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Butterfly Dreams, Chapter 16

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 1, 2004


      School was strange the next day, even stranger than it's been all week. All night, if I moved away Kyle moaned without waking. He looked like shit when he woke up. That didn't stop him looking stern and saying: 'I'm sick of this.'

      'Me?' I asked, pulse going like a trip hammer.

      'Stupid alien' was all he said before kissing me. 'I'm sick of sneaking around, Max.'

      'You've decided something again.'

      'Maybe...' Kyle kissed me instead of finishing his sentence.

      'That means you have', I mumbled round his tongue.

      'Uh-huh', he said deepening and lengthening the kiss.

      'And you think if you kiss me hard enough I'll forget what I asked you.'

      Kyle took hold of my cock and walked me to the bathroom.

      'You really think this will work as a way of getting my mind off the subject?' I knew it would but I wasn't going to let him know that. We'd found our way into the shower while we were talking. My hands were busy so I cheated and used my powers to turn on the water.

      Kyle rubbed soap into my crack, slid his fingers inside me and wrapped his lips round my cock. My fingers tangled in his wet silky hair. I moaned: 'Fuck, Kyle...' he sucked me deeper in his throat and clenched muscle round the head of my cock. I moaned harder. He spread his fingers apart inside me and rotated them. I couldn't breathe, I could barely think. I guess I forgot to continue the conversation.

      I concentrated a little and the wet soap slid across Kyle's back.

      'Levitating soap' he murmured, voice husky, 'Kinky.'

      'Not me. The soap must have a mind of its own.'

      'I'm in love with a kinky alien.'

      'You're just finding that out?' My senses roamed the house hunting for what I wanted. Even Kyle's famous cool dropped a second when a baseball bat floated into the room. He slapped me hard on the arse. I laughed and lost my concentration and the bat dropped to the tiles.

      'This one's wet,' I said, grabbing a towel. I reached for another for when we finished in the shower.

      'Last night,' I asked, 'were you okay, I mean...'

      'I'm fine, Max. I think I'm beginning to understand.'


      'More than that. Much more than that. Something's going to happen soon.'

      'What kind of something?'

      'I don't know. Something about that temple place in our dream but I can't remember.' Kyle glanced at the towel and then at me. His eyebrow went up. 'You sure you like white that much?'

      'You don't like me in white?'

      'It's your colour somehow, it used to drive me crazy when you wandered around in that white T-shirt, but it's not that.'

      'What then?'

      'Max, look at the towel.'

      'What? Shit!' I yelled and flung the thing down. It had been black. A pool of white was spreading from where I'd touched it.'

      'I said I always liked you in a white T but white jeans would be a no-no.'

      'I'll try.' It took effort but I got the towel back to normal.

      'In the dream last night your clothes turned white. Now this...' Sometimes Kyle presses his lips together when he's concentrating. 'Maybe colours matter to these people, somehow.'

      'We'll find out' I breathed into his ear. 'We'll work it out together.'

      'There's something else,' he smiled' I want to do together right now.'

      'Really?' I asked floating him in mid-air so his legs were round my hips.

      'Hey, starboy, not fair. Put me down.'

      'Here?' I said as I moved him so that my cock speared into his arse.

      'It'll do' he gasped.

      'You're sure you don't like alien powers in fucking?'

      'I could learn to live with it.' The tight muscles of his arse were already quivering round my cock.

      'Fuck, Max' he gasped, biting my neck.

      'I thought that's what I'm doing.'

      'Yeah, do it' he said, voice gone all husky.

      Sometimes when we fuck we float off into some other place where only the two of us can go. This time we stayed in normal reality. My awareness of Kyle flared out of the back of my head and took over everything I could feel. I felt him as my cock touched against his prostate. I know he felt what I did, my cock sheathed in his arse. When we came I almost dropped him.

      We don't have any common classes on Wednesdays. I missed Kyle all morning. Liz found me outside the cafeteria. I was looking for Kyle but she insisted. Before I knew it, we were eating lunch with the other three.

      When Kyle found us Michael moved aside to give a space beside me, but Liz took the empty seat. I caught Kyle lifting an eyebrow in my direction before he moved to the other side of the table. I don't remember the small talk that ran all lunchtime, just Kyle smiling my way occasionally. Lunch was almost done before I realised I still hadn't got Kyle to tell me what he was going to do.

