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Butterfly Dreams, Part Five

Reply to Alerion

Posted to the rwguiltypleasures mailing list August 18, 2001

        Kyle half-woke me when he crawled out of the tent. The morning smelt of raw earth after rain and the sharp tang of the forest. A while after he left, I could smell wood smoke and then coffee.

        'How's my favourite boyfriend feel this morning? Tell me you don't want Tabasco in your coffee.'

        It felt good being kissed awake by Kyle. He dropped the blanket he'd wrapped round himself. It felt good having Kyle climb into my sleeping bag naked. It was the first time I'd felt good in months. My only problem was when our lips touched his face scraped like sandpaper. 'Kyle, stubble!'

        'I'll find the shaver. One more thing we have to get used to, right?'

        'Just don't ask me to start liking boybands. That's strictly my sister's department.'

        Kyle kissed me again and asked 'How do you feel this morning?'.

        'I feel good. I slept a long time. Coffee needs lots of Tabasco.'

        Kyle smiled and said: 'You slept better than the night before. I got to watch you sleeping. You really take Tabasco in coffee?'

        I nodded: 'Sorry. How long have you been awake? You must have been bored.'

        'Crap, Max and you know it. I can look at you for a long time. Besides I usually wake up when the sun rises.'

        'What's it like out there, earthboy?'

        'Its a really cold morning. Try putting your hand outside the tent.'

        The air outside the tent did feel freezing. 'Uh, Kyle?' I slid my hand down between us and found his cock. I tried to look innocent. Kyle yelped.

        'What's wrong, Kyle?'

        'Warm up your hand or take your cold clammy alien fingers off me. Here...' Two days ago that grin only made me angry. Kyle grabbed my hand and breathed over it. My whole arm tingled. Whwn we kissed a thrill like electricity shot down my neck to the base of my spine.

        Kyle can be naked and hard and pressed against my body and I am still starving for more of him. I swung around to get my mouth next to his cock. We hardly talk during sex. We don't need to. He gasped when my tongue first touched him and moaned when I went down on him. His fingers were tangled in my hair urging me deeper.

        Kyle was all heat and touch and scent. His mouth was all over my cock, licking, nipping, sucking. I felt him take me into his mouth. We both felt a flow like fire run through the circuit we made together. We broke apart. It was too intense.

        Kyle breathed: 'You taste of chile, starboy.'

        I kissed my way up his abs, across the hard flesh to his neck. Our bodies slid over each other, sweat-slick. Our faces touched. Lips touched, tongues met. I could feel how close he was to climax. I was the same. My tongue roamed through his mouth.

        We started bucking against each other, arms straining into a tighter embrace, flesh sliding over flesh. We were each other's whole world. We both gasped when it happened, the thrill exploding out of our cocks into every muscle we had. I was trembling.

        'Fuck, Max, I never came just by kissing before.'

        'I love you, Kyle.'

        'How much?'

        'Enough to put up with your swelled head when I say it.'

        'I swell a lot when you're around, starboy.'

        I grinned.

        'Max, after you went to sleep I sort of woke up in this place like a temple. Isabel was there. And she said the Granolith was there.'

        'You dreamwalked?'

        'That's what Isabel called it.'

        'But I can't do that! The night before last when you painted me I thought you were just borrowing my powers somehow.''


        'That's what we call this.' I ran a finger across Kyle's chest and a trail of sparks danced beneath his skin. 'Painting...'

        'Do you do sunsets, starboy?'

        'Only on very special earthboys.'

        'Anyone in mind?'

        We kissed slowly, exploration more than passion. I said: 'Michael's the artist. You probably don't want my lousy artwork smeared over your body.'

        'Try me.'

        'Kyle, was I in your dreamwalk?'

        'Asleep in my lap. Iz said not to wake you.'

        'Um, Iz saw me sleeping in your lap while you were dreamwalking?'

        Kyle nodded slowly.

        'Well, that solves how to tell my sister. Did anyone else turn up? The senior class maybe?'

        'Just Iz. We need a plan, Max. We've been an item for about 36 hours and it already feels like forever.'

        'I know. Its hard to remember before that night in the desert.'

        'Once I wanted to tell you Liz was not the only person in Roswell who loved you but you were already with uh...'

        'You can say the name.'

        'You stop breathing when you think I'm about to, starboy.'

        'Do I? Maybe I'm not as calm about this as I thought.'

        'Max, you're not as calm about anything as you think. You gave more orders than Darth Vader for a while.'

        I winced because I knew it was true.

        'How often do you get these nightmares about Pierce?'

        'Every day, Kyle. Every single day.'

        'Always when you're asleep?'


        'We need to do something, Max.'

        'Like what? Find an alien-friendly counsellor?'

        'Well you wouldn't need to do much to prove what you are.

        'Sure. Then we could call the FBI to come and pick me up.'

