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Butterfly Dreams, Part Eight: Moving On

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 5, 2001

Disclaimers: See Chapter 1

        Max dropped me round the corner from the Crashdown. First time I'd ever let anyone else drive my car. Liz was waiting. I glanced at the clock. I had about 10 minutes until Max got there. Liz smiled when she saw me but the smile did not reach her eyes. I bought a cherry coke and went over.

        'Hey Kyle, how are you?'

        'Fine, Liz. Thanks.'

        'You said you needed to see me about something important.'

        'Yeah, remember I was in remedial science?'

        Liz nodded quickly and said: 'Go on.'

        'Well, you're the science wiz. I am trying to think through a few things. Do you remember Courtney saying that time works differently on their planet?'

        'Scientists say the universe is isotropic.'

        'Um, can you tell me what that means in English?'

        'Time works the same way everywhere in the universe. The planet would have to be very strange for different time zones to run simultaneously in the same place.'

        'How strange would it have to be?'

        'The only place time works that strangely is inside a black hole.'


        'Nothing inside a black hole can communicate with our universe. Courtney was talking nonsense.'

        'Some things Tess said don't make sense either.'

        'What things, Kyle? I don't believe anything she said now.'

        'Tess said water is like jello there.'

        'More possible, but not much.'

        'She showed Max a star called Bernard or something and said it's visible from their world.'

        'That would be Barnard's Star. She didn't show it to Max.'

        'How do you know, Liz?'

        'Barnard's Star is the second closest star to the earth. it's incredibly faint. It wasn't even discovered until 1916 and they had to use a telescope.'

        'So where does that leave us?'

        'With aliens who don't know what they're talking about or who lie all the time. Barnard's Star is so close to Sol and so faint that anyone who could see it could see Sol as well.'


        'The sun.' Liz raised her eyebrows. Well, she knew I was hopeless at science.

        Liz toyed with her drink a moment. She said: 'Why are you and Max talking so much?'

        'That's, um, the other thing we need to talk about.' I took a deep breath. 'Liz, there's no easy way to say this. Max and I are together now.'

        'I know you went camping.'

        'A bit more than camping, actually. We're in love.'

        'Kyle, Max and I are not an item these days. What does this have to do with me? '

        'Liz, you do know Max will always be your friend, right?'

        She rubbed her fingers slowly across her forehead. 'I think so.'

        'Are you okay?' I asked.

        'Yeah, I'm just tired.' She grinned. 'So Roswell gets its first gay quarterback?'

        'You could put it that way, I guess.'

        'Is this a secret? Being with Max always means secrets.'

        'No secret. We don't want it right out in the street just yet, though.'

        Liz frowned. 'So when did you two decide to like guys?'

        'Um, did you ever decide to like guys, Liz?'


        'Neither did we. We just do.'

        'But you and Max are not even that close.'

        'Things change. Maybe we fought a lot to try and prove we didn't feel anything for each other.'

        'Kyle, I don't want to know any details. You and Max are together. I can deal with that.'

        'You're not okay with this, right?'

        'How I feel doesn't matter.'

        'It matters to Max. It matters to me.'

        'Where is Max, Kyle? Why are you here on your own?'

        'Max will be here in a few minutes. He needed to touch base with his parents and get some fresh clothes.'

        'I'd like to be there for you, Kyle, for both of you. I just don't think I can.'

        I shrugged. 'It's up to you. There is one thing...'

        'I am meeting Sean in a few minutes.'

        'You know that night we were in bed? Max needs to know about it. I need to be able to tell him what happened.'

        'Sure. No problem. I already told Max nothing happened.'

        'Why did you want him to think something had?'

        'I can't tell you.'

        'That's not fair, Liz.'

        'I don't know.' She shrugged. 'It's hard. I have to go now, Kyle.'

        'You should wait for Max. He's coming now.'

        'How do you know?'

        'We sort of feel how close or far we are.'

        'You always said that Max' powers creeped you out.'

        'People change.' I smiled because I'd just seen Max come in. Liz saw my smile and bit her lip. Max glanced at Liz and then slid in beside me. I hoped we'd touch. I hoped we wouldn't. We did. I lost my train of thought.

        'Max, Kyle tells me things have happened.' Liz' face was bleak. She said: 'Congratulations.'