      'Kyle' I said, following him into the hall, but Michael grabbed my shoulder and said something about talking to Liz at the Crashdown.

      'We can talk after school' was all Kyle said. The bell went off and the crowd swept us apart. The afternoon took forever to go by. When it finished I headed for the gym to find Kyle.

      Before I could reach the gym, Kyle started feeling strange. I know him, he feels calm. I'm the one who gets panic attacks, but Kyle suddenly felt very, very anxious. He needed me, for once it was Kyle needing me. He'd almost be at football training by now. I had to find him. I'd almost reached the gym when I overheard the argument. Michael's voice, so low he was almost growling. 'Kyle, do you really have to do this or is it just a way of tying Max to you?

      Kyle answered in a voice so cold you freeze things in it. 'What the fuck do you mean?

      'You know what I mean. I hadn't made any problems for you and Max. You're good for him. Better than Liz ever was. But some time we have to leave.'

      'So?' Kyle demanded, eyes angry.

      'So, telling your jock friends he's your fuck buddy is not going to make it any easier for him.'

      'Fuck you, Michael,' Kyle snarled.

      I grabbed Michael's shoulder and swung him towards me. 'Stop this,' I said as quietly as I could. 'You're wrong, Michael.'

      'Max?' Michael muttered, eyes going wide.

      'Did either of think you could fight like this and I wouldn't feel it? When are you two going to stop fighting about me? I thought you were both okay with what's happened.'

      'I've tried to be okay, Max. But a few make-out sessions with Kyle don't change who you are, what we have to do.'

      'We don't even know what we're here for or who sent us? What right do you have to tell us what to do?

      'So what are you saying?'

      'Max' Kyle sounding colder than he had before. 'I think I can handle this one. You don't have to protect me.'

      'I'm not protecting you.'

      Michael said: 'Yes, you are Maxwell.'

      I glared at him. 'Has Tess come back and started fucking with your head or something, Michael.'

      'Fuck this,' Kyle said, 'I'm going to come out. And if you keep this up, the guys are going to overhear this argument. We don't want that, do we?'

      'Can I come with you?' I asked. I knew there was no way to talk him out of it. I don't think I really wanted to.

      'You're not on the team. They'll find it easier to deal with if you weren't there.'

      Michael grabbed my hand and led me away. 'He's right, Maxwell. Come on.' All I could think about was how Kyle's jock friends would take it when he came out. I had held him all night, and now I was letting him do this on his own.

      'I'll be fine, ' Kyle said, smiling at me.

      'Where are we going?' I asked Michael.

      "The Crashdown. Remember? The diner where you talk to your friends? Where I told you Liz wants to tell you something important.'

      'Oh, yeah, sure.' Fine, I thought to myself, another confrontation with Liz. When we got there, I found my whole tribe. Except Kyle.

      I knew I was scowling, but I wasn't ready for another lecture about Kyle.

      Maria started: 'Max, there's something Liz needs to tell you.'

      'Maria...' Liz said.

      'No, Liz, you're my best friend and I love you but you have to tell him.'

      'Did you know about this, Isabel?' Liz snapped.

      My sister looked away before she said: 'Yes, Liz. Maria is right.'

      'I'm here' I said. 'What the hell is this all about?'

      'Max,' Liz stopped, twisted her fingers together, glanced at Maria.

      "You have to' Maria commanded.

      'Max,' Liz started again, ' when I broke up with you.'

      'I'm with Kyle, now' I said as I started to get up.

      'Don't go, Max. let her finish,' Isabel ordered.

      'Did you know about this?' I asked Michael.

      'I know it's important, Maxwell.'

      'This has nothing to do with Kyle' Liz said softly. 'Max, I only broke up with you because you told me to.'


      'It was the night Tess found you in the park. I set that up.'

      My hands had clenched into fists. I opened them slowly until they were relaxed. A certain Buddhist boyfriend must be having an effect on me.

      'Why are you smiling like that?' Liz asked.

      'Michael was half way through saying 'Why do you think' when he grunted as if someone had kicked his leg under the table.

      'I wasn't you, Max. It was...'

      'But you said...' I insisted.

      'Just let Liz tell you the whole story, Max,' Isabel said. 'These interruptions are getting us nowhere.'

