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Butterfly Dreams, Part Seven

Reply to Alerion

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 18, 2001

        The sunlight on my face woke me. I was on my own in the tent. The sleeping bag was still warm where Kyle had been. I could hear him moving around outside the tent. I put my hands under my head and felt good.

        Kyle was doing his morning thing. He'd left the tent flaps open. He was sitting cross-legged, back to me, a blanket across his shoulders. When he finished meditating I watched him get the fire going. Kyle dropped the blanket when he came back into the tent. He was naked. He climbed back into our sleeping bag.

        'Some time' I said 'I want to wake up and find you still in bed.'

        'Why?' Kyle toyed with my nipple.

        'Just because. Because I like the way you smell and the way you feel.'

        Kyle grinned at me. 'Are you coming on to me, starboy?'

        'I guess so. What are you going to do about it?'

        'Well, I have to do something...'

        Kyle kisses like a skyrocket. I can forget to breathe. He's really strong. His memories, feelings, senses, flooded my head.

        'I love you, Kyle. I don't know if I really loved anyone before.'

        'You know that guy thing about waking up hard in the morning?'


        'Here...' Kyle moved my hand down to his cock.

        I closed my hand round him.

        Kyle moaned softly and said: 'Fuck, that feels good.'

        'You have a free hand.'

        'Yeah.' That smile could light up a dark house.

        'I drown in your eyes when you smile like that, earthboy.'

        'It's only because they're blue.'

        'You feel like fire where you touch me.'

        'Makes two of us, Max.'

        'I wish it could always be just two of us.'

        'That would be good, but...'

        'One day it might be. Kyle, if I have to go would you...'

        Kyle's breath was hot on my neck and his fingers were tangled in my hair. He whispered: 'Not now, starboy. Now is for making out.'

        Kyle must have worked out before he meditated. There was a sheen of sweat at his throat. I slowly licked it away. A smile like slow fire lit up his face.

        I pulled away a little so i could look at him. 'Kyle, did you dreamwalk last night?'

        'Are you sure that whole temple thing was dreamwalking?'

        'We'll find out when Isabel catches up with us.'

        'I guess...'

        'What's wrong, Kyle?' I put my hand on his shoulder. I could feel his muscles tensing.

        Kyle dropped his head and did not look at me when he spoke. 'You're still not sure about this, are you, starboy? Fuck, that was hard to say.'

        'Sure about what, Kyle?'


        'Kyle, I love you.'

        His voice caught, the way it does when he's upset. 'What happens when we get back to town this afternoon?'

        'What do you mean? Do you think I'll break up with you or something?'

        'I'm scared, Max. What I feel for you scares me, okay? It always has.'

        'I feel the same way. I am not going to betray you.'


        I stroked his hair. 'How do you feel about dreamwalking, earthboy? Isn't that too much of an alien thing?'

        'Dreamwalking's okay. It's actually kind of cool. I'm not even sure it's an alien thing.'

        'What do you mean?'

        'I've read about Tibetan monks doing weird things with meditation. Maybe it s a human thing.' Kyle shrugged. 'Maybe anyone can do it.'

        'You used to hate my powers.'

        'I used to tell myself I hated lots of things about you. Then I'd remember the way you looked at me that time I got you drunk. '

        'Anyway...' Kyle grinned and flapped his arms like wings, 'It would be cool if you learnt to fly.'

        'You wouldn't like it if I could fly. I'd have to start calling you "Lois".'

        'You're asking for it, Max.'


        'Don't pull that innocent look on me, starboy.'

        'Why me, earthboy? I've made your life a wreck for 2 years.'

        'I don't know how I would have handled your situation. Besides you have nice ears.'

        'Be serious, Kyle.'

        'I am serious, Max. They are really nice ears.' Kyle's teeth nipped at an earlobe. A shiver ran down the side of my face.

        I pushed him away. 'Damn it, Kyle, we have to talk this out. You know I can't think straight when you do things like this.'

        'Getting you to think straight is not one of my goals right now.'

        'Kyle...' I growled.

        'All right, starboy.' He rubbed his forehead with the palm of his hand. 'I don't think you've been yourself since Pierce. I think it got worse when you healed me. Then you felt abandoned by Liz. You were acting pretty strange and people stopped liking you much. Then Tess took her chance.'

        'What Tess did wasn't all mindwarping. She made me feel good, sometimes.'

