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Alternate 'Four Square', Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 28, 2001

Title: Any suggestions would be welcome.
Author: AlexEvans
Rating: R
Category: Mindwarper/Stargazer
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned Roswell.
Archive: Just let me know.

        Alex noted Isabel's smile, and definitely he didn't begrudge her his shoulder to sleep on, but regretfully Alex nudged her awake anyway. "Isabel. Tess is awake, she's leaving."

        "I know," Isabel muttered drowsily. "She was dreaming about... something nice." Isabel scowled at Alex. "I wasn't asleep. Just checking on Tess."

        "You can see people's dreams?" Alex blushed furiously, thinking of what Isabel might have seen in his head, and Isabel smiled.

        "I thought you knew, I explained it to Maria." Isabel sighed. "Don't worry Alex. I love your dreams. Now don't we have an Alien to follow?"

* * *

        The six of them regrouped in the school hallway. Their trailing had produced absolutely nothing; Tess had gone straight to school, as far as they could tell hadn't made contact with anyone. Now they were standing around trying to look casual as they waited for Tess to emerge from the bathroom.

        "She's spending forever in there," Michael muttered.

        "Or she shapeshifted and already left," Maria pointed out.

        "I'll get close to her," Alex volunteered. "I'm the one least connected. She won't suspect me."

        "No!" Isabel protested. "Stay away from her!"

        Alex nodded, not unhappy his offer had been refused... especially with Isabel acting so protective. Maybe even jealous.

        "I'll go," Isabel continued. "I can defend myself if I have to, and anyway I don't have to wait around for her to emerge. I can make sure she's still in there." Isabel forestalled all objections - Max and Michael both had their mouths open - by simply walking forward and pushing open the bathroom door.

        Tess alone inside, washing her hands, and she didn't seem surprised at Isabel's appearance. "You've all been watching me. I spotted you last night and again this morning."

        Isabel considered denying it, decided that was pointless. "We saw something interesting last night. You fixed that statue."

        Tess shut off the sink and turned to face Isabel. Tess' hands glowed briefly, then the shorter girl raised her dry hands for Isabel to examine. "I'm one of you."

        Isabel struggled to contain her excitement. "We can change shapes?" She loved the possibilities.

        "No." Tess shrugged. "It would be so much fun if we could... but no. Shapeshifters are a different species. Anyway, we've got a lot of human DNA. Still, what we're capable of is still pretty incredible."

        "Tell me... us," Isabel corrected herself. "Start with what you're doing to my brother."

        "Max?" I'm not doing anything to him."

        Isabel let her skepticism show. "Really? He thinks you are. And I know that he hasn't looked at another girl since he"

        "Healed Liz," Tess finished for her. "That was a mistake... led us right to you, and probably not just us."

        "So what's going on?"

        "I'm not using any Alien voodoo on your brother, Isabel." Tess snorted. "Does your brother really think he's that hot? Do you think I can't snag a date the normal way?"

        "Well, I guess you wouldn't have too much trouble," Isabel admitted, "and my brother has never suffered from excessive humility, but I still have a lot of questions."

        "I'll talk to you tonight. You can come over, or..."

        "Come to my place." Isabel would feel safer at home."

        "Just you. Unlike you I didn't grow up with two other people like me... I'm not used to crowds. I'll explain everything tonight."

        "Great." Isabel wasn't afraid to be alone with Tess. And she'd get a chance to ask the questions she wanted answered, Max and Michael would get their turns later.

        "Great," Tess repeated, flashing a stunning smile.

        Isabel blinked, and she was alone. She quickly redid her shirt which had come unbuttoned somehow and hastened out of the bathroom. The halls were empty as if the bells for first period had already rung.

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