      I exhaled slowly and nodded.

      'It was you, Max. But older. You said you were from our future, from 2014.'

      'It wasn't me.'

      'No interruptions, Maxwell.' I glared at Michael but shut up.

      'I'll say "Future Max". I know how you must feel about this.'

      I shook my head slowly. 'You have no idea.'

      'Future Max told me that if you weren't with Tess, she'd leave Roswell.'

      'Well I'm sure glad that didn't happen.' Michael grunted again. This time he reached down to rub his leg.

      'Future Max said if Tess left there'd be a war and the Earth would be taken over by our enemies, that you'd never break up with me unless I forced you to.'

      Michael dropped the Cherry Coke he was drinking. people looked up when it smashed on the floor.

      'You said, I mean, he said, that Tess was critical to our survival.'

      Michael said: 'I guess your Back to the Future Max was wrong on that particular point'

      Maria handed Liz a tissue. 'I asked Kyle to help me. I knew if you thought I was with him you'd break up with me.' Liz wiped her eyes. 'I know how important trust is to you.'

      "And you didn't tell Kyle about this?'

      'I couldn't. Future Max said no-one could know. If you'd just let her leave Roswell, then...'

      'Then what?' I asked.

      'I believed it was you, Liz said. 'You said you could tell the future and that you'd turn up in 10 seconds with a Mariachi band.'

      'You hired a mariachi band?' Isabel asked.

      'I told him you'd never be that cheesy, ' Liz said. 'But he knew. And you did turn up. And you did change the roses from red to white.'

      'Go on,' I said.

      'It had to be. Otherwise...' Her voice was trailing off into nothing when I yelped and put a hand to one temple. An ache in my temple had come from nowhere, without warning.

      'I have to think about this,' I mumbled, rubbing an eye. 'I don't know what I think.'

      'Maxwell, we should talk this out. All of us.'

      'Kyle isn't here.'

      'I know.' Michael said. I dropped my hand from my eye.

      'Max?' Liz stammered.

      'Maximilian, what's wrong?' Michael demanded.

      I looked up at a circle of white faces. 'It's just a bad headache' was all I could get out.

      Maria fished a compact out of her bag and slid it across the table.

      'Look at yourself' she said.

      'Why?' I asked. I could feel Kyle nearby. I glanced at the door.

      Michael said 'Snap!', but no-one laughed.

      'You're hurt' Kyle and I said together.

      'No, I'm not' I said but Michael shoved the mirror in my face so I could see the black eye. The one that matched Kyle's.' Michael grabbed us both and dragged us into the Crashdown kitchen. 'You two should never have come out. You both look like you've been in the same fight? How are you going to hide that?'

      'Not now, Michael' I put my hand over Kyle's eyes and focused on healing. Instead there was flash of light light and we were in Kyle's room. Our room. We both flopped onto the bed. The phone was already ringing.

      'Remind me,' Kyle said, 'never to say: "Beam me up, Scottie.'

      'We're both here,' I told Michael, 'we're both okay.' I didn't mean to...'

      'Mean to what, Maximilian. What the fuck happened?'

      'Somehow I got myself and Kyle home.'

      'We're all coming over.'

      'No, you're not,' I said, 'Not tonight. Leave us alone.'


      'Just leave it, Michael. We need time to ourselves.'

      'Sounded rough' Kyle said, as I slammed the phone down. 'Look at us,'he added, kissing my black eye, 'we're a matching pair.'

      'Cute.' I murmured.

      'Yep, we're a cute matching pair.'

      'How did the jocks take it when you came out?'

      'It wasn't too bad.'

      'Then where'd the black eye come from?'

      'Yours or mine, starboy?'

      'You're being cute again.'

      'How do you feel?'

      'I''m fine. I'm with you.' I cupped a hand over his eye and reached for the healing energy, but Kyle pushed my hand away.

      'I have to have a black eye when they see me tomorrow. Otherwise people will ask questions.'

      'Well, I'm healing it tomorrow night. We're supposed to see Riverdog tonight, but I'm going to put it off.'


      'School can see you with a black eye for a day. I'll have to fix mine.'

      'Max?' He touched my face and then pulled me in close to kiss me.


      'We don't have to hide any more.'

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