        'I know. She was the same with me, Max. You think about alien powers too much. You can get people to do things by manipulation as well as mindwarping.'

        'I think if I'd done something different and Alex would still be alive.'

        'Crap, Max. Alex said it wasn't your fault. Half the time you didn't know what you were doing. You still can't think about Pierce or Alex without breaking down.'

        'I still feel It's my fault.'

        Kyle gripped me by the shoulders and glared into my eyes. 'Max, you're not responsible for everyone and everything. The guilt trip doesn't help anyone. Not even you.'

        'What do you mean?'

        'Buddha teaches we have to let go of guilt.'

        'Earthboy, how seriously do you take all this Buddhist thing?'

        'No Buddha, no Max. I would never have had the nerve to kiss you without meditating for a long, long time.'

        'When your father was sacked why did you want me to promise to stay away from your family?'

        'I was really angry. And I was hanging from the ceiling by my fingernails thinking about you, starboy. I had to know.'

        'What did you have to know?'

        'If I was on my own. If you weren't in the same place. When you said: "I can't" that was it. You were talking about us, weren't you? I meditated on that like forever.'

        'Come, here you.'

        Kyle tastes salty somehow. We held each other close and kissed. It felt like flying.

        We pulled apart We were both breathing heavily. I said: 'You. Me. It's like stepping into a new world. What's school going to be like? Or football? Or my parents?'

        'I know what you mean but I don't care.'

        'You're braver than I am, earthboy.'

        'Aw, starboy, you're just saying that.'

        'Be serious for a second, Kyle. This is going to be complicated.'


        'Because Michael and Isabel are going to worry about the whole thing. Liz is going to be hurt.'

        'You're not getting cold feet on me, starboy.'

        I snapped: 'No. Now you're being stupid, Kyle.'

        'How am I being stupid?' Kyle can use his voice a whip when he's angry. 'You and Liz have spent 2 years getting together and breaking up. Don't try it with me.'

        'What do you mean?'

        'I mean how long were you and Liz actually together without one of you wanting to break up?'

        'That sounds like a threat.'

        'It isn't. I'm saying this has to be real. No break-ups. No on-again off-again stuff.'

        'That is not what I was saying, Kyle.'

        'Prove it.'

        'How? Make out with you in the quad at lunch time tomorrow?'

        'Why wait until tomorrow?'

        Our lips brushed once. then parted. I locked my hands behind his neck and pulled him against me. My tongue went deep into him. Kyle locked his arms behind my shoulders, pressing our bodies together. His chest is all hard slabs of muscle. His heart drummed in rhythm with mine.

        'Max, you know you talked about stepping into a whole new world?'


        'You've done that before. When you were a baby. When your parents found you.'

        'That was different.'

        'Starboy, you didn't have me then, right?'

        'You're impossible.'

        'I try.'

        'You can be really trying.'

        'Take that back, starboy.'

        'Nah, It's true.'

        'Fight you for it.'

        'For what?'


        Kyle dragged me out of the tent and we squared off. We snatched each other's hands. When you wrestle you're not supposed to intertwine your fingers. But then you are not supposed to wrestle naked boyfriends either. We strained against each other. Kyle is really ripped. He saw me admiring that.

        'You're no fun, starboy.'

        'What now?'

        'We're supposed to be wrestling and you're checking out my body.'


        Kyle charged me, his hand a blur of short chops at my midsection. I slid aside, retreated a step, and then feinted over his reach. Kyle tried to block with his left arm, and I reversed my attack, catching him on the outside of his arm. Kyle swore and shifted his weight to his other foot. I rushed him. He tried to grab me, but I was inside his guard and got my arms round his waist. Then I forgot what we were doing and leaned in to kiss him. He got a leg behind my knee, threw me on my back and sat down hard on my stomach. Grinning.

        'Rat!' I panted. 'You shouldn't throw a guy when he's trying to kiss you.'

        'Who said anything about rules?' Then he dropped full length on me and our lips met.

        Kyle nudged me towards the tent. I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me. We dropped down beside each other. He was on his back. I ran a finger down his chest.

        Kyle hooked his leg over my hip and reached for my cock. I raised his head with one hand. Kissing him is so different but it feels right past words, almost shocking, every time. Our tongues writhed together, almost wrestling.