        Max said: 'Liz, I still want to be your friend. So does Kyle.'

        'Why should this make any difference? We haven't been together for a long time.'

        'I thought...' Max looked confused.

        liz twisted her fingers together. '...that I'd be angry or something? Why should I?' She looked at her watch. 'I need to go now.'

        Max said: 'Liz, please. can't we talk?'

        'Why? I have to go.' Liz looked down at the table. 'Max did you ever think of Kyle when you were with me?'

        I cut in: 'That's not fair, Liz.'

        'Can't Max speak for himself?'

        There was an edge to Max' voice that had not been there before. 'I was never thinking about Kyle. We were linked. You would have known.'

        'I thought you'd worked out how to block things now. How long have you been able to do that? Or does Kyle know everything that happened between us?'

        I said: 'Cut it out, Liz. You're being stupid about this.'

        Max leant forward. 'Liz, you can't do this.'

        I was furious. I said: 'Max is entitled to know. I'm entitled to know.'

        'I'm gonna go and meet Sean now.'

        'Liz you used me. I was pretty good about not asking why but now I need to know. I have the right to know.'

        'No, Kyle. Max and I have discussed this before. He's moved on and I am moving on. That's the decision we made a long time ago. Okay?'

        Liz headed for the door. Half way there she stopped and came back.

        Liz said: 'Maybe I can tell you later. I have to think this through.' She was gone before either of us could speak. Max shook his head

        Before I could ask Max if we should go he looked past me. Maria and Michael were headed our way. Maria was smiling. We weren't. Michael asked: 'So how did this happen?'

        'Kyle got me drunk and took advantage of me.'

        'Max pumped weirdness into my head and took advantage of me.'

        Maria glanced from Michael to Max and back. 'That is so totally not convincing. Especially when you keep smiling at each other the way you do.'

        Michael said: ' Maximilian, are you sure about this?

        I'd already said: 'He is.' before I heard Max say: 'We are.' I blushed. I was not up to looking at Max to see if he was blushing as well. I thought about an ear joke but decided against it, for once.

        Maria smiled. 'If you boys didn't answer for each other this might go faster.'

        Michael glared at both of us. 'We agreed that we would not let anyone else in.'

        'Kyle was already in.'

        'He's not one of us.'

        'What's us, Michael?' Max asked. 'You think I was better off alone?'

        'You know what I mean, Maximilian.'

        'No, Michael. I don't. Tell me. Kyle can dreamwalk. It looks like Kyle has dreamwalked right into some really important information.'

        Michael turned his stare on me. 'Care to share what you have found out about us with the rest of the class, Kyle?'

        'I'm not sure yet.'

        'Oh great.'

        'Michael, what do you really know about your world?' I asked. 'What you do know all comes from Tess or Nasedo. They'd already betrayed you before they met you.'

        Michael said: 'So what?'

        Max tried again. 'Michael, Tess just told us whatever it took to trick us into going with her.

        'I seem to remember she was pretty good at tricking you, Maximilian.'

        'Michael...' Max had gone very quiet and very intense. 'Nasedo said anyone I healed would be changed.'

        I said: 'We need to check more. You guys really don't know much about your world. Tess showed Max some star she said was visible from your world. It's the second closest star to us. You can't see the star she named without a telescope.'

        'And?' Michael demanded.

        I spoke really slowly. 'All of you need to accept a lot of what you've been told just isn't real. You don't know a whole lot about your world.'

        Maria asked: 'So what happens now?'

        Max said: 'We should meet out at the lake on Monday afternoon. There are things we all need to talk over.'

        Michael said: 'So why wait until Monday?'

        Max said: 'Liz should be there. She's part of this.'

        'Um...' Maria said, 'Liz looked really angry when she left'.

        I asked 'Can you bring her Maria? It'd be easier coming from you.'

        Michael leaned back. 'I guess jockboy is coming as well?'

        Max put his hand on the table, palm up. Then he put my hand on top of his own. The eyes across the table went to our hands. Max closed his fingers between mine and looked at Michael. 'I'm with Kyle, Michael. No Kyle, no Max.'

        I looked down quickly - bad time for Michael to see me looking smug.

