complicated."

        Tess put her hand on Isabel's arm, glaring at Max and Liz. How dared they upset Isabel so?

        Liz finally spoke. "Isabel, you have to talk to Alex. He'll be hurt by you cheating on him like this, but less so if he hears it from you."

        Tess tried to leave then, but Max stepped in her way. "Enough stalling. We want answers."

        "Answers?" Tess glanced at Isabel. "I'll show you something. After school, I can't miss history."

        "This is important," Max insisted.

        "I failed the first test," Tess retorted. Max stepped to the side as if to keep blocking her, only Tess hadn't moved. She darted out past him and ran down the hall.

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