        Kyle whispered: 'Now, Max', and gasped as I slid into him. Kyle sensations flooded my awareness.

        'Am I doing this right, earthboy?'

        'Don't be a jerk, starboy. You know you are.'

        'Kyle, I love you.' The kiss deepened between us. Kyle started bucking against my cock.

        I broke the kiss and sucked his nipple. I knew how close he was. His eyes blazed at me like the sky on a hot day.

        'Starboy, do you know how beautiful are you?'

        'Am I?'

        Kyle smiled. 'Being a jerk again, Max.'

        'Interesting word, "jerk".'

        'Yeah, do it.' his voice was hoarse with longing. He clenched muscle round my cock, almost pushing me out.

        I slammed deeper into him and clenched my hand round his cock. Slow pumping stokes in time with the movement of his hips. My thumb rolled over the head of his cock.

        Kyle moaned: 'I love you' and ground his hips into me. His cock was pulsing in my hand and my thumb was wet with him. Fire spread across the base of my spine and flared along my cock.

        Kyle shot a line of silver through my fingers and onto his chest. We kissed through the moment. I wrapped my arms round me him. I wanted him so much I had to stop myself crushing him. Hard to tell where he began and I ended.

        'Why me, Kyle?'

        'You asked that already. Because I have to adjust my pants when I look at you.'

        'Hey'. I touched his shoulder. 'You know that first night in the desert?'

        Kyle lifted his head and smiled. 'Yep. As in seared into the Kyle brain.'

        'I want that again. What were those wheel things we linked across.'

        'Chakras. I don't know much about them.'

        'I want that again. We were so close.''

        'We'll get there, starboy.'

        'Can we try now?'

        'Sure... But we just had sex.'

        'I don't think it has to be sexual every time. It wasn't with... before...'

        'What do we do?'

        'Take my hand. Clear your mind. Visualise the links appearing between us.'

        Flash We were on a beach. Holding hands. Kyle said: 'You're getting better at this, starboy.'

        'What?' I asked.

        Silver light flared between us, the same way it had the first time.

        'This' he waved his hand through the flow of light. Silver rippled where his hand passed. 'I like beaches. I wish we could get out of town somewhere for a long time.'

        'We can't.'

        'I know.'

        Flash. Isabel and Michael shimmered and blurred in the distance. Isabel waving. Kyle flicked an eyebrow up and kissed me hard. His hands worked their way down my spine.

        Flash. The beach. This time I heard waves breaking and smelt a salt wind off the sea.

        'Max...' Kyle murmured into my throat 'does this happen with anyone else?'

        I shook my head. Wavelets of silver light mirrored the motion of my head. I said: 'I don't think so. I wish I knew how to use this...'

        Then words just failed. We invaded each other, not just memories, everything.

        We were back at the campsite. Kyle shook his head and said: 'Wow.' He smiled. A long slow smile, no hint of the usual Kyle brashness.

        'Max, look at me.' His hands gripped either side of my head and his eyes were right up to mine.

        'Um, we weren't on our own just then, Max, were we?'

        'I'm not sure. I don't know what's happening. All I could see was you.'

        'Is that good or bad?'

        'It's good. I am not used to feelings this strong. That's all.' I grinned. 'you did want to be seen with me.'

        'Do you ever get anything from the child?'

        'I think I did but that was when Tess was still around. Not any more. I don't know why.'

        'We need to find out some time, Max.'

        'You'd help me with that?'

        'For a boy genius you say really dumb things sometimes.'

        A moment of silence. I sighed and said: 'I thought you could be jealous or something. Liz was.'

        'Maybe I should be first to talk to Liz, Max. She'll be at the Crashdown at 5 o'clock today.'

        'What? Why you?'

        'Liz is going to get really hurt and really angry. Liz is probably going to be that way for a while, right?'

        'She'll be hurt if it comes from you.'

        'She'll be hurt no matter which of us tells her. You're not really at your strongest right now.'

        'You don't trust me.'

        'Give me 10 minutes. I need this. Anyway, you need to talk to your parents and get some fresh clothes.'

        'Answer the question, Kyle.'

        'Max, I trust you. I know you won't do it but I'd spend all my time thinking the last 3 days would fade out somehow. I need this as well, Max.'

        I kissed him hard. 'That's not going to happen, Kyle. I'm yours.'

        'I bet you say that to every quarterback you sleep with.'

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