        Michael said: 'What are you thinking with, Max?'

        'If you want me to be myself again you'd better get used to Kyle being around.'

        Maria touched Michael's wrist and said softly: 'Michael, it's okay.'

        Michael snapped: 'What if it's not okay? What if it's another Tess thing?'

        Max hand tightened on mine as he said: 'Kyle, you know how I feel. Michael you're like a brother. Can this war between you two stop, please?'

        I tried. I said: 'Michael, your galactic rebellion is a club I belong to without ever joining it. I'm only here because of Max.'

        'What can you do for Max that we can't, jockboy?'

        Max said: 'Michael...' and gripped my hand harder.

        'Well...' I said, 'who has done much for Max lately?'

        Max glared at me. 'Kyle, can't you drop this?'

        'Sorry, Max. I can't. I can't watch another death happen.'

        'Another death?' Isabel said. She must have come up while we were arguing. The cold in her voice knifed through the mano a mano.

        'Kyle thinks that mindwarping is dangerous to us as well.'

        Isabel said: 'Is he right, Max?'

        'I don't know, Iz. I think so. Kyle knows more about me than anyone else.'

        I squeezed this time. Michael had not taken his eyes from our clasped hands. He looked up to isabel. 'Haven't you heard? Jockboy's a great dreamwalker now.'

        Isabel said softly. 'Michael, Kyle pulled me into his dreamwalk. He shouldn't be able to do that.'

        Score, Isabel. First time Michael had looked uncertain.

        'Calm down, Michael' Isabel commanded. 'Max, how does Kyle know that mindwarping can hurt us?'

        Max frowned. He spoke slowly. 'Kyle and I are linked. It goes deeper than flashes. It goes deeper than anything that's I've ever known before.'

        Isabel demanded: 'I want to know about this, Max. Are you getting sick?'

        'I'm fine, Isabel. If people would stop worrying about what I do I'd be even better.'

        'Max,' Michael broke in, 'you can't blame us. You've been pretty strange since...'

        'Shut up space boy' Maria snapped and then added, more quietly: 'Guys, is this really the time or the place?'

        'You're right, I guess' Michael said.

        Max said 'Isabel, Michael, I'm doing fine. Lets leave the rest until Monday afternoon? it's been a really big couple of days and my parents said 6 o'clock or else.'

        Isabel said 'I'll drive you home.'

        Max said: 'Okay. Give me and Kyle a moment will you?' Max and I walked outside.

        'Okay,' I muttered, 'that went well...'

        Max sagged against the wall. head down. His face had that weight of the world look again. 'I feel so responsible for everyone. I don't want to start a fight between you and Liz. Michael is wrong but I can see how he feels.'

        'So can I, starboy. that doesn't mean you should give in.' I glanced into the Crashdown. Michael was still scowling.

        I know.' Max sighed. 'Michael will come round. He only gets like this to try and think his way through things.'

        Main street of Roswell. Broad daylight. I wanted to kiss Max without worrying about who saw us. 'They don't understand how you feel, what you've been through.'

        'You're right. I guess Liz and I are no longer friends either.'

        'Shit happens, Max. How did things go with your family?'



        Max scowled. 'They're worried about me disappearing all the time. They're worried about me spending time with you. I think it's because of your father.'

        'Oh, terrific.'

        'My father's a lawyer, Kyle. The whole thing with Grant Sorenson must have looked really bad to him. And he knows I was mixed up in it somehow.'

        'Why not just tell them the whole story?'

        'Isabel and I really wanted to just have a normal family with a normal life.'

        'You have to tell them sometime, Max. You left normal a long time ago.'

        'Maybe. Just not now. Too much is going on.'

        'I guess. Want me to pick you up on the way to school in the morning?'


        'Take care of yourself, starboy.'

        He said: 'What's happening to us, Kyle?'

        'Who knows? it's all fun from now on, though.'

        'How can you say that?'

        'I sort of think it and then my tongue and mouth make the right sounds.'

        'I am in love with Yoda.'

        'Wrong are you, Max. Than my ears much more expressive are yours.'

        Max smirked, said: 'You're asking for it, Kyle', and went off with his sister. When I reached my car, rose petals started falling from the ceiling. At least he hasn't hit me with the band outside my window yet.

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