        'You thought my dad was a threat when he wanted to help.'

        'I don't think we should do this, Kyle.'

        'Max, I know its hard. I love you. Fuck! I said it out loud.' He ran his fingers through his hair and said: 'The Skins know who you are. The Feds know who you are. Being like this makes it easier for them to make you do what they want. Now do we get you fixed or what?'

        'Kyle, I hate talking about this.'

        'I know. That's why we have to.'

        'Maybe this was all a mistake.'

        'Starboy, I believe we agreed the only mistake was avoiding this for a year.'

        'But, Kyle...'

        'You don't get to try this on me, Max. Don't ask me to leave you to wake up one morning so mindfucked you want to die.'

        'I am close to that now, Kyle.'

        'I know.'

        'Then don't force me, okay?'

        'Max, if we had a choice...'

        'Why are you doing this to me?'

        'Because I love you. Because I'm scared shitless you'll die. Because I'm scared shitless you'll lose it and run away from me.'

        'Kyle, I need you.'

        'Well that's okay, you've got me, starboy.' He proved it with his tongue. He keeps saying he's hopeless at romance. I don't think he understands what he can do to me just by a kiss.

        'What happens if we follow your plan?'

        'Max, I'm flying on guesswork here. I suck at romantic stuff and I suck at psychology. I wanted us to fuck. I wanted you to feel something about sex apart from...'

        '...Pierce and Tess.'

        'Yeah them. You have to let me see what the fuck did those monsters do to you? Show me.'

        'Kyle, I can't.'

        'You can.' Kyle's voice can sound like rocks breaking when he's determined enough.

        'Kyle, its not there. If I try and remember I just...'

        'Max, look at me. I've got this weird little ball of stuff spinning in the back of my head that means Max. I think I can sense how far away you are and where to find you. I dreamwalked with you last night. Just open up and I'll find it.'

        'Kyle, even near the edge of those memories I feel like dying. I'll lose you if you know about them.'

        'You're not going to lose me, Max.'

        'The whole time with Tess something felt wrong. Really, really wrong. I think she spent a lot of time watching my mind. If I tried to talk about it with anyone, even Isabel, the Pierce thing always took over until I stopped.'

        'Max, think about the time Nikolas tried to rip things out of your head.'

        'Go on' I muttered.

        'You saw Tess vaporise the Skins, right? Big Tess fireball and poof go the Skins? And then Nikolas turns up in New York a few weeks later?' The sky blue eyes were pure steel.

        'Max, you said Tess had saved us all. Where was I? Where were Maria and Liz? What were we doing?' Kyle's voice was steelier than his eyes.


        'Tell me who shut down the time thing Nikolas set up?'

        'I don't know! It hurts!'

        'I've been through it, Max. It gets better. You were under Tess' thumb a lot longer and a lot harder than I was. Try, starboy. For me. Please?'

        'The three of you did it.' The words would only come one at a time. 'Tess did nothing until you shut off the field. Fuck, my head.' For a second I could barely see except through the link. 'Did I tell you to take Bradford Alley to get a clear shot? I couldn't remember before.'

        Kyle murmured: 'You said you couldn't trust me first.' His arms tightened round me.

        'I said a lot of stupid things. I'm sorry.'

        'I don't believe it was really you speaking.'

        'Kyle. When we share memories there are things you block. What you were doing in bed with Liz?


        'Kyle, I have to know what really happened between you and Liz?'

        'Nothing. She was losing it, Max. She begged me to do that.'

        'Another Max Evans fuckup, huh?'

        'Nope. More Max Evans trying to do something no-one can do on their own.'

        'So no-one betrayed me that night?'

        'Someone did but she's not around anymore.'

        I closed my eyes. Kyle's strong arms were round me. Sometimes when I am losing it he just holds me until it's over.

        Kyle said: 'I checked the cell phone for messages. My dad called twice so I talked to him. I woke him up too.'

        'I guess things are happening?'

        'Well, your father has been ringing all night and thinks you're having a nervous breakdown. My dad thinks you need help but can't tell your father why you're traumatised. Iz and Maria have everyone else under control.'

        'Iz and Maria? We should talk to Liz some time soon.'

        'Dad wants to drop out here round sundown. Do you mind?'

        'I guess not, Kyle. I'm nervous about talking to him.'

        'Hey, I'm the one slamming the door on grandchildren.'

        'You don't take "no" for an answer do you, earthboy?'

        'Starboy, Liz wanted Glorious Leader Max. Tess wanted Darth Vader Max. I just want Max.'

        'I guess...'

        'We talk to my dad. He might know someone. There must be someone round here who believes in aliens.' Kyle grinned evilly. 'Besides, if you don't do what I say...'

        'Oh yeah?'

        'I could always tape the Tibetan CDs to your ears.'

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